Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.5: Papers - Media Project Files

Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.5: Papers - Media Project Files

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.
Title: Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.5: Papers - Media Project Files
Dates: 1989-2005
Quantity: 8.5 Linear feet
Coll. Number: ms3786_1.5

Biographical/Historical Note

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit Christian housing ministry founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. The organization works to build decent, safe housing for needy families and individuals around the world. Its operational headquarters are located in Americus, GA, and its administrative headquarters are in Atlanta. Habitat operates on the community level through independent local affiliates and performs work internationally through national offices.

The concept for Habitat began at Koinonia farm, a small, interracial community outside of Americus, GA. This community was founded by farmer and biblical scholar Clarence Jordan in 1942. In 1965, the Fullers visited Koinonia and, together with Jordan, developed the idea of “partnership housing,” a system in which those in need of housing would work side by side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

In 1976, Habitat for Humanity International was officially established. Former U. S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter got involved in 1984 with the first Jimmy Carter Work Project. Since then, the Carters have been consistent supporters of Habitat, giving it a national and international spotlight.

In 2005, Fuller was dismissed from Habitat for Humanity amid unresolved disputes and established the Fuller Center for Housing. Jonathan Reckford took the position of executive director. As of 2013, Habitat for Humanity has built over 600,000 homes, eliminating poverty housing or homelessness for 3 million people worldwide.

Scope and Content Note

The Media Project files consist of press releases and media plans for major Habitat for Humanity projects such as Jimmy Carter Work Projects, Blitz Builds, and anniversary celebrations. The files document the efforts and strategies the organization used to promote these events and projects, including news releases, pamphlets, public relations efforts, and endorsements by public figures.


The materials are arranged chronologically.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Habitat for Humanity International Records, which altogether consist of correspondence, event files, administrative files, affiliate files, media project files, newsletters, clippings, and print samples, as well as photographs, artifacts, and audiovisual materials.

Index Terms

Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Fuller, Linda
Fuller, Millard, 1935-2009
Mass media.
Nonprofit organizations.
Press releases.
Public relations.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Habitat for Humanity International Records, ms 3786, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in the Hargrett Library include the Millard and Linda Fuller papers, ms 3770, the Fuller Center for Housing records, ms 3771, Koinonia Farm photographs, ms 3049, Clarence L. Jordan papers, ms 756, ms 2340, and ms 2341.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Press Release, Shelter of God's Love order form, fact sheet, 1983-1986
2News Releases, 1989 January-May
3News Releases, 1989 June-July
4Jimmy Carter Work Project, 1990
5Fact Sheets, 1990
6News Releases, 1991 July-December
7Media Kits, 1991
8Covenant Church, 1991
9News Releases, 1992
10Clinton/Gore, 1992
11Millard Fuller Press Coverage (folder 1 of 2), 1991-1992
12Millard Fuller Press Coverage (folder 2 of 2), 1991-1992
13Jimmy Carter Work Project, Miami (folder 1 of 2), 1991
14Jimmy Carter Work Project, Miami (folder 2 of 2), 1991
15Projects in Mexico, 1991
16Hurricane Andrew Rebuild (folder 1 of 3), 1992
17Hurricane Andrew Rebuild (folder 2 of 3), 1992
18Hurricane Andrew Rebuild (folder 3 of 3), 1992
19Jimmy Carter Work Project, Washington DC, 1992
20Revival '92 News Releases, 1992
2120/20,000 Media Plan, 1993
22Jimmy Carter Work Project, Winnipeg & Waterloo, 1993
23Youth Blitz Build Media Kit, 1993
24Media Relations Department Plans, 1993
2530/30,000 Media Plan, 1993
26Blitz Build Media Guide, 1993
27Jimmy Carter Work Project Communication Plan, 1992-1993
28Blitz Build Media Guide
29Habitat Housewarming Media Kit, 1993
30Jimmy Carter Work Project, Construction Manual, 1994
31Celebrities, 1994-1996
32Building on Faith Media Kit, 1995
33News Releases, 1995
34Published Non-Profit Rankings, 1995
35Jimmy Carter Work Project Media Relations, 1995
36Getting Things Done Blitz Build Media Plan, 1995
37Public Relations Session, 1995 November 4
21Political Convention Builds Media, 1996
2Habitrek '96 Media Plan, 1995 November 15
3Habitrek '96, 1996
4Media Relations Manual, 1996
5Collegiate Challenge: Spring Break '96 Media Plan, 1995 November 15
6Collegiate Challenge '96 (folder 1 of 3), 1996
7Collegiate Challenge '96 (folder 2 of 3), 1996
8Collegiate Challenge '96 (folder 3 of 3), 1996
9Building on Faith, 1996
10Global Leadership, 1996
11Political Convention Builds, 1996
12Building Houses, Building Lives Brochure, 1996
13Pendleton County, WV Flood Recovery, 1996
14Work Plan and Budget, 1996
15U.N. Habitat II Conference, 1996
16U.N. Habitat II Conference Press, 1996
17News Releases, 1996
18Jimmy Carter Work Project Interview Requests, 1996
19Jimmy Carter Work Project (folder 1 of 3), 1996
20Jimmy Carter Work Project (folder 2 of 3), 1996
21Jimmy Carter Work Project (folder 3 of 3), 1996
22Jimmy Carter Work Project Crisis Management, 1996
2320th Anniversary, 1996
24Dept of Energy
25AP Article
27Telemarketing / Santa Fe
28Almost Heaven HFH / W.Va
29100 Homes - Atlanta
31North American Federation of Temple Youth
3220th Anniversary, 1996
3320th Anniversary - Media Plan, 1996
3420th Anniversary - Walk Info/Media, 1996
3520th Anniversary - Nostalgic Walk, 1996
3620th Anniversary - Habitat 500 Bike, 1996
3720th Anniversary - Bike Atlanta, 1996
3820th Anniversary - 20,000th House, 1996
3920th Anniversary - Weekend Events, 1996
4020th Anniversary - Media Kit, 1996
4120th Anniversary - Correspondence, 1996
4220th Anniversary - Minutes, 1996
4320th Anniversary - Concert, 1996
4420th Anniversary - Pitch Letters, 1996
4520th Anniversary - Press Releases, 1996
4620th Anniversary - Non-Press media People, 1996
4720th Anniversary - 20,000th House Blitz build, 1996
4820th Anniversary - Millard Press Schedule, 1996
4920th Anniversary - Media Correspondence, 1996
5020th Anniversary - Press Calls, 1996
5120th Anniversary - Carter Center Correspondence, 1996
31Europe, Newly Independent States, and Canada
2Jimmy Carter Work Project, Hungary, Media Summary, 1996
3International Fact Sheet and Map, 1996
4Birmingham Tornado Recovery, 1998
5Environmental Scanning Report, 1998
6Christian Principles Brochure
7International Media Relations
8Community Compact Press Conference
9Environmental Visit
10'97 File
12Global Village
13Statistical Reports, 1995
14Millard Fuller
15JCWP, 1997
16International Projects
17Homeland Crisis
18Plain Truth
19Newt Gingrich
20External News Releases, 1998
21Easter Morning Build, 1998
22Jimmy Carter Work Project, 1998
23JCWP, 1998
24Collegiate Challenge, 1998
25News Releases, 1998 January-June
26News Releases, 1998 July-December
27Press Coverage, Fuller Trip to Belfast
28Special Projects: Church Rebuilds
29JCWP, Houston, TX, 1998
30Jimmy Carter Work Project (Folder 1 of 2), 1998
31Jimmy Carter Work Project (Folder 2 of 2), 1998
41Reuters Reports, 1999-2000
2Country Profiles, Africa/Middle East
3Building Beyond the Bridge
4Columbia Earthquake, 1999
5Easter Morning Build
6House of Dreams
7JCWP Volunteer Handbook, 1999
8New York Times
9Ohio Legislature Project
10Jimmy Carter Work Project, Philippines (folder 1 of 4), 1999
11Jimmy Carter Work Project, Philippines (folder 2 of 4), 1999
12Jimmy Carter Work Project, Philippines (folder 3 of 4), 1999
13Jimmy Carter Work Project, Philippines (folder 4 of 4), 1999
14Collegiate Challenge (folder 1 of 3), 1999
15Collegiate Challenge (folder 2 of 3), 1999
16Collegiate Challenge (folder 3 of 3), 1999
17Selma, Alabama, 1999
18Children's Textbook
19Home for Christmas, 1999
20Millenium Build
21Denver Post
22Jefferson Award
23Senior Corps
2421st Century Challenge
25Other Housing Orgs.
28Retired Senior & Volunteer Program
29Housing after Mitch
30Fall Brawl, 1999
31News Releases, 1999 January-June
32News Releases, 1999 July-December
33WB Network
34Television, Teen Choice
35Voice America
36Charlie Daniels
37Millenium Voices
38Competition Build, 1999
39Self-Help Ownership Opportunity Program (S.H.O.P), 1999
51Women Build Marketing Plan
2Women Build Video
3First Ladies Build Notes
4Sample FLB Program
5Sample FLB Release
6FLB Press kit
7First Lady Quotes
8Media Day Materials
9PR Responsibilty
10Affiliate PLB Letter
11Family Questions
12FLB Boiler Plate
13Women Build News Release
14Talking Points
15Governor's Build Boiler Plate
16First Lady Profiles
17First Ladies Build Sponsors
18FLB General Info
19FLB Sponsorship
20First Ladies Bios
21FLB/ Women Build Clips
22FLB Press kits
23FLB Press kit
25FLB Fact Sheet, 1999
26FLB Sites & Dates, 1999
27FLB Press Releases
28Steering Council Bios
29FLB Notes
31Women Build Steering Council
32First Ladies build Notes
33Affiliate Clippings
34HFHI Tour Center
35Jimmy Carter Clips
36JCWP Stories
37The Carters Clips
38Habitat Clips
39Web Pages
40Dan Edelstein
41Global Leadership, 1998
42Collegiate Challenge, 1999
73Jimmy Carter
44New Volunteer Orientation
45Jimmy Carter Work Project, 2000
46Hollywood for Habitat, 2000
47Collegiate Challenge (folder 1 of 2), 2000
48Collegiate Challenge (folder 2 of 2), 2000
49Hurricane Mitch Analysis and Briefing, 2000
50Habitat Korea, Miracle Across the Water, 2000
51Aluminum Can Association
52Renaissance Build, Hilton Head, SC
53Run for Literacy
54All Women Build
56Chubb Risk Management Guides, 2000
57Planet Earth, 2000
58Portugal Build
59Pritzker Cousins Build, 2000
61Hollywood for HFH
2Hollywood for HFHI
3Home Builders Care, 2000
4Hometown Heroes
5500 Festival
6House Party
7Hurricane Floyd Recovery
8$500 Million Campaign
9More than Houses Campaign, 2000
10Millenium Build, 2000
11Ackerman Group
12Jimmy Carter National Historic Site Open House
13Carter Boyhood Home
14Close the Gap Campaign
15Fundraising Events, 2000
16Collegiate Challenge Spring Break, 2000
17Nationwide Insurance
18Days of Our Lives
19Fundraising Events
20JCWP Videos, 2000
21JCWP Videos, 2000
22Jimmy Carter Work Project (Folder 1 of 2), 2000
23Jimmy Carter Work Project (Folder 2 of 2), 2000
24Sumter County Initiative
25JCWP, NYC & Plains, GA, 2000
26JCWP, Victory House Celebration, 2000
2725th Anniversary Ads, 2001
2825th Anniversary Americorps Alumni Build, 2001
2925th Anniversary Brochures/Flyers, 2001
3025th Anniversary Rose, 2001
3125th Anniversary Attracting the Media packet, 2001
3225th Anniversary Housing the World Quilt, 2001
3325th Anniversary News Clippings (Folder 1 of 4), 2001
3425th Anniversary News Clippings (Folder 2 of 4), 2001
3525th Anniversary News Clippings (Folder 3 of 4), 2001
3625th Anniversary News Clippings (Folder 4 of 4), 2001
3725th Anniversary Celebration (Folder 1 of 2), 2001
3825th Anniversary Celebration (Folder 2 of 2), 2001
39A Partnership to Open Doors
40Aluminum Cans, 2001
41Ambassadors Build, 2001
42Ambassadors Build, Korea, 2001
43Avalon Travel Publishing
44Building on Faith Week
4525th Anniversary - George Bush, 2001
46Presentation Transparencies, 2001
47Cellular One
48Accelerated Build Guide
49American Custom Publishing
50President Carter Bio
51Jimmy Carter Major Donor Weekend
71Corporate Adventures
2Corporate / Honeywell
3HUD Partnership
4Georgia Rotary Student Program
5Global Village
6Habitat Benefit Concert, Washington, DC
7RAI - Italy, Marco Dairte
8The House that Senate Built, 2001
9Project Impact
10JCWP, 2001
11JCWP Media Lists, 2001
12Jonathan Overby, 2000 June 16
13Kids Talk about God
14New Horizons, HFH of Greater Sumter County, 2001
15People with Passion
16One Light
17Infocom Group
18More than Houses Campaign
19Road Warrior Production
2021st Century Challenge
21The Wedding Bells Habitat Build
22World Leaders Build
23Hurricane Response, 2001
24News Releases, 2001
25Week of the Young Child, Educare
26World Youth Day, 2002
27A Partnership to Open Doors
28Promise Keepers
30A Partnership to Open Doors, Dekalb County HFH
31A Partnership to Open Doors, Indianapolis, IN, 2002
32JCWP, 2002
33Home for Christmas
34Indigo Films
35JCWP, 2002
36Building Materials for Life
37Building on Faith Week, 2002
38Building on Faith
40Global Village
41Press Releases, 2002
42News Releases, 2003
43Planning a Women's Build
44World in Need Script
45Court TV, "Unexpected Heroes", 2005
81Jimmy Carter Work Project (folder 1 of 2), 2003
2Jimmy Carter Work Project (folder 2 of 2), 2003
3Jimmy Carter Work Project, Homeowner Profiles, 2003
4Jimmy Carter Work Project, 2005
9Press Kits