George Horace Lorimer family papers

George Horace Lorimer family papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Lorimer, George Horace, 1869-1937
Title: George Horace Lorimer family papers
Dates: 1858-1952
Quantity: 27.0 Linear feet 134 boxes and 2 oversize folders
Coll. Number: ms2944

Biographical/Historical Note

George Horace Lorimer (1869-1937), editor and author, was born October 6, 1869 in Louisville, Kentucky to the Reverend George Claude Lorimer (1838-1904) and Arabella Burford Lorimer (1839-1912). His father was a Baptist minister who held pastorates in Chicago, Boston and New York City. George Horace Lorimer began working at Armour & Co. meatpacking house because of encouragement from P. D. Armour, one of his father's friends. He left that job to attend Colby College in Maine. After a year at Colby, he worked for the Boston post. In 1898 he accepted a job at the Saturday Evening Post from the owner, Cyrus Curtis. A year later he was the editor and remained so until his retirement in 1936. His lifelong interests were the West, especially the Grand Canyon; conservation; and American antiques. He was the author of Letters from a self-made merchant to his son (1902), Old Gorgon Graham (1904), False gods (1906), and Jack Spurlock (1908). On June 6, 1892, he married Alma Viola Ennis (1870-1941), youngest daughter of Judge Alfred Ennis of Chicago. They had five children: Horace (1894-1896), Belle (1898-1908), Graeme Ennis (1903-?), George Burford (1908-1952), and Georgia Belle (1909-?). In addition to their home, Belgraeme, in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, they also owned King's Oak Farm six miles away.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of biographical and genealogical material, family correspondence of the Lorimer and Ennis families, business correspondence, business and estate papers, writings, printed material, scrapbooks, blueprints, and photographs. In 2010 a small addendum of 2 boxes was added to the collection consisting of mainly George Burford Lorimer correspondence and subject files.

Index Terms

Authors, American.
Business records.
Ennis family -- Genealogy
Estate records.
Families--United States--Correspondence.
Harris, Corra, 1869-1935
Larrimore family -- Genealogy
Lorimer, Alma, 1870-1941 -- Estate
Lorimer, George Horace, 1869-1937
Newspaper editors--United States.
Printed ephemera.
Writings (document genre)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

George Harace Lorimer family papers, ms2944, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical Information

11George Horace Lorimer-Biographical information
2George Horace Lorimer-Certificates, passports
3George Horace Lorimer-Medical information
4George Horace Lorimer-Funeral service
5Alma Lorimer-Biographical information
6Alma Lorimer-Certificates, passports, memberships
7Alma Lorimer-Medical information
8Belle Lorimer-School report, 1904-1905
9Belle Lorimer-Medical information, 1908
10Graeme Lorimer-Passport
11George Burford Lorimer-Biographical information
12Georgia Belle Lorimer-Medical information
13Lorimer children & Margaret Russell-locks of hair
14George Claude Lorimer family
15Alfred Ennis family

2. Genealogy

21Alma Lorimer-Genealogy
2Alma Lorimer-Genealogy
3Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Baldridge family
4Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Baldwin family
5Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Crane family
6Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Crane family coat of arms
7Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Ennis family
8Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Holmes family
9Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Lyon family
10Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Wood family
11Alma Lorimer-Genealogy-Other family names
12George Horace Lorimer-Genealogy-Burford family

3. Correspondence

Subseries 3A: Family Correspondence

61897 January-June
71897 July-September
81897 October-December
91898 January-June
101898 July-December & 1899
101927 June-July
111927 August-September
31930 January-September
41930 October-December
51931 January-April
61931 May-August
71931 September
81931 October-December
611932 January-May
21932 June-December
31933 January-June
41933 July-December
711937 January-May
21937 June-December
31938 January-June
41938 July-December
51939 January-August
61939 September-December
811940 January- May
21940 June -December
9From Gregory Dillon and George Burford Dillon to their parents, 1943-1945
10George Horace Lorimer - undated
11George Horace Lorimer - undated
12Alma Lorimer - undated
91George Burford Lorimer - undated
2Graeme Lorimer - undated
3George Claude Lorimer - undated
4Arabella Lorimer - undated
5Edith Lorimer Porter - undated
6May Nadine Lorimer Dunlevy - undated
7Alfred Ennis - undated
8Lillie Alice Ennis - undated
9Incomplete-Lillie Alice Ennis - undated
10Incomplete-Lillie Alice Ennis - undated
11Luna May Ennis - undated
12Margaret Russell Dillon - undated
13Sarah Moss Lorimer - undated
14Virginia Lenington Lorimer - undated
15Other family members - undated
16Greeting cards
17Empty envelopes

Subseries 3B: George Horace Lorimer

2Abbey Press
3Ade, George (1866-1944), 1903-1912 View online.
Indiana journalist, humorist, and playwright.
4Alberts, Eva
5Alexander, George W. and Frances
6Alexander, Grand Duke of Russia
7Altemus, Howard E.
8Andorra Nurseries
9A. N. Marquis & Company
10Armour, J. Ogden
11Armour, Philip D., 1887-1892
12Armour, Philip D., 1893 October-November
13Armour, Philip D., 1893 December
14Armour, Philip D., 1894 January
15Armour, Philip D., 1894 February-1898
16Ashi, N.
17Astor, Waldorf
18Atwood, Albert W.
20Babson, Roger W.
21Ball, James W.
22Barnes, Julius H.
23Barr, Robert
24Bean, L. M.
25Beer, Thomas
26Bell, Lilian (1867-1929) - American novelist, 1900-1929 View online.
27Bellah, James Warner
28Bennett, Arnold
29Bigelow, Frederick
30Binder, J. W.
31Blanchard, Alfred
32Blethen, Joseph
33Bliss, T. H.
34Blowitz, Henri
35Blythe, Samuel G. (1868-1947) - journalist, 1906-1936 View online.
36Bogue, Arthur Hoyt
37Bok, Cary W.
38Bok, Edward W. and Mary
39Bourne, Jonathan Jr.
40Boyd, William
41Brady, Cyrus Townsend
42Brant, C. A.
43Briggs, William
44Bristow, Joseph
45Brush, Katharine
46Bryan, William J.
47Burnett, Frances Hodgson
48Byrd, Richard E.
111Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1900 January-March View online.
2Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1900 April-December View online.
3Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1901 View online.
4Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1902 View online.
5Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1903 View online.
6Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1904-1905 View online.
7Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1906 View online.
8Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1907 View online.
9Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1908 View online.
10Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1909-1910 View online.
11Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1911-1913 View online.
12Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927), 1915-1926 View online.
13Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927) - undated View online.
14Beveridge, Albert J. (1862-1927) - undated View online.
2Cameron, Agnes Deans
3Canfield, Charles B.
4Cantacuzene, Julia, Princess (1876-1975), 1918-1935 View online.
5Carman, Bliss
6Carothers, Emma J.
7Carroll, Raymond G.
8Carson, Norma Bright
9Carter, George
10Casenave, Consul General
11Chambers, Robert W. (1865-1933) - artist and writer, 1900-1914 View online.
12Clague, Stanley
13Clark, Champ
14Clark, Charles Heber
15Clarke, Howard
16Clarke, Will
17Clemenceau, Georges
18Cleveland, Grover and Frances Folsom
19Coates, Florence Earle
20Coates, Wilfrid L.
21Coe, Charles Francis
22Coffrain, Lewis D.
23Cole, A. E.
24Coleman, Coates
25Collins, James H.
26Collins, Philip S.
27Cooley, Jenzia Coulson
28Coolidge, Calvin
29Cooper, Clayton S.
30Cooper, George
31Corbin, John
32Cornwell, John J.
33Costain, Thomas B. (1885-1965) - Canadian journalist View online.
Includes public scandal involving high-profile author/Saturday Evening Post writer Nina Wilcox Putnam
34Cowles, Anna Roosevelt
35Crane, William Hart
36Cressey, Kendall B.
37Crewdson, Charles N.
38Crissey, Forrest
39Crockett, S. R.
40Crowninshield, Frank
41Currie, Arthur W.
42Curtis, Cyrus (1850-1933), 1898-1904 View online.
43Curtis, Cyrus (1850-1933), 1906-1908 View online.
44Curtis, Cyrus (1850-1933), 1909-1918 View online.
45Curtis, Cyrus and Kate, 1920-1933 View online.
46Curtis, Cyrus and Kate, biography - undated View online.
47Curtis Publishing Company View online.
131Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1908-1913 View online.
2Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1914 January-June View online.
3Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1914 July-December View online.
4Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1915 January-June View online.
5Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1915 July-December View online.
6Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1916 1917 January-June View online.
7Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1917 July-December View online.
8Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1918 View online.
9Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1919 View online.
10Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1920 View online.
11Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944), 1921-1922 View online.
12Cobb, Irvin S. (1876-1944) - undated View online.
13Cobb, Laura B.
14Cobb, Mrs. M. S.
2Daniels, Josephus
3D. Appleton & Co.
4Darlington, Henry P.
5Davidson, John Russell
6Davis, Clara
7Davis, James J.
8Davis, Richard Harding (1864-1916) - journalist and fiction writer, 1900 View online.
9Dawes, Charles G., 1922, 1925 View online.
10DeHaven & Townsend
11Dodd, Edward H.
12Donaghey, Frederick
13Doran, George H.
14Doubleday, Page & Company
15Doubleday, Page & Company-Frank N. Doubleday
16Doubleday, Page & Company-S.A. Everitt
17Doubleday, Page & Company-A. Krahe
18Doubleday, Page & Company-Henry W. Lanier
19Doubleday, Page & Company-Donald McNaughton
20Doubleday, Page & Company-D. W. Nye
21Douglas, Marjory Stoneman, 1937 View online.
22Dreer, Henry A.
23Dreiser, Theodore (1871-1945) View online.
24Duneka, F. A.
26Earle, George H.
27Easley, Ralph M.
28Egan, Eleanor (d. 1925) - journalist, 1918, 1922 View online.
29Ely, Gertrude View online.
30Ernst, A. E.
31Evans, Dettra & Brownback
33Farnum, Henry W.
34Ferber, Edna (1887-1968) - novelist and playwright View online.
35Finley Acker & Company
36Fischer, W.
37Flandrau, Charles Macomb (1871-1938) - Minnesota author and essayist View online.
38Foote, John Taintor (1881-1950) View online.
39Forbes, Bertie Charles
40Ford, Henry
41Fordney, Joseph W.
42Foster, John W. (1836-1917) - American diplomat and journalist View online.
43Franklin Inn Club
44Fraser, W. A. and Jessie, 1900 View online.
45Fraser, W. A. (1859-1933) - Canadian writer, 1901-1908 View online.
46Fraser, W. A. (1859-1933) - Canadian writer, undated View online.
47Frazer, Elizabeth - ambulance driver and Saturday Evening Post correspondent, 1918-1919 View online.
151French, George
2Fricker, Edward E.
3Fritz, Horace H.
4Frohman, Daniel
5Fuller, Walter D.
7Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940) View online.
8Garrett, Garet View online.
9Gassette, Grace View online.
10Gebers, Hugo
11Gessler, Theodore A. K.
12Gibb, William S.
13Goodrich, C. F.
14Gordon, John and Carrie
15Gowen, Elma Grace
16Graydon, Samuel
17Grayson, Theodore J.
18Green, Elizabeth Shippen View online.
19Gribbel, John
20Griffith, I. Roy
2Hackett, E. Byrne
3Hamilton, Cosmo
4Hamilton, John
5Hancock, La Touche
6Hapgood, H. J.
7Hardy, Arthur and Thornton
8Hardy, Laura Ames
9Harris, Joel Chandler (1848-1908) View online.
10Harrison, Benjamin
11Harte, Bret (1836-1902), undated View online.
12Hays, Will H.
13Herrick, Myron T.
14Herring, J. S.
15Higgins, Edward E.
16Hill, Anna L.
17Hitchcock, Frank H.
18Hitchcock, Ripley View online.
19Hofer, Marie R.
20Home Pattern Company
21Hoover, Herbert
22Hoover, Maurice and Mrs. Hoover
23Hough, Emerson (1857-1923), 1904-1922 View online.
24Howe, E. W.
25Howells, William Dean (1837-1920) View online.
26Hoyt, Eleanor (1868-1942) View online.
27Hughes, Charles Evans
28Hunsicker, Charles
29Hunter, Robert
30Hurst, Fannie (1889-1968), 1914 View online.
31Husted, William G.
32Hutt, Henry
171Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1909 June-August View online.
2Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1909 September-December View online.
3Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1910 January-February View online.
4Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1910 March-July View online.
5Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1910 August-October View online.
6Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1910 November-December View online.
7Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1911 January-March View online.
8Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1911 April-May View online.
9Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1911 June- July View online.
10Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1911 August-December View online.
181Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1912 January-May View online.
2Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1912 June-September View online.
3Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1912 October-December View online.
4Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1913 January-March View online.
5Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1913 April-June View online.
6Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1913 July-November View online.
7Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1914 January-June View online.
8Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1914 July-August View online.
9Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1914 September-November View online.
191Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1915 January-April View online.
2Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1915 May-December View online.
3Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1916 View online.
4Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1917 View online.
5Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1918 View online.
6Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1919 View online.
7Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1920-1922 View online.
8Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1923 View online.
9Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1924 View online.
10Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1925 View online.
11Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1926 View online.
12Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1927 View online.
13Harris, Corra (1869-1935), 1928-1929, 1932 View online.
201Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1915-1916 View online.
2Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1917 View online.
3Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1918 View online.
4Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1919 View online.
5Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1920 View online.
6Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1921 View online.
7Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1922 View online.
8Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1923 View online.
9Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1924-1925 View online.
10Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1926 View online.
11Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1927 View online.
12Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1928 View online.
13Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1929-1933 View online.
14Hergesheimer, Joseph (1880-1954), 1934-1936 View online.
2Ickes, Harold L.
3Ingalls, John J.
4Irwin, Wallace
5Isham, Lincoln & Beale
7Jenks, John S.
8Jenks, Tudor (1857-1922) View online.
9Johnson, Hugh S. (1882-1942) View online.
10Johnson, Robert L.
11Jones, Francke L.
12Jordan, William George
14Kauffman, Ellen Diller View online.
15Kauffman, Reginald Wright (1877-1959) View online.
16Kelley, Gwendolyn Dunlevy (b. 1877), 1902 View online.
17Kelly, Eleanor Mercein (1880-1968), 1928-1929 View online.
18Kendrick, W. Freeland
19Kerney, James (1873-1934), 1923 View online.
20Kimball, Fiske-Pennsylvania Museum of Art
21King, Charles (1844-1933), 1900-1901 View online.
22Kinnosuke, Adachi, 1900 View online.
23Kleiser, Grenville
24Kohler, M. L.
25Kohlsaat, -
26Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957), 1915 View online.
27Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957), 1916 View online.
28Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957), 1917 View online.
29Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957) and Helene, 1918-1932 View online.
31La Follette, Robert Marion
32Lamont, Thomas W.
33Lane, Franklin K.
34Larkin, Clarence
35Laurel Hill Cemetery
36Lawrence, David (1888-1973) View online.
37Lawson, Martha
38Leary, John J. Jr.
39Ledbetter & Co. Land and Loan Association
40Lefevre, Edwin (1871-1943), 1905 View online.
41Le Gallienne, Richard (1866-1947), 1901, 1904 View online.
42Lewis, Alfred Henry (1857-1914), 1906-1908 View online.
43Lewis, Charles W.
44Libby, Herbert C.
45Lindsey, Ben B.
46Lippincott, J. Bertram
47Lipton, Thomas
48Lloyd Garrett Company
49London, Jack (1876-1916), 1903 View online.
50Long, John L., 1899-1900 View online.
51Longworth, Alice Roosevelt (1884-1980), 1935 View online.
52Loomis, Charles Battell (1861-1911)/Charles Battell Loomis, Jr. View online.
53Love, Thomas M.
54Luby, Lawrence
55Ludington, C. H. Jr.
2McClure, H. H.
3McClure, S. S.
4McCormick, Medill
5McCutchen, John T.
6McFadden, Josephine
7McGirt, J. E.
8McKeogh, Arthur
10Mahin, John Lee
11Manda, W. A.
12Marbury, Elisabeth
13Marcosson, Isaac F.
14Markham, Edwin
15Marquand, John P., 1922 View online.
16Marsden, Lilian Lorimer
17Marsh, Edward C.
18Mather, Stephen T.
19Mathews, William View online.
20Mayer, August
21Maynard, Laurens
22Medary, M. B. Jr.
23Meekins, Lynn Roby
24Megrue, Roi Cooper
25Meyer, George
26Michaelis, George V. S.
27Miles, Nelson A.
28Miller, Alice Duer (1874-1942) View online.
29Miller, Ruth Scott View online.
30Mills, Enos A.
31Moffett, Samuel
32Montgomery County Treasurer
33Moon, James M. and William H. Moon
34Moran, Thomas
35Morris, Sarah Arndt
36Morse, Mrs. H. C.
37Moss, Frank H.
38Moyle, Seth Westcott
39Munsey, Frank A.
41Norris, Frank (1870-1902) View online.
42Northcliffe, Alfred Harmsworth
43Northern Newspaper Syndicate
44North Shore Electric Company
45Nowell, Elizabeth, 1927 View online.
46Noyes, Alfred (1880-1958), 1928-1933 View online.
48Ogontz School
49O'Harra, A. P. J.
50Olney, Richard
51O'Malley, Frank Ward (1875-1932), 1921-1926 View online.
52O'Neill, L. Arthur
53Osbourne, Lloyd (1868-1947), 1902, 1904 View online.
54Osbourne, Samuel E.
2Page, L. Coues
3Paley, Louise View online.
4Paley, Robert L. View online.
5Parker, Gilbert (1862-1932), 1900-1921 View online.
6Pattullo, George
7Payne, Whitney
8Payne, Will View online.
9Pearson, Charles A.
10Pennsylvania Museum Of Art
11Pepper, George Wharton
12Periodical Publishers' Association of America
13Pershing, John J.
14Pfeifer, J. C.
15Phillips, David Graham (1867-1911) and Carolyn, 1902-1911 View online.
16Phillips, Helen Ledyard
17Phillips, Henry Wallace (1869-1930) View online.
18Pinchot, Gifford
19Porter, Gilbert E.
20Post, Melville Davisson (1869-1930) View online.
21Potter, Paul M.
22Powell, E. Alexander (1879-1957), 1920 View online.
23Powell, Mary B.
24Preston, May Wilson (1873-1949) View online.
25Putnam, George E. B.
26Putnam, Nina Wilcox (1888-1962), 1919-1934 View online.
28Quin, Huston
30Raphael, Harry
31Reed, Thomas B.
32Repplier, Agnes (1855-1950), 1900-1901 View online.
33Reynolds, Paul R. (1904-1988), 1918 View online.
34Rhodes, Eugene Manlove (1869-1934), 1919 View online.
35Richards, Grant
36Richberg, Donald R.
37Richey, Lawrence
38Ritchie, Albert C.
39Roberts, A. J.
40Roberts, Isaac
41Roberts, Kenneth L. (1855-1957) and Anna, 1919-1936 View online.
42Robertson, Morgan (1861-1915), 1900-1902 View online.
43Robson, Eleanor
241Rockefeller, John D. Jr
2Roe, Charles M.
3Roosevelt, Eleanor
4Roosevelt, Theodore
5Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.
6Rosen, Roman
7Russell, Edward O.
8Russell, Frank A.
9Russell, Henry B.
251Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1914 View online.
2Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1915 January-March View online.
3Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1915 April-May View online.
4Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1915 June-December View online.
5Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1916 View online.
6Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1917 February-May View online.
7Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1917 June-July View online.
8Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1917 August-December View online.
9Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1919-1920 View online.
10Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1921 View online.
11Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1922-1927, 1937 View online.
12Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958) - undated View online.
13Rinehart, Dr. Stanley M., 1915-1920 View online.
261S View online.
2Sampson, Flem D.
3Sanders, Everett
4Sanders, L. W.
5Sargento, John
6"Saturday Evening Post"
7Sears, Joseph H.
8Seawell, Molly Elliot (1860-1916), 1900-1902 View online.
9Selfridge, H. Gordon
10Seth, Smith
11Shackleton, Robert and Elizabeth, 1902-1906 View online.
12Shearer & Gibb
13Sinclair, Upton (1878-1968), 1907, 1928, 1933 View online.
14Slocum, Joel
15Small, Maynard & Company
16Smith, Alfred E.
17Smith, Charles Emory
18Smith, Francis Hopkinson (1838-1915), 1901-1908 View online.
19Smith & Schively
20Spaford, Dorothy B.
21Spaulding, E. W.
22Spaulding, Lucie C.
23Stanton, Frank. L. (1857-1927) View online.
24Starrett, Henrietta McCaig View online.
25Stearns, Frank W.
26Stebbins, C. L.
27Stimson, H. P.
28Stimson, Henry Lewis
29Stockton, Frank R. (1834-1902) View online.
30Stoddard, Richard Henry and Elizabeth Drew (1823-1902), 1922 View online.
31Stoddard, Lothrop View online.
32Stokes, J. Stogdell
33Stone, Melville E. Jr.
34Storm, Catherine M. and Charles A.
35Street, Julian
36Stuart, Ruth McEnery
271T View online.
2Taft, William H. (1857-1930), 1915 View online.
3Tarkington, Booth (1869-1946) View online.
4Thompson, Harry Arthur
5Tillotson, Leon
6Tower, Charlemagne and Helen
7Train, Arthur
8Trotsky, Leon
9Tyler, Charles A.
11Vanderlip, Frank A.
12Van Loan, Charles Emmett and Emma
13Van Loon, Hendrik Willem (1882-1944) View online.
14Van Rensselaer, Sarah
15Van Vorst, Bessie
16Viereck, George Sylvester
2Wagner, Charles L.
3Walsh, Charles P.
4Walt, Henry K.
5Warren, George W.
6Warren, Maude Radford (1875-1934), 1907 View online.
7Washington, Booker T. (1856-1915) View online.
8Watson, H. B. Marriott (1863-1921), 1907-1908 View online.
9Watt, A. P., 1906
10Watt, A. P., 1907
11Watt, A. P., 1908
12Watterson, Henry (1840-1921), 1918-1919 View online.
13Webster, George H.
14Weimar, Margaret
15Wellman, Walter (1858-1934), 1905 View online.
16Westinghouse, George
17Wetherbee, Fred T.
18Wetzel, Nat View online.
19Whelpley, J. D.
20White, William Allen (1868-1944), 1901-1902 View online.
21White, William Allen (1868-1944), 1903-1906 View online.
22White, William Allen (1868-1944), 1907-1936 View online.
23White, William Allen (1868-1944) - undated View online.
24Whitlock, Brand
25Whitney, Caspar (1862-1929), 1905-1912 View online.
26Wiedersheim, Theodore E.
27Wilder, T. Edward
28Wiley, Hugh
29Wilkins, George S.
30Willebrandt, Mabel Walker (1889-1963) View online.
31Williams, Churchill
32Williams, Jesse Lynch (1871-1929), 1900-1902, 1929 View online.
33Wilson, Harry Leon (1867-1939), 1919-1935 View online.
34Wilson, J. Sims
35Wilson, Woodrow
36Winter, William and Jefferson View online.
37Wister, Owen (1860-1938), 1901-1911 View online.
38Wolf, August
39Wood, J. M.
40Wrenn, Everts
42Yale Club
43Young, Owen D.
291Letterbook, 1902 September-December
2Letterbook, 1902 November-1904 January
3Letterbook, 1904 January-1908 October
30"Letters to a Self-Made Editor", 1929
311Retirement Letters A, 1936
2Retirement Letters B, 1936
3Retirement Letters C, 1936
4Retirement Letters D-E, 1936
5Retirement Letters F, 1936
6Retirement Letters G, 1936
7Retirement Letters H, 1936
8Retirement Letters I-K, 1936
9Retirement Letters L, 1936
10Retirement Letters Lorimer, George Horace, 1936
11Retirement Letters M, 1936
12Retirement Letters N-P, 1936
13Retirement Letters R, 1936
14Retirement Letters S, 1936
15Retirement Letters T-V, 1936
16Retirement Letters W, 1936

Subseries 3C: Alma Lorimer

2Academy of Music controversy, 1939
3Annie Brown School
4Appeals for money, 1937-1939
5Arden, Elizabeth
6Astor, Nancy
7Audendried, Sarah
8Austin, Mildred B.
10Babson, Roger
11Ballard, Frances
12Baruch, Bernard M.
13Battles & Company
14Beacham, Joseph and Bernadette
15Bigelow, Frederick
16Blackwood, W.
17Blake, Carrie E. R.
18Blankenburg, Lucretia
19Blythe, Samuel G. (1868-1947), 1937, 1939 View online.
20Boericke, Mildred
21Breyer, Margaret
22Brook, Arthur
23Brown, Marie
24Burghley, Monty
25Burt, Katherine and Struthers
26Butterfield, Hilda
27Byrne, Martha
2Caner, Uytendale B.
3Cantacuzene, Julia, Princess (1876-1975), 1928-1940 View online.
4Carson, Norma Bright, 1937-1940 View online.
5Carson, Norma Bright - undated View online.
6Catherwood, Ginnie
7Chapin, Elizabeth
8Cheston, Cornelia
9Clark, Eleaner [?]
10Clothier, Anita Porter
11Clothier, Melinda
12Coe, Charles Francis (1890-1956) and Ruth, 1932-1937 View online.
13Colby College (Waterville, ME), 1938
14Colby College Lorimer Memorial Chapel, 1937-1940
15Combes, Ellinor
16Committee for the preservation of state flags, 1931-1940
17Cooke, Eleanor B.
18Cooley, Jenzia Coulson
19Curtis, Kate
20Cushman, Vera
21Cutten, George B.
2Daniel, James
3Davie, May
4Davis, Clara
5Davis, James J.
6Dayton, Katharine, 1934-1935 View online.
7Dercum, Mary DeHaven
8Dixon, Mary Q.
9Dodd, Frank
10Dorrance, Ethel
11Doughten, George A.
12Douner, Dora B. and daughter
13Drake, Marie
14Duncan, Clare R.
15Dunning, Martha B.
17Erwin, Robert Munro
19Farrington, E. A.
20Fergusson, Elinor
21Ferris, E. Isabelle
22Fletcher, Henry P. and Beatrice
23Flowers, Viola Cawood
24Foerderer, Ethel
26Gann, Dolly Curtis
27Garrett, Garet (1878-1954), 1923 View online.
28Gazzam, Nellie
29Geary, Mary Harrison
30Gilbert, Maude R.
31Gimbel, Ellis A.
32Good, Letitia Whitney
33Griest, Thomas Haines and Mary
34Griffin, Helen Campbell
35Griffith, Beatrice Fox
2Hadden, Maude M.
3Hamilton, Zora
4Hannum, Mary E.
5Harkness, Martha
6Hitchcock, Helen Sargent
7Holmes, Emma
8Hoover, Herbert and Lou Henry
9Hopkins, Grace Porter
10Hough, Emerson (1857-1923) View online.
11Howard-Smith, Elise, 1938-1940 View online.
13James, Jean Forsyth
14Jastrow, Helen
15Jenckes, Virginia E.
16Jenkins, Guy R.
17Jonnesey, Marie
19Keim, Crystine B.
20Kent, Mabel L.
21Ketterer, Lillian
22Kimball, Marie
24Lamberton, Robert E.
25Lane, Elizabeth Selden
26Lea, Charlotte Augusta
27Lefevre, Edwin (1871-1943), 1929-1938 View online.
28Leidy, Helen C.
29Lenington, George C.
30Lewis, Alberta L.
31Lippincott, Joanna W.
32Little, Grace
33Lloyd, Eleanor
34Lomen, Laura
35Longstreth, Anne
36Lorimer mausoleum, 1937
37Lorimer mausoleum, 1938
38Lorimer mausoleum, 1939
39Lorimer mausoleum, 1940
40Lorimer mausoleum - undated
2MacClamroch, James G. W.
3MacHenry, Florence
4McCabe, Anna May
5McCowen, Mary
6McCracken, Robert T.
7McNeal, Blanche
9Mabie, Louise
10Madeira, Elis
11Maison de Linge
12Marcosson, Isaac F. (1871-1961) and Frances, 1930-1939 View online.
13Martin, Joyce
14Mason, Mary T.
15Mitchell, Marion
16Moats, Alice-Leone, 1935 View online.
17Montgomery, Elizabeth H.
18Moore, J. Hampton
19Morgan, Frances
20Moss, Frank and Bobby
21Moss, Sarah
22Mowitz, Bessie
24Neall, Adelaide, 1937 View online.
26Oglesby, Catharine
27Ohdyke, F. Ralph
28Owens, Emilie Ethel
30Peace, Natalie
31Pepper, George Wharton
32Philadelphia Health Council & TB Committee, 1930-1940
33Pinchot, Gifford
34Pinckard, Ruby and Cherry
35Porter, Carlile
36Porter, Winifred
37Powell, Humbert B. Jr.
38Preston, May Wilson (1873-1949), 1921 View online.
39Quick, Dorothy (1896-1962), 1936-1939 View online.
40Quinn, Alice M.
2Reid, Carrie
3Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958), 1937
4Roberts, Kenneth and Anna, 1935-1938
5Robins, Marie
6Roosevelt, Eleanor
7Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.
8Rosenbach, A. S. W.
9Rubinstein, Mala
10Rutledge, Rufus
12Schaeffer, Frederick and Amy
13Schnader, William A.
14Scholl, Mary D.
15Sewell, Beatrice and Robert and Robert Jr.
16Shackleton, Elizabeth
17Sheble, Dorothy O'Day
18Simmons, Elizabeth
19Sinkler, Jane
20Sinkler, Louise
21Skilling, Anne R.
22Smith, Marion O.
23Spencer, Mabelle B.
24Stillwell, Mary
25Stokes, J. Stogdell and May
26Stoneham, Florence
27Stotesbury, Eva
28Sutherland, Abby
29Sympathy letters A-G
30Sympathy letters H-M
31Sympathy Letters P-Z
2Taggart, Pat Sanford
3Tallman, Julia
4Tarkington, Booth and Susana, 1934 View online.
5Taylor, Nellie
6Thomas, Martha
7Tilden, Ellen
8Town, Margaret G.
11Wagner, Ollie
12Waters, Ella
13Wendell, May
14Westfall, Isabel
15Willkie, Wendell
16Williams, Marion Virginia
17Woodruff, Florence
18Woodward, Clara
19Wurts, Elizabeth
21Yost, Lenna
22Letters from unknown correspondents
23Letters to unknown correspondents
24Incomplete letters and notes
25Empty envelopes
26Invitations/calling cards
27Name/Address lists
39Name/Address index cards
40Republican Women, Armenian Relief Committee
1Republican Women Ways & Means Committee A, 1920
2Republican Women Ways & Means Committee B, 1920
3Republican Women Ways & Means Committee C, 1920
4Republican Women Ways & Means Committee D, 1920
5Republican Women Ways & Means Committee E-F, 1920
6Republican Women Ways & Means Committee G, 1920
7Republican Women Ways & Means Committee H, 1920
8Republican Women Ways & Means Committee J, 1920
9Republican Women Ways & Means Committee K, 1920
10Republican Women Ways & Means Committee L, 1920
11Republican Women Ways & Means Committee M, 1920
12Republican Women Ways & Means Committee N-P, 1920
13Republican Women Ways & Means Committee R, 1920
14Republican Women Ways & Means Committee S, 1920
15Republican Women Ways & Means Committee T, 1920
16Republican Women Ways & Means Committee U-W, 1920
17Republican Women-meetings/reports, 1926-1940
18Republican Women-newsletters, 1936-1940
19Republican Women-business papers
20Armenian Relief Committee, 1916-1920

Subseries 3D: George Burford Lorimer

2Almirall, Lloyd, 1939-1943
3Almirall, Lloyd, 1944-1951
4Anderson, Edward
6Bargeron, O. S.
7Bishop, H. F.
8Blackwood, W.
9Broadway Trailer Company
10Brogger, Yvette
12Captain of the "Hyphen"
13Carter, H. M.
14Chambers, D. L.
15Chester, Charles Eugene
16Collset, Eleanor, 1926-1927 January
17Collset, Eleanor, 1927 February
18Collset, Eleanor, 1927 March-1933
19Cooley, Jenzia
20Cooper, R. L., 1938-1939
21Cooper, R. L., 1940-1941 June
22Cooper, R. L., 1941 July-October
23Cooper, R. L., 1941 November-1945
24"Country Gentleman"-Sheppard tractor ad
25Cusack, Barbara
2Daniel, James
3Davies, Margaret
4Donations to local churches
5Du Brul, Barbara
6Duncan, S. D.
7Du Pont, Henry F.
9Elliman, D. Trowbridge
10Espy, Joseph S.
12Farr, C. Frank
13Farrell, Dorothy
15Garrett, Garet (1878-1954), 1935-1943 View online.
16Garrett, Garet (1878-1954), 1944-1952 View online.
17Griffin, David F.
19Hibben, Sheila (1888-1964), 1942-1944 View online.
20Hollingsworth, Clyde D.
21Hornblower & Weeks
22Howerdd, Gene
25Johnstone, Edward L.
26Joseph, Nannine
28Kibbee, Virginia
29Knoblach, Thom
31Lane, Drury
32Lariscy, Willard H.
33Libel lawsuit-GBL vs. News Syndicate, 1943-1945
2MacKintosh, Townsend
3McIver, Alexander
4Middleton, Scudder, 1932 View online.
5Millhaven employees, 1943
6Millhaven Sales Corp vs. R. H. Sheppard Company, 1950-1952
7Mills, Atys and Palma
8Moats, Alice-Leone, 1934-1937 View online.
9Montague, T. W.
10Mullen, "Mike"
11Mullin, Michael M.
13Neall, Adelaide View online.
14Nelson, Robert M.
16Opera box, 1941
17Orchestra seats, 1941
18Osgood, David M.
20Page, R. H. Jr.
22Randolph, Ginna
23Real estate-Alabama
24Real estate-Arizona
25Real estate-Connecticut
26Real estate-Florida
27Real estate-Georgia
28Real estate-Maryland
29Real estate-Montana
30Real estate-New Jersey
31Real estate-New York
32Real estate-Oregon
33Real estate-Pennsylvania
34Real estate-South Carolina
35Real estate-Virginia, West Virginia
441Ringe, Thomas B. K.
2Roberts, Kenneth
3Roebling, Robert and Dickie
4Romanach, Guillermo Diaz
5Rorer, Gerry
6Rushing, Lucy and Mary Winter
8Sears, Roebuck and Company
9Secretary interviews, 1937
10Sinkler, Jane
11Smyth, George and Annetta
12Stubbs, O. W.
14Tebbel, John
15Thomas and Hutton Engineers
16Thompson, M. E.
17"Time" magazine
18Traeger, Cornelius H.
20Vincent, Alice
22Wallace, Charlie
23Wilson, W. Don
24Wrigley, Phil K.
26Letters from unknown correspondents
27Letters to unknown correspondents
29Empty envelopes
1321Addendum: GBL family and business, 1926-1937
2Addendum: GBL family and business, 1938-1939
3Addendum: GBL family and business, 1941
4Addendum: GBL family and business, 1947-1948
5George Burford Lorimer - Nancy Hale Hardin (1908-1988), 1932-1934 View online.

Subseries 3E: Graeme Lorimer, 1910-1945

1326Addendum: Graeme Lorimer / Sarah Lorimer, 1908-1929
7Addendum: Graeme Lorimer / Sarah Lorimer, 1930-1932
8Addendum: Graeme Lorimer / Sarah Lorimer, 1933-1941
9Addendum: Graeme Lorimer - undated
10Addendum: Sarah Lorimer - undated
11Addendum: Sarah Lee and Belle Lorimer - undated

Subseries 3F: Huldah Cail Smith Lorimer, 1951-1955


Subseries 3G: Not to Lorimer family, 1886-1955

Subseries 3H: George Claude Lorimer

11Incomplete - undated
12Arabella C. Lorimer, 1881-1911

Ennis family

Alfred Ennis, 1880-1915
Lillie Alice Ennis, 1887-1942
Luna May Ennis, 1896-1921
Luna May Ennis, 1922
Luna May Ennis, 1923-1924 and undated
Almarinda Ennis, 1892-1896
Ennis family-incomplete letters, empty envelopes

4. George Horace Lorimer Estate

471Agency account statements, 1939-1941
2Appraisement of personal property, 1938 January
3Appraisement of personal property, 1938 February
4Appraisement of personal property, 1938 October
5Appraisement of estate to George Horace Lorimer, 1938 December
6Audits, 1937 October-1939 June
7Audits, 1939 December-1940 October
481Audits, 1940 October-December
2Audits, 1941 January-March
3Audits, 1942 May-June
4Correspondence-General, 1937-1938 March
5Correspondence-General, 1938 April-December
6Correspondence-General, 1939
7Correspondence-General, 1940
8Correspondence-General, 1941
9Correspondence-General, 1942
10Correspondence-General, 1943-1949
491Correspondence re: audits, 1939-1941
2Correspondence re: book publication, 1938-1949
3Correspondence re: distribution of securities, 1938-1943
4Correspondence re: executors' real estate account, 1942-1948
5Correspondence re: farm equipment, 1942-1943
6Correspondence re: Georgia Belle Lorimer, 1938-1942
7Correspondence re: insurance, 1937-1943
8Correspondence re: Lorimer mausoleum, 1938-1940
9Correspondence re: Lorimer Park, 1938-1941
10Correspondence re: personal property, 1937-1938
11Correspondence re: real estate, 1937-1940
12Correspondence re: real estate, 1941
13Correspondence re: real estate, 1942
14Correspondence re: real estate, 1943-1949
501Correspondence re: safe deposit boxes, 1937-1942
2Correspondence re: securities, 1938-1941
3Correspondence re: taxes, 1938-1943
4Correspondence re: trusts, 1940-1941
5Correspondence re: trust-Alma Lorimer, 1940-1941
6Correspondence re: trust-George Burford Lorimer, 1941-1945
7Correspondence re: trust-George Burford Lorimer, 1944-1952
8Correspondence re: trust-Georgia Belle Lorimer, 1938-1952
9Correspondence re: trust deed, 1941-1952
10Correspondence re: will, 1937-1940
11Distribution schedule, 1940
12Distribution schedule, 1941
13Distribution memorandums, 1938-1949
511Escrow-Graeme Lorimer, 1942-1944
2Estate account/executors' account, 1939-1941
3Estate adjudication, first account, 1938
4Estate adjudication, first account, 1939
5Estate adjudication, first account, 1941
6Estate adjudication, second account, 1941
7Estate adjudication, third account, 1949
8Executors' real estate account, 1941-1948
1354Glass inventory and appraisment, 1937
519Guardian ad litem reports, 1939 1941
11Investment records, 1939-1940
12Minutes of estate meetings, 1938-1941
13Real estate
14Report of examiner, 1941
15Reserve fund, 1940-1943
16Residuary trust account, 1939-1940
2Securities in residuary estate, 1938-1939
3Securities selected for distribution, 1938-1939
4Securities selected for trust fund, 1938-1939
5Taxes, 1937-1942
6Trust-Alma Lorimer, 1940-1943
7Trust-George Burford Lorimer, 1941-1952
8Trust-Georgia Belle Lorimer, 1939-1952
9Trust-Graeme Lorimer, 1940
10Trust deed, 1938-1952
11Will-George Horace Lorimer, 1936
12Will-George Horace Lorimer, 1937
13Will-George Horace Lorimer letters to executors and heirs
14General estate papers

5. Alma Lorimer Estate

531Annuity fund, 1942
2Appraisement of personal property, 1942
3Cemetery fund, 1942-1947
4Correspondence-general, 1941-1945
5Correspondence re: Abington Memorial Hospital, 1941
6Correspondence re: expenses, 1941
7Correspondence re: insurance, 1941-1942
8Correspondence re: jewelry, 1941-1943
9Correspondence re: legacies, 1941-1943
10Correspondence re: Lillie Alice Ennis, 1942-1943
11Correspondence re: mausoleum, 1941
12Correspondence re: painting by Anton Fischer, 1941
13Correspondence re: securities, 1941-1943
14Distribution schedule, 1945
15Estate adjudication, first account, 1945
17Income cash statements, 1941-1945
1355Inventory and appraisment of personal property, 1942 January 19
6Inventory and appraisment of personal property, 1942
19Principal cash statements, 1941
20Principal cash statements, 1942
21Principal cash statements, 1943-1945
541Securities, 1941-1945
2Will-Alma Lorimer, 1923-1938
3Will-Alma Lorimer, 1939-1940
4Will-Alma Lorimer memorandum of law, notes, 1941

6. Business Papers


George Horace Lorimer

Account book, 1935-1937
Receipts/bills/certificates, 1893-1933
Report to directors-Curtis Pub. Co., 1932-1937
Securities, 1937
Alma Lorimer
Account books, 1928-1939
Bank, 1909-1940
Income tax, 1923
Receipts/bills/certificates, 1894-1940
Securities, 1924-1940
General business papers

George Burford Lorimer

Account book, 1940-1941
Account book, 1941
Account book, 1942
Account book assets and liabilities, 1939-1943
Account book cash payments, 1939-1943
Account book cash receipts, 1939-1943
Account book expenses, 1939-1942
Account book expenses-automobile, 1939-1941
Account book expenses-boats, 1939-1942
Account book expenses-household, 1939-1942
Account book expenses-office, 1939-1942
571Account book-expenses-personal, 1939-1942
2Account book income, 1939-1942
3Account book interest and dividends, 1939-1941
4Account book journal entries, 1938-1943
5Account book securities, 1935-1941
581Agreement for sale of Belgraeme, 1945
2Bank, 1943-1952
3Estimates for New York apartment, 1938
4Expenses, 1938-1943
5Lease of New York duplex, 1933
6Libel lawsuit-GBL vs. News Syndicate, 1942-1945
11Separation agreement, 1942
13Will-George Burford Lorimer, 1939 1949
591Millhaven-audits, 1946-1951
2Millhaven-bank balances, 1943-1952
3Millhaven-community house
4Millhaven-cotton, 1946-1952
5Millhaven-employee salaries and expenses, 1943-1952
6Millhaven-farm operations, 1945-1951
7Millhaven-future plans
8Millhaven-house account, 1943-1952
10Millhaven-lawsuit-Millhaven vs. R. H. Sheppard Co., 1950-1952
11Millhaven-legal papers
12Millhaven-livestock operation, 1944 1952
13Millhaven-personal notes
15Millhaven-sharecroppers, 1950
16Millhaven-store operations, 1944
17Millhaven-timber operation, 1946-1952
18Millhaven-trial balance/analysis of active accounts, 1943-1944
19Millhaven-trial balance/analysis of active accounts, 1945-1949
601Millhaven-daily reports, 1943
2Millhaven-daily reports, 1944 January-August
3Millhaven-daily reports, 1944 September-December
4Millhaven-daily reports, 1945 January-June
5Millhaven-daily reports, 1945 July-November
6Millhaven-daily reports, 1946 January-May
7Millhaven-daily reports, 1946 June-September
8Millhaven-daily reports, 1946 October-December
9Millhaven-daily reports, 1947
10Millhaven-daily reports, 1952
611Millhaven-weekly statements, 1943
2Millhaven-weekly statements, 1944
3Millhaven-weekly statements, 1945
4Millhaven-weekly statements, 1946
5Millhaven-weekly statements, and overseer reports, 1947
6Millhaven-weekly statements, 1948 January-February
7Millhaven-weekly statements, 1948 March-December
8Millhaven-weekly statements, 1949

John Calvin Cail, 1931-1933

Ennis Family
Alfred Ennis, 1872-1913
Alfred Ennis abstracts of title-Kansas land
Alfred Ennis bonds
Alfred Ennis stock certificates
Lillie Alice Ennis estate papers, 1942-1943
7George Claude Lorimer and Arabella Lorimer, 1855-1912
8Georgia Belle Lorimer-school bills, 1929-1941
9Huldah Cail Smith, 1950-1952

7. Houses

631Belgraeme-appraisal of furniture and silver, 1930
2Belgraeme-appraisal of china and glassware, 1930
3Belgraeme-appraisal of linens, pictures, rugs, books, 1930
5Belgraeme-dinners and luncheons
6Belgraeme-oriental rugs
7Belgraeme-repairs and renovations, 1923-1939
8Belgraeme-wine inventory
9King's Oak Farm-appraisal of furnishings, 1931
OS Folder
1CBlueprints-survey of King's Oak Estate, 1941 (removed from letter in 49:12, 3)
Blueprints and 1 plan for Lorimer Park- King's Oak Estate, 1938 (3)
Blueprints of Belgraeme (Farm House) and King's Oak Farm stable, 1913-1914 (4)
6310Household inventories
641Millhaven-abstract of title
2Millhaven-history of the plantation
3Millhaven-George Burford Lorimer moves to Millhaven, 1942-1943
4Millhaven guest book, 1950-1951
OS Folder
2CMap of proposed lake at Millhaven, 1944
Blueprint of Millhaven depot- Savannah and Atlanta Railway
Blueprints of Millhaven plantation when owned by E. T. Comer (8)

8. Antiques

2Correspondence, 1920-1938
3Correspondence, 1939
4Correspondence, 1940-1950
7Gold coins
8Invoices for shipping and storage, 1927-1944
9Pennsylvania German pottery
11Receipts/bills-Arthur Ackerman & Son
12Receipts/bills-Arthur Churchill
13Receipts/bills-Arthur J. Sussel
14Receipts/bills-Arthur S. Vernay
15Receipts/bills-Century House Galleries
16Receipts/bills-Charles Sessler
17Receipts/bills-Costikyan & Co.
18Receipts/bills-Frances Wolfe Carey
19Receipts/bills-Fred Harvey
20Receipts/bills-Harriette A. Ash
21Receipts/bills-Harry A. Macfarland
22Receipts/bills-House with the Brick Wall
23Receipts/bills-H. R. Hancock
24Receipts/bills-Hyam & Co.
25Receipts/bills-Ira S. Reed
26Receipts/bills-Israel Sack
27Receipts/bills-J. E. Caldwell & Company
28Receipts/bills-John G. Matthews
29Receipts/bills-J. Rochelle Thomas
31Receipts/bills-Mallett & Son
32Receipts/bills-Mrs. M. B. Cookerow
33Receipts/bills-Rosenbach Company
34Receipts/bills-S. & G. Gump Company
35Receipts/bills-Shreve, Crump & Low Company
36Receipts/bills-Stair and Andrew, Inc.
37Receipts/bills-Tulip Shop
38Receipts/bills-T. Z. Shiota

9. Writings


George Horace Lorimer

"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 1
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 2
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 3
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 4
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 5
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 6
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 7
"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 7
671"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 8
2"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 8
3"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 9
4"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 10
5"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 11
6"Jack Spurlock" Chapter 12
7"Jack Spurlock" play outline
681"Letters From A Self Made Merchant to his Son" Chapter 1
2"Letters From A Self Made Merchant to his Son" Chapter 3
3"Letters From A Self Made Merchant to his Son" Chapter 13
4"Letters From A Self Made Merchant to his Son" Chapter 15
5"Letters From A Self Made Merchant to his Son" Chapter 20
6"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 1
7"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 2
8"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 3
9"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 4
10"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 5
11"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 6
12"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 7
13"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 8
14"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 9
15"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 10
16"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 11
17"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 12
18"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 13
19"Old Gorgon Graham" Chapter 14
691"Old Gorgon Graham" printed pamphlets, chapters 9,11,12,14
2"Old Gorgon Graham" play
3"Old Gorgon Graham" play
4"Old Gorgon Graham" play
701"The A.B.C. of Confidence..."
2"An Alchemist of the Rockies", 1897
3"The American Goddess"
4"Behind the Veil of Isis" #1
5"Behind the Veil of Isis" #2
6"Behind the Veil of Isis"
7"Beveridge", 1905
8"The Bones Beneath", 1897
9"The Business is Business Myth"
10"Cannon, McCall and the Magazines"
11"The Causes Leading to Elizabethan Literature", 1897
12"A Chance for the Business Doctor"
13"Chops and Tabasco Sauce"
15"For the First Edition"
16"I Don't Like Guffey"
17"Its' Real Meaning"
18"Much Ado About Something"
711"Now Is the Time For All Good Men"
2"Now or Never"
3"On a Certain Tendency to Expose Things"
5"The Periodicals and the Pictures"
6"The Popular Magazines and a Postal Profit"
7"The Popular Magazines and the Postal Deficit"
8"The Popular Magazines and the Postoffice"
9"The Popular Magazines and the Standpatters"
10"The Popular Magazines and their Advertising"
11"A Postal Canard"
12"Push the Carter-Overstreet Bill"
13"The Rule of the People"
14"A Silver Sport"
15"A Square Deal for the Magazines"
16"Success an Exact Science"
17"Take the Post-Office Out of Politics"
18"The Thief of Time"
19"Two Rascals and a Lawyer"
20"The Unpopular Editor of the Popular Magazine"
21"Will Congress Please Cut the Cards?"
25Notes on editing copy and pages for the "Saturday Evening Post"
27Poetry for his wife Alma
2Speech-to general advertising department conference, 1915
3Speech-Lorimer Memorial Chapel groundbreaking, 1937
4Untitled-section 1
5Untitled-section 2, p. 1-70
6Untitled-section 2, p. 71-174
7Untitled-re: politics
8Untitled-re: publishing
9Untitled-re: publishing/Cyrus Curtis

Alma Lorimer

Diary, 1892
Poetry for her husband George
Speeches, 1935-1937
Speeches incomplete
Speeches incomplete
Speeches incomplete

George Burford Lorimer

"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 1
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 2
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 3
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 4
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 5
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 6
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 7
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 8
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 9
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 10
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 11
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 12?
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 15
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 16
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 17
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 18
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 19
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 20
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 21
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 22
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 23
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 24
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 25
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 26
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 27
"Anna Lancaster" Chapter 29
"Anna Lancaster" "The List," "The Swap"
"Anna Lancaster" "Second Antique"
"Anna Lancaster" notes, reference data
751"Alice Again"
2"The Brown Bag"
4"Fall Guy"
5"Farce in the West"
6"Following Through with Billy B. Van"
7"The Girl From Iceland"
8"The Green Hatbox"
9"Kumquat May"
10"Labor Spy" p. 1-154
11"Labor Spy" p. 155-310
12"The Lorelei of Lafferty's Crick"
14"Modern Melodrama"
15"The Moustache"
16"Mrs. Pringle and the Honey Bear"
17"My Radio and Me"
18"The Open Porthole"
19"Sixty in Low"
20"The Trouble With Bill"
21"The Unfairway"
22"What About Automatic Selling?"
23"The Works"
24Pages from an untitled notebook
761 Advertising & Selling-articles, 1930-1934
2 Advertising Arts
3Diary, 1920
4Drawings/clippings-ideas for humorous writings
8Notes-re: Bridge
9Notes-re: celebrity game
10Notes-re: incidents
11Notes-re: plots
12Notes-re: vocabulary
14Poetry A-I
15Poetry "The Island"
16Poetry K-R
17Poetry S-T
18Poetry ideas and notes
19Research-idiom occurrence

George Claude Lorimer

Writings/lectures/sermons / scrapbook, 1867
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1876
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1877
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1878
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1879
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1880
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1881
Writings/lectures/sermons, 1882-1883
781Writings/lectures/sermons, 1884
2Writings/lectures/sermons, 1888
3Writings/lectures/sermons, 1889
4Writings/lectures/sermons, 1889
5Writings/lectures/sermons, 1891-1892
6Writings/lectures/sermons, 1893
7Writings/lectures/sermons, 1894-1895
791Writings/lectures/sermons, 1896
2Writings/lectures/sermons, 1897
3Writings/lectures/sermons, 1897
4Writings/lectures/sermons, 1898
5Writings/lectures/sermons, 1899
6Writings/lectures/sermons, 1900-1901
801Writings/lectures/sermons, 1902-1903
book of sermons
notes for lectures
4Book of notes re: preachers and preaching
(only 3 pages full)
811Writings/lectures/sermons - undated
2Writings-"Peasants War"
3Writings-"Peasants War"-characters
4Writings-"Peasants War"-scenery and customs
5Writings-"Peasants War"-preliminaries and causes of the reformation & the peasants war
7Writings-re: Tremont Temple
8Writings-re: Dr. Lorimer
9Writings-fragments of sermons

Writings by others

Beveridge, Albert J.
Blankenburg, Lucretia
Cleveland, Grover
Hamilton, Robert Browning
Harris, Corra
Hoover, Herbert
Hough, Emerson-re:Yellowstone Park
Howe, E. W.
Lorimer, Graeme
Lorimer, Sarah
Lorimer, Graeme & Sarah-"Acquittal" gift lists
Marcosson, Isaac
Miller, Robert Young
Needham, Henry Beach
Noyes, Alfred
Paley, Louise
Phillips, David Graham
Russell, Margaret
Shroy, John L.
Stoddard, R. H.
Stringer, Arthur
831Waterman, Nixon
2White, William Allen
3Willkie, Wendell
4Wister, Owen
5Yarnall, Charlton
6Unknown authors
7Unknown authors-poetry
8Unknown authors-re: politics and government

10. Subject Files

1331Art- George Burford Lorimer
2Atlanta folder- George Burford Lorimer
3Augusta folder- George Burford Lorimer
4New York folder- George Burford Lorimer
5Report cards- George Burford Lorimer, 1917-1924
6Financial papers - George Burford Lorimer
7Notes and lists
9Writings - diary pages, George Burford Lorimer - undated
10Writings - Nancy Hale Hardin
11Printed material
12Printed material - re: Graeme Lorimer
13Printed material - Advertising and Selling, 1931-1933
14Printed material - postage stamps
15Photographs - Nancy Hale Hardin

11. Printed material/clippings


Lorimer Family

George Horace Lorimer, 1901-1924
George Horace Lorimer, 1925/1939
George Horace Lorimer - undated
George Horace Lorimer re: GHL books
Alma Lorimer, 1923-1941
Mr. & Mrs. George Horace Lorimer, 1892-1936
Graeme Lorimer, 1928-1944
George Burford Lorimer, 1926-1950
George Claude Lorimer, 1889-1936
Lorimer family houses


"Academy Monthly" Germantown Academy (PA), 1924
"Academy Monthly" Germantown Academy (PA), 1925-1926
"Advertising & Selling", 1932 1933
The Albertype Company (NY), 1943
Annie Brown School (NY) class directory, 1889-1891 1896
Barton, Ralph, 1931
Blythe, Samuel, 1907 1940
Boats and ships
Bok, Edward
Brooklyn Museum (NY)
Burford Priory (England)
Clothing and linens
"Club Woman's Journal", 1937 1940
Colby College/Lorimer Memorial Chapel (ME)
Curtis, Cyrus H. K., 1900-1933
Dearborn Seminary (IL)
"The Elite News", 1892
"Eneas Africanus" by Harry S. Edwards
2Farming-printed material
3Finances, economics
4Food, restaurants
5"German War Practices", 1918
6Harvard University-program, 1924
7Hickory Chair Co. (NC) catalog
8Literary organizations
9Lorimer mausoleum
10Metropolitan Opera Club, 1937-1938
11Mount Horeb Lodge (PA), 1907
13National Park Service-annual report, 1926
14Ogontz School (PA), 1919
871Ogontz School (PA), 1922
2Ogontz School (PA), 1929
3Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine arts, 1934-1935
7Publishers and authors
881Rare manuscript material, 1785-1864
2Real estate-Strout Realty
3Real estate-Alabama-South Carolina
4Real estate-Virginia
5"The Republican Woman", 1938 1940
6Republican Women of Pennsylvania
7Republican Women of Pennsylvania-invitations
8Rogers Hall (Lowell, MA), 1947-1950
9Russell, Edward O.
10"Saturday Evening Post", 1822-1930
11Screven County (GA) health department
12Slate Roof House (Philadelphia, PA)
13"Society", 1933-1934
14"The Spur", 1935
891Theater, 1900 1903
5University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
6Willkie, Wendell
7World War I-enlistment record of French soldier
8Yale College (CT) class of 1888 vicennial report
9Yale College (CT) class of 1888 quarter century record
10Miscellaneous subjects

12. Books


George Horace Lorimer & Alma Lorimer

Tribute to George Horace Lorimer, 1937-1938
Tribute to Alma Lorimer, 1939
Current Events Club-Alma Lorimer, 1898-1905
Current Events Club-Alma Lorimer, 1905-1910
Opera and orchestra lists-Alma Lorimer, 1921-1941
Luncheons/ dinners-Alma Lorimer, 1921-1937
Engagement calendars-Alma Lorimer, 1935-1939
Telephone numbers-Alma Lorimer
Notes-Alma Lorimer

Books and sketches

Notes, diary entries-Luna May Ennis, 1912-1922
Addresses & notes-Luna May Ennis
Logbook of "Hyphen", 1938-1942
Poetry book inscribed to Elizabeth Everard, 1829
Sketchbook of "Saturday Evening Post" staff, 1898-1923
Sketchbook-George Burford Lorimer
Sketches by John Henderson Betts
Sketches by artists L-W
Sketches by unknown artists


Postcard Albums (2)
Greeting Card Albums (2)


George Horace Lorimer, 1892-1903
George Horace Lorimer, 1902-1903
George Horace Lorimer, 1903-1905
94George Horace Lorimer, 1903-1908
(re: GHL books)
94George Horace Lorimer, 1924
(25 th anniversary as editor of SEP)
95George Horace Lorimer, 1919-1932
95George Horace Lorimer, 1936-1937
95George Horace Lorimer, 1937-1938
96George Horace Lorimer & family, 1783, 1836, 1888, 1900-1918
96George Horace Lorimer & family, 1919-1923
97George Horace Lorimer & family, 1924-1926
98George Horace Lorimer & family, 1926-1928
99George Horace Lorimer & family, 1929-1931
100Alma Lorimer, 1925-1926
100Alma Lorimer, 1926
101Alma Lorimer, 1926-1927
102Alma Lorimer, 1914-1931
103Alma Lorimer, 1932-1933
103Alma Lorimer, 1936-1937
104Alma Lorimer
1935 Award to the Outstanding Woman of Philadelphia
1937 Women's Committee for the Constitution Celebration
105George Claude Lorimer, 1815-1899
106Church register, George Claude Lorimer, 1864-1888
107George Claude Lorimer, 1865-1894
108Church register, George Claude Lorimer, 1873-1903
109George Claude Lorimer, 1877-1895
109George Claude Lorimer, 1878-1894
109George Claude Lorimer, 1890-1897
110George Claude Lorimer, 1891-1892
110George Claude Lorimer, 1896-1901
110George Claude Lorimer, 1898-1901
111George Claude Lorimer, 1891-1903
111George Claude Lorimer, 1893-1903

13. Photographs


George Horace and Alma Lorimer

George Horace Lorimer
George Horace Lorimer-duplicates
Alma Lorimer-as a child and young woman
Alma Lorimer
Alma Lorimer-tintypes
Alma Lorimer-duplicates
Alma Lorimer-duplicates
134George Horace Lorimer portrait

George Horace, Alma Lorimer, and their children

George Horace and Alma Lorimer
George Horace Lorimer and children
Alma Lorimer and children
Horace Lorimer
Belle Lorimer
Graeme Lorimer
Graeme Lorimer and his wife Sarah and children
George Burford Lorimer
George Burford on his boat
Georgia Belle Lorimer
Lorimer children
Children's parties

Lorimer family and their trips

Lorimer family
Lorimer family ((removed from album))
Lorimer family-at Cape May (NJ)
Lorimer family-at Estes Park (CO)
Lorimer family-at Grand Canyon (AZ)
Lorimer family-at King's Oak Farm (PA)
Lorimer family-at Lake Louise (Canada)
Lorimer family-in Maine
Lorimer family-at Mt. Rainier (WA), 1920
Lorimer family-at Spring Lake (MI)
Lorimer family-Yosemite (CA), 1919
Lorimer family-trips abroad
Lorimer family-other trips
George Burford Lorimer-trip abroad, 1927

George Horace and Alma Lorimer activities

George Horace and Alma Lorimer with others
Alma Lorimer-Republican Women
Alma Lorimer-Slate Roof House/Philadelphia Sesquicentennial
Alma Lorimer-launching Emergency Aid Ship
Alma Lorimer-TB Christmas seals, 1926-1927
Alma Lorimer-planting tree on Constitution Avenue
Alma Lorimer-Warburton House
Alma Lorimer-June Fete
Alma Lorimer-Flower Market
Alma Lorimer-Holiday Market
Alma Lorimer-Oriental Market
Alma Lorimer-opera

Ennis family, Lorimer family

Ennis family
Ennis family-in San Diego (CA)
Alfred Ennis
Almarinda Baldridge Ennis
Luna May Ennis, Lillie Alice Ennis, Alma Viola Ennis
Walter Baldridge Ennis
Baldridge family
George Claude Lorimer
Arabella Burford Lorimer
May Nadine Lorimer Dunlevy, Hulburd Dunlevy, Lorimer Hulburd Dunlevy

Name file

Abbott, Emma
Allen, Florence
Atherton, Gertrude
Belasco David
Bell, Anita
Benet, Henry
Benet, Mary
Beveridge, Albert J.
Bibesco, Princess Marthe Lucie Lahovary
Bigelow, Frederick
Blankenburg, Lucretia
Blethen, Joseph
Blythe, Samuel G.
Bogue, Lilian Bell II
Brant, Baron
Brown, Annie
Burke, Kathleen
Burt, Struthers and Mrs. Burt
Cady, Alice Mabel/ May Marshall
Carson, Norma B.
Cobb, Irvin S.
Coe, Charles Francis
Collins, James H.
Collins, Philip S.
Crissey, Forrest
Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschemar and Mrs. Curtis
Davis, Clara
Dwight, Mabel
Egan, Eleanor
Farr, May
Fealy, Maude
Foss, George Edmund
Fraser, W. A.
Frazier, Mrs. Charles
Fryer, Evalena Ilda
Garrett, Garet
Gazzette, Grace
Geddes, Sir Auckland and Lady Geddes
George, Grace
Glidden, Lucy Emma
Hardy, Agnes
Harris, Corra and Rebecca Felton
Harris, Corra/ Faith Harris and their home
Harrison, Mary Lord
Held, Anna
Hergesheimer, Joseph [?]
Hill, Louis Warren
Honeywell (Hunnewell), Leila
Hoover, Lou Henry (Mrs. Herbert Hoover)
Hough, Emerson
Howe, E. W.
Huller, Teresa
Justice, B. M.
Lane, William K.
Latimer, Charles
Laughlin, Mrs. N. B.
Lehmann, Lotte
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero
Lewis, Alfred Henry
Lida of Thurn and Taxis
Lindbergh, Charles
Lippincott, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram
Lomen, Mr and Mrs. Carl
London, Jack
Lykes, Eva
Macfarlan, Pete
Marcosson, Isaac
Marsh, Minnie
Mason, Anita
Mather, Stephen T.
Meehan, Benedict Phillips
Meekins, Lynn Roby
Moran, Thomas
Moss, Frank Jr.
Neff, Arthur Victor
Neff, Marguerite
Oakes, Georgie
1181Paley, Louise
2Pasadena Golf Club-Samuel Blythe, Hugh Wiley, Harry Leon Wilson George Ade
3Pershing, John J.
4Phillips, David Graham
5Pinckard, Cherry
6Pinckard, Ruby
7Porter, Gilbert/Burford Porter and nurse Sophie
8Rinehart, Mary Roberts
9Roberts, Owen T.
10Rose, Don and Marjorie
12Salm-Salm, Princess Agnes Elisabeth...
13Shackleton, Elizabeth and Robert
14Springer, Katherine
15Thayer, Mrs. Harry
16Thompson, Maurice
17Thompson, Vance
18Turner, Jay
19Van Campen, Helen
20Vanderlip, Mrs. Frank
21Van Loan, Charles Emmett
22Velie, Grace
23Vidor, King/Eleanor Boardman
24Von Gorne, Baron Max
25White, Will Allen/Wild Bill Howells
26Wiley, Hugh
27Winter, William
28Wombwell, Adeline Francis
29Wombwell, Captain
30Yates, Lisle [?]

Subject file

Annie Brown School-class of 1889
Blimp-"Los Angeles", 1925
Burns, Robert-statue in Barre (VT)
3Colby College-Lorimer Memorial Chapel (Waterville, ME)
4Combe Court (England)
5Grand Canyon (AZ)
6Hoover, Herbert-Camp Hoover in Shenandoah National Park (VA)
7Houses-Belgraeme (Wyncote, PA)
8Houses-Belgraeme (Wyncote, PA) staff
9Houses-King's Oak Farm (PA)
10Houses-Perry [?] Smith house (Wyncote, PA)
11Houses-Alfred Ennis family
12Houses-Hannah Penn House (Philadelphia, PA)
13Houses-Robert Shackleton family
16Huntingdon Valley Hounds (Pennypack Creek, PA)
18Justice Docks-George T. Justice (Beach Haven, NJ)
19Lorimer Memorial Baptist Church (Chicago, IL)
1211"Maw's Vacation" by Emerson Hough
3Millhaven plantation-aerial views (Sylvania, GA)
4Mt. Rainier (WA)
5Mount Vernon (VA)
6Movie stills
7Pantheon de la Guerre
11"Saturday Evening Post"-staff in Lorimer's office
16Miscellaneous subjects

Tintypes and negatives

Glass negatives-Alma Lorimer, Alfred Ennis (duplicates)

Photograph albums

Lorimer family, 1897-1900
trips to Maine, Belle Lorimer
Lorimer family, 1906-1908
trips to Estes Park
Lorimer family, 1908-1913
Lorimer children
1351-3Lorimer family, 1912-1921
124Ennis family
125George Claude Lorimer-presented to him by his church in Louisville, KY, 1867
126George Horace Lorimer
127Alma Lorimer
128George Burford Lorimer
128Graeme Lorimer and his wife Sarah and children
129King's Oak Farm
129Ennis family house
129Wanamaker store-Belgraeme gate for Art Week
129George Horace Lorimer office
129Unidentifed building
130George Claude Lorimer
130Ruth Coxe
130Eugene Bernstein[?]
130Charles Emmett Van Loan
130Unidentifed men, women and children
130Miscellaneous subjects
134Unidentified men, women, and children

14. Artifacts and Emphemera

131Eyeglasses in case and empty case- unidentified
George Horace Lorimer-gold medal from California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, presented for Loyal Cooperation, 1935
"Liberty and Union" Poster, 1939
"Saturday Evening Post", issues, 1898 August 27, November 19
Newspaper ad for "Saturday Evening Post", 1924
Poster ad for "Saturday Evening Post"
Alfred Ennis-license to practice law, Illinois, 1884
Alfred Ennis-certificate as attorney of the US Supreme Court, 1874
Alfred Ennis-certificate, 1883
George Horace Lorimer-diploma South Division High School, Chicago, 1884
George Horace Lorimer-Colby College honorary degree, 1912
George Horace Lorimer-Colgate College honorary degree, 1924
George Horace Lorimer-McGill University honorary degree, 1924
Alma Ennis-diploma from Annie Brown's School, 1890
Daniel Baldridge-certificate of Master Mason, Indiana, 1847
George Claude Lorimer-letter of appreciation re: National Cooperative Festival, 1899
Lorimer Mausoleum Blueprints and plans
Millhaven plantation Accounts, 1953-1955
Alma Lorimer genealogy charts
"Letter From a Self-Made Merchant" proofs
"Behind the Veil of Isis" proofs
"Jack Spurlock" poster
"Jack Spurlock" proofs
MLSSeal of Sir George Cary
Paul Storr Regency sterling silver two-handled covered urn with laurel wreath finial domed lid, gadrooned shoulder, laurel wreath with armorial one side of the body, the other side with inscription/dedication to George Horace Lorimer. Inscription in wreath "To George Horace Lorimer on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of his Editorship of the Saturday Evening Post With the Affectionate Regards of his Editorial Staff March 17, 1899-March 17,1924, Non Donum Sed Donatores"
VBDish, 1899 June 10
Sterling rectangular dish with gadrooned rim, plain sides and central inscription. Inscription has masthead design for the Saturday Evening Post with Franklin bust profile top under swan neck pediment, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST over scrolled base hosting: Founded 1728, George Horace Lorimer, Editor, The Curtis Publishing Company, 421 to 427 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Dedication verso with names
VBCigarette Box, 1936 December 26
Sterling lidded cigarette box. Domed lid with inscription and gadrooned rim. Box has plain vertical sides and gadrooned moulded edge, all raised on bun feet. Interior of lid inscribed with all the signatures of the associate editors.

15. Maps and Blueprints

OS Folder
1CBlueprints of Boy Scout Camp on Lorimer property, 1938 (removed from letter in 49:11, 2)
Boat diagrams and blueprints, 1939-1940 (4)
Proposed Mulford Road blueprints
Street map of Locust Street area of Philadelphia (removed from letter in 49:11)
Blueprint of development of property adjoining Lorimer property, 1938 (removed from letter in 49:11)
Map of part of North Topeka, KS
OS Folder
2CSketch map of Hawkins Island (GA) (removed from letter in 43:27)
Blueprint map of Screven County (GA), 1911