Theatrical portraits

Theatrical portraits

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Unknown
Title: Theatrical portraits
Dates: 1750-1850
Quantity: 2.4 Linear feet 3 document boxes, 1 oversized box
Coll. Number: ms2742

Biographical/Historical Note

Theatrical portraits were used as records of performance, insights into the society that produced them, and as works of art in their own right.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 416 different theatrical portraits and theatrical scenes, mostly of 18th century - early 19th century British origin. Pieces are taken from early editions of play magazines, newspapers, books, and portfolios. Specific names are available in the accession folder.

Index Terms

Actors--Great Britain.
Portraits, British.
Theater--Great Britain.
Theatrical posters--Great Britain.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Theatrical portraits, ms2742, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Abbott - Harland

11Mrs. Abbott
2Laura Addison
3Mrs. Atkin
4Mr. Bradley as Sir Harry Cubbin
5Mrs. Baker
7Ben De Bar as Falstaff
8Mrs. Barclay as Olivia
9Mrs. Barnes as Anne Bullen
10Mrs. Julia Bennett Barrow as Viola
11Mrs. Barry as Athenais
12Ellen Bateman as Richard III and Kate Bateman as Richmond
13Mr. G. Bennett
14Mr. Bernard as Jack Meggot
15Mr. Henry Betty as Faulconbridge
16Mrs. Bland
17Miss Bolton
18Miss E. Bolton
19Miss S. Booth
20Mrs. D.P. Bowers as Lady Constance
21William Brereton as Douglas
22Mrs. Brooks as Leonora
23Mr. Browne as Goldfinch
24Miss Bruton as Calista
25Miss Lousia Brunton
26Mr. Buckstone as Launcelot Gobbo
27Mrs. Bunn
28William E. Burton
29Mr. and Mrs. Burton as Sir Toby Belch and Maria
30Miss Carew
31Madame Celeste as The Princess Catherine
32Miss Chapman as Augusta Aubery
33Miss Chester
34Mlle. Clairon
35Mr. Clarke as Procles
36Mr. Collins in Master Slender
37Mlle. Colombier (color)
38Mr. Compton as Launce
39Mr. T.P. Cooke as Long Tom Coffin
40Fanny Cooper
41Miss Frances Elizabeth Copeland
42Mr. C.W. Couldock
43Mrs. Coutts
44Mrs. Crawford as Mariamne
45Mr. Crestwick as Hotspur
46William Creswick
47Mrs. Crouch
66Mrs. Crouch as Princess Lodoisk
48Charlotte Cushman
49Mrs. Davenport
50Mr. E.L. Davenport
75Mrs. Davenport as Miss Winifred Evans
51Mrs. Davison
52Master de Camp as Hengo
53Charles Dibdin, Esq.
54Mrs. Dickons
55Mr. Dignum
56Mr. Charles Dillon as Othello
57Mr. Dimond as Philaster
58Mr. Dodd as Tinsel
59Mr. Dowton
60John Drew as Sir Andres Aque-cheek
61Mr. Dunstall as Dominick
62Mr. Dyott as Leontes
63Mr. Edward Eddy as Posthumus
64J.H. D'Egville
65Mrs. Edwin
64aMrs. Edgerton
65Mr. Edgerton
66Mr. Emery
67Mrs. Esten as Lady Flutter
68Miss Farren as Emeline
69Mrs. Farren as Queen Catherine
70Mr. William Farren as Lord Ogleby
109Mr. William Farren
71Mrs. Faucit as Ellen MacGregor
72Mr. Fawcett
73Fawcett the comdian
74Nathaniel Field
75Mr. Fleming as Edgar
76Mrs. Foote as Maria Darlington
77Samuel Foote, Esq.
78Miss Forde
79Mr. Edwin Forrest
80Miss Fitzwilliam as Adeline
81Mr. Francis as Sir George Thunder
82Mrs. Francis as Miss Harlow
83Garrick as Richard III
84Mr. Gattie as Mons. Morbleu
85Miss George as Polly
86Melle. Georges
Melle. Georges (color)
87Mrs. Gibbs
88Mr. John Gilbert as Dogberry
89Mrs. Glover
90Miss P. Glover
91Miss Glyn
91aMiss Goodall
92Mr. Goodall as Sir Harry Wildair
93Miss Gough as Zenobia
94Miss Graddon
95Miss Greville as Sir Harry Wildair
96Mademoiselle Carolina Guarducci
97Mr. Hackett as Falstaff
98Jacob Hall
99Miss Hallande
100Miss Julia Harland (as Oberon) and Miss Conquest (as Puck)

2. Harley - Smith

21Mr. Harley
2Mrs. Hartley
3Mrs. Julia Dean Haynes as Juliet
4Mr. Henderson as Count Biron
5George H. Hill, Comedian
6Mr. Holman as Edward
7Miss P. Hopkins
8Mrs. Matilda Horn
9Miss Margaret Hughs as Mandane
10Mr. Hull
11Mrs. Hunter as Mrs. Belville
12Mrs. Orby Hunter
13Grace Ingersoll (color)
14Mr. Jamieson as Brutus
15Joseph Jefferson as Bob Acres
16Mr. H. Johnston
17Mr. Johnston
18Mr. Jones
19Mr. C. Kean as Gloster
20Miss Luara Keene as Portia
21Michael Kelly, Esq.
22Mr. Kelly as Cymon
23Mr. Kemble
24Mr. King as Marplot
25Mrs. Knight
26Miss Maria Lacy
28Mlle. Lenormand (color)
29Mrs. Lessingham as Mrs. Sullen
30Mr. Lewis
31Mr. Lee Lewes as Capt. Bobadill
32Miss Eliza Logan as Cordelia
33Miss Macauley
34Miss Macklin as Camillo
35Mr. Macready
36Miss M'Alpine
37Miss Mangeon
38Mlle. Mars
39Mr. H. Marston
40Mrs. Martyr as Aura
41Mrs. Massey as Christina
42Mr. Matthews as Sharp
43Mr. Mattocks as Achilles
44Mrs. Mattocks
45Mr. McCullough
46Miss Mellon
47Miss Melmoth as Roxana
48Mrs. Merry
49Mr. Middleton as Artaxerxes
50John Mills the Elder
51Helene Modrjewska
52Mr. Moody
53Mrs. Mountain
54Mrs. Mowatt
55Anna Cora Mowatt
56Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie
57Mr. Munden
58Mr. James E. Murdoch
6159Mr. Murry as Demetrius
60Mrs. Opie
61Mrs. Orger
62Thomas Otway
63Mr. John E. Owens as Launcelot Gobbo
64Mr. Oxberry
65Mr. John Palmer
66Mr. Parsons as Alscrip
67William Parsons
68Miss Paton (color)
69Mr. Pearman
70Mr. Phelps and Miss Glyn in Hamlet
71Mr. Phelps
72Mr. H. Phillips as Cedric
73Mr. Henry Placide as Polonius
74Henry and Thomas Placide as the Two Dromios
75Miss Pope
76Mrs. Pope
77Miss Povey
78Mr. Power as Murtoch Delany
79Mrs. Pritchard
80Mr. Quick
81Mr. Rae as Osmond
82Mr. Ratner as Giles
83Mr. Reddish
84Mr. Richardson as Bursiris
85Mr. P. Ritchings
86Madame Ristori
87Mrs. Robinson
88Mr. Rock as Teague
89Mr. Ross as Essex
90Mr. Russell
91Mr. Ryder and Mrs. Bates in the Provok'd Wife
92Mr. Sapio as Carlos
93Mr. Savigny as Oroonoko
94Master Albert Schirmer
95Mrs. Sharp
96Miss Louisa Sharpe
97Mr. Sherwin as Giles
98Miss Shirreff as Clara (color)
99Mr. Joshua Silsbee as Jonathan Ploughboy
100Mr. Sinclair as Apollo (color)
101Mrs. Sloman as Belvidera
102Mr. Smith

3. Smith - Young

31Mr. O. Smith
2Mr. Smith
3Will Sommers, King Henry's Jester
4Miss Sommerville
5Mr. Suett as Bays
7Mr. Charles Taylor
8Miss Margaret Taylor
9Mr. Terry as Sir Fretful Plagiary
10Mlle. Titiens
11Mrs. Townsend as Christina
12Miss Ellen Tree
13Miss Vandenhiff as Juliet
14Mr. Vincent as Dorilas
15Mr. James W. Wallack
16Miss Wallis
17Mr. William Warran
18Mrs. Warner as Hermoine
19Mrs. Waylett as Madge
20Mr. Webster as Douglas
21Mrs. Wells as Anne Lovely
22Mrs. W. West as Desdemona
23Mr. Weston as Scrub
24Miss Lizzie Weston as Oberon
25Mr. William Wheatley
26Mr. Wilson
27Mr. and Mrs. Wood as Touchstone and Audrey
28Mr. Woodward
29Peg Woffington as Mrs. Ford
30Mr. Wrench as Belmour
31Mr. Wrighten
32Mr. Wroughton
33Mr. Yates
34Mrs. Yates
35Miss Young

4. Barrett - Western

4Wilson Barrett as Claudian
Mrs. Agnes Booth as Mrs. Ralston
Mrs. D.P. Bowers as Queen Elizabeth
M. Coquelin, Aine
Mrs. Florence as Mrs. General Gilflory
William J. Florence as Bardwell Slote
Edwin Forrest as Spartacus
Nat C. Goodwin as Modus
Mad. Janauschek as Maria Antoinette
Mrs. Langtry as Pauline
Adrienne Lecouvreur
James Lewis and Mrs. Gilbert in A Night Off
Julia Marlow as Julia
Mlle. Mars
Mlle. Mars (India Proof)
Miss Margaret Mather as Juliana
Maggie Mitchell as Fanchon
Clara Morris as Miss Moulton
James E. Murdoch as The Stranger
Miss Neilson as Juliet
Minnie Palmer in My Sweetheart
Annie Pixley as M'Liss
John T. Raymond as Col. Sellers
Madame Ristori
Miss Amy Sedgewick as Hester
William E. Sheridan as Lois XI
John L. Toole as Paul Pry
Marie Wainwright as Viola
Mr. William Warren as Herr Weigel
Lucille Western as Lucretia Borgia