Famous personages cartes-de-visite collection

Famous personages cartes-de-visite collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Unknown
Title: Famous personages cartes-de-visite collection
Dates: after 1854
Quantity: 0.75 Linear feet 1 box
Coll. Number: ms2801

Biographical/Historical Note

The cartes-de-visite are by several different photographers and photograph studios: Gurney & Son, New York, NY; Warren’s Portraits, Boston, MA; Silsbee, Case & Co., Boston, MA; Metropolitan Photo. Co., Providence, RI; Charles D. Fredricks & Co., New York, NY; Black & Case, Boston, MA; New York Photographic Co., New York, NY; J.E. Feilner, Bremen; Norral H. Busey, Baltimore, MD; T.R. Burnham, Boston, MA.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of cartes-de-visite, from circa 1854-1900, of famous personages, including actors, actresses, entertainers, playwrights, poets, novelists, and opera singers.


Arranged in alphabetical order by last name.

Index Terms

Carte de visite photographs.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Famous personages cartes-de-visite collection, ms 2801, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Aimée, Marie
2Akerstrom, Ullie
3Boucicault, Dion
4Barrett, Lawrence
5Barrett, Lawrence
6Barrett, Lawrence
7Barron, Charles
8Barry, Mrs. Thomas
9Bateman, Kate
10Benson, Baby
11Bihin, Monsieur E.
12Blake, William Rufus
13Blake, William Rufus
14Blake, William Rufus
15Blake, Mrs. R.W. (Caroline Placide)
16Blake, Mrs. R.W. (Caroline Placide)
17Bowers, Mrs. D.P. (Elizabeth Crocker Bowers)
18Brignoli, Pasquale
19Brougham, John
20Brougham, John
21Brougham, John
22Brougham, John
23Brougham, John
24Brown, Mrs. Sedley
25Bryant, Dale
26Bryant, William Cullen
27Burke, Jane
28Burton, W.E.
29Burton, W.E.
30Burton, W.E.
32Chanfrau, Francis S.
33Chanfrau, Mrs. (Henrietta Baker)
34Chanfrau, Mrs. (Henrietta Baker)
35Cheney, Arthur
36Clarke, Annie M.
37Claude, Toby
38Claxton, Kate
39Claxton, Kate
40Claxton, Kate
41Claxton, Kate
42Claxton, Kate
43Coghlan, Charles
44Collins, John
45Conway, Lillian
46Conway, Marianne "Minnie"
47Conway sisters
48Crisp, ?
49Cushman, Charlotte Saunders
50Cushman, Charlotte Saunders
51Cushman, Charlotte Saunders
52Davenport, Edward Loomis
53Davenport, Edward Loomis
54Davenport, Fanny
55Davenport, Fanny
56Davenport, Fanny
57Davenport, Fanny
58Davidge, William Pleater
59Davidge, William Pleater
60Davidge, William Pleater
61Denin, Kate
62de Sortes, Bettina
63Dickinson, Anna Elizabeth
64Druler (Sruler?), Joseph T.
65Dubois, Camille
66Dumas, A, and Ada of Menbin (?)
67Dumas, Estelle
68Dutchir (Dutchie?), Charley
69Dutchir, Edith
70Dyas, Ada
71Dyas, Ada
72Dyas, Ada
73Esten (Escten?) H.
74Fechter, Charles
75Fechter, Charles
76Fisher, Charles
77Fisk, Jim (James Fisk, Jr.)
78Florence, W.J., Mrs.
79Florence, William Jermyn
80Florence, William Jermyn
81Ford, Annie
82Ford, Annie
83Forrest, Edwin
84Forrest, Edwin
85Forrest, Edwin
86Forrest, Edwin
87Forrest, Edwin
88Forrest, Edwin
89Gannon, Mary
90Gilbert, Anne Jane Hartley
91Gilbert, Anne Jane Hartley
93Gilbert, John
93Gilmore, ?
94Gough, John Bartholomew
95Granger, Maude
96Granger, Maude
97Hackett, James Henry
98Hackett, James Henry
99Haggard, ?
100Hallick, Fitz Greene
101Hathaway, Miss (?)
102Henriques, Madelaine
103Henriques, Madelaine
104Henriques, Madelaine
105Heron, Byon
106Herron, Byon
107Heron, Matilda
108Holland, George
109Holland, George
110Holt, Elise
111Honey, George
112Hosmer, Jean
113Hudson, H.B.
114Humbers (Hambers?), Princess
115Hunter, Harry
116James, David
117James, David
118James, George Payne Rainsford
119Janaushek, Mrs.
120Jeffreys Lewis
121Jeffreys Lewis
122Jewett, Sarah
123Kean, Charles
124Kean, Charles
125Kean, Charles
126Lander, Jean Davenport
127Langtry, Lillie
128Laroni, Mrs.
131Lewis, James
132Lingard, Alice
133Logan, Olive
134Logan, Olive
135Lotta Crabtree
136Lotta Crabtree
137MacReady, William
138Markham, Pauline
139Markham, Pauline
141Massett, Stephen
142Massey, Rose
144Mayo, Frank
145Menken, Adah Isaacs
146Menken, Adah Isaacs
147Mitchell, Maggie
148Mitchell, Maggie
149Mitchell, Maggie
150Mitchell, Maggie
151Mitchell, Maggie
152Montague, Henry James (Henry John Mann)
153Montague, Henry James (Henry John Mann)
154Montague, Henry James (Henry John Mann)
155Montague, Henry James (Henry John Mann)
156Montaland, Celine
157Moore, Louisa
158Moulton, ?
160Murray, Terry
159Murdoch, H.S.
161Myers, Louisa (Louise?)
162Neilson, Adelaide
163Neilson, Adelaide
164Neilson, Adelaide
165Neilson, Adelaide
166Neilson, Adelaide
167Neilson, Adelaide
168Neilson, Adelaide
169Newton, Kate
170Nilsson, Christine
171Nutt, George Washington Morrison; Warren, Minnie
172Parker, Margaret
173Patti, Carlotta
174Phillipps, Addie
175Phillips, Laura
176Procter, Joe
177Procter, Joseph
178Reignolds, Kate
179Reignolds, Kate
180Reignolds, Kate
181Reignolds, Kate
182Richings, Caroline
183Rignold, George
184Rignold, George
185Rignold, William
186Ristori, Adelaide
187Ristori, Adelaide
188Ristori, Adelaide
189Robertson, Agnes
190Rush, Isadore
191Salvini, Tommaso
192Salvini, Tommaso
193Salvini, Tommaso
194Seguin, Zelda
195Setchell, Dan
196Setchell, Dan
197Shakespeare, William
198Shaw, Emma
199Siddons, Mrs. Scott
200Siddons, Mrs. Scott
201Scott-Siddons, Mrs.
202Siddons, Mrs.
203Sothenas, G(?).A.
204Stevens, Emily
205Stoddard, ?
206Stoddard, Lony
207Stratton, Charles S. & Warren, Lavinia
208Stratton, Charles S. & Warren, Lavinia
209Stratton, Charles S. & Warren, Lavinia
210Stratton, Charles S. & Warren, Lavinia
211Tennyson, Alfred
212Thorne, Charles R.
213Thorne, Charles R.
214Toole, J.L.
215Tracy, Helen
216Venturoli, ?
217Wallack, J. Lester
218Wallack, Lester
219Wallack, Lester
220Wallack, Lester
221Wallack, Lester
222Wallack, Lester
223Wallack, Lester
224Wallack, Lester
225Wallack, Lester
226Wallack, Lester
227Waller, Emma
228Wallett, C.
229Warren, William
230Weathersby, Eliza
231Western, Helen
232Williams, Barney & Williams, Maria
233Williams, Barney & Williams, Maria
234Wood, Mrs. John
235Wood, Mrs. John
236Wood, Mrs. John
237Wright, J.S.
238Young, Claudia (Clarissa?)
239Boston Museum Company
240Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actresses)
241Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actresses)
242Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actors and Actresses)
243Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actors and Actresses)
244Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actresses)
245Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actors)
246Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actors)
247Theatrical Company-C.D. Fredericks & Co. (Actors and Actresses)
248Various Popular Actors
249H.B. (?) (otherwise unidentified)
250W.H. (?) (otherwise unidentified)
253Name Indiscernable