United States presidential letters

United States presidential letters

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Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Hargrett Library.
Title: United States presidential letters
Dates: 1780-1991
Quantity: 0.25 Linear feet 1 box
Coll. Number: ms956

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, clippings, and documents signed by presidents of the United States from 1780-1991. Documents include appointments, bank notes, indentures, and pardons. Presidents include John Quincy Adams, James Buchanan, George H. W. Bush, Calvin Coolidge, Millard Fillmore, James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant, Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, William McKinley, James Monroe, Richard Nixon, Franklin Pierce, James K. Polk, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Zachary Taylor, Harry Truman, John Tyler, Martin Van Buren, George Washington, and Woodrow Wilson.


Arranged in alphabetical order by last name of president.

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Presidents--United States.
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United States presidential letters, ms956, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

VB1John Quincy Adams letter to John Clark, 1820 March 21
2James Buchanan signature & letter to Governor of Georgia, undated, 1845 April 22
3George Herbert Walker Bush autopen letter, 1991 March 29
VS4Calvin Coolidge letters, 1921, 1928
Dated Washington, 1921 September 19, to Mr. Harry Hodgson.
Dated Washington, 1921 September 19, to Mr. Harry Hodgson.
Dated Washington, 1928 June 7, to Mrs. Rebecca L. Felton, Cartersville, Georgia.
VB5Millard Fillmore signature, undated
6James Abram Garfield letter & facsimiles of letter, 1879-1880
Dated Washington D.C., 1879 January 11, to President W. K. Pendleton.
Dated Mentor, Ohio, 1880 July 27
7Ulysses S. Grant appointment & letter, 1876, 1883
8Warren G. Harding letters, 1920-1923
Dated Marion, Ohio, 1920 December 29, to Mrs. W. H. Felton, Cartersville, Georgia.
Dated 1921 September 20, to Mr. Harry Hodgson, University of Georgia, War Memorial Fund Campaign, Athens, Georgia.
Dated 1922 October 23, to Mrs. Rebecca Latimer Felton, Cartersville, Georgia.
Dated 1922 November 16, to Mrs. W. H. Felton, Davis-Fischer Sanitarium, Atlanta, Georgia.
Dated 1923 June 8, to Mr. C. D. Flanigan, Boy Scouts of America, Athens, Georgia.
9Letters regarding Warren G. Harding from Harding's Secretary or campaign, 1920-1922
10Herbert Hoover letter & photograph, 1920, 1948
Dated 1920 November 11, to President David Barrow, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.
Photograph depicting Herbert Hoover, Charles Field, and Ray Lyman Wilbur.
11Andrew Jackson signature of approval on indenture for sale of land in Talladega, Alabama, 1831 April 30
12Thomas Jefferson letters & signatures, 1780-1781, 1793
Letter: dated Richmond, 1780 June 11, to "Col. Gibson," Williamsburg.
Letter: dated Richmond, 1780 July 7, to "Col. George Gibson," Petersburg.
Signature to land grant, 1781 February 1.
Signature to bank note payable to Mrs. Fullarton, 1793 November 25.
13Andrew Johnson pardon and amnesty of P. L. Clower, 1865 August 25
14Lyndon B. Johnson letters, 1964
Dated 1964 March 11, to Mr. Jack Tarver, The Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia.
Dated 1964 November 10, to Mr. M. L. Fleetwood, The Tribune News, Cartersville, Georgia.
15John F. Kennedy letter to Eugene Black, 1960 August 18
16Abraham Lincoln signature & letter to Michael Hahn, undated, 1864 March 13
17William McKinley letter to Hoke Smith, 1896 August 22
18James Madison letter & facsimiles of letter, 1820, 1831
Dated Montpellier, 1820 September, to Judge Cooper.
Dated Montpellier, 1831 May 17, to Charles Carter Lee, New York.
19James Monroe signature to hand-written copy of Act of Congress, 1812 August 28
20Richard Nixon autograph, undated
21Franklin Pierce signature, undated
22James K. Polk signature, undated
23Ronald Reagan signature, 1985
24Franklin D. Roosevelt letters, 1928-1938
Dated Warm Springs, Georgia, 1928 November 27, to Miss Emily Woodward, Georgia Press Association, Vienna, Georgia.
Dated 1928 December 3, to Miss Emily Woodward, Vienna, Georgia.
Dated 1932 December 12, to Mrs. Clarenda Pendleton Lamar, New York City.
Dated 1935 January 9, to Mr. Telamon Cruger Cuyler, Wayside, Jones County, Georgia.
Dated 1938 April 6, to Mr. Telamon Cuyler, Wayside, Jones County, Georgia.
25Theodore Roosevelt letters, 1904-1905
Dated 1904 November 12, to Mr. Julius L. Brown, Atlanta, Georgia.
Dated 1905 March 30, to Mr. Telamon S. Cuyler, New York.
26William Howard Taft letters & photograph, 1909-1913
Dated 1905 May 31, to Julius L. Brown, Joseph E. Brown Building, Atlanta, Georgia.
Dated Augusta, Georgia, 1909 January 14, to Honorable Joseph M. Brown, Washington, Georgia.
Dated 1911 January 30, to Honorable Joseph R. Lamar, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court.
Dated 1911 May 17, to Honorable Nathan Goff, U. S. Circuit Court, Richmond, Virginia.
Dated 1911 July 31, to Honorable Joseph R. Lamar, Augusta, Georgia.
Dated 1911 August 21, to Honorable Joseph R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1911 November 20, to Honorable Joseph R. Lamar, Associate Justice, Supreme Court.
Dated 1913 January 3, to Honorable Dudley M. Hughes, House of Representatives.
Photograph captioned "Pres. Party before memorial of Archibald Butt, Augusta, Ga., 1912."
27Zachary Taylor signature to partial letter addressed to J. K. Tefft, Savannah, Georgia, undated
28Harry Truman letter to Milton Fleetwood, 1949 October 18
29John Tyler envelope, undated
30Martin Van Buren signature & bank note, 1830-1831
Signature to United States of America passport of Lewis Heermann, 1830 June 7.
Bank note payable to Van Buren, 1831 June 7.
31George Washington letter to George Walton, 1789 September 21
32Woodrow Wilson letters, 1910-1917
Dated 1910 November 2, to President David C. Barrow
Dated 1912 November 12, to Justice J. R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1914 May 15, to Honorable Joseph Rucker Lamar, Honorable Frederick William Lehman.
Dated Cornish, New Hampshire, 1914 September 14, to Justice Joseph R. Lamar.
Dated 1914 August 14, to Justice Joseph R. Lamar, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Dated 1914 August 14, to Honorable Dudley M. Hughes, House of Representatives.
Dated 1915 June 14, to Honorable J. R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1915 September 7, to Justice J. R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1915 October 4, to Justice J. R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1915 October 18, to Mrs. Joseph R. Lamar, Washington, D. C.
Dated 1916 November 17, to Honorable Dudley M. Hughes, House of Representatives.
Dated 1917 June 22, to "My darling daughter."