Lewis Wickes Hine photographs

Lewis Wickes Hine photographs

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940
Title: Lewis Wickes Hine photographs
Dates: 1909-1913
Quantity: 0.6 Linear feet (1 document box, 1 half box)
Coll. Number: ms989

Biographical/Historical Note

Lewis Wickes Hine (1874-1940), documentary photographer, in 1908 he was hired by the National Child Labor Committee to document child labor conditions in the United States.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of photographs by Lewis W. Hine from 1909-1913 depicting child laborers in Georgia. The photographs show mill children at their work or grouped before the mills. A few of the photographs show the shanty towns surrounding the mills where the children lived with their families. The collection includes photographs from the following Georgia mill sites: Augusta, Columbus, LaFayette, Lindale, Macon, Rome, Rossville, Tifton, and Valdosta.

Index Terms

Augusta (Ga.)
Columbus (Ga.)
LaFayette (Ga.)
LaGrange (Ga.)--History.
Lindale (Ga.)
Macon (Ga.)
Mills and mill-work--Georgia.
Rome (Ga.)
Rossville (Ga.)
Tifton (Ga.)
United States--Social conditions--1865-1918--Photographs.
Valdosta (Ga.)

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Lewis W. Hine photographs, ms989, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.


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Copyright of these photos is held by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Permission to publish must be obtained from Tom Beck, Chief Curator, Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 5401 Wilkins Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, 21228-5398; beck(at)umbc.edu or 410.455.3827.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

2Picture no. 491 (Augusta, Ga.)
3Picture no. 492 (Augusta, Ga.)
4Picture no. 495 (Augusta, Ga.)
5Picture no. 496 (Macon, Ga.)
6Picture no. 497 (Macon, Ga.)
7Picture no. 498 (Macon, Ga.)
8Picture no. 500 (Augusta, Ga.)
9Picture no. 502 (Augusta, Ga.)
10Picture no. 503 (Augusta, Ga.)
11Picture no. 507 (Augusta, Ga.)
12Picture no. 509 (Augusta, Ga.)
13Picture no. 510 (Augusta, Ga.)
14Picture no. 513 (Tifton, Ga.)
15Picture no. 515 (Macon, Ga.)
16Picture no. 519 (Macon, Ga.)
17Picture no. 521 (Macon, Ga.)
18Picture no. 522 (Macon, Ga.)
19Picture no. 526 (Macon, Ga.)
20Picture no. 527 (Macon, Ga.)
21Picture no. 530 (Macon, Ga.)
22Picture no. 531 (Macon, Ga.)
23Picture no. 534 (Macon, Ga.)
24Picture no. 535 (Macon, Ga.)
25Picture no. 536 (Valdosta, Ga.)
26Picture no. 537 (Valdosta, Ga.)
27Picture no. 538 (Macon, Ga.)
28Picture no. 539 (Macon, Ga.)
29Picture no. 542 (Macon, Ga.)
30Picture no. 549 (Macon, Ga.)
31Picture no. 550 (Augusta, Ga.)
32Picture no. 551 (Augusta, Ga.)
33Picture no. 552 (Macon, Ga.)
34Picture no. 553 (Macon, Ga.)
35Picture no. 556 (Augusta, Ga.)
36Picture no. 1854 (Rossville, Ga.)
37Picture no. 1855 (Rossville, Ga.)
38Picture no. 1857 (Rossville, Ga.)
39Picture no. 1858 (Rossville, Ga.)
40Picture no. 1859 (Rossville, Ga.)
41Picture no. 1860 (Rossville, Ga.)
42Picture no. 1861 (Rossville, Ga.)
43Picture no. 3348 (Rome, Ga.)
44Picture no. 3349 (Rome, Ga.)
45Picture no. 3350 (Rome, Ga.)
46Picture no. 3351 (Rome, Ga.)
47Picture no. 3352 (Rome, Ga.)
48Picture no. 3353 (Rome, Ga.)
49Picture no. 3356 (Rome, Ga.)
50Picture no. 3358 (Rome, Ga.)
51Picture no. 3359 (Rome, Ga.)
52Picture no. 3362 (Lindale, Ga.)
53Picture no. 3363 (Lindale, Ga.)
54Picture no. 3364 (Lindale, Ga.)
55Picture no. 3365 (Lindale, Ga.)
56Picture no. 3366 (Lindale, Ga.)
57Picture no. 3367 (Lindale, Ga.)
58Picture no. 3368 (Lindale, Ga.)
59Picture no. 3369 (Lindale, Ga.)
60Picture no. 3370 (Lindale, Ga.)
61Picture no. 3371 (Lindale, Ga.)
62Picture no. 3372 (Lindale, Ga.)
63Picture no. 3375 (LaFayette, Ga.)
64Picture no. 3376 (LaFayette, Ga.)
65Picture no. 3377 (LaFayette, Ga.)
66Picture no. 3378 (LaFayette, Ga.)
67Picture no. 3379 (Rome, Ga.)
68Picture no. 3380 (Rome, Ga.)
69Picture no. 3382 (Rome, Ga.)
70Picture no. 3383 (Lindale, Ga.)
71Picture no. 3386 (Rome, Ga.)
72Picture no. 3387 (Rome, Ga.)
73Picture no. 3388 (Rome, Ga.)
74Picture no. 3390 (Rome, Ga.)
75Picture no. 3391 (Rome, Ga.)
76Picture no. 3392 (Rome, Ga.)
77Picture no. 3393 (Rome, Ga.)
78Picture no. 3398 (Lindale, Ga.)
79Picture no. 3399 (Lindale, Ga.)
80Picture no. 3400 (Lindale, Ga.)
81Picture no. 3401 (Lindale, Ga.)
82Picture no. 3402 (Lindale, Ga.)
83Picture no. 3405 (Lindale, Ga.)
84Picture no. 3406 (Lindale, Ga.)
85Picture no. 3407 (Lindale, Ga.)
86Picture no. 3408 (Lindale, Ga.)
87Picture no. 3409 (Lindale, Ga.)
88Picture no. 3420 (Columbus, Ga.)
89Picture no. 3421 (Columbus, Ga.)
90Picture no. 3422 (Columbus, Ga.)
21Picture no. 3423 (Columbus, Ga.)
2Picture no. 3426 (unidentified)
3Picture no. 3427 (LaGrange, Ga.)
4Picture no. 3429 (LaGrange, Ga.)
5Picture no. 3430 (LaGrange, Ga.)
6Picture no. 3431 (Columbus, Ga.)
7Picture no. 3432 (Columbus, Ga.)
8Picture no. 3433 (Columbus, Ga.)
9Picture no. 3434 (Columbus, Ga.)
10Picture no. 3435 (Columbus, Ga.)
11Picture no. 3436 (Columbus, Ga.)
12Picture no. 3437 (Phonix City, Ala.)
13Picture no. 3438 (Columbus, Ga.)
14Picture no. 3439 (Columbus, Ga.)
15Picture no. 3440 (Phenix City, Ala.)
16Picture no. 3441 (Columbus, Ga.)
17Picture no. 3442 (Columbus, Ga.)
18Picture no. 3443 (Columbus, Ga.)
19Picture no. 3445 (Columbus, Ga.)
20Picture no. 3446 (Columbus, Ga.)
21Picture no. 3448 (Columbus, Ga.)
22Picture no. 3449 (Columbus, Ga.)
23Picture no. 3453/351 (unidentified)
24Picture no. 3454 (Columbus, Ga.)
25Picture no. 3455 (Columbus, Ga.)
26Picture no. 3456 (Columbus, Ga.)
27Picture no. 3457 (Columbus, Ga.)
28Picture no. 3458/350 (Columbus, Ga.)
29Picture no. 3459 (Columbus, Ga.)
29APicture no. 3461 (unidentified)
30Picture no. 3462 (Columbus, Ga.)
31Picture no. 3463 (Columbus, Ga.)
32Picture no. 3464 (Columbus, Ga.)
33Picture no. 3465 (Columbus, Ga.)
34Picture no. 3466 (Columbus, Ga.)
35Picture no. 3466/237 (unidentified)
36Picture no. Unnumbered, Inspector in Yarn Mill
37Picture Unnumbered, Joys and Sorrows of Immigrant Life