Gayther Plummer climatology collection

Gayther Plummer climatology collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Plummer, Gayther L.
Title: Gayther Plummer climatology collection
Dates: 1866-1995
Quantity: 22.0 Linear feet 55 document boxes, 3 rolls
Coll. Number: ms2908

Biographical/Historical Note

Gayther Plummer was a botanist at the University of Georgia as well as the Georgia state climatologist.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of records of climatological observations in Georgia. There are also maps, radar forms, information on pollution and climate change, and video cassette weather tapes.


This collection is unarranged but is open for research.

Index Terms

Audiovisual materials.
Cherokee Nation--Maps.
Climatic changes--Georgia.
Maps (documents)
Natural disasters--Georgia.
Records (documents)
South Carolina--Maps.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Gayther Plummer climatology collection, ms2908, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11-6Albany, 1891 November-1949 December
7-8Albany - River Report, 1989 April-1949 December
21-4Albany - River Report, 1915 January-1979 December
5-7Albany - Airport, 1949 September-1968 December
8-9Athens, 1873 March-1919 December
31-8Athens, 1893 January-1971
9Athens - College of Agriculture, 1935 September-1939 December
41-4Athens - College of Agriculture, 1940 January-1971 May
5-7Atlanta - Kirkwood, 1934 July-1951 July
8Atlanta - WB Airport, 1949 July-1950 December
This is the present-day location of Hartsfield Jackson Airport.
9Atlanta - WB City, 1948 July-1950 December
This is the location of presnt-day Grady Hospital.
10-12Atlanta - Bolton - River Report, 1956 February-1979 December
51Augusta - WB Airport, 1942 December-1950 December
2Augusta - 8SSE (Butler Creek) - River Report, 1965 October-1979 December
3-9Augusta - WB City - River Report, 1891 July-1960 November
61-3Bainbridge, 1949 June-1977 January
4-9Bainbridge - River Report, 1892 June-1950 December
71-8Brunswick, 1895 January-1979 December
9-11Brunswick - Airport, 1940 November
81-5Clayton, 1894 October-1945 December
6-12Covington, 1893 July-1979 December
91-6Columbus, 1891 October-1950 December
7-11Columbus - River Report, 1893 January-1979 October
12Columbus APT, 1946 January-1949 December
101-8Dahlonega, 1974 April-1979 December
111-3Dallas, 1947 June-1974 December
4Diamond, 1900 January-1913 August
5-10Experiment, 1900 June-1979 December
121-8Eastman, 1891 November-1979 December
9-10Fort Gaines, 1891 November-1919 December
131-6Fort Gaines, 1920 January-1979 December
7-8Gainesville annotated copies, 1891 October-1929 December
141-8Gainesville, 1891 December
9Gibson, 1975 January
10-12Glennville, 1904 November-1939 December
151-4Glennville, 1940 January-1949 December
5-11Griffin, 1892 May-1979 February
161Hamilton, 1959 May-1963 April
2-4Hartwell, 1950 January-1979 December
5-9Hawkinsville, 1892 March-1944 December
10-11Macon, 1891 October-1909 December
171-7Macon, 1910 January-1979 December
8Macon - Airport, 1940 October-1949 December
9-10Milledgeville - River Report, 1902 Febuary-1919 December
181-3Milledgeville - River Report, 1929 January-1949 May
4-11Milledgeville, 1891 October-1979 December
191-8Millen, 1891 November-1979 December
9-11Quitman, 1891 November-1929 December
201-5Quitman, 1930 January-1979 December
6-9Rome - River Report, 1892 January-1929 December
211-2Rome - River Report, 1930 January-1949 December
3Rome 6 SW, 1948 August-1949 December
4Rome - Airport, 1945 September-1967 December
5-7Rome, 1950 January-1979 December
221-3Savannah - Beach, 1950 January-1977 March
4-5Savannah - Airport, 1950, 1965 June-1979 December
6-8Savannah - USDA Plant Garden, 1950 January-1977 March
9Sylvania, 1950 January-1950 December
10Talbotton - River Report, 1917 September-1949 December
231-9Talbotton, 1893 Febuary-1979 December
10-11Tifton, 1911 February-1939 December
241-3Tifton, 1940 January-1979 December
4-7Toccoa - River Report, 1910 January-1949 April
8Toccoa - Ranger Station, 1927 February-1928 May
9-14Toccoa, 1891 October-1949 December
251-7Warrenton, 1914 April-1979 December
8-9Washington, 1981 November-1919 December
1-6Washington, 1920 January-1979 December
7Watkinsville SCS 3, 1948 August-1949 December
8Waverly, 1901 June-1905 December
269-11Waycross, 1892 April-1929 December
271-2Waycross, 1930 January-1949 December
3-9West Point - River Report, 1899 March-1949 December
281-8West Point, 1891 October - 1979 December
Bartram's "Lost Gordonia" Franklinia Alatamana
289Surveyor's Notes: Macon Reserve, 1866
1Microfilm: Radar Scope, Athens; Tornado Hooks, et al (approx 66 reels), 1973-1990
OS BoxItem
291Monthly Temperature Extremes for the cities of Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Rome, Savannah, and Thomasville, 1880-1990
2-3Monthly Rainfall Patterns for the states of GA, NC, SC, AL, TN, KY, IN, IA, PA, ND, and VA, 1880-1995
1Degree-Days: Cooling and Heating, Georgia, 1870-1995
2Geobotanic Maps: Georgia & McIntosh Co., GA
3Temperature Charts for Georgia Cities, 1885-1995
OS BoxItem
301-2Radar Forms, 1988-1989
OS Box
31Radar Forms, 1990
OS Folder
1BMaps: Georgia, South Carolina, & Cherokee Nation (photocopies)
2Microfilm: Radar Scope Athens (approx 59 reels) and Athens Area Radar Maps, 1991-1996
3Beta tapes (approx 26) and Video Cassettes (approx 21): A.M. Weather Tapes (Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Blizzard of 1993), 1985-1995
32National Weather Service: Athens- Hourly Observations, 1992
33National Weather Service: Athens- Hourly Observations, 1993
34National Weather Service: Athens- Hourly Observations, 1994 January 1 - March 9
35National Weather Service: Athens- Hourly Observations, 1994 March 10- December 31
361Center for Air Environment Studies: Handbook of Effects Assessment Vegetation Damage by Norman L. Lacasse and William J. Moroz, 1969
2Pollutant and Plant Research, 1963-1971
3"Air Pollution: Phytotoxicity of Acid Gases and Its Significance in Air Pollution Control" by R. Guderian, 1977
4"Recognition of Air Pollution Injury to Vegetation: A Pictoral Atlas", 1970
5Air Pollution Injury to Vegetation, 1970
6"A Closer Look at the Pesticide Question for Those Who Want the Facts" by Dow Chemical Company, 1976
7"Assessment of Air Pollution Damage to Vegetation in New England July 1971 - July 1972", 1972 August
8Drought of 1986 research materials, 1986-1987
371Drought of 1988 research materials, 1988
2"Small Grain Performance Tests", 1983-1986
3"Field Crops Performance Tests: Soybeans, Peanuts, Cotton, Tobacco, Sorghum, Summer Annual Forages, and Sunflowers", 1985
4"Corn Performance Tests", 1981, 1985, 1986
5"Climate Alert" newsletter, 1988-1989
6"Unidata Newsletter", 1989 Spring-Summer
7"Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) Progress Report" newsletter, 1988 December - 1989 September
8"Drought Network News" newsletter, 1989 January- September
9Drought Reports, 1989
10Agricultural Weather Information System Evaluation (AgWISE) questionnaire - heavily critiqued by G. L. Plummer, 1985
11"A Model Drought Plan for State Government" by Dr. Donald Wilhite of the University of Nebraska, 1989 January 25
12Satellites, 1984 December - 1985 August
13"Oklahoma Climatological Survey", 1982 October, 1984 March
14"Climate and Health", 1976 October
15House Beautiful Climate Project, 1950
16Precipitation articles, 1981-1987
16Anticyclone articles, 1988
17El Niño articles, 1987-1993
381-2Miscellaneous Climate and Weather articles
3-5Global Climate Change: Issues research materials, 1985-1992
6Global Climate Change: Issues clippings, 1972-1994
7Global Climate Change: Issues correspondence and personal, 1980-1999
8Global Climate Change: Issues pamphlets and offers, 1990-1999
9Carbon Dioxide Temperature Trends in the Southeast, 1980-1989
391Carbon Dioxide research materials, 1981-1990
2-3Carbon Dioxide Effects Research and Assessment Program reports, 1980 February, August, October
4Ozone reasearch materials, 1970-1999
5Acid Rain research materials, 1970-1999
6US International Biology Program materials, 1960-1969
7Phenology - Peaches, 1930-1970
401Phenology materials associated with IBP (Intational Biology Program) and AIBS (American Institute of Biological Science, 1972 June-August
2-3Phenology scholarly articles, 1952-1972
4Phenology notes, 1970
5"Tornadoes in Georgia" by Plummer, et al. drafts and notes, 1990
6Tornadoes general research materials, 1957-1990
7Tornadoes - Georgia research materials, 1950-1990
411Tornadoes - Athens, 1973
2Tornadoes -, 1991 April 26-29
3Tornadoes -, 1992 November 22
3Notebook with clippings, articles and research- Francis Harper on Bartram and Lyon about Franklinia Alatamaha
4Research on Franklinia Altamaha
5Reprints: Gayther Plummer article, Franklinia Alatamaha Bartram Ex Marshall: the Lost Gordonia (Theaceae)
1Franklinia Altamaha seeds from Morton Arboretum, 1976 November 11
4Infrared Film: Little River Watershed aerial land images, 1966-1968