B.G. Martin Collection of Persian and Arabic literature

B.G. Martin Collection of Persian and Arabic literature

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Title: B.G. Martin Collection of Persian and Arabic literature
Dates: approximately 1488-1804 and undated
Quantity: 2.0 Linear feet (22 volumes in 5 document boxes)
Abstract:This collection consists of 18th and 19th century editions of twenty-two volumes of Persian and Arabic literature, including some important texts originally written over one thousand years ago. No translation is yet available through this repository, and thus the content of the volumes remains somewhat unclear. Descriptive information has been provided by the donor, a scholar of Persian and Arabic literature.
Coll. Number: ms3525.TEMP

Index Terms

Arabic literature--Georgia.
Calligraphy, Persian.
Manuscripts, Persian.

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B.G. Martin Collection of Persian and Arabic literature, MS3525. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript LIbrary, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Sa'di, Gulistan, Persian, undated ( No copyist, no colophone, high quality nasta'liq, frontispiece, 15 lines/p, chapter headings in gold, section headings in gold (shi', bayt, qita', hikaya, etc), gold borders, catchwords, complete, leather bound with gold florals in the corners. )
One of the masterpieces of Persian literature at the center of traditional Persian culture, written in prose interspersed with verse and dealing with ethical themes. Extant in numerous manuscripts and published in a variety of editions. A number of English translations exist.
Shihab al-Din 'Abdallah ibn Shams al-Dun Muhammad Marvarid, Sharaf-nama or Munsha'at, Persian, undated ( No copyist, nasta'liq, headings are in red, no frontispiece, no illumination, partial leather binding. Appears to be complete. Slight insect and water damage. )
Author's pen name is Bayani (d. 922 AH/1516 AD). Very rare manuscript (only four manuscripts were known as of 1955) dealing with Timurid history. Published in facsimile edition from another manuscript as Staatsschreiben der Timuridenzeit. Das Saraf-Nama des 'Abdallah Marwarid in kritischer Auswertung by Hans Robert Roemer (Wiesbaden, F. Steiner, 1952. OCLC 3066553). A copy of this edition is at Emory. In the margins is a copy of Sa'di's masterpiece of poetry, the Bustan (extant in numerous manuscripts and published in a variety of editions, one English translation has been published), which continues in the text beginning on page 189. The manuscript contains a possession note indicating that it belonged to one Shayk Farid al-Din Muhammad ubn Shaykh Badi' al-Din Ahmad al-Faruqi. It also contains an indecipherable possession stamp.
Baba Shah Isfahani, Adab al-mashq, Persian prose, undated ( On the art of the calligrapher, nd, no colophon, small frontispiece, natsa'liq, catchwords. Text area is outlined in blue and the space around the text is filled in with gold, forming scalloped cloudlike boundaries around each line of text. 17ff. )
Author is Baba Shah Isfahani (d. 996/1587-88), Adab al-mashq, (often incorrectly attributed to the more well-known Mir Imad (d. 1012/1603). Persian prose. Has possession notes dating 1319 and 1332 (AH). Numerous manuscripts are extant. The book has been edited and published in Iran and Pakistan.
Burhan al-Din Ibrahim ibn Hasan al-Shabistari al-Naqshbandi, undated
Mulla 'Ali ibn Sultan Muhammad al-Qari al_harawi, al-Hizb al-a'zam wa-al-wrd al-afkham li-intisabihi wa-istinadihi ila al-rasul al-akram, undated
Jami, Subhat al-abrar (894 A.H.), 1488 A.D.
Hafiz, Divan (collected poetry) (948 A.H.), 1541 A.D.
28Muhammad Baqir ibn Muhammad Taqi al-Majlisi, Zad al-ma'ad (1219 A.H.), 1804 A.D.
Nasir al-Din Tusi Akhlaq-i Masiri (the Nasiri Ethics), 14th or 15th century A.D.
Muhammad Baha al-Din al-'Amili, Miftah al-falah (1137 A.H.), 1724 A.D.
Amir Khusro Dehlawih, undated
Hakani, Hilye-i Rasul (Ornament of the Prophet), undated
313Jami, Tuhfat al-abrar (Gift of the Righero), undated
Sa'di, Bustan, undated
Ahli-yi Shirazi, Ruba'iyat (Quatrains), undated
Sa'di, Gulistan (902 A.H.), 1496 A.D.
Hamdullah Mustawfi, Nuzhat al-qulub (Heart's Delight) (1061 A.H.), 1650 A.D.
418Mulla Muhammad Taqi ibn Maqsud 'Ali Majlisi (1135 A.H.), 1722 A.D.
Mirkwand, Tarikh Rawdat al-safa, v. 6, undated
521aMirza Muhammad Haydar Doghalat ben Muhammad Hussayn Korgani, Tarikh-e Rashidi (1131 A.H.), 1719 A.D.
Sharif al-Din 'Ali Yazdi, Zafar namah (1131 A.H.), 1719 A.D.
419Mirkwand, Tarikh Rawdat al-safa, v. 5 (circa 993 A.H.), 1585 A.D.
522'Ahd nama, various treaties of Iran with other countries, undated