Joan Titus collection

Joan Titus collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Titus, Joan
Title: Joan Titus collection
Dates: Bulk, 1930-1970
Dates: 1890-2016
Quantity: 13.0 Linear feet 13 boxes, 2 oversized folders, and 181 audiovisual items
Coll. Number: ms3757

Biographical/Historical Note

Lillian Smith (1897-1966), author, lecturer, and human rights advocate, was born in Jasper, Florida, and resided in Rabun County, Georgia. She wrote the novel Strange Fruit, to much acclaim, as well as Killers of the Dream. For more information see the article Lillian Smith in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Joan Titus served as a researcher at Time Magazine from 1956 to 1960; researcher and associate producer of radio news broadcasts and television documentaries for Time-Life Broadcast Inc. from 1961 to 1966. In 1967 and 1970, she received research grants for a Lillian Smith biography from the Field Foundation.

Scope and Content Note

This collection includes clippings, correspondence, genealogical files, articles, notes, interviews, transcripts, photographs, and writings, gathered by Joan Titus, relating to Lillian Smith's life and legacy. The correspondence relates to Laural Falls Camp, South Today, Lillian Smith's publications and events, and letters received by Joan Titus regarding Smith. There are several folders of audience reaction cards from screenings of Miss Smith of Georgia from 1964 and 1966.

Also included in this collection are interviews conducted by Joan Titus in March 1962 with Atlanta civic and political leaders, including Ivan Allan, William Hartsfield, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lorimer Douglas Milton, and Reverend Williams Holmes Borders, regarding African American business leaders. Also in March 1962, Titus interviewed Dr. Robert Coles, a child psychiatrist, about the effect of school desegregation on children. Excerpts of the Coles interview were used in Time-Life's radio program "The Children Should be Heard".

Index Terms

Allen, Ivan, 1911-
Audiovisual materials.
Coles, Robert
Georgia--Race relations.
Hartsfield, William Berry
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
Laurel Falls Camp for Girls (Ga.).
Milton, Lorimer D., 1898-1986
Smith, Lillian Eugenia, 1897-1966
Snelling, Paula
Southern States--Race relations.
Women authors, American--Georgia--Interviews.
Women authors, American--Georgia--Photographs.
Women authors, American--Georgia.
Women authors--Correspondence.

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Preferred Citation note

Joan Titus collection, ms3757, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.


Conditions Governing Access note

Though the collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies are available upon request. Audiovisual research requests are dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

Related Material

Related Collections in the Hargrett Library: Lillian Smith, letters to and from Paula Snelling, ms2337; Lillian Eugenia Smith papers, ms1283a; Lillian Eugenia Smith papers, ms1283; Laurel Falls Camp and Lillian Smith collection, ms2143.

Related audiovisual materials, including interviews related to Atlanta in 1962 and Lillian Smith, from this collection are housed in the Walter J. Brown Media Archive:

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Lillian Smith Research

1.1 Research Files

11Vol. 1, Camp I Laurel Leaves, 1941-1947
2Vol. 2, Camp II Catalogues and brochures, 1935-1939
3Vol. 3, Camp III plays and correspondence, 1935-1966
4Vol. 3, Camp III plays and correspondence, 1935-1966
71Vol. 4, South Today I; Spring - Fall-Winter, 1936-1939
2Vol. 5, South Today II; Spring - Winter, 1939-1941
3Vol. 6, South Today III; Winter - Autumn-Winter, 1941-1943
4Vol. 7, South Today IV; Spring - Winter, 1943-1945
15Vol. 8, South Today and P.O. [Post Office]; Rosenwald Foundation; 1943 Houseparty; Pseudonym, 1935-1943
6Vol. 9, Miscellaneous Correspondence; South Today, 1936-1965
7Vol. 9, Miscellaneous Correspondence; South Today, 1936-1965
8Vol. 10, Correspondence I A-Br, 1935-1965
9Vol. 11, Correspondence II Bu-Co, 1936-1961
10Vol. 12, Correspondence III Co-F, 1937-1965
11Vol. 13, Correspondence IV G, 1936-1966
12Vol. 14, Correspondence V H-Ku, 1941-1970
13Vol. 15, Correspondence VI Ku-Lo, 1955-1966
14Vol. 16, Correspondence VII Lo-Ma, 1938-1968
15Vol. 17, Correspondence VIII Me-Mu, 1936-1966
16Vol. 18, Correspondence IX N-P, 1936-1966
17Vol. 19, Correspondence X Q-Sm, 1939-1966
18Vol. 20, Correspondence XI So-St, 1942-1966
21Vol. 21, Correspondence XII Su-Z, 1944-1966
2Vol. 22, Publisher's Correspondence; Reynal and Hitchcock, 1943-1945 April
3Vol. 23, Publisher's Correspondence; Reynal and Hitchcock, 1945 May-1957 May
4Vol. 24, Publisher's Correspondence; Harcourt and Brace, 1957 June-1966 July
5Vol. 25, Publisher's Correspondence; Norton I, 1949 April-1949 November 9
6Vol. 26, Publisher's Correspondence; Norton II, 1949 November 14-1960 December 20
7Vol. 27, Publisher's Correspondence; Norton III, 1961 September-1962 November
8Vol. 28, Publisher's Correspondence; Norton IV, 1962 November 6-1964 May 28
9Vol. 29, Publisher's Correspondence; Norton V, 1964 May 28-1966 August 22
10Vol. 30, Documents and Miscellaneous I, 1917-2002
Volume 30 includes: photostat of births from Smith family bible; drawing of Smith home in Jasper; M. White's drawing of Blackwell/White house and Smith house; obituary of DeWitt Smith; Jasper High School commencement program (1915); history of the Crescent, Valdosta mansion; Lillian Smith letter (1917); Lillian Smith's Peabody Conservatory record (1917-1921); Evergreen Theater; "China in 1923" pamphlet; student work YMCA, China '22 pamphlet; index of Mary Blackford's China photos; and excerpts of China log by Eloise Bradshaw.
11Vol. 30, Documents and Miscellaneous I, 1917-2002
12Vol. 31, Documents and Miscellaneous II, 1917-1936
Volume 31 includes: Eugene Barnett's letters (1921); Virginia School catalogue; essays by Virginia School students; report of Shanghi events (1925); Manget's sister's memoirs; and Eugene Barnett's memoirs.
13Vol. 31, Documents and Miscellaneous II, 1917-1936
14Vol. 31, Documents and Miscellaneous II, 1917-1936
15Vol. 32, Documents and Miscellaneous III, 1917-1969
Volume 32 includes: C. W. Smith' prayer at opening of Rabun Superior Court; Lillian Smith's Columbia Teacher College records and letter to her father (1928); report Commission on Interracial Cooperation; interview with Lillian Smith about Rabun County; India famine mission; and Mass. Supreme Court brief on Strange Fruit.
16Vol. 33, Documents and Miscellaneous IV, 1939-2011
Volume 33 includes: playbill for Strange Fruit; "We challenged Jim Crow" pamphlet (1947); Ebony article on Ruby McCollum's killing of Adam; Ainisfield Wolf Awards; Lillian Smith's notes for Fisk award; Smith's resignation from CORE; Marjorie White's obituary; and Reed's paper on women and anti-lynching.
17Vol. 34, Chronological I, 1936-1944 September
18Vol. 35, Chronological II, 1944 September-1951 April 6
31Vol. 36, Chronological III, 1951 June-1954 November
2Vol. 37, Chronological IV, 1954 November-1959
3Vol. 38, Chronological V, 1960-1962
4Vol. 39, Chronological VI, 1963-1965 June
5Vol. 40, Chronological VII, 1965 August-1971 December
6Vol. 40A, Chronological VIII, 1970-2009
7Vol. 41, Radio and TV, 1944-1966
7Vol. 42, Obituaries, 1966
8Vol. 43, Notes to Lillian Smith in hospital, 1966
9Vol. 44, Reviews of Lillian Smith's books I, 1944-1953
10Vol. 45, Reviews of Lillian Smith's books II, 1954-1966
11Vol. 46, Play Strange Fruit, 1945
12Vol. 47, Reviews of Play Strange Fruit, 1945-1946
13Vol. 48, Awards, 1943-1966
14Vol. 49, Bestseller lists, 1944-1954
15Vol. 50, Unpublished: My Bargain with Cancer, 1966
16Vol. 51, Chicago Defender Columns by Lillian Smith, 1948-1965
17Vol. 52, Book Reviews by Lillian Smith, 1950-1966
18Vol. 53, Evelyn Scott Correspondence, 1937-1938
19Vol. 54, Transcript Miss Smith of Georgia
75Vol. 54A, CD Transcript Miss Smith of Georgia
320Vol. 54B Transcript Lillian Smith: Killers, on China and career, Strange Kind of Love
21Vol. 54B Transcript Lillian Smith: Killers, on China and career, Strange Kind of Love
76Vol. 55, 1966 Quotes for film, 1966
7Vol. 55A, Original manuscript for Killers reading
322Vol. 56, Deeds to Smith property in and near Jasper, Florida, 1886-1915
23Vol. 56, Deeds to Smith property in and near Jasper, Florida, 1886-1915
78-9Memoir material by Lillian Smith
41Vol. 58, Morehouse Thesis on Lillian Smith, 1956
2Vol. 59, Captain Spencer SCHW [Southern Conference on Human Welfare] Correspondence, 1947-1949
3Vol. 60, Douty: Southern Conference on Human Welfare, 1955
4Vol. 60, Douty: Southern Conference on Human Welfare, 1955
5Vol. 61, Miscellaneous Speaking engagements and invitations, 1954-1963
6Vol. 62, Lillian Smith's letters, speeches, 1960-1961 sit-in movement, 1960-1961, undated
7Vol. 63, Black Power I, 1966-1967
8Vol. 64, Black Power II, 1967
79Vol. 65, Notes I
10Vol. 66, Notes II
11Vol. 67, Notes III
12Vol. 68, Notes IV
81Vol. 69, Notes V
2Vol. 70, Notes on interviews with Smith family et al
3-4Vol. 71, Jasper News and family chronology
5Vol. 71A, Jasper background
6Vol. 72, Lost Mss
49Vol. 73A, Genealogy: Peeples/Simpson, 1967-1996
10Vol. 73B, Genealogy: Miller/Smith, 1967
11Vol. 73C, Genealogy, 1996-1997
87Vol. 74, Julia
412Vol. 75, The Child, 1933-1967
Notes and transcript: background and identity of the black/white child in Killers of the Dream.
88Vol. 75A, The Child
413Vol. 76, Quotes for Lillian Smith's reading
14Vol. 77, Letters to Joan Titus regarding Lillian Smith I, 1967
15Vol. 78, Letters to Joan Titus regarding Lillian Smith II, 1966-1992
16Vol. 79, Letters to Joan Titus regarding Lillian Smith III, 1966-1985
17Vol. 79, Letters to Joan Titus regarding Lillian Smith III, 1966-1985
18Vol. 80, Letters to Joan Titus regarding Lillian Smith IV, 1967-1970
89-10Vol. 81, Strange Fruit
11Vol. 82, Killers I and II
12Vol. 82A, Killers I and II
51Sons of Temperance (photocopy) Jasper, Florida, 1880-1889
2South Today Correspondence, 1936-1945
3South Today Correspondence, 1936-1945
4Constance McMillan (1924-2006) memorial, compiled by Joan Titus, 2009
5-8Research file, correspondence and clippings (photocopies), 1933-1967
9Macon Writer's Club
10Time Cables to Howland, 1948, 1950
11Edward P. Morgan, American Broadcasting Network, 1960
12-26Human Relations Council - audience reactions to Miss Smith of Georgia, 1964-1966
27Lillian Smith letters, 1964-1965
28Acceptance Speech, Charles S. Johnson Award, 1966
29Lillian Smith letter to George Leonard, 1966
30Index-University of Florida material on Lillian Smith
31Lucinda Ebersole correspondence, 1992-1995
31Judith Giblin James/Jacqueline Clark correspondence, 1994-1995
32Andrew Heiskell correspondence, 1994-1996
33Blanche Wiesen Cook correspondence, 1994-1996
34Conference on Lillian Smith, Georgetown, 1994
35"Lillian Smith: Looking Back to the Future," paper presented by Joan Titus presented at "Listening to Sounds Larger than Our Own Heartbeat", a Conference on Lillian Smith, 1994
36Clifford Kuhn correspondence and "Multiple Narratives of Arthur Raper", 2005-2006
37"Humans in Bondage," "The Right Way is Not a Moderate Way," "The Winner Names the Age" - Lillian Smith
38"The Family of Man", 1955
39New South, 1964-1965
39Harper's Magazine, "The South Today", 1965
40Time, 1967
OS Folder
1LOOK article, 1965
813Notes - Miscellaneous
101Time Life - personal release, 1962
2Virginia Quarterly Review copyright, 1982
3Jasper maps and miscellaneous
5Joan Titus introduction letter
6Notes from folder
7Notes and notebooks
8Race and GA
9Gen. Misc.
10Crisis and FLC's letter
11LS - Miscellaneous
12Mrs. Tilly - Fellowship of the Concerned
13Packet 1 - Lynching
14Anti-lynching material
15LS - Misc.
16Datebook, 1966
17Stephen Foster park photos and correspondence
18Speaking - invitations
19LS - speeches
20Re - speeches by LS
21Re - Magazine articles by and about LS
22Our Faces - letters about
23Journey - letters about
24One Hour - letters about
25Killers - corresp. about
26Miscellaneous letters
27Letters to LS's executors
28Audience reactions -Smith - Georgia, Tenn, Va
29Duplicate file on GA desegregation
30Personal notes to Esther Smith re LS's books
31Biz correspondence; to
32Luanne Gilbert correspondence
33Notes on LS's autobiographical material, etc.
34Spoken Arts
35Copyright Ofc.
36Foundations re LS's film
37One Hour worksheets
39Bob Coles
40Bob and kids
41Transcript - The Journey - Digital tape in safe dep. box
42Trembling Earth - transcripts, original and revised
43Trembling Earth - correspondence
44News stories
45Virginia Foster Durr
46Dorothy Baker
47Notes re film LS - T-L release form
48Anniston Mss, 1987
49Books re LS
50LS - Misc. background
52Notes and correspondence
53Correspondence - Bethune
54Correspondence - Frances Allee
55Titus correspondence - Field Foundation, SRC
56Correspondence - Suzanne Neidland
57Correspondence - SUNY
58-59Misc. Notes
60LIFE article - He Had a Dream, 1969
2Correspondence - Eloise Thomson
3Glenn Rainey Papers (Emory Special Collections) - LS correspondence
4JT's letters to LS
5Correspondence JT-LS
6JT's letters re LS - replies in corres.
7Letter carbons
8University of Florida
9John Inscoe
10Miscellaneous correspondence
11Corrrespondence - Mary Fichter
13Two letters from Robert Coles
14Santee River - Peeples notes
15Correspondence - Heiskell
16Steve Suitts
17Correspondence - Kubie
18T - Kubie
19T - E. Brown
20LS notes and correspondence
21Correspondence from LS
22Address book
26Julia notes
34LS's quotes on equality
36End or re K
38-41LS notes - notecards
42LS bio notes
45LS - Looking Back at the Future
46LS autobiography
48LS Misc. and background
51Clippings - LS
121-4Notes from binders
5-7Notes from binders [copies]
8Correspondence - LS to JT
9Notes from binders - replies to JT's NYT ad, 1981
10Notes from binders - China
11Joan Titus correspondence, 1995-2013
12Notes on Mirror
13Correspondence to Marion Worley
14LS biographical data, 1962
15Interview transcription - George Ashley
16Correspondence copies
17Jasper, FL
18Notes and correspondence
19Correspondence copies
20Memoir material by LS, 1965
21Autobiographical material written by Lillian Smith, 1956, 1963
22Miscellaneous notes
24Steno notebook
25Art as Symbolic Speech - LS notes
26Notes and correspondence with copies
27-34Notes and correspondence
13Notes and addresses on index cards

1.2 Photographs

61-2Lillian Smith photo album #1
3Lillian Smith photo album #2
4-6Photo album #1 and #2, negatives
7Mary Darsey
8Edith Tompkins (Worley), Jessie Wickwire, Jessie Blackwell, 1893 April
9Lillian Smith and Majorie White negatives (photos in photo album #1), 1893 April
10Group photo with Lillian Smith and Majorie White, 1893 April
11Piedmont College Yearbook, negatives, 1915-1916
12Virginia School, Huchow, China, 1922-1925
13Blanche Warren, Annie Smith, [?], Thelma Cassin, Marion Worley
14Miss Stanford, Lillian Smith, [?], Sallie Lou MacKinnon, Dr. Nelson, Bishop Braz [?]
15Lillian Smith
17British Emergency Committee trip to India, 1946
18Joan Titus, Clayton, Georgia, 1st visit, 1959
19Lillian Smith, Clayton, Georgia taken by Constance McMillan Carpenter, 1959 September
20Constance McMillan Carpenter letter regarding: Newsweek - review of One Hour, includes photographs of Lillian Smith, 1959
21Frank McCallister and Lillian Smith, 1961
22Miss Smith of Georgia filming, 1962
23Miss Smith of Georgia, on location, Clayton, Georgia, 1962
24Lillian Smith, Clayton, Georgia by Joan Titus, 1962
25Lillian Smith, Clayton, Georgia by Joan Titus, 1963 August
26Marion Worley, Joan Titus, Majorie White, 1967
27Screamer Mountain
28M. E. Church, Jasper, Florida (postcard)
29Constance McMillan drawings for Lillian Smith's Memory of a Large Christmas
OS Folder
1Photographs of Austin Brigg's portrait of Lillian Smith
1Lillian Smith in Boston at time of Strange Fruit (LIFE photographs), 1944
1Lillian Smith at home, at the printers for South Today, and at a Clayton Drug Store (LIFE photographs), 1940-1949
1Portraits of Lillian Smith (2), 1960-1966
1Long format photographs of campers and staff
1Photograph of woman at lake draining
639Photographs - gravestones - Peeples
40Photographs - lake draining
41Color transparencies - Lillian Smith
42Color Photographs of Jasper, FL
43Appraisal for watercolor portrait, 2009
9Slides - including Jasper, Clayton, Okefenokee
1.3 Maps
OS Folder
2Comprehensive zoning map - Jasper, Florida [with notes], 1963
2Map of Jasper, Florida [with notes]
2General highway map of Hamilton County, Florida [with notes]
2Map of Jasper, Florida [copy]
2Comprehensive zoning map of Jasper, Florida [copy]
2General highway map of Camden County, Georgia [with notes]
2General highway map of Ware County, Georgia [with notes]

2. 1962 Interviews

2.1 Interview Files

630Notebook, Titus interviews Atlanta, 1962
31Joan Titus interview with Dr. Robert Coles, 1962
32Field Foundation annual reports, 1966-1969
33"Child's Fifth Freedom," Lawrence Kubie, 1952

3. Joan Titus Files, 1952-1971

634Joan Titus resume and professional correspondence, 1952-1971
35Time, "The Curse and the Hope" review of William Faulkner [includes drafts, tear sheet, correspondence] (folder 1 of 2), 1964
Titus was not involved with this cover story.
36Time, "The Curse and the Hope" review of William Faulkner [includes drafts, tear sheet, correspondence] (folder 2 of 2), 1964
37Memorial service for Whitney Moore Young, 1971
har-titus_0127 Memorial Service for Whitney Young, Lagos, Nigeria, Produced by Joan Titus for the African-American Institute, 1971 March 13 ( 1/4" open reel audio )
har-titus_0128 Memorial Service for Whitney M. Young, Jr., Christ Church Cathedral Lagos, Nigeria, Produced by Joan Titus for The African-American Institute, 1971 March 13 ( CD )
har-titus_0174 The Richer Land, Time-Life Broadcasting, Inc. ( 16mm film )
1236UGA correspondence - Katherine Stein
37University of Georgia
13Framed photograph of Lillian Smith with lock of hair