Lona McRee Elrod collection

Lona McRee Elrod collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Elrod, Lona McRee
Title: Lona McRee Elrod collection
Dates: 1900-1999
Quantity: 2.2 Linear feet 5 document boxes, 1 half box
Coll. Number: ms2793

Biographical/Historical Note

Lone McRee Elrod Elrod (1903-1991) published the Pittman Family Record in 1976, she continued to work on the family lines and collect materials. The McRee materials have not been published. These two families lived in the northeast Georgia area and many stayed to marry and raise their families. The collection points to the fact that other family members moved on to other parts of the country but stayed in touch with their Georgia roots.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of family sheets, photographs, newspaper clippings and related materials.

Index Terms

Elrod, Lona McRee -- Family
McRae family -- Photographs
Pittman family -- Photographs

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Lona McRee Elrod collection, ms2793, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Processing Information note

Newspaper articles have been reproduced using archival paper and photographs placed in protective sleeves.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. McRee Family

11John, David, Margaret, & Elizabeth McRee, 1954 August 15
sketch of McRee Family including crest
news clip of William Culbertson Watts
copy of article about James McRee
group sheet for William C. Watts
TLS Watts to J McElrod with charts and sketch of McRee family
Photos: Robert L McRee; James Fergus McRee with article
2Generation III, 1864-1896
William Jefferson McRee
Bible pages for WJ and Caroline
typescript of letter W. J. to wife
typescript of letter & copy, W. J. to wife
typescript of letter & copy, W. J. to wife
typescript of letter no date but Civil War period, p. 1-3 missing
ALS & typescript of letter to Brother Jim from W. J.
ALS & typescript of letter to Bro Jim fm WJ typescript & copy of letters Loulah McRee to niece with comments by Lona Elrod
Walker family into
Photos: tombs of WJ & Caroline McRee & Robert Lee McRee
R. W. Walker; family in May McRee Pittman [ 5 plus a tintype]; Mark McRee; Mary Cole Walker-tomb [2]; Bob McRee
3Generation III
names include Harriet, Josephine A, Nannie D, Catherine, Jane Robert, Mary and James Polk
Oklahoma certificate for notary public-L. McRee-in a pouch
genealogical charts for Jane McRee Pool
Photos: Nannie D McRee Hill; Emma Hill [d/o Nannie]; Charles McRee Wilson; Louisa McRee Crawford-Wilson & husband; James Polk McRee; James Polk McRee's children (David, Poly, Anna & Rosa)
Robert Luther McRee's obit
Anna McRee Moose-husband's obit & program from Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
Poly H McRee's obit
McRee reunion clips
4Harrington McRee, 1950-1955
[Levi Sion, William, Sarah R., John G., Victoria]; [ Ellen Jospehine, Sarah May Jane & William Jefferson Jr.
TLS from 1st Meth Church, Athens to WJ McRee
WJ's obit
news article re May Jane McRee Pittman
genealogical charts
Photos: Frank H Boyd and Boyd with Charles Carr; W. J. McRee; W. J., Lula and Laura McRee; Tombstone of WJ & Lula; [Laura] with friends; W. Jeff McRee; Mark & Jeff McRee, May Pittman; family snap shots, [6], one has David, Alice, Josephine & Edna; tintype of man, not identified
5Generation IV, 1906
names include: McRee-(Arthur Hill, Frank Walker, Loulah Vance, Mark Johnson and Burtie Clarence )
obits for Mark J. McRee; AH McRee; Pauline McRee Johnson; Shade W Storey
Wedding clippings: Mildred Southworth Bryan/Shade Walter Storey; Martha Dell Kieke, gdau of Shade W Storey, Sr; Dorothy Sue Hope, gdau of Shade W Storey Sr
Photos: tombstones-(Arthur H. McRee; Pauline McRee Johnston; Dell McRee Storey; Beulah D. McRee; Jessie V. & Frank W. McRee)
Maude McRee; Mark McRee; Caroline, Richard & Roberta McRee; Richard McRee; Mark & Phronie McRee; Mark, wife, sons & younger dau [2]; Mark's girls on sled/house in OK City/ children on donkey/with mother & dog
Caroline & Richard/Caroline & Richard & house
Mark's wife, children in auto; Mark/Caroline & Terry;
Mark, Terry & woman with dog; Terry/Caroline, woman, dog; Caroline & Richard on ground; Mark & Mary; Mark hunting; Mark & Celestine; Robert McRee Delaney; Bert's wife/dau; Mark McRee; Caroline's dau Terry, husband, children Lula Vance McRee in OK [2]; with a friend; at desk in Cheyenne with group of men
6 not identified
6Generation IV, 1933-1971
Names include: Charlie R Walker, Archibald A McRee, Caroline Connally, William Tate McRee and David C McRee
sermon at funeral of David C McRee
genealogy chart for David
Photos: David & Lydia with William Jeff McRee, May M Pittman and Lona Elrod
David & Lydia; David in chair/with grandchild in carriage
David, Lydia, Lona & Martha at Athens Hosp [2]
Lydia McRee; David & Lydia on 43d anniv/ in Minnesota
McRee group picture from Newton NC [2]
friends in Newton-Stephens, Raeford & Randy/same group with lady
Alice McRee; Uncle Jim's funeral, Mt Olive
7Generation V, 1899
names include: Harrington, Ingram, Burke, Boyd & McRee
birth announcement, Patricia Louise Rainey
business card M & M G. H. Boyd
wedding announcement Keron Dale Blissitt to Guy Boyd
newsclip-obit for Edna Boyd Henry & PH Winter
group sheets: Laura McRee Turner; Edna Boyd; Laura MT Thaxton
photos: Laura McRee Turner Thaxton; McRee home, Newton NC Edna Boyd with Blanch Atkins
Guy Boyd Jr.; Guy in Guy & Keron
[2] lady not identified
8Generation V, 1969
names include: McRee (Woth Pittman, Lona Mary, Dell, Clyde Walter, Ford)
article re Warren Elrod
birthday newspaper pictures of Shade Storey [2], Shade, Mimi & Sandra D Richey
obit for Claude W McRee; Mildred Gertrude McRee [2]
sympathy app card, Clyde McRee
genealogy charts: 'Dell McRee Storey; Worth Pittman McRee, Ford McRee
Elrod genealogy letter & chart
Photos: Laura & Worth McRee; Worth's 1st baby picture Worth P McRee; W. Jeff, Linda Kay, Worth & W Pittman Elrod 4 copies of portraits-no ID
9Generation V, 1940-1990
names include: McRee-Mary Caroline, Richard Lancaster Celestine Roberta and Virginia Louise
'To Borrow a Necklace' by Carol Etenburn in The Waifs' Messenger, p. 10-13
Funeral services program for Richard Lancaster McRee
genealogy chart for C Roberta McRee Martin
news clip of Virginia & auto
ALS from Caroline to Lona
Photos: Virginia's child @ 4 mo; Virginia at 1 yr.& port.
Kathleen Sullivan at 8 mo and 9 mo
man not ident., color port made
C Roberta McRee tinted port
Roberta, color, [Roberta with medallion]
Roberta's home in OK-color; Roberta, color in
Anne Harris at 9 yrs
Richard McRee; Caroline McRee at 1 yrs/studio bldy [2]
Mark Harris, Roberta McRee, color
Roberta & Virginia McRee looking at scrapbooks [2]
Virginia Louise McRee
Roberta with hedge, with Virginia near house
Jack & Roberta Delaney [2]/ Jack & wife at table
Caroline & Teresa in LA
mother, Caroline & Teresa
Caroline McRee at 9 mo [2]-in carriage with dog
Mark Harris / Mark at 9 yrs
Teresa & Kathy
Caroline by tree
Caroline & Richard McRee-portrait
10Generation V, 1940-1972
names include: McRee-Grace, Corothy Dix, William Scott, Etta, Margaret, George, Clyde, Nubert, Fred Luther, Margaret Frances, James Arnold, Raymond Oswald, David Edward, Henrietta Alice Malindie
genealogy charts: Grace M. R. Airington, Dorothy D McRee Barnes, William Scott McRee, J. A. McRee; David E. McRee and Henrietta A. M. McRee
program from Mt Olive Luth Church, Newton NC
typed marriage announc. for Margaret F McRee and Robert Dunn Alexander
obit of Raymond O McRee & funeral program
obit, James A McRee
ALS from Margaret to Lona
Photos: Robert Alexander
David E McRee holding Roberta
Raymond McRee & wife at wedding
21Generation VI, 1953-1980
names include: Boyd, Winter, Turner, Thaxton & McRee
ALS Josephine McRee Winter to Lona Elrod
Thank you on death of Josephine
Photos: 2 Christmas cards with Laura & Pat Rainey Mark, Lillie, Mary C, Worth Pittman, SR., W. J. McRee, Linda M Bryan, Mary Pittman
Mary Pittman McRee, Linda McRee, Jeff McRee, Mae Pittman, Mary & Linda McRee
Savannah Portwood, Laura Thaxton, Brad Colquitt, Mary Ann Portwood Colquitt, Robby Colquitt, color
2Elrod, Storey, Etenburn, 1958-1991
post card, Jessie Lou to Lona Elrod
charts for Martha B and Dorothy D. Storey
wedding invitation Jeffrey Mark Richey
news clips-Scotty McRee, age 7
obit Hubert F McRee
Mitch & Scotty McRee
engagement & wedding of Russell Scott McRee
Scott McRee at Beechwood
birth announcement Andrew Kelvin McRee
Sandy Richey, 13 mo
photos: Thad Richey, Lou McRichey
Lou & Thad, Lou at Chirstmas
Sandy Richey
house of Jessie Lou Richey, color
Pamela Denise Richey
Jeffery Mark Richey
[2 others, probably Richey children]
Sandy Richey & Matthew Moulton, color
tombs-Clyde McRee Jr. and Sr-2, color
tombs-Jessie V and Frank W McRee, color
3Alexander McRee, 1930-1969
Brandys High School invitation
wedding invitation, Mary Louise Alexander-thank you
wedding invitation, M Roberta Alexander
wedding invitation, Julia Christian Alexander-thank you, wedding program, napkin
wedding invitation, Norman Francis Alexander-thank you
ALS Alice to Lona
news clip-wedding of Judy D Wilkinson; Julia Christian Alexander and Mary Alexander
Photos: M. R. Alexander wedding portrait
4McRee, Rainey, Portwood, Thaxton, Elrod, Richey, Harris, 1953-1984
genealogy charts: Christine Cummins Elrod; Matthew Mc Elrod; Jeffery Mark Richey; Pamela D Richey; Teresa Ann Harris
wedding invitation & thank you-Terry L Portman
TLS-Linda and Sonny to Lona
ALS-Pauline McRee to Lona with some McRee lines
Photos: Lee Thaxton; Nancy Bryan; Mark Richey; Linda M Bryan, Harry G Bryan III, Linda Kay McRee, Nicholas Moulton
5 McRee Legacies by Larry Eugene McRee & Anne McRee Weinman, paperbound, nd, 1987
ALS Anne to Lona in book

2. Pittman Family

26 Pittman Family Record
3d edition with Collateral Index and Additional Data by Lona McRee Elrod-unbound [following folders contain materials found in unbound edition-see Georgia Room for bound edition]
6Pages 1-12
generation 1-John Pittman
generation 2-Buckner, Lucy, John I., and Mary Pittman
John Pittman's will
Kiokee Bapt Church program, news article
Daniel Marshall article
sketches of Tennessee's pioneer Baptist preachers
Taylor info-will of James
Zachary Taylor article-[copy]
TLS William C Pittman to Lona
Photos: Estelle Cash Pike, Lona McRee Elrod
Pittman burials in Madison Co GA [6]
Bethesda Cemetery, Morristown TN burials [3]
7Generation II and III, pages 14-28
names include: Pittman and Rogers
Pittman land grant (copy)
Pittman land grant plat
Arkansas Pittmans
Photos: Lona & Florence Moore at Pittman cemetery
8Generation III, pages 37-50
names include only Pittmans: John Green, Pleasant Owen, Martin Hughes, Sir James, Elizabeth Alice, Nancy, Lucinda, Timothy Franklin, Sarah Ann, Martha Diana, Noah Washington, America Taylor, Teresa
ALS Mrs.CE Wills to Lona Elrod
Photos: tombs of Nancy B, Sir James and Mordecai B Pittman
9Generation III, pages 51-55
names include: Langston, Noble, Pittman, Andrews
TLS-Betty Jo Rhea to Lona Elrod
TLS-Betty Joe Rhea to Lona
Group sheets on Sheppard family [6]
pamphlet The Battle of Griswoldville [GA] by Charles F Wells
Pittman family info-typed 2 pp
chart, Jefferson M Elrod; Morticai Monroe Pittman
article 'The Mission Rose' re Anna Maria Pittman
ALS-Amy to Lona
TL [Lona] to Amy
typed copy of John Pittman's will
10Generation IV, pages 56-69
names include: Pittman & Rogers
Photos: group with Savannah Capitola & Archibald Benton Pittman, Tom Suddath, Early Rogers, Teresa V Pittman, Sara Jane Cathright Pittman and Sally P Pittman
Savannah Capitola Pittman [2]
11Generation IV, pages 70-74
names include: Pittmans: Archibald Benton, Noah Taylor, Pleasant Cicero, Priscilla Lucinda and Mordecai Monroe
info on Jude MM memorials [7] & Mary Jane B Pittman [1]
indenture AE Brook & CJ Storey
charts: Mary Susan Beard gdau of Howell Cobb Pittman, Lucinda Caroline Pittman, Philip Holman Sikes, Alma Lucile Sikes
Bible pages [copies] for Teresa V Pittman
info on Olivia J Pittman
info on Hayden J David Sr, husb. of Priscilla Lucinda Pittman
Soldiers of the Confederate Army-4 pp
exerpts from clippings pub'l on death of Mordecai Monroe Pittman-4 pp-and folder with clippings in plastic cover
marr card of MM & Mary J Boggs Pittman
info re MM's return from CSA
program of 1st Methodist Church, Jefferson, & presentation of Christian flag in memory of MM Pittman by Lona
Photos: MM & Mary Jane Pittman's tomb
tin types: Mr and Mrs Boggs; Emma, Minnie, Lula & Ella Pittman-[photo from tin type of Boggs]
MM Pittman
MJ Boggs Pittman
12Generation IV, pages 75-79
names include: all Pittmans-Teresa Elizabeth, Susannah M, Martha America, Timothy T., Ann Cassandra, Letitia Gracie, James Madison, Pleasant Owen
copy of reunion notes-2 pp
copy of TLS, Estelle to Mable
Civil War letter from JM Pittman [ from newspaper]
Photos: Thomas Jefferson Stapler, husband of Susannah M Pittman
13Generation IV, pages 80-85
names include all Pittmans: Martin Hughes, William Alphonso, John Altidore, Elizabeth Ann, Jeptha Mitchell, Martha Taylor, Timothy Letcher, Charles Smith and Mordecai Burton Pittman
copy of story about Alfred Taylor Pittman
copies of grants & deeds
copy letter from WA Pittman to son
copy of letter from Texas-WT & TJ Davis to Wm Alphonso...
story re Alphonso Pittman and newsclip
charts: John Martin Lee; Wm Alphonso Pittman
ALS Linda L Lee to Lona Elrod
photos: Jephta Pittman, Ann S Pittman
31Generation IV, pages 87-92
names include: Pittman, Harris, Lay
bio info on Marcus de LaFayette Pittman
TLS, LC Strickland to Lona Elrod
genealogy chart, Abner J Willis [5-j-3] and Charles Edward Willis [not included above]
newspaper clippings Pittman family, Barrett Family & other material
photos: tomb of Marcus & Eliza Yerby Pittman
2Generation IV, pages 93-97
names include: Pittman, Cash, Strickland, Langston, McArthur
DAR application for Estelle America Cash
register of friends at graveside
will of Estelle Cash Pike
funeral cards
Cash grave yard markers-inventory
photos: Estelle Cash Pike at 1 yr old
3Generation V, pages 1-9
[additions to generation IV, 3-a-a, Silvanus Pittman; 3-c-a, Henry Hardin Pittman; 5-b-d, Priscille Lucinda Pittman]
names include: Pittman, Elder, Strickland, Lindsay
copy funeral notice for John Bell Pittman
photos: tombstones of James Timothy Pittman, Laurel Hill Cemet., Thomasville
4Generation V, pages 10-19
names include: Pittman, Maddox
family grp sheet for Lucinda C Pittman, Zechariah Sikes
TLS re Sikes-Pittman family 2-3-85 to Patricia from Lucille S. Goneay-5pp
Photos: Ellen JP Rogers with Paul, Lady, Earl & Zaddie Rogers
home of Lady Rogers Morrison in Carthage TX
Pleasant Owen Pittman
Timothy Cicero & Noah Oliver Pittman
typed Pittman family history on Weldon F. Stark stationery-6pp he son of Susan Lucinda Pittman
5Generation V, pages 21-24
names include: David, Pittman
bulletin of Jefferson Methodist Church
photos: Wm Milton Pittman; wife Maggie Parr Pittman [2]
Martha Alice Pittman Venable [4]
Marcus M Pittman
Lula Stark Pittman, wife of Marcus
Marcus & Lula
Lottie Pittman, dau of Marcus [2]
AE & May McRee Pittman
tintypes, Arthur Ezekiel Pittman, May Pittman, Charles Owen Pittman
May Pittman and friends color
6Generation V, pages 25-29
names include: Pittman
newsclips: Lorayne Pittman obit; 'News from Echo Shelves'; re coroner jury Obediah G. Carter
2 war ration books # 525508 and 525509
Christmas card from Emma Thompson
Christmas card to JL Harris from Lula and Jeff
Photos: Emma Pittman Thompson & Alice Pittman Venable [2]
Ella Pittman Thompson
Reba Thompson
Emma S Pittman Thompson, husband & 4 children
tomb of May McRee & Arthur E Pittman-color
tomb Wm Jefferson & Lula Pittman-color
Clara Pittman Harris, Lula Pittman & WJ McRee
Mark J, Wm Jefferson McRee, May M Pittman
Webster Asbury Carter
Bonnie Carter & John Yancey wedding [3]
Bonnie Carter [3]
Minnie Pittman Carter
Grace Carter
Ann Walter & Mary Pittman
family of Henry Timothy Pittman
Henry T Pittman
7Generation V, pages 30-33
names include: Harris, Pittman, Stapler, Matthews
calling card
newsclip obit of Roberta C Pittman, wife of Walter
ALS from Ann Pittman to Lona
wedding invitation for Ann Pittman, dau of James Walter
Photo: Clara Pittman with nieces Beulah & Ina Venable
James Walter Pittman
Ann & Walter Pittman
Ann Pittman at 1 yrs
Ann, Mary & Walter Pittman
[Ann & Mary]
Etholene Massey Stapler
Jos Arch Stapler, Margaret Rosa Edmondson & Alma Stapler
Ella & Myrt Coleman
family & house of James Franklin Pittman with description and ALS from John Paul Pittman
8Generation V, pages 34-53
names include: Pittman, Hicks, McArthur, Barber
reunion notice re family of Mrs. John L Pittman
9Generation VI, v. 2, part 2, pages 54-75
names include: Pittman, Strickland, Lindsay, O'Kelley, Booth
Mss list of JH Barrett's children [Isadora Pittman]
copy articles re RL Pittman
copy Bible of RL Pittman
photo: children of Janet & CA Strickland at Pittman cemet.
typed copy of Bible loaned by Mr. George Laurence Booth, Madison GA
TLS Charles Maddox to Lona re will GB Booth
ALS Geo L Booth to Lona
funeral notices Ro Grady Booth, Cynthia O'Kelley
obit Mrs. Guy Strickland
50th wedding anniversary newsclip & invitation, Guy Strickland plus original wedding invitation
10Generation VI, pages 76-85
names include: Pittman, Williams, Maddox, Rogers, Prickett, Stark, Capers, Freeman, David
First Bapt. Church, Commerce, bulletin with birthday wishes on M Sanders 100th birthday
newsclip-obits Earl T Rogers, Maude Pittman Sanders, Clarence Pittman, Florence Carter Pittman
photo of Memorial to Pittman Soldiers-color
ALS Mrs. J Hoyt Nelms to Lona
ALS Maude Sanders to Lona, note
newsarticle re Cabin Creek Church
11Generation VI, pages 90-93
names include: Venable, Pittman, Thompson
obit Eva McCay, Reba Thompson
church bulletin [2 c.] from Danielsville UMC
program from funeral service of Eva Thompson McCay
birthday tribute to Lola Thompson on 100th birthday
copy teacher's certificate State Normal School for Ben Hood
copy marr certif Ben Hood & Beulah Venable
photos: Ella May Venable, Ina Venable [3], Robin Hood & Beulah Hood [2], Venable daughters, Beulah, Robin & Hazel Hood Walter Gaines, Julia Brown & Ella May Venable Bryant Grp photo Browns, Bryant, Gaines, Elrod
Ruth Pittman Archer
Lola & Ella Ruth-98th birthday
Hope Thompson; Jessie Thompson; Mary Hutcheson
12Generation VI, pages 94-5
names include: McRee
certificates [3]
Lona's grad invit from Meson Academy & copy of speech
Methodist Women card & mtg program
tuberculosis assn. letters [2]
program from Metropolitan United Church of Canada
DAR application
driver's license, voter card
memories of Pittards Hill School
copies of 4 photos-no ID-stuck to plastic
family photo [McRee]
1st Method. SS class color
Worth Pittman McRee [3]
Laura McRee; Laura & Worth
Carl & Robert Lee Thaxton
Lona-2 color; Lona & McRee Elrod
group-no ID
Warren Elrod
Lona as child
letter & 2 drawings-from Mark?
13Generation VI, pages 96-101
names include: Strickland, Carter, Pittman, Harris
obit for A Luther Freeman
typed eulogy for Bertha PH Freeman-5pp
TLS Jean Freeman to Lona
newsarticle re Pittman Carter
geneal. sheets Melba Rita Carter Chamings
obit Robert L Carter
ALS Nellie to Lona; [4pp]
50th wedding anniv. invitation for Mera Lenore Carter Sammon
wedding announc. Jeanne Behrens
news column by Oline Behrens
14Generation VI, pages 102-110
names include: Harris, Pittman, Coleman, Stapler
book New Testament Women by Eva Pittman White
obit Vassie Hutchins Coleman
photos: Alma S Boswell, Rev. HR Boswell
Harris children with Freeman & Elrod; Walter Pittman Jr.
history & photo Bethany Methodist Church
15Generation VI pages 111-122
names include: Pittman, Edwards, Weathers, Hunter, Smith, Gates
photo: Tuck Pittman
copy of photo of Tuck's family with chart
copy of photo William Richard Head & Mary Rebecca Pittman's family with chart
16Generation VI, pages 123-136
names include: Gates, Pittman, James, Fox, Gordon, Strickland, Tolbert, Barnett, Coleman
copy of family Bible-Gordon
photos: graves of Wm Claude Pittman, Elizabeth Emiline Newsom & Emily Jane Hamphill Pittman; Pittman cemet near Roanoke AL; Pittman cemet near Grenada Miss
Nana & Benjamin Bryan
Charlotte L McCall with friends-color
41Generation VII, v 2, part 3, pages 137-150
names include: Pittman, McKensie, McRae, Guthrie, Greene, Robison, Strickland, Sharpton, Lindsay, Broadway, Stringer, Brooks, Barrett
group sheets
article about LC Seagraves
photos: Lona & Florence Logan Moore
Eula Pittman [3]
Pittman family cemetery prayer
2Generation VII, pages 151-165
names include: Barrett, Pittman, Carter, Chandler, O'Kelly, Farmer, Chandler, Booth, Haley, Williams, Thurmond, Maddox
obits for Cleo Pittman Adams; Edna Estelle Adams; Robert Grady Booth, Jr.
article New Harmony Bapt Church Cemet.
Leon Farmer Sr. & Jr.
3Generation VII, pages 166-181
names include: Maddox, Kesler, Wilhite, McDaniel, Eberhardt, Robinson, Sanders, Adams, Prickett, DeLa Perriere, Pittman, Freeman, Allison, Brigance, David, Gaines
article re Tim Pittman
50th wedding inv. Eugene Murrays
funeral program, Julia Alice Gaines Yarbrough
obit, James Rowland Gaines
photo: Walter Gaffney Gaines; Sandra Gaines, dau of Walter
4Generation VII, pages 182-187
names include: Hood, Bryant, Archer, Roberts, Thompson, Hutcheson, McCay, Turner, Thaxton, McRee
Photo, obit & NSDAR info for Hazel Hood
article on Harry L Bryant
article on Lee Roberts; Ella Ruth Thompson
photos, letters-Virginia Sue Hutcheson
photos [4], of Savannah C Turner Portwood; 5 photos of children; Bill's grave; obit for Savannah
articles & 3 photos-Robert C Thaxton
photos [4]-Worth Pittman McRee, Jr.
5Generation VII, pages 188
names include: Jefferson McRee Elrod
photos: 6 of family, weddings
6Generation VII, pages 189-198
names include: Whitmire, Carter, Sammon, Behrens, McHugh, Hanson, Freeman, Harris, Wilson
wedding ann., Allen Lee Sammon
wedding ann., 2d marr Frank Q Sammon; dau Anita
wedding ann., Patricia Anne Hanson
wedding ann., Julie Ann Wilson
photo Carolyn Christine Carlson, gdau of Clara J Hanson
chart, Carlson family, husband of Pamela Hanson
articles about Sailors & Diversified Industries-Martha J Freeman Sailors
7Generation VII, pages 199-215
names include: Harris, Jobson, Dailey, Coleman, Wallace, Boswell, Kendall, Stephens, Wood, Pittman, Vaughan, Bartlett, Barnett, Eichelberger, Edwards, Dykes, Head, Higgins
obit-Joshua Wayne Harris, gson James P. Harris
article James P Harris
high school grad Jeffrey J Harris
eng & wedding announc. Deborah Harris, dau of R. W. Harris
eng announc. Wanda Lynn Harris
wedd. announc. Phillip J Harris
photos: John Paul Pittman [2]
article re Tuck Pittman, son of Arthur Lee
article Jos Marvin Pittman; re dau Nancy
broadside-Jos Marvin Pittman
8Generation VII, pages 216-231
names include: Pittman, Burdette, Henry, Burdette, Foster, Robertson, Grady, Weathers, Dobson, Overton, Wilson, McMurray, Brumby, Smith, Hayward, Watkins, Gates
article-Nancy Jones Pittman
genealogy chart Sewell Marion Brumby
9Generation VII, VIII, pages 232-250
names include: Pittman, Boatwell, Lipe, Shewmake, Fox, White, Gordon, Tyler, Hartley, McCall, Marion, Williams, Wilds, Hughes, Hardman, Rice, Strickland, Reynolds, Tolbert, Wilkes, Barnett, Blanch, Massey
copies of corresp/old letters, info on Wm C Pittman III
photo-Leon & Frances Strickland
obit, George Saulpaw, hus of Emma L Wilkes
10Generation VIII ,v. 2, part 4, pages 251-269
names include: Tomlison, Sage, Bemis, Moore, Sage, Pearson, Lowden, Robison, Thornton, Arnold, Montcrief, Strickland, Parker, Sharpton, Foster, Stringer, Clancy, Widdows, Seagraves, Johnson, Oliver, Gunter, Wingate, Barrett, Burleigh, Chandler, Ellis, Fleeman, Barefield, O'Kelley, Smith, Carter, Gunnells, Farmer, Booth, Mauldin, Mitchem
chart-Harold P Wingate
wedding write-up Ralph Timohy Freeman, son of Anne Farmer
wedding annound. dau Deidre Suzanne Farmer; Gerald DeWitte Farmer
photo: Lona with Janet Strickland & 2 dau
11Generation VIII, pages 270-283
names include: Mitchem, Thurmond, Bates, Nelms, Morrison, Fitzpatrick, Kemp, Maddox, Kesler, Holliman, Griffith, Wilson, Fambrough, McDaniel, Sanders, Borwn, Adams, Rainey, Sargent, Thiel, Yarbrough, Fennell, Bryant, Thompson, Ryder, Griffin
12Generation VIII, pages 284-86
names include: Portwood, Thaxton
news article Wm Turner Portwood
HS grad announc. Terry Lynn Portwood
wedding announ. Jennifer Ann Portwood; Joel Portwood Jr.
photos Joel Sr. & Jr., Jennifer & Terry Portwood
HS grad announ. Brian Christopher Colquitt, son of Mary Ann Portwood
note Brian Colquitt to Lona
news photo Meson Acad & Mary Ann Portwood
photo: Mary Ann Portwood, Brian Colquitt, Robby Colquitt, Lloyd Colquitt, Mary Ann & grandson Brad
obit Carlisse Portwood [2]; photo tomb
HS grad announc. Elise Thaxton, medical college
note, Beth to Lona
wedding announ. Ro Jason Thaxton
Christmas card [blue]
photos: Jason Thaxton, Elise & Jason, family; Carla; Tommy
news articles-Elise; Jason; Carla
chart-Ro Jason Thaxton
birth announc. Benjamin Bryan, son of Linda K McRee
photo Benjamin and Nancy of Linda K McRee
13Generation VIII, page 286b
names include: Lona Lee, Christine Cummins and Matthew McRee Elrod
Lona Lee Elrod-wedding pictures [16]; wedd. ann & note to Mama Lona; grad prog; news clip, Song for Freshman, '75; birth annound. Angus Scott Manning
Christine Cummins Elrod-copies [2] of wedding; wedding photos [22]; chart; letter fm Christine to Mama Lona
Matthew McRee Elrod-chart; copies of wedding photos [2]; wedding announc.
14Generation VIII, pages 287-291
names include: Smith, Sailors, Harris, Bell, Dailey, Swindle, White, Hardy, Pittman, Bartlett, Keeble, Rhea, Griffin
photos Pamela Elaine Smith [9]
news wedding annouc. Barbara Jean Sailors
15Generation VIII, pages 292-307
names include: Griffin, Pittman, Dyer, Chason, Chason, Dyer, Eichelberger, Dykes, Higgins, Moss, Hampton, Dunbar, Clapp, Strachan, Williams, McCarley, Maner, Kitchens, Hill, Weathers, Wright, Crouch, Dobson, Overton, Jobson, Williams, Sikes, Vickers, Wilson, Kinard, Weathers
16Generation VIII, IX, page 308-328
names include: Weathers, Brumby, Hyde, Abner, Harmon, West, Magee, Watkins, Poteete, Seale, Pittman, Walker, Lamon, Moore, Jenkins, Middleton, Carlisle, Owens, Harris, Carruth, Fox, Young, Yarbrough, Boyd, Thomas, Camp, Page, Jones, Bedinfield, Strickland, Attaway, Carr, Seagraves, Wingate, Barrett, Nelms, Portwood, Colquitt
obit Julie Ann Davis, dau of Mary Seagraves Davis
Wingate info, chart
wedding ann. Patricia Pittman
photo Wm Ro & Nan Jones Pittman
17Generation IX, page 329; Vol. 2, part 5, pages 1-20
names include: Carlan, Colquitt, McIntosh, Summerlin. Dyer, Carlisle, Bolin Church, Damron, Seale, Philley, Carruth, Harris, Robinson, Alexander, Fox, Pittman, Preston, Hart, Godby, Jones, Heath, Nettlehutt, Preston, Peacock, Crenshaw
photo: Lora Gaye Pittman
18Generation VIII, pages 20a-25
names include: Meacham, Crenshaw, Preskitt, May, Hart, Godby, Murdock, Arrington
Addenda: Buckner Pittman's service with Geo Rogers Clark in Ill Rgt., p. 1-7
Gordon family p. 8-10
Barton Lee Parker desc. p. 11-13
Generation V-Martin Robert, David Samuel and Wesley T Pittman
Generation VI-Ruby Ethel Pittman p. 1a
Mary Louise, Evelyn, Lottie Irene, Ro Harold, Tho Eugene Jones, p. 2a
David Elton, Margaret Virginia & Edwin Lee Jones, p. 2b
Linton A Chapman III & Sheila Ann Chapman p. 3a
Kenneth B & Harold Matthew Dixon p. 3a
Deborah Diane, Ro Daniel Jones p. 3b
James Edward, Sharon Gay, Emily Doris & Thomas Eugene Jones p. 3c
David Elton, Evelyn Juanita, Howard Marcus & Valerie Jane Jones p. 3d
Donald Manuel Jones, Michael Lee Harvey, Rodney Gordon Harvey, Harold Travis Dixon, Tracie Renee Dixon p. 3e
51Pittman Family History from compiled by Dr. Robert H. Pittman, I-VIII, pages 1-100
2Pittman Family History pages 101-181
ALS, Kathleen to Lona, 4pp
3Genealogy of John Pittman Branch of Pittman Family compiled by Florence Logan Moore, spiral bound, ca 50 pages
pamphlet by same title-24 pp
4Pittman Family History of Hall Co GA, 4th edition, compiled by Bascom E Pittman and Margaret Anne Pittman Vaughn, i-v; p. 1-46; I-1-6
ALS, Bascom to [Lona]
5Yalobusha County Pittmans
compiled by John Wayne & Vivian Purdy, first ed, p. 1-65, i-ix
6Pittman Family Society Meeting photos
during term of Lona McRee Elrod, historian
7Hughes Family of Kentucky and Virginia, by Lydia Annie Hughes & Richard Hughes Sullivan, soft bound
48 pp Stark Family Record by Lona McRee Elrod, p. A-Q & 1-26
8D. H. Pittman Family Tree
ca. 40 pp
61Addenda charts
copies of letters
Pittman revolutionary service
tin-type of Dr. Noah Bee Cash home [?]
photo of Elisse & Todd Sharp
Eskridge family
corresp. regarding Turner-Dover & Allied Families;
Pittman Family Record
charts: Leonard Eugene Pittman; Hazel Countess Pittman; Willie B. Pittman; Thomas Jackson Pittman; Shirley Jean Pettyjohn & Joann Pettyjohn; Howell Cobb Pittman; Pleasant Wm Pittman; Mary corrine Pittman
Everett Pittman and cemeteries in Mississippi
corresp. from Mrs. Frank R Stewart
lineage chart, Patricia Ann Love
copy letter, Ann Blomquist to Lona
information on Daniel Pittman, Samuel Crowder Pittman, Noel Boone Pittman, Everett Pittman, Henry H. Pittman & William H. Pittman
descendants of James Pittman
LDS descendancy chart, John Pittman
John Green Pittman
copy, indenture, James Pittman
copy, article about Cherokee Corner Meth Church
origins, Pittman name
copy, will of James Pittman; James Taylor
addenda to pages identified as 29, 32, 40, 41 & 50
2Various indexes to collection
[combined into one in finding aid]