John Watrous Beckwith sermons

John Watrous Beckwith sermons

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Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Beckwith, John W., (John Watrous), 1831-1890
Title: John Watrous Beckwith sermons
Dates: 1851-1890
Quantity: 0.8 Linear feet (2 document boxes)
Coll. Number: ms50

Biographical/Historical Note

John Watrous Beckwith (1831-1890) was an Episcopal minister and the second Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia (1831-1890). He lived and preached in Maryland, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of the sermons of John W. Beckwith from 1851-1890. The handwritten sermons include the title, scripture referenced, the sermon, and a listing of where and when the sermon was delivered. Also includes a "memoriam" about Beckwith by the Pelee Club, "Moral theology of St. Alphonso de Liguori" with portions translated by J.F. Adams (Macon, May 1869), an editorial to the Birmingham Magazine regarding Archbishop Parker; an essay on the history of the English Church, and several fragments and untitled sermons.


Arranged into three series: Series 1. Sermons is arranged in alphabetical order by the title of the sermon; Series 2. Articles, Fragments, and Memorial is roughly sorted by type; and Series 3. Untitled Sermons is arranged in alphabetical order to the first line of the piece.

Index Terms

Church of England. -- History
Clergy--Southern States.
Episcopal Church.
Liguori, Alfonso Maria de', Saint, 1696-1787
Preaching--Southern States.
Theology--Early works to 1800.
Theology--History--18th century.

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John Watrous Beckwith sermons, MS 50. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Sermons, approximately 1851 to 1890

Sermons given by John Watrous Beckwith in Georgia.
Sermons 1-32
11Abraham believed----
1After this---(Good Friday)
1Again he said---
1All the Saints---
1All things are---
1All things are---
1Almost thou---
1And Abraham---
1And as he---
1And beginning---
1And behold---
1And he looked---
1And he went---
1And his servants----
1And if the---
1And it came to---
1And Jesus increased---
1And Joshua said---
1And, lo, I am----
1And Peter remembered---
1And straightway the Father---
1And the Lord---
1And the Word---
1And they all forsook---
1And they began---
1And they crucified----
1And they themselves----
1And this is----
1And when he----
1And when they----
1At that time----
1Behold the Man----
Sermons 33-60
12Be not afraid----
2Be not thou therefore----
2Be strong----
2Be thou faithful----
2Be thou strong----
2Be ye doers----
2Blessed are the people----
2Brethren the time----
2But bring them----
2But God forbid----
2But he that heareth----
2But I say unto you----
2But let a man----
2But many that are first----
2But rather fear him----
2But speak the word only----
2But the natural man----
2Man shall not live----
2But they, measuring themselves----
2But was in all points----
2But when the fullness----
2But who may abide----
2But whoseever shall deny----
2By the grace of God----
2By the rivers of Babylon----
2Charity never faileth----
2Choose ye this day (youth)-----
2Christ also suffered for us-----
2Christ liveth in me-----
Sermons 61-88
13Cleanse thou me-----
3Could ye not watch-----
3Ephraim is joined-----
3Even so in Christ-----
3Evil communications corrupt-----
3Except ye eat the flesh-----
3Except your righteousness exceed-----
3Father, give me the portion-----
3Father, into thy hands-----
3Fervently in spirit-----
3First the blade, then the ear-----
3Flee from idolatry-----
3For all things come of thee-----
3For he that soweth to his flesh-----
3For if the dead rise not-----
3For in him dwelleth-----
3For in Jesus Christ-----
3For I say unto you-----
3For I say unto you-----
3For the kingdom of God------
3For the priest's lips should keep knowledge-----
3For they that say-----
3For unto you is born (Christmas)------
3For unto you is born-----
3For whosoever shall keep the whole law-----
3Friend, how camest thou-----
3Friend, how camest thou-----
3Give an account of thy stewardship-----
Sermons 89-116
14Give diligence to make-----
4Give me thine heart-----
4Giving thanks always-----
4Giving thanks always-----
4Giving thanks unto the father-----
4Go and do thou-----
4God is Christ----
4God is love-----
4God our Savior-----
4God so loved the world-----
4Go thy way for this time-----
4Go thy way for this time-----
4Go ye therefore-----
4Greater love hath no man-----
4Having therefore, brethren, boldness-----
4He found nothing but leaves-----
4He hath done all things well-----
4He that hath my commandments-----
4He that is not with me----
4He that is unjust----
4He that overcometh----
4How can this man give us----
4How long halt ye----
4How old art thou----
4How shall we escape----
4How shall we escape-----
4I also will laugh----
4I am the resurrection-----
Sermons 117-144
15I can do all things-----
5I determined----
5I do not know the man----
5If a man love me----
5If any man be in Christ----
5If any man will come after me----
5If therefore thine eye be single-----
5If they hear not Moses & the prophets----
5If they hear not Moses & the prophets----
5If thou, being a Jew, livest after----
5If thou let this man go----
5If we say that----
5If ye then bring evil-----
5If ye then bring evil----
5If you do good to them----
5I have a message from God unto thee----
5I have a message-----
5I have learned by experience----
5I have seen all the works-----
5In keeping of them----
5In your patience----
5We pray you in Christs' stead----
5Is Christ divided----
5Is Christ divided-----
5Is not this the carpenter's son----
5I speak as to wise men----
5Israel doth not know----
5Is thy servant a dog----
Sermons 145-172
16I therefore, so run----
6It is appointed unto to men----
6It is given unto you---
6It is not the will---
6It is the Lord's Passover---
6It is written, My House----
6Jesus of Nazareth passeth by (Good Friday)----
6Keep the charge of the Lord thy God-----
6Know ye not that a little leaven----
6Let your speech be always with grace----
6Lo, I am with you always----
6Lord, thou knowest----
6Lord, what will thou-----
6Lord, what will thou-----
6Man shall not live----
6Marvel not brethren----
6Meet to be partakers----
6Members of Christ----
6My God, My God-----
6My joy therefore is fulfilled----
6My people doth not consider-----
6My spirit shall not always strive-----
6My spirit shall not always strive-----
6Neither is there any----
6No man cometh unto----
6Not purloining, but sharing----
6Now Barabbas was a robber----
6Now then we are ambassadors----
Sermons 173-200
21Obey my voice----
1Of a truth I perceive----
1Oh, that God had wings----
1Other foundation can no man lay----
1Pilate saith unto them----
1Pray without ceasing---
1Preach the word----
1Remember Lot's wife-----
1Rend your heart----
1Repentance towards God----
1Search the Scriptures-----
1Seek ye the Lord----
1Seek ye the Lord----
1So is the Kingdom of God----
1Some men's sins----
1St. Paul in his Epistle-----
1Speak: for thy servant heareth----
1Straight is the gate----
1Suffer little children-----
1Take my yoke----
1Tarry ye in the city----
1Tekel! Thou art weighed----
1The angel of the Lord encampeth-----
1The church of the living God----
1The harvest is past----
1The harvest is past----
1The life is more than meat----
Sermons 201-228
22The Lord our God is one Lord----
2The sabbath was made for man----
2The same night Peter was sleeping----
2The servant is not greater----
2The soul that sinneth----
2The things which are seen----
2The thoughts of the wicked----
2The unbelieving wife----
2Then they laid their hands----
2Then whose shall those things be----
2There are not found----
2There is none other name----
2There is none other name----
2There is none other name----
2There is none other name----
2Therefore came his father----
2There is a sore evil----
2Therefore leaving the principles----
2Therefore my beloved brethren----
2Therefore thou art inexcusable----
2Therefore to him that knoweth----
2There were there two thieves----
2There were two thieves----
2These are they----
2This is my body----
2Though I should die with thee----
2Thou God seest me----
2Thou shalt love the Lord----
Sermons 229-258
23Thou shalt love the Lord----
3Thou shalt worship----
3Thou son of man----
3Thus saith the Lord----
3Thus saith the Lord----
3Train up a child----
3Watch & pray----
3Watch therefore for ye know----
3We have seen his star----
3We must through much tribulation----
3What communion hath light----
3What fruit had ye then----
3What is a man profitted----
3What is that to thee----
3What is truth----
3What must I do----
3What shall a man give----
3What shall I render----
3Whatsoever a man soweth----
3What do ye more than others----
3Whence hath this man----
3When thou vowest----
3Wherefore let him that thinketh----
3Where hast thou gleaned----
3Wherefore seeing we also are compassed----
3Whether we live----
3Whither shall I go----
3Who led his people through the wilderness----
3Whom the Lord loveth----
3Whosoever therefore shall confess me----
Sermons 259-273
24Whosoever therefore will be a friend----
4Why beholdest thou the male----
4Why is this come to pass----
4Why should it be thought----
4Why should it be thought----
4Will ye also go away----
4Wist ye not----
4With me it is a very small thing----
4Without God in the world----
4Work out your own salvation----
4Work out your own salvation----
4Yea, gray hairs are here and there----
4Ye are the Light of the world----
4Ye are the Light of the world. A city----
4Ye have not the love of God----

Series 2: Articles, Fragments, and Memorial

25Article 9
5Article X
5Article 19
5Article 25-1st pt
5Article 25-2nd pt
5Article 27
5The human race is one great unit----
5Change in translation of the word----
5Position of strictly moral men to Christianity----
5Love not the world----
5Again he said unto me, "Prophesy upon these bones"----
5In Memoriam-John Watrous Beckwith----
5 Moral theology of St. Alphonso de Ligorio-portions trans. by J. F. Adams, Macon, May, 1869
5Editorial from Birmingham Magazine----
5Effort to understand English Reformation by viewing the history of the English Church
Series 3 Untitled Sermons
26And he raised up----
6And it came to pass----
6And, lo, I am----
6And the Lord commended----
6And the whole multitude----
6...Another laugh at this----
6Arise, take up thy bed----
6As my father hath sent me----
6Boast not thyself----
6Commit thy way----
6In discussing a doctrine----
6It is a melancholy sight----
6...leave their homes----
6Let us lay aside----
6Nevertheless I live----
6One of the peculiarities of the Lord's Prayer----
6On Friday last I stated that----
6Such a test is unreasonable----
6Suffer little children----
6Suffer little children----
6Then were there two thieves----
6The death of a prominent member----
6The solemn season----
6The soul that sinneth----
6The sting of death is sin----
6The subject which I desire----
6There is a truth disclosed----
6We are told by St. Luke----
6We come now to the concluding petitions of L. 's Prayer----
6When friends meet to say farewell----
6When man sinned----
6Whosoever therefore shall confess me----