Marguerite Hodgson family papers

Marguerite Hodgson family papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Hodgson, Marguerite Thomas, 1924-2010
Title: Marguerite Hodgson family papers
Dates: 1829-2005
Quantity: 34.5 Linear feet 45 boxes
Coll. Number: ms3737

Biographical/Historical Note

Marguerite Thomas Hodgson (1924-2010) was the daughter of Ralph Reginald Hodgson (1886-1968) and Isabella Thomas (1887-1955). She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English, was a member of Chi Omega sorority, and served as their advisor/treasurer for many years.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of biographical information, genealogy, correspondence, writings, financial papers, photographs, printed material, scrapbooks, artwork, and artifacts. In addition to the Hodgson family, Marguerite Hodgson did genealogy research on other branches of her family, including the White family of White Hall, Thomas family, Richards family, and Morton family.

Index Terms

Account books.
Business records--Georgia.
Hodgson family
Hodgson, Marguerite Thomas, 1924-2010
Morton family
Thomas family
White family

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Marguerite Hodgson family papers, ms3737, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in this repository: Harry Hodgson Sr. letter, ms524; Hugh Hodgson collection, ms777; William Hodgson mathematics notebook, ms990; Harry Hodgson papers, ms1391; Hodgson's, Inc. business records, ms1634.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11Anne Bishop Hodgson
2Asbury Hull Hodgson
3Edith Frances Hodgson
4Hugh Leslie Hodgson
5Isabella Thomas Hodgson
6Isabella (Belle) Turner Hodgson
7Joseph Marshall Hodgson
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
9Ralph Reginald Hodgson
10Ralph Reginald Hodgson military service papers, 1917-1942
11Richards family
12George Dudley Thomas
13Katherine Richards Morton Thomas
14Robert Paine White/Marguerite Thomas
15Marguerite Thomas White
16Wedding invitations

2. Genealogy

21Alexander family
2Bedford family
3Bishop family
4Cary family
5Cocke family
6Conger family
7Craig/Orr families
8Dudley family
9Evans/Morton families
10Fuller/Jones/Thorn families
11Harrison family
12Hayes family
13Hayes family research correspondence
31Hodgson family
2Hodgson family "The family of Edward Reginald Hodgson and Mary Virginia Strahan"
3Hodgson family research correspondence
4Lightfoot family
5Lightfoot family research correspondence
6McBride/McBryde families research correspondence
7Morton family
8Morton family research correspondence, 1901-1982
9Morton family research correspondence, 1984
10Morton family research correspondence, 1985
11Morton family research correspondence, 1986-1988
41Morton family genealogy charts
2Morton family photocopies of original documents
3Morton family research notes
4Morton family printed material
5Napier family
6Napier family research correspondence, 1969-1984
7Napier family research correspondence, 1985
8Napier family research correspondence, 1986-1991
9Napier family printed material
51Napier/Booth/Perrin families
2Paine family
3Paine College (Augusta, Ga.)
4Pope family
5Richards family
7Smith family research correspondence, 1982 May-1988 August
8Stone family
9Stone family research correspondence
61Thomas family
2Thomas family research correspondence
3Turner family
4Welch family
5White family
6White family research correspondence
7Wier family
8Winstead family
9Womack family
10Young family
71Research notebooks by Marguerite Hodgson O
2Research notebooks by Marguerite Hodgson I, II
3Research notebooks by Marguerite Hodgson III, IV
4Research notebooks by Marguerite Hodgson V
5Research notebooks by Marguerite Hodgson VI, VII
6"The book: by Marguerite Hodgson I
7"The book: by Marguerite Hodgson II
81Family Bible
91William Battle Frederick funeral register, 1957
2Edith Frances Hodgson funeral register, 1984
3Isabella Thomas Hodgson funeral register
4Ralph Reginald Hodgson funeral register, 1968
5Katherine Morton Thomas funeral register, 1955
6Marguerite Thomas White funeral register, 1983

3. Correspondence

101Asbury Hull Hodgson with Henry G. Hodgson, 1907-1908
2Asbury Hull Hodgson with Thomas E. Fortson/Blanton Fortson, 1903, 1912
3Asbury Hull Hodgson re: business, 1900-1915
4Edith Frances Hodgson, 1930-1969
5Edith T. Hodgson, 1969, 1979
6Harry Hodgson, 1945, 1958
7Hugh Leslie Hodgson, 1921-1960
8Isabelle Turner Hodgson, 1885-1925
9Joseph Marshall Hodgson with family, 1892-1930
10Joseph Marshall Hodgson with C.H. Brand, 1923-1929
11Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Walter F. George, 1923-1929
12Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Henry G. Hodgson, 1915-1918
13Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Henry G. Hodgson, 1919-1924
14Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Henry G. Hodgson
15Joseph Marshall Hodgson re: Henry G. Hodgson, 1916-1923
16Joseph Marshall Hodgson with J.G. Lambert, 1917-1921
17Joseph Marshall Hodgson re: Rabun Gap - Nacoocjee School
18Joseph Marshall Hodgson with J.H. Rucker, 1896
19Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Charles Emory Smith, 1921
20Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Henry C. Tuck, 1923
21Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Clifford Walker, 1925
22Joseph Marshall Hodgson with Robert W. Woodruff, 1927
23Joseph Marshall Hodgson re: 75th birthday, 1930
24Joseph Marshall Hodgson re: J.M. Hodgson Academy, 1930
25Joseph Marshall Hodgson re: business, 1910-1930
111Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with parents, 1937-1942
2Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with parents, 1944-1957
3Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, A
4Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, B
5Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Joan Baggs, 1954-1999
6Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Anne Berry, 1942-1960
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Jay and Nikki Blanchard, 1991-1997
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Stewart P. Brewbaker
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Irene and Brad Bunnell, 1991-2000
10Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, C
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, 1976, 1977
12Marguerite Thomas Hodgson re: Chi Omega sorority personal correspondence, 1942-1998
13Marguerite Thomas Hodgson re: Chi Omega sorority business correspondence, 1961-1997
14Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Mrs. Edwin M. Cole, 1957-1984
15Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with D. Mitchell Cox, 1945-1947
16Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with the Cunningham family, 1935-1946
17Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, D
18Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Mary Neil DuBose, 1998-2003
19Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with "Baba" DuPree, 1988-1999
121Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, E
2Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Robert G. Edge, 1968-1970
3Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, F
4Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Valerie vonFriedrich, 1957-1970
5Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, G
6Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Michael J. Gagnon, 1992-1993
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with John and Ella Martha Gamble, 1993
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson re: Georgia Museum of Art, 1994
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, H
10Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Joan Morris Hodge, 1987-1998
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Joan Morris Hodge, 1999-2003
12Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with the Hodgson family, 1933-2001
13Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Daniel B. Hodgson, 1968-1969
14Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Daniel B. Hodgson, 1970-1979
15Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Daniel B. Hodgson and Frances, 1982-1996
16Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Daniel B. Hodgson, 1997-2000
17Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Edith Frances Hodgson, 1935, 1951
18Marguerite Thomas Hodgson condolences re: death of Edith Hodgson, 1984
19Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Edith T. Hodgson, 1987-1999
20Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Hugh and Jessie Hodgson, 1951-1958
21Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Josephine Hodgson, 1987-1988
22Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Kitty Hodgson, 1987-1994
23Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with R.M. Hodgson, Jr., 1982-1989
131Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Roberta Janke, 1993-1999
2Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, K
3Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Camilla Karl, 1990-1999
4Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Marie and John Koenig, 1996-2002
5Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, L
6Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Jeanne Laird, 1983, 1991
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, M
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Kay and Cary McWilliams, 1999-2002
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Mary Manwaring, 1993-2002
10Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Nathalie Marucheau, 1970
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Melanie Massengale/Donna Tucker, 1996-1999
12Marguerite Thomas Hodgson condolences re: death of Ann Orr Morris
13Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Denise and Bob Morris, 1993-2002
14Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with John and Jeanne Morris, 1987-1988
15Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, N, O
16Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Margaret and Tom O'Connor, 1993-1998
17Marguerite Thomas Hodgson re: Oconee Hill Cemetery (Athens, Ga.), 1964-2000
18Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Eugene and Martha Odum, 1983-1993
18Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Eugene and Martha Odum
141Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, P
2Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Kitty and Joe Pember, 1943-1970
3Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with E. Bailey Prine, 1986-2002
4Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Jan and Andy Purvis, 1989-2005
5Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Judith Queen, 1993-1999
6Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, R
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Rabun Gap - Nacoochee School, 1999-2003
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Louise Roth, 1989-1999
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Charles Rowland, 1978-1990
10Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, S
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Sue Shaw, 1970-1971
12Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Esther Shay, 1945-1993
13Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Esther Shay, 1994-2001
14Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Jonathan Smith, 1992
15Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with South Athens Animal Clinic, 1991-2001
151Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, T
2Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1928-1950
3Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Margaret and Felix Tomei, 1996-2001
4Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Rose Thornley, 1995-1999
5Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with University of Georgia, 1966-1996
6Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Katharine and Herbert Unsworth, 1957-1958
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, W
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Minnie D. Warren, 1934
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Conn West, 1987, 1988
10Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Bonnie and John White, 1983, 1993
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson condolences re: death of Marguerite Thomas White, 1983
12Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Katherine D. Wilkinson, 1987-1997
13Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Sinclair Miller Williams, 1977, 1988, 1993
14Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Anne Wills, 1983, 1992
15Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Susan D. Winkler, 1988
16Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with John White Yow, 1993
17Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with Tillie Yow, 1984-2002
18Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with unknown names, Keith [?], 2000
19Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with unknown/illegible names
20Marguerite Thomas Hodgson with unknown/illegible names
161Ralph Reginald Hodgson family, 1916-1967
2Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Clifford W. Hodgson, 1937-1966
3Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Edith Frances Hodgson, 1925-1950
4Ralph Reginald Hodgson re: Ida Hodgson house, 1927-1932
5Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Isabella Thomas Hodgson, 1909-1937
6Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Joseph Marshall Hodgson, 1917-1928
7Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1911-1919
8Ralph Reginald Hodgson personal A-Z
9Ralph Reginald Hodgson with Richard B. Russell, 1951-1965
10Ralph Reginald Hodgson University of Georgia, 1919-1966
11Ralph Reginald Hodgson condolences re: death of Isabella Thomas Hodgson
12Ralph Reginald Hodgson business, 1909-1964
13Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson, A-Z
14Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson with the Cunningham family, 1935-1954
15Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson with Bess Townsend, 1946-1953
16Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson with Jamie Wotton, 1945-1955
17Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson with Ann [?], 1948-1952
18Ralph Reginald Hodgson and Isabella Hodgson with Julia [?], 1949
171Morton family, 1881-1882
2Morton family, 1883-1884
3Morton family, 1885-1887
4Morton family, 1893-1933
5Richards family, 1846-1866
6Isabella Thomas with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1905
7Isabella Thomas with Katherine Morton Thomas trip to Europe, 1910 May-June
8Isabella Thomas with Katherine Morton Thomas trip to Europe, 1910 July-August
9Isabella Thomas (Hodgson) with Katherine Morton Thomas trip to Europe, 1912-1919 August 17
10Isabella Thomas Hodgson with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1919 August 19-29
11Isabella Thomas Hodgson with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1919 September 1-16
12Isabella Thomas Hodgson with Katherine Morton Thomas, 1919 September 18-1933
181Isabella Thomas family, 1899-1915
2Isabella Thomas family, 1918-1952
3Isabella Thomas personal, B-G
4Isabella Thomas personal, K-W
5Isabella Thomas with Frank L. Daney, 1904-1911
6Isabella Thomas with Henry Hope Hull, 1905
7Isabella Thomas with the Kremson family, 1896-1908
8Isabella Thomas with Charles Merillon, 1911-1918
9Isabella Thomas with Alvin Neely, 1905, 1908
10Isabella Thomas with F. O'Donnell, 1910
11Isabella Thomas with Elizabeth Smiley, 1910
12Isabella Thomas with Julie Walden, 1901
13Isabella Thomas with unknown names/illegible, 1901-1917
191Katherine Morton Thomas/George Dudley Thomas, 1882-1954
2Katherine Morton Thomas to family, 1945
3Condolences re: death of Katherine Morton Thomas, 1955
4Penninah Thomas, 1848-1866
5Turner family, 1851-1915
6Welch family, 1902-1920
7Robert Paine White/Hugh White family, 1904
8Robert Paine White/Hugh White family, 1905-1908
9Robert Paine White family, 1913-1945
10Robert Paine White with John "Jack" White Yow, 1938-1952
11Robert Paine White/Hugh White, 1904-1941
201Marguerite Thomas White family, 1913-1973
2Marguerite Thomas (White) with Robert Paine White, 1907-1913
3Marguerite Thomas White personal, A-Z
4Marguerite Thomas White personal - unknown names
5Marguerite Thomas White with Colonial Dames of America, 1929-1931
6Marguerite Thomas (White) with Morton Hodgson, 1906, 1908
7Marguerite Thomas White with White Hall Post Office, 1931
8Marguerite Thomas (White) with Elizabeth Willcox, 1913
9Marguerite Thomas (White) with Sanders [?], 1907-1908
10Hodgson, Thomas, White families miscellaneous letters, 1875-1940
11General, 1863-1983
12Empty envelopes/stamps
13Calling cards, A-Z

4. Writings

211Mabel H. Gamble, 1929-1940
2Albon C. Hodgson mathematics examinations, 1884-1886
3Clifford Walden Hodgson prayer, 1950
4Edith Frances Hodgson diaries, 1921-1922, 1958
5Joseph Marshall Hodgson
6Josephine Hull Hodgson, High Shoals, 1984
7Marguerite Thomas Hodgson autograph albums, address book, diary, 1936-1940, 1946, 1980
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson booklist, silverware list
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson school papers, 1940, 1946
10Roberta Hodgson, In memory of Aunt Belle, 1952
11Sallie Paine Hodgson
12Mure family
13Letitia Payne by Annie Smith Derricotte
14Catherine Richards accounts/recipes, 1844-1866
15George Dudley Thomas Chemistry notebook, 1876
16Isabella Thomas address book
221Isabella Thomas History of Art notebook, 1905
2Isabella Thomas journal of trip to Europe, 1910
3Isabella Thomas school papers, 1897
5Adress books unidentified, 1910, 1912
6Dogs and horses
7Early Architects of Athens, Georgia by Carolyn Edge
8First Presbyterian Church (Athens, Ga.)
10Knitting instructions
12Princeton Mill
14School notebooks, unidentified
15School recollections of Dr. G. Campbell Morgan by Genevieve Brown
16White Hall/White family
17Unknown authors

5. Financial

231Asbury Hull Hodgson estate, 1913-1924
2Edith Frances Hodgson estate, 1984-1986
3Katherine Morton Thomas estate, 1955
4John R. White estate, 1918
5Marguerite Thomas White estate, 1983-1985
6Marguerite Thomas White estate will, 1970, 1983
7Marguerite Thomas White estate appraisals, 1983
8Marguerite Thomas White estate correspondence with heirs, 1977-1984
9Household inventories unidentified
241Bishop family, 1898-1912
2Abijah Conger, 1840
3Belle Turner Hodgson, 1901-1938
4Edith Frances Hodgson, 1935-1985
5Edith Frances Hodgson Board of Annuities and Relief Correspondence, 1979-1984
6Edith Frances Hodgson Delta Delta Delta sorority rental of 125 N. Milledge Ave., 1935-1940
7George T. Hodgson, 1913-1914
8Henry G. Hodgson, 1913-1921
9Ida C. Hodgson, 1916-1929
10Joseph Marshall Hodgson, 1891-1929
11Joseph Marshall Hodgson accounts - ledgers, 1906-1919
12Joseph Marshall Hodgson and John J. Wilkins correspondence re: Coca Cola stock, 1917-1924
13Ralph Reginald Hodgson, 1910-1957
14Kate Hodgson Jacobs, 1940
15Ann Orr appraisal service notebook, 1978-1984
16Richards family, 1862-1866
17Thomas family, 1829-1950
18Turner family, 1836-1878
19Welch family ledger, 1881-1895
20White family, 1837-1950
21Marguerite Thomas White, 1934-1983
251Budwine Company, 1925
2Election ballots for Commissioner of roads and revenues (Clarke Co., Ga.), 1913
3Empire State Chemical Company, 1917
4Georgia Manufacturing Company, 1887-1888
5Hodgson Brothers correspondence, 1844-1849
6Hodgson Brothers accounts, 1844-1846
7Hodgson Brothers accounts, 1847
8Hodgson Brothers accounts, 1848
9Hodgson Brothers accounts and freight bills, 1849-1850
10Hodgson Brothers accounts, 1886-1901
11Hodgson - Comer Co., 1920-1930
12J. S. King and Co., 1892-1909
13King - Hodgson Co. correspondence, 1912-1925
14King - Hodgson Co., 1908-1925
15O'Farrell, Hodgson and Co. accounts, 1880-1889
16Southern Manufacturing Company, 1923-1931
17Stock Certificates, 1894-1969
18Stock - Tallasee Power Company, 1900-1901
19White Hall Yarn Mills, undated
20Horses, dogs, livestock, 1903-1996
261Chi Omega Sorority, Athens, Ga., 1963-1997
2Dairy Queen property, 1076 West Broad Street (Athens, Ga.) correspondence, 1950-1988
3Dairy Queen property, 1076 West Broad Street (Athens, Ga.), 1960-1986
4Deeds, Cherokee County (Ga.), 1843
5Deeds, Clarke County (Ga.), 1882-1918
6Deeds, Clarke County (Ga.), 1920-1947
7Deeds, Clarke County (Ga.) Hodgson and Shackleford Building, 1883-1915
8Deeds, Clarke County (Ga.) 403 Milledge Circle, 1934-1952
9Deeds, Jackson County (Ga.), 1903-1923
10Deeds, Lee County (Ga.), 1843
11Deeds, Macon County (NC), 1933
12Sale of house, Clarke County (Ga.) 403 Milledge Circle, 1980
13Varsity property, 125 N. Milledge Avenue (Athens, Ga.), 1961-1965
14YMCA, Broad St./Hull St./Lumpkin St. (Athens, Ga.), 1959-1968
271Index to unknown ledger
2Hodgson Brothers, 1887-1922

6. Scrapbooks

281Scrapbook, John F. Stegeman and Ralph R. Hodgson
2Ralph Reginald Hodgson WWI scrapbook
29loose items
White family
Nelson Eddy
Isabella Thomas school scrapbook (Tarrytown, NY)
for Frank Thomas, 1878
Isabella Thomas Memory book, 1899

7. Artwork and Blueprints

301-9by Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
315by unknown artists
6by Isabella Thomas

8. Printed Material

311Certificates and Diplomas
2Penmanship workbooks of William and Robert Hodgson from Rev. B. Ash's Academy, 1831-1832
3The Story of Bobby Bluefish by Edith Hodgson
4Blueprints of Ralph Hodgson house (Highlands, NC), Mrs. J.M. Hodgson estate, and survey for Varsity, 1946
321Conger family
2DuBose family
3"The family of Edward Reginald Hodgson and Mary Virginia Strahan"
4Frederick/von Friedrich family
5Hodgson family
6Hodgson family obituaries
7Clara Hodgson (Mrs. Babe Ruth)
8Daniel Hodgson
9Harold Bishop Hodgson - murder
10Hugh Hodgson
11Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
12Mary Anne Hodgson writings
13Ralph Reginald Hodgson
14Hodgson businesses
15Hodgson - Dodd Park (Athens, Ga.), 2000
16"Seventy-Three Fruitful Years" re: E.R. Hodgson
17"Three Biographies" re: Hodgson family
18Morton family
19Orr family
20Stanley family
21Thomas family
22Turner family
23Welch family
24White family
25Wier family
26Obituaries of other families
331Athens, Georgia
2The Castle School (Tarrytown, Ny)
3Chi Omega sorority
4Chi Omega sorority
6Houses (Athens, Ga.)
7Lucy Cobb Institute (Athens, Ga.)
8National Bank of Athens (Ga.)
9Oconee Hill Cemetery (Athens, Ga.)
10Programs, 1886-1995
11Rabun Gap - Nacoochee School (Rabun Gap, Ga.)
12Scull Shoals (Greene County, Ga.)
13"Sun Light Along the Way" by Belle Lane Turner
15United States Mail Line (Hodgson Stagecoach service), 1845
16White Hall
17World War I
341Postcards from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, OklahomaRhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, United States, Mexico, Europe, England/Scotland, and miscellaneous

9. Photographs

317Commencement 1905 and unidentified group [oversize], 1905
351Abijah Conger
2Gibbs/Gamble families
3Hodgson family
4Edith Frances Hodgson
5Hugh Leslie Hodgson
6Isabella Thomas Hodgson
7Isabelle Turner Hodgson
8Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
9Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
361Ralph Reginald Hodgson
2Morton family
3Ann M. Orr
4Sir Hugh and Lady Elizabeth Smiley
5Thomas family
6George Dudley Thomas
7Isabella Lightfoot Hayes Thomas
8Katherine Morton Thomas
9Thornley family
10Welch family
11White family
12Robert Paine and Marguerite Thomas White
13White family reunion, 1993 June
14Yow family
2Celebrities: Nelson Eddy, Bob Jones, Ray Mill and Charley Trippi
4Chi Omega sorority
5Houses, Drumalis (Ireland)
6Houses, 193 West Cloverhurst (Athens, Ga.)
7Houses, Hull Street (Athens, Ga.)
8Houses, 125 N. Milledge Avenue (Athens, Ga.)
9Houses, 188 Milledge Avenue (Athens, Ga.)
10Houses, 394 S. Milledge Avenue (Athens, Ga.)
11Houses, South Milledge Avenue (Athens, Ga.)
12Houses, 403 Milledge Circle (Athens, Ga.)
13Houses, Morton Road (Athens, Ga.)
14Houses, 698 N. Pope Street (Athens, Ga.)
15Houses, 394 Prince Avenue (Athens, Ga.)
16Houses, 125 Pulaski (Athens, Ga.)
17Houses, Rebecca Cocke Paine Williams (Newton County, Ga.)
18Houses, White family (Dillard, Ga.)
19Houses, Whitehall (Whitehall, Ga.)
20Houses, White Hall Post Office (Whitehall, Ga.)
21Houses, identified
381Lucy Cobb Institute, May Day
2Oklahoma Presbyterian College (Durant, Ok.)
3Presbyterian church organ (Highlands, NC)
4Alexander and Anne Brayne Spotswood
5University of Georgia (Athens, Ga.)
7Weddings, Joan Morris and Charles Hodge, 1998
8Weddings, unidentified
10Men - identified
11Men - unidentified
12Women - identified
13Women - unidentified
391Children - identified
2Children - unidentified
3Couples - unidentified
4Groups - identified
5Groups - unidentified
6Groups (Berlin, Germany), 1908
7Groups (Highlands, NC)
8Groups on ships - unidentified
9Places - unidentified
401Album - Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, Chi Omega sorority, 1990-1991
2Album - Marguerite Thomas Hodgson, "Dogs and cats and miscellaneous"
3Album - Isabella Thomas
4Album - Isabella Thomas, unidentified
5Album - Isabella Thomas, Adirondock Mountains trip (NY), 1914
6Album - Bell Turner
7Album - unidentified
411Framed - Katherine Morton Thomas
2Framed - Joseph Marshall Hodgson
3Framed - Marguerite Thomas Hodgson
4Framed - Isabella Turner Hodgson
5Framed - Rosina White Morton
6Framed - unidentified man
7Framed - unidentified man
8Framed - unidentified
42Slides and negatives
431Isabella Lightfoot Hayes
2Marguerite Thomas White
3Joseph M. Hodgson house interior, 125 N. Milledge Avenue
4Group pictures, identified

10. Artifacts

44Artifacts: buttons, keys, collars, medals, jewlery box
2Draftsman Kit