Byron Herbert Reece papers

Byron Herbert Reece papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Reece, Byron Herbert, 1917-1958
Title: Byron Herbert Reece papers
Dates: 1937-1958
Quantity: 9.4 Linear feet (14 document boxes, 1 half box, 3 oversized boxes)
Coll. Number: ms56

Biographical/Historical Note

Byron Herbert Reece (1917-1958) was an American poet, novelist, farmer, and teacher, and resided in Blairsville, Georgia.

For more information, see the article "Byron Herbert Reece (1917-1958)" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the papers of Byron Herbert Reece from 1937-1958. The collection includes correspondence (1945-1958); lecture notes on composition, poetry, English and American literature relating to his work at Young Harris College; publications in which his works appear; published and unpublished manuscript poems and prose; and scrapbooks containing correspondence, newsclippings, reviews, and press releases.


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American literature.
Authors, American--Georgia.
Blairsville (Ga.)
Manuscripts (documents)
Poets, American--Georgia.
Young Harris College.

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Byron Herbert Reece papers, ms56, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Correspondence, 1945-1953
2Correspondence, 1954-1959
4Correspondence, Guggenheim Fellowships
5Correspondence, Huntington Hartford Fellowship
6Correspondence, William Tate Gift
7Christmas Cards
8Christmas Cards
9Christmas Cards
10Christmas Cards, "If I Had A Little Coat."
21Clippings, re. Georgia Writers' Conference
2Music, Printed
4Programs, Georgia Writers' Conference
5Programs, General
6Printed Material, Misc.
7Young Harris College
8Young Harris College, Memoranda to Faculty, 1956-1957
9Young Harris College, Printed Material
10Young Harris College, Programs, 1956-1957
11Young Harris College, Rules & Schedules, 1956-1957
12Young Harris College, Students, Writings, Rolls, etc.
13Young Harris College, Students
31Young Harris College, Misc.
2Periodicals, Aerend - California Quarterly
3Periodicals, Chestatee - Fawnlight
4Periodicals, Georgia Magazine
5Periodicals, Georgia Review
6Periodicals, Georgia Review
41Periodicals, Georgia Review
2Periodicals, Georgia Review
3Periodicals, Kaleidograph (G.S.C.W.)
4Periodicals, The Land
5Periodicals, The Lyric
6Periodicals, New Mexico Quarterly Review
51Periodicals, New Mexico Quarterly Review
2Periodicals, New Orleans Poetry Review
3Periodicals, Newsweek - Olivant Quarterly
4Periodicals, People - Quatrain Digest
5Periodicals, Saturday Review
6Periodicals, Saturday Review
7Periodicals, Scenic South - Voice
8Lecture Notes, English 101B- Composition
9Lecture Notes, English 101B
61Lecture Notes, English 101B
2Lecture Notes, English 201
3Lecture Notes, English 201
4Lecture Notes, English 3B-American Literature
5Lecture Notes, English 3B
6Lecture Notes, English 4B-English Literature
7Lecture Notes, Short Story
8Poetry Notes, General
9Notes, Miscellaneous
71Poetry, Notes: Vachel Lindsay
2Poetry, Notes: Poet Laureates
3Poetry, Notes: Imagist poetry
4Poetry, Notes: Lew Sarett
5Poetry, Notes: Edward Arlington Robinson
6Poetry, Notes: Women Poets
7Shakespeare, Notes: "Hamlet," "Lear"
8Mss. Poetry: Season of Flesh work sheets
9Mss. Poetry: Season of Flesh work sheets
10Mss. Poetry: Season of Flesh work sheets
11Mss. Poetry: Season of Flesh work carbon
81Mss. Poetry: The Hills Not Home (incomplete)
2Mss. Poetry: Not the Full Harvest
3Mss. Poetry: Remembrance of Moab
4Mss. Poetry: Bow Down in Jericho, work sheets
5Mss. Poetry: Bow Down in Jericho, work sheets
6Mss. Poetry: Bow Down in Jericho, work sheets
7Mss. Poetry: Bow Down in Jericho, work sheets
8Mss. Poetry: Bow Down in Jericho, work sheets
9Mss. Poetry: Ballad of the Bones
91Mss. Poetry: Song of Joy, work sheets
2Mss. Poetry: Song of Joy, work sheets
3Mss. Poetry: Song of Joy, work sheets
4Mss. Poetry: Song of Joy, work sheets
5Mss. Poetry: Song of Joy, work sheets
6Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun, rough draft, Vol. 1
7Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun, rough draft, Vol. 2
8Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun, rough draft, Vol. 2
101Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun, rough draft, Vol. 3
2Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun, rough draft, Vol. 3
3Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun - copy for press, 1955
4Mss. Prose: The Hawk & The Sun - rough draft, 1955
5Mss. Prose: Better a Dinner of Herbs, rough draft
6Mss. Prose: Better a Dinner of Herbs, rough draft
7Mss. Prose: Better a Dinner of Herbs, rough draft
8Mss. Prose: Better a Dinner of Herbs, rough draft
111Articles, published and unpublished, rough drafts
2Articles, published and unpublished, rough drafts
3Book reviews
4 "A Logical Jew", short story, rough draft
5 "The Barlow Knife", short story
6 "The Face of Vengeance", short story
7 "A Logical Jew", "The Barlow Knife" and "The Face of Vengeance", final drafts
9 "No Fences Make Good Neighbors", short story, rough draft
10Mss. Notes on Children's Literature
11Mss. Notes on Conservation
12Mss. Miscellaneous
121 "Remembrance of Moab" - American Weave Publication Award, 1949
2Poem "Lilies", The Aerend, Summer 1940
2Story "The Return" The Aerend, Summer 1940
2Poem "The Pearl", American Weave, Summer '48
Not published elsewhere.
2Poem "Conversation Concerning Kings", American Weave, Summer '48
Not published elsewhere.
2Poem "Contentment", American Weave, Spring 1953
Not published elsewhere.
2Poem "The Farewell," American Weave, Winter 1949
2Poem "A Platitude of Plato," American Weave, Spring 1952
3Story "A Logical Jew," Chicago Review, Autumn 1949
3Poems "The Heart as a Bird," Destinies, Vol. 1, No. 4
3Poem "The Snows Have Gone," Golden Oak Leaves, Vol . 1 No. 1
Not published elsewhere.
4Poem "The Inward Eye," Living Poetry, Autumn 1945
4Poem "The Enormous Landscape," Living Poetry, Winter 1946
4Poem "Three Sonnets," The Lyric, Spring 1949
4Poem "Preference," The Lyric, Winter '54
Not published elsewhere.
4Poems "The Headland" and "In Absence," The Lyric, Fall 1974
5Poem "Whence Fares The Heart," New Mexico Quarterly Review, Autumn 1944
5Poems "Three Poems," New Mexico Quarterly Review, Summer 1945
5Poem "The Ghost," New Orleans Poetry Journal, January 1955
5Poem "The Tree, The Bird, The Leaf," New Orleans Poetry Journal, April 1955
5Note, New Orleans Poetry Journal, July 1955
5Poem "We Shall Not Eat," North Georgia Review, Fall & Winter 1938-39
6Note, People Today, 15 August 1951
6Poems "Eleven Poems", Poetry World, April 1940 July 1940 August 1940
Not published elsewhere.
6Review "Poetry & the Pamphlet", Poetry World, April 1940 August 1940
Not published elsewhere.
6Poem "Escape," Prairie Schooner, Fall 1939
6Poem "Ballad of Night," Prairie Schooner, Winter 1940
6Poem "Fox Hunters of Hell," Prairie Schooner, Summer 1941
6Poem "The Wet and the Cold," Prairie Schooner - No .2, 1954
7Poem "The Mask," Quatrain Digest, June 1953
7Poem "The Wind of Life," Quatrain Digest, June 1953
Not published elsewhere.
7Poem "Makes Perfect," Quatrain Digest, August 1953
7Poem "Lenses," Quatrain Digest, August 1953
Not published elsewhere.
7Poems "Nursery Rhymes"
7"Hound and Hunter"
7"If Evil Were a Little Road"
7"In Orchards Hung With Fruit"
7"The Beautiful Unuttered"
7"For a Group"
7"House in the Wind"
7"Windy Morning"
7"Sea Shells"
7"Prayer Against Hunters"
7All in Quill Club Anthology, Vol. Vol. 33
8Poem "Lie Not So Lonely," The Sonneteer, Summer 1944
Not published elsewhere.
8Poem "The Snows Have Come," Stor-I- Verse - Vol. 1, No. 2
Not published elsewhere.
9Poem "The Earth In March," Think Tank, 4 April 1946
Not published elsewhere.
9Poem "As I Came Out," Trails, Summer 1945
9Poem "By Other Eyes," Trails, Fall 1945
9Poem "I Could Wish Them a Longer Stay," Trails, Winter 1946
131 Arizona Quarterly, Summer 1951
1 Arizona Quarterly, Summer 1954
1 Arizona Quarterly, Winter 1954
1 American Weave Vol. XX, No. 3
1 American Weave Vol. XX, No. 4
1 American Weave, Vol. XXI, No. 1
1 American Weave, Vol. XXI, No. 2
1 American Weave, Vol. XXI, No. 3
1 American Weave, Vol. XXII, No. 1
2 Compass, Spring 1949
2 Echoes, 1st Quarter 1954
2 Emory University Quarterly, Vol. XII, No. 2, 1956
2 Experiment, Winter 1945-46
2 Gifts to Emory University Library, 1955-1956
2 The Goal, Autumn 1955
2 The Goal, Spring 1956
2 The Goal, Autumn 1956
2 A Houyhnhnm's Scrapbook, Vol. 1 No . 1, 1956-57
2 A Houyhnhnm's Scrapbook, No. 2, 1957
2 Inferno, No. 4
3 Key Poets Sitwell, Barker, Swingler, Denwood, Snaith, Cooke, Lindsay, Carpenter, Beeching, Cameron. (10 v. in cover)
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXIII, July 1951
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXIV, March 1953
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXV, September 1953
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXV, October 1953
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXV, November 1953
4 Kaleidograph, Vol. XXV, March 1954
4 The Lyric, Vol. 35, No. 2
4 Manuscript Lab, Vol. 1 No. 1, February 1956
4 The Monthly Scrapper, February 1945
4 New Orleans Poetry Journal, Vol. 2 No. 2, April 1956
141 Prayers, Opening of Congress, 1949
1 Poetry, No. 20 (Australian), 1946
1 Poetry Digest, Vol. 1 No. 5, December 1953
1 Rocky Mountain Stories, Sage Books, '41
2 Sonnets from the Portuguese
2 Scenic South, October 1953
2 Self-Realization, January-February 1949
2 Survey Report of Six Georgia Colleges, September 1955
3 To Comfort You
3 Trails, Summer 1948
3 Trails, Winter 1948
3 Trails, Summer 1951
3 Under the Big Beech, by Robert Kincaid
4 Wings, A Quarterly, Winter 1954
4 With Letters from Housman
15Scrapbook, 1941
Clippings from The Citizen, columns by Reece contain poem and brief essay
Scrapbook, 1945-1946
Articles, Photos reviews, Press Releases re. Ballad of the Bones, reviews by Reece
Scrapbook, 1945-1947
Reviews, Clips, Photos, Invitations, Letters re. The Monthly Scrapper
Scrapbook, 1946
22nd Annual Breakfast of the Macon Writers' Club
Scrapbook, undated
Clips of Atlanta Journal book reviews by Reece
16Scrapbook, 1950
Correspondence with U. of C.
Scrapbook, 1950-1951
Clips, Photos, Reviews re. Bow Down in Jericho and Not the Full Harvest
Scrapbook, 1950-1951
Sketches, Reviews, News Releases, re. Better a Dinner of Herbs, speeches
Scrapbook, 1952
Clips, Programs, etc. re. General Material
17Scrapbook, 1955
Photos, Reviews, Press releases re. The Season of the Flesh, also speeches
Scrapbook, 1955-1956
Clips, etc. re. The Hawk and The Sun, also re. professorship at Emory
181Bound manuscript: Better a Dinner of Herbs
2Young Harris college Students, re
3Young Harris College Students, Writings, Rolls, etc.
4Rules & Schedules, Young Harris College, 1956 - 1957