Jeffrey Jordan papers

Jeffrey Jordan papers

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Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Jordan, Jeffrey L.
Title: Jeffrey Jordan papers
Dates: 1990-2006
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Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Jeffrey Jordan is a professor in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at the University of Georgia. He is the co-author of Water Allocations in the Southeast: New Uses, New Methods, New Models published by the University Press of Florida. He has written several scholarly books, including Water Resource Economics: Theory, Institutions, and Applications from 2012 and Interstate Water Allocation in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia: New Issues, New Methods, New Models from 2006.

Jordan is recognized as a leader in interdisciplinary work and his collaboration on projects ranging from water resource economics to sustainable agriculture. He has been the program director of the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program since 1999.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of Jeff Jordan's manuscripts, correspondence, research data and teaching materials regarding water rights and usage in Georgia.

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Agriculture--Economic aspects.
Research notes.
Universities and colleges--Faculty.
University of Georgia. School of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

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Jeffrey Jordan papers, ms3402, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Research and writing, 1990-2006

11Correspondence and draft - Water Allocation in the Southeast
2-4Draft - Water Allocation in the Southeast
5Water book
6Wolf - contracts and contacts
8Water book
10UCOWR update
11Water book
12AAE 499 originals
21AJAE - bottled water
2Optimal bids in CVM - JEEM
3The Structure of Farmers' Perceptions of GW Pollution - SJAE
4The Differences in CV Estimates from Referendum and Checklist Questions - JARE
5Consequences of Using Different Question Formats in CV - A Monte Carlo Study - Land Econ, 1994
6SAEA disc paper - Melding Private and Public Interests in Water Rights markets: Discussion
7Willingness to Pay for Water Quality Improvements - water resource research, 1994
8Survey of Private Water Rates in Georgia, 1993-1994
9Wastewater Survey, 1998
10What Do You Know About H2O? scripts
11Wastewater Pricing and Facilities in Georgia - GWRL, 1999
12GA Water Resources Conf - Water Pricing in GA, 1993
13Water Science
14GWRL Conference
15GRUA Oct. meeting - Utility Pricing in GA
16Nii paper
17Opflow Special Edition
18Georgia Water Series
19Cover Crops - Water, 1990
20GA Water Resources Conference: Water Facilities and Pricing, 1997
21Teaching water resource science ACF case - GWRL, 1999
22GA water lunch talk
23GRWA - Establishing Goals for your Utility, 1999 May
24AWWA paper, 1999
25DCA rates workshop
26Material for rate presentation - SE Rural Comm. Inst. Project
27Alcovy Shores Water Authority
28Rate Survey, 1995
29Rate survey - GA Municipal Association Newsletter, 1996
30Who, What, When, Where: Filters, Boiling, and Bottled Water - AWWA proceedings, 1998
31GW-PCA conference survey results, 1997
32Willingness to pay - GES report
33Measuring Water Utility Financial Performance, 1996
34UGA water survey - GA Operator, 1996
35Opflow, 1995
36Willingness to pay - SDWA press release and slides, 1995
37GW-PCA abstract - results of 1995 GA water survey, 1996
38Oconee County water/sewer bond project, 1996
39Savannah waterfront, 1996
40UCOWR newsletter - Externalities
41GA water wise article on SP
42Externalities in Water conservation Programs - AWWA, 1995
43GGIA conservation article, 1996
44Turf conservation article, 1996
45Measuring Water Utility Financial Performance - GRWA, 1997
46Modeling Water Utility Financial Performance - JAWRA
31Externalities in Water Conservation Proposal Evaluation-JAWWA
2JAB - Willingness to pay water
3JAWWA - finance - Measuring Water Utility Financial Performance, 1997
5UCOWR, 1999
6JAWRA - Beyond Consumption
7Estimating the Willingness to pay for Rates - USGS project, 1993
8Conservation Water Priority part II - GWWC newsletter, 1993
9NRWA magazine
10GA Operator article Conservation Water pricing, 1993
11Water World Review - Pricing on Stand-alone Conservation, 1994
12AWRA - Financial Monitoring
13GWWC newsletter
15Conservation Water Pricing - GWWC newsletter, 1992
16Grounds maintenance map
17Using Your Data to Monitor Your System
18Are You Using Depreciation Funds Wisely? - GA Operator
19GRWA newsletter - Financial Health
20SDWA paper: Willingness to pay - AWWA Atlanta, 1997
21GGIA article
22SAEA - bottled water, 1997
23Overheads for con. rate effectiveness presentation - AWWA, 1998
24Cromwell, 1998
25Groundwater conference abstract, 1991
26New Water Research at the GES
27New water research
28Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Reducing the Potential for Groundwater Conservation - AAEA, 1992
29Perceptions of Water Quality and Willingness to Pay for Quality Improvements - SAEA, 1992
30Resolving Intergovernmental Disputes Through Negotiation, 1992
31AAEA - Difference in CV Estimate from Referendum and Check-list Questions, 1992
32GRWA meeting, 1993 May
33AWWA - Water Conservation Rates Committee mid-winter meeting, 1993
34SAEA invited papers
35GW-PCA conference, 1993
36Farming Practices and Perceptions Affecting GW in GA - SWCS
37GRWA - Evaluating Financial Health, 1993
38Water Conservation Pricing Systems - AWRA Tuscon, AZ
39Estimating WTP for Water - Tuscon, 1993 August
40Charting the Effectiveness of a Local Conservation Program
41USDA-ERS-RTD seminar - Willingness to Pay for Water Sources - Wash. DC, 1992 October 30
42Establishing a Statewide Water Conservation Organization, 1993
43SAEA - Comparing 3 Approaches that Generate Bids for the Referendum CVM, 1994
44Using Rates to Conserve Water and Increase Revenues - NRWA, 1993
45Financial Analysis handbook
46Denver Water: Conservation organization, 1994
47GRWA - Three Steps to Rate Design
48SAEA - Structure of Farmers' Perceptions of GW Pollution, 1995
44Willingness to pay for the SWDA - AAEA poster, 1995
45GWA - Developing a Business Plan for your Utility - Jekyll Island, 1995
46NRWA - Developing a Business Plan for your Utility
47A Theory of Ratio Analysis to Assess Water Utility Financial Performance - AWRA, 1995
48World Energy Congress - Atlanta, 1995
49Willingness to Pay for GW Protection - GA Water Conference, 1991
50Water info exchange, 1991
51Water Supply Facilities and Pricing in Georgia
52Willingness to Pay for GW Protection - GA Water Resources Conf., 1991
53AWRA - Managing the Quality of GW Resources, 1992
54Why Should Utilities Practice Water Conservation - GA Water Resource Conf., 1993
55Advancing Water Conservation Through Rate Design, 1993
56An Economic Assessment of the Real Price of Water - proceedings-Thai conference, 1993
57Charting the Effectiveness of a Local Water Conservation Program - Conserv 93, 1993
58Establishing a Statewide Water Conservation Organization - Conserv 93, 1993
59A Case Study of Using Price to Conserve Water - Conserv 96, 1996
60Creating Public Awareness: Establishing a Statewide Water Conservation Organization - AWRA, 1993
61An Economic Assessment of the Real Price of Water - IWRA, 1993
62GA Water Resopurce Conference - Modeling the Financial Health of Public Water Systems
63Water Conservation Opportunities in the Nursery and Turf Industries - GA Water resources Conf., 1997
64The Effectiveness of Pricing as a Stand-alone Water Conservation Program - AWRA Bulletin, 1994
65Resolving Intergovernmental Disputes Through Negotiation, 1993
66Willingness to Pay for Alternative Management Systems to protect Water Quality - SWCS, 1993
67Perceptions of Water Quality and WTP for Quality Improvements - FS-92-05
68Resolving Intergovernmental Disputes Through Negotiation - FS-92-08
69Estimating the Willingness to pay of Water - FS-93-04
70Achieving Water Conservation Through Rate Design - FS-93-12
71Establishing a Statewide Water Conservation Organization - FS-93-15
72Charting the Effectiveness of a Local Conservation Program - FS-93-16
73IRP, Externalities and Water Conservation - FS-94-10
74Modeling the Financial Health of Public Water Systems - FS-94-11
75Willingness to pay for the Safe Water Act - FS-95-01
76Water Use and Conservation Operations in GA's Nursery and Turf Industry: Report of the ACF/ACT River basin Study - GES research Bulletin
3Materials for conservation/water slides
4Water facilities and pricing, 1994-1995
5Numbers of water systems - GA
6Pricing as a Stand-alone Conservation Program, 1994
7Averting behavior - drafts 1-2 Hubbell
8ABDU Willingness to pay trans.
10GA water systems lists
12Numbers - GA water systems
13GA Public Water Survey lists, 1995
14SDWA survey: bottled water results
15Evaluation of Conservation Rate Structures
16GA private water survey lists, 1995
17DCA water data
18Wastewater study, 1998
19Wastewater data, 1998
20Water Supply facilities and Pricing in GA, 1994
21Averting behavior
22Valuing water
51Data - Financial indicators, 1994
290-94 Trends
3Willingness to pay for groundwater protection, 1992
4Willingness to pay for water supply, 1992
5Lakeview Utilities Residents Association court case, 1997

2. Teaching

113ACF/ACT materials to students
56AAE 480 notes, 1993-1995
7AEC 480/680 Water Resource Economics course materials, 1994
8AEC 480/680 Water Resource Economics course materials, 1995
9Class notes AAE 480/680, 1997
10Original AEC 480/680 Water Resource Economics course materials, 1997
11AAE 480/680 book of readings, 1995
12AAEC 4800/6800 Water Resources Economics course materials - original - fall, 1999
13AAEC 4800/6800 Water Resources Economics course materials - fall, 2000
14AAEC 4800/6800 Water Resources Economics course materials - original - fall, 1998
15AAEC 4800/6800 Water Resources Economics course materials - original - spring, 1998