Popular film and women's magazine collection

Popular film and women's magazine collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Title: Popular film and women's magazine collection
Dates: 1916-1950
Quantity: 4.4 Linear feet (11 document boxes)
Coll. Number: ms2956

Biographical/Historical Note

During the 1920s, American culture was rapidly expanding, earning the name, "The Roaring Twenties." Magazines were increasingly popular, particularly ones that concentrated on women and cinema. By the end of the decade, before the crash, movies had experimented with color, talking sequences, music, and sound effects. In terms of women in this period, the women's movement succeeded in 1920 as the 19th Amendment was ratified. Everyday luxuries increased for the average woman, and there was great, public discussion about marriage, divorce, career, beauty, and health.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 11 boxes of various popular film and women's magazines from the first half of the 20th century. Some of the titles included are Motion Picture Classic, Motion Picture Magazine, Photoplay, and Picture Play Magazine. The vast majority of magazines concern cinema. Only a few are women's magazines, and these can be found mainly in Box 1.


Arranged by record type.

Index Terms

Beauty, Personal--Periodicals.
Motion picture classic.
Motion picture magazine.
Motion pictures--Periodicals.
Picture-play magazine.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Popular film and women's magazine collection. MS 2956. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Beautiful Womanhood, October 1922
2Beautiful Womanhood, January 1923
3Beauty, June 1924
4Classic, January 1923
5Classic, January 1923
6Hearst's International with Cosmopolitan, November 1925
7Hearst's International with Cosmopolitan, March 1926
8Motion Picture Classic, Undated
9Motion Picture Classic
10Motion Picture Classic, Undated
11Motion Picture Classic, Undated
12Motion Picture Classic, Undated
21Motion Picture Classic, October 1916
2Motion Picture Classic, June 1917
3Motion Picture Classic, December 1917
4Motion Picture Classic, April 1918
5Motion Picture Classic, May 1918
6Motion Picture Classic, December 1918
7Motion Picture Classic, May 1919
8Motion Picture Classic, February 1920
9Motion Picture Classic, September 1920
10Motion Picture Classic, December 1921
11Motion Picture Classic, July 1927
12Motion Picture Magazine, September 1916
13Motion Picture Magazine, December 1916
14Motion Picture Magazine, January 1917
15Motion Picture Magazine, February 1918
31Motion Picture Magazine, August 1918
2Motion Picture Magazine, October 1918
3Motion Picture Magazine, November 1918
4 - 5Motion Picture Magazine, December 1918
6Motion Picture Magazine, January 1919
7Motion Picture Magazine, February 1919
8Motion Picture Magazine, April 1919
9Motion Picture Magazine, April 1919
10Motion Picture Magazine, May 1919
11 - 12Motion Picture Magazine, June 1919
13Motion Picture Magazine, August 1919
41Motion Picture Magazine, September 1919
2Motion Picture Magazine, November 1919
3Motion Picture Magazine, March 1920
4Motion Picture Magazine, April - May 1920
5Motion Picture Magazine, August 1920
6Motion Picture Magazine, October 1920
7Motion Picture Magazine, February 1921
8Motion Picture Magazine, March 1921
9Motion Picture Magazine, April 1921
10Motion Picture Magazine, April 1922
11Motion Picture Magazine, November 1922
12Motion Picture Magazine, January 1923
13Motion Picture Magazine, February 1923
14Motion Picture Magazine, March 1923
51Motion Picture Magazine, April 1924
2Motion Picture Magazine, February 1928
3Motion Picture Magazine, February 1943
4Motion Picture Magazine, January 1948
5Motion Picture Magazine, February 1950
6Motion Picture Magazine, October 1950
7Motion Picture Magazine, November 1950
8Motion Picture Stories, January 5th, 1923
9Motion Picture Stories, January 22nd, 1924
10Motion Picture Stories, March 25th, 1924
11Motion Picture Stories, April 1st, 1924
12Motion Picture Stories, April 22nd, 1924
13Motion Picture Stories, April 29th, 1924
14Motion Picture Stories, May 6th, 1924
15Motion Picture Stories, May 13th, 1924
16Motion Picture Stories, May 20th, 1924
17Motion Picture Stories, May 27th, 1924
18Motion Picture Stories, July 29, 1924
19Motion Picture Stories, September 2nd, 1924
20Motion Picture Stories, October 13th, 1925
21Motion Picture Stories, November 3rd, 1925
22Motion Picture Stories, December 8th, 1925
23Motion Picture Stories, July 13th, 1926
24Motion Picture World, June 14th, 1919
25Motion Picture World, December 27th, 1919
61Photoplay, June 1917
2Photoplay, September 1917
3Photoplay, October 1917
4Photoplay, November 1917
5Photoplay, December 1917
6Photoplay, January 1918
7Photoplay, February 1918
8Photoplay, March 1918
9Photoplay, April 1918
10Photoplay, June 1918
11Photoplay, September 1918
12Photoplay, October 1918
13Photoplay, December 1918
14Photoplay, Jan 1919
71Photoplay, February 1919
2Photoplay, March 1919
3Photoplay, April 1919
4Photoplay, August 1919
5Photoplay, August 1919
6Photoplay, September 1919
7Photoplay, October 1919
8Photoplay, November 1919
9Photoplay, March 1920
10Photoplay, April 1920
11Photoplay, July 1920
12Photoplay, July 1920
81Photoplay, September 1920
2Photoplay, November 1920
3Photoplay, January 1921
4Photoplay, March 1921
5Photoplay, April 1921
6Photoplay, May 1921
7Photoplay, November 1921
8Photoplay, December 1921
9Photoplay, February 1922
10Photoplay, April 1922
11Photoplay, May 1922
12Photoplay, July 1922
13Photoplay, August 1922
91Photoplay, December 1922
2Photoplay, February 1923
3Picture Play, March 1923
4Picture Play, June 1923
5Photoplay, July 1923
6Photoplay, June 1926
7Photoplay Magazine, February 1928
8Photoplay, August 1928
9Photoplay, July 1930
10Photoplay, May 1947
11Photoplay, June 1947
12Photoplay, February 1950
13Picture Play Magazine, December 1916
101Picture Play Magazine, May 1917
2Picture Play Magazine, July 1918
3Picture Play Magazine, April 1919
4Picture Play Magazine, August 1919
5Picture Play Magazine, October 1919
6Picture Play Magazine, November 1919
7Picture Play Magazine, December 1919
8Picture Play Magazine, February 1920
9Picture Play Magazine, March 1920
10Picture Play Magazine, March 1920
111Picture Play Magazine, October 1920
2Picture Play Magazine, November 1920
3Picture Play Magazine, January 1921
4Picture Play Magazine, May 1921
5Picture Play Magazine, October 1922
6Picture Play Magazine, November 1922
7Picture Play Magazine, December 1922
8Screenland, February 1927
9Miscellaneous Covers