William Ernest Wilson photographs

William Ernest Wilson photographs

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Wilson, William E., d. 1905
Title: William Ernest Wilson photographs
Dates: 1883-1893
Quantity: 1.4 Linear feet (2 document boxes, 3 half boxes)
Coll. Number: ms993

Biographical/Historical Note

William E. Wilson (d. 1905) was a documentary photographer, who lived in Savannah, Georgia and Mobile, Alabama in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of photographs taken by William E. Wilson mainly of coastal Georgia from 1883-1893. Includes glass plate negatives and contact prints. The photographs portray ex-slaves, cotton growing and wharves, prominent landmarks, scenes of social life including picnics and barbecues, and scenic views. The majority are of the Savannah, Georgia area.


Arranged in numerical order.

Index Terms

African Americans--Georgia--History.
Cotton trade--Georgia.
Savannah (Ga.)--Photographs.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

William Ernest Wilson photographs, ms993, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

William E. Wilson Photographic Archive-Coastal Georgia, 1883-1893
11William E. Wilson. Sitting on powder keg and lighting fuse
1William E. Wilson
2Mrs. William E. Wilson (Ellen)
3Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wilson
4Savannah, Georgia. Naval stores
5Bethesda. View of grounds
6Greenwich Park
7Unidentified location. Road with fences and trees
7Room showing flag draped on wall & picture of ships
7Unidentified location showing tree next to small body of water
7Unidentified stream
7Group of men on a sailboat
7Savannah, Georgia (?). Unidentified construction site
7Unidentified location showing trees covered in Spanish moss
7Unidentified location showing trees covered in Spanish moss
8St. Simon's Island. Wesley Church
9St. Simon's Island. Wesley Oak
10Unidentified man (H.M.B.). Carte-de-visite
11Unidentified man (H.M.B.). Carte-de-visite
12Unidentified man standing next to machinery
13Unidentified group of 6 men on porch
14Unidentified group fishing
15Unidentified group standing on road and in front of palm trees (some holding fish)
16Depthford. View of grounds
17Rice in shuck
18Tybee Island. Sand dunes
19Ogeechee River area? Railway and palm trees
20Unidentified grounds showing trees and cactus plants
21Depthford. View of grounds
22Bethesda (?). Whitfield Tree
23Darien, Georgia. Coast
24African-Americans picking beans
25Making syrup
26African-American mosaic
27Savannah, Georgia. Bonaventure
28Savannah, Georgia. Bonaventure
31Thunderbolt Road
34Savannah, Georgia. Bonaventure
35Savannah, Georgia. South Broad St. East from Bull St.
36Savannah, Georgia. City Park entrance
37Savannah, Georgia. City Park
38Savannah, Georgia. City Park
39Savannah, Georgia. Confederate Monument
40Savannah, Georgia. Olmsteads Bank
41Savannah, Georgia. Sherman's Headquarters
42William E. Wilson ("Wilson the Photographer")
43William E. Wilson photographing group in woods
44Unidentified group of 7 women
45Picnic in Savannah
47African-Americans stacking rice
48African-American hauling rice
49Rice field
50African-American standing by whiskey still
51Martello Tower
52Fort Jackson-Savannah River
53Tybee Island. Hotel Tybee
54Saltzburger House
55Wreck of the "Adonis"
56Fort Jackson. Savannah River
57Thunderbolt. Afro-American College
59St. Catherine's Island. Slave Quarters
60African-Americans gathering wood
61St. Catherine's Island. Slave Quarters
62African-American Minister and wife. St. Catherine's Island
63African-American Sunday School group
64African-Americans at wharf
65Depthford. Slave Quarters
66St. Catherine's Island. African-Americans in front of slave quarters
67Liberty County, Georgia. African-American school group
68Liberty County, Georgia. African-American school group
69African-Americans with ox cart
70African-American group of three children
71African-American group in front of wooden house
72Cotton bales being weighed
73African-Americans hauling cotton from the field
74Savannah, Georgia. Cotton bales on wharf
75George Ringwood School House
76Savannah, Georgia. Cotton bales on wharf
77"Cracker" cart
21Cotton in bloom
2Savannah, Georgia. Naval stores at wharf
3Savannah, Georgia. Naval stores being loaded on ship
4African-Americans on ox cart surrounded by other people
5Elderly African-American man on ox cart
6African-American man and three children
7Elderly African-American couple sitting in front of shack (Dadagota and wife)
8African-American boy sitting on bench ("Gatekeeper"-Bonaventure)
9Group of 3 African-American children eating watermelons
10African-American woman standing in road and smoking a pipe
11African-Americans working at sawmill
12Group of 6 African-American boys with calf
13Large group working in front of turpentine still
14African-Americans picking cotton
15African-Americans picking cotton
16African-American woman with basket of cotton on head
17Grinding cane
18Making syrup
19Group of 4 African-Americans in front of shack
20African-American mosaic
21African-American group at Tusculum
22African-American group with ox cart
23Group on mule cart
24Elderly African-American man standing with walking stick
25Elderly African-American man sitting with walking stick
26African-American man and 2 children standing in yard
27African-American child with water-melon
30Hermitage. Slave Hospital
31Hermitage. Portico
32Ebenezer, Savannah River. Revolutionary fort (?) built by Saltzburgers
33Savannah, Georgia. Botts Residence. Bull St.
34Savannah, Georgia. Bird's eye view
35Savannah, Georgia. Chippewa Square
36Savannah, Georgia. Baptist Church and Hardee Mansion
37Savannah, Georgia. Christ Church
38Savannah, Georgia. Synagogue
39Savannah, Georgia. Nathaniel Green Monument
40Savannah, Georgia. Telfair Art Academy
41Savannah, Georgia. Telfair Hospital
42Savannah, Georgia. Telfair Hospital
43Savannah, Georgia. Wilde Residence. Bull and Garden Streets
44Savannah, Georgia. Water tower and African Church
45Savannah, Georgia. Masonic Temple
46Savannah, Georgia. Savannah Bank and Trust Company
47Savannah, Georgia. Merchants Bank
48Savannah, Georgia. National Bank
49Savannah, Georgia. C.R.R. Bank and Custom House
50Savannah, Georgia. City Exchange
51Savannah, Georgia. U.S. Bank Building
52Savannah, Georgia. Owens Mansion
53Savannah, Georgia. Theater
54Savannah, Georgia. Sherman's Headquarters
55Savannah, Georgia. DeSoto Hotel
56Savannah, Georgia. Independent Presbyterian Church
57Savannah, Georgia. Unidentified location ("Grieg, Jones, and Wood")
58Savannah, Georgia. Barr--(?) St.
59Savannah, Georgia. Old Fort
60Savannah, Georgia. Habersham Residence. Portico
61Savannah, Georgia. Chatham County Courthouse
62Savannah, Georgia. River front view showing ships
63Savannah, Georgia. City Park. Fountain
64Savannah, Georgia. Loading cotton onto ships
65Savannah, Georgia. Pulaski House
66Savannah, Georgia. Whittier Mansion
67Savannah, Georgia. Old Masonic Temple. President & Whittier Streets
68Savannah, Georgia. Savannah Board of Trade Building
69Savannah, Georgia. Telfair Square
70Savannah, Georgia. Wilson's Photograph Gallery
71Wilson, William E. With camera
72Savannah, Georgia. Photograph Garden
73Savannah, Georgia. Wilson's Photograph Gallery
73Savannah, Georgia. Wilson's Photograph Gallery
74Saltzburger House
75Savannah, Georgia (?). Unidentified building
76Savannah, Georgia. Hibernian Society at Jasper Monument
77Old Midway
78Outing on Steamboat "Sylvan Glen"
79Savannah, Georgia. St. John's Cathedral
31-14Glass Negatives
41-16Glass Negatives
51-11Glass Negatives