Olin Downes papers, Series 1. Subject Files

Olin Downes papers, Series 1. Subject Files

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Downes, Olin, 1886-1955
Title: Olin Downes papers, Series 1. Subject Files
Dates: circa 1920-1955
Quantity: 26.6 Linear feet (67 boxes)
Coll. Number: ms688.series1

Biographical/Historical Note

Olin Downes (1886-1955) was an American music critic with the Boston Post (1906-1924) and the New York Times (1924-1955).

Scope and Content Note

The Subject Files consist of the subject files of Olin Downes from circa 1920-1955. Subject files include printed material, articles, newspaper clippings, and programs pertaining to American music in general and to a variety of composers, conductors, and musicians. Of particular interest are files relating to Downes' interest in several organizations and activities including the Berkshire Symphonic Festival (1934-1954), the Rachmaninoff Fund (1943-1948), the Progressive Party, the 1939 World’s Fair, and the National Council for the Arts, Sciences, and Professions. The series also contains radio scripts (1944-1947) of Downes' broadcasts for the Columbia Broadcasting System.


The materials are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the subject, organization, and/or individual.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Olin Downes papers, which all together consists of correspondence, photographs, sketches, scrapbooks, printed materials, articles, music manuscripts, and lectures.

Index Terms

Berkshire Symphonic Festival.
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Conductors (Music)
Music critics--United States.
Music--Societies, etc.
Music--United States--History and criticism.
Music--United States--Performance.
National Council for the Arts, Sciences, and Professions (U.S.).
New York World’s Fair. (1939-1940)
Progressive Party (U.S. : 1948).
Rachmaninoff Fund.
Radio broadcasters--United States.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Olin Downes papers, Series 1. Subject Files, ms688.series1, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Aarud, Olea
2Abram, Jacques
3Advertising Council
4-5Advertising Council: American Round Table Forum
6Ahn, Eaktal
7Ajemian Sisters
8Akron, University of
9Albeneri Trio
10Albeniz, Isaac
11Aldrich, Richard
12Allen, Towne & Heath
13Alma Trio
15Amadeus Quartette
16American Academy of Teachers of Singing
17American Bach Society
18American Chamber Opera Society
19American Chamber Orchestra
20American Committee for Cultural Freedom
21American Composers Alliance
22American Federation of Musicians
23American Guild of Organists
24American International Music Fund
25American Library of Musicology
26American Lyric Theatre
27American Music
28American Music and Musicians in Europe
29American Musicological Society
30American Opera Society
31American Orchestras
21American - Scandinavian Foundation
2American Society of Ancient Instruments
3Amor Musicae
4American Concertgebous Orchestra
5Andersen, Stell
6Anderson, Marian
7Andersen, Otto
8Angel Records
9Ansermet, Ernest
10ANTA (American National Theatre and Academy)
11American Symphony Orchestra League, Inc.
12Antheil, George
13Appleton, Vera and Michael Field
14Archer, Thomas
15American - Soviet Music Society
16Architecture, Julian Levi, Eero Saarinen, Frank Lloyd Wright
17Aron, Paul (Pianist Conductor)
18Aronorr, Max, Diretor - The New School of Music
19Arrau, Claudio
20Art - Contemporary of United States
21ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
22-23Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Aspen, Colorado
24Association of American Colleges
25Atkinson, Brooks - Columns
26Atonality: see Fan Mail, Thompson, John Winter, January 31, 1946
31Auden, W.H.
2Autori, Franco
4Babylon Symphony Orchestra (N.Y.)
5Bach, Johann Christian
6Bach, Johann Sebastian
7Bach Aria Group
8Bach Circle of New York
9Bach - Movie - St. Matthew Passion
10Bachauer, Gina
11Backhaus, Wilhelm
12Bacon, Ernst
13Bacon, Katherine
14Badura-Skoda, Paul (pianist)
15Bakermann, Carl
16Bagarotti, Giovanni (violinist)
17Ballet Society
18-19Ballon, Ellen
20Balogh, Erno
21Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (see also: Stewart, Reginald)
22Barber, Samuel
23Balzac Honore De
24Barbieri, Fedora
25Barbirolli, John
26Barere, Simon (re)
27Barlow, Samuel L.M.
28Bartok, Bela
29Bartok, Bela - Bluebird's Castle
30Barrere, Georges
31Barzun, Jaques
32Bate, Stanley
33Battista, Joseph
34Bauer, Harold
35Bauer, Marion
37Bazzini, Antonio
38Bean, Betty Randolph - see also: Boosey & Hawkes
39Bechet, Sidney
40Beecham, Sir Thomas
2Beethoven-"Eroica" Film, 1951
3Beethoven -"Fidelio"
4Belgium, Queen Elizabeth of Belgium Piano Competition
5Bell Symphony Society
6Bellini, Vincenzo- Norma La Sonnambula - I Capulet
7Bennet, John
8Bennet, Robert Russell
9Bennington Composers Conference
10Berezowsky, Nicolai - "Babar the Elephant"
11Berg, Alban
12Bergal, Geo
13Berger, Arthur
14Berger, Erna
15Bergson, Henri
51Berkshire Music Festival, 1934
2Berkshire Music Festival, 1938-1939
3Berkshire Music Festival, 1940
4-6Berkshire Music Festival First Week, July 12, 1941
7Berkshire Music Festival First Week - Notes for Lecture, July 12, 1941
8Berkshire Music Festival First Week - Programs, July 12, 1941
9Berkshire Music Festival First Week - Reference Material, July 12, 1941
10Berkshire Music Festival Second Week - Reference Material, July 19, 1941
11Berkshire Music Festival Second Week - Note for Lecture, July 19, 1941
12-14Berkshire Music Festival Second Week - Music, July 19, 1941
61Berkshire Music Festival, 1941
2-4Berkshire Music Festival Third Week - Music, July 26, 1941
5Berkshire Music Festival Third Week - Reference Material, July 26, 1941
6Berkshire Music Festival Third Week - Notes for Lecture, July 26, 1941
7-8Berkshire Music Festival, 1942
9Berkshire Music Festival, 1953-1954
10Berkshire Music Festival, 1954
11-12Berkshire Music Festival - Music, 1954
13Berkshire Music Festival - Reference Material, 1954
14Berkshire Music Festival Clippings
15Berkshire Music Festival Miscellaneous, undated
71Berlin, Irving
2Berlin, Opera
3Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
4Berlioz, Hector
5Berlioz - "Damnation of Faust"
6Berlioz - "L'Enfance Du Christ"
7Berlioz Society
8Bernac and Poulenc
9Bernays, Edward L.
11Bernstein, Leonard
12Bertolami, Viviane
13Biancolli, Louis
14Bible (Music)
15Biggs, E. Power - Re: The Great Organ
16Bing, Rudolph
17Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley
18Bizet, Georges - Carmen
19Bizet, Georges - "Djamileh"
20Bizet, Georges - "The Pearl Fishers"
21Bjoerling, Jussi
22Blitzstein, Marc
23Bloch, Ernest
24Bloch, Joseph
25Bloch, Suzanne
81Blum, Edward C.
2Boal, Sam
3-5The Bohemians (New York Musicians Club)
6Bochco, Rudolph
6ABooks and Book Clubs
7Boosey and Hawkes
8Bori, Lucrezia
9Boston Opera House
10Boston Symphony Orchestra - Clippings
11-12Boston Symphony Orchestra
13Boston Symphony Organ
14Boston Transcript
91Bowdoin College Glee Club
2Bowen, Katherine Drinker
3Brahms, Johannes
4Brailowsky, Alexander - Clippings (3)
5Brant, Henry
6Branzell, Karin
7Braslau, Sophie
8Braunstein, Joseph
9Brecht, Bertolt - "Galileo"
10Brevard Music Festival, 1951
11-12Brevard Music Festival, 1952 & 1953
13Brevard Music Festival, 1954
101British Music
2Britten, Benjamin
3Britten, Benjamin - Billy Budd
4Britten, Benjamin - "Peter Grimes"
5Broadcast Music, Inc.
6Brodnitz, Dr. Friedrich S.
7Broekman, David - Barbara Allen
8Brooklyn Bridge
9Brooklyn Academy of Music
10-11Brooklyn Institute of Arts & Sciences
12Brooklyn Symphony
13Broude Brothers - Musical Literature Listings
14Brown, Beatrice
15Brussells Philharmonic Society
16Budapest Ensemble
17Burbank, Luther
18Burrows, Clyde
19Butler, Marshall
20Byrd, William
21Cage, John - (Dada or "Happening" Modern Music)
22Calvocoressi, M.D. (See: Moussorgsky "Boris Godunof")
23Canadian Artists
24Canadian Composers
26Cantata Singers
27Cantelli, Guido
28Carmen, Kevie - Re: Olin Downes 5 ft. Record Shelf
111Carnegie Hall
2Carnegie Hall (Film)
3Carno, Zita
4Carpenter, John Alden
5Carse, Adam
6Caruso, Enrico
7Casals, Pablo
8Casadesus, Jean
9Casadesus, Robert
10Caturia, Alejandro
11Cecil, Winfred
13Census of Autograph Music Manuscripts
14Center Symphony Society
15Central City, Colorado Opera Society
16Central High School - Barnwell Foundation (Philadelphia)
17Century Association - Chadwick, Georgia
18Chadwick, George
19Chanler, Robert W. ("Bob")
20Charpentier, Gustave
21Charpentier, Gustave - "Louise"
22Chasins, Abram
24Chavez, Carlos
121Cherkassky, Shura
3Chicago Symphony Orchestra
5Chittenden, Kate S.
6Choirs and Choruses
9Chopin Film
10Chopin - Hoesick Bibliography
11Choral Masterwork Series
12Christmas Carols - Noels
14Churchill, Winston
15Cimarosa, Domenico
16Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
17Civil Rights Congress
18Clapp, Philip Greeley
19Claremont Quartet
20Classic Chamber Orchestra
131Clementi, Muzio
2Cleveland Orchestra
3Cliburn, Harvey Lavan, Jr. (Van)
4Coffee Bill
5The Coffee House
6Cohn, Arthur
7Cohn, Fannia M. - Ladies Garment Workers Union
8Collegiate Chorale
9Collegium Musicum
10Collins, E.D. - Material From
11Colt, Ethel
12Colorado College
13Columbia Artists Management, Inc.
14Columbia Broadcasting System - 485 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N.Y., Wickersham 2-2000
15Columbia Broadcasting System
16Columbia Broadcasting System "Suggested Topics", 1944-1945
17Columbia Broadcasting System "Music and Politics", Sunday, October 29, 1944
18Columbia Broadcasting System "On Being Your Own Music Critic", Sunday, November 5, 1944
19Columbia Broadcasting System "The Indispensable Amateur", Sunday, November 12, 1944
20Columbia Broadcasting System "On Listening to Old and New Music", Sunday, November 19, 1944
21Columbia Broadcasting System "Why Critics?", Sunday, November 26, 1944
22Columbia Broadcasting System "Our Youngest Generation of Composers", Sunday, December 17, 1944
23Columbia Broadcasting System "A Program of English Music", Sunday, December 3, 1944
24Columbia Broadcasting System "Why No New Operas?", December 10, 1944
24AColumbia Broadcasting System "Music and Christmas", Sunday, December 24, 1944
25Columbia Broadcasting System "Heitor Villa - Labos of Brazil", Sunday, December 31, 1944
141Columbia Broadcasting System "More About South American Music", Sunday, Jan. 7, 1945
2Columbia Broadcasting System "Romain Rolland", Sunday, Jan. 14, 1945
3Columbia Broadcasting System "Back to American Folklore", Sunday, Jan. 21, 1945
4Columbia Broadcasting System "About a Coming Young Man", Sunday, Jan. 28, 1945
5Columbia Broadcasting System "Igor Stravinsky", Sunday, Feb. 4, 1945
6Columbia Broadcasting System "What Makes Music Popular", Sunday, Feb. 18, 1945
7Columbia Broadcasting System "Interpreters", Sunday, Feb. 25, 1945
8Columbia Broadcasting System "Musical Traditions", Sunday, Mar. 4, 1945
9Columbia Broadcasting System "The Impractical Artist", Sunday, Mar. 11, 1945
10Columbia Broadcasting System "Sergei Prokofieff", Sunday, Mar. 18, 1945
11Columbia Broadcasting System "Sergei Rachmaninoff", Sunday, Mar. 25, 1945
12Columbia Broadcasting System "The Bach St. Matthew Passion", Sunday, Apr. 1, 1945
13Columbia Broadcasting System "Making Your Place in Music", Sunday, Apr. 8, 1945
14Columbia Broadcasting System "The Conductor's Job", Sunday, Apr. 15, 1945
15Columbia Broadcasting System "New Season of Philharmonic Symphony Concerts", Sunday, Apr. 22, 1945
16Columbia Broadcasting System "Art of Program Making", Sunday, Apr. 29, 1945
17Columbia Broadcasting System "Bruno Walter", Sunday, May 6, 1945
18Columbia Broadcasting System "Maturing With Music", Sunday, May 13, 1945
19Columbia Broadcasting System "The Escapist School", Sunday, May 20, 1945
20Columbia Broadcasting System "Henry F. Gilbert", Sunday, May 27, 1945
21Columbia Broadcasting System "More About Making your Place in Music", Sunday, June 3, 1945
22Columbia Broadcasting System "The Decline of Bel Canto", Sunday, June 10, 1945
23Columbia Broadcasting System "Some Aspects of Modern Singing", Sunday, June 17, 1945
24Columbia Broadcasting System "Fighting Men and Music", Sunday, June 24, 1945
25Columbia Broadcasting System "Request of the Troops", Sunday, July 1, 1945
26Columbia Broadcasting System "Making Music Your Own Pleasure", Sunday, July 8, 1945
27Columbia Broadcasting System "A Critic's Legacy", Sunday, July 15, 1945
28Columbia Broadcasting System "The Creative Process", Sunday, July 29, 1945
29Columbia Broadcasting System "The Art of Teaching", Sunday, July 22, 1945
30Columbia Broadcasting System "Franz Liszt", Sunday, Aug. 5, 1945
31Columbia Broadcasting System "Pietro Mascagni", Sunday, Aug. 12, 1945
151Columbia Broadcasting System "New Series of Concerts", Sunday, Aug. 19, 1945
2Columbia Broadcasting System "Three Modern Russian Masters", Sunday, Aug. 26, 1945
3Columbia Broadcasting System "N.Y. Philharmonic - Symphony's New Series ", Sunday, Oct. 7, 1945
4Columbia Broadcasting System "Bela Bartok", Sunday, Oct. 14, 1945
5Columbia Broadcasting System "Gustav Mahler", Sunday, Oct. 21, 1945
6Columbia Broadcasting System "Oscar Thompson's Testament", Sunday, Oct. 28, 1945
7Columbia Broadcasting System "National Radio Week", Sunday, Nov. 4, 1945
8Columbia Broadcasting System "Modern Methods of Composition", Sunday, Nov. 11, 1945
9Columbia Broadcasting System "Jerome Kern", Sunday, Nov. 18, 1945
10Columbia Broadcasting System "Operatic Acting", Sunday, Nov. 25, 1945
11Columbia Broadcasting System "Nationalism and Internationalism in Music", Sunday, Dec. 9, 1945
12Columbia Broadcasting System "Alexander Siloti", Sunday, Dec. 16, 1945
13Columbia Broadcasting System "Christmas Music", Sunday, Dec. 23, 1945
14Columbia Broadcasting System "Wagner - Hitler", Sunday, Dec. 30, 1945
15Columbia Broadcasting System "The American Orchestral Scene", Sunday, Jan. 12, 1946
16Columbia Broadcasting System "Piano Playing Today and Yesterday", Saturday, Jan. 19, 1946
17Columbia Broadcasting System "The Run on Chopin", Sunday, Jan. 26, 1946
18Columbia Broadcasting System "Bela Bartok", Saturday, Feb. 9, 1946
19Columbia Broadcasting System "Budapest String Quartet", Saturday, Feb. 16, 1946
20Columbia Broadcasting System "Contemporary Russian Music", Saturday, Feb. 23, 1946
21Columbia Broadcasting System "American and Russian Musical Development", Saturday, Mar. 2, 1946
22Columbia Broadcasting System "New Music on Programs", Sunday, Mar. 9, 1946
23Columbia Broadcasting System "Training of Artists", Sunday, Mar. 16, 1946
24Columbia Broadcasting System "Post-War Rehabilitation of Music", Saturday, Mar. 23, 1946
25Columbia Broadcasting System "New Music Heard this Season", Saturday, Mar. 30, 1946
26Columbia Broadcasting System "Rachmaninoff Fund", Saturday, Apr. 6, 1946
27Columbia Broadcasting System "Toscanini & Interpretation", Saturday, Apr. 13, 1946
28Columbia Broadcasting System "Interpretation - Good and Bad", Saturday, Apr. 20, 1946
29Columbia Broadcasting System "American Compositions, 1946", Saturday, Apr. 27, 1946
161Columbia Concerts, Inc.
2Columbia University
3Committee of 1,000
6Community Concerts
7Composers - American
8Composers - Danish
9Composers - Dutch
10Composers Forum
11Composers Group of New York City
12Compositores de America
13Concert Choir
14Concert Hall Society
15Concert Society of New York
16Concordia Choir
18Conductors and Conducting - Bibliography
171Congress of the Peoples for Peace
2Conley, Eugene
3Connecticut Symphony Orchestra
4Contemporary Music
5Converse, Frederick S. - Composer
6Cooper, Emilie
7Coolidge Foundation - Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation - Library of Congress
8Cooper Union
9Cooper Union (Houston Peterson)
10Copland, Aaron
11Copeland, George
12Corelli, Arcahgelo (Re: Violin)
13Cortney, Philip
14Couperin, Francois
15Covent Garden Opera
16Cowell, Henry
18Critics Circle
19Critics Symposium - See: American Symphony Orchestra League, Inc.
181Crosby, John - Columns
2Cuban American Music Group
3Curtis Institute of Music
4Curzon, Clifford
6Dallapiccola, Luig
7Dallas Symphony Orchestra
8Damrosch, Walter
9Danish Orchestra
10Da Ponte, Lorenzo
11Davidson, Jo (Sculptor)
12Da Vinci, Leonardo
13Davis, Eliabelle
13ADavison, Archibald T. (Harvard)
14Dayton, Ohio
15Dayton Philharmonic
16Dean of Canterbury Dinner, 1948
17De Banfield, Raffaello - "Lord Byron's Love Letter"
19Debussy - "Pelleas and Melisande"
20De Carvaleo, Eleazar
21Deering, Henri
22De Falla
23De La Bruchollerie, Monique
24De La Grange, Henri
25De La Maza, Regino
26De La Torre, Rey
27De Los Angeles, Victoria
29Denmark Ballet
30Densmore, Francis
31Denya, Marcella
32Depaur's Infantry Chorus
33De Sabata, Victor
34Detroit Symphony Orchestra
35Dessoff Choirs
36Re: Dewey, Thomas (speech by Downes)
37Diaghilev, Serge
191Dickson, Donald
2Di Giovanni, Rocco - "Mewea"
3D'Indy, Vincent
4Dixon, Dean
5Dobbs, Mattiwilda
6Dobkin, Dimitry
7Dochnanyi, Ernstron
8Doctor's - Orchestra
9Donalda, Pauline
10Donizetti - Don Pasquale
11Donizetti, Gaetano - "Lucia Di Lammermoor"
12Dorati, Antal
13Dorfman, Mme. Ania
14Downes, Edward - Columns
15Downes, Olin - Re: "Barberina"
16Downes, Olin - Biographical Material
17-19Downes, Olin - Re:
20Downes, Olin - Books - Symphonic Masterpieces
21Downes, Olin - Books - Ten Operatic Masterpieces
22Downes, Olin - Books - Ten Operatic Masterpieces Reviews
23-24Downes, Olin - Books - Treasury of American Song Clippings
201Downes, Olin - European Tour, 1952
2Downes, Olin - Death - Tributes
3Downes, Olin - Death - Tributes Printed, 1952
4Downes, Olin - Funeral and Cemetery Lot
5Downes, Olin - Lecture Programs
6Downes, Olin - Lecture Series Brooklyn Institute
7Downes, Olin - Lecture Series - Carnegie Hall, 1940
8Downes, Olin - Lecture Subjects
9Downes, Olin - Lecture Tours - Schedules
10Downes, Olin - Microfilm
11Downes, Olin - Opera and Concert Schedules
12Downes, Olin - Re: Radio Talks
13Downes, Olin - Record Library
14Downes, Olin - Travel
15Downes, Olin - Twenty fifth Anniversary Dinner (New York Times) Lists
16-17Downes, Olin - Twenty Fifth Anniversary Dinner (New York Times) Programs
211Draper, Ruth
2Dreiser, Theodore
3Drinker, Henry
4Drozdoff, Vladimir
5Duncan, Isidora
6Dutilleux, Henri
7Dvorak, Antonin - "Rusalka"
8Eames, Emma (Opera Singer)
9Early Music Foundation
10Eastern Music Education Conference - Atlantic City - Ennis D. Davis
11Eastman School of Music
12Ecole Libre Des Haute Etudes
13Edinburgh Music Festival
15Edmonds, Mrs. Walter
16Ehrenberg, Ilya
17Einstein, Alfred (Musicologist)
18Eisler, Hanns
19Eisner, Leonard
20Electronic Synthesizer
21Elgar, Sir Edward
22Elman, Mischa
23El Paso Symphony Orchestra
24Elson, Louis Charles
25Emergency Civil Liberties Committee: "Rights"
26Encore Concerts
27Engel, Joel
28Entremont, Phillipe
29Erede, Alberto
30Erskine, John. See: Metropolitan - Julliard Controversy, 1932-33
31Eto, Toshiya
32Farrar, Geraldine
33Farwell, Arthur
34Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
221Fekete, Zoltan
2Felitta, Frank - "The Parrot" (1st Opera Written for TV)
3Fels, Samuel S. Fund
4Ferguson, Howard
5Ficker, Prof. Rudolf
6Fiedler, Arthur
7Firkunsy, Rudolf
9Fisher, Carl
10Fishbein, Zenon
12Fitelberg, Gregor
13Flagstad, Kirsten
14Fleischer, Leon
15Florida State University
16Florida Symphony Orchestra
18Folk Music
19Fontainebleau Fine Arts and Music Schools Association, Inc.
20Foss, Lukas
21Foster, Stephen
22Fournier, Pierre (Cellist)
23Fox, Johnny
25France - Order of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor
26France - Salute to France (Dinner)
27Francescatti, Zino
28Franchetti, Arnold - "The Lion" (Children's Opera)
231French, Ward
2Frijsh, Povla
3Frost, Robert
4Frugoni, Orazio D.
5Fry, William Henry
6Fuchs, Joseph
7Furtwaengler, Wilhelm
8Fux, J.J.
9Gafni, Miklos (Opera Singer)
10Galli-Curci, Amelita
11Ganley, Eric H. (Music and Book Dealer) - Catalogs
12Gannett, Lewis - New York Herald Tribune
13Garbousova, Raya (Cellist)
14Garden, Mary (Opera Singer)
15Gay, John - "The Beggars Opera"
17Gershwin, George
18Ghedini, Giorgio - "Moby Dick" (Opera)
19Giannini, Vittorio - "Taming of the Shrew" & "Rehearsal Call"
20Gide, Andre
21-22Gieseking, Walter
23Gilbert and Sullivan - " Iolanthe"
24Gilman, Lawrence
25Giordano, Umberto - "Andrea Chenier"
26Glanville-Hicks, Mrs. Peggy (Tribute to Olin)
27Glazer, Frank
28Glazunov, Alexander
29Gluck - "Alceste"
30Gluck, Christoph Willibald "Iphigenie" En: "Tauride"
31Gluck, "Orfeo Ed Eurydice" (Paris and Helen)
33Gogol, Nicolai
241Gold, Julius
2Golden Gate International Exposition
3Goldsand, Robert
4Goodchild, Donald - Rockefeller Foundation
5Goodman, Henny
6Gossens, Eugene
7Gordon, Jacques - Music Mountain
8Gotovac, Jakov
9Gounod, Charles
10Gounod, Charles - "Faust"
11Graf, Dr. Max
12Grafman, Gary
13Grainger, Percy
14Graydon, Josephs
15Great Britain - Arts Council
16Greece - Royal Festival Company
17Gretchaninoff, Alexander
18Gretry, Andre-Ernest-Modeste- "Richard Coeur-de-Lion"
19Griller Quartet
20Grozier, Richard
21Gruenberg, Louis
22Guard Republican Band of Paris
23Gueden, Hilde
24Guggenheim Foundation
25Guggenheimer, Charles
26Guggenheimer, Mrs. Charles S. - (Minnie) (Stadium Concerts)
27Guion, David
28Gulda, Friedrich
29Haggin, B.H., 1945
251-2Halasz, Lazlo
3Hale, Phillip
4Hall, David
5Hammer Galleries
6Hammerstein, Oscar - Hammerstein, Oscar II, 1919, 1960
7Handel, Georg Freidrich
8Handel, Georg Freidrich - "Herakles"
9Handel, Georg Freidrich - "Judas Maccabaeus"
10Handel, Georg Freidrich - "Messiah"
11Handel, George Fredrich - "Xerxes"
12Handy, William Christopher
13Hanslick, Eduard (Re: Vienna's Music)
14Hanson, Howard
15Harszti, Zoltan
16Harms, John - Chorus
17Harpsichord Quarter
19Harrington, Grace
20Harris, Roy
21Harshaw, Margaret
22Harvard Glee Club (Woodworth)
23Harvard University Music Critics Symposium
24Hausserman, John
25Haydn, Joseph
26Haydn Society
27Hayes, Roland
28Hays, Arthur Garfield
29Haywood, Charles
30Hebrew Arts School
31Hecht, Ben
261Hemingway, Ernest
2Henderson, W.J.
3Hendl, Walter
4Henriot, Nicole
5Henry Street Settlement (Grace Spofford)
6Hess, Dame Myra
7Hillman, Sidney
8Hillsberg, Alexander
9Hillside Hospital
10Hindemith, Paul
11Hines, Jerome
12Hirschmann, Ira
13Hofmann, Ernst
14Hofman, Joseph
15Holmes, Malcolm H.
16Honegger - "Joan of Arc"
17Honegger, Arthur
271-5Horowitz, Vladimir
6Horowitz, Wanda
7Horszowski, Mieczyslaw
8Hotter, Hans
9Hovhaness, Alan
10Howard, John Tasker - "A Program Outline of American Music"
11Howe, Julia Ward - "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
281Huberman, Bronislaw
2Hubbard, Charles
3Hubbard, Mrs. John
4Hughes, Mrs. Adella Prentiss (Cleveland)
5Hughes, Robert
6Hull, Mrs. Lytle
7Humperdinck - "Hansel and Gretel"
9Hunkins, Eusebia
10Huntington Hartford Foundation
11Hurok, Sol
12Hutcheson, Ernest
13I Musici (Italy)
14Indian Hill
15Indiana University
16International Business Machines
17International Society for Contemporary Music
18International Workers Order
19Interval Concerts
20Iowa, University of
21Iowa State College
22Ippolito, Carmela
26Iturbi, Jose
27Ives, Charles
28Janacek, Leos
29Jacobi, Frederick
30Janis, Byron
32Jazz - Jive - Juke Boxes
291Jeritza, Maria
2Jeunesses Musicales
3Jewish Music
4Jewish Organizations
5Jirak, Karel B.
6Joffe, Judah
7Johannesen, Grant
8Johnson, Edward
9Johnston, Eric A.
10Johnson Hall - Choir
11Johnson, Lockrem
12Johnson, Thor
13Jolivet, Andre
14Jonas, Maryla
15Jones, Ifor (Bach Choir, Bethlehem, PA.)
16Josten, Mr. Werner
17Judd, George B.
18Julliard School of Music
19Jung, Dr. C.C.
20Junior League (Lectures)
21Kahan, Salomon
22Kahn, Otto H.
23Kaltenborn, Hans V.
24Kansas, University of
25-26Kansas City, University of
27Kapell, William
301Kardyi, Julian
2Kassern, Tadeusz Z.
3Kaufman, Louis
4Keene, Constance
5Keffer, Collection
6Keitlen, Mrs. Thelma
7Kendall, Ray
8Kent, Rockwell
9Kern, Jerome
10Key, Pierre Van R.
11Khatchaturian, Aram
12Kiepura, Jan
13Kieran, John
14Kindler, Hans
15Kinkeldey, Otto
16Kirkpatrick, John
17Kirkpatrick, Ralph
18Kirstein, Lincoln
19Kitain, Anatole
20Kleinsinger, George - "Archy and Mehitabel" - Opera
21Klemperer, Otto
22Knickerbocker Chamber Players
24Kostelanetz, Andre
25Koussevitzky, Serge - Miscellaneous - ( Programs, etc.)
26Re: Koussevitzky, Serge - Published Material
27Koussevitzky, Serge - Speeches
28Koussevitzky Foundation
29Koussevitzky Versus Allen, Towne, & Heath (Publishers)
311Kovarik, Josef Jan
2Kresisler, Fritz
3Krenek, Ernst
4Kroll Quartette
5Kubik, Gail
6Kurenko, Maria
7Kurtz, Edmund
8Kurtz, Efrem
9Kurtz, Peter
10La Guardia, Fiorello
11Lambert, Constant
12Lamont, Corliss
13Lang, Paul Henry
14Landowska, Wanda
15La Scala Opera Company
16Lateiner, Jacob
17La Touche, John - "Golden Apple"
18Lawrence, David
19Lawrence, Marjorie
20Lawrence, Robert
21Lawton, Dorothy
22Lawyers Defense Committee
23League of Composers
24League of Nations Covenant
25Lee, Benno M.
26Leeds Music Corporation
27Lehar, Franz - "Merry Widow"
28Lehman, Lotte
29Leichtentritt, Dr. Hugo
30Leichtentritt, Dr. Hugo - Koussevitsky Book
321Leinsdorf, Eric
2Lemonade Opera
3Leschetizky Association of America
4Letvin, Theodore
5Lev, Ray
6Levant, Oscar
7Lewis, John L.
8Lewis, Sinclair
9Lewisohn, Irene - The Neighborhood Playhouse
10Lhevinne, Josef
11Library of Congress
12Libraries and Library Arrangements
13Liebermann, Role - "Penelope"
14Lincoln School for Nurses
15Lipatti, Dinu
16Lipkin, Seymour
17Lippmann, Walter
18List, Eugene
19List, Kurt - "The Wise and Foolish" - Opera
20Liszt, Franz
21Literary Agents
22Little Orchestra Society
23Loeffler, Charles Martin
24Loesser, Frank
25Loewenguth Quartet
26Lonh, Marguerite
27Louisville Orchestra
28Lowenbach, Jan & Wilma
29Loyonnet, Paul
30Luboschutz, Fierre
31Luening, Otto
32Lully, Jean Baptiste - "Armide"
33Lympany, Moura
34Lyons, Moura
35Lyons, James
36McCarthy, Senator Joseph
37McDonald, Harl
38McDonald, Jeanette
39McGill University
40MacArthur, Douglas
41MacDowell, Edward and Marion
42MacDowell, Edward
43MacMillan, Ernest
44Magaloff, Nikita
45Mahler, Gustav
46Malcuzynski, Witold
47Mali, J.T. Johnston
48Malkin, Beata
49Malkin, Jacques
331Manhattan School of Music
2Manitoba, University of
3Mann, Thomas
4Mannes School
6Marais, Josef
7Marlowe, Julia
8Marlowe, Sylvia
9Martin, Frank - "Golgotha"
10Martin, Riccardo
11Martin, Thomas and Ruth - Translators - "Marriage of Figaro"
13Martinu, Bohuslav - "The Marriage"
14Marx, Burlie
15Mascagni, Pietro
16Mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana
17Mason, Daniel Gregory
18Masselos, William
19Massenet - "Manon"
20Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century - Awards
21Maxwell, Elsa
22Maynor, Dorothy
23Medtner, Nicholas
24Mehul, Etienne
25Melchoir, Lauritz
26Mendelssohn, Felix
27Mendelssohn, Felix - "Midsummer Nights Dream"
28Meneghini - Callas, Maria
29Menotti - "Amahl and the Night Visitors"
30Menotti, Gian-Carlo
31Menotti - "Saint of Bleeker St."
32Menotti - "Consul"
33Menuhin, Yehudi
34Meremblum Junior Orchestra
35Merrill, Robert
341-2Metropolitan Museum of Art
3Metropolitan Music School, Inc.
4-5Metropolitan Opera - Clippings
6Metropolitan Opera Association - Press Programs
7-8Metropolitan Opera Association
9Metropolitan Opera Auditions of the Air
10Metropolitan Opera Association - Press Releases
11Metropolitan Opera - Juilliard Crisis
12Metropolitan Opera Guild
13Metropolitan Opera House
14Metropolitan Record Club
15Metropolitan Vocational High School
16Meyerowitz, Jean
17Miami, University of
18Middlebury College - Programs
19Milanov, Zinka
20Milhaud, Darius
21Milhaud, Darius - "Christophe Colomb"
22Miller, Arthur
23Millikan, Robert A.
24Milstein, Nathan
25Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
26Mitropoulos, Dimitri
27Modern Music
28Moiseiwitsch, Benno
351Montemezzi, Italo
2Monteux, Pierre
3Monteverdi, Claudio
4Montgomery, Stuart
5Montreal - Les Concerts Symphoniques
6Montreal - Montreal Gazette
7Montreal Women's Symphony Orchestra
8Moore, Douglas
9Moravian Music Festival (Salem, N.C.)
10Morel, Jean
11Morgan Library
12Morgenthau, Alma
13Morgenthau, Henry, Sr.
14Morini, Erica
15Morros, Boris - "Babes in Toyland"
16Moscow State Symphony
17-18Motion Pictures - Italian Operas
19Motion Picture Music
20Mount Holyoke College Glee Club
21Mount, Shepard Alonzo and Mount, William Sidney
361Music Education League
2Moussorgsky, Modeste Petrovich
3-6Moussorgsky-"Boris Godunov"
7Moussorgsky - "Khovanchina"
8Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
9Mozart - "Abduction From the Seraglio"
10Mozart - "Cosi Fan Tutti"
11Mozart - "Don Giovanni"
12Mozart - "Idomeneo"
13Mozart - "Marriage of Figaro"
14Mozart - "Magic Flute"
15Mozart - "Titus"
16Muench, Charles
17Munsel, Patrice
18Museum of Modern Art
19Music and Art in High School
20Music and Arts Institute of San Francisco
21Music and Musicians, Miscellaneous
22Music - Criticism
23Music Critics Circle
24Music Critics Symposium - Hartford, 1948
24Music Education League
371Music Festivals - Miscellaneous Clippings
2Music and Politics
3Music in the Making Series
4Music in Wartime
5Music Teachers National Association
6Music Research Foundation, Inc.
7Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia
8Musical Prodigies - Ricci et Al
9Musical Therapy
10Musicians Emergency Fund, Inc.
11Musicians Foundation, Inc.
12Musicians Guild
13Musicians Union
15Musique Concrete
16Nabokov, Vladimir
17Nantucket - Gardening
18-19Nantucket - History
20Nantucket - Maps and Guides (Tourist)
21-22Nantucket - Miscellaneous Material
381-2Nantucket - Newspapers
3Nantucket - Photographs
4Nantucket - Postcards
5National Academy of Arts & Letters
6National Association for American Composers and Conductors
7National Association of Schools of Music
8National Broadcasting Company
9National Broadcasting Company Press Releases, 1952-53
10National Committee for the Musical Arts
11National Concerts and Artists, Corporation
12-16National Council of Arts, Sciences & Professions - (Cultural & Scientific Conference for World Peace)
391-3National Council of Arts, Sciences & Professions - (Cultural & Scientific Conference for World Peace)
4National Federation of Music Clubs
5National Grand Opera Company
6National Music Council
7National Music League
8National Orchestral Association
9National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, D.C.
10Naumburg, Walter
11Negro Composers
12Neighborhood Music School
13Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre
14Nelli, Herva
15Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
16Netherlands Music Committee
17Neveu, Ginette
18New Art Wind Quintet
19New Friends of Music - New York
20Newman, Ernest
21New Music Society
22New Music String Quartet
23New Orleans Experimental Opera
24New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony - Benjamin Award Society
25Newport Festival
26New School Associates
27Newton, Elbert
28New York City, 1957
29-30New York City Center of Music & Drama - New York Opera
31New York City Center (Halasz)
401New York Philharmonic
2New York Public Library
3New York Singing Teachers Association
4New York State Teachers College
5New York Times
6New York Times - Music Department Critics Schedule
7New York Trio
8New World Review
9Nibelungen Ring
10Nielsen, Alice
11Nielsen, Carl
12Nielson, Riccardo - "Outward Bound with Columbus"
13Nobel Prize Winners - Clippings
14Nordica Homestead
16Norwegian Singing Society
17Novaes, Guiomar
19Oberlin College
23Ochs, Adolph
24Offenbach - La Perichole
25Offenbachn - Tales of Hoffman
26Ojai Festival - California
27Oklahoma City Symphony Society
28Old Sturbridge Festival
411Olney, Julian - Series
2O'Neill, Eugene
4Opera and Operatic Singers - (Miscellaneous - Clippings)
5Opera In English
6Opera in New Orleans (List of Premieres)
7Opera Score Series
8Oppenheimer, J. Robert
9Oratorio Society
10Orchestra Da Camera
14Ornstein, Leo
15Orrego-Salas, Juan
16Ormandy, Eugene
17O'Sullivan, John
18Oxford University Press
19Pacific Coast Festival
20Packer Collegiate Institute - Music
21Paderewski, Ignace Jan
23Paer, Ferdinando
25Palestine Conservatory of Music
27Pan American Union
28Paradi'Es, Domenico
29Paray, Paul
30Parker, Horatio
31Parmenter, Ross
32Parsons, Geoffrey (New York Herald-Tribune)
33Patti, Adelina
34Peninsula Arts Association
35Pennario, Leonard J.
36Pepin, Clermont-"Guernica"
37Peragallo, Mario
38Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista - "Flaminio"
39Pessl, Yella
421Peters, Roberta
2Petri, Egon
3Petrillo, James C.
4Peyser, Herbert F.
5Pfitzner, Hans
6Pfohl, James Christian
7Phalen, Dale
8Philadelphia Music Teachers Association
9Philadelphia Orchestra
10Philadelphia Orchestra (Clippings)
11Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet
12Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble
13Philharmonic Hall Opening - Lincoln Center, 1962
14-15Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York (News)
16-17Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York (Clippings)
431Phillipp, Isidor
2Pianists - A-F
3Pianists - G-O
4Pianists - P-Z
6Pinza, Ezio
7Pitch, Standards of
8Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
9Pius X School of Liturgical Music
10Pittsburgh International Contemporary Music Festival
11Pizzetti, Ildebrando
12Plain Chant Notes: Ambrosian and Gregorian
13Pleasants, Henry
15Poland - Poland of Today
16Poland - Clippings
17Poland - Pictures
2Ponchielli, Amicare - "La Gioconda"
3Pons, Lily
4Poulenc, Francis
5Pratt, Waldo
6Pressler, Menahem
7Price, Leontyne
8Price, Walter Winston
9Progressive Citizens of America
10Prokofieff, Sergei
11Prokofieff, Sergei - Special
12Prokofieff, Sergei - Clippings-General
13-14Prokofieff, Sergei - "The Love for Three Oranges"
15-16Prokofieff, Sergei - "War and Peace"
17Pro Musica Antiqua
18Proskauer, Joseph M.
19Prunieres, Henry
20Puccini, Giacomo
21Puerto Rico
22Puerto Rico Music Festival
23Pugh, Rev. E. Cynowlyn
24Purcell, Henry
25Pushkin, Alexander
451RCA Victor
2-3Rachmaninoff, Sergei
4Rachmaninoff Fund - Artists Advisory - Committee
5Rachmaninoff Fund - Auditions
6Rachmaninoff Fund - Blank Stationery
7-9Rachmaninoff Fund - Brochures
10Rachmaninoff Fund - Brochure, Material Re Printing of
11Rachmaninoff Fund - By-Laws
12-14Rachmaninoff Fund - Clippings
15Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee Minutes, 1943
16Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee Minutes, 1944
17Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee Minutes, 1945
461Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee, Minutes, 1946
2Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee, Minutes, 1947
3Rachmaninoff Fund - Executive Committee, Minutes, 1948
4Rachmaninoff Fund - Finances and Budget
5Rachmaninoff Fund - Fund Raising
6Rachmaninoff Fund - Organization
7Rachmaninoff Fund - Publicity and Public Relations
8Rachmaninoff Fund - Reports, I
9Rachmaninoff Fund - Pepsi Cola
10Rachmaninoff Fund - Press Releases
471Radio, Miscellaneous
2Radio, Teen-Age Program
3Rameau, Jean-Philippe
4Ravel, Maurice
6Reger, Max
7Reichold, Henry H.
8Reiner, Fritz
9Reinhardt, Max
10Reinken's Hortus Musicus
11Remington Records, Inc.
12Respighi, Ottorino
13Reti, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
14Rhee, Syngman
15Ricci, Ruggierio
16Riegger, Wallingford (Georgia-born musician)
17Rimsky-Korsakoff, Nikolas
18Roberts, Arthur
19Robeson, Paul
20-24Robin Hood Dell, I
481Rocca Lodovico
2Rochester Associations
3Rodgers, Richard
4Rodzinski, Artur
5Rogers, Bernard - "The Veil"
6Rolland, Romain
7Rollins College - Bach Festival
8Rome, Harold J.
9Rome Festival
10-12Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, I
13Rose, Billy
14Rose, Leonard
15Rosen, Charles
16Rosen, Helen and Samuel
17Rosen, Lucie
18Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel - (Rosenberg Case)
19Rosenfeld, Paul
20Rosenthal, Luthier
21Rosenthal, Manuel
22Ross, Harold-(The New Yorker)
23Ross, Hugh
24Rossi, Salomone
25Rossini, Gioacchino
491Roth Quartet
2Rothe, Friede F.
3Rothier, Leon
4Rothschild, Fritz
5Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
6Roussel, Albert
7Rowland, Joan
8Royal, John F.
9Roze, Marie
10Rubinstein, Artur
11Rudolf, Max
12Ruffo, Titta
13Ruml, Beardsley (Macy's)
14Russell, Anna
15Russell, Henry
16Russia - General
17Rust, Wilhelm
18Rychtarik, Richard
19Ryshna, Natalie
20Sachs, Curt
21Sack, Erna
22Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet
23Sadowski, George G. (Re U.S. Foreign Policy)
24Sidenberg, Symphony
25Saint-Saens, Camille
26Salmond, Felix
27Salzburg Festival
28Saminsky, Lazare
29San Antonio Symphony Society
30Sanborn, Pitts
31Sancan, Pierre
32Sandor, Gyorgy
33San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
34Sanroma, Jesus Maria
35Santa Ynex Valley Music Festival California
36Santayana, George
37Sarah Lawrence College
38Sargeant, Winthrop, Re Beethoven
39Satie, Erik
40Sauguet, Henri
501Sax, Adolph and His Saxophone
2-5Scandinavian Tour, 1953
6Scarlatti, Domenico
7Scarlatti, Giuseppe
8Schippers, Thomas
9Schirmer, G. Inc.
10Schlusnus, Heinrich
11Schnabel, Artur
12Schneevoigh, Georg
13Schneider, Alexander
14Schola Cantorum of New York
15Schoenberg, Arnold
16Schonberg, Harold C.
17Schrade, Robert
18Schubert, Franz
19Schubert Centennial
20Schubert Memorial, Inc.
21Schuetz, Heinrich
22Schuman, William
23Schumann, Robert
24Schurz, Carl - Memorial Foundation, Inc.
25Schuster, Joseph
26Schwarzkoff, Elizabeth
27Schweitzer, Albert
28Scott, Carlyle - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
29Scott, Tom
30Seaman, Julian
31Secon, Norman
32Seefried, Irmgard
33Segovia, Andres
34Selden, Charles A.
35Serafin, Tullio
36Serkin, Rudolf
37Sevitsky, Fabien
38Shakespeare, William - "Merchant of Venice"
39Shanet, Howard
40Sharon, Henrietta Bruce St. Albans Naval Hospital
511Shaw, George Bernard
2Shaw, Robert
3Sheridan, Frank
4Shirer, William L.
5Shostakovich, Dmitri - "Lady MacBeth of Mzensk"
6Shostakovich, Dmitri - 7th Symphony
7Shostakovich, Dmitri - 8th Symphony
8Shostakovich, Dmitri - 9th Symphony
9Shostakovich, Dmitri - 10th Symphony
10Shub, Harry
11Shuk, Lajos
12Shumsky, Oscar
13-14Sibelius, Jean
15-16Sibelius, Jean - Articles by Downes
17Sibelius, Jean Clippings
18Sibelius, Jean Festival
19Sibelius, Jean Programs
521Siciliani, Francesco
2Siegmeister, Elie
3Siepi, Cesare
4Sigma Alpha Iota
5Siloti, Alexander
6Silveri, Paolo
7Singers - Baritone
8Singers - Bass
9Singers - Bass - Baritones
10Singers - Contraltos
11Singers - General
12Singers - Mezzo - Sopranos
13Singers - Sopranos
14Singers - Tenors
15Singher, Martial
16Sirola, B.
17Skouras, Spyros P.
18Slvenska, Mia
19Slenczynska, Ruth
20Sloan, George A.
21Slonimsky, Nicolas
22Smetana, Bedrich
23Smit, Leo
24Smith, Carleton
25Smith, Mrs. Charles Robinson - Obituary
26Smith Act Trial Report
27Smith College - Festival of Music, 1950
28Snow, Eugenia
29Socialist Party of New York
30Society For the Second Performance of American Music
31Solomon (Pianist)
32Solti, George
33Somach, Beverly
34Somerville, John
35Song Texts
36Sonneck, Oscar George - "A Survey of Music In America"
37Soriano, Gonzalo
38Sousa, John Phillip
39Souvaine, Henry
40Souzay, Gerard
41Spain - Action Committee to Free Spain - Now!
42Spain - American Rescue Ship Mission
43Spain - Clippings
44-45Spain - Friends of The Spanish Republic
531Spain - Miscellaneous
2Spain - Spanish Refugee Appeal
3Spain - Spanish Refugee Appeal, 1946
4Spain - Spanish Refugee Appeal, 1947
5Spain - Spanish Refugee Appeal, 1949
6Spain - Spanish Refugee Appeal, 1950-1955
7Spalding, Albert
8Spanish Composer
9"Spectator" Magazine
10Speck, Rose M.
11Spivacke, Harold
12Spivakovsky, Tossy
13Spontini, Gasparo
14Stadium Concerts
15Stadium Concerts, Inc. - Clippings
16Stalin, Josef V.
17Stamitz, Karl
18Stanford University
19Steber, Elenor
20Stein, Gertrude
21Stein, Gertrude - "Four Saints in Three Acts"
22Stein, Leon
23Steinbeck, John
24Steinberg, William
25Steinert, Alexander
26Steinway and Sons - Centenary
27Stephens, James
28Stept, Sam H. - Army Song, 1952
29Stern, Isaac
30Stettinius, Edward
31Steverman, Edward
32Stewart, Reginald
33Still, William Grant
34Stillman - Kelley, Edgar
35Stillman - Kelley, Edgar - New England Symphony
36Stokowski, Leopold
37Stokowsky, Olga Samaroff
541Stone, I.F.
2Stony Brook Gardening
3Stony Brook - History and Maps
4Stony Brook - Miscellaneous
5Stony Brook - People - Clippings
6Stonzek, Morris
7Straus, Noel
8Strauss, Johann (Son) Die Fledermaus
9Strauss, Johann (Son)-"The Gypsy Baron"
10Strauss, Johann (Son)-" A Night in Venice"
11Strauss Family
12Strauss, Paul
13Strauss, Richard
14Strauss, Richard - Arabella
15Strauss, Richard - Ariadne
16Strauss, Richard - Capriccio
17Strauss, Richard - Elektra
18Strauss, Richard - Salome
19Strauss, Richard - Rosenkavalier
20Street, Julian
21Stringed Instruments
22Stresemann, Wolfgang
23Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
24Sullivan, Arthur
25Suizberger, Arthur
26Sumac, YMA
27-28Stravinsky, Igor
29Stravinsky, Igor - "L'Historie Du Soldat"
30Stravinsky, Igor - "Les Noges"
31-32Stravinsky, Igor - "The Rake's Progress"
33Stravinsky, Igor - "Rite of Spring"
34Sundgaard, Arnold
551Swanson, Howard
2Swedish Choral Club
3Swedish University of Albo - Catalogs (Finland)
4Swiss Composers
5Symphony of the Air
6Szell, George
7Szigeti, Joseph
8Tagliavini, Ferrucio
9Tamkin, David - "The Dybbuk"
10Tanglewood Music Festival - See: Berkshire Festival
11Tape Recorders
12-13Taubman, Howard - Columns
14Taylor, Deems
15Tcherepnin, Alexander
16-18Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich
19Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich - "Eugene Onegin"
20Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich - "Nutcracker Suite"
21Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich - "Pathetique Symphony"
22Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich - "Pique-Dame" (Queen of Spades)
23Tedaldi, Renata
25Telmanyi, Emil
26Tetrazzini, Luisa
27Texas Miscellany
28Teyte, Maggie
30Third Street Music Settlement
561Thomas, Ambroise - "Mignon"
2Thomas, John Charles
3Thompson, Hugh
4Thompson, Dorothy
5Thompson, Oscar
6Thompson, Randall
7Thomson, Virgil
8Three Faiths Choir Festival
9Tibbett, Lawrence
10Tichman, Herbert - Clarinetist
11Tinayre, Yves
12Tippett, Michael - "Midsummer Marriage"
13-18Toscanini, Arturo
19Toscanini Motion Picture
20Totten, John J. (Carnegie Hall)
21Tourel, Jennie
22Town Hall
23Town Hall - Annual Report, 1941-1942
24Town Hall - Clippings
25Town Hall - Programs
26Town Hall Forum, San Francisco, 1944-1945
571Traubel, Helen
2Trio Concertante
3Truman, Harry S.
4Truman, Margaret
5Tudor, David - Pianist
6Tuminia, Josephine
7Turek, Rosalyn
8Turnau, Professor Josef (Czechoslovakia)
9Twentieth Century Music Conference, Rome, 1954
10Ukranian Folk Song
11Ukranian Singers
12-13Un-American Activities Committee
581USSR. American Russian Cultural Association, Inc.
2USSR. American Russian Institute
3USSR. Communism
4-5USSR. The Daily Compass
6-7USSR. Miscellaneous Material
591USSR. National Council of American Soviet Friendship, Inc.
2USSR. National Council of American Soviet Friendship, Inc. Dean of Canterbury Dinner, 1948
3USSR. National Council of American Soviet Friendship, Inc. Dean of Canterbury Dinner, Downes Speech, 1948
4USSR. National Guardian
5USSR. Re "Red Channels"
6USSR. Russian Language Lessons, 1944
7-8USSR, Russian Music
9USSR, Russian War Relief
10USSR. Soviet Musician's Purge
11United Hospital Fund of New York
12United Nations
13UNISOMI, Incorporated (George Hoyen)
601USA - Informers
2U.S. Army, Special Service Division Manuals
3-4U.S. Army, Special Service Division Song Books
5U.S. Department of State Cultural Cooperation Program, 1938-1944
6U.S. Department of State. Division of Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee on Music
7U.S. Department of State. Division of Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee on Music - Minutes, 1943-1944
8U.S. Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee on Music Sub-Committee on Music Interchange with Russia
9U.S. Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee on Music Sub-Committee on Music Interchange with Russia-Minutes, 1943-1944
10U.S. Federal Bureau of Fine Arts
11U.S. Joint Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation
12U.S. Music Distribution Project
13United States Rubber Company
611Urania Records, Inc.
2Urchs, Ernest
3Utah Symphony Orchestra
4Valetti, Cesare - Tenor
5Van Beinum, Eduard - Conductor
6Van De Wall, Willem
7Van Doren, Carl
8Vanguard Recording Society
9Varese, Edgar
10Varney, Astrid
11Vecchi, Orazio - L'Amfiparnasso
12Vengerova, Isabelle (Doctor of Music Degree)
13Verdi, Giuseppi
14Verdi, Giuseppi - "Aida"
15Verdi, Giuseppi - "Don Carlo"
16Verdi, Giuseppi - "Falstaff"
17Verdi, Giuseppi - "La Forza Del Destino"
18Verdi, Giuseppi - "Il Trovatore"
19Verdi, Giuseppi - "MacBeth"
20Verdi, Giuseppi - "Masked Ball"
21Verdi, Giuseppi - "Otello"
22Verdi, Giuseppi - "Requiem"
23Verdi, Giuseppi - "Rigoletto"
24Verdi, Giuseppi - "La Traviata"
621Vienna Academy Chorus
2Vienna State Opera
3Vieuxtemps, Henri
4-6Villa - Lobos, Heitor
7-8Villa - Lobos, Heitor - Works
9Violons - Cellists
13Virginia, University of - Mozart Festival
14Viols (Viola Da Gamba)
15Virtuosi Di Roma
16Vivaldi, Antonio
17Vix, Genevieve
18Volpe, Arnold
19Von Einem, Gottfried
20Vronsky, Vitya and Babin, Victor
631WABF (New York)
2Wagner, Friedelind
3Wagner, Joseph (Duluth Symphony Orchestra)
4-6Wagner, Richard
7Wagner, Richard - "The Flying Dutchman"
8Wagner, Richard - "Die Meistersinger"
9Wagner, Richard - "Parsifal"
10Wagner, Richard - "Tannhaeuser"
11Wagner, Richard - "Tristan and Isolde"
12Wagner, Richard - "Die Walkuere"
13Walden String Quartet
14Walkowitz, Abraham - See: Walkowitz Folder of Original Sketches of Isadora Duncan in Vault
15-18Wallace, Henry Agard - Clippings
641Wallace, Henry Agard - Clippings
2Wallace, Henry Agard - Downes, Olin - Speech
3Wallace, Henry Agard - Printed Material
4-5Wallace, Henry Agard - Progressive Party - Printed Material
6Wallace, Henry Agard - Speeches
7Wallace, Henry Agard - "Wallace for President Committee" (National)
8-9Wallenstein, Alfred
10Walter, Bruno
11Walton, Sir William
12Wardwell, Allen
13Warner, Major John
14Washington Square Chamber Music
15Waxman, Franz
651Webb, Colonel Creighton
2Weber, Carl Maria
3Webern, Anton
4Webster, Beveridge
5Wechsier, Samuel
6Weill, Kurt - Clippings
7Weill, Kurt
8Weill, Kurt - "Three Penny Opera"
9Weinberger, Jaromir
10Weinstock, Herbert
11Weiser, Bernhard
12Weissenberg, Sigi
13Welsh Fete
14Welitsch, Ljuba
15Werner, Eric
16Werrenrath, Reinald
17White, Clarence Cameron
18Whiteman, Paul
19Wichita Symphony
20Wild, Earl
21Williams, Camilla
22Williams, Ralph Vaughan
23Williams, Wythe
24Williamson, Alix B.
25Williamson, John Finlay
26Wilson, Woodrow - Foundation
27Winchell, Walter, 1951
29Wolf - Ferrari, Ermanno - "The Four Ruffians"
30Wolf, Hugo
31Wolfe, Henry C., Re Denmark
32Wolfe, Jacques
33-35Woman's Day - Opera Material
36Women In Orchestras
661-2Worcester Music Festival (Massachusetts)
3World's Fair - New York - Finances - Music, 1939
4World's Fair - New York - Invitations, 1939
5World's Fair - New York - Music Advisory Committee, 1939
6World's Fair - New York - Printed Material and Clippings, 1939
7World's Fair - New York - Programs, 1939
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12WPA Federal Project Music Project
13WQXR - Music Broadcasts
671Yaddo Music Festival, 1952, 1952
2Yale University - Music, 1954-55
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4Yasser, Joseph Re: Jewish Music
5Young Opera Group
6-7Yugoslavia - General
8Yugoslavia - Music
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