Arnold Michaelis papers

Arnold Michaelis papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Michaelis, Arnold
Title: Arnold Michaelis papers
Dates: 1950-1992
Quantity: 10.8 Linear feet 24 document boxes, 1 oversized box
Coll. Number: ms2952

Biographical/Historical Note

Arnold Michaelis (1913-1997) lived in New York City. He was a director, producer, writer, and interviewer for radio and television.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, interview transcripts, program scripts, photographs, clippings, and printed material. He interviewed many world political figures and entertainment personalities such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Martin Luther King, Jr., Adlai E. Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Maurice Chevalier.

Index Terms

Chevalier, Maurice, 1888-1972 -- Photographs
Clippings (information artifacts)
Fan mail.
Hammerstein, Oscar, 1895-1960 -- Photographs
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 -- Photographs
Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889-1964 -- Photographs
Radio scripts.
Rodgers, Richard, 1902-1979 -- Photographs
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962 -- Photographs
Stevenson, Adlai E., (Adlai Ewing), 1900-1965 -- Photographs
Television scripts.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Arnold Michaelis papers, ms2952, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11"Adlai", 1966-1968
2"Adlai" reception, 1969
3"Adlai Stevenson Reports", 1961-1963
4Alexandrides, C. G., 1961
5Anderson, Edmund, 1951
6"Andrew Young Reports", 1977
7Angelos, Lewis R., 1975 1977
8"As I Hear It", 1983
10Baldwin, William Henry, 1958-1962
(also writings)
11Bartlett, Janet, 1963
12Beebe, Frederick S., 1964
13Benjamin, Robert S., 1961
14Benton, William, 1956-1969
15Re: Bernstein, Leonard, 1966
16Bloch, Suzanne, 1978
17Bowles, Chester, 1959
18Budler, Robert P., 1961
19Bunche, Ralph J., 1969-1971
20Burdick, Richard S., 1960
21Burke, Shirley, 1961
22Butler, Frank, 1961
24Canfield, Cass, 1969
25Caradon, Hugh, 1969
26Chakravarty, B. N.
27Charles Beseler Company, 1968 1969
28Connelly, Marc, 1968
Also writings.
29Re: Cooke, Terence Cardinal, 1973-1975
30Cousins, Norman, 1971
31"The Creative Person - Bruno Walter", 1966-1967
32C. S. Services Limited, 1963
33Curtis Brown, Ltd., 1966-1968
35DeRittberg, Theodore, 1961-1962
36Devine, Rita, 1975
37Dick, Jane, 1967 1969
38DiFalco, Anthony G., 1973
39Douglas-Home, Alec, Sir, 1969 (photocopy only)
41Educational Broadcasting Associates, 1971
42Evans, Jerry, 1961
44Fan Mail, "Music Magazine", 1954-1955
45Fan Mail, "Portrait of Nehru", 1959
46Fan Mail, "Recorded Portraits", 1972-1973
21Fan Mail, "For the Love of Music", 1977-1979
2Fan Mail, "For the Love of Music", 1980
3Fan Mail, "For the Love of Music"/"Music With Arnold Michaelis", 1981-1983
4Fan Mail, Undated
5Forchheimer, Cecile, 1961
6Fornara, Charles - Berkeley Hotel, 1969-1972
7"For the Love of Mozart", 1983
8"For the Love of Music", 1979-1991
9Frankel, Stanley A., 1957-1963
10Friedlander, Leo, 1963
also writings
11Frifield, Don, 1961
12Fritchey, Clayton, 1962
13Fulbright, J. William, 1963 1969 1972
14Furness, Betty, 1962
16Re: Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1984
17Re: Gandhi, Indira, 1966-1972
18Greear, Helen Graham, 1960
19Greenberg, Ben, 1961-1983
20"Green Pastures", 1966-1968
21Gresser, Gisela, 1982
(also article by William Gresser)
23Harriman, Averell, 1959 1961
24"Heart of Show Business", 1963
25Hicks, Henry H., 1965
26Hollins, Harry B., 1961
(also printed material)
27Humphrey, Hubert H., 1969
28"Impact of Time", 1984-1989
30Josephson, Marvin, 1970
32Khan, Mohammad Ayub, 1963
33Re: King, Martin Luther Jr. Estate agreement, 1987-1990
34Re: King, Martin Luther Jr Estate agreement
papers, notes
35Klein, Arthur Luce - Spoken Arts Inc., 1961-1968
36Krim, Arthur B., 1961-1969
2Lamdin, William D. Jr., 1962
3Landay, Jerry M., 1978-1979
4Levinson, Alfred, 1981
5"Library of Living History", 1983 1992
6Linowitz, Sol M., 1966-1967
8McCall's magazine, 1966-1971
9Re: Makarios, Archbishop of Cyprus, 1972
10Michaelis, Arnold
biographical information
11Michaelis, Arnold
coat of arms
12Michaelis, Arnold
13Mindlin, R. D., 1980-1981
14Minow, Newton, 1956-1969
15Mizelle, Vance, 1979
(also poems)
16"Mozart's Ambassador", Arthur Grumiaux/Walter Klien, 1981
17Murtagh, Rose Mary, 1979
19Re: Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1958-1960
20Nizer, Louis, 1971-1972
21Norman, Dorothy, 1964 1971
24Pegart Productions, 1972
25"Portrait of Nehru" reception, 1959
26Presnell, Marsha Hunt, 1962
27Public Relations Board, Inc., 1961
28Quaison-Sackey, Alex, 1963
30"Recorded Portraits", 1970-1972 July
31"Recorded Portraits", 1972 August - December
32"Recorded Portraits", 1973 January
33"Recorded Portraits", 1973 February - 1975
34Reef, Arthur, 1977
(also printed material)
35Richer, Robert E., 1976
36Rivkin, Allen, 1956
37Rivkin, William R., 1956
41Robling, John S., 1967
2Rodgers, Richard and Dorothy, 1958-1972
3Rolnik, Robert, 1966-1967
4"The Romance of Radio", 1985-1986
5Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1956-1957
photocopies only
6Roosevelt, Franklin D. Jr., 1985
7Roy, S. K., 1960 1963
8Rusk, Dean, 1961
10Salinger, Pierre, 1962
11Schlesinger, Arthur Jr., 1962-1969
12Severance, Dianne, 1980-1981
13Sherman, Norman, 1967
14Shuttleworth, Robert J., 1950
15Simpson, Pearl, 1972
16Soviet Union films for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1965-1967
17Soviet Union films for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1968-1972
18Spellman, Francis Cardinal, 1963
19Stanic, Milovan, 1963
20Stein, Paul, 1972
21Stevenson, Adlai E., 1955-1963
22Stevenson, Adlai E. III, 1961-1969
23Stokowski, Leopold, 1968, 1970 (photocopies only)
24Sussan, Herbert, 1962
26Television Affiliates Corporation, 1962
(also printed material)
27U Thant, 1961-1971
28Theobald, Robert, 1962
29Tippin, Phil, 1965-1968
30Re: Tito, Josip Broz, 1963-1964
31Tobey, Barney, 1961
32Tobey, William, 1961, 1973
33Tomsic, Vida, 1964
35Vas, Robert - BBC TV, 1971-1972
36"View From the Top", 1963
38Wachuku, Jaja A., 1963
(invitation only)
39Walter, Bruno, 1956-1962 (photocopies only)
40W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1962-1964
41Wick, Charles Z., 1961
42Wilkins, Sophie, 1979-1981
43Wirtz, Willard, 1969
44Wishner-Cody Corporate Communications, Inc., 1989
45WPIX, 1962
46Wylie, Max, 1957-1961
47Yost, Charles W., 1969
48Unknown correspondents
49Empty envelopes

2. Interviews

51Adebo, S. O., 1963
2Attwood, William, 1967
-for "Adlai"
3Bacall, Lauren, 1967
-for "Adlai"
4Ball, George, 1967
-for "Adlai"
5Bankhead, Tallulah, 1967
-for "Adlai"
6Benton, William, 1967
-for "Adlai"
7Bing, Rudolf, 1972 November
8Bing, Rudolf, 1972 December
9Bing, Rudolf, 1973 February
10Bing, Rudolf, 1973 March
11Bing, Rudolf
interview notes
12Bunche, Ralph J., 1967
- for "Adlai"
13Canfield, Cass, 1967
-for "Adlai"
14Chevalier, Maurice, 1958
61Dean, Patrick, Sir, 1963
2Dick, Jane, 1967
- for "Adlai"
3Douglas-Home, Alec, Sir, 1967
- for "Adlai"
4Farber, Barry, 1972
5Fedorenko, Nikolai T., 1963
6Fulbright, J. William, 1967
- for "Adlai"
7Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1984
8Galbraith, John Kenneth
interview notes
9Hammerstein, Billy, 1980
10Hammerstein, Dorothy
11Hammerstein, Oscar II, 1957
12Hammerstein, Oscar II
interview notes
13Humphrey, Hubert H., 1967
- for "Adlai"
14Jha, L. K.
15Kabir, Humayun, 1972
16Khan, Aly, 1960
71Khan, Mohammad Ayub, 1963
2Khan, Mohammad Ayub, 1965
3Khan, Mohammad Ayub, 1963 & 1965
for "Kashmiri Love Song"
4Khan, Mohammad Ayub, undated
5King, Martin Luther Jr., 1965
6King, Martin Luther Jr., 1965
for "Martin Luther King Jr.:A Personal Portrait"
7King, Martin Luther Jr.
8Makarios, Archbishop, 1963
9Mehdi, Hayat, 1972
10Menon, Krishna, 1962
11Menon, Krishna, 1962
- interview by David Susskind
12Minow, Newton, 1967
- for "Adlai"
81Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1958
2Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1958
for "Portrait of Nehru"
3Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1961
for "Adlai Stevenson Reports"
4Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1964 March
5Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1964 March
for "The Essential Nehru"
6Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1961, 1964
for "Kashmiri Love Song"
7Nehru, Jawaharlal
interview excerpts
8Ray, Asoka, 1972
9Reagan, Ronald, 1958
10Reagan, Ronald, 1986
11Rodgers, Richard, 1957
12Rodgers, Richard, 1963
13Rodgers, Richard, 1965
14Rodgers, Richard, 1982
15Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1957
16Roosevelt, Eleanor
interview notes
91Schlesinger, Arthur Jr., 1967
- for "Adlai"
2Sevareid, Eric, 1967
- for "Adlai"
3Stevenson, Adlai E., 1952
- "Meet the Press"
4Stevenson, Adlai E., 1956
- for "A Portrait in Words, Pictures and Sound"
5Stevenson, Adlai E., 1956
- portions from interview
6Stevenson, Adlai E., 1956
- portions used in "Adlai Stevenson: Letters from his Mother"
7Stevenson, Adlai E., 1961
press conference
8Stevenson, Adlai E.
interview excerpts
9Stevenson, Adlai E.
interview notes
10Stevenson, Adlai E. III, 1967
- for "Adlai"
11Stevenson, Adlai E. III and Nancy, 1971
12Thompson, John Fairfield, 1957
13Tree, Marietta, 1967
- for "Adlai"
14Walter, Bruno, 1956
- for "The Creative Person:Bruno Walter" 1967
15Wirtz, Willard, 1967
- for "Adlai"

3. Programs/Writings/Records/Films

101"Adlai", 1969
2"Adlai", 1969
Adali Stevenson speeches
3"Adlai Stevenson: A Memorial" by Florence Ungar
4"Adlai Stevenson: A Portrait in Words, Pictures and Sound", 1965
5"Adlai Stevenson: Letters from his Mother", 1966
McCall's magazine
6"Adlai Stevenson Reports", 1961-1963
general material
7"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - publicity
8"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - program guests
9"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1961 October 1
Dean Rusk
10"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1961 October 29
U Thant
11"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1961 November 12
Jawaharlal Nehru
12"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1961 November 26
Edward R. Murrow
13"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1961 December 10
Mario Amadeo
14"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 January 21
15"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 February 4
Philip M. Klutznick
16"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 February 18
Jonathan B. Bingham
17"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 March 4
Paul Hoffman/Agda Rossel
18"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 April 1
Hubert Humphrey
19"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 April 15
Marietta Tree/Gladys Tillett
20"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 April 29
William C. Foster
21"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 May 13
Barbara Ward
22"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 September 16
Dean Rusk
23"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 September 30
Sir Alec Douglas-Home
111"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 October 14
Ahmed Ben Bella
2"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 November 11
Arthur H. Dean
3"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 November 25
B. N. Chakravarty
4"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1962 December 23
5"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 January 20
Ralph J. Bunche
6"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 February 17
J. William Fulbright
7"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 March 3
Harlan Cleveland
8"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 March 17
George W. Ball
9"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 March 31
Thomas K. Finletter
10"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 April 28
Miso Pavicevic/Vida Tomsic
11"Adlai Stevenson Reports" - scripts, 1963 May 12
Sir Patrick Dean
12"Andrew Young Reports", 1977
13"Arnold Michaelis Reports"
(includes record)
14"As I Hear It", 1983
15"Back to the Art of Conversation"
16Baudouin, King of the Belgians - Luncheon guest list, 1959
17"Blue Denim", 1959
roundtable discussion
18"Bruno Walter: An Affectionate Portrait" by Lotte Walter Lindt
19"Chief of State", 1963
21"Conversations at the Summit"
22"The Creative Person: Bruno Walter", 1967
23"Creative Personality:How does the Professional Critic...", 1969
24"Crime Cases of Warden Lawes"
25Diller-Quaile School of Music - Development plan, 1972[?]
26"Eleanor Roosevelt: Private Life - Public Service", 1985
(includes audio tape)
27"Festival" - created by Paul Tabori
28"The Final Troubled Hours of Adlai Stevenson" by Eric Sevareid
29"For the Love of Mozart", 1983
30"For the Love of Music"
publicity, program notes
31"For the Love of Music" - scripts #1-12, 1977 May-December
32"For the Love of Music" - scripts #13-24, 1978 January-March
33"For the Love of Music" - scripts #25-36, 1978 April-June
121"For the Love of Music" - scripts #37-44, 1978 November-December
2"For the Love of Music" - scripts #45-53, 1979 January-March
3"For the Love of Music" - scripts #54-64, 1979 April-June
4"For the Love of Music" - scripts #65-69, 1979 October-December
5"For the Love of Music" - scripts #70-80, 1980 January-October
6"For the Love of Music" - scripts #81-86, 1980 November-December
7"For the Love of Music" - scripts #87-94, 1981 January-February
8"For the Love of Music" - scripts #95-103, 1981 March-April
9"For the Love of Music" - scripts #104-113, 1981 May-November
11"The Heads of State"
12"The Heart of Show Business", 1963
13"History Comes Alive: In Their Own Words"
131"I Just Happened To Be There" (copy 1)
2"I Just Happened To Be There" (copy 2)
3"I Just Happened To Be There" (copy 3)
4"I Just Happened To Be There" (pages 1-56)
5"I Just Happened To Be There" (pages 1-38)
6"I Just Happened To Be There" (pages 1-24)
7"I Just Happened To Be There" (pages 1-23)
8"I Just Happened To Be There" (duplicate pages)
introduction and outline
9"I Just Happened To Be There" (duplicate pages)
10"The Impact of Time", 1988-1989
11"India, Pakistan and Bangladesh...", 1972-1973
12"Insight", 1958
13"An Interview With Indira Gandhi", 1966
McCall's magazine
141"Library of Living History", 1992
2"Library of Living History"
-catalogue of materials
3"Library of Living History" (duplicate pages)
4"Living Archives" by Leopold Godowsky, 1963
5"Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Personal Portrait", 1973
6"Martin Luther King, Jr.: Chronicle of a Dream", 1985
(includes audio tape)
7"Martin Luther King, Jr. Talks About Vietnam", 1966
8"Memories of Adlai Stevenson" by unknown author
9Michaelis Sessions
10"Mozart/Do You Love Me?"
11"Mozart's Ambassador:Arthur Grumiaux", 1982
12Musical instruments - papers re: Music Magazine
13"Music Magazine" - scripts, 1954 November-December
14"Music Magazine" - scripts, 1955 January-February
15"Music Magazine" - scripts, 1955 March-April
16"Music Magazine" - scripts, 1955 May-June
17"Music Makers"
151"Music With Arnold Michaelis" - scripts #1-17, 1982 April - August
2"Music With Arnold Michaelis" - scripts #25-78 (with gaps), 1983-1984 March
3"The Peacemakers", 1961
4"A Personal Reminiscence" (of Adlai Stevenson)
5"Portrait of Adlai Stevenson"
6"Portrait of Aly Khan", 1960
7"Portrait of John F. Kennedy", 1962[?]
8"Portrait of Nehru", 1959
9"Portrait of the Immortals"
10"Portrait of the Supreme Court"
11Recitals by Arnold Michaelis, 1962, 1974, 1983
12"Recorded Portraits" - publicity
13"Recorded Portraits" - publicity notebook, 1973
14"Recorded Portraits" - agreement, 1972
15"Recorded Portraits" - transcript of Michaelis/Asleson conversation
16"Recorded Portraits" - business plan
17"Recorded Portraits" - business papers
18"Recorded Portraits" - notes
19"Recorded Portraits" - Rodgers and Hammerstein, 1958
20"Recorded Portraits" - Eleanor Roosevelt, 1957
21"Recorded Portraits" - Adlai Stevenson, 1956
161"Remembering Adlai"
2"A Remembrance of Carlos Salzedo", 1961
3"The Seven League Books" - edited by Paul Tabori
4"Sharp Focus: The People of the Soviet Union"
5"The Shepherd from Madison Avenue" (Terence Cardinal Cooke)
6Soviet Union films - outline proposals, 1964-1965
7Soviet Union films - agreement, Encyclopedia Britannica/Novosti Agency, 1965
8Soviet Union films - Overview, film #1
9Soviet Union films - Agriculture and Rural Life, film #2
10Soviet Union films - Three Faces of Russia, film #4
11Soviet Union films - The Soviet Frontier:Go East Comrade, film #5
12Soviet Union films - business papers
13Soviet Union films - notes
14Speeches - publicity, 1956-1975
15Szigeti tribute by Edith Jonas Levy
16"Three Billion Millionaires", 1963
17"Tiger Lady" (Indira Gandhi)
18"Tiger Lady" - background information
19"View From the Top", 1963
20"Vioce of Time", 1983
voice-over labels
21"The Years Gone By"
22General notes and papers

4. Clippings/Printed Material

171Various topics
2American Broadcasting/Paramount Theatres - New York office, telephone directory, 1961
3Baldwin, William Henry - obituary, 1980
5Benton, William
6Bing, Rudolf
7Bowles, Chester - obituary, 1986
8"Electric Current Abroad", 1963
9Fortune 500, 1977
10Fujita, S. Neil
11Galbraith, John Kenneth -clippings
12Galbraith, John Kenneth - news releases
13Gandhi, Indira, 1966-1977 February
14Gandhi, Indira, 1977 March-1984
15Gandhi, Mahatma
16Grumiaux, Arthur - obituary, 1986
19Khan, Mohammad Ayub
20Linowitz, Sol M.
181McCall's magazine
2Menon, Krishna
3Michaelis, Arnold
5Music - programs
6Nehru, Jawaharlal
7Nehru, Jawaharlal - "The Essential Nehru"
8Nehru, Jawaharlal - Memorial Fund
11Phil Tippin lecture agency
13Rodgers and Hammerstein
14Roosevelt, Eleanor
15Rubinstein, Artur
17Rusk, Dean
191Salzedo, Carlos
2Sony Corporation
3Soviet Union - clippings
4Soviet Union - printed material
5Soviet Union - printed material
6Soviet Union - printed material
7Stevenson, Adlai E.
8Stevenson, Adlai E. - Adlai Stevenson Institute of International Affairs
9Stevenson, Adlai E. III
10"Television, Radio and Communications", 1976
11U Thant
12Toscanini, Arturo
13United Nations
15Walter, Bruno
16Warner Brothers
17W. Colston Leigh lecture agency
18Xerox Corporation

5. Photographs

201Adebo, S. O.
2"Adlai" presentation to U Thant
3Amadeo, Mario
4Ben Bella, Ahmed
5Benny, Jack
6Bing, Rudolf
7Bowles, Chester
8Bradley, Omar N.
9Bruce, David
10Bunche, Ralph J.
11Burnett, Carol
12Cerf, Bennett
13Chakravarty, B. N.
15Chevalier, Maurice
16Dean, Arthur
17Dean. Patrick, Sir
18Dick, Jane/Barbara Ward
19Douglas-Home, Alec, Sir
21Fedorenko, Nikolai T.
22Finletter, Thomas K.
23Fontaine, Joan
24Foster, William C.
25Fulbright, J. William
26Gandhi, Indira
211Goldwater, Barry (negatives only)
3Hagerty, James C.
4Hamdan, Farris
5Hammerstein, Oscar II
6Hoffman, Paul
7Hoffman, Paul/Agda Rossel
8Humphrey, Hubert H.
9India (slides only)
10Israel/Middle East
11Israel/Middle East
12Kaye, Danny
13Kennedy, John F.
14Khan, Mohammad Ayub
15Khan, Zafrulla, Sir
221King, Martin Luther Jr. and family
2Lerner, Alan Jay
4McVane, John
5Makarios, Archbishop
6Menon, Krishna
7Michaelis, Arnold
8Michaelis, Arnold and family
9Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified person
10Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified person
11Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified person
12Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified person
13Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified person
14Michaelis, Arnold and unidentified persons
15Murrow, Edward R.
16N. E. T. Public Television
17Nehru, B. K.
18Nehru, Jawaharlal - as a young man
231Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1942-1964
2Nehru, Jawaharlal interview, 1958
3Nehru, Jawaharlal - banquet
4Nehru, Jawaharlal - "Portrait of Nehru", 1959
5Nehru, Jawaharlal - with Arnold Michaelis, 1960
6Nehru, Jawaharlal - "Adlai Stevenson Reports", 1961
7Nehru, Jawaharlal - interview, 1964
8Niven, David
9Nizer, Louis
10Pavicevic, Miso
11Plimpton, Francis/Franz Matsche
12Quaison-Sackey, Alex
13Quinn, Anthony
14Rodgers, Richard
15Roosevelt, Eleanor
16Rubinstein, Artur
17Rusk, Dean
241Salzedo, Carlos
2Soviet Union (negatives only)
3Stack, Robert
4Stevenson, Adlai E.
5Stevenson, Adlai E. with Arnold Michaelis
6Stevenson, Adlai E. with unidentified persons
7Switzerland (negatives only)
8U Thant
9Tillett, Gladys/Marietta Tree
10United Nations
11U. S. Embassy - Phil Kaiser
12Viscardi, Henry Jr.
13Wachuku, Jaja A.
14Walter, Bruno
15Ward, Barbara
16Zoussmer[?], Jesse
17Unidentified photographs
18Unidentified negatives
25Photo Album - unidentified country [Pakistan?]
Photographs - Chevalier, Maurice
Hammerstein, Oscar II
King, Martin Luther Jr.
Michaelis, Arnold
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Stevenson, Adlai E.
U Thant