Frederick F. and Maria Schrader papers

Frederick F. and Maria Schrader papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Schrader, Frederick Franklin, b. 1857
Creator: Schrader, Marie
Title: Frederick F. and Maria Schrader papers
Dates: 1900-1929
Quantity: 2.2 Linear feet 2 document boxes, 1 half box, 1 oversized box
Coll. Number: ms2716

Biographical/Historical Note

Frederick F. and Maria Schrader were drama critics and playwrights, active in New York theatrical circles.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists correspondence to the Schraders discussing their writings and plays, programs, clippings, and music scores; but the majority of the collecyion is theatrical studio photographs of various actors and actresses.

Index Terms

Actors--United States.
Actresses--United States.
Critics--United States.
Theater--United States.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Frederick F. and Maria Schrader papers, ms2716, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Personal Files

11Contract, David Belasco & Fred F. Schrader, cover note, 1905
2Correspondence - photo copy Belasco-Schrader, 1906 August 23
2Correspondence - Long to Marie Schrader, 1906
2Correspondence - Thanksgiving card, M. Schrader-Mrs. Grant Finnan, 1906
2Correspondence - Helen Ingersol-M. Schrader, 1908
2Correspondence - Ingersol-M. Schrader, 1909
2Correspondence - Geo. S. Viereck-Schrader, 1909
2Correspondence - Clara Blandick-M. Schrader, 1914
2Correspondence - William Winter-Frederick F. Schrader, 1915
2Correspondence - Royal S. Copeland-F. Schrader, 1925
2Correspondence - Charles Nagel-F. Schrader, 1925
2Correspondence - Hugo Black-Dr. Bailey, 1929
2Correspondence - Hiram Bingham-Dr. Bailey, 1931
2Correspondence - John Clarles Thomas-Viola Franzies, 1948
2Correspondence - Mario Rosel-Mrs Franzius, 1951

2. Performer Files

13Individual Personalities: Allen-Arden (6 items)
Allen, Viola newsclip
Arthur, Julia Photo
Atherton, Margaret Photo
Arbuckle, Maclyn newsclip
Arden, EDwin newsclip; folio photo-in folio box [with group]
4Individual personalities: Bangs-Buren (10 items)
Bangs, F. C. folio photo-in folio box [with group]
Barraclough, Sydney [with Evie Greene]
Barrymore, Ethel newsclip
Belasco, David newsclip; Christmas card (2)
Bentley, Irene Photo
Bergere, Valerie newsclip
Bingham, Amelia photo; newsclip
Blair, Eugenie newsclip
Blandick, Clara P. newsclip
Bloodgood, Clara folio photo-in folio box
Bone, Scott C. Photo
Bosworth, Hobart Photo
Brady, Alice Photo
Breese, Edmund folio photo-in folio box
Buren, Mary V. Photo
5Individual Personalities: Bellew, Kyrle Photo; folio photo-in folio box [with group (3, 3 items)
6Individual Personalities: Bates, Blanche photo (3, 3 items)
7Individual Personalities: Campbell-Crickett (21 items)
Campbell, The Misses Photo (2)
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick Photo
Carleton, W. T. Photo; newsclip
Carlisle, Lucile Photo
Carter, Mrs. Leslie Photo; newsclip (2, 2)
Chevalier, Albert newsclip (2)
Christmas, Margarete Photo
15Individual Personalities, Gale-Gutman
Gale, Minna K. Photo (7 items)
Garrick, David Photo
Gilbert, W. S. newsclip
Gillespie, Christie MacDonald Newsclip
Greene, Evie Photo
Griswold, Grace folio photo-in folio box
Gutman, Ludwig Photo
16Individual Personalities, Galland
Galland, A. M. [mother of Bertha] Photo (20 items)
Galland Bertha Photo ; Photo [of family]; newsclip (13; 4)
Galland, B. [father of Bertha ] Photo
17Individual Personalities, Hackett-Howe
Hackett, J. K. Photo (11 items)
Hall, Laura Nelson Photo; newsclip
Hanford, Charles B. newsclip (2)
Hammond, Dorothy Photo
Hare, Ernest [see John Charles Thomas]
Haswell, Miss Percy [see under Fawcett]; newsclip
Hayakawa, Sessue Photo
Held, Anna newsclip
Holly, Jane Photo
Hong, Vicent (Chino) folio photo-in folio box
Howe, E. W. Photo
18Individual Personalities, I
Irving, Isabelle Photo (3 items)
Irwin, May Photo; newsclip
19Individual Personalities, Jackson-Jones
Jackson, Susette Photo (7 items)
James, Louis Photo
James, Millie Photo; newsclip
Jefferson, Joseph newsclip
Johnson, Martin newsclip
Johnson, Orrin Photo
Jones, Mrs. W. G. folio photo-in folio box (with group)
20Johnson, Osa Photo (4, 4 items)
21Individual Personalities, K
Kalich, Bertha Photo (8 items)
Keanr, Doris Photo
Keenan, Frank Photo
Kellerd, John E. folio photo-in folio box (with group)
Kelsey, Herbert Photo (2)
Kester, Paul Photo (2)
Kong, Vicenti folio photo-in folio box (with Maqueda) (2)
Kummer, Frederic, Arnold Photo
2Individual Personalities, L
Langtry, Mrs. newsclip (2, 6 items)
Laya, Rachel newsclip
LeSoir, George newsclip
Lipman, Clara newsclip
Loftus, Celia Photo
Ludy, Beth Photo
3Individual Personalities, MacDonald-Morries
MacDonald, Mrs. Christie NewsClip (12 items)
Manbelli, Eugenia Photo
Mann, Anna Lipman folio photo-in folio box
May, Edna newsclip
Marenoff, Fania Photo [see also, NYDaily Mirror 4-16-22, folio box]
Maqueda, Jose folio photo-in folio box; Photo (4)
McKelden, Marie Photo (2)
McWade, Robert newsclip
Mellish, Fuller NewsClip
Minter, Mary M Photo
Modjeska, Mde. Photo
Morris, William newsclip
4MacLean, R. D. Photo (6, 6 items)
5Marlowe, Julia P. [see newsclip with Galland] (4, 4 items)
6Individual Personalities, N
Narfini, Sigi Photo (8 items)
Nathan, George Jean newsclip
Nazimova, Alla newsclip
Nethersole, Olga Photo
Norris, William Photo; newsclip (2, 2)
7Individual Personalities, O
Omaley, A. Photo (2 items)
Opp, Julie Photo
8Individual Personalities, P
Patterson, Raymond Photo; newsclip (6 items)
Penella, Manuel newsclip
Pinero, A. W. Photo
Pirandello, Luigi newsclip
Plairfair, Arthur folio photo-in folio box
Plympton, Eben folio photo-in folio box (with group)
9Individual Personalities, Radcliffe-Russell
Radcliffe, Carrie Photo (16 items)
Revelle, William H. Photo
Revelle Hamilton Photo [see NY Daily Mirror 13 November 1915, folio photo-in folio box]
Ring, Blanche newsclip
Robertson, Forbes Photo; newsclip (2)
Robertson, Helen Photo (2)
Robinson, Forrest folio photo-in folio box (with group)
Robson, Eleanor Photo; folio photo-in folio box
Rocamora, Suzanne Photo
Rorke, Kate Photo newsclip
Ross, Thomas newsclip
Russell, Annie Photo; newsclip
10Rice, Fanny Photo; folio photo-in folio box letterhead; Christmas card (6, 2, 10 items)
11Individual Personalities, Sardou-Sullivan
Sardou, Victorien Photo (21 items)
Salvini Photo (4)
Scalaberni, Margherita Photo
Schade, Anita Photo
Scheff, Fritz folio photo-in folio box (2)
Schumann-Heink, MMe newsclip
Shannon, Effie Photo
Simpson, Ohiridah Photo
Smith, W. W. Photo
Sothern, E. H. Photo; newsclip
Spong, Miss folio photo-in folio box
Starr, Frances Photo [see NY Daily Mirror 1-27-15 in folio photo-in folio box]
Stoddart, J. H. Photo
Stone, Fred newsclip
Strauss, Johann Photo
Strauss, Oscar Photo
Strauss, Richard Photo; [wife] Photo
Studdiford, Grace von Photo
Sullivan, John T. folio photo-in folio box
12Individual Personalities, Schraders
Schrader, Frederick F. Photo; newsclip (9, 2, 14 items)
Schrader, Marie Photo; newsclip (2)
13Individual Personalities, Taber-Tyler
Taber, Robert S. Photo (8 items)
Templeton, Fay folio photo-in folio box; Photo [see NYDNews 1904]
Thompson, W. H. folio photo-in folio box (with group)
Thurston, Adelaide Photo
Trenlanore (?), Chevalier Guetano Photo (3)
Trentini, Emma Photo (also with J. C. Thomas)
Tyler, Odette newsclip
14Thomas, John Charles Photo; folio photo-in folio box; newsclip [see NYDM 11 December 15] (10, 11 items)
15Van Studdiford, Grace newsclip
16Individual Personalities, W
Wainwright, Marie Photo (11 items)
Warfield, David newsclip
Walker, Charlotte Photo; newsclip
Weldon, Mortimer Photo
Willard, E. S. Photo
Wilson, Francis newsclip
Wilstack, Frank J. Photo
Woods, Elliott Photo; folio photo-in folio box
Wyngate, Charles newsclip (2)
17unknowns (37 items)
18unknowns (24 items)

3. Printed and graphic materials

31Programs, magazines, etc.
Alone at Last by Franz Lehar
Berkeley Theatre, NY, 1912
Brown, George Whitefield, Funeral Sermon, 1834
Chase's, Washington DC, 1903
26th Connecticut State Saengerfest, 1937
Der Freyschutz, Boston
Everybody's Magazine, re Lord Northcliffe, April 1917
Empire Theatre
Fatinitza, Boston, 1979
5th Ave. Theatre, New York
Lyric Theatre
Maxine Elliott's Theatre, 1912
Metropolitan Opera House
New National Theatre, Washington DC (2)
Park Theatre-'The Wild Cat'
Song World
Teatro Arben
Vanity Fair
Washington, City of-US Theatre
4 Post cards and Photographs
Parc de Versailles, 1914 to Mrs Schrader
Port Chester NY
5 men in uniform
Wild Cat, Park Theatre
Photo small city view
Photo St. Louis, authors, promotors & backers of "A Modern..." men fencing
Photo group in front of Hotel Regis, Mexico City, 1920
Photo group on SS President Lincoln, June 1911
Photo lady cut from larger photo
Photo building with awnings
Photo Whitney Theatre, 1911
Photo Whitney street level, 1911
Photo Marie Schrader 1907 at 2nd balcony sign [Belasco Theatre] men at Belasco Theatre
Photo Grey Fiske & Frank Belasco
Photo statue of boy mounted on board with violets hand painted Die Loreley 6 negatives
5Misc. newsclips, mostely about theatre in general (8 items)

4. Oversized materials

44. Oversized materials
folio photo-in folio box-Includes individual photos already listed with other boxes as being folio. Also includes the following:
Unknown photos
Script for "Peter & Pepita"
New York Dramatic Mirror, 13 November 1915, cover
New York Dramatic Mirror, 27 January 1915
New York Dramatic Mirror, 15 December 1915
New York Dramatic Mirror, 22 April 1916
New York Dramatic Mirror, 29 June 1916
New York Dramatic News
St. Louis Famous Summer Theatre
Teatro Esberanza-Iris