Chicopee Mill history project

Chicopee Mill history project

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Unknown
Title: Chicopee Mill history project
Dates: 1965-1981
Quantity: 2.0 Linear feet 4 document boxes
Coll. Number: ms3394

Biographical/Historical Note

"In 1958 the armory site was purchased by the Chicopee division of Johnson & Johnson, and for the next 20 years was locally called the Chicopee Mill. A New England firm, Athens made the sixth Southern Chicopee mill, manufacturing various cotton textiles, such as surgical gauze, tobacco and print cloth, and diapers. The Chicopee Mill had a short life, closing operations in 1978. " -- Rice, Marion J. "Clarke County's once thriving fiber industry has shrunk considerably." Athens Banner-Herald. (Retrieved January 29, 2010)

In 1950, Chicopee Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, purchased the Athens Manufacturing Company in Athens, Georgia to produce cotton products.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of taped oral histories about Chicopee Mill and Polaroid photographs of Chicopee Mill and Chicopee Mill awards dinners. There are also two operations manuals of Chicopee Manufacturing Company.

Index Terms

Award presentations--Georgia--Athens.
Chicopee Manufacturing Company. -- History
Chicopee Manufacturing Company. -- Photographs
Chicopee Mill (Athens, Ga.). -- History
Chicopee Mill (Athens, Ga.). -- Photographs
Cotton textile industry--Georgia.
Manuals (instructional materials)
Mills and mill-work--Georgia.
Oral histories (document genres)

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Chicopee Mill history project, ms3394, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11[Workers in the mill] 3 prints
2[People holding a piece of paper] 2 prints
3[Individuals at work in mill] 4 prints
4[People by time card area and worker in factory] 3 prints
5[Pictures of mill with circles and arrow drawn on] 5 prints
6[Workers around mill; identified include Justin Walker, Lloyd Whitsle, and James Bell] 3 prints
7[Workers receiving awards; identified include H.T. Gillbert ans R. Bill Hingley] 2 prints
8[Scenes from outside and inside mill; Identified include John Moon, Jesse James Bonds, and Dennis Smith] 3 prints
9[Scenese of inside the mill] 7 prints
10[Two men in office] 1 prints
11[Man in office and scenes of the inside of the mill] 5 prints
12[Woman in office and men painting mill; Identified include Eunice Gray and Carl Sisk] 3 prints
13[Workers with awards] 1 print
14[Shot looking out window into parking lot] 1 print
15[Line of people outside factory] 1 print
16[Scenes of work inside the mill; Indentified include Gary Gregory, Stella Ward, Tharous Hutchinson, Mary Quarles, Alice Walton, Roger Daniel, and Franie Hutchinson] 7 prints
17[Scenes of the inside of the mill]3 prints
18[Cotton bales] 3 prints
19[Worker receiving award] 3 prints
20[Workers receiving flu shots] 2 prints
21[Workers receiving awards] 4 prints
22[Baby in office and worker receiving award] 2 prints
23[Lillie Brooks inspecting finished cloth] 1 print
24[Scenes from a banquet] 4 prints
25[Scenes from a banquet] 2 prints
26[Lines formed to wait on food at a banquet] 7 prints
27[Workers receiving awards; Identified include Joe Bellew and Dadvid Spartin] 5 prints
28[Close up of hand truck] 1 print
29[Workers receiving awards; Identified include Jo-ann Burgess and Joe Ballew] 3 prints
30[Workers around factory; Identified include Henry Whitehead, Betty Watkins, Sam Gillen, and Lovis Rucker4 prints
31[Worker painting ceiling] 1 print
32[Scene from banquet] 1 print
33[Scenes of workers at machines; Identified include Myntis Robert, Randall Scoggins, Joyce Hill, Robert Johnson, Georgia Mattox, Inez Goolsby, Zachery Counkle, Mildred Gurley, Raymond Hall, Lee Skelton, and Earl Eddins] 10 prints
34[Scenes from around factory and workers receiving awards; Identified include Elton Bahnsen, Bob Briggs, Paul Conley, Bob Painter, Don Hammond, Guy Rucker, Callie Martin, Paul Thaxton, Lynn Bahnsen, Jack Yarbrough, Clara Mae Casper, Callie Martin, Enoch Reynolds, Sam Arnold, and Sam T. Gillen] 10 prints
35[Scenes of people waiting on banquet] 7 prints
36[Man standing in front of door] 1 print
37[Workers receiving awards] 2 prints
38[Employees at work around factory; Identified include Ronnie Williams, Carlton Nixon, Mildred Flanagan, Alfred Green, Russ Moehlick, Henry Cook, Chriss Quinn, John Willie Thomas, Vivian Brook, Evelyn Moor, Lillie Brooks, and Charlie Brooks] 13 prints
39[Christmas party for retirees] 2 prints
40[People in a reception room] 3 prints
41[Man with award] 2 prints
42[Portraits of individual men] 7 prints
43[Scenes from a Christmas party for retirees] 5 prints
44[Picture of man in tie] 1 print
45[Photos of awards on tables and two workers eating] 4 prints
46[Man with pocket badge] 1 print
47[Bobbins and machinery] 1 print
48[Men at work in factory] 2 prints
49[Rolls of fabric] 1 print
50[Workers exercising] 2 prints
51[Employees at work in factory; Identified include Lilian Chandler, Leonard Smith, Paul Thaxton, Dorthy Self, Agnes Nix, Hazel Davis, Hill Vandings, Howard Boyten, Vivian Brooks, Lunnel Smith, Claude Shelnut]16 prints
52[Employees at work around factory] 56 prints
53[Photos of employees and displays in show room]14 Prints
21[Scenes of outside the factory loading docks and of workers in factory] 46 prints
2[Scenes from a gathering] 2 prints
3[People by lake with two fish] 1 print
4[Scenes from break and vending machine area] 12 prints
5[Scenes of break and vending machine area] 6 prints
6[Banquet scenes] 19 prints
7[Fiber Studies] 11 prints
8[Photos of individuals at work] 73 prints, 1975
9Awards Dinners 49 prints, 1972-1973
10[Show room displays and factory scenes] 5 slides, 1978
11Awards Dinners, 10 prints, 1975-1976
1Photo Album [Copies of pictures in files]
2Photo Album [Copies of pictures in files]
31Oral History Project Transcriptions, 1980-1981
1Duke Llewallyn - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, Transcriber: Pam Haeberer, 1981 February 23
2Florence Adkins - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, 1981 January 30
3Jessie Lou Bryant - Interviewers: Pam Haeberer and Mabelle Dawson, 1980 October 24
4Mel Adams - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, Transcriber: Pam Haeberer, 1980 November 3
5Kathleen Black
6Mr. Robert M. Fleeman and Mr. Oneil Pitts, "Tour thru Chicopee": 1st Part (Tape 1), 1980 May 23
7Mr. Robert M. Fleeman and Mr. Oneil Pitts, "Tour thru Chicopee": 2nd Part (Tape 2), 1980 May 23
8Mrs. Gertrude Sorrow - Interviewers: Mabelle Dawson, Pam Haeberer, Jeme' Downs, 1980 August 9
9Mrs. Corrie Welch - UGA, Chicopee Oral History Project, 1980 December 30
10Mr. and Mrs. Ovin Martin - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, Transcriber: Pam Haeberer, 1980 November 24
11Herman C Bridges, 1981 April 31
12Mr. Hal T. Gilbert (Plant Manager 1946-1970) - UGA, Chicopee Oral History, Tape I, 1980 December 12
13Mr. Hal T. Gilbert (Plant Manager 1946-1970) - UGA, Chicopee Oral History, Tape II, 1980 December 12
14Carson George Howard - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson
15Helen Damron - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, Transcriber: Pam Haeberer, 1981 March 8
16Mr. James Mercer Crowe - Interviewers: Mabelle Dawson and Pam Haeberer, 1980 October 1
17Amy Coile - Interviewer: Pamela Scott Haeberer, 1980 August 5
18Mercedes Turnbull
19Fannie Smith - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, 1981 February 3
20Garnett Llewallyn - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, 1981 February 10
21[T]rey Williams
22Dillard Austin - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, Transcriber: Pam Haeberer, 1980 December 4
23Mrs. Cuemie Culbertson, Chicopee textile worker (1940-1945) - UGA Oral History Project, 1980 December 29
24James Blackburn - Interviewer: Mabelle Dawson, 1980 October 29
25Mr. Elmo Carter - Interviewers: Mabelle Dawson and Pam Haeberer, 1980 August 21
41Operations Manual, Office, Supply, Warehouse and Yard, 1977
2Operations Manual, Carding Department, 1977
3Operations Manual, Inspection Department, 1977
4Operations Manual, Mechanical Department, 1977
5Operations Manual, Slashing Department, 1977
6Operations Manual, Spinning Department, 1977
7Operations Manual, Weaving Department, 1977
8Operations Manual, Memos, 1978-1979