Don A. Schanche papers

Don A. Schanche papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994
Title: Don A. Schanche papers
Dates: 1937-1994
Quantity: 25.2 Linear feet 30 document boxes, 2 half boxes, 1 slide box, 1 card file box, 1 box, 10 oversized volumes
Coll. Number: ms3306

Biographical/Historical Note

Donald Arthur Schanche (1926-1994) was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to Carl and Anna Shennum Schanche. He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He Married Marybelle Waddington in 1952. Schanche attended Georgia Tech and the University of Miami. He then graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism in 1950. During World War II he served in the U.S. Navy as radioman with a P.T. boat squadron in the Pacific.

He was a freelance writer for numerous magazines and also an editor for Life, Saturday Evening Post, and Holiday. Schanche worked for the International News Service as a Korea war correspondent from 1949-1952. He was an author of several books, as well as being a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in the Cairo Bureau (1976-1981), Rome Bureau (1982-1987) and the Caribbean Bureau (1987-1991).

He wrote six books in total. Of these, some of the more prominent were "Mister Pop: The Adventures of a Peaceful Man in a Small War" and "The Panther Paradox: A Liberal's Dilemma."

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, books, magazines, article photographs, contact prints, negatives, and several types of audio tapes (including interview and answering machine tapes). There is some family correspondence, most of which is business-related. The correspondence includes a section regarding the trial of Wallace Butts versus Curtis Publishing Company.

Index Terms

Butts, Wallace, 1905- -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Contact prints.
Curtis Publishing Company. -- Records and correspondence
Curtis Publishing Company. -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Galley proofs.
Holiday (Philadelphia, Pa.)
John Paul, II, Pope, 1920-2005
Life (Chicago, Ill.)
Los Angeles times.
Magazines (periodicals).
Negatives (photographic)
Passes (tickets)
Project Mercury (U.S.).
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Bobst
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Correspondence
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Diaries
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Interviews
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Mister pop
Schanche, Donald Arthur, 1926-1994 -- Panther paradox
Simons, David G.
Simons, David G. -- Man high

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Don A. Schanche papers, ms3306, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


: 1. Biographical - personal

11Biographical information
2Schanche family
3Certificates, ID cards
4Military service
6Address/appointment book, 1968
7Address book
8Financial papers, 1951-1994

2. Correspodence

21Family, 1937-1969
2Family, 1971-1975
3Family, 1978-1994
4Family, empty envelopes
6Allen, George
7Amburn, Ellis
9Armstrong, Ken
10Armstrong, Neil A.
11 Atlantic Monthly
12Austen, W. Gerald
13The Authors Guild
15Balloon flight, 1962-1964
16Barnard, William C.
17Becker, Jim
18Berger, Bill
19Berliner, Marie
20Blair, Clay
21Bobst, Elmer Holmes & Dodo
22Briggs, John P. & Muriel
23Brown, Edwin S.
24Bruccoli, Matthew J.
25Bryson, John
26Buell, Edgar & family
27Burke, George W., Jr.
31Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing, 1963
2Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing-Deposition
3Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing-News service reports of trial
4Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing-News service copy of trial
5Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing-Notes and research
6Butts, Wallace vs. Curtis Publishing-Notes and research
2Calvert, James F.
3Carpenter, Rene & Scott
4Chamberlin, A.
5Champlin, Charles D.
6Chandler, Otis
7Clark, Mark W.
8Re: Eldridge Cleaver
9Collins, Larry
11Con Edison Company
12Congdon, Thomas B. Jr.
13Cooper, Herbert K.
14 Cosmopolitan
16David McKay Company
17De Bakey, Michael E.
18Dept. of State Student-Professor Seminar, 1949
19Diners Club
20Dommen, Arthur J.
21Donohue, H. E. F.
22Doolittle, Jerry
23Doubleday & Company
24Duckworth, Frank
25Dunn, M. Tim
27Erburu, Robert F.
29Fadiman, Clifton
30Fall, Bernard
31 Family Health
32Faris, Barry
33Farr, Finis
34Ferber, Samuel
35Forger, Alex
36French, Herbert E.
37Friedrich, Otto
39Garrett, William E.
40Gillespie, Al
41Glenn, John
42Gold, Don
43Gossage, Howard Luck & Sally Kemp
44Green, Harry
45Griffin, John
2Hannon. Paul B.
3Hawaii, University of
4Hayes, Harold
5Hayes, John D.
6Heine, Jorge
7Hester, James M.
8Hite, Garth
9 Holiday, 1964 March-November
10 Holiday, 1964 December
11 Holiday, 1965
12Holiday Flying Club
13Hoover, J. Edgar
14Imani, Victoria
16Invention by Don Schanche
18Jenkins, Loren
19Job hunt, 1975-1976
20Johnson, John W.
21Johnson, Walter
22Jossel, Len
24Kapel, Saul E.
25Kenagy, Robert C.
26Keshishian, John M.
27Kiester, Edwin Jr.
28Kiss, Stephen H.
29Klusmann, Charles F.
30Korea War Correspondents Reunion, 1993
31"Kup's Show", WMAQ-TV, 1970
2Re: Larchmont, New York
3Leavy, Morton L.
4Levine, Irving R.
5 Life magazine
6Lite, Jeffrey
7 Look magazine
8 Los Angeles Times, 1976 January-May
9 Los Angeles Times, 1976 June-December
10 Los Angeles Times, 1977
11 Los Angeles Times, 1978
12 Los Angeles Times, 1979
13 Los Angeles Times, 1980-1991
14 Los Angeles Times-undated
15Lower, Elmer W.
16Lumsden, Marshall
18MacShane, Frank
19Magnum Photos, Inc.
20 Mamaroneck Daily Times
21Mamaroneck Public Schools
22Martin, Paul/ Ella Martin
23McArthur, George
24 McCall's magazine
25McCullough, Gail F.
26McGowan, Joseph A.
27McGraw-Hill Book Company
28Meikle, Maureen
29Mercury Project ("Fight, Team, Fight" article)
30Merowit, Clement E.
31Michener Foundation
32Mobil Oil Corporation
33Molander, Arne B.
34Morris, Joe Alex
35Re: Mr. Pop
2National Foundation/ March of Dimes
3 New York Daily News-Project 40
4 New York Times
6O'Hara, John, 1963
7O'Hara, John and Katharine, 1964-1970
8O'Leary, Thomas N.
9O'Neill, Michael J.
10Outerbridge, Joseph W.
12 Physician's World
13 Playboy
14Postgate, Raymond
15Re: Powers, Francis Gary
16Prager and Fenton CPA
17Quinson, Luc P. & Dee
19 Reader's Digest magazine
20Ringling School of Art
21Robertson, Frank
22Rockefeller Institute
23Rose, Jerry A.
24Rudd, Hughes
25Russell, Jim
27Salem, Hadi & Hadi Jr
28Sanford, Terry
29Saroyan, William
30 Saturday Evening Post magazine
31Schmidt, William
32Schneider, Charles I.
33Schultz, George A.
34Schwartz, Phyllis
35Sherrod, Robert
36Shoup, David M.
37Sions, Harry
38Sitton, Claude F.
39Slover, Bonnie
40 Sports Illustrated magazine
41State University of New York at Albany
42Stein, Jules
43Stewart, Arthur R.
44Suro, Roberto
45Swanson, H. N.
2Targ, William
3Tillman, William
4Time-Life Books
5Tipton, S. Victor
6 Today's Health magazine
7 Today's Health-fan mail and requests for reprints, 1972-1973
8 Today's Health-fan mail and requests for reprints, 1974
9 Today's Health-fan mail and requests for reprints, 1975-1976
10 True magazine
11United States Embassy
12Van der Post, Laurens
13Vaughan, Roger
14Vogler, Lewis and Sandra
16Warden, Donald
17Waters, Fred
18Welsh, David P.
19William Morris Agency, 1968-1970
20William Morris Agency, 1971-1974
21Williams, William A.
22Winzen, Otto C.
23Wirsig, Woodrow
24Wolbarst, Roger
25Woodcock, Al
26Wren, Virginia Sale
27Wynn, Wilton
28X, Y, Z
29Unknown correspondents

: 3. Writings

3.1 Magazines

91 Atlantic Monthly-"Panthers Against the Wall", 1970 May
2 Congress Bi-Weekly-"The Black Panthers and the Liberals", 1970 December
3 Cosmopolitan-"The Anti-Sugar Daddy of Them All", 1974 November
4 Cosmopolitan-"The Biggest Card Game of Them All", 1974 July
5 Cosmopolitan-"Women Doctors Today", 1975 May
6 Cosmopolitan-"Women Doctors Today", research notes, 1975 May
7 Esquire-"David Shoup: A Rearing, Tearing, Cussing, Swearing United States Marine", 1960
8 Esquire-"De-unthinking the Unthinkable", 1968 October
9 Esquire-"John O'Hara is Alive and Well in the First Half of the Twentieth Century", 1969 August
10 Esquire-"John O'Hara is Alive and Well in the First Half of the Twentieth Century", research notes, 1969 August
11 Esquire-"Ten Commandments of a Good Spy", 1960 November
12 Esquire-"We Call on the Saturday Evening Post", 1969 November
13 Family Health and McCall's, articles re: toxoplasmosis, 1971 October-November
14 Family Weekly-"What Hits a Man When He Hits 40", 1973 October
101 Life-"One Plane Over, Half a Plane Back"
2 Look-"After the Moon What?", 1968
3 McCall's, Reader's Digest, "The Everything Solution"/"Rural Society-A Plan for America", 1971-1972
4 Parade-"Hot Line for Runaway Kids", 1974 October
5 Parade-"The Town That Grows Beauty Queens", 1974 November
6 Parade-"U. S. and Soviet Crews Eagerly Await Joint Space Flight", 1975 April
7 Reader's Digest-re: Downey Side children, 1975
8 Reader's Digest-"Estate Taxes: New Hazard for Middle-Income Americans", 1973
9 Reader's Digest-"For Failing Hearts-Atomic Power", 1973 May
10 Reader's Digest-"Mr. John"
11 Reader's Digest-"One Day in the Life of a Heart Surgeon", 1972 July
12 Saturday Evening Post-"Adventure is My Life" interviews, 1962
13 Saturday Evening Post-"Adventure is My Life" interviews, 1962
14 Saturday Evening Post-"Can We Still Be First on the Moon", 1962
111 Saturday Evening Post-"General of Outer Space", 1961 October
2 Saturday Evening Post-"Jim Ling' s Creeping Conglomerate", 1968 November
3 Saturday Evening Post-"The Strange Affair of the Vasa", 1961 October
4 Today's Health-"Atomic Pacemakers-A Big Boost for Heart-Block Patients", 1973 August
5 Today's Health?-"Before You See the World, See Your Doctor"
6 Today's Health-"The Boy Who Must Live Forever in a Plastic Bubble", 1974 November
7 Today's Health-"Can a Psychiatrist Help Normal People?", 1973 January
8 Today's Health-"Commonsense Rules You'd Better Follow. If You're Into Karate", 1974 July
9 Today's Health-"Countdown to Discovery", 1973
10 Today's Health-"Dentistry's New Approach to Chasing Pain", 1972 October
11 Today's Health-"Diet Books That Poison Your Mind... and Harm Your Body", 1974 April
12 Today 's Health-"Goodnight, David; Good Health, Chet", 1972
13 Today's Health-"Here's One Bank Whose Premium is the Gift of Sight", 1974 December
14 Today's Health-"If You're Way, Way Down or Up Too High", 1974 May
15 Today's Health-"Learn How a Psychologist Would Plan Your Vacation", 1973 June
16 Today's Health-"Medical Help for Children Who Grow Too Little", 1975 March
17 Today's Health-"Polly Bergen: I Assure You, Beauty Is Its Own Tyranny", 1972 August
18 Today's Health-"A Surgeon's Wife", 1972
19 Today's Health-"Two Facial Handicaps That Can Be Conquered', 1974 November
20 Today's Health-"What a Checkup Can Do For You", 1972 November
21 Today's Health-"What Happens Emotionally and Physically When a Man Reaches 40", 1973 March
22 Today's Health-"What Your Hands Tell About Your Health", 1975 April
23 True-"Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom", 1969 August
24"Algeria's Bumpy Industrial Take-Off'
25"... And the Wind Got Mad and the Trees Got Sad... "
26"Fight, Team, Fight" Re: Project Mercury, 1962
27"New Movement in the Wilderness"
121Regarding Astronauts' wives
2Regarding James T. Aubrey
3Regarding Health
4Regarding Bernard Adolph Schriever
5Criticism-Narrative writing class
6Notes-Regarding Therapy
7Play-Regarding Ordman Hotel
8Speech-Commonwealth Club of California, 1965
9Tribute to Joe Alex Morris, Jr., 1979
10"America's New Enemy: North Vietnam" by Bernard Fall
11"Tell Me, Doctor, Will I Be Active Right Up To the Last?' by Howard Luck Gossage
12"Far From Heaven" by John O'Hara
13"Kenya: Troops Beat Reporters" by Didrikke Schanche
14Writings by others

3.2 Books (Published)

Bobst: The Autobiography of a Pharmaceutical Pioneer
131Chapters 1-4
2Chapters 5-12
3Chapters 13-22
4Chapters 23-epilogue
5Chapters 1-4
6Chapters 5-12
7Chapters 13-22
Man High
141Chapters 1-4
2Chapters 5-8
3Chapters 1-4
4Chapters 5-6
5Reviews and printed material
Mister Pop
146Galley proofs
7Galley proofs
151Chapters 1-12
2Chapters 13-24
3Chapters 1-12
4Chapters 13-24
161Chapters 1-12
2Chapters 13-24
3Chapters 1-12
4Chapters 13-23
5Interview tape transcripts
6Reviews and printed material
The Panther Paradox
171Chapters 1-6
2Chapters 7-afterword
3Chapters 1-6
4Chapters 7-13
5Chapters 9-13 duplicate copies
6Reviews and printed material

3.3 Unpublished Books

181"Arirong" Chapters 1-6
2"Arirong" Chapters 7-17
3"Arirong" Outline for possible re-casting
4"DeBakey-One Day, Many Lives"
5"The Seventh Man" Chapter 1
6"The Seventh Man" Chapter 2
7"The Seventh Man" Foreword and notes
8Re: Pope John Paul II

3.4 Newspapers

191 Atlanta Journal-"Georgians Look at Diplomacy"
2International News Service (removed from scrapbook), 1951-1952
3International News Service (copy removed from scrapbook), 1951-1952
4Korean War
6Laos and Captain Joseph Bush, 1970
7Laos and Pop Buell, 1970
Los Angeles Times
198Clippings, 1976
9Clippings, 1977
10Clippings, 1978
11Clippings, 1979
12Clippings, 1980
13News copy, 1976-1980
14Clippings, 1981
15News copy, 1981 January-September
201News copy, 1981 October-December
2Clippings, 1982
3News copy, 1982 February-May
4News copy, 1982 June-December
5Clippings, 1983
6News copy, 1983 January-March
7News copy, 1983 April-June
8News copy, 1983 August-December
211Clippings, 1984
2News copy, 1984 January-April
3News copy, 1984 May-August
4News copy, 1984 September
5News copy, 1984 October-December
6Clippings, 1985
7News copy, 1985 January-February
8News copy, 1985 March-May
9News copy, 1985 June-August
10News copy, 1985 September-December
221Clippings, 1986
2News copy, 1986 January-March
3News copy, 1986 April-June
4News copy, 1986 July-December
5Clippings, 1987
6News copy, 1987
7Clippings, 1988
8Clippings, 1989
9Clippings, 1990-1991
10News copy, 1988-1991
11Cairo Bureau undated, 1976-1981
12Rome Bureau undated, 1982-1987
13Original clippings for exhibit use (preservation copies have been made), 1952-1991

3.5 Reports, Notebooks, Diaries

231Reporter notebooks, 1950-1959
2Reporter notebooks, 1960-1969
3Interview notebooks-Jules Stein autobiography, 1973
4Interview notes-Jules Stein autobiography, 1973
Cairo Bureau
241Reporter notebooks, 1976
2Reporter notebooks, 1977
3Diary, 1977
4Reporter notebooks, 1978
5Diary, 1978
6Reporter notebooks, 1979
7Diary, 1979
251Reporter notebooks, 1980
2Diary, 1980
3Reporter notebooks, 1981
4Diary, 1981
5Reporter notebooks
6Reporter notebooks
261Diary, 1982
2Diary, 1983
3Diary, 1984
Rome Bureau
264Reporter notebooks, 1985
5Diary, 1985
6Reporter notebooks, 1986
7Reporter notebooks, 1987
8Reporter notebooks
9Reporter notebooks
Caribbean Bureau
271Reporter notebooks, 1988 January
2Reporter notebooks, 1988 February-March
3Reporter notebooks, 1988 April-June
4Reporter notebooks, 1988 July-August
5Reporter notebooks, 1988 September-November
281Reporter notebooks, 1989
2Reporter notebooks, 1989
3Reporter notebooks, 1990
4Reporter notebooks, 1990
291Reporter notebooks, 1991
2Reporter notebooks
3Reporter notebooks
4Reporter notebooks and notes

4. Press Passes, Business Cards

301Don A. Schanche, 1950-1969
2Don A. Schanche, 1970-1979
3Don A. Schanche, 1980-1983
4Don A. Schanche, 1984-1986
5Don A. Schanche, 1987-1989
6Don A. Schanche, 1990-1999
7Don A. Schanche
8Marybelle Schanche
33Business Cards

5. Photographs

311Don A. Schanche
2Don A. Schanche in Cambodia
3Don A. Schanche in Korea (removed from scrapbook)
4"Fight, Team, Fight"-Project Mercury article
5Larchmont Manor Park (New York)
6Edgar (Pop) Buell
7Ship of Fools, Beirut escape, 1976 July
8Contact prints-labelled
9Contact prints-unlabelled

6. Tapes

32Cassette tapes (11) - Interviews with Elmer Holmes Bobst for his autobiography, includes transcribed notes, 1971
Reel recordings - Teddy Tucker's Treasure ("Adventure is My Life")
Reel recordings - Teddy Tucker's Treasure ("Adventure is My Life"). Basic conversational French lessons
Reel recordings - Children prior to leaving for Bermuda, 1961
Answering machine tape, 1993

7. Printed Material - Books

341Printed material
2Printed material
Curtis Publishing Company
3Printed material
Pope John Paul II
4Printed material-booklet listing Los Angeles Times foreign correspondents
5Printed material- Ramparts magazine, 1968 March
re: Che Guevara article and Magnum Photos
5Paperback Books- Man High 1. English edition, 1960 (3)
5Paperback Books- Man High 2. Arabic edition, 1961 (2)
5Paperback Books- Man High 3. Burmese edition, 1961 (2)
5Paperback Book- The Green Book Part Two, Muammar Al Qathafi
5Book- Bobst: The Autobiography of a Pharmaceutical Pioneer, 1973
5Golden Stamp Book- Men in Space, 1961
5Book- Dictionary of Literary Biography, 2006

8. Printed Material - Magazines

35 The Atlantic, 1970 May
Congress Bi-Weekly, 1970 December 4
Cosmopolitan, 1974 July
Cosmopolitan, 1974 November
Cosmopolitan, 1975 May
Cosmopolitan, 1975 October
Esquire article "Ten Commandments of a Good Spy", 1960 November
Esquire, 1968 October
Esquire, 1969 August
Famiglia Cristiana, 1975 February 23
Family Health, 1971 May
Family Health, 1971 October
Family Weekly, 1973 October 28
Life article "A Missile With Men In It", 1957 April 15
Life article "A Journey No Man Had Taken", 1957 September 2
Life, 1959 September 14
Life article "The Astronauts Get Their Prodigious Chariot", 1959 December 14
Life article "Seven Brave Women Behind the Astronauts"
Life article "Escape at Sea After Orbiting"
Life article "Wild 3-Way Tumbles in Mastif'
Life article "Like Seeing My Own Future"
Life article "The Pendulum of War Swings Wider in Laos" by Hugh D. S. Greenway
Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1987 September 13
Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1990 January 28
National Geographic School Bulletin article "Food From the Sky Eases Agony of War" by W. E. Garrett ?
Parade, 1974 October 27
Parade, 1974 November 10
Parade, 1975 April 6
Playboy, 1970 September
Reader's Digest article "One Day in the Life of a Heart Surgeon", 1972 July
Reader's Digest, 1973 May
Saturday Evening Post article "The Report That the President Wanted Published", 1961 May 20
Saturday Evening Post article "General of Outer Space", 1961 October 7
Saturday Evening Post article "The Strange Affair of the Vasa", 1961 October 21
Saturday Evening Post article "Last Chance for Vietnam", 1962 January 6
Saturday Evening Post article "Father Hoa's Little War", 1962 February 17
Saturday Evening Post article "Adventure is My Life", 1962 February 24
Saturday Evening Post article "Adventure is My Life" part 2
Saturday Evening Post article "Adventure is My Life" conclusion, 1962 March 10
Saturday Evening Post article "Have We Lost Southeast Asia?", 1962 April 7
Saturday Evening Post article "An American Hero", 1962 June 2
Saturday Evening Post article "An American Hero" conclusion, 1962 June 9
Saturday Evening Post article "Can We Still Be First on the Moon?", 1962 November 3
Saturday Evening Post, 1968 November 2
Saturday Evening Post article "Burn the Mother Down", 1968 November
Sports Illustrated-Dummy Issue, 1953 December 5
Sports Illustrated Dummy Issue #2, 1954 April 19
Sports Illustrated, 1989 November 15
Today's Health article "Polly Bergen: I Assure You, Beauty is its Own Tyranny", 1972 August
Today's Health article "Dentistry's New Approach to Chasing Pain", 1972 October
Today's Health article "What a Checkup Can Do For You", 1972 November
Today's Health article "Can a Psychiatrist Help Normal People?", 1973 January
Today's Health article "What Happens Emotionally and Physically When a Man Reaches 40", 1973 March
Today's Health article "Learn How a Psychologist Would Plan Your Vacation", 1973 June
Today's Health article "Atomic Pacemakers: A Big Boost for Heart-Block Patients", 1973 August
Today's Health article "Diet Books That Poison Your Mind... And Your Body", 1974 April
Today's Health article "If You're Way, Way Down or Up Too High", 1974 May
Today's Health article "Commonsense Rules You'd Better Follow if You're Into Karate", 1974 July
Today's Health article "Here's One Bank Whose Premium is the Gift of Sight", 1974 December
Today's Health article "Medical Help for Children Who Grow Too Little", 1975 March
Traveling, 1985 October 20
True, 1969 April
True, 1969 August
True, 1970 January
7Bound Volumes - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 236, 1963 January-April
8Bound Volumes - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 236, 1963 May-August
9Bound Volumes - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 236, 1963 September-December
10Bound Volumes - Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 237, 1964 January-April
1Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 35, 1964 January-June
2Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 36, 1964 July-December
3Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 37, 1965 January-June
4Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 38, 1965 July-December
5Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 39, 1966 January-June
6Bound Volumes - Holiday, Vol. 39, 1966 July-December