Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.4: Papers - Affiliate

Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.4: Papers - Affiliate

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.
Title: Habitat for Humanity International Records, Series 1.4: Papers - Affiliate
Dates: 1985-2002
Quantity: 6.0 Linear feet (6 boxes)
Coll. Number: ms3786_1.4

Biographical/Historical Note

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit Christian housing ministry founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. The organization works to build decent, safe housing for needy families and individuals around the world. Its operational headquarters are located in Americus, GA, and its administrative headquarters are in Atlanta. Habitat operates on the community level through independent local affiliates and performs work internationally through national offices.

The concept for Habitat began at Koinonia farm, a small, interracial community outside of Americus, GA. This community was founded by farmer and biblical scholar Clarence Jordan in 1942. In 1965, the Fullers visited Koinonia and, together with Jordan, developed the idea of “partnership housing,” a system in which those in need of housing would work side by side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

In 1976, Habitat for Humanity International was officially established. Former U. S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter got involved in 1984 with the first Jimmy Carter Work Project. Since then, the Carters have been consistent supporters of Habitat, giving it a national and international spotlight.

In 2005, Fuller was dismissed from Habitat for Humanity amid unresolved disputes and established the Fuller Center for Housing. Jonathan Reckford took the position of executive director. As of 2013, Habitat for Humanity has built over 600,000 homes, eliminating poverty housing or homelessness for 3 million people worldwide.

Scope and Content Note

The affiliate files cover information about Habitat for Humanity's community-level offices across the United States. The general files cover projects and planning of individual affiliates, filed according to the name of the affiliate location. The North Carolina Americorps papers consist of name files associated with Americorps-Habitat partnership projects and volunteer placement. The affiliate operations manuals are instructional guides created by Habitat headquarters to educate affiliates on how to conduct business in accordance with their standards.


The affiliate files are arranged into three series: general, North Carolina Americorps, and operations manuals.

This finding aid represents just one portion of the Habitat for Humanity International Records, which altogether consist of correspondence, event files, administrative files, affiliate files, media project files, newsletters, clippings, and print samples, as well as photographs, artifacts, and audiovisual materials.

Index Terms

Americorps (U.S.).
Fuller, Linda
Fuller, Millard, 1935-2009
Manuals (instructional materials)
Nonprofit organizations.
Office files.
Reckford, Jonathan

Administrative Information

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Habitat for Humanity International Records, ms 3786, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in the Hargrett Library include the Millard and Linda Fuller papers, ms 3770, the Fuller Center for Housing records, ms 3771, Koinonia Farm photographs, ms 3049, Clarence L. Jordan papers, ms 756, ms 2340, and ms 2341.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing



11-33US States, Arizona-Wisconsin
34Amarillo Habitat, TX
35American Institute of Architects
36Appalachia Project
37Australia Brochure
38Beaumont, TX, 1985-1987
39Blue Ridge Habitat
40Board of Directors
41Trenton Area, NJ
42Charlotte, NC
43Charlotte Habitat News, 1985-1986
44Chesapeake Habitat, Baltimore, MD
45Columbus, GA
46Denver Habitat, 1979
47East St. Louis, 1982-1983
50Endorsements of HFH
51Evansville, IN News, 1985-1986
52Events, 1994
53Garrett Co, MD, 1983-1984
54Greater Greensboro, 1988-1991
55HabiJax, Jacksonville, Fl, 1991
56Habitat Vital Statistics
57Harrison County HFH, Missouri
58Imokalee Habitat
60Kansas City Habitat, 1985,1991
61Lafayette, IN
62Lee County, Florida, 1983-1984
63Lexington, KY, 1991
64Louisville, KY
65Maricopa Habitat
66McLean County, Illinois, 1986
67Metro Detroit HFH
68Northern Utah HFH, 1985-1991
69Orange County HFH
70Paducah, KY, 1980-1984
71Paterson Habitat, NJ
72Pensacola Habitat
73JCWP, Philadelphia, 1988
74Costco Connection
75Sea Island HFH, SC, 1980-1983
76Staff Press Release
77Greater Springfield HFH, VT, 1990-1991
78Syracuse, NY, 1983-1984
79Tallahassee, FL
80Tallahassee, FL News
81Covington Habitat, By-Laws, 1984
82Hickman County, 2003
83Tallahassee, FL, 1983-1984
84Tallahassee HFH
85Tijuana-San Diego Newsletter, 1989 November-December
86Trenton, NJ Habitat
87Tri-County HFH, PA
88Twin Cities HFH
89Woodford Habitat, KY, 1983-1984
90Affiliate Updates
91Articles with HFH Photos
92Biography Today
93Christian Justice
94City Journal
21Financial Project
3Fraternal Leader
4Habitat Plan Book
5NFL SuperBowl Blitz
6The Vision is Global
7Weekly Reader
9Chagrin Falls, Ohio
10Youngstown HFH
11Painesville HFH
12Twin Cities HFH, Murder
13Fox Valley HFH, Foreclosure
14Dupage HFH Crisis
15Affiliate Clippings
16Catholilc Daughters
17Americus Affiliate
18Affiliate Corr.
20Affiliate Update Inventory
21Affiliate Update, 1993
22Affiliate Update, 1994
23Affiliate Update, 1995
24Affiliate Update, 1996
25Affiliate Update, 1997
26Affiliate Update, 1999
27Affiliate Update, 2000
28Affiliate Update, 2001
Affiliate Update, 2002
30Affiliate Update, 2003
31Affiliate Update, 2004
32Affiliate Update, 2005
33Affiliate Update, 2006
34Affiliate Update, 2007
35Affiliate Update, 2008
36Affiliate Update, 2009
37Affiliate Awareness Kit, 2005
66The Affiliate Update: Affiliate Resource Directory, 2010-2011

North Carolina Americorps

238Billing, 1997-1998
39Grant Application, 1997-1998
40Cooperative Agreement, 1997-1998
41Affiliate Participation Agreements, 1997-1998
42Corey Bean, Durham Co, 1997-1998
43Kevin Brookshrie, Henderson Co, 1997-1998
44Tassos Colulaloglu, New Bern, 1997-1998
45Annette Davis, Moore Co, 1997-1998
46Adam Deck, Wake Co, 1997-1998
47Larry James, Orange Co, 1997-1998
48Chris Jones, Wake Co, 1997-1998
49Reshod Leeper, Cabarrus Co, 1997-1998
50Rebecca Mihalko, Durham Co, 1997-1998
51Billy Morris, High Point, 1997-1998
52Knute Peterson, Durham Co, 1997-1998
53Brynda Saunders, Wake Co, 1997-1998
54Heather Saunders, Wake Co, 1997-1998
55Dan Shenk-Evans, Cabarrus Co, 1997-1998
56Angel Smith, Durham Co, 1997-1998
57Keisha Smith, Rowan Co, 1997-1998
58Regina Stansel, Rowan Co, 1997-1998
59Colin Sugioka, Mitchell-Yancey, 1997-1998
60Ada Taylor, Rowan Co, 1997-1998
61Anthony Vaccaro, New Bern, 1997-1998
62Burma Warren, Cabarrus Co, 1997-1998
63Fran Westin, Henderson Co, 1997-1998
64Yvonne Williams, Henderson Co, 1997-1998
65Laura Wilson, Orange Co, 1997-1998
31Andrew Wright, Durham Co, 1997-1998
2Clarissa Youngblood, Orange Co, 1997-1998
3Orange Co, 1997-1998
4Hand-Me-Ups, 1997-1998
5Cabarrus Co, 1997-1998
6Henderson Co, 1997-1998
7Rowan Co, 1997-1998
8Durham Co, 1997-1998
9Ryan Johnson, Durham, 1997-1998
10Cape Fear, 1997-1998
11Correspondence, 1997-1998
12Health Insurance, 1997-1998
13Correspondence, 1997-1998
14Credit Card, 1997-1998
15Expense Reports, 1998-1999
16Grant Awards / Provisions, 1998-1999
17Cooperative Agreement, 1998-1999
18Affiliate Participation Agreements, 1998-1999
19Orientation, 1998-1999
20Matthew Billings, Durham Co, 1998-1999
21Tiffany Brainer, Durham Co, 1998-1999
22Nicole Bruebaker, High Point, 1998-1999
23Meredith McCoy, Cape Fear, 1998-1999
24Mackenzie Dwight, Granville, 1998-1999
25Ingrid McIntyre, Cape Fear, 1998-1999
26Cathy Mills, Henderson, 1998-1999
27David Olson, Catawba Valley, 1998-1999
28Debbie Parker, Durham, 1998-1999
29Sid Pillai, Moore, 1998-1999
30Amy Pulliam, Durham, 1998-1999
31Dan Rolph, Moore, 1998-1999
32David Rowh, Rowan Co, 1998-1999
33Samuel Cole, Orange Co, 1998-1999
34Michael Schaeffer, Hand-Me-Ups, 1998-1999
35Colin Sugioka, Mitchell-Yancey, 1998-1999
36Malinda Todd, Orange, 1998-1999
37Webster Grimes, Orange Co, 1998-1999
38Elizabeth West, Durham, 1998-1999
39Rhonda Wilson, Hand-me-ups, 1998-1999
40Monica Wray, Rowan, 1998-1999
41Correspondence, 1998-1999
42Year-End Retreat, 1998-1999
43Community Service Project, 1998-1999
44Member Assessments, 1998-1999
45Construction Skills Assessment, 1998-1999
46End of Service Evaluation, 1998-1999
41Member Exit Survey, 1998-1999
2Affiliate Billing, 1998-1999
3Mary Bates, Cabarrus, 1999-2000
4Becky Cantrell, Cape Fear, 1999-2000
5Chris-Ann Chinchar, 1999-2000
6Samuel Cole, Orange, 1999-2000
7Eric Gilmore, Durham, 1999-2000
8Lisa Good, Catawba, 1999-2000
9Jason Graczyk, Durham, 1999-2000
10Bruce Hendricks, Durham, 1999-2000
11Michael Hill, Cabarrus, 1999-2000
12Matt Kelly, Iredell, 1999-2000
13Tuvara King, Durham, 1999-2000
14Holly Laws, High Point, 1999-2000
15John Mixon, Forsyth, 1999-2000
16Chris Monforton, Cape Fear, 1999-2000
17Brian Niepoky, Forsyth, 1999-2000
18Christie O'Connor, Durham, 1999-2000
19Marec Plank, Moore, 1999-2000
20Robert Smith, Mitchell-Yancey, 1999-2000
21Jessica Treat, Orange, 1999-2000
22Mark White, Durham, 1999-2000
23Affiliate Participation Agreements, 1999-2000
24Cooperative Agreement, 1999-2000
25Current, 1999-2000
26Grant Application, 1999-2000
27Grant Application, 1999-2000
28Host Site Selection, 1999-2000
29Member Exit Survey, 1999-2000
30Member File Checklist, 1999-2000
31Financial Status Reports & Notes, 1999-2000
32Bills-Paid, 1999-2000
33Phone Service, 1999-2000
34Americorps Member Apps, 1999-2000
35Americorps Members Orientation, 1999-2000
36Grant Application, 2000-2001
37Budget FY 2002, 2000-2001
38Budget Revision, 2000-2001
39Cooperative Agreement, 2000-2001
40Commission Correspondence, 2000-2001
41Americorps Start-Up Training, 2000-2001
42Host Site Selection, 2000-2001
43Construction Skills, 2000-2001
44Health Insurance, 2000-2001
51Workers Compensation, 2000-2001
2Loan Forebearance, 2000-2001
3Americorps Launch, 2000-2001
4First Aid / CPR, 2000-2001
5MLK Day, 2000-2001
6Regional Retreat, 2001 March 12-14
7Build-A-Thon, 2001
8Spring Summit, 2001
9Retreat, Parchment Valley, WV, 2001 June 5-7
10End of Year Retreat, Trinity Center, 2001 June 17-19
11Bills, 2000-2001
12Mulitsite Management Program, NCSC Conference, 2000-2001
13Community Service Project Reports, 2000-2001
14Affiliate Billing, 2000-2001
15Expense Activity, 2000-2001
16End of Service Evaluation, 2000-2001
17Affiliate Evalutation, 2000-2001
18A-133 Audit, 2001-2002
19Host Site Selection, 2001-2002
20Orientation, 2001-2002
21Americorps Launch, 2001 September 28
22Spring Summit, 2002 May 3
23Construction Skills Assessment, 2001-2002
24Cristina Faiella, 2001-2002
25Corrine Casey, Durham, 2001-2002
26Natalie Greene, Durham, 2001-2002
27Rebecca Brandon, High Point, 2001-2002
28Ashley Ellis, Mitchell-Yancey, 2001-2002
29Darlene Eidston, Greensboro, 2001-2002
30Laura Rabon, Catawba Valley, 2001-2002
31Lisa McFarland, 2001-2002
32Monthly Reports, 2002 January
33Monthly Reports, 2002 February
34Monthly Reports, 2002 March
35Monthly Reports, 2002 June
36Monthly Reports, 2002 July
37Monthly Reports, 2001 September
38Monthly Reports, 2001 October
39Monthly Reports, 2001 November
40Monthly Reports, 2001 December
41Monthly Reports, 2001 December
42Community Service Proposals, 2001-2002
43CR Quarterly Report, 2001-2002
44End of Service Evaluations, 2001-2002
45Affiliate Evalutions, 2001-2002
46Non-Profit Survey, 2001-2002
47Americorps Handbook, 2001-2002
48Americorps Member Handbook, 2001-2002
49Reports, 2001-2002

Operations Manuals

6Affiliate Operation Manuals, 1987-1990