Stanley W. Lindberg papers

Stanley W. Lindberg papers

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Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Lindberg, Stan
Title: Stanley W. Lindberg papers
Dates: 1950s-2000
Quantity: 26.5 Linear feet (26 boxes and 1 oversized folder)
Coll. Number: ms3204

Biographical/Historical Note

As editor of the Georgia Review from 1977 until his death, Stanley Lindberg was nationally and internationally recognized for transforming a good regional literary magazine into one of the best magazines of its time, a handsome and colorful quarterly filled with excellent essays, poetry, fiction, and artwork created by distinguished artists from the state, the South, the nation, and abroad. In addition, he conceived and produced, or shared responsibility for, some of the most daring and stimulating cultural events the state of Georgia has hosted, including a celebration of Georgia's own heritage in creative writing—the "Roots in Georgia" Literary Symposium of 1985—and a remarkable international gathering of recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature held in conjunction with the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. In 1986 Lindberg received the first Governor's Award in the Humanities.

Stanley W. Lindberg was born on November 18, 1939, in Warren, Pennsylvania. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania on the eighteenth-century essayist and dictionary maker Samuel Johnson, a model of the clear, intelligent, strong expression that he later sought in the writers he published in the Georgia Review. Lindberg had achieved distinction as a scholar and editor before he came to the Department of English at the University of Georgia in 1977 from Ohio University, where he had already raised a regional literary magazine, the Ohio Review, to national prominence.

The success of the Georgia Review during Lindberg's more than twenty years as editor marks his greatest achievement. Under his direction the Georgia Review received increasing praise and won a number of state and national awards for its editorial excellence. In 1986, outshining such well-financed commercial magazines as the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Harper's, the Georgia Review won a prestigious National Magazine Award in Fiction.

In recommending Lindberg for a University Professorship at the University of Georgia, which he received in 1999, a committee of scholars and writers observed that Lindberg had made the Georgia Review "the single most widely respected and sought after literary review published in the United States." Competing against commercial magazines with enormous budgets, Lindberg repeatedly attracted into the pages of the Georgia Review such notable writers as Rita Dove, Shelby Foote, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Seamus Heaney, Joyce Carol Oates, John Updike, Robert Penn Warren, and Eudora Welty.

Recognition of Lindberg's editorial role in the development of the Georgia Review made him widely sought after as a speaker and consultant on editing, publishing, and writing. He collaborated with L. Ray Patterson, a University of Georgia colleague, to write a valuable book on American copyright law, The Nature of Copyright: A Law of Users' Rights (1991). He also edited or coedited a number of books, including two anthologies of the best poetry (Keener Sounds, 1987) and fiction (Necessary Fictions, 1986) from the Georgia Review and a volume containing selections from a famous American textbook series known as McGuffey's Readers (The Annotated McGuffey, 1976).

Lindberg's high regard for clarity and precision extended to a love for music and a dedication to the humanistic enterprises of the University of Georgia and its Department of English, both of which he served in important capacities. His greatest legacy to the state of Georgia remains, however, his tenure with the Georgia Review. He not only attracted writers who were well established and sought after, but he also discovered, nurtured, and promoted many new talents.

Lindberg died in Atlanta on January 18, 2000.

Suggested Reading

Stephen Corey, ed., "Remembering Stanley Lindberg: A Festschrift," special issue, Georgia Review 54 (summer 2000).

From Accessed 17 August 2011.

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This collection is arranged into 5 series: The Georgia Review, Writing and speeches, Conferences, Pre-University of Georgia materials and Reading files.

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Caldwell, Erskine, 1903-1987
Copyright infringement--United States.
Georgia review.
Hood, Mary
Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784
Kitchen, Judith
McGuffey Eclectic Readers.
Poetry, American.
University of Georgia. Faculty.

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Stanley W. Lindberg papers, ms3204, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. The Georgia Review

1.1 Correspondence

11Abbot, Louise H., 1985, 1993
2Abbott, Lee K., 1986
3Gail Galloway Adams, 1987
4John Agata, 1997
5John Algeo, 1985, 1993
6Anderson, Lee, 1986
7Anderson, Wyatt, 1987
8Andrews, Ray, 1978-1996
9Ansa, Tina McElroy, 1989-1996
10Argo, Blue, 1981-1987
11Arnholm, Ron, 1993-1995
12Ashbery, John, 1998
13Becksheider, Paula, 1978-1979
14Baker, Larry, 1997
15Baker, Will, 1989-1991
16Ball, Milner, 1986-1993
17Kellogg Task Force (Milner Ball committee), 1986
18Samuel Banks, 1998
19Barks, Coleman, 1983-1994
20Barthelme, Donald, 1989
21Bass, Rick, 1995
22Bassoff, Bruce, 1978
23Bell, Marvin, 1982-1983, 1995
24Berry, Wendell, 1977
25Bethune, Carol Quillian, 1983-1997
27Bishop, Michael, 1995
28Bishop, Joan, 1990-1991
29Blackford, Staige, 1993
30Booth, Philip, 1983-1997
31Boruch, Mariane, 1989-1991
32Bosworth, David, 1997-1998
33Bottoms, David, 1981-1988
34Bowers, Cathy Smith, 1996
35Bowers, Neal, 1985-1997
36Braham, Jeanne, 1982-1990
37Brashers, Charles, 1989
38Brodsky, Joseph, 1994-1996
39Brooks, Cleanth, 1981
40Brooks, Colette, 1990-1994
41Brown, Larry, 1996
42Brox, Jane, 1992-1998
43Bryan, Sharon, 1990-1991
44Budy, Andrea Hollander, 1990-1992
45Bufkin, Ernest, 1996
46Bugeja, Michael, 1986-1997
47Burden, Jean, 1990-1994
48Burnaby, Sara, 1998
49Burroughs, Franklin, Jr., 1990-1991
50Busch, Frederick, 1984-1998
51Byer, Kay, 1994-1997
52Caldwell, Erskine, 1987-1991
53Caldwell, Virginia, 1989-1991
54Call, Malcolm, 1989-1993
55Campbell, Rick, 1996
56Capes, Marylou, 1992
57Carlson, Doug, 1992
58Carter, Jimmy (President), 1993-1996
59Carter, Jared, 1985
60Carver, Raymond, 1988
61Cedering, Siv, 1979-1997
62Chappell, Fred (Ole), 1966-1997
63Checkoway, Julie, 1990s
64Cherry, Kelly, 1990-1995
65Clark, Eleanor, 1975-1984
66Clausen, Chris, 1978-1992
67Clewell, David, 1996
68Cloos, Carol, 1990s
69Cobb, James C., 1994
70Cofer, Judith Ortiz, 1987-1993
71Cofer, Susan, 1983-1997
72Coles, Robert, 1978-1990
73Collins, Billy, 1992
74Colvert, James, 1985
75Conarroe, Joel, 1991-1996
76Connolly, Geraldine, 1997
77Conroy, Pat, 1984-1995
78Cooper, Bernard, 1988
79Core, George, 1986-1988
21Corey, Stephen, 1984-1994
2Covington, Dennis, 1996
3Crews, Harry, 1994-1998
4Dacey, Philip, 1977
5Dana, Robert, 1989-1994
6Datnow, Claire, 1996
7Daugharty, Janice, 1997-1998
8Deagon, Anne, 1978-1981
9Delbanco, Nicholas, 1993-1997
10DeMott, Robert, 1980-1998
11Depta, Vic, 1986-1994
12DeVorsey, Louis, 1991-1993
13DeWitt, Henry, 1998
14DeZurko, Edward, 1997
15Dickie, Margaret, 1988-1991
16Dickey, James, 1995
17Dittmar, Trudy, 1998
18-19Dodd, Wayne, 1973-1997
20-21Dorris, Michael/Louise Erdrich, 1991-1997
22Dove, Rita/Fred Viebahn, 1982-1998
23Douglas, Ellen, 1995
24Drake, Robert, 1992-1998
25Driskell, Leon (deceased), 1983-1995
26Driskell, Leon (ADENA-consulting), 1979-1982
27Dunn, Stephen, 1990-1997
28Durban, Pam, 1982-1996
29Dyer, Tom, 1992-1995
30Eaton, Charles, 1982
31East, Charles/Sarah, 1982-1997
32Edgerton, Clyde, 1990s
33Ehrlich, Paul, 1991
34Edwards, John, 1992
35Eidsvik, Charles (film), 1978
36Emmanuel, Lynn, 1987
37English, John, 1993
38Facknitz, Mark A. R., 1997
39Fargas, Laura, 1989-1997
40Ferre, Frederick, 1983-1997
41Fitzgerald, Sally, 1970s
42Flint, Roland, 1999
43Flynn, St. John (Peach State Radio), 1998
44Fowles, John, 1982
45Fort, Charles, 1996
46Francione, Gary L., 1993-1994
47Franklin, Rosemary, 1977
48Frederick, Pauline, 1990s
49Freer, Coburn, 1985, 1995-1997
50Friman, Alice, 1989
51Fromm, Harold, 1981
52Gaines, Ernest J., 1995-1996
53Gallant, James, 1987
54Galvin, Brendan, 1990s
55Gardner, John, 1978
56Garrett, George, 1982-1991
57Gates, Norman, 1969-1981
58Gates, Skip, 1992-1996
59Gildner, Gary, 1987-1996
60Glassman, D.S. (Dorothy Sucher), 1980s
61Glickfeld, Carol L., 1988-1989
62Gluck, Louise, 1994
63Goldbarth, Albert, 1992-1997
64Golembiewski, Alison, 1983-1991
65Goncz, Arpad, 1991
66Gordimer, Nadine, 1994-1996
67Gordan, Leslie, 1993-1996
68Graham, Allison, 1994-1997
68Gordon, Sarah, 1994-1997
69Graham, Allison, 1995
70Graham, Jorrie, 1987
71Graham, T. R., 1993-1998
72Green, Donald, 1978
73Greenberg, Alvin, 1996
74Greene, Melissa Fay, 1995-1996
31Gregor, Debora, 1989
2Grooms, Tony, 1991-1994
3Grumbach, Doris, 1994
4Guimond, James, 1991
5Hall, Donald, 1977-1998
6Hall, James W., 1996
7Barry, Hannah, 1989-1990
8Hardison, O. B., 1986-1989
9Hargrove, Gene, 1986-1990
10Harper, Michael, 1982-1995
11Harris, Mark, 1980-1983
12Harris, Norman, 1988
13Harvey, Steve, 1993
14Haskins, Lola, 1998
15Hass, Robert, 1995
16Hassan, Ihab, 1993, 1998
17Heaney, Seamus, 1988
18Heilman, Robert, 1997
19Herbert, James, 1990
20Herstein, Beth, 1992-1997
21Heyen, William, 1977-1990
22Hiestand, Emily, 1992-1998
23Hildt, Robert, 1994
24Hillestad, Hilburn, 1994-1995
25Hirsch, Kathleen, 1998
26Hix, Tom, 1992
27Hoffman, Daniel, 1978-1996
28Hollow, Patton, 1991-1997
29Holmes, Janet, 1994-1996
30Holt, Margaret, 1983-1994
31Horr, Cay, 1976-1989
32Hudson, R. (Bob), 1998
33Hughes, Mary Beth, 1993-1994
34Hugo, Richard, 1980s
35Hummer, Terry, 1987
36Humphreys, Josephine, 1995
37Jackson, Fleda, 1993
38James, Evelyn, 1997-1998
39Jarrell, Mary, 1996
40Jarrett, Beverly, 1977-1978
41Jenkins, Susan, 1991
42Jensen, Julie, 1984
43Jernigan, Mary, 1990
44Jones, Madison, 1993
45Johnson, Greg, 1990-1997
46Johnston, Gordon, 1993-1996
47Joseph, Sheri, 1997-1998
48Junker, Howard, 1987
49Justice, Donald, 1975
50Welty, Eudora, 1978-1998
51Karlen, Arno, 1979
52Kay, Terry, 1985-1998
53Keller, David, 1996
54Kelley, Regan, 1987
55Kenison, Katrina, 1993-1994
56Kenner, Hugh, 1981-1990
57Kenney, James (Dr.)/Sue, 1986-1996
58Kilgo, Jim, 1986-1998
59Killens, John Oliver, 1987
60Kingston, Rodger, 1994
61Kinnell, Galway, 1983-1990
62Komunyakaa, Yusef, 1995
63Korshin, Paul, 1981
64Kostelanetz, Richard, 1986
65Krickel, Edward Jr., 1988-1994
66Krusoe, Nancy, 1994
67Kumin, Maxine, 1998
68Lane, John, 1996
69Lazerson, Arlyne, 1977
70Lea, Sydney, 1995-1996
71Leigh, Jack, 1997-1998
72Levine, Phil, 1975-1998
73Lish, Gordon (Captain Fiction), 1989-1994
74Logan, William, 1988
75Long, Judy, 1997-1998
76Ludvigson, Susan, 1977-1994
77Mabe, Joni, 1994-1995
78Mair, Tom, 1980-1981
79Makowski, Liz, 1986-1987
80Mangan, Kathy, 1982-1989
81Mann, David, 1982-1995
82Marder, Norma, 1990-1995
83Marquez, Gabriel Garcia, 1994-1996
84Martinez, Dionisio D., 1994-1997
85Martone, Michael, 1986
86Mason, George, 1988
87Masters, Hilary, 1983-1994
88Mathis, Cleopatra, 1996
89Matthews, Jack, 1972-1993
90Matthews, William, 1991
91McBee M. Louise, 1986-1992
92McCarthy, Cormac, 1993
93McCarthy, Rebecca, 1997-1998
94McCullough, David (Book of the Month Club), 1974
95McFerren, Martha, 1985-1989
96McGraw, Erin, 1987
97McHaney, Thomas L., 1996-1997
98McKee, Richard, 1997
99McKenzie, Alan, 1997
100McKinley, Hazel, 1990s
101McWilliams, Dean, 1977-1979
102Meinke, Peter, 1997
103Mee, Susie, 1992-1993
104Methvin, Eugene H., 981-1994
105Meyers, Kent, 1998
106Miller, J. Hillis, 1978
107Miller, R. Baxter, 1994-1995
108Milosz, Czeslaw, 1994-1995
41Minton, Karen, 1991-1997
2Mitcham, Judson, 1991-1998
3Mitchell-Powell, Brenda, 1988-1991
4Mock, Jeff, 1996
5Montgomery, Marion, 1985
6Moore, Janice Townley, 1985
7Moore, Richard, 1985
8Morgan, Frederick, 1988
9Morris, Keith Lee, 1998
10Morrison, Toni, 1989-1995
11Mueller, Lisel, 1997
12Murray, Albert, 1995
13Myers, Kent, 1997-1998
14Nagel, Jim, 1990-1993
15Nelson, Marilyn (Waniek), 1981-1996
16Nemerov, Howard, 1991
17Ness, Frederic W., 1964-1971
18Nims, John Frederick, 1993
19Nye, Naomi, 1990-1994
20Oates, Joyce Carol, 1969-1996
21O'Brien, Tim, 1990
22O'Kelley, Mattie Lou, 1997
23Oe, Kenzaburo, 1994-1995
24Oliver, Mary, 1989
25Olmstead, Robert, 1991
26Osaki, Mark, 1997
27Osbeg, Brenda Marie, 1996-1997
28Kitajima, Fuji, 1987
29Orchard, Karen (UGA Press), 1995-1996
30Ozick, Cynthia, 1983
31Parisi, Joseph, 1981
32Pastan, Linda, 1995-1996
33Patten, Bernard C., 1998
34Patterson, Veronica, 1997
35Patton, Carroll, 1990s
36Paulson, A. B., 1986
37Payne, W. J. (Jack), 1986-1994
38Paz, Octavio, 1994-1995
39Pelletier, S. William, 1990s
40Peoples, Curt, 1973-1984
41Percy, Walker, 1977-1978
42Perlow, Katharina Rich, 1996
43Peterson, Jim, 1998
44Pickering, Samuel, 1977-1987
45Pinsker, Sandy, 1982-1998
46Pinsker, Sandy ( Academic questions), 1991-1997
47Plimpton, George, 1996
48Plumly, Stanley, 1978-1997
49Pollack, Eileen, 1994
50Pope, Robert, 1984-1997
51Price, Joseph, 1997
52Reynolds, Price, 1995-1996
53Prokasy, William (Vice President for Academic Affairs), 1998
54Prunty, Wyatt, 1979
55Rabinowich, Willa, 1998
56Ramke, Bin, 1977-1998
57Ramsey, Jerry, 1983-1985
58Reed, Diana, 1988-1990
59Ravenel, Shannon, 1984-1990
60Rice, Paul, 1988-1991
61Ridl, Jack, 1998
62Riley, Mike, 1983-1988
63Robinson, Sally L., 1993-1996
64Rogers, Pattiann, 1996
65Rosser, Jill, 1988-1997
66Rubin, Louis D. (Algonquin), 1988
67Rubin, Stan, 1984, 1995
68Rugo, Marieve, 1982-1985
69Ruppersburg, Hugh, 1989-1995
70Sachs, Rita, 1988
71Sanders, Barry, 1990
72Saner, Reg, 1989-1990
73Sanders, Scott, 1984-1998
74Sandor, Marjorie, 1986-1990
75Sargent, Betty, 1978-1993
76Schechter, Harold, 1987
77Schrank, Barbara, 1975-1976
78Schulman, Grace, 1981
79Schwartz, Jim, 1970-1982
80Scouten, Joe, 1970-1993
81Seay, James, 1986
82Sellers, Bettie, 1984-1993
83Sessions, William, 1982, 1991
84Shearer, Cynthia, 1994-1996
51Simon, Claude, 1994
2Simic, Charles, 1994-1998
3Simpson, Nancy, 1981-1998
4Sisk, John P., 1997-1998
5Skinner, Jeffrey, 1997
6Skube, Michael, 1993-1995
7Slavitt, David, 1997
8Slesinger, Warren, 1985-1990
9Editors on fiction, 1993-1995
10Smith, Dave, 1995-1998
11Smith, Lee, 1996
12Smith, R. T., 1996
13Soyinka, Wole, 1987-1996
14Sokol, John, 1996
15Sobel, Nat, 1987-1996
16Stafford, William, 1993
17Stern, Gerald, 1984-1996
18Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1989-1993
19Stitt, Peter, 1979-1997
20Stone, John, 1978-1998
21Strand, Mark, 1977-1981
22Strothman, Wendy (Beacon Press), 1991-1993
23Styron, William, 1992-1995
24Summer, Bob, 1985-1986
25Susskind, Harriet (Rosenblum), 1982-1997
26Swanger, David, 1990
27Szporluk, Larissa, 1998
28Tall, Deborah, 1987-1994
29Taylor, Peter, 1994
30Taylor, Robert, 1983-1991
31Thayer, Calvin, 1990s
32Throm, Lindsay, 1996
33Tillinghast, David, 1997
34Tompkins, Jane, 1992
Mary Hood
535Toth, Eva, 1992
36Trowbridge, William, 1995
37Travasano, Thomas, 1996
38Turnbull, Colin, 1985
39Updike, John, 1998
40Van Brunt, H. L., 1979
41Vandersee, Charles, 1983
42Van Wert, William, 1978, 1987
43Vinson, James (Contempory Poets-St. James Press), 1979
44Voigt, Ellen Bryant, 1992
45Walcott, Derek, 1994-1995
46Walker, Charlotte Zoe, 1990, 1997
47Walker, Margaret, 1995
48Walsh,William, 1993
49Waniek, Marilyn, 1983
50Ware, Wyatt, 1996
51Warren, Robert Penn (RPW), 1977-1989
2634Warren, Robert Penn, 1972-1990
552Warren, Rosanna, 1978-1998
53Wasserstein, Wendy, 1993
54Waters, Michael, 1978-1995
55Watkins, Floyd, 1983
56Watson, William (A.J.), 1992
57Watson, Richard "Red", 1986-1996
58Weales, Gerald, 1976-1998
59Weil, Wendy, 1995
60Weiss, Theodore, 1982
61Weldon, Jane, 1994
62Wideman, John Edgar, 1967-1998
63Wieland, Liza, 1992
64Williams, Lynna, 1992
65Williams, Philip Lee, 1989-1997
66Wilson, Edward O., 1990s
67Wilson, Robley Jr., 1981-1995
68Winner, Anthony, 1997
69Whittemore, Reed, 1994
70Wolf, Bryan, 1983
71Wright, Ann
72-73Zimmer, Paul, 1977-1998
74Zolbrod, Paul, 1983-1985
61General correspondence, 1963
2General correspondence, 1970s
3General correspondence, 1980s
4General correspondence, 1990-1997
5-7General correspondence, 1998
8-11General correspondence, 1999-2000
12-13General correspondence
14Condolence correspondernce, 2000

1.2 Mary Hood

71Correspondence, 1978-1982
2Lindberg's handwritten notes (in regards to Mary Hood), 1980s-1990s
3Correspondence, 1982
4"Lonesome road blues:" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1982
5-7Correspondence, 1983
8"Desire call of the wild hen" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1983
9-11Correspondence, 1984
12"Somewhat an entertainment" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1984
13"How far she went" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1984
14-16Correspondence, 1985
17"The annotated eclectic" (handmade card), 1985
18"The suffering optimist" (handmade card), 1985
19-20"Something good for Ginnie" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1985
21"After Moore" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1985
22-23Correspondence, 1986
81Handmade card-"Fortieth Aniversary Retrospective" for Georgia Review, 1986
2Reviews of Mary Hood's works, 1986-1995
3-5Correspondence, 1987
6 Rosiebelle Lee Wildcat Tennessee (forward by Hood-manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1987-1988
7-10Correspondence, 1988
11Handmade card to Lindberg (by Mary Hood), 1988
12-13 Familiar heat (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1980s
14-16Correspondence, 1989
91Mary Hood and copyright flap, 1990s
2-3Correspondence, 1990
4"Pertinences and im/a catalog of clutter...", 1990
5 Ink and evidence (manuscript-reviewed by Mary Hood-notes by Lindberg), 1990
6"Farewell to 'Strange Fruit'-an inner history of South Carolina's last lynching" by Will Gravely (friend of M. Who), 1990
7-11Correspondence, 1991-1994
12Handmade card by Mary Hood, 1994
13 New Georgia Guide essay: "Northwest region" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1994
14-15Correspondence, 1994-1995
16Afterward to The sacrilege of Alan Kent by Mary Hood (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1996
17-18Correspondence, 1997-1998
19 An abandoned woman (manuscript-notes by Lindberg), 1998
20-22Correspondence, 1998-1999
23"Making your mark" (handmade card by Mary Hood)
24 And Venus is blue by Mary Hood (manuscript-notes by Lindberg)
25"The goodwife Hawkins" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg)
26"Moths" (revised manuscript)
27"Desire call of the wild hen" (manuscript-notes by Lindberg)
28Book III-part 2-chapters 35-49 (manuscript-notes by Lindberg)
101-2Assorted items (most sent from Mary Hood to Stan Lindberg)

1.3 Judith Kitchen

103-21Correspondence, 1980-1999
22The Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers' Award nomination, 1999
23-24Correspondence, 1999

1.4 Cultural Olympiad/Nobel Laureate

111Cultural Olympiad/Nobel gathering material, 1991-1996
2Cultural Olympiad programs and projects, 1992
3Cultural Olympiad Advisory Council, 1992
4The "Poetics of Politics" program, 1992
5Planning Committee, 1992
6Ernest Bufkin (Nobel Laureate) Project Planning Committee, 1992
7Cultural Olympiad/Nobel Laureate materials, 1992-1996
8News clippings, 1992-1996
9Report on Atlanta Olympic Games-presented to the 98th session of the International Olympic Committee, 1992
10Southern Arts Federation-Olympiad panel, 1992-1993
11"Encounters with Norwegian cultures: Olympic Winterland" (Cultural Olympiad), 1993
12Articles about Norway writers/culture, 1993
13Cultural Olympiad Master Plan (draft), 1993
14Ronald Lynn Bogue (Nobel Laureates project, 1993-1995
15-16Cultural Olympiad financial information, 1993-1995
17"Nobel Laureates of Literature: An Olympic gathering" (Cultural Olympiad), 1993-1995
18Cultural Olympiad/Olympic Games information, 1994-1996
19Nobel Laureates/Cultural Olympiad planning information, 1994-1995
20UGA Charter Lecture Series/Cultural Olympiad introduction and correspondence, 1994-1996
21Literature: Nobel Laureate Symposium (draft), 1995
22Woodruff Arts Center Cultural Olympiad, 1995
23"The Nobel Laureates of Literature: An Olympic gathering" discussion guide, 1995
24"The Nobel Laureates of Literature: An Olympic gathering" planning manual, 1995
25"The Nobel Laureates of Literature: An Olympic gathering" study guide, 1995
26An internatinal celebration of Southern Literature, 1996
27Cultural Olympiad Olympic Arts Festival, 1996
28Toni Morrison-Nobel Laureate (articles), 1998

1.5 Adminstrative

121Name plates, 1980s-1990s
2 The Georgia Review editor's position (correspondence, etc.), 1986-1977
3Promotion and tenure, 1976-1981
4Sociology fiction-Wadsworth Publishing-Lindberg proofreading, 1977-1980
5 The Georgia Review job application, 1977
6UGA personnel (appointments, contracts, letters, etc.), 1977-1998
7Lindberg, Stanley file 3, 1979
8New Faculty Tour, 1979
10Inland Boat Poetry chapbooks, 1979-1980
11Handwritten notes (by Lindberg), 1980s-1990s
12Photographs-Lindberg/ The Georgia Review staff, 1980s-1990s
13Personal vita (update), 1980s-1990s
14Vita update information, 1980s=1990s
15Assorted The Georgia Review materials, 1980s-1990s
16 The Gettysburg Review visit, 1983
17Upstate New York trip (Alfred, Colgate, Monroe Community College, Rochester), 1984
18Research leave, 1985
19Phi Beta Kappa materials, 1985-1991
20Cover letter collection, 1985-1996
21Newsclippings on The Georgia Review and Stan Lindberg, 1970s-1990s
22Then National Magazine Stanley W. Lindberg, Editor- The Georgia Review, 1986
23The University of Georgia Recognition Banquet, 1990s
24Roy Vance Ramsey material, 1990
25"Communication and personality styles" (Training and Development), 1990s
26Personal gift subscription The Georgia Review, 1990-1996
27Sigma Tau Delta/Alpha Alpha Omega societies, 1992
28Dickinson College Career Contact Program, 1994
29Lindberg-yearly review, 1994-1996
30-31Handwritten notes, 1960s-1990s
32Two year planner, 1995-1996
33The Jenkins Club, 1995-1997
34Calendar and schedule, 1996-1998
35Unit Self-Study Report for the Program Review of The Georgia Review, 1997-1999
131Desk Calendar pages, 1998
2Nomination of Lindberg for UGA Professorship, 1998
3 The Georgia Review materials, 1998-1999
4Stan's resume to be copied, 1999
5Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, 1999
6Datebook, 1999
7The Stanley W. Lindberg Award (Pat Conroy-1st winner), 1999
8Stanley W. Lindberg Award (people to send invitations to), 1999
9Pan American Center Literary Awards, 1999
10Georgia Illustrated project, 1999
13National Magazine Awards, 1999
13Manuscripts on Stan's desk, 2000 January
14The University of Georgia pop quiz, 1999

2. Writings and speeches

2.1 General writings and speeches

1315"Johnson Rambler experiment" by Lindberg
16Norton proposal for anthology (student paper by Lindberg)
17"Robert Browning and the dramatic monologue..." (student paper by Lindberg), 1961
18"Divergent views" (student paper by Lindberg), 1965
19"Carlylean Echoes" (English 653-student paper by Lindberg), 1966
20"Examinations of Extremes" (English 654-student paper by Lindberg), 1966
21"A sermon with a text" (student paper by Lindberg), 1966
22"Language adapted for criticism" (English 610-student paper by Lindberg), 1967
23"Claggart: a problem in characterization" (English 691-student paper by Lindberg), 1967
24"A literary relationship: Johnson, Goldsmith and 'The Traveller'" (English 642-student paper by Lindberg), 1967
25Notes on additional reading: Keats" (student paper by Lindberg), 1967
26"Johnson on irony and satire" (student paper by Lindberg), 1968
27"Johnsonian irony: the theory and practice of irony in the prose writings of Samuel Johnson" (Lindberg's dissertation), 1969
28Miscelleanous lectures and notes, 1970s-1980s
29Essays for Contemporary novelistsn, 1971-1972
30"One alternative to black humor: the satire of Jack Matthews" by Lindberg, 1973
31"Loren Eiseley: the Naturalist as literary artist" by Lindberg, 1974
32MLA-Seminar on the grotesque (includes draft of Lindberg's paper "The amoral grotesque: William Beckford's Vathek, 1974-1975
33"Dr. Johnson and Imlac: hyperbole and poetic cant" by Lindberg, 1974
34"Fielding and farce" (text of speech by Lindberg), 1974
35Kenyon College job (college catalog), 1975
141Taylor University job (college catalog), 1975-1977
2"Omission, commission and bowdlerization: censorship and the McGuffey eclectic readers, 1976
3"The happy prince and other fairy tales" (book proposal to be edited by Lindberg), 1976
4"Essays on the grotesque", 1977
5Robert Morris College (college catalog), 1977-1978
6"Bear crossings: an anthology of North American poets" reviewed by Lindberg, 1979
7 Van Nostrand's plain english handbook (information about Lindberg's book project), 1979-1980
8"Finding the real thing" by Lindberg, 1980s
9The education of an editor (includes "Of editors, writers and swinging doors" by Lindberg), 1980s-1990s
10"A night in November..." by Caldwell (includes correspondence and editor's (Lindberg) working copies), 1982-1985
11"Southern quarterlies and the literary canon", 1981
12Information relating to Lindberg's Caldwell presentation in Social Circle, Georgia, 1982-1993
13"Introduction to the eighteenth-century plays of Frederick Reynold" by Lindberg, 1984
14Editing (Lindberg) "The plays of Frederick Reynolds" by Garland, 1978-1984
15St. James Project-revised critical essay for Jack Matthews by Lindberg, 1985
16Harper's project-"Mountain Blood" and "The Philosopher's Diet" reviews by Lindberg, 1986
17"Childhood found, weight lost" review by Lindberg, 1986
18"Caldwell's literary epitaph: what shall it be?" lecture by Lindberg (PR materials), 1987
19Caldwell-Georgia Humanities Council (GEH) Project, 1987-1989
20 Biodegradable man forward by Lindberg, 1989-1990
21"Childhood found, weight lost..." review by Lindberg, 1990s
22The Little Manse restoration "Caldwell's literary epitaph..." (information about Lindberg's speech), 1987-1992, 1998
23Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Award in creative nonfiction (Lindberg judge/editor), 1992
24"It's difficult to write a Paradiso" preface by Lindberg, 1993
25 The stories of Erskine Caldwell forward by Lindberg, 1994
26 The complete stories of Erskine Caldwell (manuscript) by Lindberg, 1995
27Lindberg's investigation into plagiarism at Emory University, 1995
28"Grub Street revisited: one editor's perspective" text of speech by Lindberg, 1997
29Colgate talk-"Southern quarterlies and the literary canon" by Lindberg, 1996
30"Learning from Miss Welty" and "Afterward" by Lindberg, 1998-1999
2635'Johnson on Swift: the uses of irony" by Lindberg, 1974-1975
36Senior Fellowships-Lindberg nominee, 1989
37Miscellaneous talks and writings by Lindberg, 1980s
38Talks at Maryland, Gettysburg, Penn State and Penn, 1983
39"The education of the editor"-a talk with Stan Lindberg, 1993
40"Of editors, writers and swinging doors" by Lindberg
OS Folder
1Four oversized posters promoting Lindberg's speeches and writings, 1990s

2.2 Outside reader's reports

151Ohio University Press outside reader's report by LIndberg, 1977-1991
2University of Kentucky Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1979-1980
3University of Pennsylvania Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1980-1981
4University of Georgia Press reader's report by Lindberg, 1980-1989
5University of Alabama Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1982, 1996
6 The new writers of the South outside reader's report by LIndberg, 1986
7 The imagination of alternatives... outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1986
8University of Arkansas Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1986-1987
9Southern Methodist University Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1987
10 America and the Americans... outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1988
11University of Iowa Press outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1988-1993
12 No resting place outside reader's report by Lindberg, 1989

2.3 McGuffey Eclectic Readers

1513"Words from another century", 1966
14"History of the American Book Company", 1967-1974
15McGuffey related-morals in school, Middle America, censorsip, 1970-1976
16 McGuffey's Readers withdrawn lessons (photocopy), 1970s
17General research notes (McGuffey's Readers), 1970s
18"The McGuffey Eclectic Readers and the Civil War" by Lindberg, 1970s
19McGuffey notes by Lindberg, 1970s
20 McGuffey Readersvarious editions and contents (research), 1970s
21 McGuffey research materials, 1970s
22 McGuffey Readers history and facts, 1973-1974
23 McGuffey grant and applications (National Endowment for the Humanities NEH and Ohio University Research Committee), 1973-1976
24 McGuffey Miami correspondence and other materials, 1973-1978
25Correspondence and promotion regarding McGuffey talks and papers, 1974-1976
26Kanawha Country, West Virginia school book fight, 1974-1976
27McGuffey research notes and bibliography, 1974-1976
28William H. McGuffey biography, 1974-1979
29Miscellaneous McGuffey related correspondence, 1974-1987
30Federation of McGuffey societies, 1975-1976
31McGuffey related clippings and notes, 1975-1976
32Photographs-McGuffey Museum presentation of The annotated McGuffey, 1975
33Outside income and expenses/research and travel, 1975-1976
34Personal press, 1975-1977
35Litton/Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1975-1982
36Ads and promotion for The annotated McGuffey, 1976
37 The annotated McGuffey changes, additions and ideas, 1976
38Radio/TV appearances The annotated McGuffey, 1976
39Miscellaneous correspondence regarding The annotated McGuffey, 1976-1977
41Lecture notes for McGuffey talks, 1976-1983
42 The annotated McGuffey base folder, 1976-1997
161Rags to riches paper-"Institutionalizing a myth The McGuffey readers and the self-made man" by Lindberg, 1977
2Self-Made Man Study "Institutionalizing a myth: The McGuffey Readers and the self-made man", 1977-1979
3"The McGuffey Readers and the institutionalizing of literature in America", 1978
4 McGuffey Readers articles and news clippings, 1970s-1980s
5Correspondence on "Mary had a little lamb", 1998

2.4 Copyright issues

166Copyright issues (correspondence and articles), 1980s-1990s
7Copyright issues (laws, correspondence and notes), 1980s-1990s
8Kinko's/Bel-Jean copyright issues, 1980s-1990s
9-10Copyright (articles and news clippings), 1987-1996
11University of Georgia copyright taskforce, 1988-1992
12 The nature of copyright co-authored by Lindberg (edited manuscript, outside reader's reports), 1988-1992
13"The University of Georgia guidelines for the use of copyrighted material" by Lindberg (draft of manuscript), 1989
14"Copyright and user's rights: guidelines for the use of copyrighted material" co-author Lindberg (version as of), 1989 November 29
15Copyright Clearance Center, 1989-1990
16General copyright information, 1989-1991
17The University of Georgia guidelines for the use of copyrighted material (manuscript-working copy), 1989
18Copyright issues, 1989-1994
19Chapter 8 "Copyright law: the role of fictions and fallacies in copyright" (manuscript working copy), 1990
20Chapter 9 "Copyright and free-speech rights" (manuscript working copy), 1990
21Chapter 11/12 "Moral rights" (draft), 1990
22Chapter 13 "The law of user's rights..." (manuscript working copy), 1990
23Chapter 1 overview "Copyright and fair use..." (manuscript working copy), 1990
24Epigraphs for Copyright and fair use: the law of users' rights, 1990
25Chapter 1 and proposed outline Copyright and fair use: the law of users' rights (manuscript working copy), 1990
26Chapter 1 "The role of copyright in American life" (manuscript working copy), 1990
27Part one overview Copyright and fair use: the law of users' rights (manuscript working copy), 1990
28Chapter 8 "The nature of copyright" (working copy manuscript), 1990
30Chapter 1 "Overview" (manuscript working copy), 1990
31Chapter 1 "Overview" Copyright and fair use: the law of users' rights (manuscript working copy), 1990
32 Copyright and fair use: the law of users' rights (manuscript), 1990 July
33Copyright (working folder)
171Copyright in the news, 1990-1995
2 The nature of copyright co-authored by Lindberg (description of book), 1991
3 The nature of copyright: the law of users' rights co-authored by Lindberg, 1991
4Materials related to copyright book, 1991-1992
5Copyright issues, 1991-1996
6Fair use counterpoint, 1994-1997
7CIC Copyright workshop (Sandy Thatcher), 1996
8"Guide to the fair use of copyrighted materials for teaching" (manusript draft), 1996
9Copyright Clearance Center, 1999
2641Copyright issues, 1990s

3. Conferences

1710Artist and Audience Symposium, 1973
11The Publication of Poetry and Fiction: A Conference, 1975
12Midwestern branch: American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies meeting, 1975
13The Popular Culture Association Convention, 1976
14Bowling Green Reading Workshop, 1976
15University of Southern California Center for the Humanities, 1977
16Toward a theory of the Humanities (University of California), 1977
17International Reading Association-Research Symposium, 1977
18International Reading Association Convention, 1978
19Ohio-Indiana American Studies Association Conference, 1978
20Winthrop College Writers Workshop, 1978
21College English Association annual meeting and conference, 1979
22Callanwolde, 1979
23SAMLA in Atlanta Conference, 1979
24PROFILE project (Dan Klanck), 1979
25Wise Blood Benefit, 1979-1980
26Emory Summer Writer Institute, 1980
27Small Press Symposium at Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1980
28Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines meeting, 1980
29Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience, 1980
30Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference, 1980
31Small Press Symposium-Allegheny College, 1980-1981
32South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Convention, 1980
33Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, 1981
34South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Convention, 1981
35"Shaping our destiny..." Conference, 1981
36"Relativism in the Arts" Symposium, 1981
37North Carolina Poetry Society-Brockman Award, 1981
38The State University of New York at Brockport Summer Writers' Workshop, 1981
39"Media at the Center" Conference for Continuing Professional Development, 1981
40Editors' Roundtable, 1981
41University of Florida's Writers Festival, 1982
42McGuffey talk-International Reading Association (IRA), 1982
43Berry College Workshop, 1982
44Annual Pittsburgh Writers' Conference, 1982
45Athens, Ohio Museum program, 1982
46DeKalb Library panel-Southern Literature, 1982-1983
47Southern Literature-Franklin Forum-Atlanta, 1983
48Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, 1983
49The Southern Voice Planning Seminar, 1983
50North Carolina poetry judging-Ann Deagon, 1984
51South Atlanta Modern Language Association (SAMLA)-Atlanta, 1984
52Kentucky Arts Fellowship judging, 1984
53The Governor's Awards in the Arts, 1984
54South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 1976
55Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SEASECS) meeting, 1984-1985
56Roots in Georgia Symposium, 1985
57Renewal III Conference, 1985
58Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award Program, 1990
59Memphis-consulting (Meet the Editors Symposium), 1990-1991
60The Newcomer Society in North America at Columbus, 1976
61The Publication of Poetry and Fiction: A Conference, 1975
62International Reading Association (IRA) Convention, 1976
63Southern Humanities Conference, 1977
181American Writers Congress, 1981
2Francis Marion Writers Conference, 1985
3The Brockport Writers Forum, 1985
4Sandhills Conference-Augusta, 1986
5Mississippi Arts Commission judging, 1986
6Southern Literary Festival, 1986
7Clemson University program, 1986
8South Altantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) Convention, 1986
9Drake University Editors' Round Table, 1986
10The Governor's Award in the Humanities, 1986
11Kenyon Review anniversary celebration, 1986-1989
12Flannery O'Conner Awards judging, 1987
13South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, 1987
14Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines (CCLM) General Electric Awards, 1987
15Modern Language Association Convention, 1987
16Magazine Day-Ohio University, 1987
17Birmingham Southern Writers' Conference, 1988
18Colloquium on College Teaching, 1988
19South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA), 1988
20National Magazine Awards, 1989
21Speaking Commitments at various Conferences, 1989-1990
22North American Review anniversary celebration, 1990
23South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, 1990
24Penn State at Harrisburg Capital Area Writing Project, 1990
25Southern Literary Festival-Gainesville, Georgia, 1992
241National Endowment for the Arts (NEA judging), 1991
2American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) legal seminar, 1991
3"The South has Written: a Symposium" (Brunswick, Georgia), 1992
4Share our Strength (SOS) Writers Harvest, 1992
5Atlanta International Book Festival, 1992
6Southern Literature Festival (Gainesville, Georgia), 1992
7American Literary Association (San Diego), 1992
8Office of Instructional Development (OID) Seminar, 1992-1993
9Writers Harvest, 1993
10Spring Writers and Editors Symposium, 1992
11American Literary Association Conference (Baltimore), 1993
12Associated Writing Programs (AWP-Norfolk), 1993
13Workshops, 1993
14Bread Loaf Writers Conference, 1993-1994
15Arts Indiana- The Hopewell Review (Lindberg was external juror for literary contest), 1994-1995
16Oxford Conference for the Book, 1994-1995
17Associated Writing Programs (AWP-Pittsburgh), 1995
18South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA), 1995
19Governor's Awards in the Humanities, 1994
20Chattanooga Conference on Southern Literature, 1999
21Oxford Conference for the Book, 1994
22Summer Writers' Festival, 1992
23Assorted conference materials, 1980s-1990s
24The Writers' Workshop, 1988
26Mardi gras items, 1996

4. Pre-University of Georgia

1826Graduate English program (Ohio University), 1969-1976
27English Department notices and policy statements (Ohio University), 1969-1976
28Residential College-Robert Sumney, 1970s
29Ohio University Writing Program, 1970s
30English 201 (Ohio University), 1970
31English 569f (II), 1970
32Theater/Drama general, 1970
33English 313, 1970
34Humanities 107, 1970
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38Doctoral Committee-Berge (Ohio University), 1970-1977
39English 569f, 1971 Spring
40English 569f, 1971 Summer
41English 313, 1971
42English 201, 1971
43English 316, 1971
44English 201 (2199), 1971
45Humanities 108 Great Books, 1971
46 The Ohio University review, 1971-1972
47 The Ohio University review correspondence file, 1971-1977
48Eighteenth century exam ideas, 1971-1972
49Ohio University materials, 1971-1977
50Rufus Putnam Humanities Prize, 1972
191English 313 (2265), 1972
2English 772B, 1972
3English 316 (2271-2273), 1972
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5English 313 (2266), 1972
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7Ohio University Press, 1972
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9English 569I (2319), 1972
10English major advising information, 1972-1974
11PhD candidate, 1972-1975
12English 171C, 1973
13English 203 (2214), 1973
14English 171F (2168), 1973
15Wisconsin Book Awards judging, 1973
16English 202 (2197), 1973, 1975
17English 181 SSII (4181), 1973
18Anthology ideas and other wild hairs, 1973-1974
19Englilsh 315 (2236), 1974
20Ohio University Theater, 1973-1974
21 Contemporary poets (Ford and Casey essays), 1973-1974
22English 792 workshop for Englislh 171F (2301), 1973
23Promotion and tenure, 1973-1975
24"Voices" program, 1973-1975
25English 650 (2319), 1973, 1975
26University grading policies, 1973-1976
27William Andrews Clarke Memorial Library, 1974
28Budget crisis-faculty cuts, 1974
29English 313 (2232), 1974
30English 201 (2113), 1974
31English 560I (2214), 1974
32English 313 (2199), 1974
33English 203 (2161), 1974
34Humanities, 1975
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44Ohio University materials, 1975-1978
201Administrative Communication, 1976
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9Ohioana Library material, 1976
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18Professional leave, 1977
19Distinguished Professor nomination, 1977
20Warren High School class of 1957 "The anniversary times", 1987
21Hende Nicholas Society-Ohio University, 1960s
22World Literature (class notes), 1960s
23Civil War (class notes), 1960s
24Shakespeare (class notes), 1960s
25Eighteenth Century literature (class notes), 1960s
26English (class notes), 1960s
27Tne novel (teaching, ideas, etc.), 1960s
28Class notes-19th century British, 1965-1966
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31Grammar/Linguistics (English 610/Linguistics 506), 1965-1967
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33Graduate School class notes (miscellaneous), 1966
34American Literature (class notes), 1966-1967
35Teaching information-University of Pennsylvania, 1966-1973
36"Order and disorder in fiction" (received in class), 1967
37Nineteenth Century American Literature (exam study notes), 1967
38Placement service (University of Pennsylvania), 1968-1969
39Editing, proofreading, etc.-correspondence and records, 1968-1969
40Literature (General) criticism, 1960s-1970s
211-3University of Pennsylvania/Ohio University, 1968-1974
4Older corespondence-personal/professional, 1968-1975
5Humanities 107, 1969
6English 201, 1969
7Baker Fund and University Research proposals-"Dr. Samuel Johnson and irony: a critical study", 1969-1971
8Restoration and 18th Century drama, 1969
9University of Pennsylvania Commencement, 1969

5. Reading files

2110Henry Adams, 1967
11Addison and Steele, 1970
12Conrad Aiken, 1971
13Edward Albee, 1960s-1970s
14Horatio Alger, 1974-1978
16W.H. Auden, 1969-1970
17Janes Austin, 1973
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27Robert Bly
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31Josef Brodsky, 1973
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34Anthony Burgess, 1966-1967
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40Chekov, 1973-1974
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43Conrad, 1960s
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65William Faulkner, 1960s-1990s
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74Barabara Garson (MacBird)
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Herbert Gold, 1972-1975
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122Virginia Woolf, 1972
123 The Atlantic articles on Nabokov, Frost, Auden and Edmund Wilson, 1967
231Lindberg family, 1970s-1990s
2 Midsummer nights dream (pages 95-96)
3Gift offprints from various authors, 1970s-1990s
4 Partisan review "The new tradition", 1972
5"The country gentleman" (article), 1973
6James Wright, 1981
7Christine Zawadiwsky, 1974-1975
8W.B. Yeats, 1965-1972
9Yevtushenko, 1963
11Miscellaneous materials, 1960s-1990s
12"The New Canterbury Literary Society newsletter", 1977
13"Angel in the snow"
14"Fellowship of men"
15"Beaty-the first 50 years", 1981
16Material for talks: re editing, 1980s
17Miscellaneous articles, 1980s-1990s
18Autographed broadsides and other materials, 1980s-1990s
19Background information for lectures, 1980s-1990s
20Miscellaneous news clipppings and articles, 1980s-1990s
21Trail of Tears research, 1984-1987
22Material for talks on the short story, 1986-1991
23-24Trail of Tears, 1984-1987
25"Spying on Southerners: the FBI and Erskine Caldwell" by Snyder, 1988
26 Real farm: encounters with perception by Westfall, 1989
27Turtle Island, 1990
28 Outside St. Judes by Graves, 1990
29Boarding school/college materials, 1990s
30Bumper stickers, 1990s
31Rocks/minerals (news clippings), 1993
32"Ossabaw...a national treasure", 1995
33The future of reading, 1996
34"The real versus the imaginary world" by Hurst, 1996
35"Burning down" by Lehmann, 1997
36 Read it if you can by McQuiddy, 1997
37Roger Dancz, 1998
38"My life as an editor" by East, 1999
39Music and Worship-Robert Shaw, 1999
40Introducting Brightleaf: a Southern review of books, 1997
41Denise Levertov, 1997
42Heaton's poetry
43John Cheever, 1977
44Miscellaneous materials, 1960s-1990s
25McGuffey Eclectic Readers research note cards, 1970s
261"Falstaff's descendants in Pennsylvania Courts" by Jackson, 1952
2"A new look at Cultural History" by Dodd, 1960s
3Teaching ideas (units, etc.), 1960s
4Miscellaneous explications of poetry, 1960s
5Samuel Johnson, 1960s-1970s
6College teaching as a profession, 1965-1969
7Poetry (techniques and criticism), 1965-1971
8Film: general and miscellaneous, 1968-1970
9Reading and writing (news clippings and other materials), 1968-1998
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11Science fiction, 1969
12Dracula, 1970s
13Assorted stamps, 1970s-1980s
14Popular culture, 1970
15Eleanor Clark, 1970s
16Scatalogical verse (Thayer et al), 1970s
17Power and authority, 1971
18Little magazines, 1971
19The women problem, 1972
20Word games, 1972
21Ideas, etc.-articles, stories and reviews, 1972-1973
22Weirdos, kooks and degenerates, 1973
23Existentialism, 1974
24Horatio Alger, Jr., 1974-1975
25Johnson-Swift paper/notes, 1975
26Michael West (flap re magazines), 1978-1980
27American myth makers, 1978
28Apples/grafting, 1980s-1990s
29Notes for talks re editing, 1980-1981
30"The Nightowl at 30", 1995
31Jenkins Club, 1997
32Various clippings regarding the future of books and the Internet, 1990s
33Genealogy, 1990s