Douglas R. Davis collection

Douglas R. Davis collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Davis, Douglas R., 1944-2011
Title: Douglas R. Davis collection
Dates: Bulk, 1912-1980
Dates: 1815-2007
Quantity: 15.75 Linear feet 26 boxes and 1 oversized folder
Coll. Number: ms3629

Biographical/Historical Note

Douglas Roy Davis (1944-2011) was the son of Roy O. Davis (1908-1992) and Mary Jim Burton, was a lawyer in Austell, Georgia. He graduated from The Darlington School in 1962, attended the University of Georgia and graduated from Mercer University in 1966, where he was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He then served for 3 years in the United States Army. He graduated from Walter F. George School of Law and was a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1972. He had many interests and activities which included being a member of Latham Lodge #12 F&AM for 37 years. He was Master in 1987, the bicentennial year of the Lodge. He is a past president of the Cobb County Genealogical Society and the Georgia Genealogical Society, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and served on the Georgia Civil War Commission during the Perdue Administration.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of genealogy, correspondence, financial ledgers and papers, photographs, and printed material. Most of the material involves Cobb County, Georgia and the families who lived there. Roy Davis, father of Douglas, owned the Roy Davis Funeral Home in Austell and records of the business are included. The Glore family of Mableton, who developed a subdivision in Mableton called Whispering Pines, is featured in the collection. Homer Alonzo Glore (1874-1944) was a doctor, and his son Louis Harold Glore (1909-1991) worked at Pullman Company 1926-1946 and then had a law practice with his brother Homer A. Glore (1901-1976). The correspondence and genealogy research of Grover Eugene Barber is included. There is information about the history of the Cobb County Post Office, the Cobb County Justice of the Peace office, legal cases of the Glore & Glore law firm, Austell School Board records, and much information about the Pullman Company. Some items collected or purchased by Davis are unrelated to the families or to Georgia, such as the Charles Gordon estate ledger (1875-1884) from Edinburgh, Scotland and an 1882 diary of George S. Paine of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Index Terms

Account books.
Cobb County (Ga.)
Glore, Louis Harold, 1909-1991
Mableton (Ga.)
Minutes (administrative records)
Pullman Company.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Douglas R. Davis collection, ms3629, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Genealogy - Alexander Family
2Genealogy - Benning Family Bible Record
3Genealogy - Callaway Family
4Genealogy - Council Family
5Genealogy - Davis Family
6Genealogy - Davis Family by Alvin M. Townley, Jr.
7Genealogy - Dodgen Family
8Genealogy - Gann Family
9Genealogy - Glore Family
10Biographical Information - Glore Family
21Grover Eugene Barber - Correspondence, 1965
2Grover Eugene Barber - Genealogy Research Correspondence, re: Alexander Family, 1960-1988
3-4Grover Eugene Barber - Genealogy Research Correspondence, re: Barber and Gann Families, 1958-1988
5Grover Eugene Barber - Genealogy Research Correspondence, re: Dodgen Family, 1959
6Grover Eugene Barber - Genealogy Research Correspondence, re: Stephens Family, 1965, 1974
7Grover Eugene Barber - Genealogy Research Notebook
8Grover Eugene Barber - Diary, 1934, 1948
9Grover Eugene Barber - Mableton High School Commencement Invitation (1934), Mableton High School Valedictory Speech (1934), Writings About School in Mableton, Selective Service Card (1941), 1934, 1941
10Mary Jim Burton - Diary, Shorter College (1933-1936), University of Georgia (1936-1937), 1933-1937
31Cobb County, Georgia - Austell American Legion Auxiliary Applications for Membership, B-W, 1942-1945
2Cobb County, Georgia - Austell American Legion Auxiliary Minutes, 1938-1947
3Cobb County, Georgia - Austell American Legion Auxiliary Correspondence, Membership, By-Laws, 1938-1948
4Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Roy Davis Funeral Home Correspondence, Financial Papers, etc., 1910-1980
5-6Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Roy Davis Funeral Home Ledger, Funeral Register, 1953-1954, 1957
7Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Roy Davis Funeral Home Ledger, Ambulance Calls, 1956-1958
8Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Roy Davis Funeral Home Accountys Ledger, 1942-1949
9-10Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Roy Davis Funeral Home National Funeral Arrangement Sheets, 1954-1957
41-5Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Correspondence, 1927-1939, undated
6-8Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Minutes, 1927-1944
9Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Payroll, 1931-1936
10Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Resolution re: Contract with DeKalb Construction Company, 1938
11Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board: School Blueprints and Floor Plan, Hand-Drawn Map, undated
12Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Accounts Ledger of Expenses, Building Fund, Salaries, etc., 1931-1936
13Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Accounts Ledger of Maintenance, 1936-1938
14Cobb County, Georgia Board of Education - Austell School Board Receipts, Promissory Notes, etc., 1928-1944
51Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - William Patrick Davis Drugstore Accounts Ledger (1912-1915), Roy Davis Funeral Home (1941), 1912-1915, 1941
2Cobb County, Georgia - Austell - Perkerson Mill Accounts Ledger, undated
3-4Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace, 1911, 1968-1983, undated
232Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace Criminal Docket Book, 1915-1928
3Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace Civil Docket Book, 1915-1928
55Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace Ledger - Douglas R. Davis - Register of Marriages (1981-1983), Genalogy Clients (1974-1975), 1974-1975, 1981-1983
6Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace - Marriage Ceremony Book Used by Douglas Davis, 1981-1983
7Cobb County, Georgia - Justice of the Peace Association, 1975-1983
6Cobb County, Georgia - Mableton - Ledger: Post Office Money Orders with Receipts Separated, 1898-1933
231Cobb County, Georgia - Mableton - Post Office Stamp and Postal Accounts, 1888-1892
71Cobb County, Georgia - Post Offices: Mableton, Austell, 1882, 1912-1913, 1930, 1955, 1976, 1982, 1990
2Cobb County, Georgia - Thomas Benton Dodgen Ledger: Store Accounts (1901), JL Dodgen Estate (1901-1918), 1901-1918
3F. C. Collier Accounts Ledger - Palmetto, Georgia, 1883-1884
4Douglas R. David Correspondence, 1971-2004
5Roy O. Davis Correspondence and Deeds, 1946-1956
6Anne Frances Dundas Estate Ledger - Edinburgh, Scotland, 1888-1911
7J. M. Gann Correspondence, 1906
81-2Homer Alonzo Glore Medical School Notebooks, 1895-1896
3Homer Alonzo Glore Medical School Notebook with Accounts, 1896-1897
4Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Ledger - Store (Mableton, Georgia 1917-1918), Miscellaneous Accounts (1929-1946), 1917-1918, 1929-1946
5Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Ledger - Store (Mableton, Georgia), 1919
91Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Ledgers - Lumber Store (Mableton, Georgia), circa 1904-1909
2Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Ledgers and Letters - Mableton, Georgia Drug Store, 1911-1919
3Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Notebook - Newspaper Deliveries and School Supplies, 1917-1924
4Homer Alonzo Glore Accounts Ledgers - Weekly Time Books, 1931, undated
5-6Homer Alonzo Glore Correspondence, 1915-1961, undated
7Homer Alonzo Glore Legal Papers - Application for Admission to the Bar, 1923
8Homer Alonzo Glore Leases for Law Office - Peachtree Arcade (Atlanta, Georgia), 1935-1941
234Homer Alonzo Glore Lumber Store Ledger of Accounts, 1917-1919
99Glore Family Deeds, 1926-1940
10Glore Family Financial Papers, 1906-1976
11Glore Family - Whispering Pines Subdivision (Mableton, Georgia) Information and History, 1938, undated
12Glore Family - Whispering Pines Subdivision (Mableton, Georgia) Correspondence, 1932-1956
13Glore Family - Whispering Pines Subdivision (Mableton, Georgia) Plats, undated
14Glore Family - Whispering Pines Subdivision (Mableton, Georgia) Financial Papers, 1931-1959
15-18Glore Family Legal Correspondence, 1925-1948, undated
101-9Glore Family Law Office Legal Cases and Documents, 1917-1935, 1937-1959, 1962-1963
111Louis Harold Glore Correspondence, 1929-1990
2-3Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Roy E. Barnes, 1968-1990, undated
4Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Arthur K. Bolton, 1981
5Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - George Busbee, 1975-1981
6Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Robert L. Carter, 1943
7Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Allen Chappell, 1946
8Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Cobb County, Georgia, 1948-1974
9Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Cobb Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1964-1972, undated
10Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Henry H. Cobb, 1960, 1962
11Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Roy and Cecil Daniel, 1950-1988
12Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - James J. Daniell, 1931-1967
13Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - James C. Davis, 1947
14Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Louis Dodgen, 1930-1983
15Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Randall Evans, Jr., 1960
16-17Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Mary Dodgen Few, 1975-1977, 1979-1985, undated
18Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Ben W. Fortson, Jr., 1957, 1970
19Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Louise Frix and Lucille Davis, 1971, 1981
20Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Louise Glore, 1971-1981
21Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Carroll Hart, 1972
22Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - G. Robert Howard, 1970
23Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Richard B. Hubbard, 1976
24Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Letters to the Editor, 1929, 1931, undated
25Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - W. B. Manley, Jr., 1932-1645, 1974
26Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Harold M. Morris, 1953
27Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Antha Mulkey, 1942-1978
28Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - B. D. Murphy, 1962
29Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Steve Polk, 1973
30Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Maggie Prater, 1933-1947
31Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Hermon Talmadge, 1947-1962
32Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Jeanine Dodgen Thomas, 1981, 1983
33Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - C. B. and Margaret Thornton, 1939, 1943
34Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Jane Werner, 1981-1982
35Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Frederick C. Woody, 1943-1944
36Louis Harold Glore Correspondence - Unknown Names, 1934-1978, undated
121-4Louis Harold Glore Accounts Books, 1933-1943, 1946, 1949
5Louis Harold Glore - Cobb County Superior Court Cases (1932, 1948, 1964), Jury (1930), 1930, 1932, 1948, 1964
6-8Louis Harold Glore Diary, 1948, 1955, 1964
131Louis Harold Glore Estate Papers, 1991-1993
2Louis Harold Glore Estate Papers - Inventory of Personal Property, 1991-1992
3Louis Harold Glore Medical Reports, 1987-1989
4Louis Harold Glore Property - Cobb County - Correspondence, Plats, Land Transactions, and Law Books, 1938-1968, undated
5Louis Harold Glore Scrapbook, 1935-1985, undated
6Louis Harold Glore - Supreme Court of Georgia - Appointment as Law Assistant, 1948
7Louis Harold Glore Writings, 1954, 1981, undated
8Louis Harold Glore Writings with Photographs Attached, re: Cobb County, Georgia, 1976, undated
9Louis Harold Glore Writings - Atlanta Law School, 1927-1930
10Louis Harold Glore Writings re: Lucius Coleman Groves, 1959-1960
11Louis Harold Glore Writings - My Pig and I - Cobb County Fair, 1918
12Louis Harold Glore Writings - Poems, undated
13Louis Harold Glore Writings - School Papers, undated
141-5Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Correspondence, 1929-1949, 1961-1977, 1980-1983
6Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Correspondence - George Barrow, 1970-1979
7Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Correspondence - William Clarence Edwards, 1930-1946, 1966, 1970, undated
8Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Correspondence - Carl E. Jones, 1929-1948
9Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Notebooks, 1944-1947
10Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings re: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Pullman Private Car, 1974, undated
11Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings - Glore's Job and Salary, 1926-1946
12Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings - Newspaper Articles, 1973-1981
13Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings re: Pullman Company, undated
14Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings - Pullman Employees' Reunions, 1971-1980, undated
15Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings - Speeches, undated
16Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Writings - Work-Related Incidents, 1945, undated
151Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Assigned Cars, undated
2Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Atlanta Passenger Club, 1930-1946
OS FolderItem
115Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Calendar, 1941
153Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Departure of Cars Daily Reports, 1945
4Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Itinerary for Lines 248, 2027, 2042, 2049, 2231, 2601, 1944-1946
5Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Itinerary for Lines 2614, 2626, 2628, 2610, 2626, 1944-1946
6Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Itinerary for Lines 2631, 2641, 2653, 2656, 1944-1946
7Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Itinerary for Lines 2657, 2682, 2685, 2698, 2702, 2705, 2794, 3199, 3211, 3233, 3402, 3431, 1944-1946
8Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Job Instruction Sheets, 1946
9Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Lines Instituted or Changed, undated
10-17Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Memos to Employees, 1932-1946, undated
161Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Minutes, 1933, 1945
2Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Operation of Conductors, 1945, 1946
3Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Operation of Porters, 1946
4Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Personal Job Information, 1937-1945, undated
5Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Position Description Instructions, undated
6Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Pullman Company vs. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Agreement, 1946
7Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Pullman Company vs. Order of Railway Conductors, 1945-1946
8Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Pullman News (Typed Copies), 1929-1931
9Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Relief Porters and Conductors, undated
10Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Reports of Non-Paying Passengers, 1941-1943
11Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Rosters of Employees, 1938-1946, undated
12Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company Staff Correspondence, 1936-1946
13Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - Suggestions by Employees, 1941-1946
14Louis Harold Glore - Pullman Company - General Papers, 1942-1943, undated
171Charles Gordon Estate Ledger - Edinburgh, Scotland, 1875-1884
2John H. Hulme - Correspondence to, 1922-1928
3Junior Order of United American Mechanics Membership Book - Dallas, Georgia Council (1905-1918), Military Service Forms (1917-1918), 1905-1918
4Junior Order of United American Mechanics Pledge Books - Dallas Council #34 - Dallas, Georgia, 1905-1918
5Junior Order of United American Mechanics - "Ritual of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics," by HH Eddy (2 copies), 1909
6J. W. Lyle Corroespondence and Promissory Note, 1916-1918
7W. F. McGlamery and Mrs. G. W. Keith Correspondence, 1936
8Maner Family Correspondence, 1938-1948, undated
9Jack Mangum Letter to Clyde Clay, 1943 January 31
10Sarah Ruth Morris Correspondence, 1918-1923, undated
11Sarah Ruth Morris Notebooks of Rhymes, Jokes, and School Notes, circa 1920
12Ed Outlaw Letter to Mr. Sentz, 1923 November 23
181George S. Paine Diary (Lexington, Massachusetts), 1882
191-2Park Family (Greenville, Georgia) Correspondence and Financial Papers, 1866-1909
3Park Family (Greenville, Georgia) - Research About the Family Done by Douglas R. Davis, 2007
4Harriett Pitts Accounts Ledger (Winchester, England), 1868-1886
5Southern Railway System Correspondence, 1907-1966
6-7Troutman and Troutman Attorneys (Atlanta, Georgia) Accounts Ledger (1912-1932), Robert Troutman Letter (1970), 1912-1932, 1970
8Unidentified Poem, Wade Promissory Note, Miscellaneous Letters, 1921-1922, 1931, undated
201Printed Material - Various Subjects, 1963, undated
2Printed Material - Atlanta, Georgia, 1940, 1944, undated
3Printed Material - Atlanta Passenger Club - Atlanta Transportation News (1945-1946), Roster, Constitution, and Bylaws (1945), 1945-1946
4Printed Material - Civil War, undated
5Printed Material - Cobb County, Georgia, undated
221Printed Material - Envelope and First Issue Stamp Collection, 1890-1986
206Printed Material - Fort Benning (Georgia) Graduation Program Officer Candidate Class, 1943
7Printed Material - "The Hornet's Nest" Newsletter - Sons of the American Revolution, 1978, 1995
8Printed Material - Medicine and Health, 1946, undated
9Printed Material - Politics, 1954, undated
10Printed Material - Postcard Album - Mainly Cobb County, Georgia, undated
11Printed Material - Pullman Company - Various Subjects, 1944-1945, undated
12Printed Material - Pullman Company Booklets for Employees, 1920-1941, undated
13Printed Material - Pullman Company Booklets re: Cars and Interiors, 1937, undated
14Printed Material - Pullman Company Booklets related to World War II, 1945, undated
211Printed Material - Pullman Company - Instructions to Conductors, 1935, 1939
2Printed Material - Pullman Company - "List of Military Installations" (1945), "List of Military Posts, Camps..." (1944), 1944-1945
3Printed Material - Pullman Company Stock - Annual Reports, 1936-1952
4Printed Material - Pullman Company Timetables, 1939-1946, 1968
5Printed Material - Religion, 1945, 1992, undated
6Printed Material - Sons of Confederate Veterans, 1976, 1994
7Printed Material - Southern Railway Station, 1939, undated
8Photographs - Louis Harold Glore, undated
9Photographs - Identified People, undated
10Photographs - Removed from Postcard Album, undated
11Photographs - Automobile Wreck, unidentified, undated
12Photographs - Trains, undated
13Photographs - Whispering Pines Subdivision - Cobb County, Georgia, undated
OS FolderItem
11Photograph - Woman's Club, 7th District, Austell, Georgia, 1923
2114Photographs (Removed from Photo Album), undated
15Photographs - Daguerrotypes, Unidentified (Removed from Photo Album), undated
235Kerley and Causey Company - Store Accounts Ledger Sweetwater Town (Cobb County), Patrick H. Causey (1839-1841), Other Scattered Entries (1845-1866), 1839-1841, 1845-1866
241Certificate - Appointment of Douglas R. Davis as Lieutenant Colonel, Aide de Camp, Governor's Staff, 1979
2Certificate - Appointment of Homer Alonzo Glore as Postmaster of Mableton (Georgia), 1946
3Certificate - Awarded to Austell, Georgia as a Bicentennial Community, 1976
4Print of Oil Painting by Frederico Lloveras Titled "Washington" (Capitol Building), undated
5Copy of Color Print of Crescent Trains by Gil Reid, undated
6Sketch of Mable House (Mableton, Georgia), undated
7Genealogy Chart - Clay Family, undated
8Lithograph - Robert E. Lee
9Poster - Darlington School (Rome, Georgia)
10Poster - American Presidency
11Poster - Magna Carta
12Poster - Descendants of George Washington
13Poster - John F. Kennedy
14Chessboard Cover Painted on Back of Original Vellum Document
15Oil Painting - Donald Duck by unknown artist
251-2Map - Cobb County (Georgia) Highway, 1966, 1973
3-4Map - Cobb County (Georgia), 1946, 1958
5Map - Historic Cobb County (Georgia), 1975
6Hall's Map of Georgia, circa 1898
7Map - State of Georgia - Original and 1895 Counties and Land Lot Disctricts (3 copies)
8Map - Colonial Georgia by Marion R. Hemperley, 1979
9Map - Georgia, 1881
10Map - Georgia Showing Major Campaign Areas and Engagement Sites of the War Between the States (2 Copies), 1961
11Map - Atlanta by Larry Defee, circa 1965
12Map - Atlanta Campaign by Chuck Brown, undated
13Map - Showing the Flight and Pursuit of Jefferson Davis, Framed, undated
14Map - Stony Man Region in Shenandoah National Park (Virginia), 1964
15Map - County of Culpeper (Virginia), 1776
16Chart - Harbor of Rhode Island and Narraganset Bay (2 Copies), 1776
17Royal Manor of Striguil (England), 1969
261Ribbon - Georgia State Fair, 1918
2Pencil - Roy Davis Funeral Home
3Muslin Fabric Samples - Rich's Department Store (Atlanta, Georgia)
4Bore Cleaner Minnie Ball
OS FolderItem
12Check Map - J. R. DeJournette, Austell, Georgia, undated
3Indenture - Frankin County, Georgia, Thomas King/Matthew Tippens, 1845
4Certificate - William Dickson, Masons, 1815
5Blueprint - Lots in Mableton, Georgia, undated
6Plat - Bowden Lithia Spring Pavilion, undated
7Map - 18th District, 2nd Section, undated
8Charter - For Order of KKK to Be Established in Austell, Georgia, 1924
9Posters (2) - Plats to Be Auctioned, Cincinnati Junction (Austell, Georgia), 1882
10Poster - WWII, "Americans Will Always Fight for Freedom", 1943
11Check Map - Junction of Georgia Pacific and Central of Georgia Railroad in Cobb County, Georgia, 1882
12Poster - Plats to Be Auctioned in Austell, Georgia, 1887
13Blueprint - Subdivision of G. W. Glore Estate, Mableton, Georgia, 1942
14Plat - Rose Hill Cemetery, Austell, Georgia, 1948