Lucy M. Stanton papers

Lucy M. Stanton papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Stanton, Lucy M., 1875-1931
Title: Lucy M. Stanton papers
Dates: Bulk, 1902-1931
Dates: 1889-1931
Quantity: 6.4 Linear feet (16 document boxes)
Coll. Number: ms392

Biographical/Historical Note

Lucy May Stanton (1875-1931) was an art teacher and miniature portrait painter, born in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information, see the article "Lucy May Stanton (1875-1931)" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers of Lucy May Stanton from 1889-1931. Includes correspondence, notebooks, account books, journals, sketchbooks, printed materials, photographs, clippings, and research materials. The journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks describe Stanton's methods and processes followed in her painting. The photographs consist of pictures of Stanton, family photographs and black and white reproductions of Stanton's works. The correspondence pertains to commissions for Stanton's work as well as personal correspondence from John Burroughs, Laura Coombes Hills, George and Mabel Sarton, May Sarton, and Stanton's sister, Willie Marion Forbes.


Arranged by record type into 7 series:

Index Terms

Portrait miniatures, American--Georgia.
Sarton, George, 1884-1956
Sarton, May, 1912-1995
Women art teachers--Georgia.
Women artists--Georgia.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Preferred Citation

Lucy M. Stanton papers, ms392, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

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See also photographic materials from this collection that were removed to the Cased Image Collection, ms3529.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Genealogical and biographical material

11Biography and Genealogy
2Biography and Genealogy
3Biography and Genealogy
4Chronology: Life and works

Series 2: Correspondence

15John Burroughs
6Laura Coombes Hills
7George Sarton, Mabel Sarton
8May Sarton
re Milam Miniature
151914, January-May
161914 June-July
211914 August-November
21914 December
31915 January
41915 February-March
51915 April-June
61915 September-October
71915 November-December
81916 January-March
91916 May-July
101916, August-December
Letter from American Society Miniature Painters November 3, 23, 1916. re: Exhibit; December, 1916 letter from Julia Collier Harris re miniature of Joel Chandler Harris
311917 January-February
21917 March-April
31917 May-August
41917 September-November
51918 January-October
61918 November-December
Letter: "Aunt Liza's Pedigree", November 23, 1925.
Letter: Archambault, A. M., Pa. Soc. M.P. December 4, 1928 re:"Self Portrait" and Miss Stanton's method.
Letter: Archambault, P.S.M.P. January 3, 1929 re: Method
411931 January-February
21931 March 1-20
31931 March 21-23
41931 March 24-31
51931 March, no day
61931 April
71931 May
8Letters and cards, 1931 no month
re Lucy Stanton.
10no date
11no date
12no date
13no date

Series 3: Catalogs of exhibitions

54Catalogs (2) of Lucy Stanton's Paintings
5Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: American Society of Miniature Painters, 1910, 1920, 1926
6Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Art Institute of Chicago, 1913-1915, 1922
7Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Concord (Massachusetts) Art Association, 1922-1923
8Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1904-1915
9Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1917-1922
10Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1923-1928
61Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: United States Capitol Building, 1913
2Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Societé des Artistes Français, 1906, 1912
3Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions: Washington Water Color Club, 1919, 1921
4Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions- American Watercolor Society 1915; Art Appreciation of Newport 1917; Arts Club of Chicago undated; Baltimore Watercolor Club 1920; Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, Memphis 1922
5Catalogs of Stanton Exhibitions- Ft. Worth Museum of Art 1915; The Lodge Art League 1906; Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 1923; Toledo Museum of Art 1914; exhibition and sale notice for Newbury Street, Boston, MA; New York Watercolor Club 1914; Art Association Nineteenth Century Club [1898]; Village Studio Guild of Ogunquit, undated; Peabody Institute Galleries, 1920
6Catalogs of Exhibitions by other artists, 1923, 1928, undated
7Catalogs of Exhibitions by other artists, 1906, 1920, 1926-1928
8Catalogs of Exhibitions by other artists, 1909, 1915, 1919, 1925

Series 4: Clippings

71Re Lucy Stanton
2Re Lucy Stanton
3Re Lucy Stanton
4Re Lucy Stanton
5Re Lucy Stanton

Series 5: Miscellaneous financial and professional work

77Criticism (clippings)
8Journals containing notes on artists and talk notes on American art, 1910-1911
9Exhibitions, notes, labels, 1910
10-11W. Stanton Forbes Manuscript (partial) of book on Lucy M. Stanton, Eye of the South
12W. Stanton Forbes Manuscript (partial) of book on Lucy M. Stanton, Eye of the South (binder)
13Geometric Exercise: "Dynamic Symmetry"
81Guest Book, 1930s-1950s
2Sketch Books, 1912, 1927, undated
4Printed Material: "Contemporary Verse,", March 1919
5Joel Chandler Harris Collection- clippings and Emory magazine regarding
6Southern Female College Catalogues 1871,1889, 1890, 1895, 1896; Cox College promotional booklet undated
7Stanton Family Scrap Book
51Account Books (3), 1926, 1927, 1931
2"Art Museum for Athens" (clippings file)
3Botany Notebook (class notes), 1911

Series 6: Family photographs

91Lucy Stanton
2Lucy Stanton, Framed Pictures & Newspaper Cut
3Family groups
4Frances Forbes
5-6Lynn Forbes
7Walter Forbes III
8Willie Marion Stanton
9Various family members both Forbes and Stanton
101Stanton Relatives
2Miscellaneous scenes and buildings
5Photograph Album containing various travel pictures (cyanotypes and black and white) from 1891-1905; loose photographs, 1890s

Series 7: Research materials- handwritten notes with images

Subseries 7.1: History of Architecture

111Greek-Aegean, Minoan, Mycenean
2Greek - Mainly V Century
4French - Gothic
5Mid-Year Review
7German - Gothic
8Italian - Romanesque
9Italian - Renaissance
10Christian and Byzantine - Early
11English - Gothic
12Italian - Gothic
13English - Romanesque and Norman
14French - Renaissance
15French - Romanesque and Norman
16English - Gothic

Subseries 7.2: History of Painting

1117Pre-Historic, Egyptian, Greek, Greco-Roman
18Mosaics, Early Christian, Byzantine
19Italian - Late Gothic, 13th Century
20Florentine - Late Gothic, 14th Century
121Florentine - Early Renaissance, 15th Century
2Netherlands - Late Gothic
3Florentine - Early Renaissance, Late 15th Century
4Paduan - Early Renaissance
5Umbrian - Early Renaissance
6Venetian - Early Renaissance
7German - 16th Century
8Venetian - Early & Middle Renaissance Late 15th & Early 16th Centuries
9Florentine - Middle Renaissance
10Florentine - Middle Renaissance (Michael Angelo)
11Umbrian - Middle Renaissance (Raphael)
12Venetian - Middle Renaissance (Titian)
13Ferrara, Florentine, Venetian - Late Renaissance
14Dutch - 17th Century
15Flemish - 17th Century
16Spanish - 16th, 17th, 18th Centuries
19French - Modern
20Miscellaneous Notes
131Pictures - Catalog for Following Series
2Pictures - Series B
3Pictures - Series C
4Pictures - Series D
5Pictures - Series E
6Pictures - Series F
7Pictures - Series G
8Pictures, Miscellaneous

Subseries 7.3: History of Sculpture

139Greek - Early VI Century
10Greek - Early V Century
11Greek - V Century
12Greek - IV Century
13Greek - Hellenistic
14Italian - Renaissance
16Italian - Gothic

Series 8: Pictures: Reproductions of Lucy M. Stanton's work

Subseries 8.1: Walter T. Forbes Collection

14Evan P. Howell, Esq.
14Captain C. O. Heidler
14The Victorian Chair
14The White Hat
14The White Blouse
14Miss Nanna Sweet
14Miss Katherine O'Rorcke
14The Grey Hat
14Mother and Child, #2
14Mrs. Robert Foreman
14Dutch Woman Shelling Peas
14Mrs. Walker, N.C. Mountain Woman
14Mrs. Hunnicutt
14Maine Guide
14Miss Robbins
14Little Girl
14The Spinner
14Self Portrait
14Straw Flowers
14Crown of Thorns Flowers
14Paris Model
14Red Hunting Blazer
14Lady With Plume
14Boy Out of Doors
14Aunt Lou
14Mrs. John Ennikin
14Silver Goblet
14Self Portraits (Several on one photo.)
14Self Portrait
14Working on the Street
14Afternoon on Cobb St.
14Mother and Child, #1
14Willie Marion Stanton
14Walter Tillou Forbes, II
14Walter Tillou Forbes, III

Subseries 8.2: W. Stanton Forbes Collection

15W. Stanton Forbes
15Uncle Peter
15Aunt Liza
15Bob Wingfield
15Geometric Design: Dynamic Symmetry
15House on Easy Street
15California Mission, 1924
15Ogunquit Beach
15Beach at Ogunquit, Maine
15Bradshaw-White (President's) House
15Dr. Charles Watson
15Sand Road & Moors (Nantucket)
15Nantucket Island Harbor
15Ogunquit, Maine. Beach
15Nantucket Island
15Red Clay and Pines
15California Mission, 1904 1920?
15Athens, Georgia
15Charles St. Church & Rooftops
15Cotton Field Ploughed
15Beach at Ogunquit, Maine
15Negroes on Street Corner
15Beach Umbrella
15John Burroughs?

Subseries 8.3: Museums, Art Galleries, Private Owners

16John Moore Reade, III
16Duncan Burnet, Jr.
16John L. Green
16Mrs. Mary Lewis Deupree Hunnicutt
16Charles A. Talmadge
16Loula Bryan Newton
16Mary McCullough
16Alice Stanton
16William Woodthrope Reade
16Robin Grier Burnet
16Duncan Burnet, Jr.
16Belmont, Virginia
16C. Quillian Stanton
16Ida Stanton
16Old House, Leesburg, Va.
16Mrs. Paris, a N.C. Woman
16Dr. L. L. Hendren
16Peyton Dobson Stanton
16Albert Sams
16Self Portrait
16Corinne Stanton
16William T. Bryan, Jr.
16Mrs. Hunnicutt
16The Pillsbury Children (2)
16Sketch of a Study of Fragonard
16Parthenia Hale Stanton
16Moselle Lyndon Burke
16Edward S. Lyndon
16Chancellor Charles M. Snelling
16J. W. Stanton
16Mrs. Herbert Stanton
16Santa Barbara Mission
16Summer Flowers
16Miss Roberts
16Lt. William L. Stanton
16Mrs. Jenkins, a N.C. Mountain Woman
16Carey Stanton
16Neily Cleveland
16Winter View --- N.C.
16Frank Dudley
16Mary McCullough Hodgson
16Tanglewood View, N.C.
16Maine Coast
16Ida D. Stanton
16Ida D. Stanton
16Edwin Stanton, Jr.
16Julia Collier Harris
16Joel Chandler Harris
Also 4 photographs of Harris, not, of course, by Miss Stanton
16Pierre LaRose Harris
16Charles C. Harris
16Howell Cobb
16Memorial Exhibit, 1931
16Aunt Liza
16Linton Ingraham
16Miscellaneous items
Includes duplicates, empty film envelopes, etc.