William Nichols Family Therapy Papers

William Nichols Family Therapy Papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Title: William Nichols Family Therapy Papers
Dates: 1970s-1990s
Quantity: 10.0 Linear feet (10 cartons)
Coll. Number: ms2948.TEMP

Biographical/Historical Note

Since the middle of the 20th century, marriage and family therapy professionals have been involved with assessing and aiding individuals with the problems, needs and changing patterns of couples and family relationships. Their activites have include personal therapy sessions as well as research and education into marriage and family therapy issues.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) is the professional association for the field of marriage and family therapy. It represents the professional interests of more than 24,000 marriage and family therapists throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. The organization works to set standards for Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) education and training, ethics, and clincal practice.

William C. Nichols was a long-time therapist and educator at the University of Georgia's Human Development and Family Science PhD program, Marriage and Family Therapy concentration, under the College of Family and Consumer Science. Nichols played a leadership role in the AAMFT.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of papers gathered in effort to document Marriage and Family Therapy practice and education at the University of Georgia and beyond, from the 1970s through the 1990s. Included are materials of Gerald H. Zuk, an MFT practitioner, as well as organizational papers from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as well as other important professional organizations. The latter includes meeting agendas, accreditation efforts, publications and newsletters. Also included in the collection are several training tapes on audiocassette.


This collection has been roughly arranged by record type into four series with Series 2 and 3 further subdivded into subseries: Series. 1. Gerald Zuk materials; Series 2. AAMFT and Other Organizations (Subseries 2.1. AAMFT Board of Directors Agendas; Subseries 2.2 Accreditation materials; Subseries 2.3 Publications; Subseries 2.4 AAMFT administrative materials; Subseries 2.5 AAMFT-AAMC-AAMFC records; Subseries 2.6 Training Tapes from various organizations); Series 3. Newsletters, Conferences, and Reports (Subseries 3.1 Family Therapy News; Subseries 3.2 AAMFC Newsletter; Conference materials and report); Series 4. Other.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

William Nichols Family Therapy papers, MS 2948. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, UGA Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Gerald H. Zuk materials

11 Process and practice in family therapy
2 Family therapy
3Audio tapes

Series 2: AAMFT and Other Organizations

Subseries 2.1: AAMFT Board of Directors-Agendas

211991 March 14-17
21991 June 13
31991 October 30
41990 March 9-11
51990 June 8-10
61990 October 3
71989 March 3-5
81989 June 15-18
91989 October 25
311988 June 24-26
21988 March 4-6
31987 October 28
41987 June 5-7
51987 February 27-March 1
61986 June 14-15

Subseries 2.2: Accreditation materials

41Commission on accreditation
2Site visitor training manual
3Directory of accredited MFT programs
4Manual on accreditation
5AAMC/AAMFC/AAMFT accreditation, 1977-1979
6AAMC/AAMFC/AAMFT accreditation, 1978
7AAMC/AAMFC/AAMFT accreditation, 1986

Subseries 2.3: Publications

51AAMC-Directory of members, 1967-1981
2AAMFC-Convention and conference, 1978-1980
4Multiregional conference
5Consumer's guide
8AAMFT-Presidential banquet and awards
10National council on family relations

Subseries 2.4: AAMFT Administrative files

61Third party reimbursements, 1980
2Champus, 1980-1985
3Public relations
4Regional development
5Minority therapist concerns
6Problems facing presidents
7National collection
8Family Therapy News, 1980
9Minutes, 1973-1978
10Minutes, 1979-1980
11Minutes, 1981-1982
13Research and development

Subseries 2.5: AAMFT-AAMC-AAMFC materials

8Education and Training
9Michigan merger
10AAMC-AAMFC, 1967-1972
81Lan Jordon vs. AAMFT
2Nugent vs. AAMFT
3Miscellaneous trade publications, 1981-1992

Subseries 2.6: Audiovisual materials, 1970s

9Training tapes: approx. 30 audiocassettes, 1970s

Series 3: Newsletters, Conferences and Reports

Subseries 3.1: Family Therapy News

101Vol. 13 No. 1-6, 1982
2Vol. 14 No. 1-6, 1983
3Vol. 15 No. 1-6, 1984
4Vol. 16 No. 1-6, 1985
5Vol. 17 No. 1-6, 1986
6Vol. 18 No. 1-6, 1987
7Vol. 19 No. 1-6, 1988
8Vol. 20 No. 1-6, 1989
9Vol. 21 No. 1-6, 1990
10Vol. 22 No. 1-6, 1991
11Vol. 23 No. 1-6, 1992
12Vol. 24 No. 1-6, 1993
13Vol. 25 No. 1-5, 1994
14Vol. 26 No. 1-5, 1995
15Vol. 27 No. 1, 1996

Subseries 3.2: AAMFC Newsletter

1016Vol. 4 No. 2-3, 1973
17Vol. 5 No. 1-4, 1974
18Vol. 6 No. 1-4, 1975
19Vol. 7 No. 1-4, 1976
20Vol. 8 No. 1-5, 1977
21Vol. 9 No. 1-6, 1978
22Vol. 10 No. 1, 3-6, 1979
23Vol. 11 No. 1-6, 1980
24Vol. 12 No. 1-6, 1981
25AAMFC Conference materials, 1991-1992
26National Council on Family Relations Report


84Printed material- Florence Kaslow
5Aaron L. Rutledge biography
6Aaron L. Rutledge Wayne State University Medical School
7Printed material- Aaron L. Rutledge