Brenda and Cary Bynum theater collection

Brenda and Cary Bynum theater collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Bynum, Brenda Storey
Creator: Bynum, R. Cary
Title: Brenda and Cary Bynum theater collection
Dates: 1960-2019
Quantity: 9.0 Linear feet 16 document boxes, 1 carton, 9 oversized folders
Coll. Number: ms3258

Biographical/Historical Note

Richard Cary Bynum (b. 1937), Atlanta playwright, director, and advocate of Southern theater, graduated with a B.F.A. from the University of Georgia (1962) and M.A. from the City University of New York (1973). He served as the founding director of the Georgia State University Business Press (1973-1995) and was the co-director of the Southern Poets Theatre (1974-1987), which produced several notable oral history plays and other regional works until it became inactive in 1987. He is the author of Cabbagetown: 3 women (1984); Six Short Plays (1993); The Chinaberry Tree and other poems (2002); Sea Vigil: poems (2008); Reunion in Thera and other stories (2012); and Woodhall Stories (2014). In 1964 Cary Bynum married Brenda Sue Storey, a noted actress and director who toured both the United States and Europe.

For additional information see: Brenda Bynum biography from Public Broadcasting Atlanta Online, (Retrieved August 30, 2010)

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of materials mostly relating to theater in Atlanta from 1970s to 1990s. The play and organization material include programs and pamphlets, scripts, budgets, correspondence, clippings, publicity, information about technical aspects, actors' equity information, and photographs. Also included is personal material from both Brenda and Cary Bynum, which includes correspondence, clippings, authored works, speeches, groups, photos, resumes, and outreach to the community.


This collection is arranged in five series: 1. Brenda Bynum personal papers, 2. R. Cary Bynum personal papers, 3. Plays/Readings, 4. Television projects, and 5. Organizations/Events/Festivals.

Index Terms

Actors--Finance, Personal.
Courtship of Mary Jones.
Emory University. -- Faculty
Georgian at Princeton.
Myers, Robert Manson, 1921- -- Children of pride
Theater--Production and direction.
Theater--Public relations--Georgia--Atlanta.
Theatrical producers and directors--Georgia--Atlanta.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Brenda and Cary Bynum theater collection, MS 3258. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Brenda Bynum - personal papers

11Resume and identification
15Correspondence, 1972-1991
6Correspondence, 1992-2015
7-8Correspondence - undated
165Email correspondence, 2012-2017
19Backstage Atlanta speech
10Drama study group, 1980-2005
11Presentation at colloquium for UGA Fine Arts Theatre restoration, 2010
12-13Outreach to schools
14Brenda and Cary Bynum as guest speakers at the UGA drama department's Senior Juries, 1982
15Newspaper clippings, 1962-1989
16Newspaper clippings, 1990-1999
17Newspaper clippings, 2000-2006
18Newspaper clippings - theater
173-4Newspaper clippings
5Artifacts - nametag, card

2. R. Cary Bynum - personal papers

20Correspondence, 1984-2016
21Commentary on plays
23"Anarchic Dreams" rough draft by Cary Bynum
24"Bonaventure Street" script by Cary Bynum
25"A Curtain Opener" dialogue by Cary Bynum (written for Brenda Bynum)
26"The Georgia State University Business Press: A Brief History" by Cary Bynum
27Reunion in Thera by Cary Bynum
161Reunion in Thera final draft by Cary Bynum
128"The Rock before Rocky" poem by Cary Bynum and its inspiration
29Study problem, historical theatre, Noah's Flood
30Photograph, "Dino", West Georgia College, 1957
31Photograph, "Hedda Gabler", UGA Theater, 1960
1526"Night Streetcars" - final manuscript before publication, 2016 June 30
26"The Trip to Morganville" - draft short story by Cary Bynum
26"The Giraffe's House" draft short story by Cary Bynum
21"Thunder" rough draft by Cary Bynum
2"Wiregrass" (unproduced oral history play) by Cary Bynum
3"Woodhall Stories" drafts by Cary Bynum
162"Woodhall Stories" proof copy by Cary Bynum
3"Woodhall Stories" early corrected draft by Cary Bynum
24Unfinished poems by Cary Bynum
5Sidney Lanier project
6News articles
7Newspaper clippings
176Newspaper clippings
7Press, programs
164Jay M. Mower poems

3. Plays, readings

281000 Avant Garde Plays
9All's Well that Ends Well
OS Folder
2AAll's Well that Ends Well poster
210Angels in America-programs/photos
11Angels in America-Millenium Approaches script (Act I-II)
12Angels in America-Millenium Approaches script (Act III)
13Angels in America-Perestroika script 1/3
14Angels in America-Perestroika script 2/3
15Angels in America-Perestroika script 3/3
16Angels in America-correspondence
17Angels in America-news clippings
OS Folder
1AAngels in America poster
19As You Like It
20August: Osage County-pamphlets, news clippings
21August: Osage County-correspondence
22August: Osage County-script 1/3
23August: Osage County-script 2/3
31August: Osage County-script 3/3
178August: Osage County - press
32Back to Methuselah
3Bears and Squirrels
4Being Julia
5Blue Heaven
6Blue Window
7Bombs Away: A Disarming Experience
8The Book of R
9Bosoms and Neglect
10Brecht and What Came After
11Bums Unchained
12Bums Unchained
13Cabbagetown: 3 Women-programs, papers
14Cabbagetown: 3 Women-correspondence
15Cabbagetown: 3 Women-news articles
25Cabbagetown: 3 Women-screenplay, light cues, notes, and photographs
OS Folder
3ACabbagetown Reunion Festival poster, 1990
OS Folder
4ACabbagetown Festival poster, 1978
316Caligula/Van Gogh
18Chekhov in Yalta
19Children of Pride- programs, schedules, production specifications
20Children of Pride- photos
21Children of Pride- The Courtship of Carrie Davis
22Children of Pride- The Courtship of Mary Jones
23Children of Pride- The Courtship of Mary Jones (annotated script)
24Children of Pride- The Night Season and other plays
41Children of Pride- agenda, minutes, contact sheets, props, costumes
2Children of Pride- costs
3Children of Pride- technical aspects
4Children of Pride- actor's equity and schedules
5Children of Pride- auditions, 1985
6Children of Pride- auditions, 1985
7Children of Pride- press
8Children of Pride- correspondence, 1972-1985 June
9Children of Pride- correspondence, 1985 June-1986 November
10Chinaberry Seasons
11A Christmas Carol
12Cold Sassy Tree
13Come and Go
14Copse of Green Cane- original manuscript
15The Crucible
16Dame Ethel Smith
17Dancing at Lughnasa
18The Daughter-in-Law
OS Folder
3AThe Daughter-in-Law poster
419Dear Love
51-2Dear Love
3Death of a Salesman
4Disappearing Act
5The Lilly Endowment/CETL Colloquia
6The Displaced Person
7The Displaced Person- script, Act I
8The Displaced Person- script, Act II
9The Dracula
10Dylan Thomas at the BBC
11The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
OS Folder
1AAn Encounter with Lillian Smith (2 flyers)
14Eudora Welty Centennial Lecture, 2009
15An Evening with Miss Daisy Other Notable Women (and a few good men)
16A Family Affair
17The Festival
20Flannery- Brenda Bynum/Sally Adair correspondence, 1984 May-1985 June
21Flannery- Brenda Bynum/Sally Adair correspondence, 1985 July-1988 June
22Flannery- letters (program, correspondence)
23Flannery- articles
179Flannery O'Connor
524The Flowering Peach
OS Folder
1AFoxfire poster
62Fowl Play
3Frog Mountain Tall
4Full Frontal Absurdity
5Gal Baby
6Gal Baby- correspondence, articles
7Gal Baby- script 1/2
8Gal Baby- script 2/2
9Garden of Delights
10A Georgian at Princeton
11Getting Out
11Good People
12Grandmother's Drawer
13The Greeks: Sound and Fury
14Hadda Gabler
15Happy Days
1710Hecuba - program, photographs, exhibit
18Hello and Goodbye
19Henry V
20High Standards
22The Hostage
23The Hotel Baltimore
24Hornblend, photographs from play, 1966
25How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
OS Folder
1AHow to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
71Howard Finster
2I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road
3John Gabriel Borkman
3Jordan is So Chilly
1711Jordan is So Chilly - correspondence, press
12Jordan is So Chilly - script
OS Folder
3AJordan is So Chilly poster
74Jumping Off
5Jumping Off- scripts
6Juno and the Paycock
8Kennedy's Children
OS Folder
3AKennedy's Children poster
79The Lady and the Poet
10Learning to Dance
11A Lesson from Aloes
12-13Let's Talk about AIDS
14Let's Talk about AIDS- script
OS Folder
5ALet's Talk about AIDS poster
1713Helen Lewis - notes, press
715The Little Foxes
16Little Grey Bushes
17Little Joe Monoghan
18Little Joe Monoghan- script
81Little Joe Monoghan
OS Folder
1ALittle Joe Monoghan poster
3Married Life
4Measure for Measure
5-6A Medieval Anthology: Words and Music
7A Midsummer Night's Dream
7Moonlight (staged reading)
8Mothers and Sons
9Mr. Universe/Belles Ives
10-12Mr. Universe- script
13Mrs. John Marsh
14My Brother, Mac Hyman
15My Heart is Still Shaking
16My Heart is Still Shaking- correspondence
17-18My Heart is Still Shaking- script
91My Heart is Still Shaking- articles
2The Mysterious Father
3Noises Off
OS Folder
4ANoises Off poster
94-5Notional Women
OS Folder
1ANotional Women posters (2)
8The Oriki of the Grasshopper
9Other People's Money
10Patio Porch
11People Are Living There
14-16A Place with the Pigs
OS Folder
1AA Place with the Pigs poster
917As Plain as the Stone of Plum
18Plath-Browning presentation
21Ponce de Leon: The Play
101Ponce de Leon: The Play- script
2Ponce de Leon: The Play- production, business, publicity
OS Folder
2APonce de Leon: The Play poster
103Prince of Tides
4The Provok'd Wife
5Remedial Swamp
6The Renaissance Repetory
7-9The Road to Mecca
OS Folder
2AThe Road to Mecca poster
1010Romanoff and Juliet
11The Rope Dancers
12Royal Gambit
13Sandberg, Yes!
14Schools for Wives
15Shattered Patterns
16Shirley Valentine
17Six Characters in Search of an Author
18A Sleep of Prisoners
19Soldier's Tale
20Spoken For- a concert drawn from the works of Eudora Welty
111Spoken For- a concert drawn from the works of Eudora Welty
2A Stain on the Silence
3The Staircase Group
4Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act
5-7The Subject Tonight is Love
8Sylvia: A Dramatic Portrait of Sylvia Plath
OS Folder
3ASylvia: A Dramatic Portrait of Sylvia Plath poster
9Things Don't Stay Fixed
10Through the Keyhole
12Translated Insight: An Issue of Censorship
13-14The Trojan Women
15-16Twelfth Night
17Two Masters
OS Folder
2ATwo Masters poster
1118Under Milkwood
19Vaclav Hotel on the Good Ship Lollipop
121The Vagina Monologues
2-4The Voices of Pride
OS Folder
2AThe Voices of Pride poster
125Waiting for Godot
6What Every Woman Knows
7"What Year is This" Eudora Welty reading
8White Devil/The Tempest
9Who's Happy Now
11Women in View: Uncommon Women and Others
OS Folder
6APhotos from unidentified play
1714Lost Southern Voices - reading, 2018
15Southern Folk Passion - reading, 2017-2019
16Southern Writers on Stage, 2017
1"Furry Curry" - Trophy for Best Ensemble Cast Work - The Beckett Project - Coke bottle with pom pom
2Crucial stage prop from Alliance Theater production of "Good People", 2013
OS Folder
8Posters (2) - Escape, Interviewee - Dekalb College Fine Arts Theater
Poster reproduction - Hecuba - signed by cast mates
OS Folder
9Display Panels - Hecuba featuring Brenda Bynum

4. Television projects

1212Margaret Mitchell Documentary- contract, news
13Margaret Mitchell Documentary- treatment
14Margaret Mitchell Documentary- script
15Margaret Mitchell Documentary- Brenda Bynum voiceover
16The Reader's Playhouse
17The Sharpshooters

5. Organizations, events, festivals

1316th Annual Food Foodraiser: Writes of Spring
213th Annual Jennie Awards, 1995
314th Street Playhouse
4Academy Theater
5Agnes Scott Writers' Festival
6Alliance Theater
7Alliance Theater (Interns)
8Amnesty benefit
9Arts Alive (Atlanta Chamber of Commerce)
OS Folder
7AArts Festival of Atlanta
1310Atlanta Theater Coalition
11-12Atlanta Writers in Concert
13Beckett's 90th birthday
14Beckett/Atlanta festival
15-16Beckett letter launch
17The Beckett Project
18-20Year of Beckett, 2006
OS Folder
4ABeckett event posters
1321International Beckett festival, 1992
22The Beckett Circle newsletter
141Brave New Works
2Tribute to Joyce Brookshire
3Callenwolde Fine Arts Center
4Celebration of the Children of Pride
5Dekalb County Public Library
6Dramafest, 1992
8Emory- newsletters
9Emory- Theater Emory
OS Folder
5AEmory event posters
1410Every Saturday Club
11-12Fugard festival
13Georgia Abortion Rights Action League
14The Georgia Area Emmy Awards
1539th Georgia Author of the Year Awards, 2003
16Georgia Business and the Arts Awards, 1989
17Georgia Literary Festival
18Georgia Theatre Conference: 16th Annual Convention
19Georgia's Women in Numbers
1717Governor's Awards for the Humanities, 2017
1420Leadership Dekalb Cultural Arts Day
21Madison Morgan Cultural Center
22Mamet festival
22Mary Hutchinson lecture
23-24Meridian Herald (Southern Folk Passion)
151The Moliere festival
2New Play Project, 1979
3New Play Project, 1981
4New Play Project, 1982
5New Play Project, 1983
6New Play Project, 1984-1985, 1987
7New Play Project, 1979-1985
8New Play Project- clippings
9Peachtree Walk Theater and pub
10The Performance Gallery
25Pinter Fest, 2014
11The Prophet's Country: a celebration of the life and work of Flannery O'Connor
12Scholarly Books in America
13Seven Stages' Very Short Play Festival
14Southern Poets Theatre
15Southeastern Shakespeare Festival
OS Folder
7ASoutheastern Shakespeare Festival poster
1516The Southeastern Center of the Performing Arts
OS Folder
3AThalian Blackfriars
1517True Colors Theatre Company
18T.H.E. Theatre- expenses, contracts, news
19T.H.E. Theatre- financial correspondence
20Truett McConnell College
21Tuesday Discussion Group
21aTwelfth Night Revel, 14th Annual
22Unsung Heroine Awards/ Singing Unsung Stories
23Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND)
24Women, Chocolate, and the Arts fundraiser