Slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project

Slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Georgia Writers' Project.
Title: Slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project
Dates: 1936-1939
Quantity: 2.0 Linear feet 4 boxes
Coll. Number: ms916

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of interviews organized by Works Progress Administration, Federal Writers’ Project, with women and men born into slavery. Transcripts, dated 1936-1939, are in multiple formats, and mostly contain name of person interviewed, date of interview (or date of interview submission), date of birth, and name of research worker, editor or author. Interviews recount experiences of being enslaved, and are full of anecdotes, folklore, and authentic history. The collection also contains information concerning the organization and design of the original interview structure.

Index Terms

Slave narratives--Georgia--Athens.

General Notes

Interviews have been published and are available at Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, ms916, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Information concerning the organization and design of the original interview structure, undated
2Miscellaneous, 1936-1939
3Rachel Adams, undated
4Priscilla Albright, 1936
5Washington Allen, 1936
6W. B. Allen, 1937
7Caroline Ates,, 1936
8Jack Atkinson, 1936
9Hannah Hall Austin, 1937
10Celestia Avery, undated
11Georgia Baker, 1938
12Alice Caldwell Battle, 1936
13Jasper Battle, 1938
14Willis Benefield, undated
15Harriette Benton, 1937
16Harriet Benton, 1936
17Thomas Greene "Blind Tom" Bethune,, undated
18Arrie Sybert Gullatt Binns, undated
19Sallie Blakely, 1937
20Henry Bland, undated
21Rias Body, 1936
22James Bolton,, 1937
23Alec Bostwick, 1938
24Nancy Boudry, 1937
25Tillman Bradshaw, 1936
26Della Briscoe, 1937
27George Brooks, 1936
28Easter Brown, undated
29George Washington Browning, 1937
30Andrew Bryan, 1938
31Julia Bunch, undated
32R. F. Burch,, 1937
33Augustus Burden, undated
34Marshal Butler, undated
35Sarah Byrd, undated
36Mariah Calloway, undated
37Ellen Campbell, undated
38Mary Carpenter, 1936
39George Carter, undated
40Susan Castle, undated
41George Caulton, 1936
42Cicely Cawthon, 1937
43Callie Chatman, 1936
44Mary Childs, 1939
45Ellen Claibourn, undated
46Berry Clay, undated
47Pierce Cody, undated
48Willis Cofer, 1938
49Emma Coker, undated
50Mary Colbert, undated
51John Cole, undated
52Julia Cole, undated
53Fannie Cawthon Coleman, 1937
54Authur Colson, 1936
55Kizzie Colquitt, 1938
56Sara Crocker, 1936
21Austin Dabney, undated
2Minnie Davis, 1938
3Mose Davis, 1937
4Ike Derricotte, 1938
5Benny Dillard, 1938
6Amelia Dorsey, undated
7George Eason, undated
8Callie Elder, undated
9Martha Everette, 1937
10Lewis Favor, 1937
11Mary Ferguson, 1936
12Randall Flagg, 1936
13Lula Flannigan, undated
14Fannie Fulcher, undated
15Anderson Furr, undated
16Leah Garrett, undated
17Fannie Gibon, 1936
18Mary Gladdy, 1936
19Julia Glover, undated
20Anna Grant, 1937
21Sarah Gray, 1937
22Alice Green, undated
23Isiah Green, 1937
24Margaret Green, undated
25Minnie Green, 1936
26Wheeler Gresham, undated
27Abner Griffin, 1937
28David Gullins, undated
29Heard Griffin, 1937
30Milton Hammond, 1937
31Jane Smith Hill Harmon, undated
32Dosia Harris, undated
33Henderson Harris, 1936
34John Harris, 1939
35Shang Harris, 1936
36Squire Harris, 1937
37Ethel Harrison, 1936
38Tom Hawkins, undated
39Ella Hawkins, 1936
40Bill Heard, 1938
41Emmaline Heard, 1937
42Robert Heard, 1936
43Benjamine Henderson, 1937
44Jefferson Franklin Henry, 1938
45Robert Henry, undated
46Mary Hodge, undated
47Laura Hood, 1936
48Charlie Hudson, undated
49Carrie Hudson, 1938
50Annie Huff, 1937
51Bryant Huff, 1937
52Easter Huff, undated
53Fannie Hughes, undated
54Bettie Hunt, 1936
55John Hill, 1939
56Lina Hunter, 1938
57Emma Hurley, undated
58Alice Hutcheson, undated
59Cassie Hutchinson, 1936
60Jemima Hutchinson, undated
31Amanda Jackson, 1937
2Camilla Jackson, undated
3Easter Jackson, 1936
4Snovey Jackson, undated
5Mahala Jewel, 1938
6Addie Johnson, 1936
7Benjamin Johnson, 1937
8Ella Johnson, undated
9Georgia Johnson, undated
10Manuel Johnson, undated
11Susie Johnson, 1936
12Easter Jones, undated
13Estella Jones, undated
14Fannie Jones, 1938
15Rastus Jones, 1936
16Jennie Kendricks, 1936
17Emmaline Kilpatrick, undated
18Frances Kimbrough, 1936
19Robert "Uncle Bob" Kimbrough, 1936
20Charlie King, 1936
21Nicey Kinney, 1938
22John King, undated
23Mollie Kinsey, 1939
24Julia Larken, undated
25George Lewis, 1937
26William Lewis and Bettie Lewis, 1936
27Joe McCormick, 1936
28Rachel McCoy, 1937
29Ed McCree, undated
30Lucy McCullough, undated
31Amanda McDaniel, undated
32Tom McGruder, undated
33Susan McIntosh, 1938
34Matilda McKinney, 1937
35William McWhorter, 1938
36Caroline Malloy, undated
37Mollie Malone, 1936
38Ed Marshall and Polly Marshall, undated
39Carrie Mason, 1937
40Susan Mathews, undated
41Tom Matthews, undated
42Emily Mays, 1936
43William Mead, undated
44Liza Mention, 1938
45Annette Milledge, undated
46Aunt Harriet Miller, 1937
47Julia Milton, 1936
48Malinda Mitchell, undated
49Mollie Mitchell, 1936
50Elsie Moreland, 1936
51Bob Mobley, undated
52Hannah Murphy, undated
53Matilda Mumford, undated
54Nettie Myles, 1936
55Sara Nance, 1936
56Fanny Nix, undated
57Henry Nix, 1936
58Lewis Ogletree, 1936
59Richard Orford, 1937
60George Owen, undated
61Anna Parkes, undated
62G. W. Patillo, 1937
63Anna Peek, 1936
64Celeste Pitts, 1936
65Alec Pope, 1938
66Jim Powell, 1936
67Georgia Anne Prather, 1936
68Annie Price, 1937
69Beverly Pullin, undated
70Charlie Pye, undated
71Lula Pyron, 1936
41Charlotte Raines, undated
2Lillian Ramsay, 1936
3Fanny Randolph, undated
4John Rawls, 1936
5Easter Reed, 1936
6Bill Reese, 1939
7Shade Richards, 1936
8Fanny Roberts, 1937
9Melvina Roberts, 1939
10Ferebe Rogers, 1936
11Henry Rogers, undated
12John Rogers, 1936
13Julia Rush, undated
14Janie Satterwhite, undated
15Nancy Settles, undated
16Partheny Shaw, 1937
17Will Sheets, undated
18Cora Shepherd, 1937
19Robert Shepherd, 1938
20Tom Singleton, undated
21Charlie Tye Smith, 1936
22Eugene Wesley Smith, undated
23Maria Smith, undated
24Mary Smith, undated
25Melvin Smith, 1937
26Nancy Smith, undated
27Nellie Smith, 1938
28Paul Smith, undated
29Lydia Calhoun Starks, 1937
30Emeline Stepney, undated
31Ma Stevens, undated
32Laura Stewart, undated
33Emmaline Sturgis, 1937
34Ella Stinson, 1937
35Amanda Styles, 1937
36Rachel Sullivan, undated
37Annie Talley (slave owner), undated
38William Taylor, 1936
39Georgia Telfair, undated
40Cordelia Thomas, 1938
41Ike Thomas, 1936
42Kate Thomas, 1936
43Tim Thornton, undated
44Jane Mickens Toombs, undated
45Phil Towns, undated
46Joe Vaughn, 1937
47John F. Van Hook, undated
48Addie Vinson, 1938
49Emma Virgel, undated
50Sarah Virgil, 1937
51Rhodus Walton, undated
52Willie Ward, 1937
53Lula Washington, 1937
54John Watts, 1936
55Peter Wells, 1936
56Green Wilbanks, 1938
57Frances Willingham, 1938
58Maggie Williams, undated
59Olin Williams, 1938
60Eliza Williamson, undated
61Adeline Willis, undated
62Cornelia Winfield, undated
63George Womble, 1937
64Joe Wooten, 1936
65Ella Wright, 1936
66Susannah Wyman, undated
67Dink Walton Young, 1936