Brumby and Hart family papers

Brumby and Hart family papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Brumby, Mary Hart, 1914-2011
Creator: Brumby, Sewell Marion, 1911-1992
Title: Brumby and Hart family papers
Dates: Bulk, 1936-1992
Dates: 1779-2011
Quantity: 32.0 Linear feet 64 boxes
Coll. Number: ms3752

Biographical/Historical Note

Sewell Marion Brumby (1911-1992), son of Annie Lee Sewell (1883-1969) and Charles Rush Brumby (1883-1959), was born in Cedartown, Georgia and graduated from United States Military Academy in 1932. He began his U.S. Army career stationed in Manila (Philippines) shortly after his marriage in 1935 to Mary Hart (1914-2011), daughter of Mary Elmira Bullard (1883-1977) and William Thomas Hart (1880-1931) of Columbus, Georgia. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in command of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, U.S. Army during World War II and led them ashore on Utah Beach on D-Day (June 6, 1944). The following day he suffered a serious foot wound during the attack at Crisbecq (France). Sewell later served two tours of duty in Japan and retired from the Army in 1960. After years of living overseas and with Mary’s mother in Columbus, Sewell and Mary finally settled in Athens (Ga.). Sewell began a second career as librarian at the University of Georgia Law School after attending library school at Columbia University in New York. They had three children, Mary Ann “Marianne” Curran (1939-2012), Mira Lee “Candle” (born 1949), and Sewell Robeson (born 1952). A cookbook of Columbus (Ga.) family recipes, titled Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons, was published by Mary Brumby in 1993.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of biographical information, genealogy, correspondence, writings, artwork, scrapbooks, financial papers, printed material and photographs. Much of the correspondence is between Sewell and Mary Brumby and from their friends, especially their friends in Japan. The Hart family correspondence revolves around Mary Elmira Bullard Hart, with letters from her husband William Thomas Hart, and their children Louise Hart Hunt (1911-1987), Mary Hart, and William Bullard Hart (1918-1985). There is also correspondence of Marianne Brumby, Mira Lee “Candle” Brumby, Sewell Robeson Brumby, the Bullard family, the Blackmar family and the Pittman family. John Ray (1792-1868) was a lawyer and teacher in Newnan, Georgia. The connection between the Ray/ Barker families and the Brumby/Hart families is unclear. Genealogy research done by Sewell Brumby concerns the Brumby, Hart, Sewell and Pittman extended families and includes research correspondence with family members. Writings are by various family members, especially the poetry of Louise Hart Hunt and family cookbooks and recipes used for Mary Brumby’s publication. Several Blackmar family scrapbooks are included. Financial papers include estate papers of Mary Blackmar Bullard and Mary Elmira Hart with personal property inventories. There is also a household inventory of Sewell Brumby’s house for insurance purposes, and information on loans and donations of Japanese items to museums. There are numerous photographs of family, houses and other subjects.

Index Terms

Brumby Zenere, Mira (Candle)
Columbus (Ga.)
Manila (Philippines).
United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 22nd. (1866-1957)
University of Georgia. School of Law. Library.
World War, 1939-1945--Campaigns--France--Normandy.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Brumby and Hart family papers, ms3752, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11Blackmar, Bullard, Brumby, Hart families
2Charles Rush Brumby, Jr.
3Mary Hart Brumby
4Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby
5Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby
6Sewell Marion Brumby
7Sewell Marion Brumby United States Military Academy (West Point, NY)
8Sewell Robeson Brumby
9Mary Blackmar Bullard
10Mary Elmira Bullard Hart
11Louise Hart Hunt and Henry Goodfellow Hunt

2. Genealogy

21Research correspondence, 1947-1976
2Research correspondence, 1980
3Research correspondence, 1981
4Research correspondence, 1982-1983
5Research correspondence, 1984-1991
6Research correspondence
7Genealogy chart
8Brumby Family Cousin Locater List
9Arnoldus Vanderhorst Brumby family
10Charles Rush Brumby, Sr. family
11Heyward Brumby family
12John Wallis Brumby family
13Thomas Holt Brumby family and Elsie Marion family
14Thomas Lyal Brumby family
15William Vanderhorst Brumby Family
31Brumby-Bunn families
2Brumby-Clanton families
3Brumby-Dewar families
4Brumby-Harris families
5Brumby-Haynesworth families
6Brumby-Hilsman families
7Brumby-Longshore families
8Brumby-Pittman families research correspondence, 1979-1980
9Brumby-Pittman families research correspondence, 1981-1982
10Brumby-Pittman genealogy charts
11Brumby-Pittman families copies of original documents
12Brumby-Pittman families
13Brumby-Pittman-Letcher families
14Brumby-Pittman-Owen families
15Brumby-Pittman-Smith families
16Brumby-Pittman-Stackhouse families
17Brumby-Polk families
18Brumby-Robeson families
41Brumby-Sewell families research correspondence, 1947-1985
2Brumby-Sewell families genealogy charts
3Brumby-Sewell families Bible records
4Brumby-Sewell families
5Brumby-Skinner families
6Brumby-Wallis families research correspondence, 1950-1981
7Brumby-Wallis families research correspondence, 1982
8Brumby-Wallis families research correspondence, 1983
9Brumby-Wallis families research correspondence, 1984-1991
10Brumby-Wallis families research correspondence
11Brumby-Wallis families genealogy charts
12Brumby-Wallis families
13Brumby family general information
51Hart family research correspondence, 1937-1984
2Hart family genealogy charts
3Hart family
4Hart-Blackmar families
5Hart-Brainerd families
6Hart-Bullard families
7Hart-Cloyd families
8Hart-Collier families
9Hart-Spratt families
10Heard-Germany families
61Pittman Family Record Vol. 1 by Lona McRee Elrod, 1976
2Pittman family record Vol. II by Lona McRee Elrod, 1982
3Pittman-Longshore families research correspondence of Grace Pittman Henderson, 1902-1910
4Pittman-Longshore families research correspondence of Grace Pittman Henderson, 1911
5Pittman-Longshore families research correspondence of Grace Pittman Henderson, 1912
6Pittman-Longshore families research correspondence of Grace Pittman Henderson
7Pittman-Longshore families research Corresopndence of Grace Pittman Henderson, 1914-1946
8Pittman-Longshore families research Correspondence of Grace Pittman Henderson, 1947-1950
9Pittman-Longshore families notebooks by Grace Pittman Henderson
71Pittman-Longshore Families notebooks by Grace Pittman Henderson
2Other Family Names
3Colonial Dames of America correspondence, 1947, 1981-1991
4Colonial Dames of America Mary Hart Brumby application
5Colonial Dames of America Mary Ann Brumby Application
6Colonial Dames of America Mira Lee Brumby application
7Daughters of the American Revolution Mary Elmira Bullard Hart application
8United Daughters of the Confederacy Grace Pittman Henderson application
9Colonial Dames of America Moselle Thomas Burke Hodgson application
11Family Reunion - Brumby, 1980, 1985
12Family Reunion - Brumby, 1986
13Family Reunion - Brumby, 1988
14Family Reunion - Hart, 1953
15Family Reunion - Hart, 1984
16Family Reunion - Pittman, 1960-1988
17Colonial Dames directories
62Bullard-Hart genealogy chart

3. Correspondence

3.1 Sewell and Mary Brumby

21944 January-April
31944 May
41944 June 1-21
51944 June 22-30
61944 July
71944 August 1-15
81944 August 16-31
911944 September 1-13
21944 September 15-30
31944 October 1-15
41944 October 16-31
51944 November 1-12
61944 November 13-30
71944 December
81945 January
91945 February
101945 March
111945 April
1011945 May
21945 June
31945 June
41945 August-December
61947 January-June
71947 July-August
81947 September-December
21954 January-February
31954 March
41954 April
51954 May
61954 June
81960 June-September
91960 October
101960 November-December
1211961 January-February
21961 March
31961 April-June
41966-1967, 1979
5From Mary - undated
6From Sewell - undated
7empty envelopes

3.2 To Sewell and Mary Brumby

2American Library Association, 1958
3Wayne Amos, 1984-1989
4Augusta National Gold Club, 1985
6Elizabeth Blackmar, 1984-1988
7Rosaline Bloodworth, 1986-1988
8Sally Boring, 1980-1988
9Pasco M. Bowman, 1984
10Morton A. Brown, 1973
11Frank & Sandy Brumby, 1980-1981
12Otis Brumby family, 1941-1946
13Paul R. Brumby, 1954-1990
14Thomas Mason Brumby portrait, 1964, 1965
15Olen Bryant, 1985
16Devereux Burch, 1992
17William C. Burghardt, 1974
18Kent Hart Butler, 1964-2004
20Ana Cabaniss, 1993-1996
21Hodding Carter, 1967
22Sarah Chalpan, 1990
23Loretto Chappell, 1935-1953
24Columbus Museum (Columbus, Ga), 1954-1989
25Florence Corley, 1966, 1968, 1996
26Johnnye V. Cox, 1965
28Harry & Catherine Dewar, 1954-1990
29Florence & Forman Dismukes, 1968
30Mary Drake, 1944, 1968
31Chantel Dunham, 1997-1999
2Marion & Sonny Ellis, 1981, 2008
3R. Hatfield Ellsworth, 1975-1978
5Faraldo family, 1991
6William H. Ford, 1983-1989
7Frierson family, 1980, 2005
9Georgia Museum of Art, 1964-1992
10Georgia Office of Legislative Counsel, 1992
11John A. Griffin, 1979, 1980
13Pamela Hall, 1989, 1990
14Dot Hanks, 1961-1992
15Alice Dewar Harris, 1961-1983
16Marguerite Harris
17Toan & Ann Hart, 1972-1996
18Agnese Nelms Haury, 1985-1990
19Jessie Helms, 1977
20Bill & Inge Henderson, 1946, 1947
21Ellen & Robert M. Hicklin, Jr., 1988, 1989
22Hamilton H. Howze, 1980, 1984
23Benjamin Hall Hudson family
24Charlton Hudson, 1985, 1986
25Institute of Living (Hartford, CT)
27Philip J. Johnson, 1987
28Junior Ladies Garden Club, 1983-1993
30Donald Keyes, 1988, 1990
32Jennie Lamb, 1947, 1954
33William G. Love, Jr., 1944, 1945
2Jack C. & Liz McElhiney, 1980-1989
3Maud McMullen
4Jahangir & Lila Meghdadi, 1962-1968
5Barbera Messersmith, 1980-1988
6Sissie & William S. Morris III, 1984-1998
7Sissie & William S. Morris III, 1999-2008
8Gabriele Mossa, 1987, 1988
9Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), 1975-1977
11Charles Naegele, 1943, 1944
12Sam Nunn, 1973, 1977
14Elizabeth Ogie, 1988, 1989
15Old Athens Cemetery Foundation, 1982-1986
17Caroline Pardue, 1964-1966
18Frances B. Parker, 1990
19Estill Curtis Pennington, 1980-1987
20Estill Curtis Penningtonq, 1988-1999
21Phillips Exeter Academy (NH), 1964-1978
22Wayland B. Pickard, Jr., 1944, 1945
23R. Wayne Pressley, 1992, 1993
2Mary Helen Ray, 1980-1983
3Rhode Island School of Design, 1957
4Arnold Riley, 1945
5Eudora Roebling, 1971-1996
6Alfred Chapin Rogers, 1942-1964
7Richard B. Russell, 1945
9Pam & Kyle Sage, 1990-1993
10Charles L. Saunders, Jr., 1988-1993
11Laura Ann & Talyor Segrest, 1982-1992
12Dottie & Wallis L. Skinner, 1980-1990
13Anna Thomas Stone, 1967-1992
14Albert W. Stubbs, 1988
16Herman E. Talmadge, 1973, 1977
17Michael C. Teller / TK Imports, 1974-1998
18Steven & Kathleen Throneberry, 1985, 1988
19Susan & Frank True, 1980-1992
20Underwood Library, 1960
21United States Military Academy (West Point, NY), 1953-1998
22University of Georgia, 1981, 1986
23University of Georgia School of Law, 1961-1977
24University of Georgia School of Law, 1978-1991
2Roy T. Ward, 1979-1990
3Roy T. Ward, 1991-2000
4Roy T. Ward
5Lovat & John J. Wilkins III, 1981-1992
6Olleen Williams, 1965
7Caroline & David McCord Wright, 1966-1989
8Antonio Zenere, 1986, 1988
9Kenneth F. Zitzman, 1980
10Unknown/Illegible names
11Unknown/Illegible Names
12Unknown/Illegible Names; Christmas Photograph Cards

3.3 To Sewell and Mary Brumby (from Japan)

181A-Z & Unknown
2Keiko Fujii, 1996, 1997
3Keiko Gokita, 1965-1990
4Keiko Gokita, 1991-1998
5Kazuo & Fujiko Hori, 1965-1989
6Kazuo & Fujiko Hori, 1991-2002
191Akitami Ichihara, 1968
2Yoichi & Keiko Iino, 1963-1979
3Yoichi & Keiko IIno, 1981-2007
4Hidekoto Imai, 1957-1962
5Hidekoto Imai, 1963-1986
6Seishi & Keiko Kuwabara, 1984-1987
7Hideo Matsuzuki, 1957-1986
8Itaru Nakao, 1960-1969
9Miyoko Ochi, 1958-1984
10Koji Ozawa, 1965
11Masaho Satomi, 1963-1969
201Yojiro Tsuzuki, 1957-1960
2Yojiro Tsuzuki, 1961-1969
3Yojiro Tsuzuki, 1970-1987
4Yojiro Tsuzuki
5Hiroshi Uchida, 1953, 1954
6Yuko Iino Wada, 1986-2002
7Invitations, 1950, 1955
8Invitations, 1956
9Invitations, 1957
11empty envelopes

3.4 To Sewell Brumby (Army)

211United States Army, 1932, 1944, 1945
2United States Army, 1946
3United States Army, 1947, 1948
4United States Army, 1949
5United States Army, 1950
6United States Army, 1951
7United States Army, 1952
8United States Army, 1953
9United States Army, 1954
10United States Army, 1955, 1956
11United States Army, 1957
12United States Army, 1958
13United States Army, 1959
14United States Army, 1960
15United States Army Efficiency Reports, 1946-1955

3.5 Brumby family

221Annie Lee Sewell Brumby Family, 1900-1929
2Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Annie Lee Sewell Brumby Family, 1931-1940
3Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Annie Lee Sewell Brumby Family, 1942-1949
4Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Annie Lee Sewell Brumby family, 1950-1959
5Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Anie Lee Sewell Brumby Family, 1960-1990
6Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Annie Lee Sewell Brumby Family
7Charles Rush Brumby, Jr. & Annie Lee Sewell Brumby Family - Friends and Business Letters, 1899-1986
8Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family, 1939-1958
9Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family, 1960
10Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family, 1961 January-April
11Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family, 1961 May-August
12Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family, 1963-1996
13Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby Family - B-W & Unknown
231Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1950-1959
2Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1961-1965 September
3Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1965 October-December 1968
4Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby Cappelmann, 1970-1979
5Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1981-1985 August
6Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1985 September-October
7Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1985 November-December
8Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1986 January-April
9Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1986 May-December
10Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1987
11Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby, 1989-2011
241Sewell Robeson Brumby, 1959-1969
2Sewell Robeson Brumby, 1971-1987
3Sewell Robeson Brumby & Will Brumby, 1992-1994
4Thomas Mason Brumby, 1897-1899
5Condolences A-C, 1992
6Condolences D-M, 1992
7Condolences O-Z & Unknown, 1992
8Memorials & Gifts, 1992
9Condolences A-H, 2011
10Condolences M-W & Unknown, 2011
11Memorials & Gifts, 2011
634Regarding the replacement of the Cedartown Postmaster

3.6 Hart family

41935 January-July
51935 August
61935 September
71936 January
81936 March-August
91936 September-December
101937 January-February
111937 March-April
2611937 May-July
21937 August
31937 September
41937 October
51937 November
61938 January
71938 February
81938 March
91938 April-May
101938 June-July
111938 August-December
2711939 January-March
21939 April-July
31939 August-December
41940 February-May
51940 June
61940 July
71940 August-September
81940 October-December
91941 January-May
101941 June-December
111942 January-April
121942 May-December
2811943 January-July
21943 August-December
31944 January-February
41944 March-December
111953, 1954
2911955-1956 May
21956 June-December
301from Mary Hart Brumby in Mississippi, 1942
2from Mary Hart Brumby in Southern Pines, North Carolina
3-6from Mary Hart Brumby - before 1949
7-11from Mary Hart Brumby - after 1949
12from Mary Hart Brumby in Japan, 1954-1957
311Mary Elmira Bullard Hart & William Thomas Hart
2from Mary Elmira Bullard Hart to Mary Hart Brumby
3from Mary Elmira Bullard Hart to Louise Hart Hunt & unknown
4Sarah Rawson Smith Hart
5from William Bullard Hart
6from William Bullard Hart & William Rawson Hart
7to William Bullard Hart
8-10from Louise Hart Hunt - undated
11from Louise Hart Hunt - after June 1947
12from Bill Hunt & Louise Hart Hunt
321to Mary Elmira Bullart Hart B-W
2to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Mary R. Amory, 1951
3to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Anne Robeson Brumby, 1935
4to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart, 1935-1944
5to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Sewell Marion Brumby, 1936-1957
6to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Loretto Chappell, 1942, 1945
7to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Colonial Dames Portrait survey, 1972-1974
8to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Pauline Dabney, 1939
9to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Sara B. Dewar, 1954
10to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Ernest Dismukes, 1904-1909
11to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Maude Edwards, 1955
12to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Mary H. Gilbert, 1951
13to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - C. M. Goethe, 1956, 1957
14to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Julia C. Harris
15to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Tom Hudson, 1904, 1905
16to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Henry Goodfelow Hunt, 1943-1965
17to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Jennie Lamb, 1947
18to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Alma Hixon, 1944
19to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Itaru & Akiko Nakao, 1951-1953
20to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Itaru & Akiko Nakao (portrait painter), 1954-1964
21to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Alfred Chapin Rogers, 1943-1958
22to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Alfred Chapin Rogers, 1960-1965
23to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Richard B. Russell, 1953
24to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Jack & Anne Vaughan, 1943-1951
25to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - Nelle ?, 1952
26to Mary Elmira Bullard Hart - unknown/illegible names
331to William Bullard Hart A-D
2to William Bullard Hart E-R
3to Willaim Bullard Hart S-W
4to William Bullard Hart - Frank Brown, 1937
5to William Bullard Hart - Sewell Marion Brumby, 1982
6to Willaim Bullard Hart - Bryant T. Castellow, 1936
7to William Bullard Hart - Ben Hudson, 1935-1939
8to William Bullard Hart - Royce Kershaw, 1939, 1940
9to William Bullard Hart - John King, 1938, 1939
10to William Bullard Hart - J. A. Lewis III, 1936, 1937
11to William Bullard Hart - Marion Institute (Marion, Ala.), 1936, 1938
12to William Bullard Hart - Wayland B. Pickard, Jr., 1937-1939
13to William Bullard Hart - Richard B. Russell, 1937
14to William Bullard Hart - J. P. Stearns, 1938, 1939
15to William Bullard Hart - Agnes Walden, 1935, 1936
16to William Bullard Hart - Frances Beverly White, 1937, 1938
17to William Bullard Hart - Christopher [?], 1937, 1938
18to William Bullard Hart - John [?], 1937-1939
19to William Bullard Hart - unknown/illegible names
341to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt A-G
2to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt H-R
3to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt S-W
4to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Copley & Mary R. Amory, 1934-1957
5to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - James Peter Barker, 1957-1970
6to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Beacon Publications, 1937
7to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Willy Bruppacher, 1953-1969
8to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Bentley & Blache Chappell, 1944, 1971
9to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Loretto Chappell, 1953-1970
10to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Pauline Dabney, 1931-1939
11to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Frank U. Gerrard, Jr., 1934
12to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Katherine Hallgarten, 1969, 1970
13to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Dave Harding, 1933
14to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Alice Howland, 1938, 1939
351to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Henry Lyne, Jr. family, 1939-1956
2to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Dillon McHugh, 1939
3to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Katie Moore, 1934
4to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Charney Nicolai, 1934-1939
5to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - John J. & Leonora Nilan, 1939, 1970
6to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Nina Patridge, 1934-1940
7to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Asa E. Phillips, Jr., 1956-1960
8to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Alber & Marcella Putnam, 1969-1970
9to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Pyramid Press, 1939, 1940
10to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart HUnt - Alfred Chapin Rogers family, 1948-1971
11to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Eleanor Roosevelt, 1928, 1939
12to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - James S. & Madeline Russell, 1938-1969
13to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Peter & Hatty Seeman, 1957-1969
14to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Sam Slate, 1934
15to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Annis Lee Townsend, 1956, 1957
16to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Ray Tucker, 1932
17to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Miguel Lopez Vivas, 1956, 1957
18to Henru Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Eleanor [?], 1953-1971
19to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Mary Ann & Sara [?], 1970
20to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - Rosalind [?], 1938-1940
21to Henry Goodfellow & Louise Hart Hunt - unknown/illegible names

3.7 Blackmar and Bullard families

361Alfred O. Blackmar & Mary Ann Blood Blackmar family, 1881-1928
2Betsy Brainerd Blackmar, 1928-1937
3Betsy Brainerd Blackmar, 1938-1949
4Mary Blackmar Bullard & William Lewis Bullard, 1884-1934
5Mary Blackmar Bullard, 1935, 1936
6Mary Blackmar Bullard, 1937-1939
7Mary Blackmar Bullard, 1940-1943
8Mary Blackmar Bullard
9Louise Bullard McPherson & Leighton W. McPherson family, 1927-1944

3.8 Pittman family

371Pittman Family, 1779-1832
2Pittman Family, 1835-1866

3.9 Unidentified

373Unknown names or not Brumby-Hart family
4Letter fragments

4. Barker and Ray Correspondence and Financial

381Correspondence - Benjamin G. Barker Family, 1834-1844
2Correspondence - Benjamin G. Barker family, 1850-1853
3Correspondence - Benjamin G. Barker Family, 1854-1864
4Financial Papers - Benjamin G. Barker Bank of the State of Georgia account book, 1845
5Financial Papers - Benjamin G. Barker, 1822-1832
6Financial Papers - Benjamin G. Barker, 1834
7Financial Papers - Benjamin G. Barker, 1834-1848
8Financial Papers - Benjamin G. Barker, 1850-1861
9Financial Papers - John Ray (Newnan, Ga.), 1829-1835
10Financial Papers - John Ray, 1836-1839
11Financial Papers - John Ray (Newnan, Ga.), 1840-1857
12Financial Papers - Sullivan & Rooney Co. (Coweta County, Ga.), 1827-1831

5. Writings

391Writings by Alfred O. Blackmar, Sr.
2Treaties between Georgia and Creeks at Coweta by Betsy Blackmar, 1944
3Cedar Valley Garden Club Minutes by Annie Lee Sewell Brumby
4Diaries re: Trips to England & Mexico by Marianne Brumby, 1958
5Poems - Titled by Marianne Brumby
6Poems - Untitled by Marianne Brumby
7School Papers by Marianne Brumby, 1959
8Story Linda and Ruth by Marianne Brumby
9Stories by Marianne Brumby
10Stories by Marianne Brumby
401Address Book Mary Hart Brumby
2Diary - Japan by Mary Hart Brumby
3Diary-Japan by Mary Hart Brumby
4Dairy - re: Gotemba (Japan) by Mary Hart Brumby, 1954, 1955
5Diary - Mary Hart Brumby Trip to Rome
6Letters to Editors by Mary Hart Brumby
7Poems by Mary Hart Brumby
8China by Mary Hart Brumby
9Re: Japan by Mary Hart Brumby
10Re: Japan by Mary Hart Brumby
11Re: Japan-Visit to Shizuoka by Mary Hart Brumby, 1955
12Re: Philippines by Mary Hart Brumby
13Re: Reading to Children by Mary Hart Brumby
14Speeches by Mary Hart Brumby
15Speech-Mary Hart Brumby Re: Publication of Cookbook
16Speech at Tokyo College of Science by Mary Hart Brumby
411Calycanthus Athens by Mary Hart Brumby
2The Chief Influence in Blake's life and Lyrics by Mary Hart Brumby
3Dear Kitty by Mary Hart Brumby
4Empathy of Plum by Mary Hart Brumby
5Estalla's Dearest Wish by Mary Hart Brumby
6The Father's Story of the Wintergreen Bear by Mary Hart Brumby
7The Fox's Tale by Mary Hart Brumby
8Japanese Garden in Georgia by Mary Hart Brumby
9The Little Girl's Story of the Cat from Persia by Mary Hart Brumby
10The Mother's Story of the Green Sea Sprite by Mary Hart Brumby
11Problem for Soloman by Mary Hart Brumby
12Problems for Soloman by Mary Hart Brumby
13Recollections of Manila by Mary Hart Brumby
14Strange Occurences in the Brooklyn Phlogiston Works by Mary Hart Brumby
15Visit to a Poet by Mary Hart Brumby
421Fiction Stories by Mary Hart Brumby
2Non-fiction stories by Mary Hart Brumby
3Story re: Rodin by Mary Hart Brumby
4Story re: Sylvia Peterkin by Mary Hart Brumby
5Short story-untitled by Mary Hart Brumby
6by Mary Hart Brumby
7by Mira Lee Brumby
8by Sewell Marion Brumby
9Diary - WWII by Sewell Marion Brumby, 1944
10Anne Robeson Brumby by Sewell Marion Brumby rough drafts and research
11Anne Robeson Brumby: A Discursive Memorial by Sewell Marion Brumby, 1986
431Columbia University School of Library Service by Sewell Marion Brumby, 1960 January
2Columbia University School of Library Service Sewell Marion Brumby, 1960 March-May
3Columbia University School of Library Service Sewell Marion Brumby, 1960 July-1961
4writings by Louise Hart
5Early Poems - A-W by Louise Hart, 1917-1919
6Poems - A-W by Louise Hart
7untitled poems by Louise Hart
8Poems by Louise Hart, 1937
9Corn Liquor and Magnolia Trees by Louise Hart
10A Sea Dream (play) by Louise Hart
11List of Books Belonging to Louise Hart
441Writings by Mary Elmira Hart
2Japanese Flower Art by Mary Elmira Hart
3Japanese Flower Art by Mary Elmira Hart - Handwritten Drafts and Notes
4Speeches to Charter Garden Club by Mary Elmira Hart
5Notebook of Visit to Japan by Mary Elmira Hart
6Story Re: Charles H. Herty by Mary Elmira Hart
7Student's Club (Columbus, Ga.) by Mary Elmira Hart, 1957-1958
8The Bombardier's Baptism by William Bullard Hart, 1942
9The Fox With the Cold Nose by William Bullard Hart
10School Papers - William Bullard Hart
11Writings by William Thomas Hart
12"Some of the Things I Remember about Cedartown Ga...." by A.C. Duke, Sr.
13Sketch of the Life of Dr. Charles K. Henderson by William G. England
14My Grandmother (Maria Virginia Collier Hart) by Samuel Hale Sibley
15List of Books Given to Bethseda Orphanage (Savannah, Ga.), 1983, 1989
16Writings by Other Authors
17Short Stories by unknown author
18Story - The Wager by unknown author
19Poems by unknown authors
20Writings by unknown authors
21Diaries - unidentified, 1929, 1949
451Cookbook - Betsy Blackmar
2Cookbook - Mary Ann Blood Blackmar [?]
3Cookbook - Mary Blackmar Bullard
4Cookbook - Mary Blackmar Bullard
5Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby recipes A-H (handwritten)
6Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby Recipes A-H (typed)
7Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby Recipes J-W (handwritten)
8Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby recipes J-W
9Cookbook - Louise Hart Hunt recipes A-B
461Cookbook - Louise Hart Hunt Recipes C
2Cookbook - Louise Hart Hunt Recipes D
3Cookbook - Louise Hart Hunt Recipes E-G
4Cookbook-Louise Hart Hunt Recipes H-M
5Cookbook-Louise Hart Hunt Recipes N-Q
6Cookbook-Louise Hart Hunt Recipes R-S
7Cookbook-Louise Hart Hunt Recipes S-Z
8Loose Cookbook pages
471Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby earlier versions
2Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes", 1990
3Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" draft
4Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" rough draft
5Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" New England Chapter Draft
6Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" Miss Mammie's Chapter rough draft
7Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" Tall Timber chapter rough drafts
8Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" Alexander Filippini chapter rough draft
9Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Five Generations of Columbus Party Recipes" miscellaneous pages
481Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby Correspondence: Publication of "Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons", 1974-1993
2Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons" reviews, 1993 ( )
3Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons" proof (partial)
4Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons" typed copy (partial)
5Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby "Seasoned Skillets and Silver Spoons" Fifth Generation Chapter rough draft
6Cookbook - Mary Hart Brumby illustrations
7Loose Recipes Breads/Beverages
8Loose Recipes Cakes/Pies
9Loose Recipes Desserts
10Loose recipes Eggs/Cheese
11Loose Recipes Meat/Fish
12Loose Recipes Salads/Soups/Vegetables
13Colonial Dames Cookbook "Georgia Heritage: Treasured Recipes" recipes submitted by members A-G, 1978, 1979
14Colonial Dames Cookbook "Georgia Heritage: Treasured Recipes" recipes submitted by members H-W & unknown, 1978-1979
15Collected recipes

6. Artwork

49unidentified artists [includes one folder re: Japan]
62unidentified artist [oversize]
635Sketchbooks - Marianne Brumby
6Photographs - Marianne Brumby
64Large sketchbooks - Marianne Brumby
Mounted photographs - Marianne Brumby
Mounted watercolors - Marianne Brumby
Lithographs, etching - Marianne Brumby

7. Scrapbooks

501Scrapbook Alfred O Blackmar, 1908-1924 ( )
2Scrapbook Blackmar Family, 1903-1918
3Scrapbook John Blackmar, 1906-1911
4Anne Brumby Memorial book, 1948
5Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1916-1917
51Scrapbook Betsy Blackmar DAR (1942-1943) and other subjects (1862, 1939-1948), 1862-1948

8. Financial

521Deeds Russell County (AL), 1908
2Deeds Cherokee County (GA), 1840
3Clarke Count (GA), 1978
4Deeds Clarke County (GA) 350 Glenwood Drive, 1981, 1987
5Deeds Franklin County (GA), 1791, 1808
6Deeds Jackson County (GA), 1797, 1811
7Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA) 2nd Avenue, 1889-1925
8Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA), 1929, 1930
9Deeds Muscogee County (GA) 5th Avenue, 1890, 1901, 1913-1915
10Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA) 6th Street, 1899-1907
11Deeds Muscogee County 29th Street, 1919
12Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA) 1526 Forest Avenue, 1958, 1979
13Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA) Jackson and Commerce Streets, 1848-1872
14Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus County, GA) New Street, 1890
15Deeds Muscogee County (Columbus, GA) Robinson Street, 1892-1923
16Deeds Polk County (GA), 1855-1933
17Rental Property 1526 Forest Avenue, Columbus, GA., 1978
18Rental - Sewell Marion & Mary Hart Brumby Birchside Drive, Norwalk (CT.), 1957
19Construction Specifications - Brumby Family 350 Glenwood Drive, 1954, 1955
20Mortgage - Brumby Family, 350 Glenwood Drive, 1961-1981
21Home Insurance - Brumby Family, Damage claims, 1983, 1984
22Home Insurance - Brumby Family, Personal Property, 1972-1988
23Home Insurance - Brumby Family, Personal Property lists
24Household inventory - Sewell Marion and Mary Hart Brumby, 1987
531Charles Rush Brumby, Jr., 1909-1934
2Banking - Thomas Mason Brumby portrait fund, 1965
3Banking/stocks - Brumby family, 1978-1994
4Receipts - Brumby family purchases in Japan, 1949-1957
5Receipts/appraisals - Brumby family jewelry and art
6Receipts/bills - Brumby family, 1961-2011
7School tuition - Brumby family, 1954-1966
8Bullard family, 1897-1945
9Estate papers - Mary Blackmar Bullard inventory of personal property, 1408 3rd Avenue, Columbus, Ga.
10Hart family, 1931-1950
11Estate papers - Mary Elmira Hart, 1971-1978
12Estate papers - Mary Elmira Hart, 1978-1979
13Louise Hart Hunt, 1930-1960
14Pittman family, 1779-1851
15Donations, 1973-1974
16Loans - Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts, 1971-1977
17Loans - Historic Columbus Foundation, 1972-1977
62Plats 4th-6th Avenue, Columbus, GA, 1949, 1953
Plats/Plans 350 Glenwood Drive, Athens, 1955-1979

9. Printed Material

541Blackmar family
2Brumby family
3Anne Robeson Brumby, 1924-1948
4Charles Rush Brumby, 1927-1959
5Sewell Marion and Mary Hart Brumby and children, 1932-1999
6Sewell Robeson Brumby, 1987-1988
7Thomas Mason Brumby and U.S.S. Brumby, 1898-1965
8Thomas Mason Brumby, 1946-1960
9Bullard family
10Hart family
11Charles K. and Grace Henderson, 1951
12Louise Hart Hunt, 1920-1963
13Pittman family
14Sewell family
15"Map and historical sketch of the old Athens cemetery" by Patricia I. Cooper, 1984
16Brumby rocking chairs brochure, 1976
17Churches, 1897-1965
18Columbia University (NY) commencement program, 1961
551Columbus, Georgia, 1899-1974
2Columbus, Georgia Charter Garden Club, 1928-1956
3Columbus, Georgia Heritage Ball, 1975, 1986
4Country Captain recipe, 1987
5Garden Clubs, 1954-1993
6Hartridge School (Plainfield, NJ), 1929-1930
8Gone with the Wind program, 1939
9United States Army Bombardier School, Fort Brady, Fort Mason, Fort McPherson, Fort Benning
10United States Military Academy (West Point, NY), 1929-1952
561University of Georgia, 1916-1992
2University Woman's Club programs, 1965-1967
3War ration books, 1942
4Writings by Mary Hart Brumby, 1965, 1975
5Writings by Louise Hart, 1916-1921
6Writings by Sewell Bumby, 1973
7Writings by Betsy B. Blackmar, 1925
8Writings by William Lewis Bullard, 1901
9Various subjects
64Newspaper clippings

10. Photographs

571Blackmar family
2Brumby family
3Brumby family reunion, 1984
4Arnoldus Vanderhorst and Ann Eliza Wallis Brumby
5Mary Hart Brumby
6Sewell Marion Brumby
7Sewell Marion and Mary Hart Brumby wedding, 1935
8Sewell Marion and Mary Hart Brumby and their children
9Mary Hart Brumby and children with Japanese friends
10Mary Ann "Marianne" Brumby
11Mira Lee "Candle" Brumby
12Sewell Robeson Brumby
13Sallie Elizabeth Clanton Brumby
14Bullard family
15Nathaniel Holt Clanton and Sarah Ann Robeson Clanton
16Louise Hart
17Mary Elmira Bullard Hart
18William Henry Goodfellow Hunt and Thomas Harrison Hunt
19Pittman family
20John Fielding Wallis
5Elberton (Ga.) Guidestones
6Garden Club party, 1970
8Blackmar family, 4th Avenue, Columbus (Ga.)
9Brumby family, Yokahama, Japan
10Arnoldus V. Brumby, Marietta (Ga.)
11Bullard-Hart House, 1408 3rd Avenue, Columbus (Ga.)
12Church-Waddel-Brumby House, Athens (Ga.)
13Maria Virginia Collier Hart, Union Point (Ga.)
15Iron Horse sculpture
16Warm Springs (Ga.)
17Groups, children
591Photo album - Mary Hart Brumby
2Photo album - Annie Lee Sewell Brumby
3Mary Hart Brumby
4Sewell Marion Brumby
6Thomas Mason Brumby celebration in Atlanta, 1899
7Photo album - Annie Lee Sewell Brumby
8Rolled panorama
60Cased images
61Wood blocks

11 Certificates/Diplomas

621Charles Rush Brumby, Jr.
2Annie Lee Sewell Brumby
3Mary Hart Brumby
4Marianne Brumby
5Mira Lee Brumby
6Sewell Robeson Brumby
7Sewell Marion Brumby