Eugene P. Odum papers, Series 1. professional materials

Eugene P. Odum papers, Series 1. professional materials

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Odum, Eugene Pleasants, 1913-2002
Creator: Odum, Howard T., (Howard Thomas), 1924-2002
Creator: Odum, Howard Washington, 1884-1954
Title: Eugene P. Odum papers, Series 1. professional materials
Dates: 1910-2002
Quantity: 173.0 Linear feet 173 boxes, 5 oversize folders
Coll. Number: ms3257.Series1

Biographical/Historical Note

Eugene P. Odum (1913-2002) earned his Doctorate degree in Zoology from the University of Illinois in 1939 and in 1940 became an instructor in Biology at the University of Georgia. During the 1940s he founded the Institute of Ecology at the University of Georgia. In 2007 the Institute of Ecology was renamed as the Odum School of Ecology and was the first stand-alone academic unit of a research university to Ecology. Odum also founded two field research stations: the University of Georgia Marine Institute and the Savannah River Ecology Lab. In addition, Odum adopted and developed the term "ecosystem" and co-wrote a textbook Fundamentals of Ecology with his brother, Howard Thomas Odum, in 1953. By 1970, when the first Earth Day was organized, Odum's conception of the living Earth as a global set of interlaced ecosystems became one of the key insights of the environmental movement.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains papers regarding Eugene Odum's teaching and professional society activities, awards, publications, proposals, along with various manuscripts and reprints. it includes research materials connected with the UGA Institute of Ecology, artifacts, and photographs. Some of the highlights of the collection are artifacts from his research with birds and corals plus documentation of his interactions and influence on his colleagues in the field of Ecology. In addition, there are some materials relating to his father, Howard W. Odum, and his brother, Howard T. Odum’s, research.


The Eugene P. Odum Papers (ms3257 series 1) consists of 17 series. These are 1. Teaching Duties, 2. Professional Societies and Membership Activities, 3. Professional Awards and Honors, 4. Publications, 5. Proposals, 6. Professional Meetings, Symposia, Seminars, Conferences and Lecture Trips, 7. Various Manuscripts/Reprints, 8. University of Georgia Affairs, 9. UGA Institute of Ecology Administration, 10. Early UGA Ecology Work, 11. Institute of Ecology Research Sites, 12. Public Service, 13. Committee Reports and Studies, 14. Research Material and Raw Data, 15. Artifacts, 16. Odum Family Scientific Research and 17. Photographs.

Index Terms

Birds in art.
Ecological Society of America.
Ecology--History--20th century.
Enewetak Atoll (Marshall Islands)
Environmental policy.
Garden clubs.
Skidaway Island (Ga.)--History.
Universities and colleges--Faculty.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Administration.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Athens--Alumni and alumnae--Photographs.
University of Georgia. Faculty.
University of Georgia. Graduate School.
University of Georgia. Institute of Ecology.

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Eugene P. Odum papers, ms3257, Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


: 1. Teaching Duties

Subgroup 1.1.A UGA Course Materials
11Zoology 855 - Population Ecology, circa 1965
2Independent Study, 1975
3Independent Study, 1974
4Zoology 854-450, 1971
5Independent Study, 1973
6Biology 390, 1975
7Biology 390, 1973
8Biology 200, 1974
9Zoology 854-450, 1973
10Independent Study, 1973
11Ecology Lab - Field Manual
12Zoology 854, 1970
13Advanced Ecology, 1968
14Advanced Ecology, 1967
15Grad Studant Summer Programs, 1965
16Man and Enviornment
17Ecology Exam, 1959
18Ecology Class Sapelo Trip, 1961
19Ecology Class data ( 1961 )
20Ecology Class data ( 1962 )
21Ecology Class Data, 1965
22Ecology Class Data, 1964
23Physiological Ecology, 1964
24Zoology 353 Data, 1963
25Zoology 353 - Field Trips, 1951
26Zoology 353 - Student Work, 1956
27Ecology Class Data, 1960
28Sapelo Class Trip Reports, 1960-1970
29Ecology Class Data, 1955
30University of Michigan Ecology Class Data, 1957-1958
31Zoology 353 Quizzes, 1959
32Zoology 353, 1962
33Zoology Class - VA, 1941
34Zoology 353, 1956
35Zoology 353, 1966
36Ecology - Field Data, 1961
37Zoology 353 - Quizzez, 1953
38Zoology 353, 1957
39Ecology Class Data, 1954
40Zoology 353, 1953
41Zoology 353 - Lab Manual, 1962
42Zoology 450 Quizzes, 1970-1980
43Zoology 854 - Reading Notes, 1955
44Biology 10, 1941
45Zoology Seminar, 1955-1956
46Zoology 854-855 - Notes/Exams, 1953
21Zoster Study, 1961
2Zoology 307 Environment and Man, 1989
3Zoology 450-650 Exams
4Zoology 854 - PHysiology Ecology - Reference and Notes
5Zoology 854 - Phyysiology Ecology - Handouts
6Zoology 854 - Physiology Ecology - Student Reports
7Biol 302 - Poplulation and Community, Biol 390 - Independent Study, 1977
8Zool 857 - Pollution Ecology Seminar
9Zool 353 - Quizzes and Exams
10Zool 353 - Reference Data
11Zool 353 - Lecture Outlines -Review Outlines
12Zool 353 - References and Notes
13Zool 307 - Man and Environment, 1981
14Zool 307 - Man and and Environment, 1982
15Zool 307 - Man and Environment, 1983
16Zool 307 - Man and Environment, 1984
17Zool 307 - Man and Environment, 1985
18Handouts for Man and Environment
19General Education Curriculum,
20Mike SMith Summer Project, SREL, 1981
21Zool 450-650, 1976
22Zool 450-650, 1977
23Zool 450-650, 1978
24Zool 450/854 Principles of Ecology, 1972-1978
25Zool 450/854 Principles of Ecology Course Proposal; Dr. Golley's Ideas, 1974
26Ecology 100 Proposals, 1992
27Class Handouts
29ECL495 - EReprints for Class Use, 1996
30Ecology Teaching Course Outlined Lab Manuals
31Physiology of Succession Lecture - Microsuccession on Zostera
32Outline: Forest Ecology Short Course, 1995
33Marine Ecology Part 1 Lecture Notes, 1959-1961
34Biological Methods - Energy Flow Measurement
35Biological Methods - Factor of Measurement
36Biological Methods - Population Measurement
37Biological Methods - Culture Methods
38Biological Methods - Taxonomic Keys
39Biological Methods - Misc.
40Determinations, 1943-1953
41Notes and Abstracts: Papers and Books
31Class Grade Books, 1940-1960
2Class Grade Books, 1960-1978
3Class Duplications
4Zool 26 - Anatomy
5Zool 604 - Mammology Notes References
6Zool 604 - Mammology Quizzes
8Human Biology 2
9Zool 25
10Zool 25 601
11Student Work: Original Calorimeter Data Sheets - Migratory Birds
12Hicks: Panama Frozen Specimens and List Same Species from TV Tower
13Dave Johnston Vitae
14Deer Bone Marow Fat Data
15Progress Reports for Ecology Lab, 1965-1966
16Walker - Major Fatty Acids in Migrator Birds
17Bird Ash - Gross Beta Counts and WEights, 1961-1963
18Caldwelis Michigan TV Tower Data
19McIntyre - Cuckoo Fat Report
20Correspondance on Migratory Fat
21Bobolink Data by Kole following Giffords EXPS
22Resume - 2nd Soviet Conference on Orthinology
23Co-op Study Institute Statistic NC State
24Fat and Fat-Free Weights of Shore Birds
25Roger's Panama Trip and Hick's British Honduras Trip
26Palm Warblers - Fat Indices
27Notes on Ecosystems, Populations, Community
28Marine Ecology Research, 1957-1961
Odum's Students Work
6Student Theses
519Doc Candidates - NSFSEER Grant
18Dr. J. C. Dickinson, 1973
17J. Schubauer - Berigan
16Evelyn Sheer
14Joe Pechmann Thesis
13Anderson Heaton Advisory Commaittee
12Spider Removal by Weisber, 1976
11Henry E. Rogue
10Sudent Counsiling and Applications
15Lois K. Miller
9Homer Sharp's Thesis
8Dela Cruz Thesis
7Zool 450-854 Class Bibliographies, 1974
6Michael A. Patelle
5Student Work
4Professional Training Courses or Non-UGA Courses
1Students Post Grad Newspaper Clippings
3Student's Vitae Directroy, 1970
2Thesis Directed by Odum
440Classifies Fat Data - Birds - Duplicates
39Data Used In Adipose Tissue Review Paper
38NIH Site Visit, 1963
37Connell Data - Hummingbirds
36Dan Kearns MS Program
35Student Papers - Old Fields and Fly - ash dumps
34Grad Student Reports and Seminars, 1955-1965
33David Copps Thesis, 1989
32Carolyn Thomas Data - North Oconee River, 1975-1976
31W. Anderson Class Notes, 1959
30Grad Student Advisory Committees
29Tae Yoon Park - MS Program
28Kuenzier Original Figures
27Deborah Stinner
26T. R. Seastedt
25Michael Paul Petelle
24Joe H. K. Pechmann
23Joseph M. Meyers
22Prelim Questions
21J. Douglas Oliver
20Robert G. Herman
19Paul F. Hendrix
18Theodore J. Georgian
17Mary L. Pitts
16Bakelaar's PHD Thesis
15Lawrence Joseph Biever
14Misc. Student Work
13Armando De Lacruz's Papers
12Yount - Energy Flow Lygosoma
11Siobdkin - MS for Ecology
10Lech Ryzokowski Fat Analysis, 1962
8Connell - Raw Data - Schistocerca
9Connell - Raw Data - Paridae
7Connell - Raw Data - Mice
6Ann Young, 1968
5Cross Thesis - Arthopods
4Steve Johnson Thesis Data Lipid Studies
3Tarpley Dissertation 2 Copies
2Van Gresen Study - Old Growth Natl Area Married Housing and UGA Campus
1Student Intern Study Program: Water Supply Survey Rural Madison County, 1971
7Student Theses
8Student Theses
Recommendation Letters
91Joe Hamilton
2Deborah Stinner Thesis
3Barret Valley Graduate Program
4Tae Yoon Park's MS Thesis, 1987
5Student Recommendations, 1971-1984
6Student Letter of Rec, 1990-1999
7Student Letter of Rec, 1980-1990
8Student Letter of Rec, 1980-1990
8Student Letter of Rec, 1966-1970
9Staff Recommendation
10Student Letter of Rec, 1991-2001
11Student Letter of Rec, 1986-1990
12Student Letter of Rec, 1980-1985
13Student Letter of Rec, 1967-1969
Stoddard-Sutton-Burleigh Award
2GA Ornithology Society Research Grants
3SSB Awards, 1979-1985
4Publicatiosn of J.C. Haney
5Kearn's and Pearson's Applications for SSB, 1985
6Swiderek's Applications for SSB, 1986
7SSB Awards - Checks, Request Forms, and Certificates
8SSB Awards - Wentworth and De Santo, 1987
9SSB Awards, 1988
10SSB Awards, 1989
11SSB Awards, 1990
12SSB Awards, 1992

2. Professional Societies and Membership Activities

111National Academy Sciences sect. 63 - Straw Ballots
2Restruction of sect. 27
3PNAS – Papers recommended
4NAS announcements and elections
5NAS Business, 1984–1985
6NAS – Preparing for the 21st Century: Educational Imperative, 1997
7PNAS Editorial Board, 1997
8Nominations for NAS and straw ballot
9NAS section of population Biology, Evolution and Ecology
10PNAS Editorial Board
Review of NRC Report, Research fro environmental and Econ Sustainability, 1993
12Climate Changes Report and reviewed for NRC-NAS
13NAS nominations update
14NAS nomination for Ron Pullian
15R.B. Meagher et al manuscript submitted for PNAS and forms, 1999
16Warner, Fitt, Schmidt - Coral reef bleaching submitted to PNAS
17Review of NRC – Panel Report ( 1994 )
18NAS, 1993-1994
19NAS directory Material, 1990
20NAS Membership –by the by Sections, 2001
21“soft” science vs. “hard” Science: NAS controversy of Huntington Nomination
22NAS Nomination H.T. Odum
23New sect. 63 NAS
24El nino and La nina – Color maps
25NAS, 1984
26NAS nominating
27Wetzel – NAS Nomination
28Jansend Yoshimura MS Recommended for PNAS, 1995
29Chesser et al paper preview
121Mel Dyers Paper for PNAS
2Rugh etal Papers
3NAS Sect. 27 Straw ballots and other business
4NAS Sect. 27 Straw ballots and other business
5Jansend Yoshimaru Article for PNAS, 1998
6Avise-Helfman, Saunders and Hale MS for PNAS, 1985
7Damien etal MS for PNAS
8McArthur Kovack, Smith MS, 1988
9Mark Hunters paper for PNAS
10Golley Biographical Sketch
11Careers in Ecology – ESA brochure, 1985
12ESA’s Sustainable Biosphere, 1990
13Odum: ESA President’s report, 1966
14ESA Public Affairs office – Washington
15Poster at 75th Anniversary meeting of ESA
16ESA research agenda committee
18Barrett Vitae for AAAS
19AAAS Nominating Committee
20AAAS Nominating Committee
21AAAS Nominating Committee
16613Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (The Ohio State University) illustration, 1997 May

3. Professional Awards and Honors

131Educator of the year award, 1983
2The notables: imaginative Georgians, 1985
3Editorial, Greensboro Daily News, 1982
4Illini Achievement Award, 1982
5Illini Alumni Achievement Award, 1982
6Certificate of Appreciation: Ecological Society of America, 1982
7Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medals Garden Club of America Award, 1981
8U.S. Dept Interior: Conservation Service Award, 1980
9Honorary Degree Hofstra University, 1980
10Association South Eastern Biologist Meritorious Teaching Award, 1979
11AIBS Distinguished Service Award, 1978
12Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1979
13Alumni Faculty Service Award GA Center, 1978
14Honorary ember, Southeastern Estuarine Research Society, 1978
15Distinguished Alumnus Award: University of North Carolina, 1978
16Blue Key Award, 1977
17Tribute by Representative Doug Barnard in Congressional Record, 1977
18Conservationist of the Year Award: GA Wildlife Federation, 1976
19Dedication : ecology Building, 1977
20The Odum Challenge, 1977-1978
21Gold Seal Award Nat’l Council of State Garden Clubs Pittsburg, 1976
22Resolution expressing appreciation Contribution, 1976
23Tyler Award, Washington D.C., 1977
24Various Awards
25Feature Article in Envirosouth: A southern Profile, 1977
26Tyler Award: Letters Congratulatory
27Tyler Award Reception, 1977
28GA Scientist of the Year Award, 1968
29NSF Senior Fellowship, 1956
30Delegate: Fist Atoms for peace Conference Geneva, 1955
31Michael Award UGA, 1945
32UGA Sigma X: Chapter Petition, 1945
33L’Institude De La Vie Award, 1975
34Alumni Foundation Professorship, 1957
35Mercer Award: Ecological Society of America
36Jimmy Carter Inauguration, 1976
141Odum Retirement Letters, Papers, Publicity, 1984
2Photos: Odum’s Birthday & Retirement Party, 1984
3Live Oak Tree, Odum Tribute, 1984
4Retirement News, Stories, and Festivities, 1984
5Letters on Occasion of Retirement, 1984
6Directory of Odum’s Students
7List of Contributions to Institute Endowment fund, 1984-1985
8Reunion Brunch, 1984
9UGA Bicentennial, Dedication of Ecology building, 1985, 1977
10Newspaper Clipping, Letters, and Certificates, 1985, 1977
151The Tyler Prize
2Photos: Tyler Award Reception, 1977
3Application Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award, 1985
4Eugene P. Odum Award of Southeastern Chapter Ecological Society of America
5Crafoord Prize
6Election to National Academy of Science, 1970
7Odum Testimonial Symposium, Banquet, 1970
8Callaway Professorship, 1973
9American Academy of Arts & Sciences: elected Fellow, 1973
10UGA Affairs: Distinguished Service Award, 1971
11American Institute of Architects Award for Environmental Conservation, 1971
12Outstanding Educator of America, 1971
13UGA President’s aub, 1975
14Beta Gamma Sigma, 1975
15Eminent Ecologist Award, 1974
16The New Ecology: Address Awarding Institute De La Vie Prize, 1975
17GA Garden Club Award, 1975
18Tyler Award Clippings, 1977
19Lucy Justus Article, 1975
20Congratulatory Letters: L’Institute de la vie Award
21Society Conservation Biology: Distinguished Service Award, 2001
22ESA’s Odum Award for Excellence in Ecology Education, 1999-2000
23Georgians of the Century: GA trends Magazine, 2000
24Honorary Degree: Doctor of Science Univ. San Francisco, 1999
25100 Southerners – Millennium Ballot Atlanta Const., 1999
26Alec Little Environmental Award, 1999
27Odum Environmental Awards for Schools, 1999
28Honorary Degree Doctor of Science Ohio State Univ., 1997-1999
29Intl Symposium, Salt Marsh Ecology – Presentation Pioneering Research, 1998
30Distinguished Service Award: Intl Assoc. Landscape Ecology, 1988
31Presentation: 1st Odum Award for Lifetime Achievement Estuarine Federation, 1998
32Estuarine Federation Lifetime Achievement Award named in honor of the 3 Odums, 1997
33Lifetime Achievement Award: GA Environmental Council, 1997
34Honorary Doctor Honor’s Causa Universidat del valle de Guatemala, 1996
35GA Conservancy Awards Banquet, Fernbank Museum, 1994
36Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness Award, 1994
37Abraham Baldwin Award, 1991
38Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Award, 1994
39Ecology Celebration: The Ecol. Institute as a school, Odum 80th Birthday, 1993
40SETAC-ABC Labs Environmental Education Award, 1992
41University System Research Award: Environmental Science, 1992
42Reception Honoring Odum’s 50 years of Service to UGA, 1990
43Honorary Degree Doctor of Humane Letters Univ. of N. Carolina-Asheville, 1990
44Earl Greene Memorial Award: GA Ornithological Society, 1984
45Distinguished Associate Award: U.S. Dept of Energy, 1985
46The Eugene Odum Coastal Conservation Award Sierra Club, 1985
47The Eugene Odum Award for Excellence in Public Service Assoc State Wetland
48Managers, 1989
49Chevron Conservation Award, 1989
50Silver Trout Award: Trout unlimited, 1989
51Trustee Spotlight Nature Conservancy in Georgia, 1989
52Special Achievement Award: GA Environmental Council, 1985
53The Crafoord Prize: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1987
54Silver Bicentennial Medallion UGA, 1984
SRCrafoord Medallion, 1987
15134Annual Blue Key Alumni Banquet-award winner, 1977
1607Two-millionth telephone presented to Eugene Odum (pamphlet), 1970 November
8Golden Key National Honor Society-honorary charter member, 1978
9Georgia Wildlife Federation-Conservationist of the Year, 1976 April 3-4
30The Phi Sigma Award, 1964
31Society for Conservation Biology Distinquished Service Award (correspondence), 2001 September 3
1613National Wildlife Federation-Patron of Conservation certificate, 1957
4WSB radio 750 Award certificate, 1976 April 3
5The Garden Club of Georgia Certificate of Merit, 1974-1975
6The Bronze Circle plaque, 1997
7America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals plaque, 2002-2003
8Earle R. Green Memorial Award plaque, 1984
9Tribute plaque, 1984 August 15
10Benjamin Minge Duggar Lecturer plaque, 1969 February 25-27
11Fundacion Defensores de la Naturaleza plaque, 1996 November 21
12Chevron Conservation Award plaque, 1989 May 17
13Annual Blue Key Award plaque, 1977 October 7
14Citizen's for Nuclear Technology Awareness plaque, 1994 November 7
15The Academy of Natural Sciences plaque, 1998 April 5-9
16Georgia Environmental Council Lifetime Achievement Award plaque, 1997
17AIBS Distinguished Service Award plaque, 1978
1621Lexington Who's Who Member plaque, 1999-2000
2University System Research Award-Environmental Science plaque, 1992
1631La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, 1966
2Georgia Science and Technology Commission Citation for Distinguished Service
3The American Academy of Arts and Sciences certificate, 1975
4Universidad San Francisco de Quito certificate, 1999 June 5
5The State of Georgia appointed member, Ocean Science Center of the Atlantic Commission certificate, 1970 January 5
6The Center for Humanities and Arts and the Environmental Ethics plaque, 1997 November 13
7United States Department of Energy Distinguished Associate Award plaque, 1984 November
1641The State of Georgia Member, Preservation 2000 Advisory Council certificate, 1991 May 21
2University of North Carolina in recognition of his loyalty to Alma Mater certificate, 1984 May 13
3The Georgia Planning Association Certificate of Appreciation Goals for Georgia, 1972 January 27
4The Chancellor and Members of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia certificate, 1985
5The Ecological Society of America Certificate of Appreciation, 1982 August 10
6United States Department of the Interior Conservation Service Award certificate, 1980 October 21
7The University of North Carolina certificate, 1978 October 12
8William D. Ruckelshaus certificate, 1972 July 1
9The United States of America member, National Advisory Board for Sport, Fisheries and Wildlife certificate, 1971 July 1
10Prix de L'Institut de la Vie Fondation Electricite de France certificate, 1975 June 18
11Trout Unlimited the Silver Trout Award for Distinguished Service to Conservation certificate, 1989 May 12
12In Appreciation The Georgia Conservancy certificate, 1988
1623The Garden Club of America-Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medal certificate, 1981
4Life Member of the Nature Conservancy certificate, 1977
5Universidad San Francisco de Quito Doctor of Science certificate, 1999 June 5
1651Cobb County Georgia Symposium Certificate of Appreciation plaque, 1972 April
2By the Governor of the State of Georgia A Proclamation, 1994 October 21
3Certificate of Appreciation-City of Atlanta, 1994 November
4The Trustees of Hofstra University Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa, 1980
9The Alec Little Environmental Award plaque, 1999 April
1626Proclamation saluting Eugene P. Odum
7University of Georgia and Alumni Society Special Alumni/Faculty Service Award certificate, 1978 April 22
8The Geological Society of America-The Eminent Geologist Award certificate, 1974
9University of Georgia Heritage Society certificate, 1994 May 6
10University of Georgia Extension Service-Global Food Web Youth Conference certificate, 1990
11American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow certificate, 1975 May 14
12International Association of Landscape Ecology-Distinguished Service Award certificate, 1998 March 19
13The British Ecological Society-Honorary Membership certificate
14Georgia College at Milledgeville-Distinguished Service Award certificate, 1971 May 5
15Sphinx Club certificate, 1977
16The Georgia Conservancy annual meeting certificate, 1997 March 1
17University of Illinois Doctor of Philosophy certificate, 1939 June 12
18The Society for Conservation Biology-Distinguished Schievement Award certificate, 2001 August 1
19Athens City Tennis Championships certificate, 1969
20The Ohio State University salutes certificate, 1999 March 19
21The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service-Global Food Web Youth Conference certificate, 1991
22The Southeastern Museums Conference-Publication Design Competition Silver Award certificate
23The Ohio State University salutes, 1997 June 13
24The Board of Governors of Nature Conservancy-Governor Emeritus certificate
25Dabbler in radio-isotope procedure certificate
26Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakamien certificate, 1987 September 23
27"More than knowledge" certificate
1661The State of Georgia appointment to Stone Mountain Toll Road Study Commission certificate, 1972 October 20
2Academy of Sciences of the United States of the United States of America certificate, 1970 April 28
3Outstanding Achievement in Management of Georgia's Natural and Environmental Resources certificate, 1987 June 5
5University of Georgia Research Foundation Certificate of Recognition, 1983
6Proclamation, certificate issued by State of Georgia upon retirement, 1984 September 17
7The Illini Achievement Award certificate, 1982 May 16
8The University of North Carolina at Asheville Doctor of Humane Letters, 1990 May 12
9The United States Environmental Protection Agency Tribute of Appreciation certificate
10The Maharishi Award certificiate, 1977 December 18
11The State of Georgia appoints Member, Citizens Environmental Council certificate, 1971 June 9
16228One Hundred and Eleventh Commencement-University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign program (Alumni Association Achievement Award), 1982 May 16
29Photographs (and other materials) from the presentation of the Tyler Award (Pepperdine University), 1977 April-May
1685Note-Fundacion Ecologica de Cuixmala, A.C.
6The Ecological Society-Georgia Mercer Award, 1956 August 27
1721The Ohio State University Doctor of Science, honoris causa diploma, 1999 March 19
4Science Honors Night-Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1968
5University Club-The Institute of Ecology, 1970 November 13
6Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professors, 1960s
7City of Athens- correspondence about George Mercer Award, 1956

4. Publications

161Agro ecology
4Radiation Ecology: CH 14 2nd ed. + CH 17 3rd ed.
5Migratory Bird Fat Studies: Odum, Students, 1949-1970, 1993
6UGA Research Reporter, 1975
7A New Economy
8The Big Picture
9The Field Station as Proving Ground, 1981
10Wetland Values and Need for Environmental Awareness
11Proposed Book: Ecosystem Health: An Overview
12White House Staff Report, 1969
13Proposal to Science Magazine for Essay. Science Society, 1998
14Basic Ecosystem – level concepts paper, 1991
15Ecological Vignettes
16Essays Originally Chapters in “Our Big House”
17Our Big House: Understanding Ecology
18Effects of Logging on Bird and Mammal Populations Highlands, 1941
19Unpublished Manuscripts
20Emerging New Concepts in Environ Science, 1989
21Habitat Formula, 1940
22Value of Wetlands Journal, 1985
23Proposed Volume by Odum’s Students
24Ecosystems: Benchmark Series, 1984
171Publisher Info
2Are We Ready for the Ecozoric Age
3The Sun Also Sets
4Our Big House
4.2Our Big House drafts
5Illustrations: Ecological Vignettes
6Ecological Vignettes
7Ecological Vignettes page proofs
8Ecological Vignettes letters with publishers
10Ecological Vignettes published, 1998
11Ecological Vignettes previews/ newspapers
181Ecological Vignettes: Part 2 Essays – Originals
2Ecological Vignettes
3Ecological Vignettes
4Shrubs for Campus Planting
5Principles of Agriculture
6Working Papers
7Birds of the Okefenokee Earle Green
8History of Jackson Lake by Homer F. Sharp Jr.
9Charles Wharten on Southern Appalachians
10Essays and Environmental Policy
11Ecology Editorial Board
12Development of Complex Systems by Fellows
13Reviews of Manuscripts
14Reviews of Manuscripts
15Fruit quality for Birds: references
16Reversed Latitudinal Diversity
17Diversity and the Survival of the Ecosystem
18Intros and Forwards by Odum
19Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Management: Preface and Chapter, 1999
20Odum’s Essays and Manuscripts
21Tests for Environmental Literacy
191Odum’s Essays
2Habitat Selection
3This is Worth Our Best
4Turning Points in the History of the Institute of Ecology, 1997
5Ecosystem Theory manuscript for Environmental Encyclopedia
6Revision: McGraw Hill Encyclopedia articles on Ecology
7A plea for Shrubbery on campus and urban planning
8Law Articles
9Summary: 2 Papers in Outgrass Wetlands
10Tracer Study: One year field
11Croker’s manuscript on Shelford
12Inter. Journey Ecological Modeling and Engineering
13Comparison Energy Density GA Counties: James and Odum
14A dye study of Intl water flow in a tidal marsh
15Publications: EPA Supported microcosm research Grant
16Reviews: Microcosms as test systems, 1980
17Microcosm Matrix – Quarterly reports, 1978-1980
18Microcosms pre-proposal to EPA Corrallis, 1981
19Microcosm Bibliography
20Microcosm manuscript
21EPA Microcosms Project summary, 1987
22EPA Microcosm Grant Budget Sheet
201Chapman’s Wet Coastal Formations, Book in Ecosystem of World Series
2Odum’s Essays: Chronological Order
3Total Indices for Evaluating Environmental Impact
4Adipose tissue in migratory birds
5Okefenokee breeding birds papers
6Southward Invasion of GA revisited
7Southward Invasion of GA revisited
8Trends in Landscape Ecology
9Breeding Bird Populations of the Okefenokee Swamp, 1979-1980
10The Values of the Tidal Marsh, 1973
211List of Odum’s Publications
2Odum Reprints in Chronological Order
3Savannah River Study
4Odum Reprints on the Wetlands
5Regionalism as the Landscape Ecology of the future
6Odum Reprints
7Forward for Liud Taylor’s Book
8Roundtable on environmental Health Services, 2001
9Redesigning Industrial Agriculture, 2002
10Intro: Southeaster naturalist, 2002
11Commentary: The Cybernetics of Growth and Developing, 2001
12Horseshoe Bend Research
13Revised: Encyclopedia of the Environment, 2001
15The Techno Ecosystem, 2000
16The Y-21-K Essay, 2001
17Introduction: Conference on Ecology as tool in Taxonomy, 1997
18A Biographical Dictionary of American Environment Leaders, 2000
19Forest as ecosystems, 2001
20Leaf Fall Paper - Revised, 2001
21Preface: Methods in Ecosystem Science, 1999
22Manuscripts Reviewed
23Reduced Tillage, Water, Fertilizer and Pesticide Usage Vegetable Garden
24HOLT – Highlands Breeding Bird Census, 1993
25Pulliam Etal. – Population trends of Some Warbler and Sparrow Species
221162 Diversity and the Forest And Ecosystem
2N-cycling conventional and No0till agro ecosystem
3161 Review: Disturbance and Ecosystems by Mooney and Gordon, 1984
4160 Properties of Agro ecosystem, 1984
5159 Nutrient budgets and internal cycling of N, P, K, Ca and Mg
6Nutrient Losses From sandy soils During Old – Field Succession
7157 Nutrient uptake by Vegetation in Relation to other ecosystem Processes
8156 Wetlands and Their Values, 1983
9155 Comp. of Giant cutgrass prod. In tidal and impounded marsh
10154 Micro cosmology: Introductory Comments
11153 Cadmium in aquatic microcosm, 1982
12152 effects of stress on the trajectory of eco. Succession
13151 Cybernetic nature of ecosystems, 1984
14Microcosms as test systems for the ecological effects of toxic substance, 1981
15149 Revival of Non-laboratory science, 1987
16148 Alternatives for sustained use of resources and conservation of tropical forests
17147 a functioning classification of wetlands
18146 ecosystem profile analysis a performance curves as tools for assessing environment at
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5. Proposals


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14The Savannah River and its Environs, 1987 December
15Tenth International Botanical Congress, 1964 August
16Biophysical Society, 1967 February
17The American Physiological Society Proceedings, 1949 September
18Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, 1955 August
19Symposium on Radioecology, 1969 March
581Symposuim on Radioecology, 1967 May
2Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, June 1990
591Professional Meetings, Symposia, Seminars
2Soil Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function Outline
3Engineer Found. Conference- Impact Analysis
4High School Science
5Biology Teachers conference
6Conference on radioactive isotopes in agriculture- invited paper
7Scripps Conference
8Scripps Symposium
9Scripps Symposium, 1956 March
10Meeting, 1954-1955
11Energy Flow in Ecosystem, 1959
12VP John Energy Balance Conference Notes: Assorted Speeches, 1960-1969
13VP John Energy Balance Conference Notes: Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission, 1960 September
14Energy in Living Systems, 1962 February 5
15AEC Report on Japan Trip
16Evaluating Japanese Ecology
17Invite Lecture in Japan Soc. Advice, Science, and Ecology, 1962 April- May
18Population Pressure and its effect on human ecology in Japan, 1963 January
19Ecological Effects of pest control, 1963 April 23
2016th international Congress of Zoology and AIBS Meeting, 1963 August 20-21
21Marine Institute TV Program, 1965 January 20
22Distinguished Lectureship in Agriculture- Michigan State university, 1966
23Needed: A SE Regional Council for Quality Environment
24GA Game and Fish- Oyster Culture, 1968
25Cunning Hall Dedication- Kent State, 1968 November
26American Association of School Administration, 1969 May
27International Symposium on Statistical Ecology, 1969 August
28Lecture at Environment Engineering Seminar Outline, 1969 October 21
29The Cuyahoga River Watershed, 1968 November 1
30Creative Conservation for Life and Living, 1968 August 18-21
31Nuclear Power in the South, 1970 September 22
32Biological Evaluations of Environmental Impacts
33Advances in Marine Environmental Research, 1979 September
34IV International Congress of Ecology, 1986 August 10-16
35Geografia aplicada y desarrollo, 1998
36Southern University Conference, 1978
37Environmental Sciences Laboratory, 1979 February
38Coastal Ecosystems of the Southeastern US, 1981 February
601American society of agricultural engineers, 1970 February
2Management Executive Society, 1970 April 11
3Dedication address- Jacob Lab, 1970 May 30
4Press relase Athens Recycling, 1971 February
6Georgia Association of Colleges, 1971 August
7Atlanta Audobon Society, 1971 December
8Evaluating Total Impact of Highways, 1972 March 7
9Educational TV Discussion, 1973 March 9
10Land use and Limits of Growth, 1973 February 13
11Testimony at the Governor's Energy in Agriculture Hearings, 1973
12GA Conservancy Meeting, 1973 March
13Engineering Foundation Conference, 1973 August
14Discussant- Proceedings of Symposuim- Monsanto, Colorado, 1973
15Environmental Impact of Nuclear Energy, 1973 November
16Emory university lecture, 1975 April
17Institute de la vie, 1975 June
18Legislative Work Council, 1975 August
19Presidential Domestic Council, 1975 October
20Seminar on Economic Quality of Life in GA, 1976 March
21Congressional Hearings- Energy Policy, 1976 March
22Alumni Seminar, 1977 April
23Tyler Award Address, 1977 May 23
24Narrangasett EPA Lab Dedication, 1977 June
252nd International Conference on Environment's Future, 1977 June
26Wetland Values, 1977 June
27Athens Rotary, 1978 January
28National Symposium on Wetland Values, 1978
29American Institute Bioscience Symposium, 1978
30Southern University Conference, 1978
31Harmonius Tech. Seminar, 1978 March
32Strategies and Plans for Improving Management of Resources
33Conference on Water Resources for General Assembly, 1979 December 11
34Transcript: Tape of Address, 1978 November
35The Sandy Creek Nature Center, 1979 March
36Excessive Duplicates
37Proceedings Fish and Wildlife Values of the Estuarine Habitat, 1973 June
38Forests for People, 1977
39White House Public Forum on Domestic Policy, 1975 October 29
40Ecological and Radioecological investigations at the AEC Savannah River Plant, 1965 July
41Semicentennial Celebration Proceedings: The University of Michigan Biological Station, 1959 June
42Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, 1960 September
43Symposium on the role of trees in the south's urban environment, 1971
611Water Quality Conference, 1985 November 7-8
2Earth Day Talk Athens, 1980 April
3Bottom Land Hardwood Workshop Report, 1980 June
4SOTAB- Scott Dedication, 1981 January
5Farmers Home Administration's (FHA) Environmental Workshop, 1984 February
6Luncheon Address- Business Administration Alumni, 1980 February 18
7Homer Sharp's Intro, 1981 February 3
8Odum Speeches
9Speech Outlines
10Costa Rica Trip (Did not go), 1985 March 12
11The "Noteables", 1983
12Top- down Management
13Pocosins conference, 1980 January 3-4
14SOTAB Symposium, 1980 January 11
15UGA Foundation Dinner, 1980 January 15
16DOE Advisory Meeting, 1980 January 17-18
17EPA Luncheon, 1980 January 30
18Phi Delta Kappa, 1980 February 4
19Odum's Remarks: Alumni Visit, 1980 February 15
20Foundation Board of Trustees, 1980 February 15
21Coastal Ecosystem Workshop, 1980 February 18-22
22Sea Grant College Award, 1980 March 28
23California State University, 1980 April 11
24Seagrant Communications Conference, 1980 April 16
25College Business Administration Alumni Luncheon, 1980 April 18
26Law School Lecture, 1980 April 21
27Earth Day, 1980 April 22
28Heritage Conservation Award, 1980 May 2
29Conservation foundation (did not attend), 1980 May 8
30Hofstra University Honorary Degree, 1980 May 19
31Lindbergh Award Dinner, 1980 May 20
32Bottomland Hardwoods Workshop and Wetland, 1980 June 1-5
33Meadow Creek Project, 1980 June 10-12
34DOE Meeting (Did not attend), 1980 July 28-29
35NoN- Lab Science: Walton Lecture, 1980 August 1
36Soil Conservation Society, 1980 August 4
37NASA Space ERL- Review, 1980 August 21
38Nutrient Cycling in Agriculture, 1980 September 21-26
39UGA Foundation Fall Meeting, 1980 October 2-5
40GA Ornithological Society, 1980 October 11
41DOE Meeting (Did not attend), 1980 October 15-17
42Interior Dept. Award, 1980 October 21
43Southern Tech, 1980 October 23
44Dynamic of Lotic Ecosystems, 1980 October 20-22
45Governor's conference, 1980 November 6
46Clemson University, 1980 November 13
47SOTAB Program, 1981 January 16
48Atlanta Environmental Symposium, 1981 January 27-28
49UGA Foundation, 1981 February 21
50Lecture: Oxford student series, 1981 February 3
51Sigma XI Dinner Emory, 1981 February 12
52Clyde Connel Lecture: Valdosta, 1981 April 3
53Audobon Society, 1981 April 10-11
54Corps of Engineers (did not attend), 1981 April 21-24
55Succession and Forest Ecology, 1981 April 25
56Scope Festival, 1981 May 2
57Lecture honorign retirement of Clyde Eugene Connell, 1981 March 3
58Emerging New Concepts in Environmental Science, 1981
59Garden Club of America Awards, 1981 May 6
60Belmont Colloquium, 1981 May 8-10
621UGa Foundation Trustees, 1981 May 11
2Future Environment of UGA, 1981 May 16
3Trip to Frank Smith Property, 1981 May 24
4The Conservation Foundation, 1981 May 26-27
5Endangered Species Meeting, 1981 June 1
6Natural Resources Division, Special Libraries, 1981 June 17
7University of Alabama Workshop (cancelled), 1981 June 2
8AAAS Meeting (did not attend), 1982 January 4
9Enform Workshop, 1981 July 8
10Okefenokee Swamp Filming, 1981 July 10-11
11Governor's Honors Program, 1981 July 21
12Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, 1981 July 28
13Non-game and Endangered Wildlife Symposium, 1981 August 13-14
14Huyck Preserve Anniversary, 1981 September 26-27
15Science South Focus Energy (TV show), 1981 September 30
16GA conservancy canoe trip, 1981 October 10
17Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETC) 2nd annual meeting, 1981 November 22-24
18Conservation Foundation, 1981 November 12-13
19Conservation Foundation Meeting (did not attend), 1982 November 10
20Consultant Trip to GA Pacific Marshlands, 1981 November 18
21International symposium (did not attend), 1982 November 22-27
22"Pecan Hill" symposium, 1982 January 22
23Environment and Pollution Conference, 1982 February 7-9
24Alumni Seminar, 1982 February 12-14
25Sigma XI Lecture, 1982 March 15
26Foundation Trustees Meeting, 1982 April 15-18
27Conservation Foundation, 1982 April 21
28National Academy of Sciences, 1982 April 25-28
29Illini Alumni Award, 1982 May 15-16
30Callaway Professors Meeting, 1982 June 1
31Coca Cola Luncheon, 1982 June 3
32Enform Workshop, 1982 June 29
33Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual visit, 1982 July 21
34AIBS- ESA Meeting, 1982 August 9-12
35Jimmy Carter Dinner, 1982 August 20
36Dedication- Cornell, 1982 September 8
37National Environmental Research Park (NERP) Symposium, 1982 September 13-14
38St. Catherine's Foundation Luncheon, 1982 October 5
39First Presbyterian Church, Breakfast Program, 1982 October 16
40The President's Club Bicentennial Fund, 1982 October 19
41Natural Forest Diversity Workshop, 1982 November 29
42National Wildlife Federal Awards Program, 1983 March 19
43GA conservancy trustees meeting, 1983 March 26-27
44Conservation Foundation, 1983 April 12-13
45Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensanada (CICESE) Conference (cancelled), 1983 May 10-14
46Common denominators in the development of ecosystems and society, 1983
47Marine Science Distinguished Lecture Series, 1983
48GA conservancy trustees meeting, 1983 May 20-22
49Hofstra University Public Policy Forum, 1983 April 28
50AAAS Meeting, 1983 May 26-31
51Jenkins Retirement Party, 1983 June 3
52Are wetlands water resources? (AWRA) Banquet, 1983 June 7
53Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Seminar, 1983 July 19
54UGA Experiment Station, 1983 July 6
55Workshop Rodale Farms, 1983 July 13-15
56GA conservancy, NE chapter meeting, 1983 May 17
57Anniversary celebration (cancelled), 1983 September
58National Wetlands Technical Council (did not attend), 1983 July 21-22
59Blue key banquet, 1983 September 30
60GA conservancy trustees, 1983 September 16
61Water resources workshop, 1983 October 13-14
62GA conservancy conference (did not attend), 1983 January 28-30
63Monday club (mental health group), 1983 October 31
64Audobon Society chapter meeting, 1983 October 20
65Sierra club (Athens chapter), 1983 October 25
66Conservation Foundation Trustees Meeting (did not attend), 1983 November 10
67Farmer Home Administration's (FmHA's) Environmental Program, 1984 February 27
68Community Nursing Lecture, 1984 January 30
69Wildlife Workshop Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) (did not attend), 1984 February 9
70Nicholson Visit (NSF), 1984 February 1
71Conservation Foundation Spring Meeting, 1984 April 10
72ESA Luncheon- Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB) Meeting, 1984 April 13
73National Academy of Annual Meeting, 1984
74Sigma XI dinner, 1984 May 15
75Soil Conservation Society of America (did not attend), 1984 May 11
76Society of wetland scientist, 1984 May 14-25
77Public Service Conference and Dinner, 1984 June 20
78ESA Meeting at American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Annual Meeting, 1984 August 5-9
79Annual Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar and Visit, 1984 August 15-16
80National Conference Future University Research, 1984 October 1-3
81Memos and Commentaries in Meetings and Workshop, Symposium, etc.
82Ogelthorpe university, 1984 October 9
83Dublin Rotary Club, 1984 October 12
84Governor's Conference (did not attend), 1984
85Conservation Foundation (did not attend), 1984 October 24-25
86Southern No- till Conference, 1985 July 16-17
87Old Field Workshop, 1985 July 10-12
88UGA Alumni Seminar, 1985 February 15-17
89GA conservation trustees, 1985 March 22-24
90Man and Biosphere (MAB) Meeting, 1985 May 13-15
631Portugal, 1985 May- June
2Botanical Garden Interpretative Walk, 1985 May 19
3ESA Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Annual Meeting, 1985 June 17- 19
4Sand Creek Nature Center, 1985 September 9
5Nature's Dollar Workshop, 1985 September 20-22
6GA Conservation Speakers, 1985 October 17
7Environmental ethics seminar, 1985 October 22
8Tate Garden Club Talks, 1985 October 15
9Environmental Law Association, 1985 November 7
10Instruction Division, 1985 November 13
11International Development, 1985 November 19
12Ecological Approaches to Agriculture seminar, 1985 November 14
13GA conservation trustees meeting, 1985 December 14
14E.L. Cheatum Memorial Service, 1985 February
15GA Alumni Society's, 1985 February 15-17
16George Mason University, 1985 November 30
17University of California, 1985 November 11-13
18Marine Science Distinguished Lecture, 1983 November 7-11
19University of California at Santa Cruz, 1983 November 28-30
20Atchafayala Basin, 1980 April 1-4
21Annual Public Service and Extension Meeting, 1986 December 18
22Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Visit and Symposium, 1986 December 16-17
23Lecture USC, 1986 December 4
24Southern Historical Association Meeting, 1986 November 13-15
25Skidway Marine Science Foundation, 1986 October 2
26Environmental Ethics Workshop, 1986 November 23-26
27IV International Congress of Ecology, 1986 August 10-16
28Cary Conference on Status and Future, 1985 May 1
29National Society of Science, 1985 April 21-24
307th Annual Horsehoe Bend (HSB) Review and Planning, 1985 April 15-16
31Society of Professional Journalists/ Sigma Delta Chi Dinner, 1985 April 12
32Chicopee Woods Symposium, 1985 April 13
33Conservation Foundtion Trustees, 1985 April 9-10
34Leconte Lecture, 1985 April 3
35Institution of Echotechnics, 1986 October 17-20
36Torrance Creative Institute, 1986 July 28
37Corridors Working Group, 1986 July 15
38GA conservation trustees, 1986 June 21
39Sapelo Island Research Foundation, 1986 April 10
40Phi kappa phi, 1986 June 5
41Society of wetland scientists, 1986 May 26-28
42Association of Southeastern Biologists 50th Anniversary, 1987 April 8-11
43Honorary Degree, 1986 May 11
44National Academy of Science, 1986 April 27-29
45Geographic Landscape symposium, 1986 April 24
46Callaway Gardens Land Use Plan (did not attend), 1986 April 22-23
47Workshop Nutrient interaction in the ecosystem, 1986 April 13-17
48Conference on Ecological Processes, 1986 April 1
49Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL) symposium, 1986 March 24-27
50Rabun county chamber of commerce, 1986 March 25
51Labash- 86 (school of environmental design), 1986 March 15
52Hazardous waste management public education, 1986 February 6
53GA conservancy, 1986 January- February
54Landscape ecology symposium, 1986 January- February
55Status upper 3 runs, 1987 May 7
56Odum lecture series, 1987
57Maratime bounds conference, 1987 May 1
58Legumes in Conservation Tillage System Symposium, 1987 April 27-29
59Atlanta Partnership Business and Education, 1987 April 30
60Earth day, 1987
61Environmental Health Student Conference, 1987 April 6
62Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, 1987 March 1
63Land use planning seminar (cancelled), 1987 March 27
64Tolnays Graduate studies, 1987 March 13
652nd Annual landscape Ecosystem Symposium (did not attend), 1987 March 9-11
66Visit to high school science class, 1987
672nd annual wetlands conference, 1987 November 17
68Sigma Xi Banquet, 1988 May 12
69Peanut butter club, 1987 October 20
70NAS Annual Meeting (did not attend), 1988 April 24-27
71Nature conservation board trustees, 1987 October 16
72National Extension Wildlife and Fish Workshop, 1987 October 14
73NERP dedication ceremony (cancelled), 1987 July 6
74Visit Antioch Environmental Field Program, 1987 June 27
75GA conservancy, 1987 June 3
76GA 2000 conference (did not attend), 1987 May- June
77Lake Lanier Symposium, 1987 May 16
78UGA Graduation Commencement, 1988 June 11
79Lecture Visit, 1988 May 6
80Celebration 30 Year Ecological Research and $50 million support, 1988 May 24
641Odum Lecture, 1988
2SOTAB, 1988 January 22
3Fripp Island Women's Group, 1988 February 24
4GA conservation, 1988 January 15-17
5Growth Strategies Commission, 1987 February 3
6Public Service Meeting, 1987 December 17
7Westmacoth's class, 1987 December 4
8GA conservancy trustees (did not attend), 1987 December 12
9Seminar- University of Virginia, 1987 November 19
10Agricultural Sustainability Lecture, 1987 November 5
11Advisory Committee, 1988 December 5-7
12Environmental Ethics Seminar, 1988 November 29
13Leadership GA, 1988 November 17
14GA sociological society, 1988 October 21
15Blue Key Banquet, 1988 September 30
16Cultural Ecology of Coastal GA, 1988 September 27
17Convocation Speaker, 1988 August 23
18Rural Sociological Society, 1988 August 20-23
19North Fulton High Teachers Workshop, 1988 August 19
20American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)- ESA Annual Meetings (did not attend), 1988 August 14-18
21International Society of Chemical Ecology, 1988 June 24-27
22Zell Miller's Mountain Protection, 1988 June 18
23Lecture Series Department of Landscape, 1989 April 16-18
24Odum Lecture, 1989 April 21
25Earth day, 1989 April 20
26Environmental Law in Public Interest, 1989 April 7
27Landscape with Native Plants (did not attend), 1989 July 27-29
28Zoo Atlanta, 1989 April 3
29Nature Conserve of GA, 1989 March 3
30GA conservancy trustees, 1989 February 24-25
31Ossabaw Island Trip, 1989 February 3-5
32Northeast GA section of American Chemical Society, 1989 January 27
33Succession Theory and Land Use (did not attend), 1989 January 14-19
34Clarke county Democratic Women, 1988 December 13
36Time for a New Approach, 1989 May 4
37The County Role in the States, 1989
38Natural Resource Short Course, 1989 September 11
39Advances in Understanding Ecological Systems, 1989 September 1-2
40Research in Agronomy (did not attend), 1989 August
41Annual Seminar Visit- Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL), 1989 July 21
42Mensa conference (did not attend), 1989 June 30
43Advisory committee- Woodruff foundation, 1989 June 26-28
44Athens Sierra Club, 1989 June 29
45Leadership Institute for Teachers, 1989 June 29
46Trustees GA chapter on nature conservation, 1989 June 2
47Chevron conservation award, 1989 May 17
48GA water resource conference, 1989 May 16-17
49Silver Trout Award, 1989 May 12
50Beta, beta, beta, 1989 May 2
51National Academy of Science, 1989 April 23-25
52Talking about GA, 1989 February 22
53CNN Interview and Tapping, 1990 February 12
54GA conservancy (did not attend), 1990 February 2-4
55Covington Kiwanis Club, 1990 February 1
56Video Session: Garden of Wonder, 1990 Janaury 30
57Phinizy Lectures, 1990 Janaury 25-27
58Madison County Chamber of Commerce, 1990 Janaury 13
59Institute of Ecological Retreat, 1989 December 2
60University Women's Club, 1989 November 14
61Lunch Speaker, Retired Teachers, 1989 March 8
62River corridors, 1990 September 8
63V International Congress of Ecology (did not attend), 1990 August 23-30
64"Global Food Web", 1990 August 7
65Ecological Society Annual Meeting, 1990 July- August
66Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Summer Seminar, 1990 July 19
67Interlink Seminar, 1990 July 13
68Fernbank Science Center, 1990 July 9
69Environmental Issues Meeting, 1990 June 29
70Science Update Seminar, 1990 June 29
71GA chapter on soil and water conservation, 1990 June 21-22
72Conference "Environmental Global Problems", 1990 June 7-9
73Central Presbyterian Church, 1990 June 3
74Shaping GA's future, 1990 May 30
75Seminar: Visit to Biosphere, 1990 May 15
76Honorary Degree, 1990 May 12
77Ogelthorpe Avenue Elementary School, 1990 December 4
78GA Environmental Conference (did not attend), 1990 December 1-2
79State Committee on Recreational Parks, 1990 November 28
80Stewarship of the Earth, 1990 November 14
81Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1990 November 8
82Appalachian Man and Biosphere (did not attend), 1990 November 5-6
83Visit Barbara Wilks' class, 1990 November 1
84Augusta Canal Trip Luncheon, 1990 October 30-31
85Piedmony College Conference, 1990 October 24
86GA Conservancy Trustees Retreat, 1990 October 5-6
87Episcopal Church, 1990 October 3
88Central GA Science Society, 1990 September 27
89A Host Parasite Model, 1990 September 25
90Gaia Hypothesis, 1989 October 22
651Amicalola Garden Club, 1989 October 17
2Chapter Lecture, 1989 October 9-10
3Peanut Butter Seminar, 1989 October 3
4Integrated Environmental Management Conference (did not attend), 1989 September 26-28
5International Workshop Soil Ecology (did not attend), 1989 September 11-15
6The Ecological Economy of Sustainability (did not attend), 1990 May 21-23
7Odum Lecture, 1989 May 10
8Sea Grant Buffet Reception, 1989 May 9
9Visit and Seminar Biosphere II, 1990 April 24-25
10Earth Day Session, 1990 April 17
11Elachee Nature Center, 1990 April 12
12Dekalb College Symposium, 1990 April 18
13WUGA Radio Phone, 1990 April 11
14Taping Chevron Award Committee, 1990 April 10
15Red Clay Conference, 1990 April 6
16Bird house show, 1990 April 7
17School play "Eco pride", 1990 March 19
18GA conservancy trustee meeting, 1990 March 16-17
19Gwinnett County Schools, 1990 March 12
20Odum Lecture, 1990 April 15
21Soil Ecological Society (did not attend), 1991 April 6
22Wetlands Discussion, 1991 March 23
23GA Nature Conservancy (did not attend), 1990 March 21-23
24A Parasite Host Model
25Advisory Committee, 1990 February 20-22
26Alumni Seminar, 1991 February 8-9
27GA conservancy annual conference, 1991 February 1-3
28Trends in Applied Ecology, 1991 January 31
29Founders Day Dinner, 1991 January 29
30Convocation, 1991 January 23
31Oconee Rotary, 1991 June 4
32Women as Earth Keepers (did not attend), 1991 June 6-14
33Sapelo Trip, 1991 June 18
34Governor's Council, 1991 June 25
35GA Wildlife Federation, 1991 July 1
36Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) 40th Anniversary, 1991 June 20
37Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, Summer Students, 1991 July 18
38Global Food Web Program, 1991 August 6
39Ecological Society of America (did not attend), 1991 August 4-8
40Ecosystem Trustee Task Force (did not attend), 1991 August 6-11
41International Eco exchange, 1991 August 24
42GA conservancy trustee, 1991 September 7
43Preservation- 2000 advisory, 1991 October 17
44Athens Tech Honors Course, 1991 October 16
45Green Day, 1991 October 19
46Proctor and Gamble Awareness Seminar, 1991 September 25
47Ichauway Advisory Committee, 1991 November 19-21
48Convocation, 1991 October 2
49Sigma Xi Lecture, 1991 October 23
50Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Medal, 1991 October 26
51GA conservancy trustees, 1991 December 7
52Preserv. 2000 Advisory
53Augusta Canal Forum, 1992 March 19
54Population Genetics Seminar, 1992 April 15
55Athens Tech Earth Day Speech, 1992 April 23
56Preserve. 2000 Advisory, 1992 April 20
57National Academy Annual Meeting, 1992 April 25-28
58Odum Lecture, 1992 May 5
59University System Symposium, 1992 May 8-9
60Lecture West GA
61Bio 108, 1990 May 27-28
62Oconee Audubon, 1992 June 2
63Sustainable Biosphere (did not attend), 1992 June 22-25
64GA Ch. National Wildlife Federation, 1992 June 18
65Broad River Water Shed Association, 1992 August 15
66Sigma Xi Colloquium (did not attend), 1992 September 24-26
67Preservation 2000 Advisory (did not attend), 1992 September 28
68Science Teachers Workshop, 1992 September 29
69Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, 1992 July 23
70Pritchards Island Advisory, 1992 August 3
71GA Nature Conservancy Trustees, 1992 October 2
72Adult Forum, 1992 October 11
73Peanut Butter Club, 1992 October 13
74The Highlands Forum, 1992 October 16-18
75Athens Kiwanis, 1992 November 3
76Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Annual Meeting, 1992 November 8
77Spatially, 1992 November 12-14
78"Georgia" Book Autographing, 1992 December 3
79Envrionmental Ecological Policy, 1992 December 7
80GA Nature Conservancy, 1993 April 2-4
81Alcovy Greenway Advisory Committee, 1993 April 15
82Presentation to: Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) 380, 1993 April 19
83Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Symposium, 1993 May 3-7
84Pritchards Island Advisory Board Meeting, 1993 May 14
85Class Visits, 1993 May 26-27
86Honors Science Class, 1993 June 3
87Biosphere 2 (Postponed to Fall 1993), 1993 June 16
88Emily Hall Tremaine (did not attend), 1993 June 21
89Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, 1993 July 8
90Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (did not attend), 1993 July- August
661Ecology 800 class, 1993 September 14
2Ecology Celebration, 1993 September 25
3American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta (AABGA) Meeting, 1993 October 16
4Biosphere 2, 1993 October 25-26
5Symposium in Honor of Larry Pomeroy, 1993 October 27-30
6Biosphere 2 (did not attend), 1993 January 16-17
7Honors Program Seminar, 1993 February 10
8Amway Awards Ceremony, 1993 January 27
9Jones Ecological Center, 1993 February 23-25
10Odum Lecturer, 1993 March 2-3
11Sustainable development and southeast coast, 1993 March 2-5
12Pritchard's island advisory board, 1993 November 12
13Symposium in memory of Bill Odum, 1993 November 18-19
14Institute Workshop Retreat, 1994 January 29
15Environmental Research Forum, 1994 February 17
16Environmental Affairs Committee, 1994 February 22
17Alumni tour, 1994 March 14-16
18Cullum Lecture, 1994 March 31
19Nature Conservancy GA (did not attend), 1994 April 14-15
20Conference/ Seminar Presentations, 1995-1996
21GA Round table, 1995 September 29
22Ethobio Roundtable, 1995 September 21
23H.T. Honorary Dinner (unable to attend), 1995 August 31
24Ecology 800, 1995 September 21
25Ecosystem Management Seminar
26NPR Local Talk Show, 1995 August 7
27NPR "Living on Earth", 1995 July 23
28David Mendenhall 2 WGAU, 1995 July 26
29Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Seminar, 1995 July 13
30Middle school teachers institute, 1995 June 21
31Class visits, 1995 May- June
32Odum Lecture, 1995 May 17
33Forest service video conference, 1995 May 10
34International Conference on the Environment, 1995 April 27-30
35Donation Harmon Caldwell Papers, 1995 April 22
36Interface discipline, 1995
37Earth matters, 1995 March 13-14
38Science- Society Workshop, 1995 February 20
39Class visits, 1995 March 10
40American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, 1995 February 16-21
41Southern Regional Water and Air, 1995 January 25
42Luncheon Address, 1994 December 5
43Pritchard Island Board Meeting, 1994 November 18
44GA conservancy of ecology, 1994 November 11
45Broad River Watershed, 1996 August 24
46Northeast and VA Trip, 1996 July- August
47Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, 1996 July 18
48McGarity Wetland Preserve, 1996 July 12
49Seagrant South Atlantic, 1996 June 11
50Special Libraries Association, 1996 June 11
51North American Paleontological convention (did not attend), 1996 June 9-12
52Odum Lecture, 1996 May 15
53ECL 495 Senior Seminar, 1996
54Jones Ecological Center, 1996 April 30
55Department of Sociology 75th Anniversary
56VPI Bio Seminar (postponed), 1996 March 21
57Class visits, 1996 February- March
58Visit with New Gingrich, 1996 February 2
59Ecology Graduate Student Symposium, 1996 January 12-13
60Prokaryote Diversity Workshop, 1995 December 11
61Journal Constitution Meeting, 1995 December 8
62Religion and Environment, 1995 November 2
63Faculty Retreat, 1995 November 4
64Water Environment Federation, 1995 October 23
65Humanistic Implications of Ecology, 1997 November 14
66Estuarine Research (did not attend), 1997 October 12-16
67GA Association of Marine Education Conference, 1997 October 11
68Seagrant Peer Review, 1997 October 7-8
69Broad River Watershed, 1997 August 23
70Ecological Society of American, 1997 August 10-14
71Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Summer Seminar, 1997 July 12
72"Philosopher's Walk", 1997 September 23
73Betty Jean Class, 1987 September 29
74Odum Lecture, 1997 May 20
75Honorary Degree, 1997 June 13
76Institute of Ecology, 1997 June 6
77GA Environment Council, 1997 June 1
78Mother Earth Dance Performance, 1997 May 8
79Cary conference (did not attend), 1997 May 5-8
80GA ornithological society, 1997 May 2-3
671Investigating Ecosystem Dynamica, 1997 April 14-15
2Ecology Club Meeting, 1997 March 2
3Peachtree Garden Club, 1997 March 25
4Graduate Student Research Symposium, 1997 January 17-18
5National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (did not attend), 1996 November 3
6Class visit, 1996 November 14
7Guatemala Trip, 1996 November 20-24
8History of Science Society, 1996 November 8
9Value our environment, 1996 November 7
10Christopher Ballew Lecture, 1996 October 27
11History of Institute of Ecology, 1996 October 25-26
12Art center, 1996 October 19
13Phinizy lecture, 1996 October 18
14Illinois trip, 1996 September 23-26
15Ecology 800 class notes, 1996 October 3
16VA tech seminar, 1996 September 5
17Ecol 350, 1998 January 15
18Ecol 1100, 1997 November 21
19Graduate Student Research Symposium, 1998 January 16-17
20Greensboro Womens Club, 1998 February 10
21SEERS Regional Meeting, 1998 March 26-28
22Landscape Ecology Meeting, 1998 March 17-21
23Concepts and controversies, 1998 April 5-9
24Student Environment Action Coalition Conference, 1998 April 18
25Goldsmith Visit, 1998 May 1
26Odum Lecture, 1998 May 7-8
27Science and technology for a sustainable society, 1998 May 13-14
28Dedication New ENSAT building, 1998 June 6
29Institute of Ecology Spring Fling, 1998 June 5
30Janet Annual Dinner, 1998 June 20
31Annual Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Summer Lecture, 1998 July 8
32Upward bound high school students, 1998 July 10
33International Society for the System Sciences, 1998 July 19-24
34ESA- American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Meeting, 1998 August 2-6
35Ecol. 800 class, 1998 September 1
36North American association of environmental education annual conference, 1998 September 4-8
37University of New Mexico, 1998 September- October
38Leadership Athens, 1998 September 15
39Elliot Nurse, 1998 October 5
40Webmasters conference, 1998 October 4-6
41Dedication Ethnobotanical Garden, 1998 October 12
42GA Heritage Fund, 1998 October 14
43Philosophy of Science Seminar, 1998 October 5
44Presentation to Fripp Island, 1998 October 22
45Oconee River Audobon Society, 1998 November 5
46GA Museum of Art, 1998 November 6
47Delta Kappa Gamma, 1998 November 12
48Is urban sprawl bad?, 1998 November 13
49Golden Key honor Society, 1998 November 23
50GA environmental organization, 1998 November 24
51Ecology Faculty Retreat, 1998 December 5
52III International Symposium Sustainable Mountain Development (did not attend), 1998 December 9-15
53Graduate Student Symposium, 1999 January 15-16
54Banquet Address Phi theta kappa, 1999 February 19
55Remarks on Receiving Honorary Degree, 1999 June 5
56GA conservancy annual meeting, 1999 March 6
57Workshop Ecolosy- Pest management, 1999 March 10
58Ohio state honorary degree, 1999 March 18-19
59Sagan society, 1999 March 31
60Earth Ethics Symposium, 1999 April 10
61Odum lecture, 1999 April 16
62Hathway Lecture, 1999 April 23
63EPA Earth week, 1999 April 29
64Spring Fling, 1999 May 1
65Trip to Ecuador, 1999 June 3-7
66Take our chaples, 1999 June 23
67Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Summer Lecture, 1999 July 22
68Annual Meeting Wildlife Disease, 1999 August 11
69Environmental Education Alliance, 1999 September 17-19
70Ecol 2000, 1999 September 23
71UGA Foundation Fellows Seminar, 1999 October 20
72Environmental Ethics Dialogue, 1999 November 11
73Year 2020 Research University, 2000 January 14
74UGA Graduate Student Research, 2000 January 21-22
75Global and cultural preservation, 2000 February 9-11
7651st Annual Meeting American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), 2000 March 22-24
77Odum Lecture, 2000 April 7
78British Ecological Society (BES)- ESA (did not attend), 2000 April 10
79Earth Day, 2000 April 22
80Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Resource Division, 2000 April 27
681The Linacre (did not attend), 2000 March 2
2Adopt-a-stream volunteer (did not attend), 2000 May 20
3Institute Spring Fling, 2000 April 28
4Science Symposium, 2000 July 14-17
5Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Summer Seminar, 2000 July 20
6ESA Ecology and Agriculture symposium (did not attend), 2000 August 6-10
7Environmental Ethics, 2000 September 6
8Fourth Environment, 2000 October 11
9GA Museum of Natural History, 2000 October 23
10Seventh international Congress of Ethnobiology, 1999 October 26
11Golley Retirement Lectures, 2000 October 28
12Environmental Justice, 2000 November 3
13US Forestry Service Local, 2000 November 6
14GA Museum of Art, 2000 November 10
15Blue Key Banquet, 2000 November 17
16Ecol 1000, 2000 December 5
177th Ecology Graduate Student Symposium, 2000 January 19-20
18Oconee Audubon Society, 2001 February 1
19GA Trends Magazine Breakfast, 2001 February 11
20Demosthenian Society, 2001 March 1
21Red Clay Conference, 2001 March 16
22Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference, 2001 March 31
23Global Change Conference (did not attend), 2001 April 5-6
24Association of Southeast Biologists (ASB) Meeting, 2001 April 4-7
25Environmental Ethics Lecture, 2002 November
26Water Stewardship Conference, 2002 September 4-7
27Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Seminar, 2002 July 18
2875th Anniversary highlands Biological Station, 2002 June 30
29Visit with Christine Gaardnero, 2002 June 6
30Invitation to meet with Biology graduates
31Annual Institute of Ecology Spring Fling, 2002 April 26
32Kurmit Hutcheson Retirement, 2002 April 19-20
33Lunch Honoring James Machee, 2002 March 10
34Odum Lecture
35Globalization and Change in Europe, 2002 February 20
36Agriculture and Ecology, 2002 February 7
37Graduate Student Symposium, 2002 January 25-26
3880th Anniversary UNC School of Social Work, 2001 November 9-10
39Jim Porter Ecology Class, 2001 November 29
40Lynn Margulis Lecture, 2001 November 19
41Jennette Ranbin, 2001 November 11
42Avant- propos montology conference, 2001 November 5-6
43Environmental Ethics Seminar, 2001 November 2
4450th anniversary Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL), 2001 October 19
45Blue Key Banquet (did not attend), 2001 September 28
46Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2001 August 5-10
47Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Odum Summer Seminar, 2001 July 19
48Environmental Health Sciences, 2001 June 27
49Alfred Holbrook Society, 2001 June 7
50Ecological Engineering Conference, 2001 April- May
51Institute Awards Banquet, 2001 April 27
52Reception and Book Signing, 2001 April 22
53Odum Lecture, 2001 April 23
54"Got Gaia", 2001 April 19
55Art Museum Spring Board Meeting, 2001 April 20
56Ecol 1000 class, 2001 April 19
15135Distinguished lectures in agriculture, 1966
36Ecology Building dedication, 1977 October 12
37Michigan State University Seminars and Colloquia
38The Rockefeller Institute
1603Tracy and Ruth Storer Lectureship in the Life Sciences, 1973 November 13
4IOM Roundtable meeting at Carter Center, 2001
5University of the Valley of Guatemala, 1995
6Georgia Planning Association-Goals for Georgia, 1972
10Resolution by the Mineral Leasing Commission-Chancellor's Advisory Committee, 1968
22Kiwanis Club talk-correpondence, 1961 April
25Symposium on Radiation and Terrestrial Ecosystems, 1965 May 3-5
26Garden Club of America (Eugene Odum-speaker), 1970 April 16
1657The Society of the Sigma Xi at the University of Georgia certificate, 1946 May 3
8Sigma Xi and the New England Aquarium "Emerging concepts in Ecosystem Ecology", 1991 October 23
16612Benefit for Michael C. Carlos Museum-Emory University
1728Marine Ecology Training Program, 1960
9Ecology Symposium and Banquet program, 1970 October 2-3
10Symposium-Kennesaw Junior College, 1972 April 13-14
11Yellow Rose Formal, 1971 May 8
12Civil Engineering in Georgia-Georgia Section Luncheon meeting, 1970 June
13Ecology Seminar-Callaway Gardens, 1970 September 28
14University of Georgia Symposium Testimonial Banquet, 1970 October 3

7. Various Manuscripts/Reprints

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2Miscellaneous Unpublished
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46Requested Reprints 1
47Requested Reprints 2
49Requested Reprints 4
50Requested Reprints 5
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14Marked Duplicated
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OS BoxItem
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1692Index cards regarding books on Migration, Ecology, Faunistics and Life History, 1950-1959
1722-3News clippings and articles, 1950-1979
OS Folder
1Assorted maps, 1970-1989

8. University of Georgia Affairs

781UGA "Environmental" Course Info, 1972 September 24-26
2Knapps State University Address on Environment, 1989 November 2
3Pulliam- Memorandum, 1993-1994
4Environmental Biotechnology, 1986-1987
5Kozak's- Dean Advisory Committee, 1988 September 21
6Environmental Ethics Certificate, 1988
7Proposal: Environment Ethics Masters Degree
8Environmental Ethics Certification Program, 1991
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10UGA- Museum of Natural History
11UGA- Botanical Garden
12Alumni Foundation Professor, 1980 June 5
13Proposed New Department- Environmental Biology, 1981
14Ethnoecology/ Biochemistry Newsletter, 1994
15Stewart- American Environmental History, 1990
16Sophomores Seminar in Modern Biology, 1989
17Biology 307, 1987
18Biology 108H- Ecology
19The College of Environment
20Pete Brosius- Global Ecology, 1999
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22Environmental Law Course, 1978-1979
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24Environmental Studies Task Force, 1991
25UGA Report of the President, 1994
26UGA Environmental Studies, 1994
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28UGA Miscellaneous, 1989-1990
29Eastman's Vision of Year 2010
30Dean Anderson- Organizational Chart
31UGA Parking, 2002-2003
32Global Village, 1998
33Posted: Moose College
34Odum Grant to the UGA Humanities
35Strategic Planning Progress, 1995 June
36Georgia's Plan, 1990
37Campus Ecology, 1954
38Miscellanous University Records
39Space Assignments
40Literature Speech
41National History Museum Advisory Board
42Board of Advisers, GA Museum
43GA Museum, Unit Report
44UGA Environmental Literacy, 1997-1998
45AIBS Workshop Dedicated to Bill Odum, 1991
46Environmental Education
47The Role of the College of Agriculture
17217Correspondence, 1970-1979

9. UGA Institute of Ecology Administration

791Institute of Ecology Research Projects
2Institute of Ecology Annual Report
3Institute of Ecology, 1985-1986
4Annual Report, 1990-1991
5Annual Report, 1993-1994
6Annual Report, 1994-1995
7Annual Report, 1995-1996
8UGA- Biological sciences
9Annual Report, 1972-1973
10Annual Report, 1973-1974
11Publications, Presentations, Staff and Members, 1975-1976
12Annual Report, 1976-1977
13Annual Report, 1977-1978
14Annual Report, 1978-1979
15Annual Report, 1979-1980
16Annual Report, 1974
17Proposal- Experimental Ecosystem Facility
18Ecology Building
19Ecology- Natural Resource Building
20Ecology Building- Anodized Aluminum
21Okefenokee Program
22Important Letters, 1984-1986
23Correspondence with Administration
24Correspondence, 1980
25Correspondence, 1974-1980
26Institute of Business Correspondce- Intra- University
27Communication with Golley
28Correspondence- The Institute
29Correspondence and Memos
30Okefenokee Statum Fund
31Ecology Building Proposal
32Proposed Addition
33Space Needs- Institute of Ecology
34Landscape Planning
35UGA- Inter-office communication
36Japanese Visitors
37Chinese Visitors
38Foreign Visitors
39Ecology Institute Business
403rd Floor- Computer Center
801Endowments, 1993
2Ecology Endowment Funds- Financial Reports
3Names and Addresses, Research Directors
4Gift and Alumni Challenge, 1977
5The Odum Challenge, 1977
6Russian Visitors
7Search for Director, 1992-1993
8Post- Docs
9Institute of Ecology in Transition
10EPA Fellowship for the Institute
11EPA Lab- Memo Understanding
12Candidates for CEQ Position
13Institute of Ecology Administration
14German Exchange Professor
15Post- doc application- Economics Teacher
16Post- docs, 1971-1972
17Roger Smith- Visiting Professor, 1977-1980
18Atsuhiko Kumura
19Institute of Ecology- Post- doc.
20Recommendation: Research Professorship
21Institute of Ecology Lab Article
22Assessment of Research Needs
23Ecology Programs at Other Universities
24Resume of Informal Conferences
25Optimum Pathway Matrix
26Institute of Ecology- Program initiatives
27Institute of Ecology Strategic Plans, 1989-1994
28Intercom 1
29Intercom 2
30Intercom 3
31Proposed Environmental Science Technical MS Degree, 1983
32UGA- Interdisciplinary Degree in Ecology
33Graduate Faculty of Ecology
34Ecological Programs at other Universities
35Students, 1977-1981
36UGA- Environmental Education
37Institute of Ecology Joseph W. Jones (JWJ) Ecology Research Center
38Conservation Ecology
39Institute of Ecology PhD Program
40High Temperature Gas cooled Reactor, 1991 September
41Jones Ecology Research Center
42Joseph W. Jones Ecology Research Center, 1992-1995
43Ecology at Georgia- Golley, 1984
44UGA Publication Productions
45Institute of Ecology Senior Staff, 1967
46Odum's Student, 1954-1987
47Reprints, 1972
48Profile: Jim Cooley
49Publications Lists
50UGA Ecology Degrees
811Other chapters- Hist. Inst.
2Ecology at GA- Information Accounts
4Write Ups
5Map UGA Ecology Sites
6National Park Service Cooperative Unit UGA List of Publications
7Publication Records and Prints
8Ecology Brochure
10Reprint Collection: Keyword Search
11Brochures Odum Page, 1990
12Ecology Degree Grads, 1987
13Ecology Program UGA, 1987
14Ecology Degree Student and Faculty, 1983
15Fact Book
16Plasma Lab
17Publications by Members
19Graduate Student Research Symposium, 1997
20Faculty Members, 1984
21Slide show
22Self- study, 1979
23History of Developments
24Ecology Degree Program, 1974
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26Fact Book, 1986
27Turning Points
28Early University of Research
29Budget, 1983-1984
30Horeshoe Bend Budget, 1983-1984
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32Winter Quarterly Budgets
33Energy Budget Ecology Building
34Mini- computer
36Projected Budgets, 1981-1982
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40Wildlife Conservation Committee
41Wildlife Conservation Fund, 1950-1952
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43Committee on Future Ecology, 1987
44Planning Committee
45Executive Committee, 1985
46Nominating Committee for Director, 1987
46Nominating Committee for Director, 1987
47Executive Committee
48Planning Committee Reports
49Institute Student Prize
50Outline for 3-quarter Course in Ecological Sciences
51Sea Turtle Cooperative Program
52UGA- Environmental Center
53Proposed Philosophy- Ecology Degree
54Institute of Radiation Ecology Stationary
55Proposal- Institute of Functional Ecology
56Environmental Ethics
57Institute of Ecology
58Political Science Environmental Science Interface, 1995
59Weekly Work Program
60Prospective- Grad Students, 1959-1960
61Industrial Interface Program
62Lipid Deposition Migratory Birds, 1951-1970
63Ecology Degree Recipients
64GA Congressional Districts
65Graduate Student Recruiting
66UGA Undergraduate Major Proposal, 1992
67Inventory Room 723
15023Office of Research and Development booklet
15928Odum's passport, 1970-1979
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1611University of Georgia report of the President, 1962
16230"The Odum Challenge" University of Georgia fundraising brochure, 1977-1978
32Ecology Building Dedication, 1977 October 12
1681Eugene Odum nametags, 1990-2001

10. Early UGA Ecology Work

82a1Vertebrate Mortality
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11. Institute of Ecology Research Sites

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5Freshwater Decapod
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851Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Conference Center
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21Ecological Survey of Savannah River Area
22Ecology Survey (Incomplete)
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26Proposal to Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)
27University Conservation Program, 1950-1951
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29Feasability Studies
30Grant Proposal- Institute of Ecology Member
31New Reactor Proposal- Savannah River Site (SRS)
32Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Grant and Contract, 1972-1973
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861Savannah River Soil
2Savannah River Plant (SRP) Rainfall duplicates
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9Aerial Photographs
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26Savannah River Lab
27Ecology Conference, 1952
28Radioecology Conference, 1955
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30Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Biomedical program director meeting
31Savannah River Plant (SRP) Advisory Board Meeting, 1961 March
32Sapelo License
33Isotopes, Permits
34Identified Earth Worms
35Cobalt- 60 Source
36Jorrpley- Irradiation Insects, 1959
37Savannah River Plant (SRP) Cobalt- 60 Source plans
38Proposed Cesium source, 1963
39Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)- Biomedical Program directors meeting, 1968
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42Formicidae- Pelt
43Authorities for- Identifications
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57Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Contracts and Exceptions
58Savannah River Area (SRA) correspondence, 1954
59Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)- Savannah River Plant (SRP) correspondence, 1954
60Kuenzler's Eniwetok Proposal
61Banding Forms
871Caldwell- Central Michigan University
2Study data
3Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Biomass data sheets
4Willard- Avian Uptake of radionucleotides
5Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Spray Quadrants, 1956
6Soil cross list, 1951-1952
7Cross data
8Grasshopper- cross data
9Cross- tables
10Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Deer Herd
11Savannah River Plant (SRP) soil data, 1951
12"Hot" quadrants, 1957
13Savannah River Plant (SRP)- computer maps
14Savannah River Plant (SRP) cross- orthoptera
15Cross- arthropods, 1954
16Orthoptera of Savannah River Plant (SRP)- cross
17List ortoptera- Savannah River Plant (SRP)
18Savannah River Plant (SRP) Menhinick Research
19Nemalodes- Method
20Bacteria Counts, 1954
21Gentry- Trappers Grid, 1954
22Caldwell- Rabbit Study
23Trapline Technics
24Trapping Record
25Provos personal data
26Plant biomass
27Tables- old field data
28Plowing of field 3-H2, 1958
29Vegetation map, 1958
30Pelt- summary art work, 1960
31Wilson Proposal for CO2 Measurements
32Johnston- Savannah River Plant (SRP) Report, 1956
33Stumatitis Studies
34Ferrel Swinel
35Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Rainfall, 1952-1958
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37Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Rainfall, 1957-1959
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39Caldwell thesis, graphs, and tables, 1959
40Tarpley- Insects
41Tarpley- orthoptera survey, 1957
42Tarpley- research and correspondence
43Tarpley- old field insects
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45Pearson's annotated bird list
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47Norris- Summary of studies, 1956
48Bird cards
49Norris- Bird census map
50Cross- graphs- original plots
51Cross, 1951-1952
53Cross thesis- final revision
54Wood pewee
55Acadian Flycatcher
56Other birds
57Crested flycatcher
58Eastern keybird
59Johnston- Savannah River Plant (SRP) subspecies
60Mist Net Results, 1955-1957
61Norris- Winter Fringillids
62Winter bird barding
63Savannah River Plant (SRP) Net Boundary
64Banding, 1958
65Savannah Sparrow banding, 1959
66Savannah Sparrow banding, 1960
67Seed production
68Amphibians and reptiles
69Carolina Bays
70Light trap samples
71Medical insects
72Catfish study
73Movement channel
74Pond study, 1956
75Radiation Ecology Proposal
76Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Study area
77Radiation- bluebirds, 1956
78Field numbers
79Abandoned fields- fall surveys
80Aspect dominance, 1955
81Biomass miscellaneous analysis
82Plant biomass, 1953
83Biomass 1st year field
84Biomass data from literature
881Bird Hemotology 1
2Bird Hemotology 2
3Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Research
4Savannah River Plant (SRP) Animal Collection
5Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Set- aside natural and research areas
6Dove call- count, 1951-1953
7McGowan's call- count data
8Bird call- counts, 1954
9Bird call- counts, 1955
10Miscellaneous Call- count Forms
11Map of Oconee Call- count Route
12Savannah River Site (SRS)/ Savannah Ecology Lab (SEL)
13Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Petroleum Extraction
14Caloric data
15Calorimeter data
16Cross- orthoptera of Savannah River Site (SRS), 1955
17Comparison day and night sweeps
18de la Cruz- Savannah River Plant (SRP) Dorymyrmax Papers
19Golly/ Gentry- Standing 1-12 years
20Gentry- Invasion by Small Animals
21List of Vertebrate Biologies
22Insect Sweep Data, 1963
23Menhinick- Samples
24Menhinick- Comparison Fields
25Cryptozoa at Savannah River Plant (SRP)
26Mercury Studies Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)
27National Science Foundation Grant Renewal
28National Science Foundation Ecological Succession
29Coal Fly- ash
30Succession data
31Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Audubon
32Old- field proposal, 1986
33Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) samples, 1986
34Soil samples Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)
35Analyze ant hill soil
36Ecological System Inventory of Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1974
37Studies of Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment of Savannah River Plant (SRP)
38Menhinick- Thesis
39Experiment Succession Resolution Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1963
40Coleman- University of Oregon
891Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Grasshoppers
2Castor Creek Project
3Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Savannah River Plant (SRP) Institute of Radiation Ecology, 1963
4Savannah River Plant (SRP) Forestry
5Cross Savannah River Plant (SRP) Data, 1951-1952
7Respirometsy as applied to fieldwork
8Klvyvey's Food consumption
9Mussex Population
10Personnel Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1952-1962
11Brief Resume Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1952-1962
12Norris- Birds of Savannah River Plant (SRP) (Published)
13Norris- Savannah River Plant (SRP) National
14Norris- Savannah River Research, 1959
15Soil Plot Data
16Quail census, 1953-1954
17Savannah River Plant (SRP) Dove and Quail Call Counts, 1959
18Quail stomach analyses, 1953
19Savannah River Plant (SRP) Call Count Summary, 1952-1959
20Dove and quail call counts Savannah River Area (SRA)
21Quail data
22Summary measurements- enclosure experiments- sprayed isotypes
23Sweeps- Bill Coross, 1954
901Savannah River Plant (SRP) Quail study
2Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Quail data
3Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Quail studies
4Effect of Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1967, 1971
5GA Academy of Sciences
6Environmental Monitoring, 1971-1973
71st annual topic meeting (report), 1977
8Ecology annual report, 1966
9Summary environmental activities 1
10Summary environmental activities 2
11Savannah River Plant (SRP) Monthly Report 1
12Savannah River Plant (SRP) Monthly Report 2
13Savannah River Plant (SRP) Monthly Report 3
14Savannah River Plant (SRP) Monthly Report 4
15Smith- micro- arthropod, soil samples 1
16Smith- micro- arthropod, soil samples 2
17Micro arthropods- recorded on cards
18Micro arthropod soil
19Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Par pond system, 1971
20Population energy flow
219 year history of fur bearer population
22Experimental isolation
23Rabbit pellets
24Movement and home ranges of bobcats
25Preliminary breeding report
26Kuenzler's P32 quadrants- Savannah River Plant (SRP)
27Field notes
28Log books- Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1955
911Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Savannah River Organization, 1952
2Cross' thesis
3Ecological Survey of Savannah River Area (SRA)
4Long- range summary, 1952-1962
5(Incomplete) Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1951-1952
6Young- cholesterol study, 1968
7Golley- records
840 Years and Beyond Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Fall, 1992
9Silk purses
10Fresh water decapod
11Snakes of Savannah River Plant (SRP)
12Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual report
13Savannah River Plant (SRP) Environmental Report, 1986
14US Department of Energy- Savannah River Plant (SRP) environmental report, 1986
15Christchurch city council plan
16Society and natural resources, 1996
17Child- Masters thesis
18Institute members and grad students
20Radiation materials
21Gas chromatographs
22Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Environmental studies, 1975
23The National Environment
24National Environmental Research Parks, 1994 July
25Savannah River and its environs, 1987
26Annual technological progress report, 1996
27UGA- Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual technological progress report, 1995 July
921Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1979 September
2Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1980 September
3Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1981 September
4Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1982 September
5Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1983 September
6Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1984 September
7Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1985 September
8Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1986 September
9Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1987 September
10Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1988 September
11Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1989 September
12Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1990 September
13Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1991 September
14Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1992 September
15Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1993 September
16Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1994
17A study of the movements of channel catfish in Savannah River
18Status of fox and other furbearer populations on the Savannah River Plant Area, 1954-1955
19Abstracts of papers prepared for publication, 1955-1956
20A study of ecological change on the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Savannah Area, 1956 March
21UGA ecological studies on Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Savannah River Plant Area, 1951-1956
22A study of land- use succession and indicator invertebrate and warm- blooded vertebrate populations of the Savannah River Area Operations, 1951-1954
23Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Reports, 1952-1930
931Georgia Outline Maps
2E-C Chromatograph
3Savannah River Plant (SRP)- Inventory Publications
4Young- Department of Zoology
5Microbomb calorimeter I
6Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1970
7Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Proposal, 1970
8Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- A Proposal, 1970
9Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Proposal, 1970-1972
10Undergrad Research Participation
11Connell- Savannah sparrows- raw data
12Activity reports, 1968-1972
13Microbomb calorimeter data
15Procedures and data
941Savannah River Plant (SRP) Annual Report, 1965 July
2Annual Report and renewal application, 1964
3Savannah River Plant (SRP) Annual Reports, 1961-1963
4Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL) Annual Report, 1969
5Savannah River Plant (SRP) Renewal Proposals, 1966-1968
6Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- A Proposal
7Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual Report, 1968
8Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual Report, 1967
9Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual Report, 1966
10Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- A Proposal, 1971
11Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual Report, 1971
12Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- A Proposal, 1970
13Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- Annual Report, 1970
14Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- A Proposal
15Request to the Division of Nuclear Education and Training of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
16Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1975 May
17An application to the atomic energy commission for the renewal of contract, 1973
18Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1974
19Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1976
20Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1977
21Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) Annual Report, 1978
951Abstracts Freshwater wetlands and wildlife, 1986
2Atomic energy commission, 1963
3Atomic energy commission, 1968
4Offsite ecology research
5Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) publication, 1955-94
6Miscellaneous publication
7Studies of aquatic and terrestrial environments of the Savannah River Plant (SRP), 1981
8Onsite ecological research
9Publications, 1951-1971
10UGA- Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- collected reprints vol. 1, 1977
11Ecological and radioecological investigations, 1965
12Renew proposal, 1964-1965
13Horseshoe bend- maps
14Poster and pins
15HP- 65
16No- tillage agriculture- ecosystem bibliography
17Horseshoe bend Odum paper
18Gliessman's seminars
19Review: Mycorrhizal
20Blumberg's papers- Arthropods
21Agroecology program
22Pitcher irrigation
23Horseshoe bend- Miscellaneous
24Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)- old field
25Horseshoe bend- capital improvements
26Horseshoe bend data- Harves, 1978-1984
27Horseshoe bend crop and weed net primary production, 1978-1984
28Weed bibliographies
29Horseshoe band personnel, 1985-1986
30Horseshoe bend- memos
31Horseshoe bend- the role of soil fauna in decomposition and nutrient cycling processes
32Horseshoe bend- Mycorrhizal studies
337th annual horseshoe bend agro ecosystem
34Horseshoe bend landscape plans, 1988
35Parmaelee- Alston Nemalode paper
36Horseshoe bend wheat field, 1966
37Horseshoe bend field, 1961
38Horseshoe bend- research and plan review, 1984
39RP Roots (infected), 1984
40Leaf data forest, 1975-1976
41Renewal proposal, 1975-1976
42Horseshoe bend and Athens weather
43Low- input proposal, 1988
44NSF renewal, 1989
45Horseshoe bend publications, 1980
961Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) collected reprints vol. 1, 1977
2Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) collected reprints vol. 2, 1977
3Sapelo Island Georgia's Costal Treasure
4DOE research set- aside areas of the Savannah River Site, 1977
5Fertilization study by R.G. Baklaar preliminary data, 1975
6Litterbug study Horseshoe bend- summer, 1977
7Horseshoe bend publications, 1980-1984
8Horseshoe bend publications, 1985-1987
9Horseshoe bend publications, 1988-1990
10Horseshoe bend publications, 1990-1991
97a1Richardsons Horseshoe bend data part 1
2Richardsons Horseshoe bend data part 2
3Horseshoe bend Meth's data, 1975
97b1American Fisheries Society- Franz Samples (paddies)
2Horseshoe bend data, 1975-1976
3Horseshoe bend research area data
981Old method calculations
2Horseshoe bend crop data
3Horseshoe bend inventory agroecosystem data, 1978-1983
4Horseshoe bend research plans, 1983-1984
5Succession in old- field plant communities, 1988 August
6Horseshoe bend research
7Horseshoe bend/ Athens weather
8Diversity of whole communities
9Horseshoe bend- Field lab
10Horseshoe bend- soy bean plants, 1981
11Litterbug sheets and data
12Horseshoe bend photos and graphs
13Horseshoe bend- retrospective analysis
14Retrospective Analyse Grant
15Horseshoe bend publications
16Institute of science information
17Horseshoe bend- library, 1980
18Spring wheat field, 1966
19Insect diversity- wheat field
20Wheat field plants and insects
21Millet Field arthropods, 1996
22Millet field- sample size plants
23Horseshoe bend Millet field, 1966
24Horseshoe bend Area II biomass and plants, 1968
25Plants- horseshoe bend
26Horseshoe bend Area II vegetable data, 1968
27Horseshoe bend arthropods, 1968
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30Horseshoe bend insects, 1970
31Horseshoe bend arthropods (effects of fuse), 1970
32Horseshoe bend- nutrient content, 1970
33Horseshoe bend- plant diversity, 1974
34Horseshoe bend- fertilizer experiment- plants, 1974
36H and factorial index
37Insect diversity
38Food chain diversity
39Insect diversity- millet field
40Fish diversity
41Statics of H diversity
42Bird census data
43Leaf diversity Spring Hollow
44Horseshoe bend graphs
45Working graphs
46Insect collection
47Horseshoe bend- Data
48Horseshoe bend miscellaneous
991infestation and mealy bugs
2Carlton flood, 1976
3Day- night manuscript, 1977
4Day- night data, 1975
5Day- night raw data
6Day- night references, 1975-1976
7Day- night, 1979
8Lespedeza experiment, 1976
9Insect matrices, 1975 June
10P-3L labeled, 1975-1977
11Horseshoe bend- seasonal plant occurences
12Fertilization, 1974
13Whittaker- Fertilizer Plot, 1974
14Horseshoe bend Insects, 1970 May 7
15Horseshoe bend Insects, 1970 June 5
16Horseshoe bend Insects, 1970 July 10
17Subsidiary Stress NSF Proposal
18Nutrient data plants and soils- horseshoe bend (flooding experiment), 1975
19Thomas- Transect data, 1975
20Horseshoe bend insects, 1970 October 16
21Horseshoe bend insects, 1970 September 4
22Horseshoe bend insects, 1970 August 7
23Comparison of fields- horseshoe bend, 1960, 1967
24Solvents of horseshoe bend
25Horseshoe bend insects, 1970 March 5
26Horseshoe bend insects, 1970 April 3
1001Horseshoe bend miscellaneous
2Horseshoe bend plant sample data- millet fields, 1966
3Horseshoe bend plant sample data
4Horseshoe bend- one year field, 1967
5Parks weed data- horseshoe bend, 1983-1985
6Plants, biomass diversity, 1967
7Horseshoe bend (one year field) plants and arthropods, 1967
8Horseshoe bend diagram
9Horseshoe bend (museum copy), 1972
10Horseshoe bend- spiders
11Horseshoe bend photos, 1960
12Horseshoe bend- negatives, 1968- 1975
13Horseshoe bend- abstracts on summaries, 1968- 1970
14Horseshoe bend millet and one year field
15Horseshoe bend publications, 1968-1997
16Litter leaf fall- horseshoe bend floorplan, 1971
17Mineral analysis at Spring Hollow, 1978
18Old- field ecology class data summaries
19Horseshoe bend vegetation, 1970
20Spring Hollow Data
1011Arthropods Fine Experiment, 1970
2Effects of Litterburn on Fallow- field in GA, 1970
3Horseshoe bend Data sheets 40 meter^2 sample, 1972
4Horseshoe bend plants, 1973
5Chlorophyll- old- fields
6Grasslands- data from literature and old- field
7Behavior of diversity indices in relation to succession and stress
8Horseshoe bend- net production- savannah river plant- old- field
9Effect of sample size on diversity- indices calculations
10Horseshoe bend- net production- rainfall
11Field samples, 1974
12Weisberg and Lambert- Reproductive strategies
13Flood nitrogen analysis and phosphorus analysis, 1976
14Phosphate and nitrate, 1976
16M. Petelle- pesticide experiment, 1976
17Microcosm data- copy, 1975-1976
18Horseshoe bend- Plowed strip data, 1977
19Horseshoe bend- Plowed strip research
20Horseshoe bend- plowed strips data 2, 1977
21Plowed strips, 1977
22Till- no till etc.- Summer, 1978
23Hygrothermograph charts, 1978
24Fertilization paper- R Bahelaar, 1977
25Bahelaar's Thesis Revision
26Bahelaar Field Experiment Design, 1977
27Litterbag experiment, 1977
28Cation Flooding, 1977
29Flood Schedule, 1977
30Superphosphate, 1977
31Fertilization and Lespdeza, 1976
32Horseshoe bend- Mineral analysis- soil samples
33Root soot
34Horseshoe bend- experiment field- season plants- one year field, 1967
35Mammal census, 1967-1970
36Similarity indices- Richardson, 1967
37Plant- arthropod diversity- 1 year field- Richardson thesis, 1967
38Horseshoe bend insects- general, species index
39Horseshoe bend plant samples
40Bakelaar- Dissertation
41Flood- Tennessee, 1975
42Horseshoe bend- Photos
43Haines and Haines studies
44Budget- Horseshoe bend, 1977
45Stability of bacteria population
46Horseshoe bend project abstracts
47Plans- electrical wiring- horseshoe bend lab
48Analytical methods
49Horseshoe bend- inventory
50Old- field plants and animals
51Horseshoe bend- soil profile, 1980
52Diversity indices
53Horseshoe bend- inventory, 1978 April
54Vegetation map- horseshoe bend, 1978 May
55Effect of nitrate and phosphate on net productivity 21 year field at Savannah river plant
1021Student letters
2Horseshoe bend- student and tech support
3Flooding- Irrigation plots
4Petelle- NSF proposal
5NSF proposal
6Horseshoe bend- Agroecosystem studies, 1980
7Proposal draft/ outline
8The subsidy- stress gradient proposal to NSF (funded), 1974
9Subsidy- stress gradient project, 1976
10NSF grant no. BMS75- 13962 budgets
11Horseshoe bend- subsidy- stress gradient, 1977 March
12Final report- Grant no. 75 13962
13Plans for Horseshoe bend environmental design school senior project, 1977
14NSF proposal: subsidy stress gradient, 1977
15NSF proposal, 1975-1977
16Earthworms- Horseshoe bend
17Bakelaar's Manuscript, 1980
18Bakelaar's Paper
19Manuscript Bakelaar's and Odum
20Bakelaar's Impact profiles
21Effect of fertilization on litter decomposition
22NSF proposal: experimental studies of ecological succession
23Simulation models of N-flux
24Horseshoe bend No- till experiment
25J.W. Woldendorp- visit, 1983
26Limited till experiment
27Till- no- till biomass, 1980
28Schedule and student research, 1978
29Agricultural ecosystem proposal previews
30Horseshoe bend data session, 1982 October 29
31Horseshoe bend Till project
32Analysis ecomptems kumera
33Changes in soil
34Horseshoe bend summer research, 1982
35Grasshopper data, 1985
36Blumberg manuscript thesis, 1979
37Agro- ecosystem newsletter
38A Kumura's papers
39University of Virginia Spring, 1984
1031Annual Report Drafts
2The threat to Sapelo
3Sapelo tours
4UGA marine institute
5Kneib's Review Institute, 1996
6Sapelo Early History, 1985, 1993
7Early brochures
8"Some recollection of Milton E Gray", 1984
9Sapelo management plan, 1997
10Sapelo chronology- first decade
11The Sapelo story
12Early history- Sapelo marine institute
13Ed Chin- Sapelo chronology, 1986
14Comparison- South end Sapelo, 1953-1987
15Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1977-1978
16Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1978-1979
17Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1979-1980
18Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1980-1981
19Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1981-1982
20Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1982-1983
21Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1983-1984
22Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1984-1985
23Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1985-1986
24Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1986-1987
25Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1987-1988
26Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1988-1989
28Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1990-1991
29Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1991-1992
30Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1992-1993
31Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1993-1994
1041Sapelo island original proposals
2William- thesis (mud algae)
3Spartina data sapelo
4Sapelo insects
5Sapelo- salt marsh, 1963-1964
6Sapelo insect sweeps
7NSF Sapelo report, 1958
8Sapelo- salt marsh, 1959-1967
9Sapelo massive institute brochures
10UGA marine science faculty
11UGA marine science program, 1985
12Student intern program, 1992-1995
13Proceedings of Sapelo island seminar, 1993 January 6
14Sapelo island national estuarine, 1976
15E.P. Odum's letter to Mrs. R.J. Reynolds, 1965 January
16Changes in the Sapelo landscape, 1953-1987
17Sapelo maps
18Sapelo Long-term ecological research (LTER) proposal, 1986
19Porter's lecture, 1995 June 7
20Memo on Sapelo, 1992 June 31
21Sapelo history
22Check- 1st Sapelo plant
23NSF salt marsh budget, 1961-1962
24Sapelo- class field trip, 1955 November
25Marine institute advisory committee, 1963 May 17
26Sapelo marine institute, 1960-1961
27"Cat clay"
28NSF- salt marsh grant, 1958-1959
29NSF marshes grasses renewal request, 1961 May
30Mimeoforms grass samples
31Marine institute advisory board
32UGA department of zoology
33Sapelo organization- letter to president, 1957 July
34Sapelo sounds- newsletter
35NSF grants
36Bibliography and reference salt marshes manuscript
37Salt marsh references
38Salt marsh study profile and commission
39Sapelo christmas campus, 1958 December
40Salt marshes studies- Smalley
41Detritus research, 1963
42Hunters- physiological ecology report
43Kawanabe- proposal visit
44Keys- invertebrates Sapelo
45Sapelo- faun identification literature
46Marine institute brochure
47Sapelo- maps
48Salt marsh- spider data
49Insects- Sapelo
50Official identification
51Sapelo business, 1956
52Sapelo- Christmas census, 1958
53Sapelo class trip, 1957 May
54Sapelo- annual reports, 1956
55Sapelo- birds and wildlife- field records
56Sapelo- staff appointments
57Sapelo island research
58Sapelo 5 year plan, 1955-1960
59Salt marsh conference
60Ill- fated marine ecology
1051Sapelo- correspondence, 1959-1960
2Sapelo marine institute business, 1959
3Conference on estuaries, 1964
4Sapelo- radio tracers, 1963
5Kace's thesis
6Smalley's thesis
7Teal's Sapelo Birds
8Carroll hart- History Sapelo island
9E.P. Odum Sapelo reports
10Sapelo 5 year plan, 1955-1960
11Sapelo- publicity, 1958
12Sapelo reorganization plan, 1959
13Sapelo- student- staff appointment, 1960
14Department of Agriculture
15Sapelo- reprints
16Proposal for national estuarine, 1975
17Statement on cancelled national estuarine
18Sapelo- national estuarine proposal
19Sapelo- 50th anniversary, 2003
20Sapelo- early days
21Sapelo controversy, 1991-1992
22Sapelo categories
23Oral early history- Sapelo
24Kawanabe- Food chain, detritus
25Food ecology- Sharp
26Kawanabe's Sapelo research, 1963
27Smalley's data, 1956-1958
28Early Sapelo planning
29Sapelo- publications
30Pleistocene and holocene sediments, Sapelo island, Georgia and vicinity, 1966 April 11-13
31Proceedings of the Sapelo island seminar, 1993 January 6
32Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1994-1995
33Annual report- Sapelo marine institute, 1995-1996
1061Flux of radionuclides through a salt marsh progress report, 1974
2Salt marsh conference- Sapelo island, 1958 March
3Proceedings of the oyster culture workshop, 1967 July 11-13
4Effects of toxaphene contamination on estuarine ecology, 1973 September
5Sapelo marine institute collected reprints vol. 2, 1972 February
6Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 20
7Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 19
8Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 3, 1964
9Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 5, 1966
10Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 6, 1968
11Sapelo marine institute reprints vol. 7

12. Public Service

1071Barrier islands, Virginia
2Coastal zone management
3AJC, 1968-1969
4Marshes and coastal miscellaneous
5Recreation on Georgia Coast, 1971 May
6State Land Use and Growth
7Atlanta Region Prototype
8NSF: Preservation
9National Marine Sanctuary Program
10Report of committee on environmental and public policy
11Beach- dune protection
12Sea island folklore
13Waseaw Island
14Jekyll island
15Ossabaw island
16Sapelo island photos
17St. Simon's island
18Georgia sea island
19St. Catherine's island
20Cumberland island
21Earth Day
22Environmental teach- in materials, 1969-1978
23"Teach- in" committee, 1960-1978
24History of earth day, 1996
25Earth day commentary, 1995
26UGA environmental teach- in, 1970
27Statement on chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides
28Open space legislation
29Coca-Cola game
30The green revolution
31How to succeed in conservation
32How much phosphate?
33The population explostion: facts and figures
34What can I do, as a consumer...
35Georgia's environmental crisis
36Air pollution and human health
37New south, new city
38"Test pattern for living"
39"A Human Ecology" book review
40You can sample the air around you
41CBS NY radio
42Earth day 25th anniversary
43Text for an "Ecology teach- in", 1969
44Earth day, 1970
45Ecology, 1970
46The search for clean air
47North Georgia Earth day
1081Department of natural resources
2Correspondence and "feedback"
3Coastal wetlands
4Correspondence-marsh and estuaries, 1962-1968
5Smalley- state capital
6GA Marshlands and Island Association meeting, 1968-1969
7Ossawbaw: Proposed Human Ecology Institute
8GA marshland and island foundation
9Coastal movement and planning
10Proposal to Coastal Wetlands Protection Bill
11Coastal marshlands moisture bill
12Coastal zone proposal to Research Applied to National Needs (RANN), 1974
13Urgent need for landscape zoning of the estuarine region according to ecosystem principles
14Phosphate mining
15Seashore study
16Marshbank proposal
17Geology of the golden isles and lower Georgia coastal plain
18Spoil disposal problems
19Assessment of environment- Odum, 1977
20Energy- based inventory- St. Croix
21Impact of alternative modes of development on Georgia coastal marshes
22Coastal development and planning
23Research Applied to National Needs (RANN) proposal- miscellaneous
24Notes on St. Croix/ Coastal Georgia
25Plan for Georgia's Sea Island
26Energy- based inventory
27Research Applications to National Needs (RANN)- Regional Environmental Systems
28The role of tidal marshes
29Coastal zone of Georgia
30Coastal and marshland data
33Fraser, 1969
34Report on the proposed leasing of state- owned lands for phosphate mining
35Conference on the future of marshlands and sea islands of Georgia
1101Proposal- student research
2Little Cumberland Island Association
4Okefenokee maps
5Little St. Simon's Island
6Sea walls
7Environmental films
8What can I do?
9Search for ecological balance
10Sapelo island
11Years of the coast, 1980
12Coastline magazine, 1981
13Georgia coast promo material
14Marsh conservation
15Marsh protection bill- first and second
16"Save our marshes" article
17Newspaper marsh values
18Story of the marsh protection
19Miscellaneous articles on Georgia natural areas
20Georgia- miscellaneous
21Slides- wetland values
22Lugo's papers
23NASA contract, 1979
24Landsat proposal, 1979
25Wetland bibliography
26Marsh evaluations
27Reports on evaluations
28National wetlands council, 1985-1986
29National wetlands technical council, 1981
30Comments on proposal
31Result of user contact survey addendum to first quarterly report, 1979 November 8
32Development of landsat technology for the assessment of wetlands waste- assimilation capability, 1979 October 15
1111National wetlands technical council, 1982 September 23-24
2Value coastal wetlands council
3Wetland council paper
4Atchafalaya (Louisiana) wetlands
5Bibliographies- wetlands marsh info.
6Computer literature search
7Society of wetland scientists
8Taylor county toxic waste facility
9HB 215, 1989
101- national conservancy Georgia chapter, 1992-1995
112- national conservancy Georgia chapter, 1992-1995
12Georgia Department of natural resources
13Georgia natural heritage inventory
14Georgia department of natural resources nongame
15Georgia 4-H center
16Elachee nature center
18Marx- Institute of tree root biology
19Southern appalachian- man and the biosphere
20UGA museum of natural history
21North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and (Game), 1998
22Chattooga watershed coalition
23Upper Chattahoochee
24The river corridors
25Broad river watershed
26Georgia rivers network
27Ossabow island foundation
28Georgia conservancy
29Georgia chapter- nature conservancy
30River care, 2000
31Georgia Environmental Organization (GEO)
32St. Sand Dune commission, 1973
1121Dune study commission, 1973
2Lake Alma, 1988
3The August canal
4Steve Johnson
5Georgia conservancy nominating committee, 1985
6Broad rivers newspaper clips
7Environment educator
8Senate- agricultural nutrition
9New Georgia visions- Georgia centers leadership
10Natural area preservation memo
11Board of directors Ossabaw foundation
12Wharter's white paper
13Ecological boundary maps
14Knowledge engineering- Atlanta
15Tech. Advisory committee- hazardous waste management, 1983
16Letter to Zell Miller, 1990
17Walsh's newspaper article
18Controversial landfill
19Environmental legislation- state, 1987
20UGA environmental ethics program
21Correspondence- Zell Miller, 1987
22Advisory committee- Fernbank
23Books donated, 1985
24Environmental education workshop- botanical garden
25Toxic waste in Georgia
26Georgia river corridors
27The village
28Pine mountain
29Rivers of the deep south
30Friends of Wilmington river
31Kings Bay Naval base
32Visit- Busey farm
33Mondale- Georgia environment
34Legal environmental assistance foundation (LEAF)
35Dean Rusk center
36Jubilee partners
37Stream channelization, 1975
38Washington environmental agencies, 1977
39Recycling plan for Athens, 1979 April 4
40Environmental education- state plan, 1974-1975
41Callaway Gardens and Virginia Callaway, 1976
1131Water quality and pollution- Athens area
2Georgia scene
3Citiens for nuclear tech awareness
4Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation (LEAF)
5Southern Regional Council
6Southern appalachian assessment
7Southern appalachian forest coalition
8Southern environmental law center
9Southern piedmont research station
10Ecology and human
11Trees Atlanta
12Green GA
13Duke's creek watershed
14Georgia environmental institute policy
15Zoo Atlanta
16Oatland island education center- Savannah
17Consulting firms
18Fernbank science center and museum
19Georgia environmental education institute
20Southface energy institute- Atlanta
21Georgia solar coalition
22The Basic Foundation, Inc. Atlanta
23Georgia wildlife federation
24The "altitude lag"
25Contract research
26I- 75 study
27Arabia mountain task force- Dekalb county
28Georgia timber and land taxation
29Georgia conservancy trustees
30Energy budgeting
31Suggest position papers
32Save America's Vital Environment (SAVE)
33Georgia conservancy trustees, 1977 January
34The Wolfcreek statement
35Georgia conservancy trustees
36Florida land
37Lake Alma project
38Department of Natural Resources (DNR) pollution prevention
39Yarn- coastal marshlands
40Fisher- Blue Ridge outdoor
41Georgia environmental project
42Georgia environment council
43UGA students for environmental awareness
44Sandy creek nature center
45Dauset trail nature center
46Campaign for prosperous Georgia
47The Oconee Audubon
48Pritchards island
49Environmental lawyers
50EPA lab- Athens
51UGA environmental ethics certificate program
52Whale tales
53Trust for public lands
54Sandy creek nature center
55Duncan's project- Sapien's limited
1141Story of coastal marshland protection act, 1970
2Allatoona story- Readers' Digest, 1993 May
3Odum- commentary- Sandy creek nature center, 1979
4McEvoy and Odum
5Platt- Ecology of Georgia
6Governor Zell Miller advisory panel
8Land and community
10Middle Oconee River watershed
11Stoddard- Newsletters, 1939-1940
12Georgia department of natural resources
13Wildlife resource correspondence
14Athens Rainfall, 1890-1987
15Environmental consulting firms
16Access to Georgia sea island
17Athens binder, 1988
18ACE Basin project, South Carolina
19Moore collapse Honors program
20Institute for Georgia environmental leadership
21Environmental center
22Journalists- environmental news and issues
24Odum- testimony
25Centers for river protection, 1998
26The Savannah River- Augusta
27Discover life foundation
28Wilkinson county toxic waste
29Toxic waste memo, 1981
30I-75 clipping
31Letter to Atty
32Georgia landscape development
33The future of the Altamaha
34Arkansas natural heritage commission
35Gardens of Bird mountain
36Tumbling waters camp
37Okefenokee habitats
38Ossabaw island foundation
39Vegetative zonation of Georgia...
40New community project
41Barrier islands and beach workshop
42Rivers on our mind
43Georgia ports authority
44Cook's trail- Sandy Creek green
45Athens recycling proposal
1151Pritchard island advisory
2Georgia environmental education council
3Ossabaw foundation reorganization, 1991
4Alcovy greenway and environmental education center
5Green festival program- Sandy creek nature center
6The Hambridge center
7Athens rainfall, 1906-1998
8The fragile environment of Barrier islands
9NAtural area preservation memo, 1992
10Proposal for fall- line Hills parks
11Sizemore architectural firm
12Jimmy Carter and the Sprowrell Bluff Dam
13Center for ecotheology
14Bio- recycling
15Apalachicola/ Chattahoochee/ Flint river basin
16Frosky- book and film proposal
18Non- government reports
19Non- government data
20Flint corps recreation studies
21Government report/ data 1
22Government report/ data 2
23Serial set
24Sprewell bluff dam- drafts
25Flint- news- clips
26Flint river reaction
27Public coverage
28Material requested by General Morris
29Flint road proposal
30Reader's Digest publication
1161Augusta canal master plan, 1994
2Augusta authority
3Augusta canal greenway plan
OS Folder
5A Map of the Augusta Canal - Augusta Canal Authority
1164North Americcan Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) 27th annual conference
5Henderson- center for sustainable development
6Center for our common future
8Green politics
9Sante fe institute
10Environmental law institute
11Earth watch
12Nature conservancy, 1993
13Institute of Ecotechnics
14Center for field research
15Natural area association
16Duke wetland centers
17Population/ environmental balance
18Institute of social ecology
19Environmental policy institute
20The other economic summit
21Farmland trust
22Jacobson's natural systems- agriculture
23The land institute
24Environmental law
25Environmental policy center
26Conservancy foundation board
27The nature conservancy
28Nature conservancy governors and staff
29National wetlands council roster
30Conservation international foundation
31New town design- Columbia, Maryland
32Konza prairie
33Center for conservation biology
34World bank
35T.I.E., 1979-1980
36Rodale research center and farm
37Conservancy foundation trustees, 1978
38Society of wetland scientist
39Ecology society
40Dutch film group
41Master plan for the August canal Report 1: resource inventory, 1993 March 8
1171New acturists organization
2Environmental ethics
3Park brochures
4World resources institute
5The population institute
6Meadow creek project
7Humans in nature
9University of Tsukuba
10Agricultural ecosystems foundation
11Oregon state- wide planning, 1985
12Text for "ecology teach-in"
13Urban agriculture
15"The rhetoric of ecology"
16Huyck preserve
17Foundation on economic trends
18North Carolina Academy of Sciences
19World bank seminar
20Institute for social ecology
21National institute of ecology in Japan
22Pearson- Proposals "sense of places"
23Kuwait foundation (declined), 1985
24Proposed: national institute for the environment, 1993
25Space biospheres ventures
26Office of environmental affairs
27The conservation foundation
28Activist organization- 1
29Activist organization- 2
30Activist organization- 3
31Environmentalist for full employment
32Conservation foundation, 1984-1985
33International symbiosis society
34Environmental program enforcement commission
35Jackson's national systems agriculture
36Balancing our two basic needs, 1984
37Union concerned scientists, 1997
38What is national "strength"?
39Redefining progress
40Universidade UNIECO
41International foundation of global studies
42Y2E or Y2 EQ
43Tropical ecology news
44International association for ecology
45Society for human ecology
46Wright Ingram institute Colorado
47Ecological action institute
483 mile island public health fund
49New alchemy institute
50Research ranch Arizona
1181The Rene Dubos Film
2Dubos environmental forum
3Odum- biosphere II diagrams
4Institute of ecotechnics biosphere II project
5National institute for urban wildlife
6Enviro bytes annual brochure, 1988
7Environmental defense fund
8Institute for domestic tranquility
9The "beyond war" monument
10Intecol, 1987
11Society for international development
12Proposed national institute for the environment
13The trust for public land, 1988-1993
14Association of ecosystem research centers
15Niles-Huyck preserve
16Institute of ecosystem studies
17Association of ecological research centers
18Tall Timbers research centers
19Berger-- restoring the earth
20Hobbie- the ecosystem center
21Rocky mountain institute
22Highlands biological station, North Carolina
23Center for tree root biology
24International society for environmental education
25Center for conservation biology
26Organization for tropical studies
27World wetland partnership
28Lucy Brawn association
29The heritage foundation
30American academy of arts and sciences membership
31Research findings
32Media studios- Atlanta, 1973
33Vishniac- NSF films on "Pond"
34US Energy policy video by 20/20 vision and ACE, 1991
1191VT Institute of Natural Science
2Interface, disciplines
3Huyck Preserve meeting
4The conservation foundation
6Promotional material/media coverage
7Biosphere II
8Biosphere II- recent report
9Internal documents
10Biosphere II, 1992 February 28
11Alliance to save energy
12The nature conservancy
15929Gifts to Newton County High School-in memory of Mac Gay, 1964

13. Committee Reports and Studies

1211Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) draft report importance- wetlands to man
2Public matters
3US Department of Energy memorandum
4Economy and ecology publications
5Hazel Henderson and the new economics
6Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)- Automobile Technology Assessment (preliminary assessment), 1977
7Technology Assessment Advisory Council Member info
8Technology Assessment Advisory Council expense accounts
9Technology assessment candidate and priorities vol. 1
10Tech assessment documents
11Tech assessment book rough draft
12Tech assessment draft
13Tech assessment documentations
14Office of technology assessment- justification of estimates, 1978
1221Sunbelt study
2Sunbelt studies
3BASF: forest woodlands committee
4Leaf fall data and papers: BASF
5Leaf fall-basic data- Savannah river- BASF area
6BASF-Wyandotte Savannah River property
7Lowes- Savannah river wetlands III comparison
8Summary- 3 papers on cut grass
9Birch and Cooley manuscript
10BASF- Wyandotte corporation contact
11Tidal and nontidal- cutgrass production
12BASF- Savannah river study
13Odum- leaf fall papers
1231Outline: Howard's Odum legacy
2Odum and Turner: The Georgia landscape
3Georgia landscape color graphics
4Correspondence:Kellog resources, 1987
6Correspondence Re-Kellog
7Executive summary revised
8Kellogg study task force
9Task force mailing info
10Bucks- Report for quarterly
11Kellogg task force recommendations
12Kellogg study- resources task force meeting/ reports
13Kellogg study- meetings and reports
14Task force: health and well being
15Meeting with Zeller
16Physical resources task force meeting, 1986 May 5
17Kellogg Task Force Quarterly
18Kellogg Task Force seminar, 1986 February 3
19Kellogg Task Force project manager notes
20Kellogg study memos from Burke
21The Georgia landscape: a changing response, 1987 June
22The Kellogg interdisciplinary task force- summary of final reports, 1988 January
1241Kellogg task force chair meeting, 1985 October 28
2Kellogg study- executive summary, 1987
3Zeller- Department of Natural Resources
5Expenditure record
6Physical resources task force summary documents
7Alec Little
8Task force meeting, 1985-1987
9Account status report
10Kellogg- interdiscipline
11Kellogg publication reports
12Kellogg publications 1
13Kellogg publications 2
1251Government task force final report
2Kellogg- task force report
3Kellogg report
4Kellogg paper extras
5River corridors protection- final, 1986 September
6Model- river corridor protection
7Sub project- river- wetland preservation- summer, 1986
8Coolie/ Cowie- environmental quality indices, 1986
9Detter- water resources
10Paper recycling- Georgia
11Inventory- water
12Georgia deer populations, 1940-1986
13Kellogg renewal suggestion, 1986 September
14Little- EPA Kellogg study wetlands
15Aquatic productivity- Georgia
16Non- market values
17Economic values
19Looking forward: visions of the future of the South, 1984
21Comparative structure of landscapes across physiographic regions of Georgia, 1986
1261Kellogg project- executive summary
2Major problem areas- data, 1935, 1985
3Georgia visions- media following
4Energy and waters use Savannah River Plant (SRP)
5Energy efficiency southern states
6Energy consumption UGA
7Georgia inventory- land use and crops, 1978
8Energy consumption by man
9Kellogg study- energy consumption
10Papers prepared for publication- Kellogg project
11Georgia highways- miles, 1935, 1985
12Computer prints
13Land use in fast growth years, 1976
14Kellogg study resource task force final report outline
15Powerline transportation corridors
16Kellogg project- reference paper and articles and notes
17Electrical consumption by counties
18General land use- inventory
19Finn- land use papers
20General agriculture- inventory
21List publication of reports- Kellogg resource study, 1987-1990
22Georgia crop inventories, 1935-1985
23Conservation tillage in southeast
24Georgia inventory- land use and crop production, 1967
25Georgia domestic animal inventory
2650 year vegetabe trends- Georgia
27Inventory- fertilizer consumption
28Inventory- forests
29Inventory- soils
30Kellogg resource task force recommendations and suggestions, 1986 October
31Net primary production of Georgia
32Pulliam project- Kellogg land-use transition model, 1986
33Checklist Kellogg subprojects
34Kellogg- Richard Westmacott and Darrel Morrison scenic resources survey, 1986
35Special research projects- Kellogg project
36Magee- preservation of unique landscapes
37Vogt- state growth and land use planning
38Hoover and box- geographical landscape divers of Georgia counties
39Turner: spatial patterns of land use in Georgia
40Turner- simulation modelling landscape changes in Georgia manuscript
41Georgia inventory, 1935-1985
1271US energy state
2Georgia- energy information
3Georgia business and economic conditions
4Expense tables
5"A commitment to Georgia"
6Georgia state planning, 1970
7Toxic release report, 1987
8Highway system proposal
9Managing change
10Protection of natural areas
11Public policy researcg series
12landscape dynamics
13Class study- optimal population
14Land use in policy in Georgia- landscape dynamics/ economic conditions
15A guide to natural resource information of Georgia
16Faculty colloquium on the moderm university: its mission, status, and changing commitments
17Riverwork book
1281Georgia constitution on conservation easement
2Kellogg study- resource task force transparencies
3Kellogg study charts- originals
4Kellog diagrams
5Color frontispiece for resource task force
6Graphics Kellogg study
7Kellogg graphics- water
8Kellogg graphics- agriculture forests
9Kellogg graphics- land use
10Kellogg graphics- net production
11Kellogg study- list slides
12Kellogg graphics- energy non- market values
13Turner- presentation slides, 1986
14Service meeting slides, 1986 December
15Kellogg resource task force- sub- projects
16Second paper graphics
17Slideshow UGA service meeting, 1986 December 18
18Publications- Kellogg projects
19Kellogg projects- articles
20Kellogg studies- education phase
21Hierarchial model- Georgia landscape
22Major problem, southern regions, 1935-1985
23Output- input and management diagram
24Proposed Kellogg programs
25Publicity on final project
26Kellogg project- goals
27Kellogg bibliography
28Physiography of Georgia
29Georgia- county data and locator
30Kellogg study- concepts and idea
32Environmental center and state level
33kellogg- leadership development study
34Kellogg task force- editors
35Kahan-physical resources task force report
36Publication report plans
37Upcoming agenda, 1986
38Project goals and direction
39Timeline- schedule
40Kellogg task force- coordination
41Kellogg studies- original proposal
42American land resource association
43Applicants: post doc
44Memos to Burke
45Kellogg bulletin
46Current budget info
47Kellogg grant
48Kellogg study- budget
49C. Allen: personnel
50Kearns- hourly personnel
52Kellogg study- secretary position
53Multimate advisory user guide
54Kellogg study- miscellaneous
55Budget ledger
56American institute of biological sciences Georgia inventory, 1978
57Original physical resources task force report, 1987 July
58Kahan report- final draft
59Rock- South Carolina freshwater wetlands
1291NSF SGER grant references
2Budgets- retrospective analysis of UGA
3NSF retrospective grant- Odum, 1995
4Retrospective analysis of UGA
5Project publications 1
6Project publications 2
8SREL categories and abbreviations
9Sapelo data
10Project data
11Odum SREL
12Annual progress report
13HSB: Annual report, 1995
14Sapelo island grant
15Burrows: journal publication as a measure of quality
16Retro analysis final report
18Institute for scientific information
19Horseshoe bend trend graphs
20SREL consolidated graphs- percent publications
21SREL publication format
22SREL investigation type
23SREL hierarchial groups
24SREL- functional groups
25SREL- location of study
26SREL- taxons
27SREL- decade publications
28SREL- decade means
29SREL vs horseshoe bend
30SREL- publications- yearly plots
31Sapelo- trend graphs
32Sapelo- decade means
33Sapelo- decade means grouped
34HSB climate

14. Research Material and Raw Data

1471Invertebrate references/Lipids/additional references:fundamentals of Ecology/Georgia Life History references/equipment 308 addresses (notes on index cards), 1920-1949
2Radiation Ecology/Conference for Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy/Library books (notes on index cards), 1930-1969
3Various books and journal articles referenced by bird families (notes on index cards), 1918-1972
4Bird Hematology notes, 1930-1949
5Notes, 1950-1959
6Pamphlets, 1970-1989
1481Synopses of references (notes on index cards), 1950-1959
2Synopses of references (notes on index cards), 1920-1969
OS Folder
2SRP [Savannah River Plant] land use survey, 1951-1952
1311Net production- Nevada desert
2Homford Zn65 data
3Zn65-p32 uptake vs. production
4Pavlo 1
5Miscellaneous bird notes
6Heliosoma data
7Snails clarke county
8Zooplankton ponds
9Norris- sketches
10Salamanders wolf creek
11Short notes for publication
12Dominance relations
13Final progress report NSF C-9955, 1963 January
14NIH progress reports 4844
15Renewal request NIH, H-4844, 1963 January
16Bobolinks experiment migratory bird project
17Migratory bird lipid studies- supplies and equipment
18NIH migratory birds supplement request, 1967
19NIH migratory bird report
20Breathing rate ratios
21Food consumption by birds
22I-131 loss rate sigmodum- Golley
23Visit Rochefeller institute- bird fat, 1959 November
24Analysis- fat- Rochefeller institute- Ahrens
25Lipid metabolism IBM program
26List birds obtained from TV towers
27WUGA TV Athens tower, 1960
28Lipid bibliography
29NIH lipid deposition grant H-4844, 1959
30G-9955- lipid deposition in migratory birds- NSF- progress reports
31Bird ash
32Zn65 bioelimination studies- spring- summer- Odum- Brande, 1966
33Pesticides in migratory birds
34Migratory fat reference
35Circulatory system- birds- E.P. Odum background data not used in thesis, 1939
36Dolnik and other's on migratory birds
37Bird observation notebooks
38Bird maps 1
39Bird maps 2
40Bird maps 3
1321Bird maps 4
2Bird diversity
3Tripley- diversity data
4Tarpley- cryptozoa 3-412
5Diversity material by students
6Theoretical biology
7Mimb's forest diversity data
8Diversity data
9Coral reef diversity
10Some statistical and ecological aspects of diversity
11Tramer's bird population diversit- Cowecta
12Breeding bird census
13Odum breeding bird census
14E.P. Odum
15Breeding census oak- hickory, 1947
16Secondary census mature pine- 90 years
17Breeding census, 1967
18Savannah river refuge census- Erichson
19Breeding bird census UGA campus- Milton Hopkins
20Breeding census, cemetery area- Norris, 1946
21Enrichment- mangrove leaves
22Georgia society of naturalist, 1943-1947
23Review: ecological relations chapters- Modern Biology (Holt) by Haglund and Tobin
24Menhinick-application of probability of combitant to species diversity
25A. Breymeyer
26Sigmodon line, spring and fall, 1948-1957
27Regression equations
28Coake- AAAS abstracts
29Cooke- Daphnia population
30Johamer- nutrient regeneration manuscript
31Odum miscellaneous data
32Jenkins- abstract
33Athens mammal notes
34Small mammal activity records
35P32 highmarsh food chain experiment, 1961
36Lowes dove data, 1954
37White throat study
38Georgia mammals miscellaneous
39Georgia mammal trapping by counties
40Correspondence- Puerto Rico project, 1963-1964
41JM- aug 2103- Odum
4210 year history of a sigmodon population
43Rain forest project data, 1963
44Chickadee nest- site data, 1940
45Greene's mattamskeet
1331Puerto Rico- rainforest studies, 1963-1964
2Comparison of heart rate averaging methods
3Cardio studies
4Forbrush (birds of Massachusetts) on the chickadee
5Bird heart rate data
6Work- summer- done, 1938
7Heart records- mount lake
8Bird heart rate- miscellaneous data
134Bird cards
135Bird cards 2
136Bird data (large printouts)
1371Inventory: data body composition in birds, on cards; and birds in freezer, 1979 January
2Calendar and data
3Common denominator of an ecosystem
4Bacteria and fungus plate counts
5Buffering capacity curves
6Biomass graphs
7Budget reviews
8Cadium (OT and SF) copy
10Cadium atomic absorption analyses
11Chlorophyll graphs
12Chlorophyll studies
14Dry digestion
15D.O./ Productivity
16Oxygen diffusion/ correction factors
17O66 TN and TP digestion
18Persulfate digestions
19ST (punch)
20Diurnal uptake study
21EPA quarterly reports
23Filtration studies
25Log book
26Media analysis
27Nutrient data sheets
28Microcosm grant
29Microcosm setup
30Microscopic examinations
31Notes on samples, digestions
32Nutrient data sheets
33Nutrient graphs
34Dr. Odum
35Ostracods and copepods
38Pilot study
39Pipetter/ diluter
40Plasma information
41Purchase orders
42Quality control
43Reference and blank solutions
45Standard curves
46Taub and dollar nutrient medium
48Chlorophyll data
49Plasma- data static
50Production and respiration data
51Nitrate and ammonium analysis
52Observation data
53Bio abstracts (nutrients)
54Microcosm EPA report- drafts, notes, reviews
55Project outline
138a1EPA grant
2Microscopic counts
3Plasma printouts
4Plasma outputs
5Radiomolds in bird ash
6US EPA Odum- matrix- book 1, 1979
7US EPA Odum- matrix- book 2
8Microcosms as test systems for the ecological effects of toxic substances: an appraisal with cadium
138bHeart rate records
138cBird heart rates
139Bird ash
1401NSF lipid net grant- approved as G-9955
2Phospholipids- white throats
3TV tower fat net research- miscellaneous, 1959
4Weights and wing lengths- Fall TV tower- birds, 1960
5Bird data miscellaneous
6White throats- complete analysis
7Thermfax copies lipid data
8Stoddard TV tower reports
9Stoddard reports 7-10
10Stoddard bird causalities- Leo county TV towers- Bull no. 1 Tall Timbers
11Literature references- vertebrate fat
12Walkers report, 1959 December
13Ectoparasites- red- eyed videos- Tall timbers TV tower
14Rogers- Fat levels- Panama birds (published)
15Fat deportion in nycticeius Baker- marshal manuscript (published)
16Cornell- mice fat cycle
17Migratory bird computer processed data
18Birds for NSF (Nebraska)
19Birds collected at Aihem tower, 1962
20Inov R. Tomkins bird collection
22Lipid extraction procedures
23Lipid methods
24Carnegie grant-in-aid: effect photoperiod on lipid deposition in birds, 1951
25NIH migratory birds HE-8294 summary, 1996
26NIH HE 08294 03 renewal, 1966
27Bird mortality at a gulf coast TV tower, 1995 October
28Stoddard TV tower dynamics
29NIH migratory bird renewal
30Migratory birds NIH 5-R01 HE08294-04 renewal, 1967
31NIH migratory birds 5-R01-HE 8294 renewal, 1968-1971
32NIH HE 08294-01 (MET), 1964-1967
33NIH 1 year lipid deposition grant
34USPH- Odum- lipid metabolism budget (H-4844), 1961-1962
35Lipid deposition proposal to NIH
36NSF migratory birds (G-9955), 1961-1962
37Oxygen consumption- 4 bobolinks- C.E. Gifford, 1962
38Iodine numbers
39Lipid metabolism migration
41Original data- white- throated lipid studies
42News articles
43Norris- NSF bird blood group proposal and business
44Grant NSF- G24380 "Comparative study of..."
45The food of feather mites as an ecological factor
46Fall series
47Golley rat fat
1411Fat free weight- birds
2Bird no. codes
3Ash data- migratory birds
4Petroleum extraction records
5Texas and Louisiana bird data
6Panama birds- data only- Hicks, 1964-1965
7Fat- free weights (estimates vs actual)
8Sora rails
10Golden plover
11Semipalmate sandpiper
12Pectoral sandpiper
13White-rumped sandpiper
14Hudsonian godwit
16Chimney swifts
17Purple martin
18Blue jay
19Tufted titmouse
20Ruby- throated hummingbird
21Long- billed marsh wren
22Carolina wren
23Cat bird
24Microbomb data book
27Gray- cheeked thrush
28Ash weights- child's swainson's thrush
29Hermit thrush
30Wood thrush
31Swainson thrush
32Red- eyed vireo
33White- eyed vireo
35Northern water thrush
36Steve Johnson- lipid storage- north water thrush
37Additional data for atomic absorption- percent organic data
38Young- microbomb data book
1421Fall- class 32p experiment, 1967
232p uptake ecology class experiment- spring, 1967
3H.P. Weekes Jr. radiation experiment
4Class experiment 32p- winter, 1967
5Epiphyte, 1967 May- June
6Class experiment, 1967 February
7Bio-elimination Zn 65- birds and mammals
8Zn 65 experiment
965Zn Bobalink
10Raw data oncopeltius tenebrio
11Zn65 loss rates in insects
12Bio- elimination 59Fe milkweed bugs
13Tenebrio- 59Fe bioelimination at 3 temperatures
14Zn65 excretion rates- insect studies- summer, 1961
15Garrett Zn65 bioelimination snakes
16Bioelimination Zn65 pasallid beetles
17Bioelimination Zn65 data, 1965
18Stable Zn determinations
19Zn references
20Excretion of oral Zn65
21Loss rate of Zn65
22Zn65 samples- mouse owl pellets
23Radioactive Zn studies on popilius disjunctus
24Bio-elimination Zn65 in popilius disjunctus
25Department of oceanography
26Department of zoology
27Symposium on radiation ecology
28Idothea study
29Zn65 bioelimination millipedes
30P32 bioelimination- tenebrio
31Bioelimination radionuclides
32Wetzel's Fe59 loss rate
33Bioelimination Zn65
34Metabolism of Zn65
35Marples- Fe59 and Zn65
36Zn65 bioelimination- millipedes
37Gutknecht Zn manuscript
38Bioelimination- miscellaneous
39Zn65 correction for decay
40Web spider Zn65 retention
41Cumming- caloric equivalents, 1967
42Petroleum ether extraction
1431File on 308 charges
2Blank sheets charges
3Job apps
4Correspondence/ accident reports
5Inventory of Bucknell, 1968 August 6
6Equipment from stock room, 1968 April 30
7Data to be processed
8Drying study, 1960 November
9Equipment checkout
10Pooled muy bird for pesticides
11Turned into stock room for credit, 1965 July 22
12Graphs on birds
13Data- IBM cards, 1963 January
14Summary tables
15Coter for IBM data
16Child- study of non- fat weights in thrushers
17Tallahassee- TV tower bird kills, 1964
18Extracted birds
19Child and Marshall- estimated conicuss fat
20Blackpoll warbler- fat free weights
21Graph fat index
22Bird netted Texas coast
23Data sheets
24Cornell's- thesis material
25Dr. Odum's paper- lipid levels in migratory birds
26Gas chromatograph
27Helms- Kuenzel extraction data
28Siren fat extraction data
29Shore bird tables
30Bird ash data
31Progress report for ecology lab, 1966
32Work accomplished, 1965
33Resume of informal conference
34Supplies from stockroom, 1967 August 15
35Mongoose tails
36Birds spectrometrically analyzed
37Conference on bird fight range
38Oysters, 1969 July 6
39Freezer catalogue
40Supply order, 1968 September 9
41Dissertation techniques
42Michigan birds
43G. child- fat extraction
44Correspondence and old data
45Ecology inventory, 1965
46Inventory, 1966
47New equipment, 1966-1969
49Correspondence Anne Young
51Report and supply list
52A B other than "balances"
53Pics and graphs miscellaneous
54Freeze dry methods
55Photo- fat bobolink, 1963 September 21
56Data logs
57Data by location
58Breurs class report
59Caloric values
60Extractions- small mammals
1441Myrtle warbler
2Blackburnian warbler
3Chestnut- sided warbler
4American redstart