John Holliman papers

John Holliman papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Holliman, John, 1948-1998
Title: John Holliman papers
Dates: 1981-1998
Quantity: 8.2 Linear feet 20 document boxes, 1 half box
Coll. Number: ms3131

Biographical/Historical Note

Journalist John Holliman (1948-1998) was born in Thomaston, Georgia. After earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, Holliman worked for WGAU-AM in Athens, Georgia and later the Associated Press Radio Network. In 1976, he received a Peabody Award for his documentary, The Garden Plot – Food as a Weapon in International Diplomacy. CNN hired Holliman as part of the network’s original reporting team in 1980, and he was the first correspondent in its Washington, D.C. bureau. He began by covering agricultural stories for the station, but also covered the White House, the student protests at Tiananmen Square, and most consistently the U.S. Space Program. Holliman gained national attention as one of only three reporters in Baghdad to cover the allied attack on the Iraqi capital during the Gulf War in 1991. The group famously became known as the “Boys of Baghdad.” The three (Holliman, Peter Arnett, and Bernard Shaw) won a Peabody Award for their wartime reporting. Holliman spent eighteen years with CNN.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of notes and research papers of John Holliman, written in his capacity as journalist and reporter for CNN. Some of the topics covered are NASA, asteroids, Ronald Reagan, and Three Mile Island.

Index Terms

Asteroids--Press coverage.
Cable News Network.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Health--Press coverage.
Presidents--Press coverage.
Reagan, Ronald
Reporters and reporting--United States.
Research notes.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.).
Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.). -- Accidents
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. -- Press coverage

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

John Holliman papers, ms3131, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.


Conditions Governing Use note

Papers may be used for educational or background research only. Publication in print or any other media format requires the written permission of a representative of CNN.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Professional files, 1981-1998

1.1 Subject files, 1981-1998

11Airline Safety, 1995-1996
2Alcohol/Youth, 1991
3Amtrak Conrail Wreck, 1987
4-5APEC, 1993
6Astronaut Biographies, 1996
7Auto Safety, 1991
8Aviation, 1996
9Blindness and Aging, 1985
10-11Challenger Accident, 1986
21-2Challenger Accident, 1986 March
3Challenger Accident Commission Presentation, 1986 February
4-6Challenger Accident Commission Proceedings, 1986 February
31-2Challenger Accident Commission Proceedings, 1986 February
3-4Challenger Accident Commission Proceedings, 1986 March
5Challenger Accident Commission Proceedings, 1986 April
6Challenger Accident Commission Proceedings, 1986 May
7Challenger Accident Commission Report, 1986
41Challenger Accident Commission Report, 1986
2Child Health, 1985
3Child Support, 1993
4China, 1989
5Credit Cards, 1991
6Cuban Drug Trade, 1989
7Cyclamate, 1985
8Dietary Guidelines, 1985
9Diets, 1990-1991
51Drugs, 1989
2-3Education, 1989 December
4Education, 1990
5Elderly Home Care, 1987
6Electroshock, 1985
7EPA, 1989
8EPA, 1989 January-March
61EPA, 1990 April-December
2-3Environmental Tobacco Smoke, 1986
4FEMA, 1985
5FEMA, May 1993
6-7Handgun Control, 1994-1995
8Hong Kong, 1989
9Iraq-Kuwait, 1990-1991
71Labor Disputes, 1993
2Meat Inspection, 1989
3Medical Malpractice, 1985
4Mentally Disabled, 1985
5Mine Safety, 1987
6-7NASA, 1986 February
81-5NASA, 1986 March
6NASA, 1986 April
7NASA, 1986 April-June
91NASA, 1986 May
2-3NASA, 1986 May-June
4-5NASA, 1986 June
6NASA, 1986 July
7NASA, 1986 July-September
101NASA, 1986 August
2-3NASA, 1986 October-December
4NASA, 1990 March-April
5NASA, 1990 May
6NASA, 1990 June
7NASA, 1990 July
8NASA, 1990 July-1991January
111NASA, 1992 January-February
2NASA, 1992 March
3NASA, 1992 April-May
4NASA, 1992 June
5NASA, 1992 July-September
6NASA, 1992 November
7NASA, 1992 December-1993 January
8NASA, 1993 January
9NASA, 1994 January
121NASA, 1994 February
2NASA, 1994 March-May
3-4NASA, 1995
5NASA Budget, 1986
6NASA Budget Problems, 1995-1996
7NASA Shuttle - General, 1996
8NASA Shuttle Missions, 1995
9National Association of Partners in Education, 1992
10National Resources Defense Council, 1987
131National Security - Spies, 1985
2-3National Space Symposium, 1989
4-5National Transportation Safety Board, 1987
6NATO, 1994
7Northwest Airlines Crash, 1987
8Nuclear Waste, 1985
141Nutrition, 1985
2Ozone, 1987
3-4Pentagon Year Ender, 1985
5-6Plane Crashes, 1985
7Plane Crashes, 1986
8Plane Crashes, 1991-1992
9Plastics/Firefighters, 1985
151Pollution, 1989
2Press Freedom, 1993
3Puppy Mills, 1991
4Ronald Reagan, 1981 January-1982 February
5Ronald Reagan, 1982 March-1983 April
6Ronald Reagan, 1983 May-June
7Ronald Reagan, 1983 July-December
8Ronald Reagan, 1984
161Safe Drinking Water, 1996
2Satellite Imagery, 1997-1998
3Seabrook Nuclear Plant, 1990
4Smokeless Tobacco, 1986
5Space Shuttle Manifest, 1984 January 17
6Space Station, 1991
7Speed Limit, 1989
8Spies, 1994
171Spy Satellites, 1993
2Steroids, 1989
3Suicide and Teen Pregnancy, 1985
4Telecommunications - BellSouth Video Programming, 1995
5Telecommunications Reform, 1995
6Telecommunications Reform, 1997
7Three Mile Island, 1985-1989
8Three Mile Island, 1986
9Three Mile Island, 1987
181Three Mile Island, 1987-1988
2Three Mile Island, 1988-1989
3Three Mile Island, 1989
4Tornadoes, 1998
5Trains, 1993
6-7Transportation Policy, 1990
8Trident Submarine Program, 1986
191TWA Flight 800 Crash, 1996
2U.N., U.S., and the World, 1993 June
3U.S. Customs, 1988-1989
4U.S. Department of Transportation, 1989-1990
5Vietnam, 1991
6War, 1998
7Washington, D.C. Crime, 1989
8Weather, 1991
201-2Year-Round Schools, 1992

1.2 Administrative Files, 1983-1990, 1995

203-4Logs of Hearing Tapes, 1987
5Loose Papers, 1986
211Reference Materials, Phone Lists, 1983-1986
2Scripts, 1990
3Story Ideas, 1995

2. Photographs