M. H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division collection

M. H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: M.H. Mitchell, Inc.
Title: M. H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division collection
Dates: 1940-2019
Quantity: 90.0 Linear feet 101 document boxes, 3 half boxes, 13 oversized boxes, 18 cartons, 3 oversize folders
Coll. Number: ms3352

Biographical/Historical Note

The 94th Infantry Division was activated in 1942 during World War II, although it participated in World War I and had soldiers serve during the inter-war period. The Division went overseas to Europe in 1944 and aided in numerous campaigns: Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe. The Division returned to the States in 1946 and was inactivated the same year. While a part of General Patton's Third United States Army, the 94th Infantry Division earned the nickname, "Patton's Golden Nugget".

The 94th's main engagement was in spring of 1945, where they were first positioned at the Saar-Moselle Triangle south of Wasserbillig and faced the Siegfried Switch Line. They proceeded to seize Tettingen, Butzdorf, and the Nennig-Berg-Wies area. At Nenning, the Germans supposedly called the Division, "Roosevelt's Butchers." In February, the division seized Campholz Woods and Sinz. On mid-February, the Division breached Siegfried Line Switch Line defenses and cleared the Berg-Munzingen Highway.

After taking the area from Orscholz and Saarburg to the Saar and Moselle Rivers in late February, General Patton ordered te Division to cross the Saar. Due to ill preparation, the crossings were failures, and the Division remained where it was. In March 1945, the Division covered a ten miles from Hocker Hill on the Saar through Zerf, and Lampaden to Ollmuth. In mid-March, they managed a crossing and reached the Rhine on 21 March, fighting in the Battle for Ludwigshafen. After three days, Ludwigshafen was taken.

In late March, the Division was moved to Krefeld, Germany and intended to contain the western side of the Ruhr Pocket from along the Rhine. In mid-April, the Division was reassigned to military government duties, first in the Krefeld and later in the Düsseldorf areas. After the conflict's conclusion, from June until November, the Division served the military government in Czechoslovakia.

Since the end of World War II, the 94th Division Association has kept the spirit of the Division alive in memorials, reunions, newsletters, and other projects. The first official Association reunion was in 1949, and they have continued annually ever since.

M.H. Mitchell, Inc. has undertaken the task of collecting the documents, letters, diaries, histories, photographs and all the information available of the members of the 94th Infantry Division. The intent is to provide the largest collection of a WWII division where these materials can be viewed, read, researched and appreciated in perpetuity for those who are dedicated to history which includes the state of Georgia.

Scope and Content Note

The M.H. Mitchell, Inc -- 94th Infantry Divisoin Collection contains a wide variety of materials and covers an impressive breadth of topics. A large portion is dedicated to the 94th Infantry Commemorative History book and the 94th Infantry Division Association. Much of the collection revolves around veterans' activities. However, some original World War II artifacts, photographs, scrapbooks, writings, and correspondence are also included in the collection.

The 94th Infantry Commemorative History book series contains correspondence reflecting on World War II and the 94th. Folders often include obituaries and memorials about deceased 94th veterans. The vast majority are letters to Robert Cassel regarding his upcoming book about the 94th Infantry in World War II. The correspondence to Cassel is typically from the 1980s and 1990s. The general topic of these letters are donations which are not contained in the folders but were given to Cassel to include in his book.

The World War II correspondence series contains correspondence from World War II, donated to the "94th Infantry Division Commemorative History," run by Robert Cassel. These include a considerable amount from different individuals.

The 94th Division Association series focuses entirely on veteran events and activities of the 94th. This series contains the full original breadth of the Association's minute books from 1955 to 2007. It also contains financial papers, organization procedures, and the names and addresses of members, sorted variously by state and/or unit.

The subject files series contain original and copied documents about a variety of topics centered on the 94th Division's experience in World War II and their veteran activities afterwards.

The writings series contain mostly memoirs of 94th Infantry soldiers after their World War II service. There are a few collected anecdotes from Cassel's book and several compliations of veterans' memoirs from their infantry service. There is a large subseries related to the book, "Patton's Ghost Corps" by Nathan Prefer. This includes a sizeable amount of Prefer's original research material.

The media series is housed in the Walter J. Brown Media Archives. The items include an extensive number of videotapes and DVDs, focusing on reunions, the 94th Division's overseas campaigns, and veterans.

The printed material series covers a diverse array of texts. These include published memoris by 94th veterans, reunion programs, 94th Division histories, and topical books to the 94th. Several subseries include original material from World War II, such as the G.I. Stories, the War Department Manuals, the newsletters, and the magazines.

The scrapbooks series contain several deconstructed scrapbooks. A few of these are personal, but most are topical.

The photographs series includes individual donated photographs, divided by donor, and a large number from the Commemorative History books. There are a few full albums.

The artifacts series has an impressive spread of items: framed letters, plaques, medals, reunion memorabilia, and posters. Remarkably, this series includes many captured Nazi items, such as daggers, ribbons, and flags. There are several military bags and other cloth materials.

The oversized materials series concentrates on posters, maps, full-sized posters, and drawings by Bill Foley.

Index Terms

Absentee voting--United States.
Aerial photographs.
Cross of Lorraine.
Lehfeldt, William W.
Maloney, Harry J. -- Photographs
Military records.
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. -- Insignia
United States. Army. Infantry Division, 94th. -- Photographs
United States. Army. Infantry Division, 94th. -- Records and correspondence
World War, 1939-1945--Antiquities.
World War, 1939-1945--Flags.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

M.H. Mitchell, Inc. 94th Infantry Division collection, ms3352, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Donated by David Yoakley Mitchell of M.H. Mitchell, Inc. in several accessions between 2000 and 2011.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence - Commemorative History

1Ac - An
Aq - Au
Alexander, Ed
Arendt, Alex
Arrighi, Mario J.
Bi - Bo
Beers, Richard H.
Benson, Douglas E.
Bertz, Richard
Bibb, Stuart C.
Blount, James E.
Braaten, Jimmy
Breslauer, Max
Brown, Kenneth E.
Brown, William G.
2Ba - By
1024Buczkowski-Solliday, Bruce - 94th Division football games, 1945
2Burke, John M.
Burns, James F.
Burns, Joseph F.
Burns, W.C.
Butler, James Wahl
Byrnes, Lawrence
Ca - Ch
Ci - Cl
Cu - Cu
Carey, James M.
Cassel, Robert
Cassel, Robert
Chun, Y.T.
Clark, James H.
Cloudt, Otto B.
Cohen, Ben
Conte, Frank
Corbridge, John
Courtwright, James F.
Crawford, Harry E.
Do - Du
Douglas, David
Downum, Patsy
Duffy, Joseph R.
10215Eisenmann, Jim - correspondence and unit photograph
3Evans, Charles C.
Evans, Harold E.
Evarts, William
Fa - Fl
Fo - Fu
Ferrara, Frank A.
Foley, William A. Jr.
Forsee, Joe
Fortier, Joseph L.
Frank, Bernard
Ga - Go
Gr - Gu
Gaiptman, Irv
Gist, Richard P.
Gitomer, M. Kalman
Glackin, Robert
Golembiewski, Walter S.
Graff, Robert H.
Guernsey, Roger
4Ha - Han
Har - Hay
He - Hi
Ho - Hy
Hagerty, Royal
Halcomb, William
Hall, James M.
Halle, Ernest W.
Harding, Jane (Russell)
Hays, Samuel H.
Helms, Harry
Helou, Odette
Higgins, Robert
Hodes, William
Hoerber, John
Hollingsowrth, R. Tom
Hollister, John B.
Hopkins, Bill
1026Hudgins, Charles
Inge, Herndon Jr.
Janas, Theodore E.
Jereb, Marion M.
89Marion M. Jereb correspondence, mostly about 94th trip to Peace Monument in Germany, 1993-1996
4Johnson, Gordon A.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Roger K.
Kn - Ku
Kacalek, Laudie
Kelly, Joseph M.
Kerrigan, James J.
Kingsbury, Robert P.
Kingsley, Virgil E.
Kinyon, Gregory
Knupp, John C.
Kohler, Leo J.
Kupchick, Joseph
Li - La
Landwert, Ralph
Lane, Thomas (and Rhonda Fleming)
10216Lehmann, Robert - Western Electric E Award, 1942
17Lehmann, Robert - notebook of clippings
18Lehmann, Robert - Military records, 1942-1945
19Lehmann, Robert - postwar military records, 1946-1949
20Lehmann, Robert - certified copies of U.S. Army records
21Lehmann, Robert - correspondence with 94th Division Association
33Lehmann, Robert - rosters, photographs, postcards
5Lennox, Edward N.
Lequel, Vallie P.
Lilienthal, Jerome R.
1027Lindsky, S/Sgt Al - drawing of Donny, England, 1945
5Love, Orval Lewis
Loveday, John V.
Me - Mi
Mu - My
McCarthy, Daniel James
McDade, Katherine (Frank P.)
McIntyre, John L.
McLaughlin, Harry J.
Mack, George O.
Maddox, Walter H.
Manning, Charles
Mastalski, Frank M.
Mathews, Elden C.
Mawn, John J.
Mazzarella, Adeline (Ralph M.)
Meals, Donald W.
Metz, Morris D.
Meyer, Arthur T.
Meyer, Don D.
Meyers, Earl L.
Mirra, Anthony H.
Mitchell, David
Mulry, Don
Mosher, George W.
Nance, Carl Lee
Newmon, Dorris J.
Norman, Milton
Oakes, Royal
O'Brien, Paul R.
Oresko, Nicholas
Pa - Pe
Pf - Pu
Pantaleone, Michael J.
Peck, George K.
Pfaeffle, Otto W.
Popac, Bert
Pope, Cora (Denzil Keith)
Prefer, Nathan N.
1029Proctor, Dale
Ro - Ry
Rader, Bernard
Rankin, George Herbet
Rapisardi, A. James
Rea, Patrick
Rives, Howard
Romonelli, Michael J.
Rossell, James D.
Ruchaelski, Thaddeus "Ted"
8Sa - Se
Sh - Sm
So - Sta
Ste - SW
St. Clair, Robert
Salvesen, Robert H.
Seaparotti, Michael C.
Schwartz, Millard J.
Shackelford, Francis H.
Simmons, Edward H.
Sluder, Richard
Smith, Doug LaRue
10212Smith, Ephraim
8Sossna, Gerda (Robert)
Springer, Arthur G. Jr.
Standifer, Leon C.
Stone, Hazel (Russel Howard)
Stoumbis, John C.
Thurston, Benjamin E.
Todd, Ross L.
Troutman, John M. Jr.
U, V
Verleger, C. Fred
Wa - We
Wh - Wy
Wait, Robert L.
Walsh, Eugene B.
Warren, William
Whitman, G. Philip
Wolf, A. Joseph
Woodring, Terry (Clarence M.)
X, Y, Z
Youshock, Paul
Returned Mail
91Groups photographs and individual, small memoirs
12Harry N. Helms Jr. - correspondence regarding the 94th Association, David Mitchell; copies of The Attack, 1990s-2000s
11Memorial book for Gilbert Eugene Kinyon (1939-1989)
A.E. Wise - Correspondence and ephemera file, both wartime and reunion-era, circa 1940s and 1990s
956-7Herbert Ridyard files
8Fleming brothers files and photographs
9Letter and enclosed material re Earl Bradshaw
15Daniel Edwards awards
962Bodie, Benjamin
4Delaware Chapter
5Horner, James R.
6Epstein, Victor
7Henson, Ralph Taylor
8Rapisdardi, James A.
9-29Sanders, William Charles
30Williamson, Robert
972-4Berry, William T.
5Jojola, Manuel
6Reunions, miscellaneous
16Colman, Lucy, 2005
17McCoy, 2004
23Richards, Calvin
22D Day certificate, 2004
1001Miscellaneous correspondence
17Epstein/Edwards, Daniel - ephemera
18Epstein/Edwards, Daniel - photographs
19Epstein/Edwards, Daniel - documents
29Welton, Rose - correspondence, histories
12Miscellaneous files - reunions, Attack, 94th History book correspondence
Battery Press - agreement
Etel Magazine - correspondence

2. World War II Correspondence

10Orders, Memos, 1942-1946
Mail Call - Examples of Correspondence for Commemorative History Volume 1
Correspondence A-Z
Albert, Myron, 1945
Albert, Myron, 1944-1945
Albert, Myron, 1944-1945
11Bunk, Francis- scrapbooks and letters
17Cassel, Robert, 1925-1941
18Cassel, Robert, 1941-1942
19Cassel, Robert, 1942-1943
20Cassel, Robert, 1944
21Cassel, Robert, 1944-1946
22Cassel, Robert, undated
10Coppadona, Peter R.
Coffey, Wallace
Collin, Olinto
Cowley, Edward Paul
Dick, Dallas
Everett, William B.
Feitig, L. Robert
Gamper, Wilbur
12Howenstine, Alan - typescripts and letters
13Howenstine, Alan - typescripts and letters
16Lehfeldt, Bill - letters and materials
10Malony, Harry J.
Mayhew, Frank B.
14Mohor, Arthur - typescripts and letters
15Mohor, Arthur - typescripts and letters
10Monti, Raymond J.
Reichley, Ralph J.
94Spillane, Neil
86Unprocessed Correspondence
16Unprocessed correspondence (2014 addition), 1943-1944, 1989-2000
10Various reunion materials from different locations, circa 1990s
Arnold "Gene" Wise materials, incl correspondence, reunion materials, circa 1990s
Correspondence file, snapshots, regarding reunions, circa 1990s
11Donal Mulry correspondence w/ David Mitchell, 2012
Tom Manthey materials
Kathleen Cowley donation- copies of NARA documents regarding service of husband
Packet of wartime correspondence, clippings, press release regarding General Patton and the 94th Infantry, circa 1945
Gilbert Kinyon - Copies of correspondence, certificates, military documents

3. 94th Association

50th Anniversary
Auditor's Reports
Delaware Valley Chapter
Tri-state Chapter, 1993-2007
89Correspondence, 1991-1995
90Correspondence, 1991-1993
51Financial papers
Financial papers - tax-exempt status
89Financial reports, 1991-1996
51Honorary memberships
Ladies Auxiliary
53Minutes, 1955-1975
52Minutes, 1975-1982, 1991-2007
Reserve fund - corporate records
54Names and Addresses of Members, 1981-1998
55Names and Addresses of Members, 1999
Names and Addresses of Members By member, 2008
Names and Addresses of Members By state, 2008
Names and Addresses of Members By unit, 2008
Names and Addresses of Officers
56Names and Addresses of Members By state
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 301st Infantry
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 302nd Infantry
57Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 319th ENG
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 319th Medical Battalion Aid Station Log
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 356th FA
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 376th Infantry
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 390th FA
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 794th ORD
Names and Addresses of Members By unit - 919 FA
58Names and Addresses of Members Other 94th Division units
Names and Addresses of Members ASTP Fifth Training Regiment
Names and Addresses of Members General
91Roster Project materials
Museum Fund materials
Arlington National Ceremony Memorial Dedication and 50th Anniversary of World War II
9294th Mural materials
91Activation Ceremony materials and correspondence regarding photographs taken
9Luxembourg/American Century map
10materials re Kelton Fund, circa 1990s
11A.E. Wise - Correspondence re 94th Div Association, 1990s
Copies of Articles of Incorporation of the 94th Infantry Division Association (original 1963)
1002-9Reunion files
10Minutes - Executive Council and general meetings
22-24Reunion files, 2008, 2014, 2015
951Delaware Valley Chapter [DVC] Treasury, 94th Infantry Division Association
2Delaware Valley Chapter [DVC] meeting minutes, 94th Infantry Division Association
3Delaware Valley Chapter [DVC] membership, 94th Infantry Division Association
4Delaware Valley Chapter [DVC] announcements and newsletters, 94th Infantry Division Association
5Delaware Valley Chapter [DVC] assorted files, 94th Infantry Division Association
12Forty Ninth reuinon folder - 94th Infantry Association, 1998
1011-10Executive Council meeting, 2000-2005
11Fort Benning monument and executive council meeting, 2001
12Memphis, 2004
13Milwaukee reunion, 2005
14Reunion - King of Prussia, 2006
15Minutes - executive council and reunion meetings
16Cincinnati reunion, 2007
17Falls Church reunion, 2008
18Reunion correspondence, 2008
19Nashville reunion, 2009
20-21Charleston reunion, 2010
22Albuquerque reunion, 1997
23University of Georgia
24Reunion, 2011
25Pittsburgh reunion, 2012
26Reunion, 2013
2894th financial material
29Message Tree
30-31G/376 material
102194th Association - correspondence, miscellaneous
294th Association - miscellaneous
394th Infantry Division Reserve Fund
OS Box
10094th Infantry Division Association flag
10234Robert Lehmann - 94th Division Association member sticker, card

4. Subject Files

47American Battle Monuments Comission
AMFOGE (Allied Mission for Observing the Greek Elections)
Artist Sketches
Artist sketches (Michael Scaparrotti)
Artist sketches (John Stoumbis)
"Attack" Editors
Battle of the Bulge (CEBA)
Battle of the Bulge Veterans
Color Guard
Flag requests (by state)
Freedoms Foundation
Freedoms Foundation Nomination 2000
Honorable Discharges
48Memorial highways
Memorial proposal
Memorial tree
Military pay tables
Mural - Boston (MA) State House
Mural - Boston (MA) State House - plaque
Museums - 1989-2008
Music - 94th Division song
Music - 94th Division march
49Nazi banner
Patton, General George S. Jr
Peace memorial - Germany - 1991 April to July
Peace Memorial - Germany - 1991 August to December
Peace Memorial - Germany - 1992
Peace Memorial - Germany - 1993 to 1995 and undated
Peace Memorial - Germany - donors
Presidential letters- 1986 to 1991
Prisoner of War exchange - Lorient and St. Nazaire, 1944
Regimental flags
50Soldier of the Year award
Taylor Publishing Company - Commemorative History Volume 1 - 1987-1988
Taylor Publishing Company - Commemorative History - Volume I - 1989
Taylor Publishing Company - Commemorative History - Volume I - 1990 to 1996 and undated
Tours - 1989 to 1994
Units and companies - 94th Quartermaster Co.
Units and companies - 94th Reconnaissance Troop
Units and companies - 94th Signal Company
Units and companies - 94th Division - 319th Combat Engineers
Units and companies - 94th Division - 794th Ordnance Co.
Veterans History Project
West Point - 94th Infantry Graduates
World War II - general information
5th Company, 5th Training Regiment, ASTP - Fort Benning, Georgia, 1943-1944

5. Writings

24Assorted 94th Infantry Division writings
Bernard Rader - newspaper
Anecdotes for Commemorative History Volume I.
301st Infantry Memoirs
302nd Infantry Memoirs
376th Infantry Memoirs
376th Infantry Memoirs
376th Infantry Memoirs
Memoirs - A-Z
Memoirs - Lawrence Babcock and Theodore Bobcock
Memoirs - Waldo Burns
Memoirs - Clayton Byrd
Memoirs - Laurence Byrnes
Memoirs - J.R. Dossenbach
Memoirs - John Gehrig
25Memoirs - Robert Higgins
Memoirs - Malcolm R. Horton Jr.
Memoirs - Alan Howenstine
Memoirs - Roger K. Johnson
Memoirs - Thomas R. Johnson Jr.
Memoirs - Spencer Loomis, Company I, 376th Regiment
Memoirs - Harry J. Malony
Huell B. O'Kelley
26Memoirs - Don Parks
Memoirs - Jack E. Silver
Memoirs - Douglas LeRue Smith
Memoirs - Leon C. Standifer
Memoirs - Herman Thornton
Memoirs - William C. Warren
Memoirs - George Philip Whitman
Memoirs - Unknown authors
91Stanley S. Winters materials (includes issues of "The Attack" and "The Stars and Stripes")
10011Diary - Archie Cernaghan
2166th Infantry Division history - Randolph Brandham
27Standifer, Leon - writing
1025Forman, Edgar Ross - In The Army
103Rackow, Herman Carl - Love and Kisses, Rocky, 2011
10210Memorial album - Redene, France - Dale Proctor tribute
11Reichley, Ralph - The Life and Times of
13Speiser, Bob - memorial book
14Woodruff, Kenneth - Notes From
1031Coopersmith, Jerome - A Personal Recollection of Service in the 94th Division, 2019 June

7. Printed Material

7.1 Programs

3075th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg, Final Reunion of Blue and Gray, June 29 to July 6, 1938
30Decoration Day in Ellsworth, Kansas, 1942
30V-E Day Dinner in Mettmann, Germany, 1945
3094th United States Army Reserve Command: 6th Annual Military Ball, 1987
30New Jersey Chapter 94th Infantry Division Associatoin, 1988
30Memorial Service at Hamm American Military Cemetery in Hamm, Luzembourg, 1991
30Delaware Chapter 94th Infantry Division, 50th Anniversary of V-E Day, 1995
30Mantua Township Veteran's Plaza Memorial Dedication Ceremony, 1995
3094th Arcom Ball, 1995
3094th Infantry Division Association (Pilgrim Division), Investiture Division World War II Flag, 1997
30World War II Veteran Memorial Service, 1998
3094th Regional Support Command Millennium Ball, 2000
3094th Infantry Division Association 51st Annual Memorial Service in Norfolk, Virginia, 2000
30Dedication Ceremony 94th Infantry Division Memorial, 2001
3094th Regional Readiness Command, Major General Harry J. Malony Building Dedication Ceremony
30Dedication Ceremony 94th Infantry Division World War II Mural, 2003
3060th Anniversary of World War II, 2005
30Texas Wyoming Ball at the Washington Convention Center, 2005
3094th Regional Readiness Command "Commemorative" Military Ball, 2007
30United States Department Permit for Wreath Laying Ceremony at World War II Memorial at Ceremonial Entrance Plaza, 2008
30New Jersey World War II Memorial Dedication Ceremony, 2008
3094th Division Activation Ceremony, 2009
3051st Annual Memorial Service, 2000 June 3
3046th Reunion, 1995
30The Colors of His Life (2), 1999
31Reunion Program Schedule, 1950-2009
31Reunion programs, 1950-2009
9Requiem Mass for Loyola War Dead, 1945
11Gilbert Kinyon - Program- 2nd Annual Reunion of 94th, Chicago, 1951

7.2 94th Infantry Division Histories

32On the Way: The Story of the 94th Infantry Division (2)
32Lightning: the Story of the 78th Infantry Division
32Tornado! The Story of the 8th Armored Division
32Your Company: A History of Regtl. HQ. Co. 302nd Infantry
32Trailblazers: A Story of the 70th Infantry Division
32Cannoneers Post: The Story of the 94th Division Artillery
32Fighting on Guadalcanal
32Men of Diehard: The Three Hundred Ninth Infantry Regiment, 1944-1945, 1945
32The Southerner and the Canadian: An Autobiography of a Notable Life, James E. Blount
32Battle History 473rd United States Infantry, World War II,Italy, 1945
32Letters Homes from the Second Platoon: I Company, 376th Infantry, WWII, Europe
32Ugly Duckling: 3rd Batallion, 376th Infantry Regiment, WWII, Europe
32Fire Mission: 356th Artillery Battalion, V-E Day, May 1945
32Terrify and Destroy: 132 Armored Ornance Maintenance Battalion
32A Photo Review of the 94th Infantry Divison (4)
33The 10th Armored Division in the Saar-Moselle Triangle
33Notes on G. S. G. S Maps of France, Belgium, and Holland
33No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere
33Liberation of Etel
33Dans Le Maquis Breton avec Ceux de L'ora
11Memorial book for 94th, 2001
9History of the 376th Infantry Regiment, 1921-1945
11Armand Lorenzi - Company C 302nd Infantry organizational history, circa 1945
12Manuscript copy: Combat Badge: a personal memoir of WWII Combat in a Rifle Company with the 94th Infantry Division in Europe by Charles F. Myers (Companies E and F, 376th Infantry Regiment)
12Photocopy of Hard Ground by D.R. Corbo Jr. with notes identifying real persons on whom book characters are based, after 1954
12Paperback copy of Everyman's War, book
12Memoirs of a Rifle Company Commander in Patton's Third Army, by Lt. Col. George Philip Whitman, signed
9Book. Noble Obligation: A World War II Story. By Kerry P. Redmann.
9Book. Unfinished Journey: A World War II Remembrance. By Kerry P. Redmann.
28"Patton's Ghost Corps" by Nathan N. Prefer Research material
27"Patton's Ghost Corps" by Nathan N. Prefer table of contents and correspondence
1002894th - army combat reports
12We Clear the Way, by John Schreier
32302nd Infantry history booklet
10228The Unbelievable Exchanges - book and translation
29L'Incroyable Historie de la Poche de Saint-Nazaire
30Translation of French book
OS Box
100 History of the 94th Infantry Division - Infantry Journal, 1948

7.3 War Department Manuals

34Army Air Force Field Manual, Tactics and Technique of Air Fighting, April 10, 1942
34Infantry Field Manual, Organization and Tactics of Infantry, the Rifle Battalion, 1940
34Infantry Field Manual, Heavy Weapons Company, Rifle Regiment, May 19, 1942
34Infantry Field Manual, Rifle Company, Rifle Regiment, June 2, 1942
34Basic Field Manual, Military Training, July 16, 1941
34Basic Field manual, Military Sanitation and First Aid, 1943
34Basic Field Manual, First Aid for Soldiers, April 7, 1943
34Basic Field Manual, Elementary Map and Aerial Photograph Reading, April 12, 1941
34Field Manual, Elementary Map and Aerial Photograph Reading, August 15, 1944
34Basic Field Manual, Advanced Map and Aerial Photograph Reading, September 17, 1941
34Basic Field Manual, Protective Measures, Individuals and Small Units, March 10, 1942
34Basic Field Manual, Military Courtesy and Discipline, June 15, 1942
34Basic Field Manual, Soldier's Handbook, July 23, 1941
34Basic Field Manual, Engineer Soldier's Handbook, May 12, 1941
34Basic Field Manual, Infantry Drill Regulations, August 4, 1941
34Basic Field Manual, U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, 1940
34Basic Field Manual, U.S. Rifle Caliber .30, M1903, September 1943
34Basic Field Manual, U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1903, 1940
34Basic Field Manual, Browning Automatic Rifle, Caliber .30, M1918A2, June 30, 1943
34Basic Field Manual, Bayonet, September 7, 1943
34Basic Field Manual, Automatic Pistol Caliber .45, M1911 and M1911A1
34Basic Field Manual, Calier .45, M1917, and Revolver, Smith and Wesson, Caliber .45, M1917
34Basic Field Manual, Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50, HB, M2 Ground
34Basic Field Manual, 60-MM Mortar M2, November 28, 1942
34Basic Field Manual, 81-MM Mortar M1, April 22, 1943
34Basic Field Manual, Motor Transport, March 12, 1942
34Basic Field Manual, Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence
34Basic Field Manual, Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold, September 18, 1941
34Field Service Regulations, Operations, May 22, 1941
34Field Service Regulations, Operations, June 15, 1944
3581 MM Mortar Handbook, the Infantry Journal, 1942
35Individual Score Book for The Rifle, April 1941
35Individual Score Book for The Rifle
35Lessons from the Tunisian Campaign, October 15, 1943
35The Most Common Short-Comings in the Training of Battalion and Regimental S-2 Personnel and Some Suggestions to Overcome These, 1943
35Number 4, Combat Lessons
35Number 7, Combat Lessons
35Firing Tables for Machine Gun Cal. 30, Browning M1917 Machine Gun .30, Bornwing M19191A4 And M2 (Heavy Barrel) Firing Cartridge Ball Cal. 30, M1906, and Cartridge Ball Cal. 30, M2, 1943
35How to Shoot The U.S. Army Rifle, The Infantry Journal, 1943
35Language Guide, Japanese
35Language Guide, German
35Language Guide, North African Arabic
35Language Guide, Serbo-Croatian
35Language Guide, Chinese
35Language Guide, Greek
35Pocket Guide to Germany
35Parachute Manual, Parachute Irving Type OQ-2A-24 For Radio-Controlled Airplane Targets
35The Rifle Platoon and Squad in Offensive Combat
35Technical Manual, Mess Management and Training, July 6, 1942
35Technical Manual, Driver Selection and Training, November 10, 1942
35Technical Manual, Chemical Decontamination Materials and Equipment, March 7, 1942
35Military Justice Procedure, February 1945
35War Department Education Manual, Building Good Sentences, A Self-Teaching Course
35Infantry School Training Bulletins, Subject Schedules, and Training Charts, February 1, 1944
35The Infantry School, Fort Benning Georgia, Preparation of a Combat Firing Exercise, 1943
35The Infantry School, Fort Benning Georgia, Training Tests, 1943
35Solution: Tactical Employment, Heavy Machine Gun Platoon in Defense, 81MM Mortar Platoon in Defense, Section II, November 1, 1943
35Tactics, The Rifle Company, Subject Schedule, April 15, 1943
35Tactics, The Weapons Platoon, Rifle Company, Subject Schedule
35Close-Up of Guadalcanal, October to November 1943, Verbatim Statements of Participants, February 1943
35Logistics-Troop Movements, August 1943
35Disarming in Hand-to-Hand Combat, 1942
35Medical Service Hygiene and Sanitation
35Subject Schedule, Bayonet
35Stream Crossing Expedients, January 1943
35Composition, Training, and Tactical Employment of Ammunition and Pioneer Platoon, Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion
35Japanese Tactical Methods, Characteritics of Japanese Operations
35Troop Leading and Staff Functioning, A Leading Infantry Battalion in Attack, March 1943
35Cooperation with Associated Arms, Field Artillery, 1942
35Booby Traps, February 1943
35Staff Officers Field Manual, Enemy Forces Organization, Technical and Logistical Data, October 1942
11Gilbert Kinyon - War Dept field manual- Infantry Drill Regulations, August 1941
11Joseph B. Smrt - Department of the Army Technical Manuals: Railroad Construction; Physical Conditioning; Principles of Bridging, 1950s
11Joseph B. Smrt - Department of the Army Field Manuals: Engineer Field Manual- Communications, Construction, Utilities; Corps of Engineers- Reference Data; Physical Training; Engineer Combat Battalion Divisional; Interior Guard Duty; Foot Marches; First Aid for Soldiers; Soldier's Handbook fir Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare; Infantry- Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping; Evasion and Escape; Explosives and Dmoelitions; Map Reading; Techniques of Military Instruction; Terrain Intelligence;, 1950s
11Joseph B. Smrt - Field Artilleryman NAAPTB U.S. Army Field Artillery School Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Sept. 1970
11Joseph B. Smrt - Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 16-10 Character Guidance Discussion Topics: Duty, Honor, Country Series VI, 1952
10025Copies of training manuals - Gordon Perlmutter
35GTA 5-10-10 Mine card

7.4 Miscellaneous Papers

36Camp Shanks history
36Carlisle Barracks history
36Newspaper clippings
3694th Coat of Arms
36Decorations, awards, and insignia
36Foreign money
37World War II pamphlets
37World War II general papers
OS Box
71Maps- (approx. 200) American and German, World War II era and more modern depictions
12Pamphlet: "Thanks to Hodges, We Survived", 2002
11Gilbert Kinyon - Copies and clippings of various newspapers and newsletters incl. the Attack, Bulge Bugle, 1945-2003
11Gilbert Kinyon - Pamphlet- The End of the War in the Pacific: Surrender Documents in Facsimile
11Gilbert Kinyon - Pamphlet- Germany Surrenders Unconditionally: Facsimiles of the Documents
11Gilbert Kinyon - Pamphlet- Germany Surrenders Unconditionally: Facsimiles of the Documents
11A.E. Wise - Laminated document regarding Sgt. Robert H. Johnson's pistol, 1945
10012Printed material
14War maps of Germany
1028American Legion Auxiliary - handbook, manual of ceremonies
22Pilgrim Pigskin - Lehmann, Robert, 1945
31Scott, James H. - clippings, orders, photographs, 1944-1945
32 Nachrichten fur die Truppe - German language propaganda paper, 1945 March 18
OS Folder
104 Newsmap for the Armed Forces, 1944 July

7.5 Newsletters

38The Bulge Bugle, 1984-2009
39Hoodlum News, 1953-2003
40Hoodlum News, 2004-present
40Thunder from Heaven, 1991-present
41The Attack (the official 94th Infantry Division Association publication), 1944-2009
104The Attack (the official 94th Infantry Division Association publication), 2010-2019
OS Box
46The Attack (the official 94th Infantry Division Association publication), 1943-1992
42Assorted newsletters and magazines, 1945-2009
10Kenneth Woodruff materials, copies of The Attack (newsletter), circa 1990s
11Armand Lorenzi - Copies of military newspapers including the Comet, Stars and Stripes, the Attack, 1945-1946
11Armand Lorenzi - Special 3rd Anniversary Edition of the Attack (94th newsletter): Three Hard Years, 1945
11A.E. Wise - Stripes, circa 1940s
961Deleware Valley Attack newsletter, 1975-1985
9710-14The Attack - creation, edits
15McNamara, Summer 2010 Attack
1Stars and Stripes, The Attack, clippings, handwritten history, 1944-1945
10020Camp Pickett News, 1945
32Stars and Stripes, 1994
OS Box
100The Evening Tribute, Albert Lea, MN - Victory Album, 1943 August

7.6 Magazines

OS Box
45Life magazines (nine issues), 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1945, 1963, 1968
45... nach Franfrich hinen!
45Yank: The Army (three issues), June 1944
45Various newspaper mailers, 1990s
45Portions of New York Times and Fort Custer News, 1940s
45Touristische Nachrichten, 1970
45The Stars and Stripes, 1944-1945
90Infantry Journal, January-June 1944
90Infantry Journal, July-December 1944
90Infantry Journal, January-June 1945
12Copy of Etel, French military magazine, circa 2010
OS Box
100Yank, 1945 December 28

8. Scrapbooks

23Roger K. Johnson - newspaper clippings
Don Mulry - thank you letters for speech from students, 2004
Pete Nagele (1 of 2)
Pete Nagele (2 of 2)
Prisoner of War exchange - Brittany, France, 1944
William Warren - Memorial Highway, Peace Monument Ceremony, 11th Panzer Division Reunion, 55th Anniversary of Graduation of the Class of 1942
"The Attack" newsletter clippings, 1970-1974
99William C. Sanders - scrapbook
10030Forman, Edgar - 94th scrapbook
31Slepski, Chester - scrapbook copy

9. Photographs

12Slides (approx. 25) of 1980 Germany
Slides (two boxes) of Halifax Trip

9.1 A-Z

59A - Photographs (approx. 12)
59Alexander, Ed (approx. 12)
59B - Photographs (approx. 30)
59Berardi, Aelxander T. (4 sheets)
59Bank, Francis (approx. 30)
59Butler, Garland (6)
59C - Photographs (approx. 10)
59Cassel, Robert (approx. 15)
59Chestnut, Tom (7)
59Cohen, Bernard (5)
59Crawford, H.E. (11)
59D - Photographs (approx. 12)
59Daugherty, R. (6)
59E - Photographs (7)
59Everett, William B. (4)
59F - Photographs (approx. 12)
59G - Photographs (approx. 12)
59Gdula, Steve (approx. 40)
59Golembiewski, Walter (approx. 20)
59Grieve, John (4 and two film strips)
59H - Photographs (approx. 20)
59Hagerty, R. (seven film strips)
59Hahlen (5)
59Hefner, Carlos (approx. 25)
59Hoerber, John (approx. 10)
59Horton, Malcolm R. Jr. (2)
60I - Photographs (1)
60J - Photographs (5)
60Johnson, Gordon (8)
60Johnson, John (approx. 20)
60Johnson, Leon P. (2 sheets)
60K - Photographs (approx. 12)
60Kerrigon, James (6)
60Kinyon, Gilbert (4)
60Kohrs, Sel J. (approx. 25, including USO photos)
60Kovac, Frank (3)
60Kupchick, Joseph (approx. 20)
60L - Photographs (5)
60Leavel, V.P. (3)
10223Lehmann, Robert
60Leitson, Sidney (6)
60Lennox, Edward N. (approx. 10)
60Lockaby, Boman (approx. 15)
60M - Photographs (approx. 25)
60Mawn, John (12, including USO photos)
60Meals, Don (3)
60Mulry, Donald E. (approx. 15)
60N - Photographs (approx. 10)
60Nibow, Daniel (6)
60O - Photographs (5)
60Oresko, Nicholas (6)
61P - Photographs (approx. 12)
61Pantaleone, Mike (5)
61Patton, George S. & Harry Truman (1)
61Putnam, Wilmont (approx. 60)
61R - Photographs (approx. 15)
61Raska, Robert (3)
61Ruid, Wilson (3)
61S - Photographs (approx. 25)
61Scaparrotti, Michael (approx. 12)
61Siegfried, Charles (3)
61Steiner, Dave (9)
61Szabo, Ted (9)
61T - Photographs (approx. 10)
61Tarkany, Steve (approx. 35)
61U, V, W, X, Y, Z - Photographs (approx. 25)
61A-Z Unidentified (approx. 40)

9.2 For Commemorative History Volume 1

62pages 3-153
62pages 156-167
62pages 168-178
62pages 179-189
62pages 190-200
63pages 201-211
63pages 212-222
63pages 223-233
63pages 234-244
63pages 245-255
63pages 256-260
64pages 261-266
64pages 267-277
64pages 278-288

9.3 For Commemorative History Volume 2

64pages 1-50
64pages 54-100
65pages 101-130
65pages 131-167
65pages 169-189
65pages 190-205
65pages 206-231

9.4 World War II and Recent

661-5World War II - general photographs
66Camp Phillips, Kansas
66Czechoslovakia - VJ Day
66Groups of soldiers
67Flags, insignia
67Fort Lee, Virginia
67Infantry plaques
67Peace Monument - Germany
67Reunions 1989
67Miscellaneous (reunion, memorial services, family vacation photos, and Germany 1997 tour)
67Miscellaneous (94th veterans in America and in Europe), 1980s-1990s
9Pictures from the Battle of the Bulge
9Photos, Maps for Book
9Maps - World War II
9Pictures and Documents in Book - Ft. Benning, MS
9World War II photos (extras)
9Original photographs
12Harry N. Helms Jr. - copy of panoramic photo (in 2 pieces) of Can Co, 302 Division, Camp McCain, Granada, Mississippi. In tube, gift of Manuel Jojola
12Harry N. Helms Jr. - copy of photograph of 94th Infantry Division band, circa 1940
12Epstein/Edwards, Daniel - unit photograph - 376th Infantry, Co. D
11Rolled item- paroramic photo of Adjutant General School Company E Enlisted Battalion, 1943 December
11Rolled item- paroramic photo of headquarters and M.P. Company 8th Division, Fort Jackson, 1941 April
11Snapshots depicting officers/soldiers, approx. 9, all identified, 1944
11Snapshots depicting soliders at European battle scenes in France and Germany, approx. 10, all identified, 1944
11Armand Lorenzi - Contact sheet of snapshots depicting soldiers in Europe; detail with identification, circa 1945
11A.E. Wise - Orlando reunion photo, 1991
11A.E. Wise - Panoramic photo depicting the 376th (fragile; do not flatten), circa 1940s
99Long group photograph - 302nd Can - Camp McCain, MS
10012Postcards - Camp Phillips, Kansas
26Copy of signed Nazi flag photo
12Atchison - copy of long photograph of 302nd
10224Generals Patton and Harmon reviewing 94th Recon, Czechoslovakia
25Reunion photographs - various, identified
26Unit photographs
OS Folder
104Unit photograph - Company M, 302nd Regiment, Camp McLain, Mississippi
104Unit photograph - Company E, 302nd Regiment, Camp McLain, Mississippi - with roster
OS Folder
105Photographs - Col. Borst, commander of German Forces, Lorient Sector, shaking hands with Capt. Scott C. Ashton, Commander of 94th Reconnaissance Troop
OS Folder
106Unit photograph - Company L, 376th Regiment, Camp McLain, Mississippi
106Unit photograph - Headquarters and MP Company, 8th Division, Fort Jackson, 1941 April
106Unit photograph - Company E, Enlisted Battalion, Adjutant General School, Fort Washington, Maryland, 1943 December

9.5 Albums

68Francis C. Bates
68Harry J. Malony
68Knox L. Scales
68Dick Simmers
68J.D. Smith
68John C. Gehrig
69William Warren - rededication of peace monument
69William Warren - memorial highway (1996), peace monument (1997), 11th Panzer Division reunion (1997), and 55th Anniversary of class of 1942
69William Warren - reunion of 11th P.D. at Koetzting, Germany
69Unidentified (in a "panel print album", training camp and soldiers), 1940s
69Unidentified (in blue photo album, invasion of Europe, destroyed buildings, troops and civilians - information on backs of photos), 1940s
69Unidentified (loose materials, 94th soldiers and troops in America and Europe), 1940s
69Unidentified (European invasion and explicit images of concentration camps), 1940s
69Camp Phillips, December 1942, 1940s
69Unidentified (later tour of England and France)
OS Box
70Unprocessed oversized photographs (including panoramic company photos)
11A.E. Wise - Propaganada photograph book containing nude Aryan models, Kurt Reichert's Von Leibeszucht und Leibesfchonbeit, circa 1930s
99Unidentified (U.S. Army - training through wartime)

10. Artifacts

76Framed letter for Donald E. Mulry's 82nd birthday from 94th Regional Readiness Command, 2007
Framed invitation to Donald E. Mulry for the official dedication of the 94th Infantry Division Historic Collection, 1994
Framed letter of gratitude from Major General Stones to Donald E. Mulry for visting
Framed letter to Donald E. Mulry from Major General Ricottilli about the 94th
Metal plaque - "Donated by Benjamin Caldwell, K/301"
77Fragments from the iron fence around the grave of William D. Bunkley
Nazi SA dagger in fair condition (missing piece of handle) with Alles fur Deutchland on blade
78G.I. garrison cap
Purple Heart award to Jerald P. Hymanson
Tanned human skin, gift from Walt Chattin of Wenonah, tutored him in Chemistry 1931-1932, Woodbury New Jersey High School
Nazi ribbons (one Winterhilfswerk 1933, another Sonnenwende)
G.I. sewing kit (with buttons, needles, and thread)
U.S. Army 66th Division sticker
Silk map sewn in field jacket "for guide out of prison camp" (from Harry Malony)
Encased "Safe Conduct" pass (green leaflet)
Nazi hygiene kit, black booklet (of Jerry Anderson), Domažlice souvenir, rondo zigaretten (cigarette case), Lorraine (France) ribbon, 94th matches, 94th - 15th Annual Reunion booklet
"Visite a Guenrouet des Anciens de la 94 eme D.I.U.S." French medal
79Wooden 94th Infantry Division plates, painted by Joseph F. Castoer, from when he landed in Europe to Czechoslovakia/Austria
80Three plain Jewish kippahs and a pair of glasses (donated by Daniel Edwards [Epstein])
94th Infantry Division Association - 52nd Annual Reunion 2001 - pen holder
94th - Niagara falls - 28th Annual Reunion - horseshoe
94th Reunion 1978 - Denver, Colorado - belt buckle
94th Reunion 1969 - 20th Anniversary - St. Louis, MO - letter-opener
94th Infantry Division Association - 51st Annual Reunion - Norfolk, Virginia - apron
1Large captured Nazi flag with signatures from 94th soldiers
Small silk flag - FFI - VII Eme Battalion - with crest
Silk flag with tassels - U.S. Army - Camp Phillips, Kansas
Small silk pillow case - gift for a mother - Camp Phillips, Kansas
Cotton and yarn flag - "Btry A 356 FA BN" - Camp Phillips, Kansas
Pennant - Company K, 376 Infantry, 94th
Pennant - 29. VI. 1945 - Volenice - Czechoslovakia
94th Colors, made by Millie Miller of Thorofare, New Jersey - depicted on mural by Bill Foley
Deutscher Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband
Waffenentgiftungsmittel (German weapon cleaning kit), given by Robert Cassel
OS Box
85Nazi eagle patch (yellow eagle surrounded by silver laurel on grey cloth)
Nazi eagle patch (pink eagle and laurel onblack cloth)
Thin Nazi-swastika red ribbon
Nazi armband
Large metal swastika decoration
Large captured Nazi flag (Wies, Germany [a very small German town]) with signatures from 376th Infantry (taken at the "Siegfried Switch"), January 1945
2American flag
Mailed box, once containing U.S. flag, fof Lieutenant Maurice Myers to Helen Myers, 1949
Nazi Banner, "displayed when Hitler woudl visit city," given by Richard Enterline
OS Box
OS Box
OS Box
90Vest, scarf, socks, and related clothing
OS Box
91Military jacket with belt, bayonet, and first aid kid
OS Box
92Jacket, trenchcoat, and shirt
OS Box
93Leggings - spats
14Cap and boots
OS Box
81World War II G.I. duffel bag of Dominck Touch (from Camp Phillips), 1942
13World War II duffel bags and canvas bags
81"The Barracks Bag" (donated by De Hungerford)
OS Box
82Glass-encased display case for medals (donated by Daniel Edwards)
Two empty medal containers
OS Box
83Series of acrylic paintings by L.D. Buckingham of crests (319th Engineer, 390th Field Artillery, 356th Field Artillery, 301st Field Artillery, 919th Field Artillery, 319th Medics)
Commemorative History Volume II oversized pages
Names and addresses of 94th Infantry Division Association members on oversized pages, 1991
OS Box
84Two pages of World War II product advertisements
94th Infantry Division crest image poster draft
Decoration Day in Ellsworth, Kansas (May 31) - 94th Infantry as participants - poster print, 1943
Walter Erickson print poster 94th Infantry collage image
Oversized photograph: "Original 94th Assault Boat?", 1995
German poster: "1940-11.Panzerdivision-1945."
Deconstructed scrapbook of thank-you letters to Don Mulry from school children, 2004
"Imperium Neptuni Regis" (A U.S. Navy "Shellback" Certificate), 1945
Mounted resolution in Recognition of Achievement presented to Major General Harry Maloney by 94th Infantry Division Association
Transparency of Luxembourg
Mounted letter to Harry McLaughlin from Todd Platts (House of Representatives) and the 94th pin he wore
1World War II footlocker
OS Box
87Dan Edwards' World War II service hat and sergeant dress jacket, with 94th patch and Combat Infantryman's Badge, along with the following bars: Distinguished Service Cross (Army), Bronze Star Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Ribbon WWII, European- African- Middle Eastern, and World War II Victory.
City of New York Fire Department dress jacket
3Joseph L. Winckler's G.I. overcoat with corporal insignia
OS Box
88G. Gardner Cook's 301st Field Artillery Battalion Uniform coat, with 94th patch, two red enamel "Stand Your Ground" pins, and 301st artillery badge, along with the following bars: Purple Heart, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, American Defense Service, Bronze Star, American Campaign, and World War II Victory.
Herman C. Rackow's 356th Field Artillery Battalion Uniform coat and hat, with sergeant bars, 94th patch, three service stripe on left sleeve (indicating a year and a half served overseas), discharge pin and patch, and the following bars: Army Good Conduct, American Campaign, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, and World War II Victory.
OS Box
89AWilbur H. Cooper's 301st Field Artillery Battalion Uniform coat, with 94th patch, staff sergeant bars, two red enamel "Stand Your Ground" pins, two service stripe on left sleeve (indicating a year served overseas), a larger stripe (representing three years honorable service), discharge pin and patch, 8th Armored Division patch, and the following bars: European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign and Army Good Conduct.
6Robert G. Felder Bag containing photograph, olive garrison cap with blue piping, presentation paper, record of Bronze Star, patch, and two large photographs of the 302nd in Europe
Robert G. Felder Bag containing newspaper clippings, pamphlets about the 8th Armored Division and London, photographs of the 94th, football game program between 94th and the 80th, The Attack! newspapers, Seasons Greetings from Fort Bennings, 94th patch, and POW pamphlet
Robert G. Felder Olive dress shirt with 94th patch, staff sergeant insignia, and two dark green bars
Robert G. Felder Olive dress shirt with 94th patch, sergeant insignia, and service stripes (indicating a year served overseas)
Robert G. Felder Gaberdine officer's tie and shirt of the Rangoon style with a Replacement and School Command shoulder patch
Robert G. Felder Olive wool dress pants
Robert G. Felder Khaki cotton dress shirt with discharge patch
Robert G. Felder Two light olive wool dress shirts
4Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon's duffle/kit bag
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment U.S. Army Half Pup Tent
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Money - possession belt
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Army issued hankerchief with "M-4359" printed on corner
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Four infantry garrison caps: 1) dark olive colored with (now faded) blue piping, 2) khaki colored with very bright blue piping, 3) olive colored with no piping, and 4) khaki colored with no piping
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Red Cross kit bag (large)
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Red Cross kit bag (small)
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Wool EM shirt
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - Cotton Khaki EM shirt with 94th patch, staff sergeant patch, and two service stripes
Dr. Gilbert E. Kinyon - 302nd Infantry regiment - 94th Infantry Division Association plastic badge with "Dr. Gilbert Kinyon / F. CO. 302nd. / La Jolla, CA."
5Olive drab canvas leggings
Khaki one piece coveralls with straps
Olive drab one piece coveralls with sleeves
Heavy khaki overcoat
7Olive officer's crusher cap
Luggage/shipment tag
Two infantry garrison caps: 1) dark olive with black piping 2) khaki with black piping
Army officer's overcoat with 94th patch
Olive officer's pants
8Dress jacket, with 94th patch, Artillery Officer pin, Presidential Unit Citation pin, Combat Infantryman's Badge, and three service stripes (indicating a year and a half served overseas) along with the following medals: Bronze Star, American Campaign, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, and World War II Victory.
Regulation officer's trousers
Dress jacket, with 94th patch, Artillery Officer pin, Presidential Unit Citation pin, Combat Infantryman's Badge, and three service stripes, Bronze Star, American Campaign, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, and World War II Victory
103Lapel pins - Pitman Shorthand 80, OLI
Cassel, Robert U. - artillery coordinate grid and protractor
11Armand Lorenzi - Nazi medals, approx. 5, circa 1939-1945
Gilbert Kinyon - Japanese flag (extremely tattered and fragile), circa 1940s
Gilbert Kinyon - T-shirt, U.S. Army training camp, Atterbury, Ind., circa 1940s
98William C. Sanders - Bugle
William C. Sanders - Army medals, patches, insignia
98William C. Sanders - Army First Aid kit
98William C. Sanders - Army Garrison caps
William C. Sanders - Army ephemera
William C. Sanders - German Army belt buckles
William C. Sanders - Amerian Legion materials
William C. Sanders - Masonic materials
William C. Sanders - EMT materials
William C. Sanders - Independent Life Insurance pins
William C. Sanders - Memorial coins
William C. Sanders - Bottle opener
99William C. Sanders - music book - Asthore
10227U. S. Army shower sign - segregated
OS Box
100Robert G. Lehmann - shoulder patch, PFC stripe, garrison cap
Robert G. Lehmann - Bibles, Army issued (3)
Robert G. Lehmann - Zippo lighters (2)
Robert G. Lehmann - German glass plate negatives

Series 9: 11. Exhibit Material

OS Box
72Three large posters (two of insignia, one of soldier)
One framed, glass-encased portrait of Colonel Benjamin Thurston
Signed European and American currency on poster
Assorted full newspapers (Correspondent, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Herald Tribune, The Evening Bulletin), 1940s-1990s
OS Box
73Battleship map of USS New Jersey
"The Road to Victory" - 94th Infantry - painting poster
"94th Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line" painting poster (and accompanying smaller image signed by artist)
Republican National Committee, the Eisenhower Commission, to Mr. Donald E. Mulry (signed by presidents)
Bill Foley productions and drawings on posterboard
11Armand Lorenzi - Reproduction of color poster signed to Miss Theresa Plonska from the Fighting Men of the Famous Company C 302nd Regiment 94th Infantry Division, circa 1945