Elberton Granite Association collection

Elberton Granite Association collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Elberton Granite Association (Elberton, Ga.).
Title: Elberton Granite Association collection
Dates: Bulk, 1960-2000
Dates: 1924-1926, 1959-2004, bulk 1960-2000
Quantity: 15.0 Linear feet (18 document boxes, 3 XL oversized flat boxes)
Coll. Number: ms3361

Biographical/Historical Note

The Elberton Granite Association was founded in 1951 and is the largest trade association of granite quarriers and manufacturers in the United States. More than 150 firms are represented by the Elberton Granite Association, Inc.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of photographs which depict all aspects of the granite industry. Included are numerous images of quarries as well as internal and external views of granite finishing plants and companies. There are also photographs of granite products (buildings, monuments, memorials, etc.), conferences, conventions, tours, views of Elberton and the surrounding area, and also several photographs of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Besides the 17 boxes of photographs there are also three boxes of negatives and one box of slides. Also in the collection are a few diplomas and grade sheets (1924-1926) which belonged to Ambrosini Dante.


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Index Terms

Elberton (Ga.)--Photographs.
Elberton Granite Association (Elberton, Ga.).
Elberton Granite Association (Elberton, Ga.). -- Records and correspondence
Georgia Center for Continuing Education. -- Photographs
Granite industry and trade--Societies, etc.
Granite industry and trade--United States--Photographs.
Negatives (photographic)
Quarries and quarrying--United States--Photographs.
Slides (photographs)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Elberton Granite Association collection. MS 3361. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Photographs

11Aerial views: Plants, quarries, & Elberton, ca. late 1950s-early 60s
2Award presentations, etc.
3Banquet, 1976
5Board of Trustees
6 Breaking Away (television show)
7Brown, Paul
8Carter, Jimmy
Companies/Plants (by name)
21Allen and National Granite Companies
2Anderson Trucking Service
3Apex Granite Co.
4Athens Marble and Granite Co.
5Atlas Granite Co.
6Brown Transport Corp.
7Century Granite Co.
8Coggins Granite and Marble Industries, Inc.
9Comet Granite Co.
10Comolli Granite Co.
11Dixie Granite Co.
12Eagle Granite Co.
13Elberton Granite Finishing Co.
14George T. Oglesby Granite Co.
15Georgia Granite Co.
16Georgia Marble Co.
17Granite Sales and Supply Corp.
18Harmony Blue Granite Co.
19Harper Motor Lines
20Landmark Granite Co.
21Lexington Blue Granite Co.
22Mercury Motor Express, Inc
23Puritan Granite Co.
24Quality Monument Sales, Inc.
25Quality Sand Blast and Granite Co.
26Republic Granite Co.
27Ross L. Brown Granite Co.
28Scales Granite Co.
29Southeastern Granite Co.
30Southern Granite Co.
31Star Granite Co.
32Superior Granite Co.
33Supreme Granite Co.
34Universal Memorial Co.
35Vickery Brothers Granite Co.
36Welch and Worley Granite Co.
37Worley Brothers Granite Co.
38Worley Monument Co.
39Unidentified companies
Conferences, Conventions, Meetings, etc.
31Educational Conference, 1959
2Educational Conference, 1959
3Educational Conference, 1959
4Southern Governors' Conference, ca. late 1950s
5Cemetery Management Institute, 1961
6Educational Conference, 1962
7Educational Conference, 1962
8Educational Conference, 1962
9Educational Conference, 1962
10Educational Conference, 1962
11American Monument Association meeting, 1965
41Educational Conference, 1967
2Educational Conference, 1967
4Cleveland, OH, 1968
5ca. 1969
6Ohio, 1971
7Las Vegas, NV, 1974
8Membership meeting, 1974
9Disney World, 1975
10Atlanta, GA, 1976
11New Orleans, LA. M.B.W. A. Convention, 1978
12Chamber of Commerce reception and meeting, 1980
51Nashville, TN, 1995
2Nashville, TN, 1995
3Nashville, TN, 1995
4No date. Cincinnati, OH. Tri-State
5No date. New York
6No date. Orlando, FL
7No date. Pine Isle-Lake Lanier Islands
8No date. Tennessee
9No date. Tri-State
10No date, etc.
11No date, etc.
12No date, etc.
13No date, etc.
14No date, etc.
15No date, etc.
16No date, etc.
17No date, etc.
18-19No date, etc.
61Contest, 1975
2Display, Portable
Elberton, GA Photos
63Elberton, GA. Bicentennial Memorial. Groundbreaking & Dedication
4Elberton, GA. Elbert Co. High School Band, 1971
5Elberton, GA. Freight depot
6Elberton, GA. Granite Day
7Elberton, GA. Historical markers
8Elberton, GA. House next to Granite Center
9Elberton, GA. ? Schools?
10Elberton, GA. Theatre
11Elberton, GA. Views
12 Elberton Graniteer
13 Elberton Graniteer. Photo proofs, 1976 Summer
15-23Employees, 1975
24-25Employees, 1976
26Employees, 1995
2Equipment. Conveyor system, 1976
3Equipment. Crane
4Equipment. Crane, 1975
5Equipment. Louis pin
6Equipment. Wire saw, 1976
7Equipment. Various
10Re. Fendley, Joe (Elberton mayor)
11-12Film crew, 1975
13 University of Georgia Photos: Georgia. University. Georgia Center for Continuing Education, ca. 1962
14 University of Georgia Photos: Georgia. University. Glee Club, ca. 1962?
15 University of Georgia Photos: Government marker committee
16 University of Georgia Photos: Granite blocks
17 University of Georgia Photos: Granite Chips (publication)
18 University of Georgia Photos: Granite close-up
Granite Products
81Bank teller's counter
2Bench & building. Georgia Welcome Center
3Bench. Valley Forge
4Benches. Elbert County High School
5Bicentennial plate
6Buildings. Elberton, GA. Banks
7Buildings. Elberton, GA. Civic Center
8Buildings. Elberton, GA. The Granite Center
9Buildings. Elberton, GA. Granite City Bank branch, 1975
10Buildings. Elberton, GA. Lutheran Church
11Buildings. Elberton, GA. Schools
12Buildings. Elberton, GA. Sears
13Cemetery. Elks National Home Cemetery
14Mausoleum. Hammond
15Mausoleum. Norton, 1975
16Mausoleum. Rivers
17Memorial gardens, parks, etc.
18Memorials. Adams, Bill and Pat
19-20Memorials. Elberton, GA. Bicentennial Memorial
21Memorials. Escambia Co., AL. Veterans Memorial
22Memorials. Various
91Monument. Bobby Brown State Park
2Monument. Child reading
3Monument. Coldwater Creek
4Monument. Confederate monument. Elberton, Ga.
5Monument. Elbert Co. Middle School
6Monument. Georgia Guidestones
7Monument. Jones, 1976
8Monument. Leslie, 1975
9Monument. Richard Russell
10Monument. Samuel Elbert Academy
11Monument. Stonehenge reconstruction. University of Missouri
12Monuments, 1975
13Monuments, 1988
14Monuments. Various
15Pen holders (including ones for Richard Nixon & Jimmy Carter)
17Signs. Elberton, GA. "Granite Capital of the World" sign
18Signs. Various
19"The Graniteer Suite"
20Hawaii. Views
21Insurance Dpt., 1975
24Parade floats
101Plants. Aerial views
2Plants. Exterior views
3-9Plants. Internal views
111-9Plants. Interior views
6Quarries, 1975
7Quarries. Aerial views
141Railroad train
2Seals, trademarks, etc.
3Seminars, 1975
4Tour. Granite Day, 1969
5Tour. Brown Tour, 1975
6Tour. June Whelan-Dpt. Of the Interior, 1975
7Tour. New Zealand visitors, 1975
8Tour. Salisbury Granite & Marble, 1975
9Tour. World Congress Center visitors, 1975
10Tour. Retailer Day, 1976
11Tours. Pine Isle & Elberton Day, 1978
12Tour. German visitors, 1980
13Tour. No date. Japanese visitors
14Tour. No date. Korean visitors
15Tours, visits, etc.-various
16Training. Technical assistance program, 1975
17Training. First aid course, 1976
18Training. Wire saw school, 1976
20-21Trucks, 1975
22Trucks & other miscellany, 1995
23Miscellaneous (non-photographic) items & printed material

Series 2: Slides

151Conference. Nashville, 1995
2Memorial. Vietnam War Memorial, South Carolina, 1986
3Merchandising & Elberton scenes
5Monument. Argo spire
6Plant machinery
7Plant workers, quarries, and sculptors, After 1980
8Plants. Interiors and exteriors, ca. 1960s-1980s
9Plants, machinery, The Granite Center, & Elberton sign, ca. 1981-1988
10Quarries & quarry workers, 1980
11Quarries, ca. 1982-1983
12Quarry machinery, polishers, & water jet, ca. early 1980s
13Statue Dutchy

Series 3: Negatives

161-2M.B.N.A.-A.M.A., 1964
3M.B.N.A., 1965
4Unidentified, ca. 1966
5-6Unidentified, ca. 1968?
7Unidentified, 1974
8E.G.A. annual meeting, 1975
9No date. Michigan trip
10No. date. Summer outing
11-15No date and unidentified
171-4No date and unidentified
181Award presentations, etc.
2Billboards, signs, etc.
3Buildings, miscellaneous
4Cemeteries, memorial gardens, etc.
6Displays, exhibits, etc.
7 Elberton Graniteer
9Film crew-Spartanburg TV, 1976
10Film crews
12Monuments, memorials, etc.
13Plant interiors, workers, etc.
14Quarries, workers, etc.
15Quarry. Childs Bros.
16Road injunction?
17Seminars, classes, training, etc.
18Granite Center visitors
19-20Japanese visitors
21Retailer Day, ca. 1976
22Various tours, etc.
23Miscellaneous negatives
24Miscellaneous negatives (color)
25Miscellaneous negatives (color), ca. 2003
26-27Miscellaneous negatives (color), ca. 2004

Series 4: Oversize Photographs and Diplomas

191Argo monument
2Elberton, Ga. Aerial view
4Granite blocks
5The Granite Center
6Monuments and memorials
7Plants and companies-External views
8Seals, signs, and granite close-up
9Stone Mt. Confederate Memorial
21Plants-Internal Views
Dante Diplomas & Grade Sheets, etc.
211 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Diploma, 1924
2 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Diploma, 1925
3 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Diploma, 1927
4 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Grade book, 1923-1924
5 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Grade sheet, 1924
6 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Grade sheet, 1925
7 Ambrosini Dante. Diplomas and Grade sheets, etc.: Grade sheet, 1926

Series 5: Bound Periodicals

Subseries 5.1: Granite

1Volumes 6-13 (missing vol. 7, 1897), 1896-1903
2Volumes 14-20 (missing vol. 19, 1909), 1904-1910

Granite, Marble and Bronze

3Volumes 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 1911-1916
4Volumes 27-33, 1917-1923
5Volumes 34-39, 1924-1929
6Volumes 40-48, 1930-1938
Graniteer (The Elberton Graniteer)
7Volumes 1-24, 1957-1979
8Volumes 25-48, 1981-2004

Materials and Documents

9Volumes 1-10, undated

Monument Builder News

10(incomplete run), 1948-1969

Monumental News

11Volumes 8,11, 13, 26, 27, 28, 1896-1916
15Volume 15, 1903
12Volumes 29-35, 1917-1923
13Volumes 36-41, 1924-1929

Monumental News Review

14Volume 51-55, 1939-1943
15Volumes 56-59, 1944-1947

Monumental World

7Volumes 3, 6-8, 11, 12, 1931-1943