Arthur W. McDonald collection of theatre engravings and playbills

Arthur W. McDonald collection of theatre engravings and playbills

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: McDonald, Arthur W.
Title: Arthur W. McDonald collection of theatre engravings and playbills
Dates: Bulk, 1770-1820
Dates: 1767-1915
Quantity: 7.25 Linear feet (6 volumes, 21 items, and 1 box)
Coll. Number: ms3762

Biographical/Historical Note

Arthur W. McDonald, former chair of the Department of Fine Arts at the College of Charleston, is the author of several works about the Yorkshire theatre including The Yorkshire stage, 1766-1803 : a calendar of plays, together with cast lists for Tate Wilkinson's circuit of theatres (Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield, and York) and the Yorkshire Company's engagements in Beverley, Halifax, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Edinburgh .

Scope and Content Note

This collection of 17th and 18th century British theatre playbills and engravings documents the Yorkshire theatre circuit and non-Yorkshire theatre. Of note are playbills and engravings related to the Kemble family, Elizabeth Inchbald, and productions at Drury Lane and Covent Gardens.


This collection is organized into 6 series: Yorkshire engravings, Non-Yorkshire engravings, playbills, threatre buildings, Kemble family, and miscellaneous.

Index Terms

Actors--Great Britain.
Covent Garden Theatre.
Drury Lane Theatre.
Engravings (prints)
Garrick, David, 1717-1779
Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821
Kemble, Charles, 1775-1854
Kemble, John Philip, 1757-1823
Kemble, Roger, Roger, 1722-1802
Siddons, Sarah, 1755-1831
Theater--Great Britain--History.
Theater--Great Britain.
Theaters--England--London--Stage-setting and scenery.
Theatre Royal. (Edinburgh, Scotland).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Arthur W. McDonald collection of theatre engravings and playbills, ms 3762, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Processing Information note

For each engraving the following is provided (if known): play, character, actor, and date. The playbills include the following information (if known): location, play, afterpiece, actors, benefit, and date.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Yorkshire Engravings

11Baddley-Suspicious-Strickland, 1776
2Bannister, John-Suspicious-Dick, undated
3Barry--Almida, undated
4Bennett--Portrait, 1808
5Bennett--Lucius Catline, undated
6Bernard, John--Portrait, 1794
7Bernard, John-Suspicious-Jack Meggot, undated
8Bernard, John-Suspicious-Jack Meggot (2 copies), 1794
9Bland--Miss Notable, 1785
10Bulkeley-Love's Labour's-Prince of France, 1785
11Carey, G. S.--Portrait, undated
12Caulfield-Charactacus-, 1783
13Clarke-Eurydice-Phocles, 1777
14Collin-Lying Valet-Sharp, 1806
15Cornleys--Lingo, undated
16Crouch-Beggar's Opera-Polly, 1791
17Cummins-Charactacus (photocopy)-Charactacus, undated
18Death, T.--Portrait, 1782
19De Camp-False Delicacy-Miss Rivers, 1788
20Diamond, William--Portrait, 1799
21Dignum--Portrait, 1808
22Dimond-Wonder-Don Felix, 1792
23Dodd-Love Makes A-Clodio, 1777
24Dodd-Drummer-Tinsel, 1777
25Dodd-Careless Husband-Lord Foppington, 1776
26Dodd--Taddle, 1780
27Dodd-Cymon-Linco, 1778
28Edwin-Plain Dealer-Jerry Blackacre, undated
29Edwin--Benefit Ticket, undated
30Edwin--Portrait, 1812
31Elliston-Mountaineers-Octavian, undated
32Emery--Farmer Ashfield, 1825
33Esten-Venice Preserved-Belvidera, 1794
34Esten-Discovery-Lady Flutter, 1793
35Esten--Portrait, 1804
36Farme-Midsummer-Hermia, 1785
37Fawcett--Portrait, undated
38Gough-Zenobia-Zenobia, undated
39Cooke, G. F.--Portrait, undated
40Heard-Twin Rivals-Aurelia, 1796
41Holland--Portrait, undated
42Holman-Douglas-Douglas, undated
43Holman, Warren--Young Belmont /, undated
44Holman-Albina-Edward, 1797
45Holman-King John-Faulconbridge, 1786
46Hopkins, P.-Lady's Last Stake-Miss Notable, 1778
47Hopkins-Funeral-Lady Brumpton, 1777
48Hopkins, P.-Country Lasses-Aura (2 copes), 1778
49Hull-Cymbeline-Pisanio, undated
49Hunter-Ulysses-Penelope, 1778
50Inchbald--Portrait, 1785
51Inchbald, Elizabet--Portraits, undated
52Inchbald--5 Portraits / Playwright, 1800
53Inchbald--Portraits, 1819
54Inchbald--Portrait (color), 1794
55Inchbald--Portrait, undated
56Inchbald--Portrait, undated
57Inchbald-Lady Jane Grey-Lady Jane Grey, 1791
58Inchbald--Portrait, undated
59Inchbald--Portrait, 1798
60Jefferson--Portrait, 1804
61Johnston, H.--Portrait, 1812
62Johnston, H.--Portrait, 1805
63Jones-Critic-Puff, undated
64Jones--Archer (2 copies), undated
65Kelly, Michael--Portrait / Musician, 1804
66Kemble-Oroonko-Imoinda, undated
67Kemble, J. P.--Portrait, 1797
68Kemble, J. P.-Hamlet-Hamlet (photocopy), undated
69Kemble, J. P.--Gamester (photocopy), undated
70Kemble, J. P.-Timon of Athens-Timon, undated
71Kemble, J. P.-King Richard III-King Richard III, undated
72Kemble, J. P.-Tamberlane-Bajazet, 1792
73Kemble, J. P.-Hamlet-Hamlet, 1800s
74Kemble, J. P.-Hamlet-Hamlet, 1800s
75Kemble, J. P. & Siddons-Gamester- .Kemble and . Beverly, 1783
76Kemble, J. P.-Hamlet-Hamlet (photocopy), undated
77Kemble, J. P.-Play by Kemble-Illustration From, undated
78Kemble, Charles--Portrait, undated
79Knight-Chapter Of-Jacob, 1796
21Lewes, Lee-Every Man In His-Capt. Bobadil, undated
2Lewis-Douglas-Douglas, undated
3Lewis-Rule A Wife And-Copper Captain, undated
4Lewis- -Portrait, undated
5Mahon-Accomplished-Fanny, 1781
6Marshall--Portrait, 1793
7Matthews, Charles--Goldfinch, 1819
8Matthews, Charles--Risk, 1804
9Mathews--Portrait, undated
10Mattocks-Achilles-Achilles, 1777
11Mattocks-Spainish Friar-Elvira, 1777
12Mattocks-Know Your Own-Epilogue, undated
13Mattocks-Love for Love-Miss Prue Ben, undated
14Mountain-Foundling-Fidelia, 1792
15Munden-Winter's Tale-Autolicus, 1813
16Munden--Portrait, 1799
17Murray--Demetrius, undated
18Palmer, John-George Barnwell-George Barnwell, 1792
19Palmer, John--Portrait, 1799
20Pope-Cymbeline-Posthumus, 1786
21Pope-Anthony and Cleopatra-Cleopatra, (1791)
23Powell-Bodicea-Boadicea, 1791
23Powell, Smith--Cyrus, undated
24Powell-Bodicea-Boadicea, 1791
25Rock-Committee-Teague (2 copies), 1792
26Ross-Earl of Essex-Essex (3 copies), 1776
27Shuter, Edward--Portrait, undated
28Shuter-Miser-Lovegold, 1776
29Shuter-Bold Stroke for A-Oradiah Prim, 1776
30Siddons, Sarah--Portrait, 1783
31Siddons, Sarah-Medea-Medea, (1791)
32Siddons, Sarah--Portrait, undated
33Siddons, Sarah-Mourning Bride-Zara, (1791)
34Siddons, Sarah-King Henry V-Princess Katherine, 1785
35Siddons, Sarah-Isabella -Isabella, 1792
36Siddons, Sarah-Isabella-Isabella, 1783
37Siddons, Sarah--Portrait, 1834
38Siddons, Sarah--The Tragic Muse (2 copies), undated
39Stephens-King John-Blanche, undated
40Suett, Richard--Portrait, 1803
41Suett, Richard--Portrait, undated
42Suett, Richard--Ibrahim, 1823
43Taylor, Charles--Portrait, undated
44Toms-Lucius Junius-Titus, 1796
45Towsend-Gustavus Vasa-Cristina (2 copies), 1798
46Twisleton--Portrait, 1796
47Vincent-Merope-Dorilas (2 copies), 1777
48Wallis-Irene-Aspasia, 1796
49Wallis-Mahomet-Palmira, 1795
50Ward-All for Love-Octavia, 1792
51Ward-Royal Convert-Rodogune, 1794
52Ward-Royal Convert-Rodogune, 1776
53Ward-Brothers-Lady Dove, 1792
54Wells-Titus Andronicus-Lavinia, undated
55Whitelock-Earl of Warwick-Margaret, undated
56Weston-Love's Labour's-Costard, undated
57Weston-Trip to The-Scrub, undated
58Wewitzer--Doctor Caius, 1819
59Wilkinson, Tate--Portrait, 1799
60Wilkinson, Tate-Cartoon Drawing-The Wandering, undated
61Woodward-Recruiting Officer-Captain Brazen (2), undated
62Yates, And-Provoked Husband-Lord and Lady Townley, 1776
63Yates-Isabella (fatal-Isabella, 1778
64Yates-Coriolanus-Volumnia, 1786
65Yates-Relapse-Berinthia, 1777?

2. Non-Yorkshire engravings

31Rule A Wife--Estafania--Abingdon, Mrs., 1776
2Corrina--Abingdon, Mrs., 1779
3Fair Penitene--Horatio--Aikin, Mr., 1776
4Titus--Aaron--Aldridge, Ira, undated
5Portrait / Author--Baker, David E., 1810
6Portrait--Bancroft, B., undated
7Tamerlane--Bajazrt / Selima--Barry, Mr. / Mrs., 1776
8Jealous Wife--Oakly--Bensley, Mr., 1792
9Lovers Vow--Fredrick--Betty, W. H., undated
10Alexaundateder--Betty, W. H., 1818
11"Young Rosicus"--Betty, W. H., 1813
12King John--Faulconbridge--Betty, Henry, undated
13Double Dealer--Lord Forth--Booth, Mr., 1777
14Othello--Othello--Brooke, g v, undated
15Portrait--Centlivre, Mrs., 1814
16Orphan--Monimia--Cibber, Mrs., 1776
17Portrait / Playwright--Colman, George, undated
18George Barnwell--Barnwell--Cooper, Mr., 1822
19Padlock--Mungo--Dibden, Mr., undated
20Sir Oliver Surface--Dowton, Mr., undated
21Arataxertes--Artaxertes / Artabanes--Farrel, Mrs. / Reinhold, Mr., undated
22Major Sturgeon--Foote, Samuel, undated
23Portrait--Foote, Samuel, 1769
24Portrait--Foote, Samuel, undated
25Minor--Mrs. Cole--Foote, Samuel, 1777
26Minor--Mrs. Cole--Foote, Samuel, 1777
27Minor--Mrs. Cole--Foote, Samuel, undated
28Portrait--Garrick, David, undated
29Suspicious Husbaundated--Ranger / Clariundateda--Garrick, Mr. / Abington, Mrs, 1776
30Brothers--Demetrius--Garrick, David, 1777
31Tancred--Tancred--Garrick, David, 1778
32King Richard III--Richard Iii--Garrick, David, undated
33All for Love--Cleopatra--Hartley, Mrs., 1778
34All for Love--Cleopatra--Hartley, Mrs., 1778
35Roderick--Hicks, Mr., 1776
36Rehersal--Bayes--Heundatederson, Mr., undated
37Portrait / Author--Hill, Aaron, 1777
38King Richard III--Richard Iii--Holloway, Mr., undated
39Volpone--Voltore--Hull, Mr., undated
40Portrait--Kean, Charles, 1777
41Portrait--Kean, Mrs. Charles, undated
42Sir Giles Overreach--Kean, Edmuundated, 1860
43Annette--Kelly, Miss, undated
44Hamlet--Laetres--Kemble, Charles, 1802
45Romeo aundated Juliet--Romeo--Kemble, Charles, 1819
46Portrait--Kemble, Mrs. Charles, 1809
47Rivals--Puff--King, Thomas, 1789
48Hamlet--Ophelia--Lessingham, Mrs., 1775
49Portrait--Liston, Mrs., 1811
50Portrait--Macklin, Charles, 1792
51Mistake--Camillo--Macklin, Charles, 1778
52Macbeth--Macbeth--Macklin, Charles, undated
53Portrait--Macklin, Charles, undated
54Merchant of Venice--Shylock--Macklin, Charles, undated
55Refusal--Sir Gilbert--Macklin, Charles, 1777
56Badger--Macklin, Charles, 1777
57Provoked Husband--Sir Wronghead / John Moody--Macklin, C. Dunstall, Mr., undated
58Macbeth--Macbeth--Macready, Mr., 1785
59Portrait--Midleton, Mr., 1793
60Rob Roy--McReady, Mr., undated
61Virginius--Virginius--Macready, Mr., 1821
62Merchant of Venice--Shylock--Macklin, Charles, undated
63Author--O'Keefe, John, 1793
64Author--O'Keefe, John, 1788
65Portrait--O'Neill, Miss, undated
66Portrait--O'Neill, Miss, 1875
67Portrait--O'Neill, Miss, 1814
68Portrait--Oldfield, Mrs., undated
69Portrait--Parsons, Mr., 1792
41Way of the World--Lady Wishfort--Pitt, Mrs., 1776
2Portrait--Prichard, Mrs., 1807
3Fair Quaker of Deal--Dorcas Zeal--Pope, Miss, 1777
4Conscious Lovers--Beverley--Reddish, Mr., 1779
5Conscious Lovers--Beverley--Reddish, Mr., undated
6Conscious Lovers--Young Beville--Reddish, Mr., 1777
7Portrait--Reeves, John, 1798
8Portrait / Playwright--Reynolds, Frederick, 1804
9Miser--Lovegold--Ryder, Mr., 1788
10She Wou'd Aundated She Wou'd Not--Viletta--Rock, Mrs., 1700s
11Portrait--St. Leger, Mrs., undated
13Oedipus--Oedipus--Sheridan, Thomas, 1776
14Portrait / Playwright--Sheridan, Richard, 1847
15Ella Rosenberg--Siddons, Mrs. Henry, 1807
16Portrait--Siddons, Miss, undated
17Two Portraits--Siddons, Maria, undated
18Portrait--Siddons, Sally, undated
19Artaxerxes--Areaces--Sinclair, Mr., undated
20Guy Fawkes--Smith, Mr. O., undated
21French Actor/Portrait--Talma, [1817]
22Portrait-Talma, undated
23Orestes--Talma, undated
24Author--Thompson, Benjamin, undated
25Henri Quatre--Louison--Tree, Miss M., 1823
26Beggar's Opera--Macheath--Vernon, Mr., 1776
27Cymon--Cymon--Vernon, Mr., 1778
28Beggar's Opera--Polly--Weller, Miss, 1788
29Farmer's Return To Loundatedon--Farmer--Wilson, Mr., 1779
30Patie--Wilson, Mr., 1779
31Provoked Husbaundated--Sir Francis Wronghead--Wilson, Mr., 1791
32Inconstant--Old Mirabel--Wilson, Mr., undated
33Author--Winston, John, 1807
34Portrait--Woffington, Margaret, undated
35George Barnwell--Barnwell--Wroughton, Mr., 1776
36She Wou'd Aundated She Wou'd Not--Don Manuel--Yates, Mr., 1776
37Portrait--Master Albert, 1790

3. Playbills

51Bath--Cymbeline--The Citizen--Simpson, Mrs.; Rossignole, Signoir--Simpson, Mrs., 1783 May 13
2London, Drury Lane--The School for Scandal--Farce--Bannister, John--Ward, Mrs., 1787 May 14
3Tunbridge-Wells--Beaux Startagem--Thomas and Sally--Jackson, Mr., 1788 July 14
4Leeds-A New Way--Royal Chace:Harlequin--Cummins, Mr. and Mrs., 1781 July 13
5Newcastle--Lionel and Clarissa--Comus--Bowden, Mr.; Inchbald, George--Bowden, Mr., 1792 January 4
6Newcastle--Every Man in His Humour--Quaker--Lewis, Lee; Whitlock, Elizabeth--Lewis, Lee, 1792 February 15
7Wakefield--George Barnwell--Crotcher Lodge, 1795 September 15
8London, Drury Lane--Almeyda--Wedding Day--Siddons, Sarah; Kemble, J.P.--Siddons, Sarah, 1796 May 16
9London, Drury Lane--The Rivals--Richard Coeur de Lion--Kemble, J. P.; Bannister, John, 1795 November 8
10London, Drury Lane--Vortigern--My Grandmother--Jordan, Mrs.; Kemble, Charles, 1796 April 2
11Manchester--Love A La Mode, 1797 July 3
12York--Castle Spectre--Wandering Jew--Matthews, Charles--Burton, Mr. and Mrs., 1800 May 6
13Hull--Citry Wives Confederacy--Farmer--Matthews, Charles--Carr, Mr. and Mrs., 1803 December 31
14Hull--Voice of Nature--Irish Widow--Matthews, Charles, 1803 February 10
15Hull--Januarye Shore--Midnight Hour--Door-Keepers, 1803 November 7
16Sacrborough--Castle Spectre, 1806 September 3
17London, Covent Garden--Oratories, 1806 March 26
18Hull--Zorinski--Blind Boy--Phillips, Mr., 1808 December 13
19London, Drury Lane--All in the Wrong--Caractacus--Elliston, Mr.; Jordan, Mrs., 1808 October 11
20Whitby--Exile--Weathercock, 1809 December 11
21London, Hay Marchket--Who Wants a Guinea--Doldrums or 1819--Matthews, Charles; Munden, Mr., 1812 September 5
22London, Covent Garden--School of Reform--Hit or Miss!--Emery, John; Kemble, Mrs.--Emery, John, 1813 June 16
23London, Drury Lane--Speed the Plough--Ella Rosenberg--Munden, Mr.; Bannister, John, 1813 October 8
24London, Covent Garden--The Stranger--Who Wants a Wife?--Kemble, J. P.; O'Neill, Elizabeth, 1816 May 9
25London, Hay Marchket--Wild Oats--Actor of All Work--Matthews, Charles--, 1817 September 1
26York--Climbing Boy--Sledge Driver----Wilkinson, John, 1818 April 5?
27Richmond--Animal Magnetism--Devil to Pay--Benefit, 1818 October 28
28Bristol--Viriginus--Fate of Calas--Marcheady, W. C.--, 1821 April 9
29London, Drury Lane--Dramatist--Therese--Elliston, Mr.--, 1821 February 2
30Belfast--Animal Magnetism--Mogul Tale----Mccormick, Mr., 1822 January 18
31Richmond--She Stoops to Conquer--Miller's Maid--Matthews, Charles--Matthews, 1822 October 9
32Sheffield--Wallace--Turnpike Gate----Bunn, Mrs., 1822 December 5
33Birmingham--Januarye Shore--Timour the Tartar--Bunn, Mrs., 1826 August 5
34London, Drury Lane--Pizarro--Queen Bee--Faucit, Mrs., 1829 January 7
35London, English Opera House--Mr. Matthews at Home--Matthews, Charles, 1826 November 25
36London, Drury Lane, 1828 October 1
37Leeds--Macbeth--Giovanni in London--Burrell, Miss, 1828 June 26
38London, Hay Marchket--Foundling of the Forest--Green Eyed Monster--Faucit, Mrs., 1830 August 16
39Wolberhampton--Pizarro--Turn Out--Betty, Mr. Henry, 1839 August 26
40York--Animal Magnetism--Midnight Hour, 1847 July 16
41York--Wandering Jew--Bottle, 1848 May 6
42Capitol--The Beggar's Opera--The Anatomist--Parker, Mrs., June 3
43Capitol--The Miser--The Brave Irishman--Charlton, Mr., June 8
44Virgina Gazette, Number 401--American Company of Comedians, 1774 January 13
45Laurinburg--Seven Hours in New York, 1915 February 19
46Laurinburg--Buster Brown, undated
47Laurinburg--J.A. Coburn's Greater Minstrel, 1913 April 4
48London, Hay-Market--Redemption, 1792 February 24
49Southampton, Theatre Royal--MacBeth--Where Shall I Dine?--Betty, H., 1851 September 10
1London, Drury Lane--Plain Dealer--Old Maid--Clive, Kitty Portrait, 1767 December 17
2London, Drury Lane--Suspicious Husband--Deserter--Garrick, David; Siddons, Sarah--Garrick/Ranger, 1776 June 1
3London, Covent Garden--She Wou’d--Author--Wilkinson, Tate; Lewes, Lee--Portrait, 1778 February 6
4London, Drury Lane--Every Man In His Humour--Richard Coeur de--Kemble, J. P.; Suett--Kemble/Portrait (1783), 1786 November 1
5London, Covent Garden--King Henry the Eighth--Ozmyn and Dara--Siddons, Sarah; J. P. Kemble--Siddons/Queen Katharine, 1793 March 9
6London, Drury Lane--Adopted Child--Jordan, Dorothy; Suett, Richard--Jordan/Country Girl, 1795 December 10
7London, Drury Lane--Jane Shore--Desrter--Siddons, Sarah; Aickin, Mr.--Siddons/Jane Shore, 1796 September 22
8London, Drury Lane--Twelfth Night--Shipwreck--Jordan, Dorothy; Suett, Richard--Jordan/Fidella, 1797 May 17
9London, Covent Garden--Pizarro--Rival Soldier--Kemble, J. P.; Siddons, Sarah--Cartoon of Kemble, 1803 October 17
10London, Drury Lane--Veroni--No Song No Sup--Siddons, Henry; Siddons, Mrs. H., 1808 December 1
11Salisbury--Hamlet--Of Age Romorro--Betty, Master-- Betty/Hamlet, 1808 March 28
12London, Covent Garden--Cato--Broken Sword--Kemble, J. P.; Kemble, Charles--Kemble, J. P./Cato, 1816 October 23
13London, Drury Lane--Othello--Dragon’s Gift--Kean, Edmund; Faucit, Mrs.--Kean (Portrait), 1830 April 19
14London, Covent Garden--Much Ado About Nothing--Romance of a D--Kemble, Fanny; Kemble, Charles--Kemble, Fanny, 1831 February
15London, Princess Theatre--Henry V--Kean, Charles; Kean, Mrs. Charles, 1859 April 25
16London, Haymarket Theatre--Babmegide/Hamlet--Kemble, Mr. and Mrs., 1700s
17Portrait and Letter--Kemble, 1871
OS Folder
1Edinburgh--George Herriot--Forest of Bondy--Young, Mr.; Siddons, Mrs. H, 1823 March 6
London, Covent Garden--Grecian Daughter--Harlequin, Cock--Kemble, Fanny; Kemble, Charles, 1830 January 25
London, Princess Theatre--Louis the Eleventh--Muleteer of Tole--Kean, Charles, 1855 May 11
London, Hay-Market--Welsh Girl--One Hour, 1842 November 15
Lichfield--Jacobite--Two Gregorites, 1858 August 30
2Univeristy of York, Minster Library, playbills microfilm

4. Theatre Buildings

11Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London, 1794 June 14
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London [with the signature of William Capon, scenic designer who used some historically accurate scenery], 1793
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London "Burnt 1809 - Rebuilt 1812", undated
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London, 1812
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London, 1818
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London, 1825
1Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane-London, 1830
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh "North Bridge, The Theatre, & c.", undated
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh "North Bridge, The Theatre, & c.", undated
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh, 1830
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh, undated
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh "Waterloo Place, the National and Nelson's Monument, & c." [with a side view of the theatre], 1829
1Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh-Edinburgh [ew theatre building, "Register House, Theatre Royal, Waterloo Place, and Nelson Monument"], undated
1Theatre-Royal, Doncaster-Doncaster "Town Hall and Theatre" [photograph of the engraving], undated
1Theatre-Royal, Doncaster-Doncaster [photograph of the auditorium made just before the building was demolished], circa 1900
1Theatre-Royal, Doncaster-Doncaster [photograph of the theatre building made just as the demolition was beginning], circa 1900

5. Kemble Family

The Kemble family was very active in English theatre for three generations. Actor and manager Roger Kemble (1721-1802) married Sarah Ward and the couple had twelve children. Sarah Siddons (1755-1831), John Philip Kemble (1757-1823), and Charles Kemble (1775-1854) became distinguished actors of the English stage.
20Kemble, John Philip (Oedipus)--Siddons, Sarah (Medea)--Oedipus (1791 Dec 17), Orestes (undated), Medea (1795 Feb 18), 1791, 1795
21Kemble, Charles (Portrait)--Unfinsihed Oil Portrait by G. Harlowe, undated
12Covent Garden--King Henry VIII--Kemble, John Philip (Cardinal Wolsey)--Siddons, Sarah (Queen Catherine)--Portrait of Sarah Siddons as Queen Catherine, undated
2Kemble, Roger (Portrait)--The strolling actor who established the Kemble dynasty, undated
2Earl of Warwick--Whitlock, Elizabeth Kemble (Margaret)--Mrs. Whitlock and her husband appeared in the Charleston Theatre while on tour in the United States, undated
2Sartoris, Adelaide (Totty) Kemble--Sartoris (Charles Kemble's daughter) was an opera singer, undated
2Catherine and Petruchio--Kemble, Mrs. Charles (Catherine), undated
OS Folder
1Kemble, Charles--portrait (W. Sharp, M. A. Shree], 1803 April 7

6. Miscellaneous

61La Lanterna Magica, undated
2Il Casotto dei Burattini in Roma, undated
3Cato--Kemble, John Phillip, undated
4Portrait--Bannister, John, 1802 April 10
5Douglas--Roscius, 1805 January 1
6Portrait--Talma, F.J., undated
7Portrait--Kelly, Michael, 1825 June 1
8Conte--Fresnoy, undated
9Drawing, 1870
10Lucius Junius--Brutus--Kean, 1818
11Shylock--Kean, Charles, undated
12Gilbert Wrangle--The Refusal--Macklin, 1779
13Grimaldis, Bang up--Harlequin & Padmanaba, 1812 Jamuary 23
14Apollo--Midas--Vestris, undated
15The Mystery of Masonry brought to Light by the Gormagons, 1809 May 1
16The town of Isthmus of Corinth, undated
17Corinth, 1892
18Plan of the Academy, 1784 May- 1789 March
19Aristote, Cathedrale de Chartres, undated
20Othello Relating his Adventures--Othello, undated
21As You Like It, undated
22The Company of Strollers, 1831 June 30
23Vauxhall Gardens, Thomas Rowlandson, undated
24Milnes Bridge House, 1829 January 31
25Fountains Abbey Appeal, undated
26Roman Father, 1750
27Inkle and Yarico, undated
28Magic Island, 1974 December 18
29Theatre Royal--Author of Farce/Miller, Joe, April
30Hay-Market--Authors Benefit/Theatre Royal--Walker, M., undated
31Emmette Robinson Theatre--Richard Thomas, 1989 January 27
32Covent Garden, London--Theatre Museum National Museum of the Performing Arts--bags, undated
33Chatsworth--Home of the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire (2 copies)--bags, undated
34Shakespeare (Greek)--bags, undated
35Shakespeare (Greek)--bags, undated
36Portrait--Virginius--Macready, 1820 June 20
37London--Georgii III, 1777
18Rob Roy McGregor--Macready, Mr., 1848 September 11
19Hanover--Sig. Rolsi, undated
13Letters related to the English theatre [Tate Wilkinson, Charles Mathews, Charles Kemble], 1799-1825
4Part of the [Shakespeare] Jubilee ribbon worn by David Garrick, 1769
2Inchbald diary microfilm (Folger Library)