Ashantilly Press papers

Ashantilly Press papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Haynes family
Title: Ashantilly Press papers
Dates: Bulk, 1940-1995
Dates: 1742-2001
Quantity: 96.0 Linear feet 186 boxes, 1 oversize folder
Coll. Number: ms3395

Biographical/Historical Note

William Greaner Haynes, Jr. (1908-2001), artist, printer and environmentalist, was the son of William Greaner Haynes, Sr. (1869-1967) and Laura Grant Haynes (1871-1951). Born in Columbia (SC), his family moved to Darien (GA) in 1918 and purchased Ashantilly, the tabby house built by Thomas Spalding circa 1820 and named for his ancestral holdings in Scotland. After serving in the U.S. Army 1941-1945, including 2 years with an anti-aircraft battalion in New Guinea, Bill moved to New York where his sister Anne Lee was a commercial artist. He took courses in advertising and typography at Cooper Union. His other sister Frances was a librarian in Tallahassee (FL) at Florida State University. While in New York he met Natalie Erdman, daughter of Dr. Seward and Constance Adams Erdman, and they were married in 1952. Bill and Natalie moved to Georgia in 1954 and Bill began the Ashantilly Press with a map of Fort King George. His first book, Anchored Yesterdays, followed in 1956. Over the nexr 35 years, he would produce 30 books and many smaller printing jobs, such as cards and posters. After printing his last work in 1991, Bill decided to leave Ashantilly to the public as Ashantilly Center, a non-profit corporation to preserve the house and serve as an educational and cultural center. Bill had an active interest in environmental issues dealing with Darien, McIntosh County and the Altamaha River and helped found the Lower Altamaha Historical Society.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence forms the largest portion of the collection: letters among Haynes family members, letters between the Haynes family and their friends, and business letters of the Haynes family. The business correspondence is mainly with William G. Haynes, Jr. concerning his Ashantilly Press and his environmental interests. Most of the publications by Ashantilly Press are represented in the collection either by unbound copies, manuscript proofs, printing expenses, or illustrations. Subjects include Ida Hilton Public Library in Darien where Frances and Natalie worked, Pape School in Savannah where Anne Lee worked as an art teacher, Florida State University where Frances worked as a librarian, First Presbyterian Church where the family attended and Bill printed the bulletins, Hofwyl-Broadfield plantation where the Dent family (friends of the Haynes') lived, other private presses, historic sites and houses in the Darien area, and the Altamaha River and its preservation.

Index Terms

Ashantilly Center.
Ashantilly House (Darien, Ga.)
Ashantilly Press.
Darien (Ga.)
Fort King George (Darien, Ga.)
Haynes, Anne Lee, 1896-1997
Haynes, Frances Field, 1897-1989
Haynes, Natalie Erdman, 1915-1974
Haynes, William, 1908-2001
Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Georgia.
Historic sites--Georgia.
Lower Altamaha Historical Society (Ga.).
McIntosh County (Ga.)
Private presses--Georgia--History.
Publishers and publishing--Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Ashantilly Press Papers, ms3395, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11Ashantilly house and the Haynes family
2Anne Lee Haynes
3Draughton S. Haynes Confederate pass, 1864
4Frances Field Haynes
5Frances Field Haynes Medical information, 1963-1988
6Frances Field Haynes will, bill of sale, power of attorney, 1987-1989
7Frances Field Haynes Obituary and Funeral, 1989
8Laura Lee Grant Haynes
9Natalie Erdman Haynes
10Natalie Erdman Haynes School records, 1935-1953
11Thomas Haynes Slave deed of gift to William P. Haynes, 1819
12William Greaner Haynes, Sr.
13William G. Haynes, Jr.
14William G. Haynes, Jr. Civilian Conservation Corps, 1937
15William G. Haynes, Jr. Army papers, 1941-1945
16William G. Haynes, Jr. Certificates, 1960-1986
17William G. Haynes, Jr. School records, 1920-1948
18William G. Haynes, Jr. Medical information, 1938-1993
19Erdman family

2. Genealogy

21Baisden family
2Barrington family
3Brodnax/Brooking families
4Daves/McKinlay families
5Deas family
6Eaton/Rives families
7Grant family
8Haynes family charts and notes
9Haynes family record (handwritten notebook)
10Haynes family Research correspondence, 1937-1968
11Haynes family Research Correspondence, 1969-1994
12Haynes family "Thomas Haynes of Middle Georgia..." "The Haynes Family of Middle Georgia..." by Charles Dougherty
13Haynes family association newsletters, 1982-1983
14Haynes family Wills (copies only), 1742-1856
15Haynes family Documents and xerox copies
31Jones Family
2Levett Family
3Logan/Lee families
4Logan/Lee Families Research Correspondence, 1933-1966
5Logan/Lee families Research Correspondence, 1967-1977
6Long Family
7Loomis Family
8McIntosh family
9Morton/Pannill families
10Payne family
11Randolph family
12Simpson family
13Robert A. Simpson will, documents re:will, 1937-1939
14Spalding family
15Stith family
16Various families
17Genealogy information from Ruth Davis includes Leigh, Naylor, Hilton families
18Family tree chart
19Land grant, Joseph E. Brown to Edward Fennell McIntosh Co. (GA), 1861
20Indenture N.T. Hewett and Robin West, McIntosh Co. (GA), 1895
21Nuncupative will, Mollie Coglan, McIntosh Co. (GA), 1905

3. Family Correspondence

3.1 Haynes Family

41Simpson family, 1818-1928
31937 February-May
41937 June-August
51937 September-November
61938 January-March
71938 April-September
81938 October-December
91939 January-April
101939 May-October
111939 November-December
511940 January-February
21940 March-May
31940 June-December
41941 January-May
51941 June-September
61941 October-December
71942 January-March
81942 April-June
91942 July-September
101942 October
111942 November-December
611943 January-February
21943 March-April
31943 May-June
41943 July
51943 August
61943 September-October
71943 Novemer-December
81944 January-February
91944 March-April
101944 May-June
711944 July
21944 August
31944 September
41944 October
51944 November
61944 December
71945 January-February
81945 March-April
91945 May-August
101945 September-December
811946 January-March
21946 April-June
31946 July-September
41946 October-December
51947 January-February
61947 March
81947 June-October
91947 November-December
911948 January-March
21948 April-August
31948 September
41948 October-December
51949 January-February
61949 March-April
71949 May-July
81949 August-September
91949 October-December
101950 January-March
111950 April-May
1011950 June-September
21950 October 1-9
31950 October 10-30
41950 November 1-15
51950 November 16-30
61950 December
71951 January
81951 February-March
91951 April
101951 May-June
1111951 July
21951 August
31951 September
41951 October 2-20
51951 October 21-30
61951 November
71951 December
81952 January
91952 February
101952 March
1211952 April-May
21952 June
31952 July-August
41952 September-October
51952 November-December
61953 January-February
71953 March-May
81953 June-August
91953 September-November
101953 December
121955 January-July
131955 August-December
1311956 January-March
21956 April-July
10Undated from Anne Lee Haynes
11Undated from Frances Haynes
12Undated from William G. Haynes, Sr., William G. Haynes, Jr., Natalie Erdman Haynes

3.2 Wiliam G. Haynes, Jr. and Natalie Erdman Haynes

1411949-1951 June 23
21951 June 24-30
31951 July 1-8
41951 July 9-16
51951 July 17-24
61951 July 25-31
71951 August 1-7
81951 August 8-19
91951 August 20-28
101951 September
111953-1954 January 27
121954 January 28-February

4. Personal Correspondence

2Augustus Dixon Adair Family, 1950-1987
3Annie Adams, 1967-1976
4Elsie and Huntington Adams, 1931-1959
5Elsie Adams, 1960-1967
6Elsie and Huntington Adams letters to or about, 1934-1969
7Dwight and Margaret Agner, 1964-1988
8Dwight and Margaret Agner, 1989-1999
9Roberta Aldrich, 1971-1973
10Virginia Alexander, 1982-1984
11Attie Alford, 1973,1982
12Mary Alfriend, 1964-1970
13Shirley Amason Family, 1950-1974
171Emma Katherine Anderson, 1962
2Alice and Louis Andrews, 1969-1985
3Valenti Angelo, 1954-1964
4Announcements-birth A-Z
5Announcements-Wedding A-C
6Announcements-Wedding D-H
7Announcements-Wedding J-O
8Announcements-Wedding P-T
9Announcements-Wedding V-Y
10Frances Ansley, 1966-1972
11Louise Apperson, 1950-1951
12Estelle Ardrey, 1955-1969
13Isabel Arrowood, 1964, 1970
181Ida Atkinson, 1975-1983
2Stephen S. Attinger, 1960-1968
3Louise and Walter J. Auburn, 1983-1989
4Elizabeth Wylly Aug, 1973-1984
5Jeanne Avary, 1954-1988
6Mary and Steve Avary, 1951-1977
7Mary Avary, 1978-1985
8Mary Avary, 1986-1993
9Mary Avary, 1994-1997
10Robert Lee Avary, Jr., 1955-1959
3Ferebe Babcock/Katherine Babcock, 1922, 1930-1940
4Ferebe Babcock, 1941-1942
5Ferebe Babcock, 1943
6Ferebe Babcock, 1944-1946
7Ferebe Babcock, 1947-1950
8Ferebe Babcock, 1951-1952
9Ferebe Babcock, 1953-1961
10Ferebe Babcock, 1963-1964
201Leonard Bahr, 1974-1990
2Ginny Baisden, 1972-1973
3Juventino R. Ballesteros, 1970-1989
4Earnest K. Banner, 1936-1946
5Ann and Leo T. "Tommy" Barber, Jr., 1972-1987
6Ann and Leo T. "Tommy" Barber, Jr., 1988-1997
7Frances Barber, 1945-1951
8Carolyn Barnes, 1955-1956
9Carolyn Barnes, 1962-1972
10Carolyn Barnes, 1977-1988
11Joseph Herbert Barnes and Frances Barnes, 1956
12Kenley Barnes, 1954-1972
13Mary Ficklen Barnett, 1963-1971
211Margaret and William G. Barrett, 1965-1979
2Gertrude Barringer, 1937-1962
3Gertrude Barringer, 1963-1972
4Jo Barron, 1964-1975
5Craig Barrow III, Laura Barrow, 1979, 1996
6Elfrida Barrow, 1951-1969
7Richard Bass, 1961,1985
8Lewis H. Beck, 1956
9Pauline Becker, 1978
10Mary B. Behrend, 1942-1968
11Craig Bell, 1962-1969
12Laura Bell, 1956-1967
13Malcolm Bell, Jr. and Muriel, 1966-1984
14Malcolm Bell, Jr. and Muriel, 1987-1992
15Malcolm Bell, Jr. and Muriel, 1993-1999
221Malcolm Bell III and Ruthie, 1966-1996
2Florence Bethea, 1940-1961
3Florence Bethea, 1962-1968
4Florence Bethea, 1969-1971
5Florence Bethea, 1972
6Florence Bethea, 1975-1977
7Florence Bethea, 1978-1979
8Florence Bethea, 1980-1983
231Florence Bethea, 1985-1986
2Florence Bethea, 1987
3Florence Bethea, 1988-1989
4Florence Bethea, 1990
5Linda Billingsley, 1982-1985
6Nancy Bird, 1955-1980, 1984
7Claude A. and Virginia Black, 1972-1986
8Virginia Blackwood, Robert A. Blackwood III, 1976-1986
9Van Blanchard, 1978
241Elizabeth Bloodworth (Mrs. J.M.B. Bloodworth), 1964-1976
2Franklin and Elizabeth Bloodworth and daughter Elizabeth, 1965-1991
3Franklin and Elizabeth Bloodworth, 1992-2000
4David and Denise Bluestein, 1984-1999
5Hazle Bluestein, 1966-1989
6Joseph Blumenthal, 1958-1971
7Betty Boddington, 1963-1983
8Louise Bondurant, 1960-1969
9Elizabeth and Laura Bonn Family, 1930-1987
10to John Bonner, 1979
11Dorothy Booraem, 1946
12Lucy Hampton Bostick, obituary (1968), 1939-1962, 1968
13Erdman Bowe, 1969
14Mary Bowring, 1968-1986
15Veronica Bowring, 1978
16Gertrude L. Boyd, 1962
251J.R.B. Branch, 1961-1975
2Harry Brandenurg, 1951-1952
3Pat Brasher, 1984, 1986
4Elizabeth Braswell, 1985
5Joseph L. and Ruth Brent, 1972-1977
6Elinor Brink, 1949-1985
7Elinor Brink, 1986-1989
8Annabel Britt, 1972-1982
9Blanche Britt, 1967-1986
10Rebecca Brodersen, 1984-1996
11Jerome Brown, 1987
12Marcia Brown, 1956-1994
13Pat Bryant, 1972-1979
14Annette Bull, 1939, 1940
15Robert Burch, 1966-1992
16Alice G. Burkette, 1977
17Robert H. Burrell, 1997
18Anne Burroughs, 1945-1968
19Irvin Burt, 1967, 1974
20May Butt, 1945-1981
3Daphne Caldwell, 1976, 1985
4Mary Louise Campbell, 1970-1974
5Ruth Campbell, 1945-1985
6Vivian Campbell, 1974-1989
7Christopher George Canalos, 1996-1999
8Stansbury and Mary Carnes, 1970-1999
9William Boyd and Carvel Grant Carnes, 1943-1967
10Myrtle Carroll, 1972-1984
11Porter Carswell, 1962-1965
12Harry Carter/ Matthew Carter, 1965-1975
13Emma Case, 1941-1944
14Margaret Davis Cate, 1942-1957
15Ida Cecil, 1970-1986
16Ida Cecil, 1987-2000
17David Chambers, 1964-1965
18Alfred Parker and Emma Chambliss, 1968-1981
19Paul Chancellor, 1965
20Pem [?] Martin Chapin, 1973, 1975
271Catherine Chapman, 1975
2Isabel Chapman, 1974, 1975
3Mary "Maristan" Ilsley Chapman, 1958-1972
4William Ryan Chapman, 1989-1993
5Warren Chappell, 1961-1981
6Emily Charlton, 1940, 1946
7May Chase, 1965-1972
8Brainard and Frances Cheney, 1949-1977
9Brainard and Frances Cheney, 1978-1979
10Brainard and Frances Cheney, 1980-1981
11Brainard and Frances Cheney, 1982-1983
12Brainard and Frances Cheney, 1984-1988
13Juanita Childs, Carvel Childs, 1950-1969
281Mary Dorsey Clark, 1964, 1969
2Bert Clarke (A. Colish Press), 1971-1988
3Natalie Clement, 1961-1968
4Alice Cleveland, 1964-1975
5Arabella Cleveland, 1951-1974
6Pauline Coad, 1950-1961
7Pauline Coad, 1963-1984
8Margaret Cobb, 1941-1969
9Margaret Cobb, 1970-1972
10McKinley Cobb (Mrs.Carlisle Cobb), 1951-1969
291Babette and Reid B. Cochran, Jr., 1946-1966
2Babette and Reid B. Cochran, Jr., 1967-1984
3Loomis Colcord, 1944-1964
4Anne and Frederick Conard, Jr., 1981-1990
5Julia Hand Conard (Mrs. Frederick Conard), 1935-1980
6Condolences-death of Laura Grant Haynes, 1951
7Condolences-death of Natalie Erdman Haynes A-E, 1974
8Condolences-death of Natalie Erdman Haynes G-O, 1974
301Condolences-Death of Natalie Erdman Haynes P-S, 1974
2Condolences-death of Natalie Erdman Haynes T-W, 1974
3Condolences-death of Anne Lee Haynes, 1997
4Ledlie W. and Ruth Conger, 1979,1980
5Mary Downey Conti, 1989
6Raymond F. Cook, 1989
7Norah and Sidney N. Cooper, 1952-1977
8Drew Cotton, 1967-1968
9Edith Cousins, 1950,1951
10Lena Cowan, 1939-1972
311"Gene" Crawford, 1960-1978
2Louise Croly, 1937-1941
3E.J. Crossman, 1985
4Fred and Peggy Crampton, 1965-1969
5Dorothy Culbreath, 1986
6Jo Cummings, 1969-1997
7Elise Currell, 1940-1964
8Elsie Currell, 1966-1971
9Elise Currell, 1972
10Elsie Currell, 1973-1979
11Elise Currell, 1980-1987
12Elsie Currell, 1988-1993
2Kathi Dailey, 1984-1985
3Carl Dair, 1966
4Emily Dall, 1948-1958
5Frank Daniel, 1968-1971
6Marietta and Harold David, 1959-1964
7George and Jeanne Ann Davidson, 1981-1990
8Jo Davis, 1949-1955
9Patricia Davis, 1978-1987
10Ruth Davis, 1931-1948
11Ruth Davis, 1950-1959
12Ruth Davis, 1960-1969
13Ruth Davis, Will (1983), 1971-1973, 1983
14Stan Davis (Mrs. Thomas J. Davis), 1953-1961
15Nancy Day, 1985-1987
16Holley Katharine Dean, 1976
331Lillian Dean, 1974-1979
2Lillian Dean, 1980-1983
3Lillian Dean, 1984-1986
4Lillian Dean, 1987-1990
5Lillian Dean, 1991-1993
6Lillian Dean, 1994-2000
7Lillian Dean
8Marian Dean, 1971, 1973
9Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1925-1936
341Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1937
2Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1938-1943
3Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1944
4Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1945-1950
5Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1951
6Miriam and Ophelia Dent, 1952-1961
7Ophelia Dent, 1966-1973
8Miriam and Ophelia Dent
9Sydney P. Dent, 1973-1974
10Anna DePass, 1951
11Thelma and John DePol, 1955-1964
12Frances Dessau, 1968-1971
13Evelyn Dewitt, 1984-1987
14Ray and Guerry Dilley, 1956
15William F. Dinan, 1945-1946
351Kitsie Doman, 1952-1985
2Marianne Donnell, 1971, 1982
3Charles Lake Ryan Dougherty, 1977
4Charles Lake Ryan Dougherty, 1978-1980
5Charles Lake Ryan and Alice Dougherty, 1981-1994
6Muriel Downey, 1948, 1960
7Helen Driggs, 1941-1968
8Rebecka DuBois, 1952, 1959
9Paul and Ginger Duensing, 1969-1998
10Arthur Dewey Duncan, 1944-1974
11Arthur Dewey Duncan, 1976-1983
12Lettie Venearl Dunwoody, 1976
13Virginia Durant, 1948-1974
14Jane Durgin, 1961-1976
15Horace T. and Nathalie Dyer, 1954-1965
2Lawrence H. and Elena Earle, 1945-1954
3Lawrence H. and Elena Earle, obituary, 1955-1966, 1967
4William L. Earle, 1953-1990
5Letters to Nancy Eggleston, 1943-1945
6Esther Elliott, 1959, 1972
7Jenny Emanuel, 1940-1978
8Virginia Ennis, 1983, 1985
9Erdman Family, 1927-1943
10Erdman Family, 1944
11Erdman Family, 1945-1948
12Erdman Family, 1951
13Erdman Family, 1952
371Erdman Family, 1953
2Erdman Family, 1954
3Erdman Family, 1955
4Erdman Family, 1956
5Erdman Family, 1957
6Erdman Family, 1958
7Erdman Family, 1959
8Erdman Family, 1960
9Erdman Family, 1961
10Erdman Family, 1962
381Erdman Family, 1963
2Erdman Family, 1964
3Erdman Family, 1965
4Erdman Family, 1966
5Erdman Family, 1967
6Erdman Family, 1968-1969
7Erdman Family, 1970
8Erdman Family, 1971
9Erdman Family, 1972
391Erdman Family, 1973
2Erdman Family, 1974
3Erdman Family, 1975 January-March
4Erdman Family, 1975 April-December
5Erdman Family, 1976 January-May
6Erdman Family, 1976 June-December
7Erdman Family, 1977
8Erdman Family, 1978
9Erdman Family, 1979
401Erdman Family, 1980-1983
2Erdman Family, 1984
3Erdman Family, 1985
4Erdman Family, 1986-1988
5Erdman Family, 1989
6Erdman Family, 1990-1993
7Erdman Family, 1994-1999
8Erdman Family- Constance Adams Erdman
9Erdman Family- Natalie Erdman Haynes
10Erdman Family- Rosalind Erdman
11Erdman Family
12Nancy Erdman, 1964-1975
13David E. Estes, 1971-1987
14Virginia Eten, 1964-1965
2Martha Faison, 1961-1975
3Edwina and Edward D. Fales, Jr., 1958-1979
4Gladys Fawley, 1971-1987
5Fitzallen K. Fearing, 1963
6William Fernald, 1955-1958
7Alvin Fick, 1967-1968
8Mrs. Julian Field, 1930
9Harriett Fillinger, 1941
10Talla Fish, 1963, 1964
11Lee Anna Fisler (1984-1988) Caroline Fisler obituary (1983), 1983, 1984-1988
12Lois Fitz, 1967-1983
13Ellen Fitzsimons, 1951, 1962
14Lloyd Flanders, 1971, 1993
15Dick Fleming (Flying Coffin Press), 1988-1989
16Virginia McMaster Foard, obituary (1969), 1941,1960, 1969
17W. Stanton Forbes, 1958-1970
18W. Stanton Forbes, 1971
421W. Stanton Forbes and Jean Reti-Forbes, 1972
2W. Stanton Forbes, 1973
3W. Stanton Forbes, 1974
4W. Stanton Forbes, 1975
5W. Stanton Forbes, 1976-1978
6W. Stanton Forbes, 1981
7Larry Lou Foster, 1973-1979
8Ruth Fox, 1973-1987
9J. B. Fraser, 1942, 1965
10Opal Moore Free, 1982-1987
11Pearl Friedman, 1942-1978
12Caroline Friesner, 1996
13Peggy Froelich, 1982-1987
14Alice May Fuller, 1947, 1948
15Rebecca Fuller, 1989-2000
2Peyre Gaillard, 1964-1969
3Albert N. Galin, 1948-1955
4Leila Gantt, 1970, 1974
5Julia Ramirez Garcia, 1971, 1975
6Ethel Geaghan, 1952-1968
7Robert S. Gibson, 1968-1986
8Helen Gignilliat, 1961, 1962
9Mary Gignilliat and Iris Gignilliat, 1969-1977
10P. G. Gillissen, 1960-1964
11Mattie Gladstone, 1992
12Alexandra "Assia" de Goguel, Anna de Goguel, Constantine de Goguel, 1964-1972
13Alexandra "Assia" de Goguel, 1973-1977
14Florence Gondring, Frances Gondring, 1931-1975
15Cara Goode, 1952-1989
16Virginia Gouedy, 1940-1948
17Stuart Ellis and Kristin Gould, 1992-1996
18Virginia "Ginny" Carvel Carnes Gould, 1959-1973
19Virginia "Ginny" Carvel Carnes Gould and children Stuart and Carvel, 1974-1995
441Anna Graham, 1961, 1962
2Beverly and John Grant, Jr., 1967-1997
3Florence "Flonny" Grant, 1937-1971
4Florence "Flonny" Grant, 1972-1987
5Agnes Gregory, 1954-1973
6Agnes Gregory, 1974-1981
7Agnes Gregory, 1982-1989
8Eugenia Griffin, 1969
9Helen Gruen, 1966,1975
10Vicki Gunn, 1974
11Eloise Guyton, 1969-1990
15Billie Hack (Mrs. Fred C. Hack), 1974-1990
16Leila Hager, 1978
17Alice Hall, 1977, 1982
18Julia Hall, 1971-1972
19Martha Hall, 1969
451Dallas "Rhiney" Hamilton, 1932-1968
2Dallas "Rhiney" Hamilton, 1969-1970
3Dallas "Rhiney" Hamilton, 1971-1972
4Dallas "Rhiney" Hamilton, 1973
5Dallas "Rhiney" Hamilton, 1974-1975
6Foster Hamilton (Mrs. William E. Hamilton), 1962-1990
7Helen Hamilton, 1970, 1979
8Morse Hamilton, 1973-1974
9Milton R. Hamlin, 1984
10Alfred J. Hanna, 1963
11Tatum and Lee M. Happ, 1956-1968
12Tatum Happ, 1969-1972
13Elizabeth Harbin, 1999
14Grace Hardie, 1945-1961
461Talbot and Betty Harding, 1979-1988
2John Harris Harper, 1997
3Edna Harris, 1971-1973
4Walter Charlton and Susan Hartridge, 1950-1976
5Robert C. and Billie Hatchell, 1980-1990
6Norvell and William J. Hatcher, 1969-1978
7Florentine Hayden, 1939-1942
8Margery Hayden, 1931-1940
9Margery Hayden, 1941-1948
10Margery Hayden, 1950-1952
11Margery Hayden, 1953-1962
12Margery Hayden, 1963-1972
471Wayland Jack Hayes, Jr. Family, 1960-1987
2Helen Haynes, 1995-1996
3Marion "Patty" Headland, 1961-1965
4Herrold E. Headley, 1979
5Ria Henderson, 1961, 1964
6James and Claire Bruce Hendrickson, 1951-1959
7James Hendrickson, 1960-1971
8James Hendrickson, 1972-1974
9Inez Wooten Henry, 1970-1978
10Sarah Herndon, 1984-1987
11Hale Durant Herring, 1967, 1985, 1994
12Sara Hess, 1950-1951
13Carter and Kitsie Higgins, 1938
14Thomas M. Higgins, 1964-1968
15Lucille Higgs and Edna Higgs, 1960-1983
16Lucille Higgs, 1985-1988
17Joseph Hilton, 1987, 1988
481Elizabeth Blanding Hobart, 1957-1982
2Natalie Hobbs Family, 1956-1979
3Virginia Hobson, 1971, 1991
4Carolyn and Philip Hodges, 1985-1987
5Elizabeth Hodges, 1971-1987
6Herbert John Hodgson, 1969-1971
7John F. Hogsett, 1987
8Reg Holmes, 1972, 1974
9Jane D. Hopkins, 1949-1951
10Margaret Hopkins, 1966-1972
11Milton N. Hopkins, Jr., 1990-1995
12Norman E. and Elizabeth "Tib" Horn, 1972-1987
13Cada Horne, 1978, 1979
14Harry Horne Family, 1994-1999
15John T. Hoyle, 1980, 1990
16Kay Hoyt, 1970, 1972
17Adeline Hubbard, 1995, 1997
18Weyman and Susie Huckabee, 1974, 1976
19Sandy Hudson, 1989, 1992
20Robert L. and Susie Humphries, 1977-1990
21Robert L. Humphries, 1991-1994
22Robert L. Humphries, 1995-1999
491Anna Hunter, 1950-1969
2Stewart and Harriet Lawrence Huston, 1968-1969
3Stewart and Harriet Lawrence Huston, 1972-1975
4Eleanor M. Hutton, 1943-1946
5Anthony D.C. Hyland, 1994, 2000
7John P. Ike, Jr., 1945-1976
8Edith Inglesby, Charlotte Inglesby, 1945-1950
9Edith Inglesby, Charlotte Inglesby, 1951-1968
10Edith Inglesby, Charlotte Inglesby, 1969-1974
11Edith Inglesby, Charlotte Inglesby, 1975-1979
12Marian Irish, 1975-1986
13Nenette Irvine, 1970-1975
14Annie Louise Irwin, 1967-1970
2P. Jacobs (Netherlands), 1975-1976
3Nancy James, 1942-1959
4Nancy James, 1960-1967
5Nancy James, 1968-1990
6Romana Javitz, 1945
7Jackie Jenkin's, 1982-1986
8Julia Marsh and Franklin R. Jenkins, 1936-1959
9Julia Marsh and Franklin R. Jenkins, 1960-1968
10Julia Marsh and Franklin R. Jenkins, 1969-1983
11Julia Marsh and Franklin R. Jenkins, 1985-1998
511Haynes Johnson, 1966
2Leonora Johnson, Mary Johnson, 1952-1970
3Lorena Johnson, 1973, 1988
4Virginia Johnson, 1957-1975
5Esther Johnston, 1939-1964
6Frances Meldrim Jones, 1960-1962
7May Jones, 1973
9Maud Keeling, 1962-1976
10William Porter Kellam, 1962-1982
11Paul Keller, 1937-1944
12Meta Kenan, 1938-1943
13Meta Kenan, 1944-1949
14Meta Kenan, 1951-1971
15Robert Gignilliat Kenan, 1977-1985
521C. W. "Ken" Kendrick, Jr. (Phoenix Publishing), 1961-1968
2C. W. "Ken" Kendrick, Jr. (Phoenix Publishing), 1969
3C. W. "Ken" Kendrick, Jr. (Phoenix Publishing), 1970-1984
4Martha Anne Kendrick, 1964-1972
5Jo Kennedy, 1954-1972
6Jo Kennedy, 1973-1985
7Jo Kennedy, 1986-1989
8Sarah Law Kennerly, 1970-1982
9T.D. Killian, 1950
10Dorothy Kimball, 1943, 1959-1976
11Frank C. King, 1978-1994
12William King, 1946-1999
13Katharine Woodrow Kirkland, 1942-1964
14David Klemer Family, 1968-1990
531Helen Kollock, 1967-1982
2Bernard and Sydney Koprowski, 1932-1973
3Bernard and Sydney Koprowski, 1974-1977
4Bernard and Sydney Koprowski, 1978-1982
5Sydney Koprowski, 1983-1987
6Sydney Koprowski, Alison Koprowski, 1988-1997
7May Korb, 1969, 1975
8Marvin Krislov, 1982
9Raymond G. Landis, 1976, 1977
11Evelyn Lane, 1982
12John Lane, 1983-1991
13Fredricka Lang, 1969-1972
541Alexander A. Lawrence, 1963-1967
2Alexander S. Lawson, 1981-1989
3Alexander S. Lawson, 1990-1999
4Clermont H. Lee, 1965-1976
5Clermont H. Lee, 1977-1984
6Clermont H. Lee, 1985-1994
7Stephen and Dorothea Lefkoff, 1936-1956
8Stephen Lefkoff, 1957
9Stephen Lefkoff, 1958-1960
10Cornelia Leslie, 1960, 1969
11Lucy Lester, 1963-1979
12Robert Levy, 1959-1982
551Bessie Lewis, 1965,1974
2Mary Leyda, 1968-1985
3Mary Leyda, 1986-1987
4Margaret Suzanne and Christopher Licavoli, 1992-2000
5Margie Livingston, 1969-1978
6Gladys and Donald White Long, 1940-1951
7Gladys and Donald White Long, 1952-1957
8Gladys Long, 1961-1968
9Gladys Long, 1969-1970
561Gladys Long, 1971
2Gladys Long, 1972
3Gladys Long, 1973
4Gladys Long, 1974-1976
5Gladys Long, 1977-1982
6Gladys Long
7Betty Jane Keisker Losche, 1950
8Martha Lovejoy, 1972, 1974
9Miriam and Peter J. Lukken, 1986-1991
10Lucius Ross and Edith Lynn, Elizabeth Lynn, 1961-1989
11Florence Lyons, 1970
6Frances Munson McAdams, 1964-1984
7Frances Munson McAdams, 1985-1987
8Mary Curtis McArthur, 1956-1974
9May de Forest McAll, 1956-1978
10Martha McAlpine, 1960-1961
11Edith McCall, 1956-1978
12Rebecca McCarthy, 1986-1987
13Barbara McClung, 1926-1937
14Barbara McClung, 1942-1951
581Barbara McClung, 1952-1967
2Barbara McClung, 1968-1970
3Barbara McClung, 1971-1973
4Parks McCombs, 1943
5James McCrea, 1955-1964
6James McCrea, 1965-1968
7James McCrea, 1969-1996
8Lorena McDonald, 1950-1978
9Katherine McDonough, 1966
10Katarina McElheny, 1939-1984
11Katarina McElheny, 1985-1986
12Katarina McElheny, 1987-1989
591Alleen McEvoy, 1972-1983
2Ruth McEvoy, 1971-1972
3Ruth McEvoy, 1973-1987
4Mary McGarvey, 1969-1991
5Roline Hamilton McGinnis, 1989,1990
6Lucy McIntire, 1951, 1960
7Margaret McIntyre, 1969
8Harriet McIver, 1950-1963
9Anne and Charles T. McKee, 1982-1989
10Vivian McLellan, 1969
11Christine McMillan, 1940-1961
12Christine McMillan, 1962-1974
13Verna McNamara, 1981
14Eva Mallard
15Helen Mansfield, Laurence Mansfield, 1946-1982
16Valerie Manson Family, 1979-1982
17Valerie Manson Family, 1983-1994
601Nancy and Peter Clark Manson, 1959-1993
2Sadie Manson, 1953-1982
3Sarita and Fred Marland Family, 1974-1994
4Eliza Martin, 1974-1979
5Josephine Martin, 1959-1975
6Rachel Martin, 1985, 1986
7Woodie Turton Martin, 1995, 1996
8Ada Marvin, 1948-1968
9Susan Mason, 1995-1997
10Helen Masten, 1951-1969
11Helen Masten, 1970-1982
12Helen Masten, 1983-1987
13Etta Lane Matthews, 1931-1947
14Sara and Roy Maurer, 1960, 1978
15Ellen Maurice, 1946
611Caroline Meldrim, 1967-1971
2Memorial donations, 1951-1990
3Memorial donations in memory of Natalie Erdman Haynes A-F, 1974
4Memorial donations in memory of Natalie Erdman Haynes H-W, 1974
5Memorial donations in memory of Frances Haynes, 1989
6Memorial donations in memory of Anne Lee Haynes, 1997
7Memorial donations to Thornwell Home for Children (SC), 1967-1989
8James B. and Nancy Meriwether and son Robert, 1949-1988
9Margaret Meriwether, 1937-1949
10Margaret Meriwether, 1950-1967
11Harriet Merrick, 1959-1972
12Eleanor T. Middleditch, 1931-1963
13Eleanor T. Middleditch, 1964-1971
14Roert Hunter Middleton, 1976
621Rebecca and Gordon Midgette, 1971-1973
2Rebecca and Gordon Midgette, 1974
3Rebecca and Gordon Midgette, 1975-1977
4Rebecca and Gordon Midgette, 1978-1979
5Rebecca and Gordon Midgette, 1980-1991
6Anne Alfriend Miller, 1951-1977
7Dorothy Miller, 1951-1975
8Margaret and Joseph E. Miller, Jr., 1958-1992
9Dan Millsaps, Jr., 1940, 1941
10Abram Minis Family, 1964-1978
11Cassie Mitchell, 1982-1986
12Matibel Mitchell, 1961, 1963
13Melchior W. Mittl, 1960-1968
14Martha Mixson, 1994-1996
15Rossie Moffett, Kendrick Moffett, 1963-1983
16Jim Moon, 1988-1994
17Elizabeth Moore, 1974
18Hilda Moore, 1959-1982
19Kemper Martin Moore, 1950-1973
631Marie and Fred Moore, 1962-1978
2Marie and Fred Moore, 1979-1988
3Mary Moore, 1973-1984
4Virginia H. Moore, 1963
5Ann Orr and Kenneth Morris, 1952-1976
6Ann Orr and Kenneth Morris, 1979-1990
7Denise Janke Morris, 1993
8Marion C. Morris, 1975
9John Crafts Morse II, 1975-1978
10Sarah Rebecca Munson, 1963, 1975
11Lucia Murchison, 1971-1976
12William J. Murray, 1978-1985
13Dana Myers, 1976-1991
14James C. Myers, 1982-1987
16George K. Newell, 1958-1975
17Elizabeth Pritchard and Jesse Newsom, 1962-1973, 1993
18Sylvia Inez Newton, 1957
19John L. Nichols, 1985-1995
20Rachel Niles, 1944-1968
21Rachel Niles, 1972-1985
2Erma O' Bolger, 1971
3Maggie O' Connor, 1992-1994
4Martha Odum, 1992-1993
5Martha Oetgen, 1984, 1986
6Sara Lee Ogilvie, 1974
7Nancy O' Hare, 1974-1984
8Evey and Lovell L. Oliveros, 1971-1977
9Velma Ooton, 1972-1987
10"B" Orcutt (Mrs. Frank A. Orcutt), 1968-1975
11Sallie and Craig Orr, 1947-1960
12Sallie and Craig Orr, 1961-1967
13Sallie Orr, 1969-1972
14Connie Erdman O' Toole, 1978-1990
15Robert Overstreet, 1967
16Dean Owens, 1962, 1972
2Mary Page Palmer, 1962-1989
3James L. Pannell, 1990-1997
4Kate Williams Pannell, 1971-1993
5Nina Anderson Pape (principal of Pape School) and student letters, 1937-1938
6Rachel Paris, 1968-1975
7Anthony Parker, 1994-1999
8Carrie W. Parker, 1975, 1976
9Katherine V. Parker, 1963-1969
10Mary F. Parmenter, 1971-1988
11Olive Parsons, 1975
12Lucy Pattillo, 1966-1979
13James Peacock, 1961-1999
14Mabel Pease, 1953-1975
15Catherine and Joe Pember, 1962-1968
16Ann Penrod, 1952-1962
17Georgina, Fanny and Daisy Phillips, 1950-1967
661Terry H. Pickett, 1966-1968
2Vivian Pinney, 1947-1976
3Penelope Pinson, 1954
4Patricia Pitkin, 1946-1978
5Pauline Pitkin, 1946-1952
6William and Gerry Pitkin, 1951-1963
7Winnie Ploeger, 1971-1972
8Adelaide Ponder, 1969-1975
9Kate Porter, 1939-1971
10Priscilla Manning Porter, 1969-1970
11Sarah Postlethwaite, 1952, 1955
12Lucille Pottinger and Frances Pottinger, 1939-1973
13Eugenia Price, 1974
14Dorothy Pyron, 1974-1988
16Leonora Quarterman, 1957-1973
17Kathryn Quigley, 1980
19Doris Rabb, 1970-1992
20P. H. Radisch, 1961-1973
21Morgan B. Raiford, 1964
22Alice Rainsford, 1962, 1963
23Virginia "Ginny" Gould Rather, 1997-2000
671Sam Reames Family, 1967-1972
2Adeline Redheffer, 1982-1987
3Wendy Reilly, 1985-1987
4Curtis and Wendy Reitz, 1970-1989
5Lucile Reu, 1972-1982
6Marie E. Reddy, 1948-1976
7Allie Reynolds, 1951-1969
8Allie Reynolds, 1970-1972
9Allie Reynolds, 1973-1979
10Allie Reynolds, 1980-1985
11Allie Reynolds, 1986-1987
681Allie Reynolds, 1988-1989
2Allie Reynolds, 1990-1991
3Allie Reynolds, 1992-1993
4Allie Reynolds, 1994-1995
5Allie Reynolds, 1996
6Allie Reynolds, 1997-2000
7Allie Reynolds
8Dudley "Dee" Walton Reynolds, 1982-1993
691Eutha Rhoades, 1986
2Roy and Hazle Rice, 1973-1984
3Roy and Hazle Rice, 1985-1999
4Leon Vinton Richard, 1953-1960
5Leon Vinton Richard, 1961-1974
6Louise Richardson, 1939-1951
7Louise Richardson, 1955-1963
8Scarlett and Hugh K. Rickenbaker, Jr., 1968, 2000
9Betsy Ritchie, 1951-1966
10Margaret M. Rivers, 1978-1979
11Sarah Rives, 1967-1979
12Harriet Riviere, 1967-1989
13Harriet Riviere and Jacques Riviere, 1991-1999
701Mary Ashmun Roberts, 1938-1946
2Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1962-1969
3Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1970-1979
4Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1980-1983
5Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1984
6Charles F. and Judith Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1985
7Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1986
8Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1987
9Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1988
10Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1989
711Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1990
2Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1991
3Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1992
4Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1993-1994
5Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1995-1996
6Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press), 1997-2000
7Charles F. Robertson (Tinhorn Press)
8Marjorie Roche, 1950, 1951
9Roebling Family, 1950-1973
10George A. and Betty Rogers, 1975-1993
11Kenneth Rogers, 1969
721Carolyn Kuebler Rooker, 1979-1983
2Carolyn Kuebler and Donald Rooker, 1984
3Carolyn Kuebler Rooker, 1985-1986
4Myrtle Rose, 1975-1989
5Minnie Lee Rountree, 1976-1987
6Mary and Hampton Rowland, 1967, 1971
7Edward and Toni Rowley, 1985-1990
8Bruno F. Rusanowski, 1944
9Orwin and Dorothy Rush, 1967-1987
10John Ryder, 1959-1965
13Wylly Folk St. John, 1968-1969
14Lyle Saxon, 1938-1942
15Christine Scarborough, 1968-1972
16Matthews and Christine Schaffer, 1973-1977
17Matthews and Christine Schaffer, David and Julia Schaffer, 1978-1997
731Mary Scheffer, 1968-1978
2John J. Schillo, 1944, 1946
3Rosalie Schmidt, 1951, 1974
4School Children- handmade, Christmas cards to Miss Haynes
5School Children- letters from, J.P. Carr Junior High School (Conyers, GA) to William Haynes, 1975
6Mildred Scott, 1954-1986
7Jo Scouten, Dana Scouten, 1962-1982
8Mary and Larry Scoville, 1972-1985
9Carroll Proctor "Scoop" Scruggs, 1970-1985
10John Seawright, 1997
11Berta Sedgwick, 1961-1981
12Shelby Semmes, Margot Semmes, 1939-1947
13Shelby Semmes, Margot Semmes, 1955-1982
14Herbert Senne, 1974-1997
15W. Irving Senne, 1952-1985
16W. Irving Senne, 1986-1994
17W. Irving Senne, 1995-1999
741Ida Seymour, 1939-1952
2Mary Liz Shaffer Family, 1948, 1951
3John MacKay Shaw, 1966-1982
4Gay Shepard, 1963-1977
5Gay Shepard, 1978-1980
6Gay Shepard, 1982-1988
7Anne Ward Shepherd, 1979-1985
8Virginia Lancaster Shields, 1979-1980
9Virginia Lancaster Shields, 1981-1984
10Virginia Lancaster Shields, 1985-1989
11Virginia Lancaster Shields, 1990-1999
12Virginia Lancaster Shields
751Frances Shumate, 1967-1972
2Harriett Sier, 1951-1965
3Alice Simons, 1940-1959
4Alice Simons, 1960-1968
5Alice Simons, 1969-1970
6Alice Simons, 1971-1972
7Alice Simons, 1973-1976
8Arthur St. Julian Simons II, 1950-1973
9Charles Inglesby and Vivi Simons, Jr., 1945-1960
10James Babcock and Margaret Simons, 1963-1973
11Belle Simpson, 1951, 1952
12Tina Singleton, 1972, 1974
13William C. Sistar, Sr., 1974-1978
14Steven Skaggs, 1978-1979
15Arline and Searcy B. Slack, Jr., 1995-1999
16Agnes Slagle, 1967-1975
17Violet Slagle, 1962
18Eleanor Longcope Slee, Maud Longcope, 1952-1976
761Mary Smart, 1963, 1964
2Betty Smiley, 1966-1974
3George Heber Smith, 1946-1962
4Jacqueline Mallory Smith, 1950-1974
5Leonora Smith, 1951-1969
6Martha Frances Smith, 1967-1974
7Martha Frances Smith, 1979-1982
8Martha Frances Smith, 1983-1985
9Martha Frances Smith, 1986-1988
10Mary Smith, 1959-1979
11Rosemary Smith, 1951-1973
12Rosemary Smith, 1974
13Rosemary Smith, 1975-1980
771Dena Snodgrass, 1974-1981
2Dena Snodgrass, 1982-1987
3Phinizy and Margie Spalding, 1967-1971
4Phinizy and Margie Spalding, 1972-1987
5Phinizy and Margie Spalding, 1988-1994
6Marguerite Spann, 1950, 1951
7Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clayton Stebbins, 1944-1974
8Jane and Richard Steiner, 1956-1961
9Joy Maurer Stenman, 1949, 1952
10Margaret Stephens, Grace Stephens, 1946-1967
11Robert Grier Stephens, 1939-1962
12Robert Grier Stephens, 1963
13Robert Grier Stephens, 1964-1966
14Robert Grier Stephens, 1967-1973
15Robert Grier Stephens, Jr., 1961-1989
781Hazel Stevenson, 1946-1972
2J. Walton and Margaret Stewart, 1972-1976
3Albert H. and Evelyn Stoddard and son Albert, 1940-1974
4May Stokes, 1960-1976
5Helen Kennedy Stoll, 1972
6May Stone, 1974
7Marjorie Student, 1983
8Edith Summergrune, 1944-1948
9Ann Sutterle, 1964, 1972
10Florence Sweeney, 1974
11Florence Swikart, 1966-1989
12Jane Symmes, 1971, 1974
14Kathryn Carol Tailer, 1975
15Hugh Tallant, 1951
16Rosa Tarbutton, 1967-1969
17Susan B. Tate, 1965-1982
18Joan and Fred Taylor, 1952-1960
19Joan and Fred Taylor and Children Eloise and Griselda Joan, 1961-1978
20Willie Taylor (Mrs. Phil Taylor), 1955-1973
791Cleora Hatch Terres (1945-1957), letters re: her murder (1964-1965), 1945-1957, 1964-1965
2Lawrence S. Thompson, 1962-1977
3Lawrence S. Thompson, 1979-1985
4Evelyn Thornton, 1972-1982
5Florence Thurston, 1961-1964
6Mollie and Ernest Tomassich, 1952-1975
7Jane and Archer Torrey, 1986, 1990
8Janet and Reuben Archer Torrey, Jr., 1962-1969
9Glenna and John Stuart Torrey, 1945-1964
10Glenna and John Stuart Torrey, 1965-1980
11Marion Towner, 1933-1971
12Marion Towner (1972-1985), George Towner (1986), 1972-1985, 1986
13Elma Townsend (1950-1974), Mary Lou Townsend Speed (1985), 1950-1974, 1985
14Eva Trachsel, 1972, 1984
15George Tracy, 1969-1975
16Nora Traynor, 1973, 1974
801Helen Treanor, 1925-1971
2Helen Treanor, 1972-1986
3Sapelo Treanor, 1950-1969
4Sapelo Treanor, 1971-1972
5Sapelo Treanor, 1973-1974
6Sapelo Treanor, 1975-1976
7Sapelo Treanor, 1978-1980
8Mary Cobb Trimble, 1962, 1970
9Addie Moore Trinkle, 1949-1964
10Lucy Trosdal, 1950-1952
811Marie Troup, 1968-1974
2Marie Troup, 1975
3Marie Troup, 1976
4Marie Troup, 1977
5Marie Troup, 1978 January-May
6Marie Troup, 1978 June-December
7Marie Troup, 1979 January-April
8Marie Troup, 1979 May-December
9Marie Troup, 1980
10Marie Troup, 1981
821Marie Troup, 1982
2Marie Troup, 1983-1985
3Allan Troxell, 1969
4Josephine and George A. True, 1936-1946
5Josephine and George A. True, 1947-1950
6Josephine and George A. True, 1951-1954
7Josephine and George A. True, 1955-1964
8Josephine True, 1965-1971
9Josephine and George A. True, 1972-1974
10Mary True, 1969-1974
11Mary Lou and Bob Trusdell, 1960-1965
12Florence Tryon, Lucia Tryon, 1969-1990
831Jane Tucker, 1968-1972
2Lucile Turner, 1969-1988
3Mattimae Turner, 1968-1978
4Virginia Turrentine, 1982-1988
5Rebecca Turton, 1952-1979
6Hazelle Tuthill, 1972
7Joyce Tyrrell, 1937-1959
8Joyce Tyrrell, 1960-1976
9Rosa Tyson, Anna Tyson, 1954-1964
3Alice Van Gilder, 1967-1971
4Helen Vanover, 1951-1987
5Edna E. Van Syoc, 1960-1988
6Jane Van Wagoner
7Minnie Lee Varner, 1973-1975
8Clare Vaughan, 1946-1951
9Christian F. and Karin Verbeke, 1969-1970
10Jules A. Vuilleumier, John F. Vuilleumier, 1951-1966
14Mr. and Mrs. Ben Walker, 1957
15Doris Walton, 1979-1980
16Lois Warner, 1945-1960
17Margaret and Cadwallader Washburn, 1957, 1967
851Dayne and Roy Edgar Watkins, Jr., 1960-1989
2Helen Watkins, 1943-1963
3Helen Watkins, 1964-1979
4Georgia Watt, 1969
5Waverley Sanitarium (Columbia, SC) re: treatment of Anne Lee Haynes, 1948
6Aileen Way, 1969
7Joyce Way, 1969-1979
8Lucy Weatherford, 1946, 1948
9Willie Weathers, 1964-1978
10Katharine Hull Weeks, 1983-1988
11Margaret Wehler, 1937-1977
12Edith Woodfin West, 1964-1973
13Edith Woodfin West, 1974-1982
14Edith Woodfin West, 1985
861Frances Westover, 1945-1972
2Betsy White, 1974-1976
3Emma Legare Whitesides, 1943-1958
4Orrin Sage Wightman, obituary (1965), 1959-1976, 1965
5Ed Wilde, 1989-1996
6Elizabeth Wilkins, 1960-1978
7Helen Hudson Willey, 1940-1968
8Edna Williams, 1956-1982
9Frank and Margaret Williams Family, 1960-1969
10Ida Stephens Williams Family, 1960-1981
11Ida Stephens Williams Family, 1982-1999
871Johnny Williams, 1969
2Lizzie Gray Williams, 1969-1979
3Martha and Frances Brown Williams III, 1971-1986
4T. Luther Williams, 1952-1976
5Vinnie Williams, 1968
6Spain and Josephine Willingham, 1957-1969
7Emma Stephens Wilson, 1960-1973
8Emma Stephens Wilson, 1974-1989
9Emma Stephens Wilson, 1990-1991
10Marion Wilson, 1970-1971
11John S. Witmer, Jr., 1955-1966
12Ruth Wolfe, 1941-1961
13Bernard Wolzer, 1944
881Coralie Gregory Wood, 1958-1965
2Coralie Gregory Wood, 1966-1973
3Coralie Gregory Wood, 1974-1979
4Kathi and Glenn Wood, 1995-2000
5Mary Wood, 1953-1976
6Raiford J. Wood, 1946-1973
7Virginia Steele Wood, 1973-1987
8Betsy Woolford, 1960-1972
9John H. Wright, 1963, 1975
10Ola M. Wyeth, 1951-1962
11Bessie and George P. Wylly, 1975, 1976, 1986
12Emma Wylly, 1950-1956
13Ida and Thomas Cook Wylly, 1967-1978
14Ira Wylly, 1979, 1983
2Esther Yarbrough, 1972-1989
3Jane Hurt Yarn, 1975-1977
4Annie Lee Yates, 1960-1982
5Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1977-1984
6Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1985-1986
7Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1987
8Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1988
9Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1989 January-June
10Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1989 July-November
901Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1990 January-July
2Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1990 August-December
3Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1991
4Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1992
5Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1993
6Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1994-1995
7Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1996
8Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young, 1997-2000
9Arabella Cleveland and Donald Young
10Sadie Young, 1960-1972
12Hermann Zapf, 1962-1992
13Joyce Zinsser, 1968
911Unknown Last Names: A
2Unknown Last Names: B
3Unknown Last Names: C-E
4Unknown Last Names: F-G
5Unknown Last Names: H-I
6Unknown Last Names: J-K
7Unknown Last Names: L-M
8Unknown Last Names: N-P
9Unknown Last Names: R-W
10Unknown/Illegible/Unsigned Names
11Unknown/Illegible/Unsigned Names Postcards
12Letters from Anne Lee Haynes to Unknown Names

5. Business Correspondence

5.1 William G. Haynes, Jr.

4Abner Schram, 1969-1970
5Alphabet- James Moran, 1963-1965
6American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1948-1963
7American Printing History Association, 1974-1984
8Art competitions- murals, watercolors, 1939, 1941
9Art exhibit (Colorado Springs, CO), 1938
10Art exhibit (New Guinea), 1943-1945
11Ashantilly- house restoration, 1939-1940 January
12Ashantilly- house restoration, 1940 February-1969
13Ashantilly- timber, 1954-1984
14Atlanta Journal, 1956-1990
15F.C. Avis, 1967-1968
16Bertram Rota Ltd., 1967
17Bible purchase for church lectern, 1964-1965
18Bowater Paper Co., 1956
19British Museum order, 1964
20Brunswick (GA) High School, 1968
21Re: "The Centaur Plays Croquet" by Lyle Saxon, 1947-1948
22Irene Chapman, 1972
23Chiswick Bookshop (NY), 1957-1964
931Colleges/Universities A-Z
2Colleges/Universities Emory University (Atlanta, GA), 1969-1971
3Colleges/Universities Emory University (Atlanta, GA), 1973-1993
4Colleges/Universities Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL), 1955-1990
5Colleges/Universities Georgia Southern College (Statesboro, GA), 1971-1984
6Colleges/Universities University of Georgia (Athens, GA), 1962-1986
7Colleges/Universities University of Georgia (Athens, GA), 1988-1995
8Colleges/Universities University of Georgia Libraries, 1965-1996
9Colleges/Universities University of Georgia Press, 1983-1996
10Colleges/Universities University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY), 1957-1987
11Colleges/Universities University of Missouri (Columbia, MO), 1968-1969
12Colleges/Universities University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC), 1936-1990
13Colleges/Universities University of North Carolina (Greensboro, NC), 1979
941Continental Magazine- article by Richard McLanathan, 1964
2Cooper Union (NY), 1945-2000
3Re: "Eena's voyage", 1946-1949
4First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA), 1957-1969
5First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA), 1970-1986
6Folio Society, 1997
7Friends of the Alphabet, 1979-1981
8Re: gardening, 1938-1939, 1980
9Genealogy questions A-Z
10Georgia Magazine- Ann E. Lewis, 1962-1974
11Georgia Public Television, 1974
12Georgia Writers Association, 1963-1969
13David R. Godine, 1970-1990
14Konrad Halle, 1954-1956
15Konrad Halle, 1957
16Konrad Halle, 1958-1965
17Hammock Shop (Pawleys Island, SC) Virginia Lachicotte, 1940-1951
18Harper's Magazine- re: Howard Pyle, 1905-1910, 1937, 1938
19C. B. Hogan, 1972
20Keith Hogg, 1967-1973
21Insurance and Banking, 1945-1994
22Inventory of New York apartment contents, 1954
23Vaughan Jennings/ Ruth Redfern Jennings re: Paul Redfern map, 1969
24Job inquiries, 1948-1949
25Dan Johnson, 1992-1994
26Journal of Typographic Research, 1967-1969
27Mark and Dee Jury, 1969
951L. L. Bean, 1966-1968
2Libraries A-Z
3Libraries: Brunswick-Glynn County Library, 1963-1993
4Libraries: Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1985-1998
5Libraries: New York Public Library, 1936-1973
6Ticki Lloyd, 1970-1977
7George Macy, 1950
8Midwestern Book Show, 1972-1985
9One-O-One Battalion reunions, 1946-1992
10Donald Ouimet, 1968
11Peabody Institute (Baltimore, MD), 1965
12Philadelphia Museum College of Art- exhibit, 1963-1965
13Printing Historical Society, 1964-1980
14Private Press: A-H
15Private Press: J-W
16Private Press: Adagio (Leonard Bahr), 1960-1979
17Private Press: Anvil Press, 1958, 1960
18Private Press: Attic Press (Willis A. Shell, Jr.), 1964-1965
19Private Press: Beehive Press (Mills Lane IV), 1966-1993
20Private Press: Centaur Press (Dwight Agner), 1960-1964
21Private Press: Curwen Press Ltd. (Timothy Simon), 1956-1958
961Private Press: Diplomatic Press (George Lensen), 1972
2Private Press: Dumbiedykes (William J. Murray), 1978
3Private Press: Elm Street Press (William Edwin Rudge), 1948
4Private Press: Fraser Press (Gordon Fraser), 1970
5Private Press: Gallery Press (Eugene Ettenberg), 1959
6Private Press: Hope Farm Press and Bookshop (C. E. Dornbusch), 1965
7Private Press: Marble Hill Press (George Sas), 1964-1969
8Private Press: Meridian Press (Alvin Badenhop), 1959, 1962
9Private Press: Miniature Press (John Ryder), 1959-1964
10Private Press: Oriole Press (Joseph Ishill), 1959
11Private Press: Peregrine Press/Porpoise Bookshop (Henry Evans), 1958-1965
12Private Press: Pickering Press (John Anderson), 1958-1959
13Private Press: Pigeonhole Press (Ray Dilley), 1955-1969
14Private Press: Plane Tree Press (Gary Granger), 1966-1969
15Private Press: Press of the Nightowl (Dwight Agner), 1970-1995
16Private Press: Press of the Unseen Unicorn (Polly B. Johnson), 1989
17Private Press: The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing, 1966-1969
18Private Press: The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing, 1970-1997
19Private Press: Private Press of the Indiana Kid (James Lamar Weygand), 1957-1970
20Private Press: Recalcitrant Press (Roy Rice), 1979-1989
971Private Press: Sand Flea Press (Joseph A. Durrett, Jr.), 1962
2Private Press: Shapcott Press (Peter Miller), 1963-1965
3Private Press: Signet Press (Thomas Rae), 1957-1965
4Private Press: Three Kings Press (Melchior Mittl), 1961-1964
5Private Press: Tenfingers Press (Frank J. Thomas), 1963-1964
6Private Press: Tudor Press (Herbert Teeple), 1966-1979
7Private Press: Wayside Press (Frederick B. MacMahon), 1959, 1966
8Private Press: Ye Galleon Press (Glen C. Adams), 1963
9Private Press Books- Roderick Cave/Dwight Agner/David Chambers, 1959-1978
10St. Andrews Episcopal Church (Darien, GA)- memory book names, 1956-1979
11Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1973-1974
12Sebastiano Serlio microfilm request, 1966-1967
13Palmer M. Smith, 1981-1982
14Southern Books Competition, 1955-1959
15Southern Books Competition, 1960-1964
16Southern Books Competition, 1965-1969
17Southern Books Competition, 1970-1985
18Southern Observer, 1962-1963
19Stanbrook Abbey (England), 1964
20State Game and Fish Commission (Atlanta, GA), 1963
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26Veterans Administration, 1942-1948
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26Ashantilly Press: equipment A-Z
27Ashantilly Press: equipment Classified ads, 1956
28Ashantilly Press: equipment Brandtjen and Kluge, Inc., 1956-1969
29Ashantilly Press: equipment Hancock Publishing Co., 1955
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1041Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Announcements
2Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Bookplates
3Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Bookplates- Porter W. Carswell, 1962-1982
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6Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Christmas cards
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12Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Church material
13Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Church material- First Presbyterian Church (Hinesville, GA), 1964-1965
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17Ashantilly Press: printing jobs Memorial to Charles E. Whittle, 1967
18Ashantilly Press: printing jobs New York Public Library- brochure and bulletins, 1950-1958
19Ashantilly Press: printing requests A-F
20Ashantilly Press: printing requests G-K
21Ashantilly Press: printing requests L-Q
22Ashantilly Press: printing requests R-Z
23Ashantilly Press: printing requests Re: "Andrew's Raid", 1956
24Ashantilly Press: printing requests Analee Bacon/Paul Ernst Bacon, 1970-1971
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10Ashantilly Press: printing requests Spencer B. King, Jr., 1965-1967
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1101Ashantilly Press: supplies A-Z
2Ashantilly Press: supplies American Type Founders, Inc., 1954-1970
3Ashantilly Press: supplies American Wood Type Mfg. Co., 1952-1961
4Ashantilly Press: supplies Amsterdam Continental, 1956-1969
5Ashantilly Press: supplies Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead, 1958-1988
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7Ashantilly Press: supplies Baltimore Type and Composition Corp., 1969-1977
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9Ashantilly Press: supplies Brunographics, 1985-1987
10Ashantilly Press: supplies Castcraft Printers Supply, 1968
11Ashantilly Press: supplies Central Type & Supply Co., 1975-1976
12Ashantilly Press: supplies Chatham-Atlantic Paper Co., 1954-1957
13Ashantilly Press: supplies Chatham-Atlantic Paper Co., 1958-1970
1111Ashantilly Press: supplies Clarke and Way, 1955-1970
2Ashantilly Press: supplies Colonial Process Supply Co., 1954-1959
3Ashantilly Press: supplies Damon and Peets, Inc., 1951
4Ashantilly Press: supplies Dixie Plate Graining Co., 1968-1976
5Ashantilly Press: supplies Florida Typesetting Co., 1956-1957
6Ashantilly Press: supplies foreign companies
7Ashantilly Press: supplies Graphique Typographers, Ltd., 1968
8Ashantilly Press: supplies Gulbenk Engraving Co., 1975
9Ashantilly Press: supplies Gus Russell, Inc., 1955-1966
10Ashantilly Press: supplies Harold Berliner's Typefoundry, 1982-1988
11Ashantilly Press: supplies Henry Morris Papermaker, 1959
12Ashantilly Press: supplies J. W. Ford Co., 1959-1968
13Ashantilly Press: supplies John S. Carroll Types..., 1963-1964 April
14Ashantilly Press: supplies John S. Carroll Types..., 1964 May-1969
15Ashantilly Press: supplies Kelsey Company Types..., 1955-1986
16Ashantilly Press: supplies Klingspor/Stempel/Haas Typefounders, 1954-1958
17Ashantilly Press: supplies Knight Paper Co., 1955-1975
18Ashantilly Press: supplies Lakeshore Typographers, 1969
19Ashantilly Press: supplies Lanston Monotype Co., 1954-1960
20Ashantilly Press: supplies Lanston Monotype Co., 1961-1974
21Ashantilly Press: supplies Los Angeles Type Founders, Inc., 1957-1967
22Ashantilly Press: supplies Los Angeles Type Founders, Inc., 1968-1984
1121Ashantilly Press: supplies M. R. Klastorin, Inc., 1961-1962
2Ashantilly Press: supplies MacKenzie and Harris, Inc., 1954-1969
3Ashantilly Press: supplies MacKenzie and Harris, Inc., 1974-1984
4Ashantilly Press: supplies Monotype Typesetting and Foundry Co./Superior Typesetting, 1957-1969
5Ashantilly Press: supplies NA Graphics, 1994
6Ashantilly Press: supplies The Oedipress, 1986-1989
7Ashantilly Press: supplies Phil's Litho Service, 1964-1968
8Ashantilly Press: supplies Plantin Press (Richard Nett), 1951-1955
9Ashantilly Press: supplies Sinclair & Valentine Co., 1955-1967
10Ashantilly Press: supplies Sonoco Products Co., 1955-1956
11Ashantilly Press: supplies Southeastern Printers Supply Co., 1955-1963
12Ashantilly Press: supplies Southeastern Printers Supply Co., 1964-1969
13Ashantilly Press: supplies Standard Engraving Co., 1957-1972
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23Ashantilly Press: supplies Steve L. Watts, 1959-1966
24Ashantilly Press: supplies re: Janson Italic type, 1960-1961
113Ashantilly Press name and address file
1141Ashantilly Center, 1991-1992
2Ashantilly Center, 1993
3Ashantilly Center, 1994
4Ashantilly Center, 1995-1996
5Ashantilly Center, 1997
6Ashantilly Center, 1998
7Ashantilly Center, 1999
8Ashantilly Center, 2000
9Ashantilly Center- Agreement of Use, 1993, 1995
10Ashantilly Center- Articles of Incorporation, 1992-1993
11Ashantilly Center- Beginning plans
12Ashantilly Center- Board of Directors
13Ashantilly Center- By-Laws, 1993
14Ashantilly Center- Committees
15Ashantilly Center- Conservation Easement, 1994
1151Ashantilly Center- Coordinator reports, 1997-2000
2Ashantilly Center- Description
3Ashantilly Center- Financial, 1994-2000
4Ashantilly Center- Furnishings
5Ashantilly Center- Grant application forms
6Ashantilly Center- Grounds master plan, 1998
7Ashantilly Center- Historic property proposal form by Dorothy Stewart
8Ashantilly Center- Insurance
9Ashantilly Center- Library policy, 1998
10Ashantilly Center- Man in the Landscape II Conference proposal
11Ashantilly Center- "Marshes of Glynn" fourth edition reprint
12Ashantilly Center- Meeting of American Printing History Association, 1998
13Ashantilly Center- Minutes, 1993-1995
14Ashantilly Center- Minutes, 1996-1998
15Ashantilly Center- Minutes, 1999-2000
16Ashantilly Center- Mission Statement
17Ashantilly Center- National Historic Register
18Ashantilly Center- Nature Based Tourism program, 1999
19Ashantilly Center- notes
20Ashantilly Center- Open House, 1997, 2000
1161Ashantilly Center- Plan by Savannah College of Art and Design, 1992
2Ashantilly Center- Plan by Savannah College of Art and Design bound copies (2)
3Ashantilly Center- Plan by Savannah College of Art and Design- unbound copy
4Ashantilly Center- Plan by Savannah College of Art and Design appendices A, B, C
5Ashantilly Center- Plumbing and Wiring proposals
6Ashantilly Center- Programming proposal, 1994
7Ashantilly Center- Report by Edmund Berkeley, Jr. (on archives of William G. Haynes, Jr.), 1999
8Ashantilly Center- Report on "Ashantilly Cultural Landscape" by Judson Kratzer, 1998-2000
9Ashantilly Center- Strategic plan by Henry and Lauren Taves, 1994
10Ashantilly Center- Strategic plan by Don White, 1997-2000
11Ashantilly Center- Training and Education
12Ashantilly Center- Trust Agreement Warranty Deed, 1993
1171Environmental/Preservation issues A-Z
2Environmental/Preservation issues Agrirama, 1976-1978
3Environmental/Preservation issues Agrirama, 1979-1982
4Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River, 1972-1975
5Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River, 1980-1981
6Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River, 1982-2000
7Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Project RAFT, 1980-1981 January
8Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Project RAFT, 1981 June-1982
9Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Project RAFT description and notes
10Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rafthands of the Altamaha ..., 1991-1992
1181Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River, 1971 May-July 15
2Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River, 1971 July 16-August 16
3Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River, 1971 August 17-December, 1981
4Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River Conference proceedings, 1971 July 30
5Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River Conference proceedings, 1971 July 30
6Environmental/Preservation issues Altamaha River- Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River notes and list of names
7Environmental/Preservation issues Archaeologist- William Kelso, 1967-1970
8Environmental/Preservation issues Auto-Train, 1972
9Environmental/Preservation issues Bartram Trail Society, 1971-1991
10Environmental/Preservation issues Big Mortar- Snuff Box Swamp Watershed project, 1974-1975 March
11Environmental/Preservation issues Big Mortar- Snuff Box Swamp Watershed project, 1975 April-May
1191Environmental/Preservation issues Black Island (GA), 1973-1980
2Environmental/Preservation issues Blackbeard Island/Wolf Island (GA), 1971-1973
3Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County), 1967-1970 August 19
4Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County), 1970 August 20-31
5Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County), 1970 September-December
6Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County), 1971
7Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County), 1972-1987
8Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County) By-Laws, officers, members, 1970-1974
9Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County) minutes, 1969-1974
10Environmental/Preservation issues Chamber of Commerce (Darien, McIntosh County) Stay and See Georgia Contest, 1969-1972
1201Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission (CAPDC), 1970-1975
2Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1976 January-June
3Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1976 July-December
4Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1977-1978
5Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1979-1981
6Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1982-1983
7Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1984
8Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1985
9Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1986-1987
10Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC, 1988-1989
1211Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Darienport proposal, 1977 April-May 16
2Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Darienport proposal, 1977 May 17-1978
3Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1970
4Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1971
5Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1972
6Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1973
7Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1974
8Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee, 1975-1978
9Environmental/Preservation issues CAPDC- Historic Tourism Committee minutes, 1970-1975
1221Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1965-1968
2Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1969-1970
3Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1971
4Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1972
5Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1973-1976
6Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1977-1993
7Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Land Trust, 1996-1998
8Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center (CGRDC), 1989-1990 August
9Environmental/Preservation issues CGRDC, 1990 September-December
10Environmental/Preservation issues CGRDC, 1991
11Environmental/Preservation issues CGRDC, 1992-1993 October 8
12Environmental/Preservation issues CGRDC, 1993 October 21
13Environmental/Preservation issues CGRDC, 1993 October 26-1997
1231Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Heritage Society, 1975, 1981
2Environmental/Preservation issues Coastal Zone Management (CZM), 1975-1987
3Environmental/Preservation issues CZM- Gray's Reef, 1979
4Environmental/Preservation issues Colonels Island (GA), 1972-1973
5Environmental/Preservation issues Cumberland Island (GA), 1971-1988
6Environmental/Preservation issues Darien (GA), 1965-1984
7Environmental/Preservation issues Darien (GA)- description and history
8Environmental/Preservation issues Darien (GA)- squares, 1965-1975
9Environmental/Preservation issues Darien (GA)- Vernon and Columbus Squares Historic District, 1983-1985
10Environmental/Preservation issues Darien (GA)- waterfront project, 1979-1992
1241Environmental/Preservation issues Department of Natural Resources (DNR), 1973-1974
2Environmental/Preservation issues DNR, 1975-1976
3Environmental/Preservation issues DNR, 1977-1991
4Environmental/Preservation issues William Few- reinterment, 1972-1973
5Environmental/Preservation issues Fort Barrington (McIntosh Co., GA), 1971-1972
6Environmental/Preservation issues Fort Darien (GA), 1984
7Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- descrption
8Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1965-1969
9Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1978-1982 September
10Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1982 October-1983
11Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1984-1985
12Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1986-1988
13Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- restoration, 1990-1996
1251Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- barracks project, 1995-1998
2Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- cannons, 1987-1993
3Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- manual
4Environmental/Preservation issues Fort King George (Darien, GA)- Scottish festivals, 1970-1973
5Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1986
6Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1972 January-April
7Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1972 May-July
8Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1972 August-October
9Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1972 November-December
10Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1973 January-March
11Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1973 April-June
12Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1973 July-December
13Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1974 January-August
14Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1974 September-December
1261Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1975-1979
2Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Conservancy, 1980-1992
3Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Heritage Trust, 1972-1979
4Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Historical Commission, 1970-1971
5Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Historical Commission, 1972-1973
6Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Historical Commission- Gordon Midgette, 1971-1972 July
7Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Historical Commission- Gordon Midgette, 1972 August-1974
8Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Historical Society, 1957-1982
9Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Sea Grant Program, 1976-1985
10Environmental/Preservation issues Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, 1974-1987
11Environmental/Preservation issues Goals for Georgia, 1971
12Environmental/Preservation issues Groveland Lake Development Authority (GA), 1971-1972
1271Environmental/Preservation issues Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation description and history
2Environmental/Preservation issues Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, 1972-1974
3Environmental/Preservation issues Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, 1975-1977
4Environmental/Preservation issues Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, 1978-1986
5Environmental/Preservation issues Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, 1993-1996
6Environmental/Preservation issues Jekyll Island (GA)- Maurice house restoration, 1969
7Environmental/Preservation issues LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation description and history
8Environmental/Preservation issues LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation (Liberty Co., GA), 1971-1977, undated
9Environmental/Preservation issues LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation Committee minutes, 1971-1973
10Environmental/Preservation issues Lewis Island (GA), 1972-1992
11Environmental/Preservation issues Liberty County (GA), 1974
12Environmental/Preservation issues Live Oak trees/Spanish Moss, 1970-1990
1281Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1979-1984
2Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1985
3Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1986-1987
4Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1988-1990
5Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1991-1994
6Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society, 1995-1999
7Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, 1980-1981
8Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- Columbus and the Land of Ayllon seminar, 1991-1992
9Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- Grace Baptist Church (Darien, GA), 1999
10Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- meetings, 1980-1989
11Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- meetings, 1990-1999
12Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- meetings
13Environmental/Preservation issues Lower Altamaha Historical Society- newsletters, 1988-1998
1291Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA), 1966-1992
2Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Architectural Survey, 1975
3Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee, 1972
4Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee, 1973
5Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee, 1974
6Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee, 1975
7Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee, 1976, 1993
8Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference, 1976 May-August
9Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference, 1976 September
10Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference, 1976 October
11Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference, 1976 November-December
1301Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference, 1977-1978
2Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- evaluation by Susan Schreiber, 1976-1977
3Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- expenses, 1976
4Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- registration forms A-Z
186Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- guest registration sheets from tours
1305Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- program, speeches, 1976
6Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Bicentennial Committee "Man in the Landscape" Conference- notes, etc., 1976
7Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet, 1968-1983
8Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Cambers Island, 1954
9Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Champney Island, 1954-1985
10Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- description and information
11Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- fishing and shrimping, 1970-1971
12Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Harris Neck, 1979-1984
13Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- highways and bridges, 1968-1970
14Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- highways and bridges, 1971-1984
15Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- historical markers
16Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- McIntosh Political Action Coalition, 1995-1996
17Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- Mirex and fire ants, 1970-1971
18Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- The Ridge
1311Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary, 1982
2Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary, 1983 January-July
3Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary, 1983 August-1986
4Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary meetings, 1982-1984
5Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary "Origins" by Robert Rivenbark, 1983
6Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- semiquincentenary "Origins", 1984
7Environmental/Preservation issues McIntosh County (GA)- solid waste management, 1972
8Environmental/Preservation issues maps
9Environmental/Preservation issues Musgrove workshop (St. Simons Is., GA), 1989
10Environmental/Preservation issues Nature Conservancy, 1984-1993
11Environmental/Preservation issues New Echota (GA)- historic site, 1961-1978
12Environmental/Preservation issues Okefenokee Swamp, 1973, 1976
1321Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- A-Z
2Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- George Busbee, 1975, 1978
3Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- Ronald Bryan "Bo" Ginn, 1973-1981
4Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- George Elliott Hagan, 1964-1972
5Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- Reid W. Harris, 1969
6Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- Charles M. Jones, 1966-1969
7Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- Herman E. Talmadge, 1971-1973
8Environmental/Preservation issues Politicians- Lindsay Thomas, 1986, 1989
9Environmental/Preservation issues Rock Howard Award, 1983 April-June
10Environmental/Preservation issues Rock Howard Award, 1983 July-1986
11Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA)- description and history
12Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA), 1974-1985
13Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA), 1986-1992
14Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA)- Estuarine Sanctuary, 1974-1982
15Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA)- Estuarine Sanctuary proposal, 1975
16Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA)- land swap, 1989-1990
17Environmental/Preservation issues Sapelo Island (GA)- phosphate mining, 1968
1331Environmental/Preservation issues Sunbury (GA) historic site, 1967-1988
2Environmental/Preservation issues The Trust for Public Land, 1990-1994
3Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1970-1982
4Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1983
5Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1984-1985
6Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1986-1994
7Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Bellville Point, Cedar Point, 1978-1986
8Environmental/Preservation issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Marifarms, 1969-1971
9Environmental/Preservation issues Vital Areas Council, 1973
10Environmental/Preservation issues Water Resources Management Study, 1972-1984
11Environmental/Preservation issues Water Resources Management Study minutes, 1982-1984
12Environmental/Preservation issues Water Resources Management Study reports, 1984
13Environmental/Preservation issues Wormsloe (Savannah, GA), 1973, 1979

5.2 Anne Lee Haynes

2re: art, 1926-1974
3Ashantilly- restoration and repair, 1937-1964
4Book of the Month Club, 1959
5Camp Merrie- Woode (NC), 1946
6Camp Northway Lodge (Canada), 1945-1972
7Columbia College for Women (SC), 1964-1969
8Daughters of the American Revolution, 1970-1976
9Donations/Gifts A-Z
10Foote and Davies Co (Atlanta, GA), 1939-1940
11Health 1943
12Jekyll Island (GA)- donation of furniture, 1967
13League of Women Voters, 1946-1949
14New York Public Library, 1944-1945
15Pape School/Savannah Country Day School (Savannah, GA), 1937-1957
16Pratt Institute, 1925-1980
17Royal Arch Masons- Haynes Chapter, 1959
18Sandersville (GA) Transylvania Club, 1970
19Cornelia Dabney Tucker, 1959
20University of Georgia, 1941-1969
21Edward Winslow- portrait, 1948

5.3 Frances Haynes

2L-W, unknown
3John Abbot- research and notes, 1971-1972
4Altamaha River, 1967-1987
5ALA Isadore Gilbert Mudge Citation- nomination, 1963
6Ashantilly- repairs, etc., 1947-1979, undated
7Barnard College (NY), 1927-1973
8Barnard College (NY), 1974-1989
9Beta Phi Mu (Library Science Honor Society), 1957-1978
10Brunswick- Glynn County Regional Library, 1967-1982
11Coastal Georgia Historical Society, 1965-1985
12Columbia College for women (SC), 1978
13Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1963-1965
14Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1966-1970
15Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1971-1986
16Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- Bicentennial Essay Contest, 1976
1361Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- Conservation Committee, 1973-1984
2Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- Constitution Week, 1970-1976
3Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- Genealogical Records Committee, 1966-1976
4Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- Lineage Research Committee, 1965-1971
5Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- McIntosh County place names project, 1966-1978
6Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- McIntosh County place names project index to county roads
7Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- minutes, 1969-1973
8Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- minutes
9Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- reports, 1965-1969
10Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)- notes, membership, applications
11Donations/Gifts A-Z
12Finances, 1930-1982
13Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL), 1931-1961
1371Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL), 1963-1989
2Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)- retirement, 1962
3Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)- Frances Field Haynes Fund, 1962-1966
4Folio Society of London (NY), 1966-1967
5The Franklin Mint (PA), 1977-1985
6Gardening, 1919-1973
7Genealogy research, 1947-1964
8Genealogy research, 1965-1973
9Genealogy research, 1974-1976
10Genealogy research, 1977-1985
11Georgia Department of Archives and History, 1966-1980
12Georgia Historical Society (Savannah, GA), 1963-1983
13Georgia Public Television, 1974-1982
14Goochland County Historical Society (VA), 1976-1981
1381Health, 1977-1987
2Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1963-1980
3Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1981-1988
4Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA)- constitution , by-laws, notes
5Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA)- minutes, reports, 1979-1984
6Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA)- orders, 1978-1984
7Kings Bay (GA), 1977
8re: Henry Laurens/Broughton Island, 1969-1983
9League of Women Voters, 1962-1963
10Library of Congress, 1938-1974
11"Life on a Liberty County Plantation...", 1974-1981
12Literary Guild (NY), 1975-1982
1391re: McIntosh County (GA), 1967-1986
2re: McIntosh County (GA)- mosquito problem, 1962-1969
3Marboro Books (NY), 1971-1973
4Medallic Art Company (CT), 1976-1977
5Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), 1974-1985
6Parker and Sons, Ltd. (England), 1962-1967
7Politicians A-Z
8Politicians- Ronald "Bo" Ginn, 1975-1980
9Presbyterian Church, 1955-1986
10Purchases A-F
11Purchases G-P
12Purchases R-X, unknown
13St. Simons Public Library (GA), 1964
14Society of Medalists, 1972-1974
15South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1974-1980
16Southern Historical Association, 1980-1981
17Surveyor-General Department (Atlanta, GA), 1975-1981
18Texaco Opera Quiz, 1968-1982
19Travel, 1964-1976
20Travel- British Isles and Europe, 1963
21Virginia Historical Society, 1975
22Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1975

5.4 Laura Haynes


5.5 Natalie Haynes

3Baldwin School (PA), 1935-1975
4Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission- Recreation and Culture Committee, 1972
5Crossover Books (CT), 1971
6re: education and employment, 1946-1954
7Genealogy research, 1968-1974
8Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1957-1967
9Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1968-1970
10Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA), 1971-1974
11Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA) minutes, 1956-1963
12Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien, GA) reports, book list, sketch of floor plan, 1956-1972
13WAVES reunions- Corona Naval Hospital (CA), 1970-1985

5.6 Bartram Trail Society

1871Correspondence, notes, 1972-1977
2Bicentennial, 1973
3Bicentennial program, 1973
5Bartram Heritage Corridor, 2017

6. Publications

1411List of titles; Status of jobs, 1973, 1968
2"The Acrobats" by Berry Fleming unbound copies, 1969
3"The Acrobats" by Berry Fleming music
4"The Acrobats" by Berry Fleming blank mock-up
5"The Acrobats" by Berry Fleming notes, expenses
6"The Altamaha: a decade in the life of a river" by William G. Haynes, Jr.
7"Altamaha Echoes" newsletter, 1986-1987
8"Altamaha Echoes" newsletter, 1988-1989
9"Altamaha Echoes" newsletter, 1993-2000
10"Anchored Yesterdays" by Elfrida DeRenne Barrow unbound copy with cover, 1956
11"Anchored Yesterdays" by Elfrida DeRenne Barrow unbound copy without cover, 1956
12"Anchored Yesterdays" by Elfrida DeRenne Barrow notes, illustrations, corrections, expenses
1421"Augusta and the American Revolution" by Edward Cashin, Jr. and Heard Robertson unbound copy, 1975
2"Augusta and the American Revolution" by Edward Cashin, Jr. and Heard Robertson loose pages- final copy, 1975
3"Augusta and the American Revolution" by Edward Cashin, Jr. and Heard Robertson blank mock-up
4"Augusta and the American Revolution" by Edward Cashin, Jr. and Heard Robertson corrections and notes
5"An Autobiography of My Mother" by Mabel Henry Minis edited by Abram Minis, Jr., 1970
6"Bear Hunt" by W. Stanton Forbes unbound copy, 1958
7"Bear Hunt" by W. Stanton Forbes engravings
8"Bear Hunt" by W. Stanton Forbes rough proof of ms, expenses, notes
186"Blessing of the Fleet" auction poster (Darien, GA), 1982 April 4
1429"Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet" brochures and invitations, 1976-1985
10"Bookbinding and Restoration" by Herrold E. Headley
11"Buh Pa'tridge out-hides Buh Rabbit" by A. H. Stoddard illustrations by William G. Haynes, Jr., 1939
12"Carl Gliko: recent paintings" catalog
13"Child of the Prairie" by Jean Reti- Forbes (not published), 1976
14"Circles of Major and Minor Keys" with Key Signatures" by Stephen Lefkoff, 1957
1431"Collection of Verses" by Bland and Polly Tucker unbound copies, 1972
2"Collection of Verses" by Bland and Polly Tucker dummy copies, 1971
3"Collection of Verses" by Bland and Polly Tucker notes and typed verses
4"The Country Place" by Marie E. Reddy illustrations by Anne Lee Haynes, 1959
5"D Dawn and other Poems" by Margaret McGarvey unbound copies, 1964
6"D Dawn and other Poems" by Margaret McGarvey proofs, 1964
7"D Dawn and other Poems" by Margaret McGarvey proofs
8"D Dawn and other Poems" by Margaret McGarvey blank mock-up
9"D Dawn and other Poems" by Margaret McGarvey notes and illustrations
186"D Dawn" "Florida My Florida" "In the Calendar's Shadow" "Looking up the Stairwell" covers only
1441"The Darien Petition" broadside, 1984
186"The Darien Petition" final copy
1442"Decorative Map of Old Fort King George" by William G. Haynes, Jr., 1955
3"Diario" by N. Orwin Rush title page and foreword, 1966
4"The Diary of an American Oxonian" by Amos A. Ettinger unbound copies, 1987
5"The Diary of an American Oxonian" by Amos A. Ettinger notes and illustration
6Dover Bluff Club By-laws brochure, 1972
7"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes unbound copy, 1963
8"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes introduction
9"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes typescript- corrected
10"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes typescript
11"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes handwritten transcript
12"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes research notes, illustrations, review
13"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes research copies re: soldiers (from GA Dept. of Archives)
14"The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier" by Draughton Stith Haynes research copies re: soldiers (from GA Dept. of Archives)
15"First Presbyterian Church of Darien..." Chapter I, 1986
1451"Florida, My Florida" by Lois Lenski unbound copies, 1971
2"Florida, My Florida" by Lois Lenski page proofs
3"Florida, My Florida" by Lois Lenski notes, expenses, etc.
4"For Virginia" poems by various authors, 1980-1995
5"Forty Years of Diversity" edited by Harvey Jackson and Phinizy Spalding design for book jacket, 1984
6"Fra Giovanni" letter, 1963
7"The Gothic or Mixed Technique of Painting" by Bill Haynes, 1949
8"Gulla Tales" by A. H. Stoddard cover by William G. Haynes, Jr., 1940
9"Gyrfalcon Night" by Helen Martha Wilson, 1977
186"Gyrfalcon Night" cover and galley of text
1461"Hallowe'en" by Helen Stewart Thomson et al illustrations by Bill Haynes, 1960
2"Hallowe'en" by Helen Stewart Thomson et al illustrations
3"How Buh Wasp got his small waist" by A. H. Stoddard illustrations by William G. Haynes, Jr., 1941
4"In the Calendar's Shadow" by Elfrida DeRenne Barrow, 1976
5"Jekyll Island Presbyterian Church" designed by Ashantilly Press, 1959
6"John and William Bartram in McIntosh", 1965
7"Johnny Leber and the Confederate Major" by Alexander A. Lawrence unbound copy, 1962
8"Johnny Leber and the Confederate Major" by Alexander A. Lawrence page proofs, notes, comments, order form
9"A Journal of a voyage to Australia and New Guinea" by William G. Haynes, Jr. Volume I designs
10"A Journal of a voyage to Australia and New Guinea" by William G. Haynes, Jr. Volume II designs
11"A Journal of a voyage to Australia and New Guinea" by William G. Haynes, Jr. Volume III and IV cover designs, extra designs
12"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia..." by Sir Archibald Campbell page proofs
1471"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell unbound copy, 1981
2"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell galley proofs
3"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell rough proof pp. i-100
4"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell rough proof pp. 101-211
5"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell rough proof- index
6"Journal of an expedition against the rebels of Georgia ..." by Sir Archibald Campbell illustrations, expenses
7"Journal of Anna Wylly Habersham", 1961
8"Let's Rock the Boat" by Ernest Van R. Stires unbound copy, 1968
9"Let's Rock the Boat" by Ernest Van R. Stires galley proofs
10"Let's Rock the Boat" by Ernest Van R. Stires typescripts
11"Let's Rock the Boat" by Ernest Van R. Stires illustrations, expenses, notes
186"Life on a Liberty County Plantation" 2 pages only
1481"Looking up the Stairwell" by Harriet Lawrence Huston unbound copy, 1968
2"Looking up the Stairwell" by Harriet Lawrence Huston cover designs and loose pages
3"Looking up the Stairwell" by Harriet Lawrence Huston dummy copies, expenses, notes, copyright
4"Lost Moments" by Mildred Ridley DeSoto, 1991
5"Lucy M. Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes dummy
6"Lucy M. Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes galleys
7"Lucy M. Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes corrected page proofs
8"Lucy M. Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes illustrations, various pages
9"Lucy M. Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes expenses, notes
1491"McIntosh County, Georgia" booklets (4 copies), 1966
2"McIntosh County, Georgia" text (typed)
3"McIntosh County, Georgia" illustrations
4"McIntosh County, Georgia" dummy, notes, various pages
5"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial bound booklets, 1976
6"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial unbound booklets, 1976
7"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial typed text for booklets
8"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial paste-ups
9"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial registration brochures, 1976
10"Man in the Landscape" Conference for McIntosh County Bicentennial notes, expenses, corrections, etc.
1501"The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier final versions, 1957
2"The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier original version, 1956
3"The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier copyright, 1957
4"The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier mock-ups, notes
5"The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier illustrations
6"Mayor of Casterbridge" page proofs only not published
7"Memorial to William Porter Bealer" by Rev. Dr. R. A. Torrey, Jr., 1964
8"The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" by William Best unbound copies, 1968
9"The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" by William Best introduction- typed
10"The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" by William Best corrected copies
11"The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" by William Best illustrations, marble paper
12"The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" by William Best notes, expenses, review, order form
13"Midway Georgia in History and Legend" by Josephine Bacon Martin, 1958, 1961
14"Midway Georgia in History and Legend" by Josephine Bacon Martin page proofs
15"Midway Georgia in History and Legend" by Josephine Bacon Martin text- typed
16"Midway Georgia in History and Legend" by Josephine Bacon Martin illustrations, notes, expenses
17"Natalie Erdman Haynes", 1975
1511"Not as a Man Pleaser" by Ernest Van R. Stires, 1965
186"O Peaceful Altamaha" final copy and proofs
1512"Once upon an island" by Tallu Fish expenses only, 1959
3"A Pair of Odes..." introduction only
4"Palma Litterarum Graecarum..." Broadside, 1981
5"Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River"- William Bartram, The Travels, Part One, Chapter V Broadside, 1971
6"Rally for the protection of the Altamaha River Basin" cover and expenses only, 1971
7"Retrospect: a book of verse" by Henry P. Taylor unbound copy, 1967
8"Retrospect: a book of verse" by Henry P. Taylor typed copy of poems
9"Retrospect: a book of verse" by Henry P. Taylor mock-up, notes, expenses
10St. Simons Island booklet original design by William Haynes, later published by Coastal Georgia Historical Society as "Historic Glimpses of St. Simons Island..."
11"Shrimp and Shrimping" illustrations and title (not published)
12"Sidney Lanier: America's sweet singer of songs" by Tallu Fish designed by Ashantilly Press, 1963
13"Silk Stocking Street" by Rachel T. Paris unbound copy, 1970
14"Silk Stocking Street" by Rachel T. Paris loose pages
15"Silk Stocking Street" by Rachel T. Paris galleys
16"Silk Stocking Street" by Rachel T. Paris illustrations
17"Silk Stocking Street" by Rachel T. Paris notes, expenses, publicity
1521"Some characters from the Harlequinade" incomplete booklet
2"Some notes and reflections upon a letter from Benjamin Franklin..." by Malcolm Bell III unbound copies, 1966
3"Some notes and reflections upon a letter from Benjamin Franklin..." corrected proofs
4"Some notes and reflections upon a letter from Benjamin Franklin..." copies of original letter
5"Some notes and reflections upon a letter from Benjamin Franklin..." illustrations
6"Some notes and reflections upon a letter from Benjamin Franklin..." notes, order forms, expenses
7"Some of the Things I Remember" by Georgia Evans Griffin, 1981
8"The Squares of the City of Darien"
9"Take Sky" by David McCord, 1961
10"The Things I Want, poems for two children" by John M. Shaw cover and misc. printed pages, 1967
11"The Things I Want, poems for two children" by John M. Shaw galley proofs
12"The Things I Want, poems for two children" by John M. Shaw poems- typed
13"The Things I Want, poems for two children" by John M. Shaw notes, expenses
1531"Thomas Eakins: 21 Photographs" unbound copy (no photographs), 1979
2"Thomas Eakins: 21 Photographs" corrected proofs
3"Thomas Eakins: 21 Photographs" blank mock-up
4"Thomas Eakins: 21 Photographs" expenses, printed material
5"The Timeless Production of God" by James Cecil McGehee unbound copy, 1971
6"The Timeless Production of God" by James Cecil McGehee blank mock-up proof with corrections
7"The Timeless Production of God" by James Cecil McGehee poems- typed
8"The Timeless Production of God" by James Cecil McGehee notes, misc. printed pages
9"To Dwell in Sound" by Jean Reti, 1972
186"To Dwell in Sound"/"The Acrobats" misc. pages
15310"A tour of Darien and the Ridge" broadside, 1981
11"Wedding at Wormsloe", 1968
12Untitled or unpublished
14Illustrations initials
1831"Lucy Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes covers
2"Lucy Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes 1st proofs
4"Lucy Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes proofs with corrections
5"Lucy Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes proofs with corrections
6"Lucy Stanton, Artist" by W. Stanton Forbes proofs with illustrations
184"Acrobats"- page proofs

7. Printing Jobs

1541Advertisements, Invoices
2Advertisements Ashantilly Press Ashantilly Studio
3Announcements birth/wedding
4Birthday Cards
6Bookplates Porter Wilkins Carswell III
7Bookplates Frances Field Haynes Fund at Florida State University
8Bookplates Western Reserve Academy- in honor of Mary B. Eilbeck
9Brochures "A Guide to Historic Liberty County, Georgia", 1964
10Brochures Devonwood Estates
11Business cards/calling cards
12Christmas Cards
13Christmas Cards A-Z
14Christmas Cards Elsie Adams
15Christmas Cards Lalla and Malcolm Bell
1551Christmas Cards Haynes family
2Christmas Cards Mary Johnson contains text "Desiderata"
3Christmas Cards John David Marshall
4Christmas Cards Josephine Bacon Martin
5Christmas Cards Midway Museum
6Christmas Cards Harriet Monroe
7Christmas Cards Mrs. George Snediker
8Christmas Cards Helen Watkins contain texts of Fra Giovanni letter and Hymn to the sun, 1963-1964
9Christmas Cards Vivian and Hunter Watson
10Christmas Cards illustrations
11Christmas Cards illustrations- in charcoal
12Church material
13Church material First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA) bulletins, 1957-1969
14Church material First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA) bulletins and other items, 1970-1995
15Church material Savannah Presbytery, 1959-1965
16Church material St. Andrews Episcopal Church (Darien, GA)
1561Citations, Certificates
2Congratulations, Greetings, In memoriam, In appreciation
3Covers "Georgia Historical Markers"
4Covers Sapelo Island Research Foundation annual report, 1989
5Darien/McIntosh County (GA)
6Illustrations Seals of Georgia
8Invitations reception for Mike LaBianca, 1982
9Labels Ann Orr, 1957-1965
10New York Public Library bulletin illustration, 1959
11Notices address change- Virginia Blackwood
12Poetry "The Rushing Waves" by Ruben D. Lewis, Jr.
13Postcards re: Jekyll Island by Tallu Fish
14Programs re: William Bartram, 1973
15Programs weddings
16Resolutions Brunswick (GA) Housing Authority
17Resolutions Darien- McIntosh County Volunteer Fire Dept., 1971
18Stationery A-Z
19Stationery Haynes family/Ashantilly Press
20Stickers Darien Bridge/Fort King George
21Frederick G. Taylor business cards, stationery, invitation
22Typography assignment for William G. Haynes, Jr. Dove Cottage broadside

8. Writings

1571William G. Haynes, Jr. "The Altamaha River"
2William G. Haynes, Jr. Army diaries, 1942-1943
3William G. Haynes, Jr. re: Ashantilly house and gardens
4William G. Haynes, Jr. Book reviews, 1973, 1991
5William G. Haynes, Jr. "Coast of Georgia", 1979
6William G. Haynes, Jr. "A Cook's Tour"
7William G. Haynes, Jr. Directions for making various building materials such as plaster, whitewash, artificial marble
8William G. Haynes, Jr. "Eena's Voyage" typed copies
9William G. Haynes, Jr. "Eena's Voyage" typed copies
10William G. Haynes, Jr. "Eena's Voyage" ms with corrections
11William G. Haynes, Jr. "Eena's Voyage" original ms- handwritten
12William G. Haynes, Jr. "Eena's Voyage" suggestions and misc. pages
13William G. Haynes, Jr. "Fishing"
14William G. Haynes, Jr. "History of Coastal Georgia"- class at Brunswick Junior College, 1972-1974
15William G. Haynes, Jr. "History of Coastal Georgia"- class at Brunswick Junior College, 1972-1974
1581William G. Haynes, Jr. Latin broadside
2William G. Haynes, Jr. Letters to the editor, 1967-1995
3William G. Haynes, Jr. "Library News"
4William G. Haynes, Jr. re: Natalie Erdman Haynes I-III
5William G. Haynes, Jr. re: Natalie Erdman Haynes IV
6William G. Haynes, Jr. re: Natalie Erdman Haynes notes and misc. pages
7William G. Haynes, Jr. "Natalie and Bill"
8William G. Haynes, Jr. notes about interviews with publishers, 1948 June-1949 January
9William G. Haynes, Jr. Printing and typography notes
10William G. Haynes, Jr. School notes and assignments in New York
11William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- re: the Altamaha River Coastal High School, 1995 June 24
12William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- re: Ashantilly house and the Spalding family, 1992
13William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- Brunswick Junior College- Creative workshop for tourism, 1971
14William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- "The fine art of bookmaking" at Savannah Public Library (includes correspondence), 1967
15William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- Georgia Historical Society, 1956 February 12
16William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- re: McIntosh County for talk to St. Simons Presbyterian Church
17William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- Rock Howard Award acceptance speech, 1983
18William G. Haynes, Jr. Speeches- University of Alabama- symposium on the book arts (includes correspondence), 1976
19William G. Haynes, Jr. "Trip to Alaska", 1986
20William G. Haynes, Jr. "The visitation: paper making at Ashantilly" (Hornet's Nest)
21William G. Haynes, Jr. "Where Nature and History Meet" in Conservancy magazine, 1974 Fall
22William G. Haynes, Jr. untitled
1591Anne Lee Haynes "After the War"
2Anne Lee Haynes "The Comfortable Bed of Henrietta and David Squirrel..."
3Anne Lee Haynes "Everyman, the Spirit of Christmas..."
4Anne Lee Haynes "The Tree Man-hu"
5Anne Lee Haynes titled
6Anne Lee Haynes untitled and misc. pages
7Anne Lee Haynes chronological list of her art career
8Anne Lee Haynes disposition of personal property- handwritten list
9Anne Lee Haynes Pape School- course of study and exams, 1935-1942
10Anne Lee Haynes song lyrics
11Anne Lee Haynes speech re: cooking
12Anne Lee Haynes writings and copied poems (removed from a notebook)
13Frances Field Haynes Book review, 1972
14Frances Field Haynes Christmas lists of gifts received and given, 1961-1986
15Frances Field Haynes Diary and memo book of trip to Europe, 1963
16Frances Field Haynes "Dark Triumph", 1929
17Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1978
1601Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1979
2Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1980
3Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1981
4Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1982
5Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1983
6Frances Field Haynes "Library News"- columns, 1984-1985
7Frances Field Haynes memoirs of Columbia (SC)
8Frances Field Haynes poetry
9Frances Field Haynes speeches- Daughters of the American Revolution programs
10Frances Field Haynes speeches- re: Libraries
11Frances Field Haynes speeches- McIntosh County place names
12Frances Field Haynes Travelogue of trip to Europe, 1963
13Laura Grant Haynes poem for Bill, 1924
14Natalie Erdman Haynes First Aid notes, 1941
15Natalie Erdman Haynes lists, memo book
16Natalie Erdman Haynes short stories
17Natalie Erdman Haynes Wedding gift list Announcement list, 1952
161Frances Haynes Georgia place names project- research cards
162Natalie Erdman Haynes diaries (10), 1933-1946
1631Huntington Adams
2Patricia Barefoot re: Fort Frederica, 1990
3J. Richard Bass "Presbyterians in Georgia"
4Ethel A. Clarke childhood reminiscense told by Mary McKee King
5F. C. Cook "The 1966 excavation at the Lewis Creek Site"
6F. C. Cook "The 1970 excavation at the Townsend Mound", 1970
7Maria Arabella Dallas "Autobiography..."
8Ophelia Troup Dent memoirs, 1902
9Alice and Charles Dougherty "Dennis and Anne Ryan, Playactors", 1980
10Alice and Charles Dougherty "Dennis Laurence, Man at Law...", 1981
11William Earle "Killed in Action", 1939
12Elliott O. Edwards, Jr. "The protection of Savannah Bluff...", 1987
13Mary Roxie Edwards "In Daddy Jesse's Kingdom" excerpts
14Donald S. Erdman
15Donald S. Erdman "The Log of the 'Booby' "
16Donald S. Erdman "Marine Mammals off Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands", 1968
17Marian and Larry Erdman "Our trip to Japan and Hongkong", 1971
18Rosalind Erdman speech re: jewelry, 1957
1641Mark Edward Fretwell
2R. Edwin Green "St. Simons Island", 1981
3Bill Hammack "Cherokee Phoenix", 1978
4Walter J. Harmer "The first game management program...", 1961
5Thomas Hilton "High Water on the Bar", 1951
6re: Thomas Hilton family
8Robert Humphries "A Sapelo synopsis", 1986
9Marian Irish Travelogue- Scandinavia and Leningrad, 1976
10Marian Irish Travelogue- Spain, 1978
11Marian Irish Travelogue- Scotland, England, Belgium, Luxemburg and Iceland, 1983
12Marian Irish Travelogue- Portugal, 1984
13Marian Irish Travelogue- Soviet Union, 1985
14May Jones Journal, 1972 July-August
15May Jones Journal, 1973 January
16May Jones Journal, 1973 February
1651May Jones Journal, 1973 March
2May Jones Journal, 1973 April
3May Jones Journal, 1973 May, various dates
4William M. Kelso "Captain Jones' Wormslow" acknowledgements and table of contents only, 1971
5Tamiji Kitagawa "La Escuela de Pintura al Aire Libre de Taxco"
6Bessie Lewis
7Eleanor "Fluffy" Longcope Skit for WAVES 3rd anniversary, 1945
8Frances M. McAdams Speeches at Florida State University, 1984-1985
9Fred Marland review of book- "John Couper family at Cannon's Point", 1994
10Jerry Merwin "Bill Haynes and Ashantilly Press", 1997
11Etta Lane Matthews "Over the Blue Wall" mock-up version with illustrations but no text
12National Reenactment Society "Red Skies over Georgia" amateur movie
13Peter Pinney "Why snakes lie on their backs to die" from "Legends of Liberia"
14Poetry by authors A-Z
15Poetry by unknown authors
17Robert Rivenbark "Origins"- some pages missing, 1983
18Carl P. Savage, Jr. letter to the editor of Macon Telegraph re: Altamaha River, 1971
19Matt Schaffer "Two Worlds"
20Margaret Shannon "Artist-Printer carried on in money craze age", 1956
21John M. Sheftall "Ogeechee Old Town", 1980
1661Jim Sickel re: mussels, 1972
2Alice Ravenel Huger Smith "A Carolina Rice Plantation in the Fifties" notes from chapters
3Charles Spalding re: Thomas Spalding, 1878
4Lawton E. Stephens speeches, 1993
5Buddy Sullivan (editor) "The hurricane and tidal wave of 1898...", 1998
6Cathy Sylvia "The Misses Dent", 1983
7Paul Varner McIntosh County (GA)- laws, 1872-1939
8Visitors to Ashantilly and Bill Haynes, 1970
9Ruth Webb "In honor of Grace Winston Stephens", 1993
10Charles L. Weltner remarks at Midway Society meeting, 1989 April 30
11C. H. Wharton "A multi-purpose river park for the lower Altamaha"
12Daniel L. Whitesides "Rice planting in the Altamaha Delta"
13Charles Spalding Wylly "Memories of Sapelo", 1916
14unknown authors
15unknown author "Cannon's Bluff"
16unknown author "History of Coastal Georgia"
17unknown author "In the Beginning" from the Bible
18unknown author "New Inverness", 1950
19unknown author re: portrait of Pocahontas

9. Artwork

1671William G. Haynes, Jr.
2William G. Haynes, Jr. Ashantilly- sketches of house renovation plans
3William G. Haynes, Jr. bookplate design
4William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook- at Cooper Union, 1947
5William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook- at Cooper Union
6William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook- at Cooper Union
7William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook (most pages blank)
8William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook (most pages blank)
9William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook, 1951
10William G. Haynes, Jr. sketchbook- re: publications
11William G. Haynes, Jr. sketch map of Paul Redfern flight (photocopy), 1927
12William G. Haynes, Jr. watercolors
13William G. Haynes, Jr. watercolors- Fort King George
1881William G. Haynes, Jr. - Bartram drawings, print
2William G. Haynes, Jr. - clippings - handpainted Bartram book
1William G. Haynes, Jr. - handpainted Bartram book
1681Anne Lee Haynes bridge tally cards
2Anne Lee Haynes coat of arms
3Anne Lee Haynes color sketches
4Anne Lee Haynes pencil sketches
5Anne Lee Haynes pencil sketches (from a notebook)
6Anne Lee Haynes pencil sketche (figure for a lamp), 1928
7Anne Lee Haynes Interior Decorating course advertisement
8Anne Lee Haynes[?] sketches for advertisements
9Anne Lee Haynes drawings by her elementary school art students
10Natalie Erdman Haynes art scrapbook and sketches
1852by Anne Lee Haynes for advertisements
186by Anne Lee Haynes for Davison-Paxon-Stokes Co. advertisement, 1926
1853by Anne Lee Haynes for portrait of Edward Winslow
16811by other artists
1854by other artists
16812by unknown artists
1855by unknown artists
7Color charts
6printed art by unknown artists
8Sketchbook by Anne Lee Haynes

10. Subject File

1691Address Book William G. Haynes, Jr., 1930
2Address Book William G. Haynes, Jr. while in the Army
3Address Book William G. Haynes, Jr. New York addresses
4Address Book William G. Haynes, Jr.
5Address Book William G. Haynes, Jr. and Natalie, 1969
6Address Book Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1948
7Address Book Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1971
8Address Book Natalie Erdman Haynes
9Christmas card list book Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1966-1971
10Address/Birthday/Christmas card book Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1963-1967
11Address/Birthday/Christmas card book Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1971-1973
12Birthday book Natalie Erdman Haynes
1701Calendars Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1954
2Calendars William G. Haynes, Jr., 1974-1980
3Calendars William G. Haynes, Jr., 1981-1998
1851Calendars William G. Haynes, Jr., 1997, 2000
1704First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA) history and budget, 1954-1955
5First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA) minutes, 1959-1981
6First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA) Sunday school roll book, 1948-1949
7First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church minutes, 1950-1952
8First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church minutes, 1953-1954
9First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church minutes, 1956, 1960
10First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church committee reports, 1950-1970
11First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church committee reports, 1950-1970
12First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA)- women of the church members, officers, resolution, Grant Chapel project, 1948-1955
1711Guest Book Frances Field Haynes- reception, 1985 April 14
2Legal Documents- New Guinea, 1893-1937
3Music Marian Erdman, Rosalind Erdman, unknown
4Music Paul Erdman- Syrian Protestant College (Syria), 1894
5Research re: Mary Williamson Houstoun transcripts of letters (originals at Georgia Historical Society), 1827-1828
6Research re: Spalding and Wylly families transcripts, xerox copies by Robert Humphries
7Research transcripts, photocopies of letters, documents, 1777-1914
8Roll Book/Grade Book- Pape School Ann Lee Haynes, 1937-1938
9Roll Book/Grade Book- Pape School Ann Lee Haynes, 1949-1950
10Roll Book/Grade Book- Pape School Ann Lee Haynes
1721Scrapbook Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1927-1932
2Scrapbook/Sketchbook Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1932-1943

11. Financial Papers

1731Ashantilly house restoration account of expenses, 1939-1940
186Ashantilly house restoration blueprint of door details, 1940
Ashantilly house restoration sketches of plywood panels for ceiling
1732Ashantilly house restoration time book of wages paid, 1939-1940
3Ashantilly house restoration invoices- Coney and Parker Co., 1939-1940
4Ashantilly house restoration invoices- Savannah Planing Mill, 1940
5Ashantilly house repairs and restoration account book, 1950
6Ashantilly house repairs and restoration invoices, 1939-1994
7Ashantilly house- property tax, 1994-1995
186Ashantilly house- sketch of details of molding, 1950
1738Ashantilly- gardens and timber invoices, 1940-1986
9Ashantilly Press Building and garage invoice and notes, 1961-1962
10Ashantilly- studio addition invoices and expenses, 1978-1979
Ashantilly- studio addition floor plan sketch
17311Ashantilly Press Book Sales, 1962-1963
12Ashantilly Press Invoices- book orders A-Z
13Ashantilly Press book orders- mailing charges, 1966-1972
186Ashantilly Press building- sketch of details, undated
17314Ashantilly Press Invoices- binderies, 1972-1981
15Ashantilly Press Invoices- printing jobs A-Z
16Ashantilly Press Invoices- supplies A-Z
17Ashantilly Press notebook of press work, 1971-1972
18Ashantilly Press Sales and use tax report forms, 1977-1993
1741Account books expenses and income- William G. Haynes, Jr., 1987-1992
2Account books Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1941-1954
3Account books Frances F. Haynes, 1943 April-November
4Account books Frances F. Haynes, 1943 Novermber-1946 May
5Account books Frances F. Haynes/Anne Lee Haynes, 1946 June-1951 January
6Account books Frances F. Haynes, 1944-1945
7Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1947 September-1949 November
8Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1949 December-1951 November
9Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1951 December-1953 July
10Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1953 August-1954 November
1751Account books Frances Haynes, 1949
2Account books Anne Lee Haynes/Natalie Haynes, 1955-1957
3Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1958-1961
4Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1961-1965
5Account books Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1967-1974
6Account books Anne Lee Haynes, 1980-1982
7Account books Anne Lee Haynes- portrait sales, 1957
8Account books Mary Haynes- expenses (accounts written by Anne Lee Haynes), 1956-1957
9Book sales "Life on a Liberty County Plantation" illustrated by Anne Lee Haynes, 1974-1977
10Deeds, 1818-1974
11Estates A-Z
12Estates Elsie Adams and her Block House, 1968-1969
1761Estates Ophelia Troup Dent, 1973-1975
2Estates Constance A. Erdman, 1960-1976
3Estates Constance A. Erdman, 1977-1981
4Estates Lemuel Pratt Grant, 1951-1968
5Estates Frances Field Haynes, 1989
6Estates/accounts Mary Haynes, 1955-1960
7Estates William G. Haynes, Jr. and Laura Grant Haynes, 1957-1968
8Estates Robert A. Simpson, 1939-1940
9Estates Josephine M. True, 1976
10Funeral expenses, 1949, 1951, 1997
11Ida Hilton Library (Darien, GA) purchase of books and supplies; finances, 1968-1974, 1957
12Income William G. Haynes, Jr., 1952-1974
13Insurance policies for Ashantilly, 1939-1941
14Invoices and receipts, 1910-2000
15Invoices- Konrad Halle Bookseller, 1952-1963
16List of items ordered from various companies by Anne Lee Haynes
17Power of Attorney Irene Haynes/Mary Haynes, 1948-1949
18Presbyterian Men of the Church William G. Haynes, Jr. Treasurer bank statements, 1970-1972, 1991, 1995
19Receipts for nursing care, 1992
20Trust agreement Margery Hayden, 1948, 1993

12. Printed Material

2Ashantilly Center, 1994-2001
3Ashantilly Press, 1956-1987
186Ashantilly property fire breaks (McIntosh County, GA), 1966
1774Anne Lee Haynes and Frances Field Haynes clippings, 1951-1996
5Natalie Erdman Haynes, 1944-1974
6William G. Haynes, Jr., 1945-1999
7William G. Haynes, Sr., 1962, 1967
8Haynes family clippings, 1937
9Art exhibits brochures, 1927-1980
10Columbia College for Women (SC) yearbook, 1914
11Columbia College for Women (SC) yearbook, 1915
12Daughters of the American Revolution (St. Andrew's Parish Chapter, Darien, GA) yearbooks (1963-1986), resolutions (1969, 1971), 1963-1986, 1969, 1971
186Estate of Ophelia Troup Dent (Glynn County, GA), 1974
17713First Presbyterian Church (Darien, GA), 1967-2000
14Fort King George (Darien, GA), 1932-1999
186Guide to McIntosh County and the Highlanders Trail
17715Historic houses
16Hofwyl- Broadfield Plantation clippings, 1973-1994
17Hofwyl- Broadfield Plantation brochures, history, 1974-1982
186Jekyll Island (Glynn County, GA), 1954
1781Jerusalem Lutheran Church (Rincon, GA), 1973
186LeConte-Woodmanston preservation (Liberty County, GA), 1972
1782Libraries brochures, clippings, 1956-1997
3"Low Country Diary" Columns by Bessie Lewis, 1974-1980
4McIntosh County (GA)
5McIntosh County (GA)- Semquincentenary, 1983
7Navy Training Course "Printer 3 and 2", 1952
8Ossabaw Island
186Patterns and designs for clothing- La Nouvelle Mode
1789Programs, 1912-1995
10Project Raft festival handbook, 1982
186Project Raft Festival poster- Altamaha, 1982 April
Property of Conrad Rogers (Darien, GA), 1945
17811Savannah (GA) art and theater brochures, 1937-1956
12Simpson family clippings, 1938
186Small navigation studies by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (McIntosh County, GA), 1977
14Stephens family clippings, 1938-1993
15Washington Presbyterian Church (Washington, GA)
186Whispering Pines development (McIntosh County, GA)
17816Writings by various authors A-Z
17Miscellaneous items
OS FolderItem
11Map- Proposed Altamaha River Park Plan
2Map- Sapelo Island, 1961
3Map- The Ridge Historic District (McIntosh County, GA), 1983
4Map- Property Boundary Map around St. Regis Paper Co. (McIntosh County, GA)
5Georgia State Highway, proposed I-95 Project, 1963-1966
6Blueprint- Darien (GA) Waterfront Plan, 1979
7Blueprint- Hall's Original County Map of Georgia, 1835
8Map- Clay County (GA)
9Map- Resources for Preservation (McIntosh County, GA), 1976
10Map- Sapelo Island, 1940
OS Folder
2Bartram Trail Society - Bicentennial poster, program, 1973
Bartram Trail Society - Newspaper clippings

13. Photographs

1791Haynes family (removed from album)
2Haynes family (removed from album)
3Draughton Stith Haynes, 1864
4Frances Field Haynes, Anne Lee Haynes (removed from album)
5Frances Field Haynes
6William G. Haynes, Jr.
7William G. Haynes, Jr.- Frick Catalog project (NY)
8William G. Haynes, Jr. Rock Howard Award, 1983
9William G. Haynes, Jr. and Natalie Erdman Haynes
10Natalie Erdman Haynes
11Album- Erdman family
1801Stephens/Simpson family (removed from album)
2Stephens/Simpson family (removed from album)
3Album- unidentified
4Women- identified
5Women- unidentified
6Men- most unidentified
7Children- identified
8Children- unidentified
9Groups- most unidentified
10Groups- tennis teams
2Architecture- Churches, Cemeteries, Monuments
3Architecture- houses identified
4Architecture- houses unidentified
5Architecture- Charleston (SC)
6Architecture- Savannah (GA)
8Ashantilly, Ashantilly Press, 1957, 1964, 1975
9Bellevue Hospital doctors and list of staff (negative only), 1884-1885
10Virginia Blackwood
12Darien (GA)- parades
13Fort King George (Darien, GA)
14Fort King George (Darien, GA)- Scottish Festival, 1970-1979
15Hofwyl- Broadfield Plantation
17New Echota Historic Site (GA)
18Places- identified
19Places- unidentified
20Printing press- unidentified
21South Pacific William G. Haynes, Jr.- Army
22St. Simons Island lighthouse
23Slides- Ashantilly, 1978 April
24Slides- William G. Haynes, Jr. and Ashantilly
25Slides- Chocolate Plantation- Sapelo Island, 1974 May
26Slides- Wedding- William G. Haynes, Jr. and Natalie Erdman (1952), Block House- home of Huntington Adams (1948), 1948, 1952
27Slides- Coastal Georgia- satellite view, unidentified

14. Artifacts

1821Butterfly from Formosa encapsulated in plastic
2Car tags- Georgia Bicentennial, Georgia Sheriffs' Association
3Casting- souvenir casting on an 18pt. Quad from private press of Paul Duensing
4Crayons- boxed set from American Crayon Company
5Fabric- Fitzgerald Cotton Mill Store (Fitzgerald, GA) Duncan and Duncan Chinese Shop (DC) unidentified
6Key- Post Office Box Key for Ashantilly Center, 1993
7Napkins- reception for Frances Field Haynes, 1985 April 14
8Pen nibs
9Printers Block- image of unidentified woman
10Typesetter's rule and ruler
11WAVES Insignia Natalie Erdman