Allan Sloane papers

Allan Sloane papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Sloan, Allan
Title: Allan Sloane papers
Dates: 1937-1992
Quantity: 16.8 Linear feet 32 document boxes, 2 oversized boxes
Coll. Number: ms2959

Biographical/Historical Note

Allan Everett Sloane (pseudonym Ellison Carroll) was born in 1914 in New York City (NY). He was a writer for radio, television and films. Although he began his career as a newspaperman in 1936, Allan Sloane became a writer for radio in 1943 (Man Behind the Gun), later moving to television and films. A major focus of his writing was exceptional children. He once stated that he tried to draw the attention of his audience to the needs of children who were different, and often based the scripts on his own family. Another important focus was World War II, especially the suffering of children and displaced persons in Europe after the war. He traveled in Europe 1947-1949, interviewing and recording people. This led to the first tape-recorded documentary on American radio (We Went Back).

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of scripts, clippings, correspondence and some photographs and tapes. Included with most scripts are explanatory notes typed by Sloane. Some of the script titles and their content are: The big story (newspapermen); Duty bound (draft evasion); Eleven Memory Street (displaced persons); Emily, Emily (Down syndrome); And James was a very small snail (autism); Kids like these (Down syndrome); Man behind the gun (WWII); Martin Luther (religious biography); Navy log (stories of Navy history); Radio readers digest (dramatization of war stories); Sit down, shut up or get out (exceptional children); This is my son (Down syndrome); Time to remember (folktale documentary); To all my friends on shore (sickle cell anemia); and Transatlantic call (international exchange documentary).

Index Terms

Authors, American.
Autism in children.
Children with mental disabilities.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Documentary scripts.
Down syndrome.
Exceptional children--United States.
Folk tales.
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546
Motion pictures (visual works)
Motion pictures--United States.
Radio programs--United States.
Radio scripts--United States.
Radio scripts.
Scripts (documents)
Sickle cell anemia.
Sloan, Allan -- Correspondence
Television programs--United States.
Television scripts.
United States. Navy. -- History
Video recordings.
World War, 1939-1945--Europe.
World War, 1939-1945.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Allan Sloane papers, ms2959, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Phonographic records and movie reels were removed from the manuscript collection to the media library in August 2001.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical information and Blacklist

11Biographical information
2Biographical information-resumes
3Blacklist, 1950-1953
4Blacklist-clippings, 1949-1999

2. Clippings

15Clippings re: Allan Sloane
6Clippings, printed material re: Nazi atrocities

3. Recognition and Work

17Contract-example of agent's contract
8Films-names of Sloane films
9Honors, awards
10Interview by Howard Blue, 1999 April 15
11Naming characters

4. Personal items

112United Nations travel in Europe
13UN travel in Europe-notebooks

5. Photographs

1145. Photographs

6. Correspondence

1A1A-Z, 1943-2000
2Blue, Howard, 1998-1999
3Burris, Charlene J., 1971-1992
4Cantor, Eddie, 1947-1948
5Corwin, Norman, 1943-1984
6Europe, 1947-1949
7Gould, Lewis L., 1999
re: father Jack Gould
8Hobin, Ron, 1976-1977
9Humphrey, Hubert, 1977
10Lee, Robert E. A., 1978-2000
11McQuillan, Colin, 1977-1987
12Marsden, Muriel, 1981-1982
13Newspaper days, 1937-1942, 1969
14Newspaper days-letters to Ben Beneker, 1937-1945
15Rutledge, Nancy and Peggy, 1948
16Sloane, Elouise, 2001
17Suthers, Media Shaw, 1964
18Suzuki, Mieko, 1998
19Truman, Harry, 1964

7. Scripts

21A's Story
2Adams Chronicle
3All On a Saturday Night, 1979
4American School of the Air, 1944
5As We With Candles Do, 1980
6Beacon Hill-Million Dollar Gate, 1975
7Beacon Hill-The Soldiers, 1975
8Beacon Hill-The Showdown, 1975
31Between the Dark and the Daylight, 1948
2Between the Dark and the Daylight-negatives
3The Big Story-scripts, 1947 April
4The Big Story-scripts, 1947 May-June
5The Big Story-scripts, 1947 July-August 1948
6The Big Story-scripts, 1949 January-November
7The Big Story-scripts, 1949 December
41The Big Story-scripts, 1950
2The Big Story-scripts, 1951 1954 September-October
3The Big Story-scripts, 1954 November-December
4The Big Story-scripts, 1955
5The Big Story-scripts, 1956 & undated
6The Big Story-clippings and correspondence
51Cavalry Command
2CBS Is There, 1947
3The Day the Leaves Clapped Hands-script, 1972
4The Day the Leaves Clapped Hands-correspondence, clippings
5Don't Church Me In, 1969
6Duty Bound-scripts, 1973
7Duty Bound-correspondence A-K
8Duty Bound-correspondence L-Z & unsigned
9Duty Bound-clippings, publicity
61East Side/West Side-No Wings At All, 1963
2East Side/West Side-If Your Grandmother Had Wheels, 1963
3East Side/West Side-The Three Dollar Bill, 1964
4East Side/West Side-correspondence
5Eleven Memory Street-scripts, 1950
6Eleven Memory Street-correspondence, clippings
7Emily, Emily-script, 1977
8Emily, Emily-correspondence A-Z
9Emily, Emily-photographs, clippings
10End of the Rainbow, ca. 1990
71Family Reunion-scripts, 1981
2Family Reunion-script, incomplete
3Family Reunion-contract
4Family Reunion-correspondence
5Family Reunion-clippings, publicity
6FDR Series, 1961-1962
7Fifty Years on Wheels, 1946
8General Mills Radio Adventure Theater-"They Called Him Slim" & "Then They Called Him Lucky" by G. Frederic Lewis
9The Gilded Age, 1973
10Green Valley USA, 1943
81Hagman, Larry, 1983
2The Hard Core (for UN Radio), 1949
3Harry the Hood, 1953
4Hawk, 1965-1985
5Here Today, ca. 1948
7The Hiding Place, 1975
8A Human of My Own
9Indictment-scripts, 1956 February-April
10Indictment-scripts, 1956 May-July
91Indictment-scripts, 1956 August-November
2Indictment-scripts, 1957 January-April
3Indictment-scripts, 1957 May-July
4Indictment-scripts, 1957 August-December
101Indictment-scripts, 1958 January-March
2Indictment-scripts, 1958 April-October
3Indictment-incomplete scripts
4And James Was a Very Small Snail-script, 1963
5And James Was a Very Small Snail-correspondence A-Z
6And James Was a Very Small Snail-clippings
7The Joy of Bach, 1978
111Kentucky, 1942[?]
2Kids Like These-scripts, 1987
3Kids Like These-scripts, 1987
4Kids Like These-correspondence A-Z
5Kids Like These-correspondence re: contract, 1985-1988
6Kids Like These-correspondence re: credit arbitration, 1987
7Kids Like These-network research
8Kids Like These-awards, clippings
9The Knock on the Door, 1979
10The Lady in the Harbor, 1949
11Lamp Unto My Feet, 1952 1962
12The Land is Bright, 1945
13Lutheran films-article by Robert E. A. Lee
121The Man Behind the Gun-scripts, 1943 July-September
2The Man Behind the Gun-scripts, 1943 October-December
3The Man Behind the Gun-clippings, photograph
4A Man in Love-credit arbitration, 1987
5The Man in the Zoo
6Martin Luther-script, 1953-1982
7Martin Luther-script, 1953
8Martin Luther-correspondence re: lawsuit
9Martin Luther-notes
10Martin Luther-clippings, printed material
131Maximum Liability-scripts, early versions
2Maximum Liability-scripts
3Maximum Liability-scripts, revised versions
4Maximum Liability-correspondence, 2000-2001
5Metropolitan Opera, 1949
6The Most Deadly Game, 1970
141Navy Log-scripts, 1955
2Navy Log-scripts, 1956
3Navy Log-scripts, 1957
4Navy Log-scripts, undated
5Navy Log-correspondence, clippings
151Paper Chase, 1978
2The Peach Gang, 1976
3Play It By Ear
4Project Max by Allan Sloane and Joseph Gould
4An O.S.S. Officer's Own WWII Story by Joseph Gould, 1990-91
5Prudential Family Hour, 1944-1946
6Question 7, 1961
7Radio Reader's Digest, 1944-1945
8Report to the Nation, 1944-1945
9The Reporter, 1964
10Rintels, David-interview
161Second Time Round
2Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-scripts, 1971
3Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, A, 1971-1977
4Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, B, 1971-1977
5Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, C, 1971-1977
6Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, D, 1971-1977
7Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, E-F, 1971-1977
8Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, G, 1971-1977
171Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, H, 1971-1977
2Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, I-J, 1971-1977
3Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, K, 1971-1977
4Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, L, 1971-1977
5Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, M, 1971-1977
6Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, N-O, 1971-1977
7Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, P-Q, 1971-1977
8Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, R, 1971-1977
181Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, S, 1971-1977
2Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, T-V, 1971-1977
3Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, W, 1971-1977
4Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, Y-Z, 1971-1977
5Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-correspondence, unsigned or illegible, 1971-1977
6Sit Down, Shut Up, or Get Out-clippings, comments, 1971-1977
7Sound Off-scripts, 1946 July-September
8Sound Off-scripts, 1946 October-December
191Sound Off-scripts, 1947 January-April
2Sound Off-scripts, 1947 May-August
3Sound Off-scripts, 1946-1947 (duplicates)
4Sound Off-correspondence, clippings, photograph
5A Sound of Silver Bells-scripts, 1974
6A Sound of Silver Bells-correspondence re: story projection, ca. 1985
201Stone in the River-scripts, 1974
2Stone in the River-scripts, 1974
3Stone in the River-research, early draft
4Stone in the River-correspondence, A-F, 1974
5Stone in the River-correspondence, G-M, 1974
6Stone in the River-correspondence, N-Z & unsigned, 1974
211Teacher, Teacher-scripts, 1969
2Teacher, Teacher-correspondence, A-Z, 1969-1982
3Teacher, Teacher-critiques by New Canaan (CT) high school students, 1969
4Teacher, Teacher-notes
5Teacher, Teacher-clippings
6"Thanks for the Memory..."-memorial to Sam Raskyn
7This Is My Son-scripts, 1977
8This Is My Son-correspondence, A-C, 1977
221This Is My Son-correspondence D-G, 1977
2This Is My Son-correspondence H-J, 1977
3This Is My Son-correspondence K-L, 1977
4This Is My Son-correspondence M-O, 1977
5This Is My Son-correspondence P-R, 1977
6This Is My Son-correspondence S, 1977
231This Is My Son-correspondence, T-Z, 1977
2This Is My Son-correspondence unsigned or illegible, 1977
3This Is My Son-clippings, publicity
4This Is New York-interview by Bill Leonard, 1948
5The Time Is Now (for UN Radio), 1947
6The Time Is Now (WMCA radio show), 1960[?]
7Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 April
8Time to Remember-scripts, 1945 May 1-10
241Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 May 14-31
2Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 June
3Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 July
4Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 August
251Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 September
2Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 October
3Time To Remember-scripts, 1945 November-December
4Time To Remember-scripts, 1946 January-May
261Time To Remember-scripts, 1946 August-December
2Time To Remember-scripts, undated
3Time To Remember-correspondence, 1946
4Time To Run-clipping, 1974
5To All My Friends On Shore (for The Nurses), 1964
6To All My Friends On Shore-scripts, 1972
7To All My Friends On Shore-correspondence, 1972
8To All My Friends On Shore-photographs, 1972
9To All My Friends On Shore-clippings, 1972
271Transatlantic Call-scripts, 1944 January-March
2Transatlantic Call-scripts, 1944 April-September
3Transatlantic Call-scripts, 1944 October-November
4Transatlantic Call-scripts, 1945-1946
5Transatlantic Call-scripts, undated
6Transatlantic Call-notes on Lancaster County, 30 January 1944
7Transatlantic Call-notes on Key West, 12 March 1944
8Transatlantic Call-notes on Oregon loggers, 25 June 1944
9Transatlantic Call-notes on Paterson, NJ, 7 October 1945
10Transatlantic Call-notes on Chicago detective
11Transatlantic Call-notes, photographs on Montana, South Dakota
12Transatlantic Call-correspondence, 1944-1946
13Transatlantic Call-clippings, publicity
281Treasury Men in Action-scripts, 1950 September
2Treasury Men in Action-scripts, 1950 October-December
3United Jewish Appeal-scripts, 1947-1950
4United Jewish Appeal-correspondence, clippings
5United Nations Radio-scripts, 1948-1951
6United Nations Radio-clippings, publicity
7United Nations Radio-photographs
8United Nations-25 th anniversary, 1970
291Untitled script
2A Very Special Place, 1977
3Volunteers' program-ideas re:
4War Bond show, 1945
5Warriors of Peace, 1946-1947
6We Accuse, 1959
7We Went Back, 1947
8Welcome Honorable Enemy by Joseph Julian
9Winner Take All, 1948
10Working for Jesus, 1944-1950
11Yes, Virginia / Merry, Mary Christmas, 1984
12Yes, Virginia-scripts/treatments, 1986[?]
301Yes, Virginia-scripts, 1986[?]
2Yes, Virginia-scripts, corrected, 1987
3Yes, Virginia-scripts, final revision
4Yes, Virginia-notes re: script revisions
5Yes, Virginia-notes re: script revisions
6Yes, Virginia-correspondence, 1983-1987
7Yes, Virginia-clippings

8. Tapes

311Between the Dark and the Daylight (tape)
2Indictment (tape)
3Kids Like These (videotape)
4Teacher, Teacher (tapes)
5We, The Living (for United Jewish Appeal) (tape)

9. Magazines

32Cape Cod Colonial, October 1936-December 1936
bound volume of issues
33Cape Cod Colonial, January 1937-March 1937
scrapbook pages of clippings from various newspapers including Parade magazine and Evening Bulletin

10. Phonograph Records

33 1/3 rpm
Eleven Memory Street
Transatlantic Call
Wooden Fish
Feature Assignment (Big Story)
UN Interview with Allan Sloane, 12/30/48
Don't Church Me In
The Time Is Now
Muscular Dystrophy Association presents:
Sound Of Living
Concert Time
Take Down the Stars
Celebrity Spots

11. Movie Reels

East Side/West Side-No Wings At All