Jean Réti-Forbes papers

Jean Réti-Forbes papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Forbes, W. Stanton
Creator: Réti, Jean
Title: Jean Réti-Forbes papers
Dates: Bulk, 1957-1972
Dates: approximately 1905-1972
Quantity: 13.25 Linear feet (26 boxes)
Abstract:The collection consists of papers of Jean Réti-Forbes from 1957-1972 and includes correspondence, subject files, lecture notes, photographs, writings and printed material, musical compositions, and audio recordings.
Coll. Number: ms912

Biographical/Historical Note

Jean Réti-Forbes was a musician and musicologist. She was born in 1911 in Canada and died in 1972 in the United States. She married Austrian composer, Rudolph Réti, in 1943 and, after Réti's death, she married artist W. Stanton Forbes in 1963. She had a close relationship with Lucy Bates and her family, including her father, Goggin W. Sahlmark, and her second husband's family, especially his daughter Lucy, his mother Mrs. Walter Forbes, his sister Frances Heyn, his sister Martha Stanton, and his brother Frank Stanton. She worked at the University of Georgia in the Music Department for some time and donated the Olin Downes papers to the University of Georgia. She also toured Europe repeatedly, giving piano recitals in several countries, and was a member of numerous musical organizations, including the American Musicological Society and several symphonies.

Scope and Content Note

The Jean Réti-Forbes Papers consist of materials relating to world-renowned musician and musicologist Jean Réti-Forbes. The collection dates from 1957 to 1988 and contains correspondence with distinguished critics of this century including Lamar Dodd, Lillian Smith, and Werner Heisenberg, friends, and family; university lecture notes; audio tapes of Mrs. Réti-Forbes's works for piano, interviews, and lectures; personal and professional photographs; original compositions; and family and personal material.


Arranged into three series: 1) Correspondence, 2) General Files, and 3) Audiotapes and printed materials. Majority of materials are listed roughly alphabetical within each series.

Index Terms

Baker, Dorothy Gillam, 1906-
Bates, Lucy
Boyd, Helen
Downes, Irene
Faulkner, Margaret K.
Forbes, Lucy
Garber, Lynn Stanton
Hambidge, Mary, 1885-1973
Heyn, Frances
Lindow, Kitty
Reti, Rudolph, 1885-1957
Sound recordings.
Women teachers--Georgia.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Jean Réti-Forbes papers, ms912, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

See also related materials in W. Stanton Forbes papers, ms940.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11Adaskin, Murray
2Adler, Kurt
3American Musicological Society
4Angur, Helen
5Armstrong, Sir Thomas
6Athens Historical Society
7Bacon, Anna Lee
8Baeninger, Martin
9Baisden, Kay and Frank
10Baker, Dorothy
11Bamford, Francis
12Barrie Books
13Bax, Sir Arnold
14Bee, Dorothy
15Bell, G. & Sons
16Berlioz, Hector
17Bernheim, Alice and Rachel
18Bird, John
19Blair, Margaret
20Boulez, Pierre
21Bowers, Faubion
22Boyd, Helen
23Boyle, J.R. [Jean's uncle]
24Branion, Grace
25Branscombe, Gena
26Bredendieck, Joan
27Bresgan, Cesar
28Brittenbaw, Helen
29Broude Brothers Limited
30Brown, Hal and Mollie
31Brown, Malcolm
32Bryan, Morris
33Burge, Mary
34Burgess, Mildred
35Burnet, Duncan
36Burval, Nellie
21Calvin, J.B.
2Cameron, Dan
3Canada Council - grant application
4Canadian League of Composers - invitation
5Canadian Music Journal
6Carson, Virginia
7Carver, Mosco
8Case, Allen
9Cecilia, Sister and Madeleine Touhy
10Charlot, Jean
11Cherry, Evelyn
12Chorafa, Maria
13Christ-Janer, Albert and Virginia
14Christodulo, George and Marina
16Clarke, P.M.
17Clovis, Hall
18Clute, Frances
19Coffin, Marie
20Coleman, Frank
21Collier Books
22Converse College
23Cooke, Deryck
24Cope, Oliver and Alice
25Corporation of London - invitation
2225Copyright materials and correspondence - Rudolph Reti, 1943-1947, undated
226Cortese, Mary
27Couch, Annie Eileen
28Cowell, Henry
29Crabb, Eugene
30Curzon, Clifford
31Daugherty, Katherine
32Davis, Chester K.
33DelloJoio, Norman
34Devin Adair Company
35Dickson, Lovat
36Diercks, Thelma and John
37Dodd, Mary and Lamar
38Douglas, Charles
39Dow, Mary
40Downes-Williams, Dorothy
41Downes, Edward
42Downes, Irene
43Duncan, Shelbie
44Dunlop, Marjorie
31Eidson, John Olin
2Emanuel College and Mary Frances Ross
4Emetaz, Maurice Van Dyck
5Enters. Angna
7Faber & Faber Limited, 1950-1965
8Faber & Faber Limited, 1966-1972
9Falkner, Margaret, 1962
10Falkner, Margaret, 1971
11Ferguson, Peggy
12Fernandez, Justino
13Florida State University
14Fortson, Edwin
15Fox, Ruth and Henry
16Fradier, Mary
17Frank, Jonathan
18Frankenstein, Alfred V.
19Fulton, Maisie
41Forbes, Frances
2Forbes, Jean
Letters are to W. Stanton Forbes from Jean Reti-Forbes before their marriage and Jean's letters to others after Rudolph's death.
2AForbes, Lester
3-5Forbes, Lucy
6Forbes, Mrs. Walter (B-Mom)
51Gamble, Isabella
2Gelatt, Roland
3University of Georgia - employment
4University of Georgia - miscellaneous
5Gerrie, Percy [Jean's uncle]
6Glover, Robert
7Garber, Jerry
8Garber, Lynnie
9Garber family
10Garber family
11Gardner, William E.
12Geiringer, Otto to Rudolph Reti
13Georgia Museum of Art
14Georgia Review
15Gerschefski, Edwin
16Goldblatt, Rose
17Goodall, Anne
18Goodbody & Company
19Grasberger, Franz
20Green, Al and Kay
21Greenwich House Music School
22Groesbuk, Lue
23Hancock-Ofstie, Joy
24Hanson, Betty - Orpheus Club
25Harkins, Sister Barbara
26Harkness, Mechthild
27Harmel-Rubinstein, Julian
28Harrold, Thomas
29Hawkin, Edna
30Haynes, William G.
31Heisenberg, Werner
32Hendricks, Roy J.
33Henry, Corinne
34Heyn, Frances
35Highfield, Daisy
36Hollander, Clifford
61Jacobi, Frederick
2Jacobs, Alice
3James, Phillip
4Janiec, Henry
5Brother John
6Johnson, Joyce
7Jones, Edward
8Jordan, Marjorie F.
9Kahn, Emil
10Kalitinsky, Andrew
11Kendall, Raymond
12Kennedy, W.A.
13Kerr, Buck and Mary
14Key, Alice
15Kidwell, Ann
16Klein, Rudolf
17Knapp, William
18Koch, Dara
221Lachmann, Elizabeth to Jean Sahlmark
2-5Lachmann, Elizabeth to Rudolph Reti
6Lachmann, Elizabeth - miscellaneous
7-8Lachmann, Elizabeth - will and estate
9-11Lachmann, Norbert (Kegg)
620Lachmann, Keg
21Ladd, Valeria
22Lance, Francisco
23de Lange, Hendrik
24Lee, Ethel
25LeFann, Elizabeth
26Leinsdorf, Erich via Ann Coughlin
27Lit, Janice
28Loucks, Catherine
29Lowenbach, Jan
30Lund, Gagga
31Lundberg, Lizaveta
71MacGregor, Jean
2MacLanahan, Frances
4The Macmillan Company via Cecil Scott
5Mahan, Katie
7Masaryk, Herberta
8Mathison, George
10McAlpine, Martha
11McClelland and Stewart Limited
12McGill, Ruth
2223McLanahan, Alex and Frances
713McKay, Douglas
14McKeever, Florence
15McMillan, Constance
16de Meeus, Countesse
17Mellinger, Marie B.
18Menuhin, Yaltah
19A. Messina Company
21Miller, Alan
22Miller, Philip
24University of Mississippi
25Mitchell, Donald
26Moldenhauer, Hans
27Montgomery, Walter
28Morgan, Lillian D.
29Morse, Darwin S.
30Motchane, Martha
31Mumford, Lewis
32National Education Association, Education Travel Division
33National Library of Scotland
34Newman, William S.
35Newton, Virginia L.
36New York Times via Harold Schonberg
37Nikas, Mary
38Nin-Culmell, Joaquin
39Norton, Margaret
40Noyes, Morgan
41Offerdahl, John
42Ogburn, Dorothy
43O'Neill, Frank Q.
44Parmenter, Ross
45George Peabody College
46Pease, Eva
47Peeler, Caspen
48Personalities of the South book series
49Pertzoff, Olga
50Peterson, M.
51Piano Teacher's Club of Savannah, Georgia
52Pindar, George
53Pincherle, Marc
54Pinkerton, Ruth A.
55Pisk, Paul
56Pixler, Olive
57Placzek, Adolf
58Politoske, Daniel T.
81Jean Reti Forbes' University of Georgia Students, 1969-1972
2Jean Reti Forbes' University of Georgia Students, 1969-1972
3Ramsey family (Dotty, Becky, Julie, and Wayne)
4Randlett, Samuel
2224Regarding Tonality-Atonality-Pantonality copyright, 1957
85Reill, Van
6Reilley, Edward
7Reinke, Charlotte
8Renold, Marie
9Réti, Rudolph
2212Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, 1942
13Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, 1943
14Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, 1945
15Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, 1947
16Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, 1954
17Réti, Jean to Rudolph Réti, undated
18Réti, Rudolph to Jean Réti, 1942
19Réti, Rudolph to Jean Réti, 1943-1944
20Réti, Rudolph to Jean Réti, 1945
21Réti, Rudolph to Jean Réti
22Réti, Rudolph to Jean Réti, 1952-1954, undated
214Réti-Forbes, Jean to W. Stanton Forbes
94Richter, Rosemary
5Robinson, Geoffrey
6-7Robinson, Carol
8Rockliff Publishing Corporation Limited
9Ross, Gilbert
10Rossi Compostella, Irnerio
11Russia trip correspondence, Jean Réti-Forbes and Lucy Stanton Forbes to W. Stanton Forbes, 1970
101-2Sahlmark, Goggin W.
3Sahlmark, Kate
4Sanders, Marion Dwight
5Saporta, Nora
6Sargent, Betty
7Sarton, May
8Saskatchewan's Lt. Governor
9Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers' Association
10Schlittler, Emil
11Scott, Desmond
12Sears, Edmund H.
13Sharman, J. C. - invitation to meet British Consulate-General
14Sharp, Hulda
15Shevenell-Forbes, Lucy
16Siegmeister, Elie
17Smith, Lillian
18Smith, C. Wallace
111Snelling, Paula
2University of South Carolina Music Department
3Spalding, Phinizy
4Sparks, Andy
5Spofford, Grace
6Spry, Graham
7Stallings, Edith
8Stanton, Frank
9Stanton, Martha
10Steedman, Margot
11Steiner, Stella
12Stephenson, Geneva
13St. Martin's Press, Incorporated
14Strahl, Magaret
15Stransky, Eugene
16Stratford Composers Conference and Stratford Shakespearen Festival
17Straus, Regina
18Sturt, Lady Cecila
19Szmolyan, Walter
20Talmadge, Herman E.
21Tawaststjerna, Erik
22Teague, A. Dawson
23Teresita, Sister
24Terrillon-Mackay, Louise F.
25Terry, Maria
26Thomas, Helen
27Thompson, Mildred
28Titus, Joan
29Todd, Pat
30Toombs, Henry and William Creighton
31Tucker, Lillian V.
32Tuohy, Madeleine
33Turner, Jean
34Voulis, Aspasia
35Wahl, Carol
36Wahn, Janet
37Warren, Pearl E.
38Watson, Jean
39Wedding; Jean & Stanton's - congratulations letters
40Wellesz, Ejon
41Westrup, J.A.
42White, Barbara
43Wigginton, Eliot
44Wilcox, Louis B.
45Wiley, Bert
46Wolfe, Ann F.
47Yeomans, Pat
48Zipper, Herbert for National Guild of Community Music Schools
912Address and telephone book
211Bates, Lucy, 1949-1960
2Bates, Lucy, 1961-1963
3Bates, Lucy, 1964-1971
4Bates, Lucy - Postcards, 1964
5Bates, Lucy - Postcards, 1965
6Bates, Lucy - Postcards, 1966
7Bates, Lucy - W. Stanton Forbes
8Bates, Lucy - Postcards, 1967
9Bates, Lucy - Postcards, 1968-1969
10Bates, Lucy, undated

2. General Files

131American Musicological Society; Athens meeting
2Appointment Book, 1957
3Atlanta Symphony
141Bates, Lucy - legal papers
2Bates, Lucy - photographs and newspaper clippings
3Biographies/obituaries of Jean Réti-Forbes
4Boston Symphony
9Olin Downes papers at the University of Georgia
10Stanton Forbes papers (includes artwork, letters, exhibit programs, etc)
12-13Writing - Jean Réti
14"Child of the Prairie" by Jean Réti
151AFinancial papers of household expenses for Reti house at Montclair, NJ
1Edwin Gerschefski papers (programs, personal musical compositions, letters, etc)
2Guest book / W. Stanton Forbes diary re. Jean Reti-Forbes, 1960-1972
3Guest book / diary photocopy
4Hambidge Art Foundation correspondence, 1963
5Hambidge Art Foundation correspondence, 1964-1967
6Hambidge Art Foundation correspondence, 1968-1972
7Hambidge Art Foundation legal documents
8Hambidge Art Foundation miscellaneous
9Hambidge Art Foundation printed materials
161Lecture notes
2-3Legal papers
4Miscellaneous personal papers
5Musical compositions
6Musical composition - Kinderszenen
OS Box
3Musical composition - The Greatest of All is Love by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - The Magic Gate by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - March of the Bewitched by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - Marsch zu Ehren der Besiegten by Rudolph Reti
167Musical composition - Musikbuch aus Osterreich
OS Box
3Musical composition - Primeval Melody by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - Scenes from Childhood (Kinderszenen) of Robert Schumann (with motives and fingering inserted in the score) by Jean Reti
Musical composition - Sechs Liebesgesänge, op. 5, heft I, II by Rusdolph Reti
Musical composition - Soup in Alabaster by Jean Reti, partial
Musical composition - Streichquartett in zwei Sätzen by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - Terrassen, op. 2 by Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - Two Orchestral Pieces from the Ballet "David and Goliath," Rudolph Reti
Musical composition - Winternacht by Rudolph Reti
Musical compositions - various partial scores and compositions
9-10Personal papers in notebooks
OS Box
2Photographs, oversized
181-2Poems, prose, and related publications
6-7Typescript - Child of the Prairie
8Typescript - Notes on Playing the Piano
191Typescript - To Dwell in Sound
2Typescript - Very Personal Notes on Rudolph Réti
3Receipts/business papers
4Rudolph Réti publications, papers, and clippings
5Sahlmark family history
6Dr. Sahlmark (obituaries, newspaper clippings, legal papers, etc)
7Clara Boyle Sahlmark (invitations, newspaper clipping, and letter)
8Saskatchewan Archives Board
9Season music programs
11Stanton family
12Lucy M. Stanton
13-14Sympathy letters
15Tax returns

3. Audio tapes and printed material

20Audiotapes (reel-to-reel)
23Audiotapes (reel-to-reel)
134-5Concert music programs
8Concert music programs
6Miscellaneous (includes receipts and obituaries)
7Lillian Smith publications