Benjamin Franklin Hubert collection

Benjamin Franklin Hubert collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Unknown
Title: Benjamin Franklin Hubert collection
Dates: 1915-1986
Quantity: 4.5 Linear feet 9 boxes
Coll. Number: ms2926

Biographical/Historical Note

An educator and advocate for fellow African Americans, Benjamin Franklin Hubert (1884-1958) was born in Springfield, Georgia. Like his brothers John Wesley, Zachary Taylor, Gaddus Johnson and James Henry before him, Benjamin attended Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia. He did graduate work at Amherst Agricultural College and the University of Minnesota.

Upon leaving the University of Minnesota, Hubert spent several years at South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, South Carolina, as Director of Agriculture and Agriculture Extension; and supervisor of Vocational Teacher Training work. During World War I, he served as a special agent for the American Army Corp as Director of Agricultual Instruction among black soldiers in France.

After World War I, Benjamin served as the Chairman of the Department of Agriculture at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. In 1926, he became President of Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youth, renamed Georgia State College in 1932 (now known as Savannah State College). Hubert remained there in Savannah, Georgia, from 1926 until his retirement in 1947.

Upon retirement, Benjamin returned to his beloved Hancock County, where he devoted his time and energy to managing his huge farm, which comprised of more than one thousand acres; and raising a herd of cattle which consisted of several hundred Herefords. He also supervised operation of the Log Cabin Center, a project which he and his brothers founded.

Education and land were the stimuli of Benjamin Hubert's life. He was always comfortable and confident when discussing either subject. He never married, but was the "father" to many children whom he helped to educate by finding jobs for them or giving the work while they were attending college at Georgia State College. He employed many of them out of his personal funds.

Bejamin Franklin Hubert died at Springfield, Hancock County, Georgia in 1958.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the correspondence, personal papers, speeches, agricultural material, financial and business documents of Benjamin Franklin Hubert during his 1926-1947 tenure as President of Georgia State College (later Savannah State College), an agricultural college for African Americans in Savannah, Georgia. Some additional documentation is included for Hubert's time as Director of Agriculture and Agriculture Extension at the South Carolina State College; no documentation is available for his time at the Tuskegee Institute, however. Photos, clippings, and ephemera related to the Hubert and the Log Cabin Center are included as well. The correspondence in the collection predominately composed of correspondence between Hubert and his various donors, who provided advice and suggestions for the direction and programs at the Log Cabin Center. Notable donors/supporters included are Eleanor Roosevelt, George Foster Peabody, and Caroline Hazard. There is also some detailed correspondence between Hubert and his sharecroppers, the African-American community, and staff at the college. Benjamin Hubert's personal papers consist of some certificates, Hubert's court cases, recommendations for Hubert, and essays/speeches (most of which concern the history of future of the African-American citizen). The agricultural materials mostly relate to Hubert's work regarding the Association for the Advancement of Negro Country Life and their farming goals for African-American citizens. The financial documents encompass insurance policies; bills from personal expenses, running the college, the Log Cabin Center; and expenses from Hubert's sharecroppers.

Index Terms

African American college administrators--Georgia.
African American college teachers.
African American farmers--Georgia
African American universities and colleges--Georgia.
Georgia State College of Agriculture.
Georgia--Agriculture--Farms and farming.
Hubert, Benjamin Franklin
Livestock--Study and teaching.
Log Cabin Country Life Center (Mayfield, Ga.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Benjamin F. Hubert papers, ms2926, Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11Ab-Au, 1931-1944
2Bab-Bau, 1919-1944
3Baird, David, 1942 June-1943 June
4Baird, David, 1943 July-1946 June
5Battle, Gordon, 1933-1946
6Bea-Ber, 1934-1944
7Bil-Bow, 1933-1949
8Bra-But, 1917-1944
9Cal-Car, 1915-1946
10Cen-Chu, 1934-1944
11Ciz-Coc, 1933-1943
13Dah-Dye, 1932-1946
14E, 1936-1944
15Edwards, R. E., 1934-1935
16Edwards, R. E., 1936
17Edwards, R. E., 1937-1938
18Edwards, R. E., 1939-1940
19Edwards, R. E., 1942-1943
21F, 1919-1949
2G, 1933-1946
3Green, Margaret, 1937-1944
4Hazard, Caroline, 1932-1935
5Hazard, Caroline, 1936
6Hazard, Caroline, 1937
7Hazard, Caroline, 1938-1939
8Hazard, Caroline, 1940-1941
9Hazard, Caroline, 1942
10Hazard, Caroline, 1943-1944
11Hazard, Caroline
12Hal-Haz, 1918-1945
13Hazen, Ella, 1935-1944
31Hea-Hil, 1938-1944
2Hodge, Caroline, 1932-1944
3Hogue, Caroline, 1937-1944
4Hog-Hur, 1916-1944
5Hubert, Charles Du Bois, 1936-1944
6Hubert, James T.; Hubert, Zach T., 1916-1944
7Hughes, J. M. (court cases), 1928-1943
8I, 1935-1944
9J, 1932-1944
10Kel-Kuh, 1935-1944
11Lam-Luc, 1916-1944
12MacLean, Marie, 1934-1946
13Man-Met, 1915-1944
14Mil-My, 1919-1944
15N, 1937-1944
16National War Work Council, 1919
17O, 1934-1943
18Pac-Pur, 1919-1945
19Peabody, George Foster, 1931-1932
41Peabody, George Foster (some printed material), 1933-1937
2Prichard, Josephine S. (will), 1935-1941
3Ran-Rus, 1923-1944
4Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1934-1935
5Sal-Smo, 1919-1949
6Skeel, Emily, 1932-1935
7Skeel, Emily, 1936-1938
8Skeel, Emily, 1939-1944
9Sol-Sut, 1930-1949
10Spelman Fund, 1930-1937
11Stoiber, Louis (printed material), 1935-1938
12T, 1932-1949
13Up-Vin, 1934-1943
14Warren, Callie, 1934-1944
15Warren, Isaiah, 1934-1937
16Warren, Isaiah, 1938-1940
17Warren, Isaiah, 1941-1944
18Warren (J.S., Nettie, Kelly, Minnie, Robert, Roman), 1936-1944
51Wai-Wet, 1933-1944
2Wha-Wri, 1916-1944
3Willcox, Henry, 1934-1935
4Willcox, Henry, 1936-1940
5Willcox, Sydney, 1930-1942
6Willcox (Mary Otis, Walter, William), 1921-1933
7X, Y, Z, 1933-1944

2. Personal

59School materials (grades, test), 1923, 1930
10Real estate documents, 1927, 1936
11Moses Hubert death certificate, Benjamin Franklin Hubert (BFH) teaching association certificate, BFH freedom association certificate, 1938, 1933, 1943
12Benjamin Hubert nominations/recommendations, 1932-1935
13Investigation on BFH's fitness run Georgia State College (GSC), 1938-1945
14Eula Graham suit: petition, statements, correspondence, summons, 1933-1937
15BFH defense
16Writings- family name, statement of facts, prize essay
18Writings/speeches- the Negro church
19"Negroes Succeed in Georgia" articles
20Miscellaneous poems/songs
21Soldiers Social Service of Savannah (SSSS)- objective, schedules, weekly social reports, attendence, 1944
22SSSS- payroll, expenditures, 1939-1944
23SSSS correspondence, 1941-1944

3. Georgia State College

524GSC- purpose, address, commencement, reports, form
25GSC summer session- enrollment, finance, correspondence, schedule, 1941-1944
26Lesson plans- statistics, economics, 1937
27Teacher education, educational programs

4. Agricultural subject files

528"The Public Relations of Agriculture"
29Farm conservation plans, 1943
30Role of the rural community/small southern farm
31Writings- the Negro farmer
61Negro seniors tally, 1944
2GSC community "Food for Victory" survey, 1940-1942
3Negro farm statistics
4Responses to BFH's questionnaire on Negroes and farming, 1931-1933
5Writings- Negroes in farming
6"Economic status of the Negro" conference correspondence, 1932-1935
7Local agricultural reports and instructions
8Local agricultural reports- beef cattle, 1940-1941
9Cotton reports, 1935-1938
10Chatham County Homestead Corporation
11Division of Finance and Research- loans closed by banks as percent of farm mortgages, 1933-1934
12Memorandum on Senate Bill 1800 (to create the Farm Tenant Homes Corporation)
13Farm and Home Club constitution and by-laws
14Cooperative extension work in agriculture, 1932-1936
15Annual report extension service by Zach T. Hubert- Log Cabin Center
16Log Cabin Center printed material
17Writing on Log Cabin Center
18Log Cabin health center correspondence, 1938-1939
19Construction of the Mary Otis Willcox Health Center in the Log Cabin community (correspondence, bills, plan), 1934
20In terview with Virgina Tanner on the Log Cabin Center, 1940
21Association for the Advancement of Negro Country Life (AANCL) constitution and by-laws
22AANCL finances, donations, correspondence
23AANCL Negro Farm and Home Ownership Week, 1929
24Log Cabin Center Girl Scout Camp

5. Financial papers

625Donor names and addresses
26Bills, no date
27Bills, 1927-1934
28Bills, January-August 1935
29Bills, September-December 1935
71Bills, January-April 1936
2Bills, May-September 1936
3Bills, October-December 1936
4Bills, January-April 1937
5Bills, May-September 1937
6Bills, October-December 1937
7Bills, January-July 1938
8Bills, August-December 1938
9Bills, 1939
10Bills, 1940
11Bills, 1941
12Bills, January-August 1942
13Bills, September-December 1942
14Bills, 1943
15Bills, January-June 1944
81Bills, July-December 1944, 1946, 1949
2Sandersville Production Credit Association- correspondence and bills, 1934-1937
3Insurance B-O, 1934-1937
4Haines, Rankin and Company, Inc. insurance, 1935-1936
5New York Life Insurance Company, 1932-1937
6New York Life Insurance Company, 1937-1939
7New York Life Insurance Company, 1940-1941
8Insurance P-W, 1933-1943
9Farm credit/loan possibilities, rationing/revenue taxes (gasoline), 1937-1943
10Sharecropper accounts- general, 1930-1945
11Sharecropper accounts B-T, 1930-1943
12Sharecropper accounts- Warren, 1933-1943
13Sharecropper accounts- Skrine, 1930-1938

6. Photographs

814Log Cabin Center
15Members of community
16Benjamin Franklin Hubert
17Buildings and landscape

7. Clippings, magazines, ephemera

2Clippings on education
3Clippings on agriculture
4Clippings on Georgia State College
5Clippings about Hubert
6Clippings on racial issues
7Clippings on Log Cabin Center
8Montgomery Advertiser, 1935
9Ebony Magazine, July 1960
10Ephemera, 1935-1943
11Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association, 1938
12Dean West Education Center, 1986
13Research notes on BFH/collection