Edwards family papers

Edwards family papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Edwards family
Title: Edwards family papers
Dates: 1851-1888
Quantity: 1.75 Linear feet 4 boxes
Coll. Number: ms2938

Biographical/Historical Note

Leroy Summerfield Edwards (1839-1900) lived in Richmond, Virginia and was the son of Reverend John E. Edwards and Elizabeth Agnes Clark Edwards. He was a home office agent for Piedmont and Arlington Life Insurance Company in Richmond; president of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Richmond; secretary of the Association of the Virginia Division of the Army of Northern Virginia; and professor/principal in several schools and colleges, including Petersburg Female College.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, programs and other printed material, receipts, newspaper clippings, and broadsides. The correspondence is mainly business letters to Leroy Summerfield Edwards about his work. Much of the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia correspondence concerns the 1878 yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans and the request for aid by the Regiment of the Orlean Artillery. There are several family letters, some written to Edwards from his parents while he served in the Civil War (12th Virginia Infantry, Co. E), and one written by Edwards while he was a prisoner at Elmira (NY) Prison Camp. The other material in the collection relates to the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, YMCA, Civil War, Randolph-Macon College, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, Piedmont and Arlington Life Insurance Company, and politics.


Organized into three series: letterbook; correspondence, financial, and printed material; and scrapbook.

Index Terms

Association of the Army of Northern Virginia. -- Records and correspondence
Confederate States of America.
Confederate States of America. Army. Virginia Infantry Regiment, 12th. -- Records and correspondence
Edwards, Elizabeth Agnes Clark -- Correspondence
Edwards, John E. -- Correspondence
Edwards, Leroy Summerfield, 1839-1900 -- Correspondence
Petersburg Female College. -- Faculty--Correspondence
Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity. -- History--19th century--Sources
Piedmont and Arlington Life Insurance Company. -- Employees--Correspondence
Prisoners of war--Confederate States of America--Correspondence.
Prisoners of war--New York (State)--Correspondence.
Randolph-Macon College. -- History--19th century--Sources
Soldiers--Confederate States of America--Correspondence.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Yellow fever--Louisiana--New Orleans.
Young Men's Christian Association (Richmond, Va.). -- Presidents--Correspondence

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Edwards family papers, ms2938, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in other repositories: Leroy S. Edwards Papers, McGraw-Page Library, Randolph-Macon College and Letters of LeRoy S. Edwards written during the Civil War including a few letters by his father, Reverend John Edwards and family friends concerned about LeRoy Edwards imprisonment, E467.1 .E48 1985.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Letterbook

Includes Leroy S. Edwards; J. O. Taylor; J. H. Dawson; John Otey Taylor; E. B. Meade (printed material); Andrew Allison; [?] Otey; William P. Mumford (printed material); and Cardozo, Fourqurean & Co. (account).
21875 January-March
Includes R. R. Henry; J. A. Turner; Andrew Allison; J. S. Gantz; J. Thompson Brown; Marie Antoinette Nathalie Pollard; R. H. Stratton; Browns & Cheatham Real Estate; Os Canyan; Simons & Keiningham (account); H. H. Bein; C. [?] Statham; C. T. Wills; John Otey Taylor; M. R. Deming; William H. Baldwin; Richard B. Davis; John R. Cooke; R. O. Gary; Annie B[?]; A. L. Griffen; Estes; J. B. Parnell; M. P. Handy; R. Pollard; William E. Edwards; and B. Hanes.
31875 April-July
Includes Leroy S. Edwards (printed material); E. B. Meade (printed material); J. A. Turner; George B. Finch; J. Sweeney; John T. Williams; Charles Venable; James Maury (printed material); S. S. Davis; J. R. Imbries; C. Statham; C. W. Ferguson; James E. Riddick; B. D. Carter; John Williams; and Angus Hartsook.
41875 August-December
Includes Frank O. Lee; C. Statham; J. H. Dawson (printed material); Jack Wardlaw; D. J. Hartsook; C. W. Ferguson; John Otey Taylor; Theodorick Williams; John H. Clark; John W. C. Davis; R. W. Jones; A. W. Johnson; Selina [?]; William E. Edwards; Montrose Angle; Andrew Allison; and J. A. Turner.
Includes Andrew Allison; Browns & Cheatham Real Estate; William E. Edwards; A. W. Johnston; John Otey Taylor; C. Statham; James B. Parnell; J. A. Turner; R. Taylor; William A. Moss (printed material); A. M. Clay; E. B. Howard; J. S. Gantz (printed material); William E. Cameron; and Lee & Taylor Bros. Grocers.
Includes Henry C. Adams (printed material); S. A. Steel; A. W. Johnson; W. H. Taylor; William E. Edwards; John Daniel; C. W. Ferguson; George S. B[?]; Charles Miller Walsh; and William Mahone.
Includes S. W. Steele; Andrew Allison; John L. Grubbs; J. A. Turner; J. E. Johnston; John Otey Taylor; W. H. Payne.
21Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1875
Includes H. F. Lines; A. Hoen; J. W. Mallet; Rowland Echols; George Petrikin; John H. Murray; John Cooke; William H. Payne; C. Bellews; Champan Maupin; James H. Lane; Washington Taylor; D. Cardwell; J. Calvin Smith; M. Murdaugh; W. W. Scott; J. M. Neal; John Vermillion; Stirling Murray; Henry M. Marh; [?] Braxton; Samuel Dennis; and St. Clair Dearing.
2Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1876
Includes Thomas Smith; John B. Donovan; R. Mischle; William L. Ritter; Henry Brock; W. H. Payne; B. A. Marsden; J. E. Nash; D. C. Gordon; [?] Wortham; R. N. Downman; J. W. Mallet; P. B. Hooe; M. L. Hudgins; John Vermillion; R. C. Hoffman; D. R. Howard; Robert McCulloch; P. P. Barbour; H. F. Lines; L. Jaquelin Smith; William W. Thornton; R. M. Newman; Clifton H. Smith; Washington Taylor; John G. Williams; Stirling Murray; Samuel Dennis; James H. LaCoste; Thomas D. Ranson; St. Clair Dearing; Francis Smith; James L. Corley; A. F. Young; J. P. Kevill; William W. Chamberlaine; R. A. Chadwick; C. R. Baird; T. M. R. Talcott; and C. G. Elliot.
3Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1877
Includes Thoedore S. Garnett, Jr; Charles Venable; William McGuire; J. H. Turner; D. P. M. Corkle; J. W. Mallet; W. H. Payne; Washington Taylor; J. P. Kevill; D. R. Howard; Thomas D. Ranson; H. R. Garden; James H. Lane; G. M. Todd; M Murdaugh; Henry Brock; Robert McCulloch; John H. Morgan; B. A. Marsden; [?] Corse; W. S. Fowler; John B. Purcell; R. M. Newman; John Addison; P. B. Hooe; Francis L. Smith; P. P. Barbour; Edward R. David; St. Clair Dearing; James H. Skinner; John B. Donovan; John D. Young/N. Osborne; J. G. James; R. N. Fife; Samuel Dennis; L. Jaquelin Smith; E. P. Goggin; R. B. Pegram; [?] Taylor; J. M. Binford; Stirling Murray; Clifton H. Smith; R. Mischle; and F. H. Dawson.
4Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1878 January-September
Includes [?] Kershaw; Randolph [?]; Bradley T. Johnson; John W. Daniel; J. E. Nash; F. Lee; Graham Daves; John H. Leary; W. Allan; Eugene Davis; R. Pollard; L. Martin; [?] Minnigrode; Thomas D. Ranson; J. W. Mallet; A. J. Bachemin/Ernest Marchand; Gaines; D. B. Dugger; Robert A. Bright; John B. Cary; D. J. Godwin; William Mahone; William Alex Thorn; S. S. Turner; S. Dennis; Thomas Tabb; A. E. Slaughter; A. K. Leake; George B. Finch. William H. Payne; William A. Moss; M. H. Wells; Thomas F. Goode; M. D. Corse; F. Winston; John H. Murray; William H. Mann; Sammie Adams; John Lamb; C. T. Smith; William R. Aylett; J. W. Hudgins; J. K. Edmondson; R. R. Carter; Charles S. Arnall; William Kean; J. L. Kemper; Marcus J. Wright; W. Campbell; and A. Bachemin.
5Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1878 October-December
Includes C. H. Ingle; M. D. Corse; W. H. Buggs; Thomas F. Goode; John H. Murray; John W. Daniel; Marcus J. Wright; William Kean; D. A. Grimsley; William Alex Thorn; John B. Donovan; W. E. Sims; S. S. Turner; William Holman; James H. Lane; J. W. Mallet; James Bumgardener, Jr.; R. C. Hoffaman; William H. Payne; A. E. Slaughter; Stirling Murray; Baughman Brothers; John Lamb; D. G. Tyler; Lucius A. Davis; Henry Brock; Clifton H. Smith; C. C. Wertenbaker; Samuel J. C. Moore; Joseph E. Rollins; G. M. Todd; P. B. Hooe; J. G. James; R. R. Berkeley; [?] Otry; Thomas H. Carter; George Walker; J. W. Hudgins; William A. Moss; G. A. Williams; L. Jaquelin Smith; John Addison; Charles Pitts; A. D. Payne; W. Allan; George B. Finch; D. R. Howard; D. C. Gordon; Theodorick A. Williams; James H. Skinner; P. P. Barbour; Rice W. Payne; Lamar Hollyday; [?] Murdaugh; R. Stiles; E. P. Goggin; William W. Thornton; Thomas Smith; St. Clair Dearing; R. Mischle; J. P. Kevill; T. R. B. Wright; Julien J. Mason; W. H. Shepherd; Robert A. Caskie; S. Dennis; and George G. Junkin.
6Re: Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1879-1880
Includes W. Allan; John H. Murray; John Lamb; F. Lee; Fitzhugh Lee; Howard Gallagher; E. H. Farquar; Fred A. Ober; Edward B. Robins; John Vermillion; Bradley T. Johnson; McHenry Howard; A. F. Young; W. R. Lyman; Thomas D. Ranson; Randolph H. McKim; B. A. Marsden; P. B. Hooe; Clifton H. Smith; H. W. Feilden; Washington Taylor; W. A. Price; Mrs. E. H. Brown; J. L. Kemper; H. B. McClellan; and D. Maury.

2. Correspondence, Financial papers, and Printed material

31Correspondence, 1851-1881
Includes E. A. Edwards; John E. Edwards; F. M. Wright; Thomas Ferguson; Leroy S. Edwards; W. F. Roe; John K. Gilliat; [?] Otry; F. Lee; William Mahone; Westwood A. Todd; William Sanford; James W. Claiborn; R. W. Jones; [?] Blakemore; Bradley T. Johnson; and A. Anderson.
2Accounts - C. W. Ferguson, 1858, 1864-1865
3Indenture - Nashville, Tennessee property from A. W. Johnson to Eleanora Ferguson, 1859
4Writings, 1856
5Printed material - Army of Northern Virginia, 1878-1879
6Printed material - Booklet "Record of Richmond City and Henrico County Virginia Troops", 1879
7Printed material - Masonic speeches, 1866-1872
8Printed material - School items
9Printed material - Confederate bonds, 1863
10Printed material - Calling cards
11Printed material - Political items, 1878
12Printed material - YMCA, 1877
13Printed material - Miscellaneous
14Printed material - Newspaper clippings

Series 3: 3. Scrapbook, 1872

Includes Randolph-Macon College history; Court of Appeals courtroom collapse in Richmond, Virginia (April 1870); Civil War re: wounded, battles; Personal re: Rev. and Mrs. John E. Edwards 50th wedding anniversary (1888); YMCA; Piedmont & Arlington Life Insurance Company.
Includes Political tickets; "The Modern Gulliver;" patriotic ode "North and South;" river and canal towage exhibit
Includes Wedding invitation of Eleanora Ferguson to Thomas P. Vincent - November 14, 1888; R.E. Lee Camp #1 Confederate Veterans laying of cornerstone of monument to Gen. R.E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, October 27, 1887
Includes Randolph-Macon College Commencement programs, 1882-1884
Engravings, lithographs
Insurance Advocate
Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity - University of North Carolina, Register, 1857-1864
Includes Resolution re: death of Leroy S. Edwards 1901 and correspondence from Dickerson, John R. Cooke, Johnson, and Leroy S. Edwards.