Charles J. Brockman Sr. papers

Charles J. Brockman Sr. papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Brockman, Charles Joseph, Sr., Dr., 1897-1977
Title: Charles J. Brockman Sr. papers
Dates: 1880-1989
Quantity: 12.0 Linear feet 11 boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 roll
Coll. Number: ms3367

Biographical/Historical Note

Charles Joseph Brockman, Sr. was a professor of chemistry at the University of Georgia from 1921 until his retirement in 1965. He was a prolific writer in his field, making strong advances in the area of electrochemistry. He was active with the American Chemical Society and the Georgia Academy of Science. In 1926 he wrote Electro-organic Chemistry, followed by Electrochemistry: Principles and Practice in 1931, and he frequently contributed to scholarly journals.

Brockman performed much of his life’s work with the War Department in the Chemical Warfare Service and, most notably, the Selective Service. In the Selective Service Brockman held the position of the state advisor on occupational deferment during World War II.

Brockman was also a talented violinist and took part in many musical performances on campus and around Athens. He was married to Marie Pitner Brockman and they had one child, Charles Brockman, Jr., born in 1923. Charles Brockman, Sr. passed away in 1977.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, files, clippings, and curriculum materials concerning Brockman's academic career, both as a student and as a professor of chemistry at the University of Georgia. Also included are correspondence, memos, and bulletins regarding his work in the Selective Service as the state Director for Occupational Deferments. The collection also contains personal correspondence, photographs, and financial materials.

Index Terms

Brockman, Charles Joseph, Sr., Dr., 1897-1977
Chemistry--Study and teaching--Georgia.
Draft--United States.
Manuscripts (documents)
Universities and colleges--Curricula--Georgia.
World War, 1939-1945.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Charles J. Brockman, Sr. papers, ms3367, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in the Hargrett Library include the Charles Joseph Brockman papers, ms316.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Academic

1.1 Manuscripts

11Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Manuscript, Chapters 1-2
2Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Manuscript, Chapters 1-3
3Brockman publication record
4Brockman bibliographical record
5Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 4-5
6Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 6-9
7Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 9-11
8Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 12-14
9Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 15-19
10Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Chapter 20-21
11Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Groups II-III
12Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Groups IV-V
13Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Groups VI-VII
14Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Mauscript, Groups VIII, Group O and references
15-16Notes and files related to Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry manuscripts
17The Electrolysis of the Alkali Salts of the Aliphatic Acids Manuscripts (1 of 3)
18The Electrolysis of the Alkali Salts of the Aliphatic Acids Manuscripts (2 of 3)
21The Electrolysis of the Alkali Salts of the Aliphatic Acids Manuscripts (3 of 3)
2-5Electro Organic Chemistry Manuscript

1.2 Short Writings

26Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1925
7Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1926
8Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1927
9Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1928
10Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1929
11Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1930
12Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1932
13Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1933
14Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1934
15Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1935
16Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1936
17Electro Organic Chemistry notes, 1937
18Electro Organic Chemistry notes, undated
19Electro Organic Chemistry notes, undated
20Electro Organic Chemistry Publishing Contract, 1924
21Electro Chemistry Preliminary Draft
22Electro Chemistry corrections
23Organic Electrochemistry Progress Report
24Drafts of chapters
25Published journals and articles
26Columbia dissertation, 1932
27Refining and Parting Gold and Silver
28Bromate and Bromide
29Copper Deposition and Refining
30Fused Electrolytes, 1927
31Electrolytic and Electrokinetic Phenomena in Dispersed Systems
32Alakline Plating and Baths Containing the Ethanolamines
33Transition Temperatures of the Chemical Elements corrections
34Electrolytic Reduction
35Reactions at the Anode
36Tin, Iron and Cadmium
40The Conductivity of Electrolytes
41The Halogens
43Report of Depsides
44Fused Electrolytes: A Brief Historical Sketch
45The Mechanism of the Process of Dissociation in Solution
46Talk 11-20
31Writings for American Chemical Society Meetings, 1925-1927
2A Review of Depsides, 1923
3The Chemical Production of Electricity
4The Chemical Production of Electricity
5Chapters in Electrochemistry
6Faraday's Law
7Theories of Electrolysis and Conduction
8The Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation in Solution
9The Electromotive Series of Elements
10The Origin of Voltaic Electricity
11The Migration of Ions
12Chapters in Electrochemistry
13Qualitative Analysis
15The Production of Hydrogen and Oxygen
16Electrometalurgy of Solutions
17Resistor Furnaces
20Secondary Batteries
21Melting Furnaces
22Mechanism of the Ionization Process
23Comments on "Advanced Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry"
24Primary Cells
27Induction Furnaces
28The Teaching of Electro-Organic Chemistry
29The Transition Temperatures of the Chemical Elements
30Black Liquor Research
31Diethylene Triamine
32-38Handwritten notes and assignments
79Science in Georgia
339Unidentified writings
40Unidentified writings
41Radio Talks, 1928-1940
41Cooperative Test Service, 1938
74Brockman's regular column for the Athens Banner-Herald, 1931
81Electroplating Baths patent application
2Patent proceedings for the Manufacture of Azo Dyestuffs
4Nickel plating patent application
5Patent application
6Patent application
7Patent application
8Patents and related material
9Patent application

1.3 Correspondence

42American Chemical Society, 1934-1970
3Correspondence, 1919-1929
4Correspondence, 1931-1937
5Correspondence, 1938
6Correspondence, 1939-1952
7Correspondence, 1956-1974
77Lehigh University correspondence and files, 1917-1977

1.4 Photographs and Printed Material

48Publisher press releases
9University of Georgia programs and pamphlets, 1931-1991
78Chemistry Department organizational chart, 1972-1974
410Lehigh University printed material, 1921-1966
11Southeastern Conference Pocket Football Guides, 1965-1973
12State Normal College programs, 1927-1928
13Georgia Academy of Science bulletin and programs, 1928-1951
14Assorted event programs
15Assorted printed material, 1924-1929
16Georgia Education and Industry Conference, 1943
17Lehigh University Chemistry Department photographs, 1920-1921
18Microscopic image of copper, photograph
19Harmen Caldwell photographic portrait
20Chemistry Diagram photographs
21Brockman, group photograph, probably at University of Georgia
22Brockman receiving American Chemical Society certificate photograph
23Experiment photographs

1.5 Coursework

424-28Lehigh University exams
29-32Lehigh University coursework, 1917-1921
51-2Lehigh University coursework, 1917-1921
9Notebooks and lab manuals
10Notebooks and lab manuals
1Degrees and diplomas

2. War Department

53Selective Service correspondence, 1939-1940
4Selective Service correspondence, 1941
5Selective Service correspondence, 1942-1945
6Selective Service correspondence, 1946-1955
7Selective Service correspondence, pink copies, 1943 November
8Selective Service correspondence, pink copies, 1943 November
9Selective Service correspondence, pink copies, 1943 November
10Joseph Battley correspondence, 1940-1941
11Joseph Battley correspondence, 1942
12Veterans Administration correspondence, 1938-1963
13Memos and reports regarding Brockman, 1918-1942
14Memos and reports regarding Brockman, 1943-1955
15Brockman orders, 1941-1943
16War Department memos and reports, 1939-1940
17War Department memos and reports, 1941-1942
18War Department memos and reports, 1943-1944
19War Department memos and reports, 1945
20War Department memos and reports, 1946-1955
21War Department memos and reports, undated
22Statistics, 1940-1943
61Statistics, 1944
2Statistics, 1945-1946
3Brockman's military identification, 1944-1973
4Mississippi Selective Service, 1940
5Brockman history notes file
6Services of Supply, Headquarters Conference, 1942
8Military retirement
9Chemical Warfare Service newsletters, 1941-1942
10Chemical Warfare Service, 1942
11War Department printed material, 1941-1945
12Brockman photographs with military personnel
13Dinner event, possibly for Selective Service, photographs
14S. S. Richard Upjohn photograph, 1944
15New Orleans State Conference of State Advisors on Occupational Deferments, group photo, 1940
OS Box
1Military photographs and recognition

3. Personal

616Charles and Marie Brockman correspondence, 1928 June
17Charles and Marie Brockman correspondence, 1928 July
18Charles and Marie Brockman correspondence, 1928 August
19Sympathy letters to Mrs. Brockman, 1977
20General correspondence, 1981-1938
21General correspondence, 1939-1972
22Correspondence form personal file, 1942-1943
23Correspondence from personal file, 1943
24Correspondence from personal file, 1944
25-26Correspondence from personal file, 1945
27Political correspondence, 1937-1950
28Pitner genealogy
29Brockman memorial and gravesite papers, 1966-1967
30Church programs, 1937-1939
32Nazareth High School printed material, 1915-1956
33Unidentified mother and infant photographs
34Brockman group photograph at church
35Reserve Officers Training Group photograph, 1929
36Charles Brockman portraits
37Pitner gravesite photograph
38Asbury Park, NJ photographs, 1915
71Clippings, 1918-1929
2Clippings, 1930-1934
3Clippings, 1935-1978
6Astronomy clippings
10Property and legal files