Georgia Music Hall of Fame Collection, Series 1: Administrative Files

Georgia Music Hall of Fame Collection, Series 1: Administrative Files

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
Title: Georgia Music Hall of Fame Collection, Series 1: Administrative Files
Dates: 1980s-2010s
Quantity: 39.0 Linear feet (48 boxes)
Coll. Number: ms3837_1

Biographical/Historical Note

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame served as the state's official music museum from 1996 to 2011. Located in downtown Macon, the 48,000 square foot building was home to thousands of documents, instruments, sound recordings, and artifacts representing Georgia's vast and diverse music history.

Lieutenant Governor Zell Miller gathered state support for music culture and industry beginning in 1978, creating the Senate Music Recording Industry Study Committee and the Music Recording Industry Advisory Committee. These groups led to the formation of Georgia Music Week, and the first Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards were presented in 1979. These first awards, called "Georgy Awards," were presented to Ray Charles and the music producer Bill Lowery.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Miller, elected governor in 1990, continued the effort to honor Georgia's music legends by supporting the establishment of a museum. The legislature allocated $6.5 million and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority was created to head the project. The building officially opened in Macon on September 21, 1996 with a ceremony attended by Little Richard, Mike Mills and Bill Berry of R.E.M., the Pips, and Travis Tritt, among others.

The core collections of the museum were presented in a 12,000 square foot exhibit space called Tune Town. This area consisted of several "buildings" and sections bearing themes by genre or era in the state's music history. The Hall of Fame was also home to the Zell Miller Center for Georgia Music Studies, a library and archive for researchers.

In the 2000s the museum began to encounter financial difficulties, with decreasing revenue and low attendance. In 2010 the state legislature voted to cease funding for the museum, and bids were accepted from other cities to provide a site for it. When none of the bids were found to be suitable, the decision was made to close the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in June 2011.

Scope and Content Note

The Administrative Files series of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame collection primarily consists of the records created and used in the managing and operating of the institution. These include founding documents, a file of artist information, planning documentation for exhibits, a photograph file, and records on sponsorship.


Series 1: Administrative Files is arranged into five subseries: 1.1. Artist Files, 1.2. Photographs, 1.3. Exhibit Files, 1.4. Grant & Sponsor Files, and 1.5. General Administration.

Index Terms

Administrative records.
Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
Popular music.

Administrative Information

Custodial History note

After the Georgia Music Hall of Fame's closing in June 2011, the bulk of the collections were sent to the University of Georgia Libraries for storage. Ownership of the materials was officially transferred to the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library in December 2013.

Preferred Citation note

Georgia Music Hall of Fame collection, ms 3837, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1.1 Artist Files

11-2Abernathy, Lee Roy
4-5A.C. Black
6Acker, Anne
7-8Acoustic Workshop
9Adams, George
10Adams Lounge
11Adams, Teddy
12Address Macon
13Adore Thee Records
14Adrian Concert Band
16Aiken, Caroline
17Akers, Eugene
18Akins, Rhett
20Albany Symphony Orchestra
21Albrecht, C.F.L.
22-23Aldean, Jason
24-25Alderman, Annabel
26Aldridge, Harry
27Alexander, Isham "Ike"
28Alexander, Gary P.
29-30Alexander, Jim
31Alexander, Kenny
32Alger, Pat
35aLive Down South
36-37Allen, Charles "Moose"
38Allen, Lady Bell
39Allen, Napoleon "Snags"
40Allen, Richard B.
41Alley, Jim
43-47Allman Brothers Band, The
48Allman Brothers Band, The (material at Washington Memorial Library)
49Amanda Jones
50Amazing Idiots
51Ambassador's Quartet
52American Boychoir, The
53American Guild of Organists, Atlanta Chapter
54American Traditions Competition, Savannah
55Americus Brass Band
56An Epic at Best
57Ancient Harmony
58Anderson, Debbie
59-60Anderson, Bill
61Anderson, Bill (Stan Rosen's File)
62Anderson, Harold
63Anderson, Lynn
64Anderson, Toni
65Andrews, Dwight
66Andros, Victor
67Antebellum Music
68Anthony, Eddie
70Aquarium Rescue Unit
71Arata, Tony
72Arb, Garrett
73Archdeacon, Len Anthony
74ARCO Chamber Orchestra
75Arkadia Records
76Arie, India
77Arkansaw, Tim
78Arline, Calvin
79Arline, Hilliard Calvin
80Arnold, Kokomo
81Arnold, William C.
82Arrested Development
83Arthur, Horace (Oconee River Boys)
84Arts Experiment Station
21A.S.C.A.P. History
2Ashley, James - Housequake Recording Studio
3Ashley, Leon
4Allen, Ashton
5Atcheson, Bobby & Jane
6Atha, Chuck
9Athens Folk Music & Dance Society
10Athens Grass
11Athens Human Rights Festival
12-13Athens Music
14Atkins, Chet
15Atkins, Chet (Stan Rosen's file)
16Akins, Rhett
18Atlanta All-Stars Talent Show
19Atlanta Bands
20Atlanta Blues Society
21Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra
22Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame
23Atlanta Federation of Musicians
24Atlanta Fest
25Atlanta Freedom Marching Band
26Atlanta Gospel Music
27Atlanta Institute of Music
28Atlanta International Records
29Atlanta Journal Constitution
30Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
31Atlanta Mandolin Society
32Atlanta Music Association
33Atlanta Music History, Post WWII Blues/R&B
34Atlanta Music History, Various Articles
35Atlanta Opera Co.
36Atlanta Pipe Band
37Atlanta Pop Festival
38Atlanta Pops Orchestra
39Atlanta Radio History
40-41Atlanta Rhythm Section
42Atlanta Rhythm Section, Press Kits
43Atlanta Seventeen, INC
44Atlanta Songwriters Association
45Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
46Atlanta University Mandolin Quartet
47Atlantis Music Conference
48Atlas Records
49Atomic Lemon
51Atwater, Lee
52Auburn Avenue African-American Research Library
53Audio Landscapes
54Augusta Bands
55Augusta Choral Society
56Augusta Jazz Project
57Augusta Opera Association
58Augusta Symphony
59Austin, Dallas
60Austin, Johnta
61Austin, Ollie
62Austin, Sil
63Autumn Haze
67Avent, Dan
68Avery, Shyronne
69B-52s Photos
2Baby Face & L.A. Reed
4Bad Brad J
5Bailey, Alice
6-8Bagwell, Wendy and the Sunliters
9Bailey, Bobbie
10Bailey, Razzy
11Bailey, Ricardo
12Baird, Dan
13Baldwin, Bob
14Ballard-Hudson H.S. Band
15Bancroft, Molly
16Bangs, Ernie
17Barber, Sylvester "Bob" Jonnie
18-19Barbershop Quartets (S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.)
20Barbour, Glenn
21Barfield, Johnny
22Barfield, Louise
23Barker, Marion
24Barnesville Silver Cornet Band
25Barnette, Bob
26Barnette, Earl
27Barrows, Cliff
28Barton, A.E.
29Bass, Louise
30Bat Cave, The (recording studio)
31Bateman, Florence Golson
32Battle, Edgar William "Puddingham"
33Baxley, Mattie Lee Mullis
34Baxter, Andrew & James
35Baxter, Clarice Howard
36Baxter, J.N. and Onie
37Baxter, Sam
39Beach Music, Info File
40Beach Music Festival, Jekyll Island, GA
41Beard, Danny
42Beaty, Kristina
43Beavers, Dr. Robert L "Jackey"
44Beazley, F.A.
45Bechtel, Perry
46Beggar's Opera
47Believers, The
48Bell, Albert "Al"
49-50Bell, William
51Bell, William (Stan Rosen's File)
52Bell Sisters, The
55Benedetto, Robert
56Benefield, Marvin
57Benet, Stephen Vincent
58Bennet, Craig
59Bennett, Gordon
60Benson, Jojo
61Bentley, Stephanie
62Bergman, Eugene
63Berliner, Emile
64Berry, Emmett
65Best, Amy
66Berry, John
67Betts, Dickey
68Bibb County Honor Choir
69Bibb County Public Schools, Music Department
70Bibb County Public Schools Youth Philharmonic
71Bibb Music Center
72Big Band Hall of Fame, Palm Beach, FL
73Big Chicken Chorus
74Big Fish Ensemble
75Big Horn
76Big House Foundation
77Big House Museum
78Big House Foundation
79Big House, Allman Brothers Band
80Big Mike and the Booty Papas
81Big Slow Wreck
82Bilheimer, Chris
83Billy Pilgrim
84Bird, Andrew's Bowl of Fire
85Bishop, Clifton
86Bishop, Elvin
87Black Country Music of Georgia
88Black, Andrew Band
89Black, Jon
90Black Crowes, The
93Black, Nathan Lane
94Blackshear FFA String Band
95Blackwell, Curtis
96Blackwood Brothers
97Black Swan Records
98Blair, Lee
99Blake, "Blind" Arthur
100-101Blake, Norman & Nancy
102Blasingame, Dee
103Blige, Mary J.
104Blind Boys of Alabama, The
105Blind Willie Blues Festival
106"Blind Willies" Club in Atlanta
109Bloodworth, Barry
110Blues Artists
112Blue Canoe Records
113Blue Condition
114BlueGround Under Grass
115Blue Sky Boys
41Blues Came to Georgia Exhibit Material
2Blues Foundation
3Bone & Holmes
6Bollick, Earl and Bill
7Bohannon, Hamilton
8The Bogues
9Bob Barr Community Band
11Boatwright, McHenry
12Bo and the Weevils
13Bone, Mike
14Boogie Chillun
15Booker T. Washington High School
16-17Booth, Stanley
18Borderline Quartet, The
19Boston Eclipse Band
21Bow Wow
22Bowden, Willie "Pluney"
23Braswell, Jimmy
24Boynton, Delphia
25Bradford, "Shorty"
26Brailsford, Rev. Carolyn
27Bramblett, Agnes Cochran
28Bramlett, Bonnie
29Bramblett, Randall
30Brannen, John
31Brant, Marley
32Brantley, Clint
33Brass, The
34Braswell, Jimmy
35Braxtons, The
36-37Braxton, Toni
38Braynon, Bill
39Brazzel, Mike
40Breau Jam
41Breeze, Jody
42-43Brewton, Clifford
45Brides of Jesus
46Bridges, Alicia
47Bridges, Dr. Robert Edward
48Bright, Michael
49Brockman, Polk
50Brooks, Essie Mae
51Brooks, Essie Mae
52Brooks Negro Minstrels
53Brooks, Tim and the Alien Sharecroppers
54Broom Room Annex
55Brooks Brothers
56Brother Cane
57Brown, Bobby
58Brown, David
59Brown, Ella
60Brown, Herschel
61Brown, "Fiddlin" Joe
62-63Brown, James
64Brown, Lillyn
65Brown, Marion
66Brown, Mike
67Brown, Rev. Pearly
68Brown, T. Graham
69Brown, Sonny
70Brown, Sleepy
71Brown, Tommy
72Brown, Dr. Uzee
73Brunswick Civic Orchestra
74Brusco, Charlie
75Bryant, Cora Mae
76Bryant, Jimmy
51Bryant, Jimmy
2-3Bryant, Boudleaux and Felice
4Bryant, Precious
5Bryant, "Slim" Thomas Hoyt
6Bryant, Slim, Photocopies
7Bryson, Peabo
8Buchanan Brothers, The
9Buchanan, John
10Buchanan, Lester
11Buck, Barrie
12Buckner & Garcia
13Buckner, Willa Mae
15Buie, Buddy
16Buffett, Jimmy
17Bullard, Kim
18Burleson, Gene
19Burnette, Harvy
20Burnett, Michael
21Burch, Bruce
22Burke, John W.
23Burns, Dave
24Burnes, Andrew
25Burneside, Duwayne
26Burton, Thomas Eldin
27Bush, Sue Ellen McBride
28Bush, Sue Ellen McGraw
29Bush, Tad
31Bushyhead, Eddie
32Butchart, Paul
33Butterbeans and Susie
35Buzz Hungry
36Byrd, Bobby
36Byrd, Bobby
37Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggers
38Byrd, Bobby (Stan Rosen's File)
39Byrd, Mona
40Byron Pop Festival
41Cable, Paul
43Caldwell, Toy
45Campbell Brothers
46Campbell, Joseph
47Campbell, Larry
48Campbell, Ronald
50Cannon, Eddie & His Radio Playboys
51Cannonball House
52Capricorn Discography
53Capricorn Records (Stan Rosen's File)
54Capricorn Records
55Captain Soular Cat
56Carder, Leona
57Carey, Robert & Yvonne
58Carmichaeil, Hoagy
59Carn, Doug Trio
60Carne, Jean
61Carr, Pete
62Carrier, Joseph "Cotton"
63Carrier, Jane
64Carson, James & Martha
65-66Carson, "Fiddlin" John
67Carrier, Joseph "Cotton"
68Carson, Rosa Lee
70Carter, Clarence
71Carter, Flo
61Carter, Jimmy
2Carter, Joe
3Carter, Johnny
4Carvest, Ed Jr.
5Casino Music
6Cassell, Pete
7-8Casting Crowns
10Cathcart, Jack
11Catoosa County History
12Cauley, Chris
13Causey, Davis
14Causey, Hines
15Cavaliers Quartet
17Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University
18Center for Public History, University of West Georgia
19Cedar Hill Band
20Center for the Study of Southern Culture
22Cerbone, Lisa
23Chamblee, Eddie
21Centerville Fire Department
24Chandler, Chris
25Changelings, The
26Character, Willie R.
27-28Charles, Ray
29Chastain, Charles Flemming "NuNu"
30Chase, Lincoln
31Chattahoochee Musical Convention
32Cheap Whiskey Band
33Chattahoochee Valley Folk Traditions
34Cherokee County Indian Festival
35Chesnutt, Vic
36Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
37Chitlin Circuit
38Chitty, Jimmie
39Christie, Angella
40Chosen (Abakhetwa)
41Chosen Few, The
42Christian Connection
44-45Clark, Mike
46Class Addiction
47Classical Guitar Duo
48Claxton, Elizabeth Ann
49Clinkscale, Martha
50Clisby Fine Arts Magnet School
51Clinton, Bill
52Clocked In
53Clarke Group, The
54Clarke, PeeWee
55Clark, Dee
56Clark, David
57Clark, Claudine
58Clark, Cassie Nell
59Clark Atlanta Jazz Orchestra
60Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Society
61Clarinet, history
62Civil War Music
63Civil Rights Music
64Circus Wolfboy
65Chubby Nothin' and the Bone
67Club Gaga
68CMO Studio, LC & CMO Productions
69Coastal Jazz Association
70Cobb, J.R.
71Cochran, Elizabeth
72Cochran, Wayne
73Cocroft, Nellie Weldon
74Cocroft Music Co.
75C.O.D. with Joe Dan Petty
76Cole, Bob
77Cole, Danny Ray
78Cole, Freddy
79Coleman, Albert
80Coleman, Burl C. "Jaybird"
81Coleman, Hal
82Coleman, Robert
83Coley Station
84Collective Efforts
85Colelctive Soul
86-87Collier, Newton
88Collins, Rucy "Curley"
89Cook, Wesley
90Columbus Symphony Orchestra
91Community Church of God Gospel Choir
92Compton, Mack
93Conasauga Bluegrass Festival
94Cone, Rev. Benjamin Jr.
95Confederate Railroad
96Conley, Arthur
97Conlon, Peter
98Cook, Barbara
99Cobb, J.R.
100Cook, Marion "Mal the Pal"
101Cook, Tony
102Cooley, Alex
103Cooley, Alex (Stan Rosen's File)
104Connor, Charles
105Cooper, James L.
106Cooper, Ruskin
71Copyright & Public Domain
3-4Costello, Sean
5Cotton, Bernice
6Count M'Butu
7Country-by-the-Sea Music Festival
8Countryfest '96
9Country Fever Band
10Country Music
11Covington Oldtimers Band
12Cowboy- Boyer and Talton
13Bryan-Michael Cox
14Cowboy Envy
15Cox, Edward
16Cox Harold
17Cox, Ida
18Crabapple, Milton
19Crawford, Randy
20Cravey, Charles
21Craton, John Henry
22Cray, Robert
23Crazy Horse, Kandia
24Criminal Records
25Crews, Bob
26Crimson Tears
27Cross Plains
28Cross, Roy & His Radio Rangers
29Cruce, Mike
31Crusaders Quartet
33Curbow, Greg
34Curb, Mike
36-37Currington, Billy
38Cutter, Al and His Snappy Six
40-41Daddy a Go Go
43Da Brat
44Daemon Records
46Daniel, Fred
47Danger Zone
48-49Daniels, Charlie
50Daniel, Wayne
51Dougherty, Michael
52Darby, Thomas
53Dave Bass Ensemble, The
54Darrell, Johnny
55Davidow, Bill
56Davis, Ira "Enigma"
57Davis, James
58Davis, Keith
59Davis, Mac
60-61Davis, Madeleine
62-63Davis, Orville
64Day by the River
65Daye, Johnny
67Deacon Brody
68Dead Confederate
69Death's Little Sister
71Debt of Nature
72Deep South Quartet
73DeGarmo, Diana
74Deland, Freddie
75Delta Angels, The
76Dempsey, Little Jimmy
77Denton, Will
78Despised, The
79Diamond, Shirley
80Dickerson, Robert Curtis
81Die Monster Die
82Dieckmann, C.W.
83Diego, Dan
84Diggers, The
85Dillard, Ricky
86Dilleshaw, John
87Dilworth, Frank Jr.
88Dilworth, Robert "Bobby"
89Dingler, Clifford E. "Chunk"
90Dirt Dobbers
91Ditchdiggers, The
92Dixon, Basil
93Dixie Dregs
94Dixie Drive
95Dixie Hummingbirds
96Dobbs, Emma Hahr
97Dixon, Samuel M Jr.
98Dixie String Band
99Dobbs, Mattiwilda
101Dockrell, Joanne
102Document Records
103-104Dodd, Dr. Billy
105Dodd, Maybelle
106Dogwood Festival
107Dohn, Carl
108Donlevie, John
109Dorff, Steve
110Dorfman, Adam
111-112Dorsey, Dr. Thomas
113Dorsey, Dr. Thomas, Gospel Heritage Festival
114Dorsey, Tony
115Doom, MF
116Double Shot Band
117Douglas, Scott
118Douglas, Frederick High School
119Douglass Theater
120Douglas, Tom
121Dowd, Tom
122Downs, The Chris Band
123Dawson, Ernest
124Doyle, Brian
125Dr. Wayne
126Drag, The
81Drake, Pete
2Draper, Willie
3-4Drayton, James, Band
6Drexlers, The
8-9Drive-by Truckers, The
10Drivin' N' Cryin
12Drownout, The
13Drusky, Roy
16DuChaine, Kent
17Duckworth, Jesse
18Duckworth, Willie Lee
19Dos Amigos
20Dos Hombres
21Doster, Gary
22Dudeck, Danny "Mudcat"
23Dudek, Les
25Duggan, Bessie J.
26-27Duggan, James "J.D. Rock"
28Duncan, Sammy
29Dunn, Roy
30-32Dupri, Jermaine
33Durden, Thomas
34Durr's Lake
35Durret, Diane
36Dust-to-Digital Records
37-38Eason, Willie Claude
39Eager, Elaine & Shorty
40Eakes, Bobbie
41Eason, Johnnie E.
42Early, Mary Frances
43Eberle, Ray
44Dykes, Charlie
45Dyke, Michael
46D. Vine
47Dust Bunny Records
48East Orange
49Easton, Amos "Bumble Bee Slim"
50Eaton, Wally
51Eckler, Garner "Pop" and all the Young'uns
52Eddie's Attic
53Edwards, Dick
54Edwards, Frank
55Edwards, M. Boyd
56Edwards, Wallace Eugene "Happy"
57-58Eighth Regiment Band
59Eikner, Edward
60EKC Quartet
61Eleventh Hour, The
62Elf Power
63Elliott, Lynn
64Ellis, Elmo
65-66Ellis, Tinsley
67Elmore, Dr. Charles
68Elmore, Daniel "Dan"
69Elsner Sisters, The
70Emerson, Nora Belle
71Emerson, Quiet Kool
72Engel, Brien
73-74Engel, Nancy
75-76English-Robinson, Laura
77Epps, Andrew "Bo"
78Erwin, William C.
79Eschleman, Jim
80Etris, Barry
81Evan, Robert
82-83Evans, Allan
84Evans, Charles
85Evans, Ebony
87Evans High School Band
88-89Evans, Leo
90Everidge, Al
91Exley, F. Sprague
92Fairchilds, The
93-94Faircloth, Charlie "Peanut"
95Fan Clubs, Country Music
96Falkenburg, Jinx
97Fats Domino
98Farquhar, Matthew R.
99Farris, Dione
100Fatz Slim
101Favorite Melody Quartet
102Federal Era Music History
103Fenter, Frank
104Ferguson, Robert
105Festivals- Georgia
106Fickling, Neva Langley
107Fiddlin' Around
108Fusion Festival
109Fiji Mariners
110Filet of Soul
111Fire and Ice
112Fire Creek Band
113First Night Macon
114Five Eight
115Five Ring Circus
116Five XI
117Flagg, Paul "Sir Raggety"
119Flemming, Rev. Timothy
91Flemming, Rev. Timothy
2Fletcher, Glenn
3Fletcher Bros. Band
4Flynn, Terry
5Floyd, Eddie
6Flying Clouds
7Flyy Gyrlz
8Foisan, Tristan
9Ford, Alice
10Forester Sisters
11Tex Forman
12Fort Valley Music Festivals
13Fortune Family
1440 Acres
15Foshee, David
16Foskey, Woodrow
17Foster Brothers, The
18Foster Family
2040 Watt Club
21-22Fowler, Wally
23Fox Theater, The
26Foxworthy, Jeff
27Frampton, Mac
28-29Franks, Randall
30Fraley, Douglas
31Freak the Jones
32Freeman, C.E.
33Freeman, Judy Greene
34Freeman, Lon "Deacon"
35Freeman, Scott
36-37Friedman, J. Lee
38Friends of Johnny Mercer
39Fromm, Harold
40Frost, Edith
41Fuller, James
42Fuller, Jesse
43Fuller, George
44Fulmer, David
45Fulton, Dave
47Fussell, Fred
49Gabriel, Guitar
50Gadgets, The
51Galkin, Joe
52-53Gainey, Reginald K.
54Garner, Debbie "Miz Thang"
55Garrison, Sayrah
56Gates, Rev. J.M.
57Gatins, Bill and Jug Band
58-61Gaughf, Turner
63Georgia All-State Bands & Orchestras
64Georgia Academy for the Blind
65Georgia Agrirama
66Georgia Archives
67Georgia Band Directors
68-69The Georgia Brass Band
70Georgia Children's Home
71Georgia Clodhoppers
72Georgia College and State, Music Therapy Program
73Georgia College and State, Jazz band
74Georgia Crackers
75Georgia Film, Video, and Music
76Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
77Georgia Fireflies, The
78Georgia Grassroots Music Festival
79Georgia Heartbeat
80Georgia Jukebox
81Georgia Mass Choir
82Georgia Melodians
83-84Georgia Mountain Fair
85Georgia Mudcats
86Georgia Music Educators Association
87Georgia Museum Educators
88Georgia Music Industry Association
101-4Georgia Music Hall of Fame
5Georgia Music Week, Georgia Music Festival
6Georgia Music Magazine
7Georgia Prophets
8-9Georgia Public Broadcasting
10Georgia Playboys
11Georgia R&B and Soul Records
12Georgia Ramblers
13The Georgia Satellites
14Georgia Sea Island Singers
15Georgia Southern University
16-17Georgia State Gospel Singing Convention
18Georgia State University, Special Collections
19Georgia Strutters
20Georgia Tech Marching Band
21Georgia Washboard Stompers
22Georgia Yellow Hammers
23Georgia Renaissance Singers
24Georgia String Quartet
25Georgia's Best
26Georgy Awards
27Geresti, Bob
28Gerschefski, Edwin
29Gholston, Clara Hudman "The Georgia Peach"
30Ghostmeat Records
31Gibbons, Billy
32Gibbs, Terri
33Gibeling, Howard and his orchestra
34Gibson Guitars USA
35Gibson, Jack
36Gibson, Jim
37Gibson, Rob
39Gifford, Gene
40Gill, Samuel
41Gillham, Art
42Gilmore, Joey
43Girl Pool, The
45Glands, The
46Glass Candle Grenade
47Glass, Keith
48Glenn Hills High School
49Glover, Billy Sumner
50Glover, Corey
51Glover, Walter Dr. L.
52Gnam, Adrian
53Gonder, Lucas "Fats"
54Going Against the Wind
55Gone with the Wind
56Gonella, Nat & his Georgians
57Goodie Mob
58Goodrich, Betsy "Danger Woman"
59Gordon, Curtis
60Gordy, Emory
61Gospel Chapel A&B
62Gospel Chapel Script
63Gosdin, Vern
64Gospel Aires Quartet
65Gospel Moon Quintet
66Gospel Music Ministries of Middle Georgia
67Gospel Music Workshop of America, INC
68Gospel Singing Convenrtions
69Goss, Lari
70Gourley, Carole Joyner
71Governale, Filippo
72-73Gov't Mule
74Grady, Bob
75Graham, M.L.
76-77Grammy Nominees
78Grand Opera House
79Grant, Amy
80Grant, Della
81-82Grant, Richard
83Grapes, The
84Gray, A.A.
85Gray Audograph Machine
86Gray, Royce "Fonzie"
87Gray, Tamyra
88Greater Atlanta Music Alliance
89Green, Silas
90Green, Willie A.
91Greenblatt, Mike
92Greene, Anne
93Greene, Charles "Big Saul"
111-2Greene, Buddy
3Greene, Jack
4Greene, Michael
5Greene, Taranda
7Gregory, Charles
9Gretsch Musical Instrument Purchased by GMHF&M
10Gretsch, Fred Enterprises
11Gretsch Exhibit
12Gretsch Pickin Parlor Interactive
13-14Griffin, Reid
15Griffeth School of Music, Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra
19Grubss, Cary
20Guadalcanal Diary
21Gucci Mane
22Guest, William
23Guide, The
25Gunther, Tim
27Guthrie, Michael Band
28Guttenberger, A. Ferdinand
29Guttenberger, Charles WIlliam
30Guttenberger, Philip G.
31Guy, Ed
32Guy, Fred
33Guy, Jasmine
34Gypsy Train
35Hahira United Methodist Church Chancel Choir
36Haines, Connie
37Haines, Connie (Stan Rosen's File)
38Hall, Connor
39Hall, Donna
40Hall, Ellis
41Hall, Jimmy
42Hall, Kristen
43Hall, Sandra
44Halsey, Glynn E.
45Hamilton, Roy
46Hamlin, Lewis
47Hammond, Bonnie
48Hammond, Wayne
49Hamm-Smith, Theresa
50-51Hampton, Col. Bruce
52Hampton Grease Band
53Hamrick, Raymond
54Hancock County, Antebellum Music
55Haney, Jimmy
56Haney, Bill
57Hard Corps, The
58Hardin, Bill Music
59Harmony Five, The
60Handy, Oliver
61Hardy, Robert "Moon"
62Harmoneers Quartet
63`Frank and the Hardknox
64Harper, Clay
65Harrold, Kemper
66Harris, Clifford Jr. "TI"
67Harris, Jimmie
68Harrison, Dave
69Harrison, Kodac
70Harvill, Bessie Lou
71Hauser, Dr. William
72Hawkins, Jim
73Hawkinsville City Hall and Auditorium
74Hay, Bob
75Hay House
76Hayes, Augustus "Gus"
77Hayes, Johnny
78-79Hayes, Isaac
80-81Hayes, Roland
82Haynes, Greg
83Haynes, Susan
84Haynes, Teresa
86Heard, Mark
87Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music
121-2Hegamin, Lucille
3Helms, Pam
4-5Henderson, Fletcher
6Henderson, Horace
7Hendrix, Jimmy
8Henry, Bartow
9Henry, Marcia
10Henson, J.M.
11Herring, Jimmy
12Hersh, Kristin
13Hess, Jake
14Hester, Greg
15Heywood, Eddie
16Higher Call
17Hightower, Deborah
18Hildebrand, David & Ginger
19Hill, Horace Band
20Hilliard, Wayne
21Hinton, Matt & Erica
22Hip Hop, history
23Hirsch, Rick
24Hiwell, John
25Hiawassee Cloggers
26Hicks, Charlie Lincoln
27Hicks, Chris
28-29Hicks, Robert "Barbecue Bob"
30J.C. Higginbotham
31Higgins, Bertie
32Higgins, Gloria
33Hoboken Sacred Harp Singing
34Hodgson, Hugh
35Hogan, Kelly
36Holcomb, Robin
37Holliday, Lindsey
38Holland, Greg
39Holland, James
40Holliday, Lindsay
41Holliday, Yvonne
43Hollywood All Stars
44-45Hollywood Band
46Holyfield, Evander
47Homeland Harmony Quartet
48Hometown Boys
49Honest Tune Magazine
50Honey and Salt
51Honeyrods, The
52Hood, Patterson
53Hook, Line & Sinker
54Hooten, Clifford
55Hopkins, Donna
56Horne, Lena
57Hornsby, Dan
58Hornsby, Dan
59Hottrax Records
60Horse Show Music
61Hot Club of Atlanta
62Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz
63Hot Rocks
64House of Blues
65Houser, Beverly
66Houston, Da'Shon
67Houston, Whitney
68Howard, Larry
69-70Howard, Randy
71Howard, Starling
72Howard, Tim
73Howell, Dirk
74Howell, "Peg Leg"
76Hubbard, Tom
77Huckeba, D.W. "Huck"
78Hudmon, Robert B.
79Hudson, Larry G.
80Hudson, Roger
81Huellemeier, Bob
82Huffman, Tim
83Hughes, Gwen
84Hulett, Tonya Faye
85Hunt, Jeff
86Hunter, Clifford
87Ianuario, Tony
88Ichiban Records
89Imes, Carl
91-92Indigo Girls
93In Like Flynn
94Intersound Distribution
95Interstate 80pi
96Iron Butterfly
97Irving, James
98Irwin-Slider, Lois
99Ita, Rich
100Ivey, Stan
101Jackoffs, The
102Jackson, Alan (Stan Rosen's File)
131-2Jackson, Alan
3Jackson, Graham
4Jackson, Jimmy Junebug
5Jackson, Keisha
6Jackson, Millie
7Jackson, Oscar
8Jackson, "Shot"
9Jackson, Stonewall
10Jackson, Walter Lamar
11Jackson, Wesley John
13Jacobs, Joni
14Jacob's Trouble
15Jagged Edge
16James, Harry
17James, Willis Laurence
18Japan Information Center
19-20Jarrard, John
21Jarrett, Hugh
22Jarrett, James "Pigmeat"
23Jarvis, Felton
24Jay, Abner
25Jaxx Association of Macon
26Jazz/Blues Archives list
27Jazz is Dead
28Jefferson, Minnie
29-30Jenkins, Johnny
31Jenkins, Andrew
32-33Jenkins, Jay "Young Jeezy"
34Jiosne, Candi
35Jody Grind
37John, Elton
38Johnnie Sue
39Johnson, Bonnie
40Johnson, C.J.
41Johnson, Doug
42Johnson, Earl & His Dixie Entertainers
43Johnson, Ernie
44Johnson, George Leon
45Johnson Hall
46Johnson, Haley V.
47Johnson, Jai Johnny "Jaimo"
48Johnson, James Weldon
49Johnson, Larry
50Johnson, Lee
51Johnson, Luther "Houserocker"
52Johnson, Luther "Snake Boy"
53Johnson, Ralph
54Johnson, Pamela Davis
55Jordan, Archie
56Jordan Brothers
57Jordan, Ed
58-59Johnson, Roy Lee
60Johnston, Ben
61Jolly Beggars
62Jones, Charles Lynwood
63Jones, Canton
64Jones County High School
65Jones, Dewitt Jr.
66Jones, Donell
67-68Jones, James Acton "Jimmy"
69Jones, Kemp
70Jones, Marion
71Jones, Norman
72Jones, Phalon Jr.
73Jones, Sweetie
74Jones, Tamiko
75Jonesboro City Band
76Jons, Michel
77Joshua Generation
79Judd, Cledus T.
80Jumbo Shrimp Band
81Jump, Ernest Jr.
82Jupiter Coyote
85Joel Katz (Stan Rosen's File)
141-3Katz, Joel
4Juke Box, Coca Cola
5John Keane Studio, Athens
7Keene, Harvey
8Keith, Toby
9Kelly, Clifford
10-13Kelly, Emma
14Kelsey, Kimberly
15Kennedy, Bill
16Kennedy, Larry
17Kennedy, Matthew W.
18Kenner, G. Nolan
19Kent, Bill
20Kesler, Gwen
21Kidd, Leon
22Kight, E.G.
23Kilgore Trout
24King Bros. Circus
25King, Herbert
26King, Rosa
27King Johnson
28King, Dr. Martin Luther
29King, Wes
30King, Woody
31King Record Studios
32Kingdom Seekers
33Kingston Trio, The
34Kinney, Kevin
36Kirkland, Eddie
37Kitchens, Jackie
38Kitchens, H. Lynn
39Kitchens, William
40Klaudt Indian Family
41Knight, Felix
42-43Knight, Gladys and the Pips
44Night, John Christopher
45Knight, Skeebo
46Knysz, Bob
47Kotke, Leo
48Kossover, Herb
49Kris Kross
51Kut Klose
52Lacks, Reba
53La Face Records
54Ladenstone Odyssey
55Lakeside Park
57Lambdin, Bill Sr.
58Lance, Major
59Land, Billy
60Langston, Walter Scott
61Lanier, Sidney
62Lanierland Music Park
63Lanier Trio, The
151Larmore, Jennifer
2Lary, Jason
3Last Call
4Lathan, George W.
5Laughter, John C.
6Lavender, Carl
7Lavergne, Lee
8Laymen's Envy
9League of Decency
10-11Leavell, Chuck
12Leavers, The
13Ledbetter, Lance
14Lee, Brenda (Stan Rosen's File)
15Lee, Brenda
16Lee, Dee & Georgia Ramblers
17Lee, Gitlo & Regi Blue
18Lee Jessup Band
19Lee, Vicki
20Leep Recorps
21-22LeFevre, Eva Mae
23LeFevre, Mylon
24LeFevre, Meurice
25-26Leitman, Ruth
27Lena Clemons Conservatory
28Lester, Gary
29Lucas, Clarence
30Levi, Allen
31Levert, Gerald
32Lewis Family, The
33Ligotti, Albert
34Lil Bow Wow
35Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boys
36Lilley, George & Janice
37Lincoln, Charley
38Lindsey, James Patton "Red"
39Lines, Alva B.
40Listen For the Love
41-42Lister, Hovie
43Lister, Mosie
44Little Big Town
45Little Bone
46-47Little Carnegie of the South
48Little Richard
50Little White House
51Live at Five
52Living Record
53Livingston, Buddy
54Liz Hate Club
55Lizella Playboys
56Lockett, Mark
57Logan, Jack
58Logan Sisters
59Logan, Wendall
60Lombar, Dru
61Lone Mountain Band
62Long, John
63Looking Glass, The
64Loose Chain
65Lords of London
66Lorenz, Mike
67Lost Boys, The
161Philologus, Loud
2Loudermilk, Ms. Dale
3Love, Josephine Harrold
5Loveless, Patty
6Lovell, Ed
7Love Tractor
8Lovejoy, Addison R.
9Lovell Sisters
10Lowe, Cleveland
11-12Lowery, Bill
13Lowery Music Top Hits
14Lowery, Ray
15Lubniewski, John A.
16Lucado, Bill
17Lucid Groove
18-19Lucktenberg, George
22Lueck, Dr. Karyl
23Lyles, Bill
24Lynyrd Skynyrd
25Lynyrd Skynyrd (Stan Rosen's file)
26Mack, Oscar
27Macneil, Madeline
28Macon Arts
29Macon Civiv Chorale
30Macon Civic Club
31Macon Coliseum
32Macon Little Theater
33Macon Morning Music Club
34Macon Music History
35Macon Music Teacher Association's Grand Ensemble
36Macon, Tommie and the Gentlemen of Jazz
37Macon, Uncle Dave
38Macon Symphony
39Macon Municipal/Cuty Auditorium
40Macon Telegraph
41Macon Volunteer Fire Department #2
42Madison, Daniel
44Maerz, Joseph
45Magic Mushroom
47Magness, Tommy
49Malone, Kasper "Stranger"
50Malone, Michelle
51Malone, Russell
52Maloy, Joes & Frank
53Man or Astroman
54Mandolin Orchestras
56Manhattans, The
58Man's Ruin
59Mapp, Eddie
61Marea Alta
64Marshall, Charles Edward
65Marshall, Fredye
66-67Marshall Tucker Band
68Martin, Everett
171Martin, Mario
2Martin, Michael
3Martin, Sallie
4Marvelous 3, The
5Mason, Babbie
6Mason, Lowell
7Mason, Skip
9Matchbox 20
10-11Mathis, Anita Sorrells
12Mayfield, Curtis
13Mathis, Roye
14Mayer, John
15Mays, Zilla
16Maze, Betty
18-19McClellan, HIlliard
20McCabe, Tim
21McCarthy, Chirstie
22McClendon, Geneva
23McClung, Joseph Taylor
24McCook, Scott
25McCord, John
26McCracken, Dick
27Mattox, Bain
28McCurry, John Gordon
29McDonald, Forrest
30McDonald, James & Lisa
31McDuffie, Margery
32McDuffie, Robert
33McDuffie, Susan
34McEven, John
35McGarity, Lou
36McGraw, Hugh
37-38McIntosh County Shouters
39McKinnie, Eric "Ricky"
40McKenzie, Rufus
41McKeown, Neal
42McKinnie, Angelia
43McFoy Dunn, Kevin
44McLain, Donald Earl
45McLaughlin, Maureen
46McLin, Lena Johnson
47McMichen, Clayton
48McMillan, Rev. Thomas E.
49McRae, Theodore "Teddy"
50McTell, Blind Willie
51McWhorter, Harold
52Meadows, Tim
54Meet the Artist
55Melton, James
56-57Melton, Ray
58Memory Dean
59Mendel, Ed "Dr. Jive"
60-63Mercer, Johnny
181Mercer University Music Department
2Mercer University Choir
3Mercer, Wallace & Charlie
4Mercer Collection GSU ( )
5Mercury Art Works
6Meriweather, Major "Big Maceo"
8Methane Studios
9Middle Georgia Concert Band
10Middle Georgia Dulcimer Club
11Middle Georgia Songwriters Association
12Middle Georgia Tourism Info
13Miles, Bob
14Miles, Ivan
15Millenium Gospel Explosion
16Miller, Chip
17Miller, Danny "Thriller"
18Miller, Emmett
19Mills, Jimmy L.
20Miller, Joe
21-23Miller, Zell
24-25Mills, Rodney
26Milo Twins
27Milsap, Ronnie
28Milsap, Ronnie (Stan Rosen's File)
30Minor, Charlie
31Minstrel Show History & Info
32Miracle Men w/ Lee Roy Abernathy
33Misc. for Archives
34Missing Links
36Mitchell, George
37Mitchell, Paul
38Mitchell, "Roy" Mason
39Mitchem, Wynette
40Mobley, Hank
41Modern Mountaineers
42Modern Skirts
43Molly Hatchett
44Moman, Chips
45Money, Curley
47Monk, Derrick
48Monroe, Bill
49Montgomery, Gary
50Montgomery, James Neal
51Montgomery, Marion
52Montreaux Atlanta Music Festival
53Moody, Charles E.
54Moody, James
55Moon, Gracie
56Moon, Mike
57Moon River Chorus
58Moonshine Still
59Moore, Ashley
60Moore, Danny
61Moore, Henry
62Moore, Joseph Patrick
63Moore II X-PEC
64Moore, Sam
65Moravians in Georgia
66Morehouse College Glee Club
67Morris, Homer F.
68Morrison, Alan
69Morrison, Bill
70Morrison, Geraldine
71Morrison, Jeanine
72Morrow, Dr. David
73Morton Theater, Athens
74Morton, Ken Will
75Moss, Buddy
76Mosley, Ishmael
77Murphy, Albert
78Motes, Arthur
79Mother's Finest
80Mount de Sales
81Mt. Pilot
82Mountain, Bobby
83Mountain Dulcimer Philharmonic
85Mud Clowns
86Muddy River Band
87Mulkey, Truman
88Mullenix, Louis
89Mullineaux, Floyd
90Mullins, Jerry Quintet Dizieland Jazz
91Mullins, Shawn
92Murphy, Albert Orchestra
93Murphy Blind
94Murphy, Nora L.
95Murray, Henry C.
96Murray, Mickey
97Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts
98Musgrave, Terri L.
99-100Music Maker Relief Fund
191Music Museums, list of
2Music Museums Alliance
3Music Road
4Music Stores, Georgia
5Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum
6Nabell, Charles
7Nader, George & Harris
8Nalls, Jimmy
10Nash, Henry
11National Association of Negro Musicians
12National Black Arts Festival
13National Gospel Singing Convention
14National Grain
15National Recording Corporation
16Nebula Records
17Ned Bridges Memorial Concert Series
18Needham, Dan & Betty
19Neesley, David
20Nelon, Kelly
21Nelon, Rex
22Nelson-Hart, Sherrell
23Nelson Family Singers
24Nervous Boy
25New Blood
26New Edition
27New Song
28New Road, The
30Newman, Bob & the Georgia Crackers
31Next of Kin
33Nix, Ed
34Nix, Robert
37Noble, Dr. Clyde
38No Class
39Nobles, Bud
40Norman & Nancy Blake
41-42Norman, Stephen "Bebo"
43-44Norman, Jessye
45Normaltown Flyers
46North Canton Quartet
47North Georgia Folk Festival
48North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association
49North Georgia Traditional Music
50North Gwinett High School
51Norwood, Daron
52Norwood, Dorothy
53#1 Family Mover
54Nuci's Space
55Neutral Milk Hotel
56NuWreckin' Crew Band
57Oak Ridge Quartet
58Oak Ridge Boys, The
59O'Brien, Brendan
60Oconee County
61Oconee River Boys
62O'Connor, Flannery
63O'dea, Bobby
64Ode to Abbey
65Of Montreal
67Okeh Research, Records in Athens
68Old Governor's Mansion
69Oliver, Joe "King"
70Oliver, Thaddeus
71One Lamp Band
73Onyx Opera Atlanta
74O'Reilly, Buddy Band
75Orendorff, George
76Organized Noize
77Original Washboard Band
78Osbourne, Connie
79Oteil and the Peacemakers
80Ott, Doy
83Outlaws, The
84Owens, Richard
85"P Rock" Frederick Brown
86Pace, Charles Henry
87Pace, Harry Herbert
88Parker, Rev. Jacob
89Poole, Otis
90Padgett, Dr. Norman L.
91Paige, Jennifer
92Painting Churches
93Paulding County Singing Convention
95Pallot, Scott
96Palmer, Kenneth
97Page, Bob
98Panther, Bob
99Paper Champions, The
100Paris, Tony
101Parker, Elaine Guth
102Parris, Robert
103-105Parsons, Gram
106Patterson, Chris
107Patrenos, Elizabeth
108Pattman, Neil
109Paulding County Historical Society and Museum
110Paulding County Pea Pickers
111Paycheck, Johnny
201Peach State Jazz Festival
2Peach State Public Radio
3Peachtree Brass Ensemble
4Peak, Reginald
5Pearl, Minnie
6Pearson, Duke
8Peck, David
9Peek, Paul
10Peek, Paul Jr.
11Peer, Richard
12Pelham Jamboree
13Penney, John
14-17Penniman, Little Richard
18Penny, Hank
19-20Peoples, Dottie
21Perkins, William H.
22Perpetual Groove
23Perry, Denton
24Perry High School
25Perryman, WIlliam Lee
26Peters, Floyd E.
27Petty, Joe Dan
28Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers
29Peyroux, Madeleine
30Pfeifer, Diane
31Phillips, Ben
32Phillips, Harvey
33Phipps, Sandra Lee
34Phoenix Sound Recording Studio
35Pickard, Frankie
36Pickens Sisters, The
37Pickett, Guy
38Pierce, Lowrell
39Pierpont, James "Jingle Bells"
40Pig n' Whistle
41Pike Family, The
42Pinckney, St. Clair
43Pindar, George & Georgine
44Pineal, Ventana
45Pins, The
46Pioneer Quartet
48Place, Barbara J.
49Planet Earth Recording Company
50Plastics, The
51Poker Alice Band, The
52Polote, Kim
53Ponder, Bo
54Ponder, Arthur Jr.
55Pookie Loc
56Poole, Benton Harris
57Poole, Bobby G.
58Popwell, Robert
59Porrazzo, Johnny
61Pound, Bill
62Powell, Patti
63Powell, Tammy
64Powerhouse Band
65Powersville Opry
66Prater, Dave
67Prater's Mill Foundation
68Precious Memories Bluegrass Gospel Magazine
69Presley, Elvis
70Price, G.B.
71Price, Gordon
72Price, Joel
73Price, Nancy
74Pritchett, Peggy
75Pritchett, Tony
76Priest, Vernon Alton "Hank"
77Printup, Marcus
78Pruett, Carl
79Pruett, Herbert Vernell "Pee Wee"
80Puckett, George Riley
82Questionmark Asylum
83Quillian, Rufus and Ben
84Rabideau, Jude
85Radio Theory
86Radio Disney
87Ragan's Park, Macon
88Ragovoy, Jerry
89Ragsdale, Howell Jr.
90Rainey, Gertrude "Ma"
91Raheem the Deram
92Ramey, Troy & the Soul Searchers
93Rand, Connor and the Red Dirt Band
94Rand, Jermaine
95Raven, Eddie
96Ray, Amy
97Reader, Naomi Sego
98Reagon, Bernice Johnson
99Real, Frank
101Recording Industry Terms
211red fish blu fish
2Redbelly Band, The
3Red Heifers
4-14Redding, Otis
15Redding, Rodgers
18Redwall Music
19Reed, Francine
20Reed, Jerry (Stan Rosen's File)
21-22Reed, Jerry
23Reeves Singers, The
24Reid, Antonio "L.A."
25Reid, Irene
26Reid Rufus
32R.E.M. (Stan Rosen's File)
34Rewinds, The
35Rhoades, Darryl
36Rhodes, Don
37Rhoades, Eddie
38Rhythm Rebels
39Rhythm Kings
40Rhythm & Roots
41RIAA, GOld Record History
42Rice Brothers
43Rivers, Tommy
44Rivers, Kurtis
45Ringgold Visitors Center
46Riverbend Bluegrass Band
47Riley, Ben
48Riegger, Wallingford
49Richardson, Bob & Babs
50Rick's Music Inc
51Richman, Barry
52Richardson, Nelson
221Rich, Tony
2Rivertown Barbershop
3Riverwalk Bluegrass Festival
4Roaches, The
6Roberts, Julie
7Robin Ella
8Robins, Charles
9Roddie, Clarence
10Rocky Creek Band
11Rockerz, The
12Robinson, Chris
13Robinson, Eli
14Rogers, Jimmy
15Rockmore, Rev. T.O.
16Rodegers, Jimmie-Ringgold
17Rodgers, Jimmie
18Rodgers, Joe
19Roddie, Clarence J. Sr.
20Rodgers, Kenny
21Rogers, Nelson
22Roosevelt, President Franklin D.
23Rosehill Band
24John Noel Roberts
25Roe, Tommy
26Roe, Tommy (Stan Rosen's File)
28Rogers, Catherine
29Rogers, David
30Rosenbaum, Art
31Rouse, M.L.
32Roxy Theater, Macon
33Royal, Billie Joe
34Royal, Billie Joe (Stan Rosen's File)
35Roster, Tony Jr.
36Rucker, James "Sparky"
37Ruffin, Marshall
38Run DMC
39Ru Paul
40Russell, Tony
41Rutland, George
42Rutland, Robert "Georgia Slim"
43Ryan-Harris, David
44Ryder, Junior
45S&S Singers
46Sacred Harp Singing
48Sadane, Mark
49Salter, Sam
50Sam and Dave
51Sambuca Jazz Cafe
52Semples, Junior
53Sampson, Sebastian
54Sanders, Steve
55Sanders, Tim
56Sandifer, Ben
57Sandlin, Johnny
58Santos, Rogerio
59Sapp, Carl
60Satellite Pepe
61Savannah Artists
62Savannah Folk Music Society
63Savannah Jazz
64-66Savannah Music Festival
67Savannah Symphony Orchestra
68Savannah Sycopators
69Sayles, Mark
70Saylor, Gordon Lee "Bud"
71Sayre, J. Louis
72Scaggs, Boz
73Schanche, Don
74Schneider, Fred
75Scott, Arvin
76Scott, Fred
77Scott, Millie
78Scott, Peggy
79Scott, Richard
80Scott, Robert L. Jr.
81Scott, Robert
231Scottdale Mills Brass Band
2Scottdale String Band
3Scotts, The
4Scruggs, Willis Homer
5Sea Level
6Sea Island Singers
7Searcy, Lucious
8Scars, Zena
9-10Sego Brothers & Naomi
11Seltzer, Morris J.
12Sensational Gospel Travellers
13Sensations, The
1717 Years
18Shadz of Lingo
19Shadows, The
20Shakur, Tupac
22Shane, Rainey
23Shaver, Billy Joe
24Shaw, Robert
25Sheffield, George
26Shedd, Harold
27Shihab, Sahib
28Shipp, Stephen S.
29Shirah, Jim
31Shock Lobo
32Short, Ron
33Shorter College
34Showalter, A.J.
35Sight-Seers, The
37Silvey, Uncle Bud
38Simple Heritage
39Simpson, John A.
40Singer, Scott
41Singletary, Daryle
42Singletary, Houston
43Singley Family
44Sisson, Allen
45Six Pense
46Skelton, Bob
47Skillet Lickers
48Sky, Patrick
50Slim Chance and the Convicts
52Smallwood, Richard
53-54Smile-A-While Quartet
55Smith, Adam
56Smith, Arthur Q.
57Smith Brothers
58Smith, Bobby
59Sheffield, Pearson
60Smith, Carrie
61Smith, Cladys "Jabbo"
62Smith, Dick
63Smith, Edmund
64Smith, Edward L.
65Smith, George
66Smith, Harold Sr. "Shang-a-lang"
67Smith, James Quill
68Jan Smith
69Smith, John O. "Tennessee", Smith Brothers
70Smith, Richard
71Smith, Smitty
72Smith, Stan
73Smith, Teresa
74Smith, Trixie
75Smith, W.O.
76Smith, Willie
77Smith's Sacred Singers
78Smokestack Lightnin'
79Snodgrass, Elmer and His Musical Pioneers
80Snype, Raymond "Ray"
81SoSoDef Records
82Social Harp
83Society of Soul
84Soles, Nanette
85Soda Jerk
86Sommers, Dr. Laurie
87Sommerville, Joey
88Sons of Harmony
89S.O.S. Band
90Sound Exchange
94Sound Recording Preservation
96Sousa, John Philip
97South, Joe
98South, Joe (Stan Rosen's File)
99Southern Music Museums
100Southern Rockers Guitar
101Southern Star Music Festival
102Southern Tracks Recording Studio
103Southern Jubilee, 1995 ( )
104Southside Music Festival
105Spain, Irene
106Sparxxx, Bubba
107Spawn Ranch Disciples
109Spelman College
110Spencer, Jean
111Spencer, Lee
112Spirit of Atlanta, Drum & Bugle Corps
113Spiritual Six
114Spirits of Harmony Quartet
115Spano, Robert
116Spivey Hall
117Spivey, Judge Jewell
119Spoon, Sonny
122St. Holmes, Derek
123Stanford Band
124Star Collector
126Stardusters Orchestra
127Starnes, John
128Stars of Heaven
129Statesboro-Georgia Southern Symphony
130Staton, Candi
131State of Man
132Status Cymbal
133Stax Museum
134Stax Records
135Steel Bandits, The
136Steele, Blue
137Steele, Joe
138Stephens, Barbara
241-2Steinhaus, Walter
3Stevens, Michael & Elizabeth
4Stevens, Ray
5Stevens, Ray (Stan Rosen's File)
6Stephenson, Mrs .Tom
7Stiles, james & Blues Express Band
8Still, Russ
10Stockard, John
11Stokes, Lowe
12Stone, David
13Stone, Doug
14Stone, Eddie
15Stone, R.O.
16Stone, Reppard
17Stovall, Doc
18Straight Street Holiness Church
19Straynotes Band
20Street, Jackie
21Street, Michael
22Street, Roy
23Streeter, Richard Kent
24Strickland, Bobby
25Strickland, Harold K.
26Stripling, James Wilson "Chick"
27Stroud, Wilfred
28Stuck Mojo
29Stuckey, Joey
30Studios- Georgia
31Styles, James H.
35Sugar Creek Bluegrass Festival
36Summer Hymns
37Sumer Sun Music Festival
38Sumner, J.D.
39Sunshine Boys
40-43Sunshine Boys, The
45Swain, Bill
46Swain, Hamp
47Swamp Gravy
48Swampland Opera
49Swan Duo
50Swanee Quintet
51Swanee River Boys
52Swear, The
53Swanson, Howard
54Sweet Betty
55Sweat, Keith
56Sweet Adelines
57Sweet Georgia Jam
58-59Sweet Honey in the Rock
60Sweet, Matthew
61Sweet Water Run
62Swimming Pool Q's, The
63Swinger, Martin
64Swinging Medallions, The
65Swords, Jim (Charles Anthony Rogers)
66Tag Team
67Talton, Tommy
68Tampa Red
69The Spiritual Six
70Tams, The (Stan Rosen's File)
71-72Tams, The
73Tanner, Don
74Tanner, Gid and the Skillet Lickers
75Tarplin, Marvin
76Tarrant, Robert "Tarp"
77Tate, Eric Quincy
78Tate, Howard
80Taylor, Eleanor H.
81Taylor, Johnnie
82Taylor, Mark
83Taylor, Robert Arthur "Tut"
84Tears of Joy, The
85Terry, Pat
86Terry, Sonny
88Theater Macon
89Third Day
9013 Stories
251Thirty-Eight Special
2Thirty-Seventh Regimental Band
3Thomas, Alphonso
4Thomas, Andrew Gene Jr.
5Thomas, Carl
6Thomas, Charles Jr.
7Thomas, Harold E.
8Thomas, Indra
9Thomas, Jamal Jerome
10Thomas, Keith
11Thomas, Lonnie
12Thomas, Mickey
13Thomas, Sylvia
14Thomasville Cornet Band
15Thomasville Music & Drama Troupe
16Thompson, Bill & Karen
17Thompson, Clifford
18Thompson, Ronnie
19Thomson, Cyndi
20Thomson, Phil
21Thornton, Furman
22Thrasher, Rev. M.L.
243 Lb. Thrill
25Thrower, John "Doodle"
26Time Bomb 77
28T.O.B.A. Theater Owners Booking Agency
30Tone Deaf Pig Dogs
31Travelers Quartet
32Toney, Oscar Jr.
33Toney, Tom & Ellie
34Toomer, Charles Wesley
35Total Package
37Trent, Gary
38Tri-County Playboys
39Trial by Existence
40Tritt, Travis
41Trucks, Butch
42True Praise Ensemble
44The Swing Assoiciation (TSA)
46-47Tubman Museum
48Tucker, Benjamin
49Tucker, "Shorty"
50Trucks, Derek
52Turner, harry
53Tucker, Moe
54Turner, Jackson
55Turner, Josh
56Turner, Titus
57Turpin, Thomas
58Turpin, Tom Ragtime Festival
6012 oz.
61Twelve Bands of Christmas, The
62Twilight Playboys
63Tyler, Tony
64UGA Performing Arts Center
65UGA Symphonic Band
66U.S. Army Bands
67Union Eagle Band
68Untied States
69UGA Music Business Program
71Utley, "Deacon & the Smile-A-While Quartet"
72Valdosta State University
73Van Camp, Bob
74Vanderkloot, William
75Varney, Vic
76Veal, Rob
77Vegas, Hank
78Velocette Records
79Venable, Kim
80Vick's Quartet
81Victory Singers
82Vidalias, The
83Vigilantes of Love
84Vinson, Ken "First Knight"
86Viva La Diva
87-88Voltage Brothers, The
89Volynets, Vadim
90Wade, Norman
91Wdsworth, Charles William
92Waiting, The
93-94Walden, Alan
261Walden, Alan
2Walden, G. Scott
3Walden, Phil (Stan Rosen's File)
4Walden, Phil. Jr
5-8Walden, Phil
9Walker, Bernice & Myra
10Walkemeyer, Alice
11Walker, Charles
12Wallace, Earnest
13Wallace Brothers
14Wallace, Ed
15Wallace, Richard
16Wallace, Sam
17Walton High School Band
18Wamdue Kids
20-21Ward, Robert
22Warlow, Gaylon
23Warm in the Wake
24Warner, Byron & Horence
25Washington, Albert
26Washington, George
27Watchers, The
28Watkins Family
29Watkins, Beverly
30Watson, Edward Thomas
31Watson, James
32Watters, Cynthia
33WBLJ Radio
34WDDO Radio, Macon
35We Shall Overcome, song history
36Weaver, Curley
37Weaver, Phillip
38Webster Chicago Wire Records
39Weepin Willie
40Weevil, Bo
41Weise, Don
42Welch, Cecil
43Welch, Percy
44Wellborn, Howard
45Weller, Freddy
46Wendt, Bill
47Wheeler, Dr. Maurice
48Wheeler, James
49Wheeler, Golden "Big"
50Whaley Mandolin Company
51Whalum, Dr. Wendell Phillips Sr.
52WGUN Radio, Decatur
53Wetherington, Jim "Big Chief"
54Wet Willie
55-57Westbrooks, Nelson
58West, Kirk & Kirsten
59West, Kirk
60West, Hedy
61West, Hugh
62West, Garry
63Wesley, John & Charles
64Wheeler, Steve
65Where's Anita?
66Whigs, The
67Whipple-Harris, Mary Ann
68Whiskey River
69White, B.F.
70White, Charles "Buster"
71White Clay Records
72White, Elvis
73White, Georgia
74White, Ralph
75White, Tony Joe
76Whitfield-Murray Historical Society
271-2Whitley, Ray
3Whitley, Ricky
4WIBB Radio
5-6Widespread Panic
7Wiegand, John
8Wiggins, Dr. Eugene
9Wiggins, Thomas "Blind Tom"
10Wilder, James "Jim"
11Wilkes, Marsha
12Wilkinson, Sue G.
13Wilks, Rod
14Williams, William Carlos
15Williams, Brooks
16Williams, B. Keith
17Williams, Curley
18Williams, Dennis
19Williams, Gladys
20Williams, Harold "Ivory"
21Williams, Henry "Rubberlegs"
22Williams, Jack
23-24Williams, Joe
25Williams, Mary Lou
26Williams, Robert
27Williams, Todd
28Williams, Tony
29Williams, Willie T.
30Willing Servants
31Willis, Chick
32Willis, Chuck
33Willis, Mack
34Willis, Martin
35Willis, Dr. Sharon
36Wills, Mark
37Wilson Brothers
38Wilson, Cindy Band
39Wilson, Larry Jon
40Wilson, Roger "Hurricane"
41Wilson, Tim
43Wire Recorder
44Wise, John
46Witt, Elise
47WMAZ AM Radio
48WNEX Radio
49Woggles, The
50Wolf, Chipa
51Wolf, Leonard
52Wolff, Beverly
54Wood, Randy
55Woodall, Boots
56Woodruff Arts Center
57Woods, "Uncle" Billy
58World Mambo Mission
59Wright, Billy
60Wright, Bun
61Wright, Lizz
62Wright, Tom
63WSB Radio
64WSB Barndance
65Wylie, Lollie Belle
66Wynn, "Little Willie"
67X-Possibles, The
69Yates, Billy
70-73Yearwood, Trisha
281Yearwood, Trisha
2Yellow Hammers
4Ying Yang Twins
5Yo Gotti
6Yoho, Monte
7Yost, Dennis
8Young, Billy
10Young, Chip
11Young, Drew
12Young Guns
13Young Jeezy
14Young, Steve
15Young, Trummy
16Zeigler, John Lee
17Zoots & the Swingin' Suits
18Zorn, W.H. "Bud"
19ZZ Top

1.2 Photographs

291Abernathy, Lee Roy
2Adrian Concert Band
3A.C. Black
5Aiken, Caroline
6Aldean, Jason
7Alexander, Isham "Ike"
8Allman Brothers Band, The
9American Legion Band
11Applewhite's Merrimaker Orchestra
12Anderson, Bill
13Anderson, Lynn
14Anderson, Debbie
15Anderson, Vicki
16Atkins, Chet
17Arrested Development
18Atlanta Rhythm Section
19Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
20Austin, Johnta
23Bagwell, Wendy & the Sunliters
24Bailey, Alice
25Bailey, Razzy
26Barbershop Singing
27Baxter, Andrew & James
28Barbour, Glenn
29Count Basie
30Bechtel, Perry
31Bell Sisters
32Bell, William
34Bennett, Destin
35Bell, William
36Berry, John
37Black Crowes
39Blair, Lee
40Blake, Norman & Nancy
41Blasingame, Dee
42Big Mike & the Booty Papas
43Bird, Andrew
44Bone, Mike
301Boogie Chillun
2Bramlett, Bonnie
3Brannen, John
4Brantley, Clint
5Braxton, Toni
6Brazzell, Michael
7Brewton, Clifford
8Bridges, Alicia
9Bright, Michael
10Brooks, Tim and the Alien Sharecroppers
11Brown, Graham T.
12Brown, James
13Brown, Maxine
14Brown, Rev. Pearly
15Bryant, Boudleaux & Felice
16Bryant, Jimmy
17Bryant, Lucas
18Bryant, Precious
19Bryant, "Slim" Thomas Hoyt
20Bryllig and the Nymol Swabes
21Bryson, Peabo
22Buffett, Jimmy
23Buie, Buffy
24Bush, Sue Ellen McBride
26Bushyhead, Eddie
27Byrd, Bobby
28Byrd, Mona
311Callaway, Bob
2Campbell, Larry
3Capricorn, Ken English
4Capricorn Rhythm Section
5Carmichael, Hoagy
6Carne, Jean
7Carrier, Joseph Cotton
8Carson, Fiddlin' John
9Carter, Clarence
10Carter, Flo
11Carvest, Ed Jr.
12Cassell, Pete
13Cathead Dooly
14Cedar Hill Band
15Chandler, Chris
16Charles, Ray
17Chesnutt, Vic
18Citizen's Silver Band
19"Civil Rights" Music
20Clark, Cassie Nell
21Clark, Dee
22Clark, Charles Phillip "Pee Wee"
23Clark, Mike
24Class Addition
25Classical Guitar Duo
26Clinton, Bill
27CoCroft, Nellie Wildon
28CoCroft Music Co.
29Cochran, Wayne
30Cole, Bob
31Coleman, Albert
32Cooley, Alex
33Coley Station
34Collective Soul
35Columbus Symphony Orchestra
36Confederate Railroad
37Connor, Charles
38Cook, Tony "House Music" & The Party People
39Cooley, Alex
40Cooper, James L.
41Costello, Sean
42Craton, John Henry
43Cray, Robert
44Creamer's Julian Orchestra
45Crews, Bob
46Cribbs, Joshua & Ryan
47Cross, Roy & His Radio Rangers
48Crown Mills Brass Band
49Curb, Mike
50Cutter, Al & His Snappy Six
321Daniels, Charlie
2Darby, Thomas
3Davis, James
4Davis, Mac
5DeGarmo, Diana
6Dempsey, Lilttle Jimmy
6aDiddley, Bo
7Dilworth, Robert "Bobby"
9Dixie Dregs
10Dobbs, Mattiwilda
11Dorsey, Dr. Thomas
12Doerner, George G.
13Doyle, Brian
14Darke, Pete
15Drayton, James Band
16Drivin N' Cryin'
17DuChaine, Kent
18Dupri, Jermaine
19Dudek, Les
20Dyke, Michael
22Eason, Willie
23Easy Touch Band
24Eberle, Ray
25Eckler, Garner "Pop and the Younguns"
26Edwards, Frank
27Ellis, Elmo
28Ellis, Tinsley
331Evan, Robert
2Evans, Allan
3Everidge, Al
4Faircloth, Charlie
5Fatt Bottom Blues Band
6Favority Melody Quartet
7Frank Fenter
8Five XI
9Floyds, The
10Fowler, Wally
11Franks, Randall
12Freeman, Lon "Deacon"
13Freeman, C.E.
14Friedman, J. Lee
15Friends of Georgia Music
16Frost, Don
17Fletcher Brotehrs Band
18Fletcher, Henderson
19Fuller, Jesse
20Garrison, Sayrah
21GMHF Authority Photos
22Georgia Academy for the Blind
23Georgia Corn Shuckers
24Georgia Heartbeat
25Georgia Music Festival
26Georgia Mass Choir
27Georgia Prophets
28Georgia Ramblers
29Georgia Satellites
30Gillham, Art
31Gilmore, Joey
32Glover, Corey
33Glover, Dr. Walter L.
34Goodie Mob
35Gordon, Curtis
36Gordy, Emory
37Goss, Lari
38Governale, Filippo
39Government Mule
40Grand Opera House
41Grant, Amy
42Gray, Royce "Fonzie"
43Gray, Tamyra
44Greene, Buddy
45Greene, Michael
341Greensboro Georgia Band
2Gretsch, Fred Enterprises
4Guy, Ed
5Haines, Connie
6Hal 9000
7Hall, Connor
8Hall, Jimmy
9Hall, Sandra
10Hammond, Ronnie of A.R.S.
11Hamm-Smith, Theresa
12Harmoneers Quartet
13Harreld, Kemper
14Hawkinsville, Georgia Band
15Hayes, Isaac
16Hayes, Roland
17Heard, Mark
18Heeey Baby Days Beach Exhibit
19Henry, Red & Murphy
20Herring, Dovin
21Henson, J.M.
22Hiawassee Cloggers
23Hiawassee Cornet Band
24Hicks, "Barbeque Bob"
25Hicks, Chris
26Higgins, Bertie
27Higgins, Gloria
28Holland, Greg
29Hollywood Band
30Homeland Harmony Quartet
31Horne, Lena
351Horne, Lena
2Hot Rocks
3Houser, Beverly
4Houston, Whitney
5Howard, Larry
6Howard, Randy
7Howard, Randy
8Huckaba, D.W. "Huck"
9Hudson, Roger
10Indigo Girls
11Irving, James
12Jackson, Alan
13Graham, Jackson
14Jackson, Millie
15Jackson, Stonewall
16Jacob's Trouble
17James, Harry
18Jarvis, Felton
19Jenkins, Johnny
362Johnson, Doug
3Johnson, Pamela
4Johnston, Ben
5Jones, Donell
6Jones, "Sweetie"
7Jordan Brothers
8Judd, Cletus "T"
9Jupiter Coyote
10Jarrett, Hugh
11Kelly, Emma
12Kesler, Gwen
13Kight, E.G.
14King Johnson
15Knight, E.G.
16King Johnson
17Kirkland, Eddie
18Kitchens, Jackie
19Knight, Gladys & the Pips
20Kotke, Leo
22Lacks, Reba
23Layne, Cassie
24Leavell, Chuck
371Lee, Brenda
2Lee, Dee and the Georgia Ramblers
3Lee Jessup Band
5Lewis Family
6Ligotti, Albert
7Lil Bow Wow
8Lindsey, James Patton "Red"
9Lines, Alva B.
10Lister, Hovie
11Lizella Playboys
12Logan, Wendall
13Loose Change
14Lords of London
15Lorenz, Mike
16Love Tractor
17Lowe, Jimmy
18Lowery, Bill
19Lynard Skynyrd
20Maerz, Joseph
21Maloy, Joe and Frank
23Marshall, Charles Edward
24Marshall, Johnnie
25Marshall Tucker Band
26Marvelous 3
27Martin, Everette
28Mason, Babbie
29Mayfield, Curtis
30Mathis, Roye
32McCain, Jerry
33McClinton, Delbert
34McClung, Joseph Taylor
35McCook, Scott
36McCord, John
37McDuffie, Robert
38McIntosh, Bill
39McIntosh County Shouters
40McKenzie, Rufus
41McLain, Donald Earl
42McMichen, Clayton
43McTell, Blind Willie
381Melton, Ray
2Memory Dean
3Mercer, Johnny
4Mercer, Wallace & Charlie
5Miles, Bob
6Miller, Chip
7Miller, Emmett
8Mills, Rodney
9Miller, Zell
10Milo Twins
11Milsap, Ronnie
12Mitchell, Mason "Roy"
13Modern Skirts
15Morman, Chips
16Moonshine Still
17Morrison, Alan
18Morrison, Jeanine
19Mosie, "Rev" Jeff
20Mother's Finest
21Mud Cat
22Muddy River
23Muddy Souls
24Murphy, Albert Orchestra
25Music Maker
26National Recording Corporation
27Next of Kin
30Norman, Jessye
31Normaltown Flyers
32Norwood, Dorothy
33Oconee River Boys
34O'Dea, Bobby
36Oliver, Joe "King"
37Orsa Lia
39Outlaws, The
40Parsons, Gram
41Pattman, Neal
42Paulding County Pea Pickers
43Peachtree Pickers
391Peer, Ralph
2Pelham Jamboree
3Penney, John
4Penniman, Little Richard
5Peoples, Dottie
6Perryman, William "Piano Red"
7Pether, George
8Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers
9Pickett, Guy
10Pollen, Theodore "Ted" Jr.
11Pool, Benton Harris
12Johnny, Porazzo
13Pound, Bill
14Powell, Ed and his Orchestra
15Powell, Tammy
16Price, G.B.
17Pritchett, Peggy
18Puckett, George Riley
20Question Mark Asylum
21Rainy, Gertrude "Ma"
22Ramey, Troy
23Raven, Eddie
24Reader, Naomi Sego
25Rebennack, Dr. John
26Red Fish Blu Fish
27Redding, Otis
28Reed, Francine
29Reed, Jerry
30Reid, Antonio "L.A."
31L.A. Reid & Babyface
33Return, The
34Rhythm Kings
35Rich, Tony
36Richardson, Bob & Babs
37Rocky Creek Band
38Rodgers, Jimmie "Singing Brakeman"
39Roe, Tommy
401Rogers, Kenny
2Royal, Billy Joe
3Ruben Kincaid
4Ruffin, Marshall
4Run DMC
5Rutherford, Carl
6Salter, Sam
7Sam & Dave
8Sanders, Steve
9Santos, Rogerio
10Saylor, Gordon Lee "Bud"
11Schneider, John
12Scott, Fred
13Scott, "Doc" Tommy
14Sea Level
15Sears, Zena
16Sego Brothers & Naomi
17Shaver, Billy Joe
18Shaw, Robert
19Showalter, A.J.
20Singletary, Daryle
21Sledge, Pearcy
22Smith, Bobby
23Smith, Harold Sr. "Shang-a-Lang"
24Smith, James Quill
25Smith, Jimmie and the Wyoming Rangers
26Smith, John O. "Tennesee" Smith Brothers
27Smith, Teresa
28SoSoDef Records
30South, Joe
32St. Holmes, Derek
33Stanford Band
34Stanley, Ralph
35Stardusters Orchestra
411Starlight Swingsters
2Starling, Earl Alvin
3Stars of Heaven
4Statesboro-Georgia Southern Symphony
5Staton, Candi
6Steel Bandits, The
7Stevens, Ray
8Stevens, Samuel Turner
9Stiles, James & Blues Band Express
11Stone, Doug
12Street, Michael
13Street, Roy
14Strickland, Bobby
15Stuckey, Joey
16Styles, James H.
17Sunshine Boys
18Swear, The
19Sweat, Keith
20Sweet Honey in the Rock
21Sweet Water Run
22Singing Medallions
23Tams, The
24Tanner, Gid and the Skillet Lickers
26Taylor, Eleanor H.
27Terry, Pat
28Third Day
2938 Special
30Thomas, Indra
31Thomas, Mickey
32Thomasvilel Cornet Band
33Thompson, Clifford
34Thornton, Furman
35Tillman, Charlie D.
37Toney, Oscar Jr.
38Townsend, Greg
421Tritt, Travis
3Tucker, "Shorty"
4Turpin, Thomas
6Tyler, Tony
9Van Camp, Bob
10Victory Quartet
11Vigilantes of Love
12Walden, Alan
13Walden, Phil
14Wallace, Ed
15Wallace, Sam
16Watkins Family Bluegrass
17Watkins, Beverly "Guitar"
18WBLJ, Dalton
19Web & Interactive Media
20Weise, Don
21Weller, Freddy
22West, Garry
23Wet Willie
24White, David
25White, Douglas
26White, Elvis
27Whitley, Ray
28Widespread Panic
29Wilkinson, Sue G.
30Williams, William Carlos
31Williams, Curley
431Williams, Dennis
2Williams, Gladys
3Williams, Joe
4Willis, Chick
5Willis, Mack
6Wills, Mark
7Woodall, Boots
8Worsham, Harvey
9WROM Radio
10WSB Radio
11Yates, Billy
12Yearwood, Trisha
13Yoho, Monte
14Yost, Dennis
15Young, Stevie
16Young, Trummy
17GMHF Groundbreaking, 1994 May ( )
18Artifacts and events
19Unidentified Photographs
44Unsorted Photographs
451-10Unsorted Photographs
461-2Unsorted Photographs

1.3 Exhibit Files

471Alabama Music Hall of Fame
2Country Music Foundation
3Country Music Hall of Fame
5Music-Related Traveling Exhibits
7Exhibit Designers
8Exhibit Designs, Museum Arts
9Exhibit Enhancements, 2007
10Georgia Artist Birthdates/Dates
11Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
12Let Freedom Sing, 1999 February ( )
13Other Music Museums
14Music Branding
15Music Museum Education
16Johnny Mercer Exhibit, 2009-2010
17Nashville Portraits Exhibition, 2009 May-July
18Macon Music History
19Music Research
20MIL Cannon Exhibit
21Camp Broadway, Johnny Mercer Foundation
22Deep Blue Interactive
23Marketing, Otis Redding
24Multimedia Kiosks
251855 Steinway
26Otis Redding Exhibit
OS Box
1Otis Redding Tribute materials
4727Turner Video
481-3Eugence Lowery "Uncle Ned" Stripling
4Loan Inventories
5Party Out of Bounds, Athens
6Rhythm & Roots, Southern Traditions
7Camera, 2010 February ( )
8Nashville Portraits
9I See the Rhythm Exhibit
10-11Greg Haynes Correspondence
12-14Heeey Baby Days Exhibit
16A Voice of Their Own
17Voice Exhibit Planning
18A Voice of Their Own, Research
19-20Johnny Mercer Exhibit
21Music Lives in Macon
22Atlanta Airport Exhibit
23Stone Mountain Laser Show & Exhibit
24The Sunshine Boys

1.4 Grant & Sponsor Files

491Corporate Donations
2Endowment Campaign Correspondence
3Save the Hall of Fame
4Capital City Bank Group Foundation
5Sponsorship Agreement, Coca-Cola Bottling
6Cox Communications
7Georgia Power Company Grant
8The Gretsch Company, Newsletters & Promo
9Fred & Dinah Gretsch, Donations & Correspondence
10Gretsch Enterprises
11Gretsch 125th Anniversary
12Macon Telegraph
13Riverside Ford
14Endowment- Music Matters in Georgia, 2008-2011
15Endowment- University of West Georgia, Jospeh Johnson Scholarship
16Children's Music Factory, Grant Monies Received
17Peyton Anderson Foundation
18W.L. Amos Foundation, 2010
19Theo Bean Foundation
20Dr. Bobbie Bailey
21Community Foundation
22Charles H. Jones Foundation
23Federal Congressman Jim Marshall
24Knight Foundation
25Griffeth Family Foundation
26Lowery Group, Bill Lowery Foundation
27Otis Redding Estate
28Lettie Pate Evans Foundation
29James H. Porter Trust Application, 2010
30Wachovia Foundation
31Watson-Brown Foundation Application, 2010
32Williams Family Foundation
33Phil Walden Memorial, Randy & the Mob Premiere
34David, Helen & Marian Woodward Fund
35Endowment Campaign
36Georgia Council for the Arts Grant, 1996-1997
37Fund Raising Information
38Target Grant
39Dallas Austin Foundation
40Community Foundation of Central Georgia
41Coca-Cola, General Proposal
42Charitable Donations

1.5 General Administration

4943Georgia Music Week Proclamation
44Statement of Purpose and By-Laws
45Order of Work
46Country Music Foundation Financials, 1987
47Market Analysis and Feasibility Study, Volume 1, 1991 October
48Market Analysis and Feasibility Study, Volume 2, 1991 November
49R.E.M. Letter of Support
50Summary- Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 2010 August 9
51Patent and Trademark Records, 2011
52Grand Opening Invitation and Program, 1996 September 21
53Farewell Guestbook, 2011 June 10
54Lisa Love articles, 2007-2009
55Moments in Georgia music history
56Steve Penlen exhibit guestbook, 2010
OS Box
2Guestbooks (3)