Rodney Baine papers

Rodney Baine papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Baine, Rodney M.
Title: Rodney Baine papers
Dates: 1980-1999
Quantity: 7.8 Linear feet 17 document boxes, 1 carton
Coll. Number: ms3029

Biographical/Historical Note

Professor Rodney M. Baine was a distinguished 18th century scholar and teacher in the English Department at the University of Georgia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers, notes, microfilm and notecards related to the research for The Papers and Speeches of James Edward Oglethorpe, a book written by Rodney M. Baine. Copies of the book are also included in the collection.

Index Terms

Georgia--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
Oglethorpe, James Edward, 1696-1785
Papers (document genre)
Research notes.
South Carolina--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
University of Georgia. -- Faculty

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Preferred Citation note

Rodney Baine papers, ms3029, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Book: The Papers and Speeches of James Edward Oglethorpe

11Book: Title page - xxx (-75 p)
2Book: pp 1-60
3Book: pp 61-110
4Book: pp 111-162
5Book: pp 163-205
6Book: pp 206-258
7Book: pp 259-289
8Book: pp 290-340
9Book: pp 341-395
10Book: pp 396-443
11Book: pp 444-491
12Book: pp 492-547
13Book: pp 548-598
14Book: pp 599-640
15Book: pp 641-688
16Book: pp 689-736
21Book: pp 737-788
2Book: pp 789-831
3Book: pp 832-886
4Book: pp 887-940
5Book: pp 941-991
6Book: pp 992-1058
7Book: pp 1059-1118
8Book: pp 1119-1162
9Book: pp 1163-1222
10Book: pp 1223-1274
11Book: pp 1275-1366
12Book: pp 1367-1435
13Book: pp 1436-1480
14Book: pp 1481-1537
15Book: pp 1538-1588
31Book: pp 1589-1639
2Book: pp 1640-1696
3Book: pp 1697-1756
4Book: pp 1757-1808
5Book: pp 1809-1843
6Book: pp 1843-1904
7Book: pp 1905-1956
8Book: pp 1957-2011
9Book: pp 2012-2068
10Book: pp 2069-2124
11Book: pp 2125-2172
12Book: pp 2173-2221
13Book: pp 2222-2281
14Book: pp 2282-2326
15Book: pp 2327-2381
16Book: pp 2382-2437
41Book: pp 2438-2487
2Book: pp 2488-2540
3Book: pp 2541-2572
4Book: pp 2573-2626
5Book: pp 2627-2661
6Book: pp 2662-2713
7Book: pp 2714-2767
8Book: pp 2768-2824

2. Oglethorpe Research, Notes, and Papers

51Oglethorpe Research: Bray MSS/ Prison Reports
2Oglethorpe Research: Papers/ Notes
3Oglethorpe Research: SC Journal
4Oglethorpe Research: SC Journal
5Oglethorpe Research: Papers & Publications of Oglethorpe
6Oglethorpe Research
7Oglethorpe Research
8Oglethorpe Research
9Oglethorpe Research
10Oglethorpe Research, Prison Com
11Oglethorpe Research
61Oglethorpe Research Marshalsea Notes
2Oglethorpe Research "Fleet"
3Book: Appendix I, II
4Oglethorpe Research, Raleigh
5Oglethorpe Research, Articles
6Oglethorpe Research, Early works/ writings
7Oglethorpe Research, "Appeal"
8Oglethorpe Research
9Oglethorpe Research "Attributions"
10Oglethorpe Research "New and Accurate"
11Oglethorpe Research "Naked Truth"
12Oglethorpe Research "Adams"
13Oglethorpe Research "Faber"
14Oglethorpe Research "Corsica"
15Oglethorpe Research
16Oglethorpe Research Correspondence
17Oglethorpe Research Prison Report, 1752
18Oglethorpe Research Indian Slaves
19Oglethorpe Research Correspondence
71Oglethorpe Research Bray Permits
2Oglethorpe Research Permits
3Oglethorpe Research Oglethorpe Permissions
4Oglethorpe Research Musgrove
5Oglethorpe Research
6Oglethorpe Research
7Oglethorpe Research Oglethorpe Library
8Oglethorpe Research "The Sailor's Advocate"
9Oglethorpe Research St. Augustine
10Oglethorpe Research Prison Reports Introductions
11Oglethorpe Research Moravians Materials
12Oglethorpe Research Misplaced pages
81Oglethorpe Research, 1732
2Oglethorpe Research, 1733
3Oglethorpe Research, 1734
4Oglethorpe Research, 1735
5Oglethorpe Research, 1735
6Oglethorpe Research, 1735
91Oglethorpe Research, 1736
2Oglethorpe Research, 1736
3Oglethorpe Research, 1736
4Oglethorpe Research, 1736
5Oglethorpe Research, 1736
6Oglethorpe Research, 1736
101Oglethorpe Research, 1737
2Oglethorpe Research, 1737
3Oglethorpe Research, 1738
4Oglethorpe Research, 1738
5Oglethorpe Research, 1739
6Oglethorpe Research, 1739
111Oglethorpe Research, 1739
2Oglethorpe Research, 1739
3Oglethorpe Research, 1740
4Oglethorpe Research, 1740
5Oglethorpe Research, 1740
121Oglethorpe Research, 1741
2Oglethorpe Research, 1741
3Oglethorpe Research, 1742
4Oglethorpe Research, 1742
5Oglethorpe Research, 1743
6Oglethorpe Research, 1743
131Oglethorpe Research, 1744
2Oglethorpe Research, 1745
3Oglethorpe Research, 1745
4Oglethorpe Research, 1746
5Oglethorpe Research, 1746
6Oglethorpe Research, 1751-1767
7Oglethorpe Research, 1768-1770
8Oglethorpe Research, 1773-1774
141Oglethorpe Research, 1775-1776
2Oglethorpe Research, 1777-1778
3Oglethorpe Research, 1779-1780
5Bibliographical / "KB"
7"White Bondage"
8British MSS Project
9Calendar of Papers & Speeches

3. Oglethorpe Book-Research Notes and Papers, Index

Subseries 3a: Index

151Book: Index pp 865-915
2Book: Index pp 916-965
3Book: Index pp 966-1015
4Book: Index pp 1016-1065
5Book: Index pp 1066-1115
6Book: Index pp 1116-1161
7Book: Index pp 1617-1667
8Book: Index pp 1668-1717
9Book: Index pp 1718-1767
10Book: Index pp 1768-1817
11Book: Index pp 1818-1867
12Book: Index pp 1868-1901
13Book: Index pp unnumbered
14Book Index

Subseries 3b: Research Notes and Papers

1515Book: Bray Materials
16Book: Bray Materials
161Book: Notes, "Scribes"
2Book: Notes, "Salmon"
3Article, The Ga. History Quarterly
8Miscellaneous Articles
9Miscellaneous Articles
10Miscellaneous Notes
11Misc. "Daniel DeFoe's Library"
12Misc. "Daniel DeFoe's Library"
13Misc. "Daniel DeFoe's Library"
14Misc. "Daniel DeFoe's Library"

4. Microfilm


5. Notecards