Joy Bright Hancock papers

Joy Bright Hancock papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Hancock, Joy Bright, 1898-
Title: Joy Bright Hancock papers
Dates: 1918-1972
Quantity: 9.6 Linear feet (9 document boxes, 5 oversized boxes, 1 oversize folder A)
Abstract:The collection consists of papers of Joy Bright Hancock from 1918-1972. The papers include correspondence, mainly commendatory letters but some relating to Hancock's naval duties and inspection tours; speeches; printed material pertaining to WAVE policies, articles by and about Hancock, and naval aviation; manuscript articles for radio and television; photographs; clippings of Navy press releases; manuscripts, drafts, and corrected versions of Hancock's book Lady in the Navy; certificates and citations; and scrapbooks (1943-1965) of clippings detailing Hancock's career.
Coll. Number: ms854

Biographical/Historical Note

Joy Bright Hancock (1898- ) enlisted in the Women's Naval Reserve in 1918 as a Yeoman and rose to the rank of Captain, Director of Women's Reserve by 1946. She was one of eight women sworn into the regular Navy under the Women's Armed Service Integration Act of 1948 and retired in 1953.

Through the leadership of Captain Hancock, the U. S. Navy was able to activate a program of growth and stability as women became an important part of that branch of military service. She has been the recipient of the Navy Commendation Ribbon, World War I and II Victory Medals, and a special World War I medal presented by the state of New Jersey. The establishment of the Joy Bright Hancock Fund continues to exemplify her interest not only in the University of Georgia, but in the principles of education and scholarship to improve the quality of life for students and the general public. Her service to America remains strong.

Scope and Content Note

In 1973, Captain Joy Bright Hancock presented her papers to the University of Georgia Libraries. This outstanding manuscript collection numbering nearly 3,000 pieces relates the distinguished career of Captain Hancock in the U. S. Navy. The papers contain correspondence with Bess Truman, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Admiral Nimitz, Anna Rosenberg, Margaret Chung, and many other figures prominent in government and service in the World War II era. The collection gives invaluable insight into the history of women in the U. S. Navy.


Arranged into 9 series: Series 1. Letters and documents; Series 2. Speeches, Articles and Miltary Materials (see Subseries 2.1 to 2.4); Series 3. Naval Aviation Materials; Series 4. Women in the Navy; Series 5. Lady in the Navy; Series 6. Military Yearbooks and Commendations; Series 7. Scrapbooks; Series 8. Citations; Series 9. Edith Langdale Stallings Materials. Also included in the collection are a number of large-sized military portraits.

Index Terms

Manuscripts (documents)
Speeches (documents)
United States. Naval Reserve. Women's Reserve.
United States. Navy.
Women and the military--United States.
World War, 1939-1945.

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Joy Bright Hancock papers, ms854, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Letters and Documents

11Biography, brief (1 item)
2Letters (17 items)
1st day Issue, U.S. Stamps, Women in Armed Services
Letter or Letters from:
John R. Blandford, Major General USMC
D. B. Duncan, Admiral, USN
A. M. Pride, Rear Admiral, USN
Chester W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, USN
R. W. Ruble, Rear Admiral, USN
J. W. Roper, Rear Admiral, USN
Thomas L. Sprague, Admiral USN
J. J. Clark, Vice Admiral, USN
K. A. Thieme, Captain, USN
Robert B. Carney, Admiral, USN
R. B. Pirie, Captian, USN
Lynde D. McCormick, Admiral, USN
M. Elaine Grant, Commander, USN
3Letters, Commendatory, 1937-1941 (29 items)
H. E. Yarnell, Admiral, USN
4Letters, Commendatory, 1943-1949 (24 items)
D. C. Ramsey, Rear Admiral, USN
Chester W. Nimitz. Admiral, USN
Mildred McAfee Horton, Captain, USN
John L. Sullivan, Secretary of the Navy
5Letters, Commendatory, 1950-1957 1953 (28 items)
R. McC.Pate, Brig. General, USMC
Mary A. Hallaren, Colonel, Director WAC
Anna M. Rosenberg, Ass't Sec'y of Defense
Inauguration Ceremonies, Invitation
Dorothy C. Stratton, Nat'l Exec. Director, Girl Scouts of America
Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Commandant, USMC
6Letters, Commendatory, 1960-1966 (20 items)
Main R. Bocher, Couturier
Ralph J. Bunche, Under-Sec'y, UN
J. Robert Oppenheimer (Father of Atomic Bomb)
Mildred McAfee Horton, Capt, USN, (Ret)
R. B. Brown, Vice Admiral, MC, USN
J. S. Cowan, Captain, MC, USN
7Letters, Commendatory, 1967-1969 (36 items)
Margaret Chase Smith, US Senator
William A. Read, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret)
R. S. Colbert, Vice Admiral, USN
Paul A. Anderson, Captain, USN
Clifford P. Case, U.S. Senator
8Letters, Commendatory, 1970-1972 & n.d. (29 items)
George Romney, Sec'y HUD
Clifford P. Case, US Senator
James Dowd, Naval Aerospace Med. Inst.
H. B. Miller, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret)
Carl Vinson, US Congressman
William A. Read, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret)
F. Edward Hébert, Chairman, Armed Services Com.
Bess L. Truman
Margaret Chase Smith, US Senator
Mary McGrory, The Evening Star, Washington, D.C.
9Canadian Inspection Tour Correspondence. Farewell message-McAfee. Farewell recommendations-Hancock (13 items)
need for women in Navy
10European Inspection Trip Report, 1949 (3 items)
11 Waves-Policies, A (5 items)
12 Waves-Policies, B & C (6 items)
13Air Traffic Controllers "Sick-Out" Correspondence (15 items)
14Speech to Womens Officers' School in Newport, 1970 (1 item)
15Correspondence (7 items)
Rear Admiral Reeves
16Correspondence, 1969 (5 items)
American Legion Con.
17Correspondence, General (2 items)

2. Speeches, Articles, and Military Materials

2.1 Manuscripts of Radio and TV and Articles

21Manuscripts of radio and TV and articles, I (10 items)
2Manuscripts of radio and TV and articles, II (9 items)
3Manuscripts of radio and TV and articles, III (7 items)

2.2 Speeches

24Speeches, I (7 items)
5Speeches, II (7 items)

2.3 Articles

26Articles by and about Captain Hancock, I (4 items)
7Articles by and about Captain Hancock, II (3 items)
8Articles by and about Captain Hancock, III (5 items)

2.4 U.S.S. Lewis Hancock

29Commissioning of the U.S.S. Lewis Hancock (1 vol.)
10Christening of the U.S.S. Lewis Hancock (1 vol.)
OS Folder
1ALarge military portraits, 1942-1943

3. Naval Aviation Materials

31Training in aviation, I (3 items)
2Training in aviation, II (4 items)
3Training in aviation, III (6 items)
4Training in aviation, IV (1 vol.)
5Waves: Articles re progress of program, 1951-1972 (9 items)
6Chronology of U. S. Naval Aviation (Miller) (1 vol.)
7Waves: Promotional Material (3 items)
8U. S. Naval Aviation, 1910-1960 by Van Wyen & Pearson (1 vol.)

4. Women in the Navy

41Women in the Navy: Legislation (16 items)
2Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, I (20 items)
3Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, II (12 items)
4Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, III (34 items)
5Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, IV (20 items)
6Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, V (50 items)
7Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, VI (14 items)
8Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, VII (48 items)
9Women in the Navy: Navy Press Releases, VIII (46 items)
10Women in the Navy: Margaret Chung, Correspondence and picture (14 items)

5. Lady in the Navy (manuscript)

51 Lady in the Navy: First rough draft (154 items)
2 Lady in the Navy: Carbon (125 items)
3 Lady in the Navy: Carbon (241 items)
4 Lady in the Navy: Re-working of Ms., I (177 items)
5 Lady in the Navy: Re-working of Ms., II (110 items)
6 Lady in the Navy: Re-working of Ms., III (119 items)
7 Lady in the Navy: Re-working of Ms., IV (80 items)
61 Lady in the Navy: First edited copy, by I. Robb, I (87 items)
2 Lady in the Navy: First edited copy, by I. Robb, II (45 items)
3 Lady in the Navy: First edited copy, by I. Robb, III (71 items)
4 Lady in the Navy: First edited copy, by I. Robb, IV (57 items)
5 Lady in the Navy: Final Working Draft, I (103 items)
6 Lady in the Navy: Final Working Draft, II (72 items)
7 Lady in the Navy: Final Working Draft, III (58 items)
8 Lady in the Navy: Final Working Draft, IV (94 items)
9 Lady in the Navy: Final Working Draft, V (54 items)
10 Lady in the Navy: Final Ms. Chapters 1-6 (112 items)
11 Lady in the Navy: Final Ms. Chapters 7-12 (102 items)
12 Lady in the Navy: Final Ms. Chapters 13-End (116 items)
71 Lady in the Navy: Corrected galley proofs (165p)
2 Lady in the Navy: Miscellaneous research (19 items)
3 Lady in the Navy: Reviews (6 items)

6. Military Yearbooks and Commendations, Other

74Dacowits, Minutes, October 3-6, 1971 (1 vol.)
5Hancock "Recollections...." Annapolis, 1971 (1 vol.)
6Yearbook: Marine Corps Recruit Depot (no date) (1 vol.)
7Yearbook: Officer Indoctrination, Women, Newport, R.I. Dedicated to Captain Hancock, 1953 (1 vol.)
8Yearbook: The Compass, 1952 (1 vol.)
9Yearbook: The Portal, 1956 (1 vol.)
81Portrait, Uniforms, re (9 items)
2Resolutions-City of Wildwood, N. J. & letters, re, 1946 (4 items)
3Citations and Commendations, 1942-1951 (13 items)
4Citations and Commendations, 1953-1968 (15 items)
5Scrapbook, Photos, Visit to WRNS, April 1949 (1 vol.)
6Retirement review, May, 1953
6NTC Bainbridge, Md.
6Letters, Programs, Photographs (1 vol.)

7. Scrapbooks

OS BoxFolder
91News Clippings, 1915-1951
2News Clippings, 1941-1946
3News Clippings, 1942-1972
4News Clippings, 1951-1954
5Joy Hancock Bright Papers. Clippings, 1975-
OS BoxFolder
105Photos, 1942-1944
6Photos, July 1944-September 1944
7Scrapbooks, 1943-1946
8Photos, September 1944-January 1945
OS BoxFolder
119Scrapbook, 1946-1950
9Scrapbook, 1951-1952
9Scrapbook, 1953-1965
OS BoxFolder
1212Scrapbook, Photos, Hawaii, 1946
13Scrapbook, K-X Dedication & article re Shenandoah
14Scrapbook, Party honoring Captain Hancock, November 15, 1960
OS BoxFolder
1315Scrapbook. Retirement (Photos), 1953 (1 vol.)
16Scrapbook. Waves, 10th, 20th, 30th Reunions (1 vol.)

8. Citations

OS BoxFolder
131Certificate of Honor: Citizen of Five Mile Beach, N. J. Signed:Senator William H. Bright (Capt. Hancock's father) and others, May 30, 1919
2Membership certificate: "Society of Indisputable Indispensables.", April 4, 1945
3Appointment: Lieutenant, U. S. Naval Reserve. Signed: Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, October 15, 1942
4Citation: "To you who ...served in ...Armed Forces ... to bring about the total defeat of the enemy..." No date. Signed: Harry S. Truman, 1945
5Appointment: Lieutenant Commander, U.S.N. Signed: John L. Sullivan, Sec'y. of the Navy, October 3, 1945
6Appointment: Commander, U.S.N. Signed: Francis P. Matthews, January 1, 1950
7Resolutions: State of New Jersey Senate. Greetings & congratulations to Capt. Hancock, and Vice-Admiral Edwin Daisey Foster, for outstanding performance of duty. Signed: Samuel L. Bodine, President of the Senate, March 20, 1950
8Commendation: State of New Jersey. To Capt. Hancock. Signed: Alfred E. Driscoll, Governor, March 20, 1950
9Commendation: To Captain Hancock, from Waves of Supreme Allied Command Europe. Signed: Twelve names, June 1, 1953
10Certificate of Honorable Retirement: To Captain Hancock. Signed: Charles K. Duncan, Vice-Admiral, U. S. N. Chief of Naval Personnel, June 1, 1953
11Certificate of Honorary Membership: Navy League of the united States, Jersey Cape Council. Signed: Ben Schlenzig, Council President, October 10, 1964

9. Edith Langdale Stallings materials

OS Box
14Correspondence, Personal, 1943-1958
Correspondence, Personal, 1960-1962 & Undated
Correspondence, Official
Christmas Cards
Newspaper Clippings, re Waves, General
Newspaper Clippings, re Waves, University-Forms and Dress
Newspaper Clippings, General
Newspapers (whole) re Navy
Pamphlets, re: Waves
Pamphlets, General
Miscellaneous Material