United States Coast Guard photographs

United States Coast Guard photographs

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Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: United States. Coast Guard.
Title: United States Coast Guard photographs
Dates: circa 1941-1945
Quantity: 0.2 Linear feet (1 half box)
Coll. Number: ms3387

Biographical/Historical Note

The U. S. Coast Guard, long one of the nation's armed forces, has seen combat in virtually every conflict fought by the United States since 1790. World War II saw the Coast Guard come to grips with the empire of Japan as well as the armed might of Nazi Germany. This included going into action against Adolf Hitler's vaunted submarine fleet, nicknamed "hearses" by the Coast Guardsmen who fought them to the death on the open seas. During the war the U.S. Navy credited Coast Guard forces with sinking or assisting in the sinking of thirteen of Hitler's U-boats, although the number was probably only eleven. In the Pacific Theatre the Navy credited Coast Guard warships with sinking one Japanese submarine but they probably sank two. Coast Guardsmen also captured two Nazi surface vessels and they can take pride in knowing that they were the only United States' service to do so during World War II. Additionally two U-boats surrendered to Coast Guard-manned warships at the end of hostilities, including one, U-234, that was bound for Japan transporting a cargo of uranium and the latest German rocket and jet technology. --- U.S. Coast Guard Combat Victories of World War II. (http://www.uscg.mil/history/uscghist/CombatVictoriesWWII.asp) Accessed 6/20/2011.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 51 official Coast Guard photographs and 1 Navy photograph taken during World War II. The photographs show combat operations both in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, against both the Nazis and the Japanese. While many photographs of ships are contained in this collection, the primary focus is almost always one or more Coast Guardsmen. Likewise, Japanese and German prisoners of war are frequent in this collection. The last folder in the collection includes 2 press releases concerning a Coast Guard photo/art exhibit and a Coast Guard combat artist.


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Press releases.
United States. Coast Guard. -- Atlantic Ocean--Photographs
United States. Coast Guard. -- Pacific Ocean--Photographs
United States. Coast Guard. -- Press coverage
United States. Navy. -- Photographs
World War, 1939-1945--Photographs.

General Notes

There is a significant amount of additional information regarding each photo on the backside of the images. These descriptions are from the Public Relations Division of the U.S. Coast Guard at Washington D.C. These were meant to assist journalists in reprinting the photos during World War II.

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United States Coast Guard photographs. MS 3387. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11#441 - "Under Old Glory" - Guardsmen shooting at suspected sub
2#630 - "Last 'Man' Rescued" - An abandoned puppy on a sinking ship, saved by the Coast Guard
3#1532 - "Torpedo Junction" - Three survivors of a U-boat torpedo attack rescued by Coast Guard
4#2145 - "Direct Hit Explodes Allied Freighter" - War pryotechnics as Nazis bombed Allied freighter, 1944
5#2173 - "Copter to the Rescue" - Air-sea rescue practice, 1945
6#2217 - "Jap Captured At Hollandia" - Coast Guard captured Japanese prisoner
7#2329 - "Admiral Stark Visits" - Commander of all American naval forces gives final instructions
8#2330 - "But You Don't Have to Come Back" - Coast Guardsmen killed at his battle station, 1944
9#2342 - "Taxis to Hell and Back" - Picture of Coast Guard-manned invasion barge on fire at Nomrandy on D-Day
10#2343 - (two copies) - "Into the Jaws of Death" - To the beach of Normandy, Coast Guard driver pushing their taxis through the off-beach hell
11#2420 - "Nazi Doodlebug No Can Do" - Pilotless Nazi beetle tank (operated by remote control, stuffed with explosives)
12#2428 - "Mongolians Among First Normandy Prisoners" - Mongolians captured with the Nazis at Normandy
13#2434 - "Chow Down for Nazi Prisoners" - Mongolians and Germans eating togheter on a Coast Guard troop transport
14#2435 - "Cheer up, Fritz" - "This ex-Nazi 'superman' is among the first shipment of hundreds of German prisoners taken in France"
15#2437 - "Two Nazi 'Supermen' Bumped Out of Wonderland" - "Far from fearsome beside the tall, grinning six-foot Marine guard who is watching over them..."
16#2444 - "Nazi Prisoner is just a kid of 13" - Nazi boy solider drinking coffee aboard transport ship
17#2556 (two copies) - "Nazis Abandon Sub" - Nazis atop sinking submarine blasted by Coast Guard, 1944
18#2556 - "Nazis Abandon Sub" - Nazis atop sinking submarine blasted by Coast Guard (different shot)
19#2565 - "Off Cherbourg" - Allied guns shooting at Nazis attemping to bomb ships
20#2575 - "German Prisoners on Return Trip" - USS Wakefield shipping Nazi prisoners for internment, at chowline
21#2600 - "Orderly Confusion" - Coast Guard combat photographer with American salvage detail on Noemfoor Island
22#2603 - "Japanese Junk" - American salvage detail dismantling Japanese airplane motor on Noemfoor Island
23#2634 - "Minesweeper Before Its Final Plunge" - USS Tide sinking beside two other ships
24#2654 - "Press Club Judges Review Coast Guard Photo and Art Show" - several men judging photographs on a wall
25#2895 - "Coast Guard's New Heavy Duty Ice Breakers Carry Planes" - Rugged ships going through the sea, aerial shot
26#2968 - "Coast Guard Seizes Nazi Prisoners in Greenland" - Five German POWs watch an American movie aboard a Coast Guard combat cutter off Greenland
27#2974 - "Coast Guard Planes Help Smash German Weather Bases in Greenland" - Coast Guard planes making recon flights that helped liquidate German weather stations there
28#2988 - "Coast Guard Combat Cutter Captures 28 Nazis in Greenland" - Ships in ice, both Allied and Nazi
29#2993 - "Coast Guardsmen Surprise and capture 12 Nazis on last Greenland Weather Base" - The last enemy radio-weather outpost
30#2997 - "American rations taste good to Nazis captured in surprise Greenland attack" - Nazis eating aboard Coast Guard ship
31#3059 - "Coast Guard Gun Crew Battles with Japs" - Coast Guard fighting off attacking Japanese planes
32#3098 - "Captured Jap Becomes Coast Guard Broom Jockey" - Japanese prisoner assigned to pushing a broom aboard Coast Guard invasion transport
33#3126 - "Taxis to Hell - and Back" - Coast Guard taxi invansion transport ships going to Japanese beach in South Pacific
34#3196 - "Captured in Makin Invasion" - Prisoners talking and smoking amiably with Marine and Coast Guardsmen
35#3198 - "No Smiles on These Jap Faces" - Japanese prisoners aboard Coast Guard ship taken in Makin invasion
36#3487 - "North Atlantic Battler Stalks Its Prey" - Coast Guard combat cutter hunts for Nazi submarines
37#3504 - "Coast Guard captures 12 Nazis at weather base in remote Greenland" - standing on beach
38#3538 - "Mac Arthur Keeps His Pledge" - General Mac Arthur smoking a pipe on Leyte Island
39#3675 - "Coast Guardsmen Bring Captured Nazi Trawler From Greenland to Boston" - the Externsteine
40#3902 - "German Prisoner Buried at Sea from Coast Guard-Manned Transport" - Nazi bearers, solemn procession to ship's rail, soldier having died in passage
41#4594 - "Coast Guard Transport in Pacific Puts About to Save Soldier's Life" - Miguel E. Rodriguez (Pueto Rican) flown off ship to hospital
42#4622 - "Doomed Coast Guard-Manned De Back in Action After Surgical Mircale Makes One Ship from Two"
43#4626 - "Doomed Coast Guard-Manned De Back in Action After Surgical Mircale Makes One Ship from Two"
44#4665 - "Those Who Won't Die for the Emperor" - Three Japanese prisoners waiting interrogation and internment
45#4718 - "Coast Guardsmen Land ussies in Balikpapan Invasion" - Australian troops storming Balikpapan
46#0401441 - "Gretzer Drawing is Second Choice in Coast Guard Show" - carbon pencil drawing of invasion craft striking at an enemy beach
47#0617442 - "Knocked Out... High and Dry on Invasion Beach" - Coast Guard infantry landing craft perches abandoned at high water line at French invasnion beach
48"And Return He Did" - General MacArhtur in Phillippines on Leyte Island
49"Asplund Painting Acclaimed Best in Coast Guard Exhibit" - oil painting of American invaders hitting the Normandy beach on D-Day
50"Riley Sketch of Pacific Invaders is Third Choice in Coast Guard Show" - Pencil sketch by Coast Guard combat artist Ken Riley, invaders on South Pacific beach
51"Leyte Invaders Nab No. 1 Souvenir in a Hurry" - After invasion of Leyte Island
52"Pacific Army and Navy Chiefs Plan Strategy" - Commander-in-Chief of the Pacifc Fleet talks strategic moves with General MacArthur
53Misc.- Press Releases (National Press Club Judges Name 6 Winners in U.S. Coast Guard Photo and Art Exhibit)