Women's History collection

Women's History collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Unknown
Title: Women's History collection
Dates: 1793-2005
Quantity: 5.0 Linear feet 2 boxes, 2 oversized boxes, 3 oversized folders
Coll. Number: ms4210

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains postcards, posters, photographs, artifacts, and other printed materials relating to women's suffrage movements in the United States and England. Also included are items documenting efforts toward action on women's rights and temperance. Featured items include signed correspondence by Susan B. Anthony, a stereo card featuring Anna Howard Shaw, a divorce paper from 1793, a North Caroilina bastardy bond, and a banner decorated with postage stamps.

Index Terms

Anthony, Susan B., (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906
Autographs (manuscripts)
Broadsides (notices)
Buttons (information artifacts)
Draper, Lucy Hargrett
Editorial cartoons.
Franks, Rebecca
Friganza, Trixie, 1870-1955
Postage stamps.
Ribbon (material)
Sewall, Harriet Winslow, 1819-1889
Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902
Suffrage--Great Britain.
Suffrage--United States.
Temperance--United States--Societies, etc.
Women's rights--United States.

General Notes

Materials in this collection were acquired through the The Lucy Hargrett Draper Center and Archives for the Study of the Rights of Women in History and Law.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Women's History collection, ms4210, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in this repository include: Cambio-Avery women's movement collection, ms3939; Rebecca Latimer Felton papers, ms81; Georgia Commission on the Status of Women, ms2045; Corra Harris papers, ms734; Marion Colley Boyd papers, ms1149; and Jeannette Rankin papers, RBRL325.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Postcards and Stamps

11Think it over, Equal Suffrage knows no sex - postcard - National American Woman Suffrage Association
225 color cartoon postcards depicting women in Army training - WWII era
3Susan B. Anthony envelope with first day issue Woman Suffrage 50th Anniversary stamp - 2 envelopes, 1970
4Women's Vote stamps - New Zealand - set of 4, 1998
5Radcliffe, Fanny and family - set of 21 postcards, 1910-1916
6Votes for Women parody postcard - "there ain't much 'am in that sandwich, 'Arry." No; but there's plenty of mustard.", 1915
7Color cutout Valentine card - Child speaking to other children on top of Votes for Women box
8Francis Neilson - Liberal candidate for Northern Division of Shropshire - postcard, 1908
9Women Suffrage postcards - 34 various scenes
10Greeting from a Suffragist - Marion Patten Guild - postcard, 1917
11The Anti-Suffragist! - postcard - Ernestine Mills
12Anthony, Mary S. - postcard to Senator Henry W. Blair - signed Susan B. Anthony, 1886 December 1
13Actual speech at Woman Suffrage meeting in Omaha, Nebraska - postcard

2. Circulars and Posters

114Your Future Wife - Your Future Child - card
15How to Vote For the Woman Suffrage Amendment, Election Day (2 copies), 1917 November 6
16Political Equality Series - Vol. 1, No. 3 - Fruits of Suffrage, II, Vol. 2, No. 3 - More Testimony from Colorado - National American Woman Suffrage Association - bifold
17Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association - Resolutions - Broadsides (22 copies), 1869
18An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of John Street - 6 pages, bifold, 1793
19Copy of the Women's Franchise Act - New South Wales, 1902
20Parliamentary Franchise (Extension to Women) No. 2 - Bill, 1889
21Public meeting notice - National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
22Woman Suffrage in War Time - National Ameican Woman Suffrage Association - broadside, 1918
23Woman Suffrage Leaflet - Vol. 1, No. 3 - A Duty of Women - bifold, 1888 October 15
24Woman Suffrage Leaflet - Vol. 5, No. 3 - Dr. Gregg on Equal Rights - bifold, 1892 May
25Woman Suffrage Leaflet - Vol. 6, No. 3 - Wyoming Speaks for Herself - 2 pages, 1893 May
26Prosperity in Colorado - National American Woman Suffrage Association, 1916
27An Appeal to Woman's Missionary Societies - Emeline Burlingame-Cheney - West Virginia Equal Suffrage Association - bifold, 1916
28Votes for Women. The Conciliation Bill Explained - double sided - National Union of Women's Suffragist Societies, 1912
29The Enemies of Votes for Women - broadside
30The Abstainer and the Drinker - illustrated by Edward Carswell - National Temperence Society and Publication House, No. 130 - broadside
31The Devil's Orchard - National Temperence Society and Publishing House, No. 125 - broadside
32The Little Cup-Bearer - National Temperence Society and Publishing House, No. 108 - broadside
33Devil's Toboggan Slide - National Temperence Society and Publishing House, No. 112 - broadside
34International Women's Congress, Holland - Preliminary Programme - bifold, 1915 April 28-30
35National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies - program, No. B 45, 1912 February
36National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies - Election Campaign in Cumberland - petition, 1909
37To the 8,000,000 Working Women in the United States - National Woman Suffrage Association - broadside
38Women in the Home - National Woman Suffrage Association - broadside
39Measures Advocated by Women's Organizations Supported by Senator Herbert C. Jones - broadside
40The Fruits of Cider-Drinking - National Woman's Temperence Union, Cider series no. 13 - broadside
41Women on Juries - Vote "Yes" on Both Propositions - broadside, 1930 November 4
42Johnson, L.C. - Extracts From a Letter Received in Reply to Inquiry Regarding the Workings of Woman Suffrage in Colorado and Other States Where It Has Heen Tried - broadside, 1911 August 20
43List of Books and Pamphlets on the Emancipation of Women - Scottish University Women's Suffrage Union - 3 pages
44Benson, T.D. - The Suffragettes and Their Unruly Methods - Women's Freedom League - broadside
45Women's Suffrage and the Social Evil - Women's Freedom League - bifold, 6 pages
46Prelooker, Jaakoff - The Women's Demonstrations - A Russian Point of View - 2 pages
47Why Women Want to Vote - broadside
48Ballots and Brooms - "What a Vote Will Not Do" rebuttal by Alice Stone Blackwell - New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association - broadside
49Hear What Our Opponents Say - Central Society for Women's Suffrage - broadside, 1904
50Suffrage Mass Meeting with Mrs. Flora McDonald Dennison, Mr. Frank Dunham - broadside
51Why Working Women Want the Vote - New York State Woman's Suffrage Party, 1917 April 3
52The Truth About Colorado - National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, 1916
53Your Great Opportunity to Hear Two of the Country's Famous Suffrage Speakers - Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, Hon. William H. Wadhams - broadside
54Women Voters - Wilson Opposes Suffrage - National Woman's Party - broadside
55Woman Suffrage Leaflet - Vol. 7, No. 6 - A Humble Advocate - bilfold, 1895 November
56Woman Suffrage Leaflet - Vol. 5, No. 5 - The Test of Woman Suffrage in Colorado - bifold, 1896 September
OS Folder
1The Woman-Suffrage Movement in New York City - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly - cover, 1894 May 3
Marching for Suffrage - Harper's Weekly-in Two Parts-Part II - 4 pages - bifold, 1912 May 11
A Woman's Place Is at the Top - Annie Smith Peck - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1978
"Women Have Long Hair and Short Wits" - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1978
Chief Sarah Winnemucca - Paiute peacemaker, author, leader of her people - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1979
Women in Government - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1979
Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins - Author of Social Security - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1980
Women's History Week - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1981
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - poster - TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1983
OS Folder
2Reproduction Women's Suffrage posters - 7 various images
OS Folder
3Handicapped! - reproduction Women's Suffrage poster

3. Autographs and Letters

157Anthony, Susan B. - letter to Mrs. Kalloch, 1885 January 14
58Anthony, Susan B. - letter to James B. Bradwell, 1903 February 4
59Anthony, Susan B. - letter to Myra Bradwell, 1888 February 14
60Anthony, Susan B. - Invitation and autograph, 1900
61Anthony, Susan B. - letter to Mrs. Sweet, 1904 January 5
62Anthony, Susan B. - letter soliciting buyers for History of Woman Suffrage book
63Album containing autographs of Susan B. Anthony and Clara Bewick Colby, 1876-1887
64Tarbell, Ida M - letter to W.G. Williams, 1939 April 5
65Ferrell, Lucille - membership certificate and welcome letter - American Woman's Republic, 1912 July 20
66Sewall, Harriet W. - Poetry journal - given to her by Samuel E. Sewall
67Garrison, William Lloyd - letter to Narcissa A.A. Claflin, 1892 September 24
68Letter remarking on Suffragist activities in England, 1913 August 15
69Bastardy Bond of Rebecca Franks - North Carolina, 1825 July 19

4. Articles and Clippings

170Women in Government quiz sheet - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1980
71Millstein, Beth - Margaret Sanger and the Right to Know - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1978
72Weinbaum, Alexandria - Elizabeth Cady Stanton : Launching the Women's Rights Movement - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1983
73Rivera, Anne - Chief Sarah Winnemucca - Paiute Peacemaker - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1979
74Cron, Lisa - Annie Smith Peck - A Woman at the Top - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1978
75Women's History Week - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1981
76Frances Perkins - Stateswoman of the New Deal - TABS : Aids for Ending Sexism in School, 1980
77Women of Alaska Given Franchise, King George Becoming Active - newspaper clippings, 1913 March
78Blackwell, Alice Stone - The Worth of a Vote - Woman's Journal
79The Women's Charter of Inequality - National Woman's Party, 1937
80Equal Rights for Women Doctors - National Woman's Party, 1922
81Price, Lucy Jeanne - Liquor and Suffrage - broadside
821776 - Retouching an Old Masterpiece - illustrated by Paulk Stahr - Life cover, Vol. 66, No. 1705, 1915 July 1
83Rosiere, Gabrielle - Place-cards for a Suffrage Luncheon, 1913
84Society and Stage in a Suffragette Operetta - The Theatre, 1916 March
85Balfour, James Arthur Balfour, Earl of. - Parliamentary Franchise (Women) Bill - Speech - 8 pages, 1910
86Women Do Not Wish to Vote - The National Bulletin - Vol. 2, No. 3, 1894 April
OS Folder
3The Woman Vote - They Elect Officers for the Suffrage Convention - The Constitution: Atlanta - page 18, 1895 February 3
Closing Days With the Woman Suffragists - The Constitution: Atlanta - page 19, 1895 February 3
One Hundredth Birthday of Abraham Lincoln - The San Francisco Sunday Call, 1909 February 7
Lincoln Was for Woman Suffrage - San Francisco Examiner, 1915 October 31
Suffragette Leaders on Hike to Washington - The Tacoma Tribune, 1913 February 28

5. Editorial Cartoons

187Cheney, Leo - Militant Suffragist (after long and futile efforts to light a fire for her tea-kettle). "And to think that only yesterday I burnt two pavillions and a church!" - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 June 4
88Armour, George Denholm - Race-course in the near future, suffragette-proof - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1914 July 8
89Stampa, George Loraine - The Child is Daughter of the Woman - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 March 5
90Shepperson, Claude Allen - Another Militant - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 March 19
91Reynolds, Frank - How Militant Suffragettes are Made - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 February 5
92Raven-Hill, Leonard - The Judgement of Parisette - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1911 December 27
93Partridge, Bernard - Rag-Time in the House - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 January 29
94Partridge, Bernard - A Pleasure Deferred - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 February 5
95Partridge, Bernard - The Majesty of the Law - Punch, or the London Charivari, 1913 March 5
96Partridge, Bernard - Mr. Punch's Russian Ballet - Punch's Almanack for 1913 - color, 1913

6. Photographs and Prints

197Anthony, Susan Brownwell - photographic reproduction
98Friganza, Trixie - photograph reprint
99Suffragette Tug, New Jersey - photograph reprint
100Shaw, Dr. Anna Howard - stereo card
101Suffragettes, London - photograph reprint
102Browning, Elizabeth - book plate engravings
103Anthony, Susan B. - photograph - signed

7. Ephemera

1104Celebration of the Granting of Equal Suffrage to the Women of the United States - Fort Worth, Texas, 1920 September 6
105Gilman, Charlotte Perkins - Lecture and book brochure
106Paper doll - woman with "Votes for Women" pennant
107Election Campaign in Cumberland - petition - National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies - broadside, 1909
108Votes for Women - paper wafer - Women's Social and Political Union
109Husband's and Wife's Commandments - advertising card - J.W. Wilson
110Junior Senior Reception - program - featuring Suffragette Salad, 1912 April 5
111Anthony, Susan B. - Crackerjack toy puzzle
112Anthony, Susan B. - program - Unveiling of bust at the Hall of Fame, New York University, 1952 May 18
11375th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage - hand held fan, 1995

8. Artifacts

1114Set of 8 reproduction Suffragette pins and badges
115Vote No on Woman Suffrage - pinback button
OS Box
1The Ladies Effort - banner - letters and decoration made from postage stamps - 10 x 48 inches
2Suffragette figurine - Cameo Girls, 2005
Votes for Women - set of 4 tea pots - Preservation Society of Newport County
Anthony, Susan B. - letter opener
Anthony, Susan B. - Death mask necklace
OS Box
2Loyal Temperance Legion pin - St. Louis Button Company
Netherlands thimble
Am I Not a Man and a Brother - British and Foreign Anti Slavery Society - convention coin
Queen Elizabeth portrait print and autograph - framed
Woman Suffrage Party of Greater Cleveland - convention delegate ribbon, 1917 January 30
Votes for Women - Vote Yes November 6 - sewing kit
If you think you don't need a vote, some other woman knows she does. Be fair. - lantern slide
Abraham Lincoln quote - lantern slide
Women are in Chains Without ERA - button - Congressional Union
Green, white, purple bow with pin
Green, white, purple ribbon
Green, white, purple ribbon with gold tassels on ends
Schultz on Woman's Suffrage - Frank Kennedy - 10 inch, 78 rpm record - Victor Talking Machine Company