Robert Stephen Wilson collection

Robert Stephen Wilson collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Wilson, Robert Stephen
Title: Robert Stephen Wilson collection
Dates: 1788-1982
Quantity: 5.6 Linear feet 10 document boxes, 2 half boxes, 1 slide box, 1 oversized box
Coll. Number: ms2625

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains correspondence, documents, research notes, genealogical material, and other papers, chiefly relating to the Clark (Clarke) and Mounger families of Georgia. Persons represented include John Clark (1766-1832) and his father, Elijah Clarke (1733-1799).

Index Terms

Clark family
Clark, John, 1766-1832
Clarke family
Clarke, Elijah, 1733-1799
Family papers.
Mounger family

Administrative Information

Custodial History note

Gift of Ms. Helen Mitchem and Ms. Frances Clark Wilson Leahy, 1989.

Preferred Citation note

Robert Stephen Wilson collection, ms2625, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

Livingston-Wilson, 1964-1967

11Corr.: Livingston-Wilson, 1964
2Corr.: Livingston-Wilson, 1965
3Corr.: Livingston-Wilson, 1965
4Corr.: Livingston-Wilson, 1966
5Corr.: Livingston-Wilson, 1967

Younger Family, 1803-1928

21Corr., Sam? Mounger to Edwin Mounger, 1803
2Corr., Edwin Mounger to Edwin Mounger (Xerox), 1808
3Corr., Edwin Mounger to ?, 1808 ((xerox))
4Corr., resignation as collector, Savannah, Edwin Mounger, 1808 ((xerox))
5Corr., recommendation to West Point for Elijah Mounger by ?, 1820 ((xerox))
6Corr., recommendation to West Point for Elijah Mounger by M. Waddel, 1821 ((xerox))
7Corr., acceptance of appointment, Elijah Mounger to J.C. Calhoun, 1821 ((xerox))
8Corr., to Edwin Mounger, 1827
9Corr., Amane Hobson to John C. Mounger, 1832
10Papers, account records, John C. Mounger, 1833
11Corr., Thomas Mounger to John C. Mounger, 1833
12Corr., Thomas Mounger to John C. Mounger, 1835
13Corr., Howell Cobb to Gov. Schley, 1836
14Papers, Houston county court document, Allison Allen, 1836
15Corr., Amanda Lackey to Sarah Price, 1848
16Corr., William Lackey to L.E. Mounger, 1849
17Corr., W.H. Allen to Elizabeth Mounger, 1850
18Corr., Walton P. Clark to John & Edwin Mounger, 1851
19Corr., to John R. Allen, 1851?
20Corr., Elizabeth Hobson to Edwin Mounger, 1851
21Corr., W.P. Clark to John Mounger?, 1854
22Corr., John C. Mounger to Lucie, 1858
23Corr., Elizabeth Hobson to Edwin Mounger, 1860
24Corr., Clara Price to aunt & uncle, 1860
25Corr., Elizabeth Hobson to Edwin Mounger?, 1861
26Corr., ? to Lucie H. Mounger, 1863
27Corr., M. Horn? to John C. Mounger, 1863
28Corr., R.P. Lester to John C. Mounger, 1863
29Corr., ? to Brig., Gen. G.T. Anderson, 1863
30Corr., John & Tom? to mother, 1863
31Corr., William? to Mrs. E. Mounger, 1863
32Corr., sister to L.H. Mounger, 1864
33Corr., E.O. Mounger to Father, 1864
34Corr., E.H. Mounger to E.O. Mounger, 1866
35Corr., A.M. Lackey to sister, 1866
36Corr., A.M. Lackey to sister, 1868
37Corr., E. Hobson to Edwin Mounger, 1870
38Corr., E. Hobson to Edwin Mounger, 1870
39Corr., George Wharten? to E. Hobson, 1870
40Corr., E.J. Mounger to Ms. Lanier, 1871
41Corr., George Wharten? to E. Hobson, 1872
42Corr., M.E. Mason to Mr. Mounger, 1874
43Papers, elegy to Clara Price Mounger by Rev. M.W. Arnold, 1880
44Corr., A.M. Lackey to sister, 1880
45Corr., L.H. Price to Elizabeth Mounger, 1881
46Corr., William to Elizabeth Mounger, 1881
47Corr., Tom Mounger to E.O. Mounger, 1881
48Corr., W.H. Allen to son, 1881
49Corr., Edwin O. Mounger to Mary Jane Mounger Wilson, 1893
50Corr., Troy Renfroe to S.A. Wilson, 1898
51Corr., C.C. Shriver to Monger(sic), 1901
52Corr., to Frances Mounger, 1904
53Corr., Tom Allen to Annie, 1905
54Corr., Jennie M. Wilson to W.D. Lee, 1907
55Corr., Mrs. W.W. Stewart to Ms. Lee, 1907
56Corr., to Frances Mounger, 1907
57Corr., Mollie Williams to Mary Jane Mounger Wilson, 1907
58Corr., Mary Jane Wilson to Mollie Williams, 1907
59Corr., Mollie Willians to Mary Jane Wilson, 1907
60Corr., Mary Jane Wilson to Mollie Williams, 1907
61Corr., Mollie Williams to Mary Jane Wilson, 1908
62Corr., Julia Frances Williams Campbell to Jennie Wilson, 1908
63Corr., Alice B.? to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1908
64Corr., Mrs. W.D. Lee to cousin, 1907
65Corr., from Elizabeth Talbot Belt (wife of Gov. Talbot), 1908
66Corr., Metta Thompson to Mrs. W.W. Stewart, 1908
67Corr., Mary Mounger Williams to Mary Jane Wilson, 1908
68Corr., Metta Thompson to cousin, 1908
69Corr., Thomas Mason to S.H. Wilson, 1909
70Corr., Mrs. T.P. High to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1909
71Corr., Metta Thompson to Mary Jane Mounger, 1909
72Corr., George G. Smith to Mr. S.A. Wilson, 1909
73Corr., Mrs. G.R. Golden to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1909
74Corr., Rev. E.H. Mounger to Mrs. W.W.Stewart, 1910
75Corr., J.W. Nisbet to Mrs. W.W. Stewart, 1910
76Corr., Metta Thompson to Mrs. Stephen Wilson, 1910
77Corr., A.B. Caldwell to Mrs. W.W. Steve, 1910
78Corr., D.A.R. resolution, death of Mrs. Stewart, 1911?
79Corr., H.C. Mounger to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1911
80Corr., Mollie Williams to Mary Jane Wilson, 1911
81Corr., Edwin H. Mounger to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1911
82Corr., Mrs. S.A. Wilson: to Asa Candle re. moving remains, 1912
83Corr., Annie M. Russell to Victor Lani, 1912
84Corr., Leonora Mounger Ticknor to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1913
85Corr., Mounger info. from Leonora Mounger Ticknor, 1913
86Corr., Frances Mounger to Mary Jane Mounger Wilson, 1919
87Corr., Frances Mounger to Mary Jane Wilson, 1921
88Corr., R.B. Kimble to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1921
89Corr., Mrs. E.A. Thomas to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1923
90Corr., Mrs. W.A. Capps to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1923
91Corr., to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, 1923 ((xerox))
92Corr., Leola Belson to Annie Russell, 1924
93Corr., Grace Gillam Davidson to Mrs. Fred R. Wilson, 1928
94Corr. Mrs. H.A. Hickman to Mrs. S.A. Wilson, undated
95Corr., E.O. Mounger to father, undated
96Papers, resolution on death of Lt. Col. John C. Mounger, undated
97Corr., Elizabeth Hobson to Fannie Mounger, undated

Wilson Family, 1874-1959

31Corr.-Wilson, 1874-1922
2Corr.-Wilson, 1923-1942
3Corr.-Wilson, 1943-1959

2. Robert Stephen Wilson Files

34-9Correspondence - personal, 1963-1982
10Personal papers
11Photographs - Wilson
12Research aids

3. Genealogies

41Genealogies: Allen
2Genealogies: Allen, clippings
3Genealogies: Allen, Elizabeth: diary
4Genealogies: Allison
5Genealogies: Allison
6Genealogies: Ball
7Genealogies: Beckwith
8Genealogies: Bozeman
9Genealogies: Brandon
10Genealogies: Briggs
11Genealogies: Chambliss
12Genealogies: Chappell
5Genealogies: Clark
1Genealogies: Clark
2Genealogies: Clark
3Genealogies: Clark, Carolinas
4Genealogies: Clark, Elijah
5Genealogies: Clark, Elijah
6Genealogies: Clark, Elijah portrait
7Genealogies: Clark, Elijah Jr.
8Genealogies: Clark, Gibson
9Genealogies: Clark, John
10Genealogies: Clark, Lewis & Walton P.
61Genealogies: Creed
2Genealogies: Criss
3Genealogies: Duke
4Genealogies: Gray
5Genealogies: Gray
6Genealogies: Gray
71Genealogies: Gray
2Genealogies: Harrington
3Genealogies: Harris
4Genealogies: Hobson
5Genealogies: Hobson
6Genealogies: Irby
7Genealogies: Jones
8Genealogies: Lanier
9Genealogies: Lucas
10Genealogies: Maltby
11Genealogies: Martin
12Genealogies: Martin
81Genealogies: Mounger
2Genealogies: Mounger
3Genealogies: Mounger
4Genealogies: Mounger
5Genealogies: Mounger
6Genealogies: Mounger
7Genealogies: Mounger, Edwin
8Genealogies: Mounger, Edwin Jr.
9Genealogies: Mounger, Edwin Jr. acct. book
10Genealogies: Mounger, Edwin Jr. acct. book (xerox)
91Genealogies: Mounger, England
2Genealogies: Mounger, Georgia
3Genealogies: Mounger, Henry
4Genealogies: Mounger, John C.
5Genealogies: Mounger, John: obit
6Genealogies: Mounger, Miss.
7Genealogies: Mounger, N.C.
8Genealogies: Mounger, Sampson
9Genealogies: Mounger, strays
10Genealogies: Mounger, Thomas
11Genealogies: Mounger, VA
12Genealogies: Mounger, William H.
101Genealogies: Northington
2Genealogies: Nutt
3Genealogies: Rideout
4Genealogies: Russell
5Genealogies: Rutledge
6Genealogies: Smith (Clark)
7Genealogies: Stewart
8aGenealogies: Talbot (Mounger)
8bGenealogies: Terrell (Mounger)
9Genealogies: Thompson (Clark)
10Genealogies: Walton (Clark)
11Genealogies: Whitmell
12Genealogies: Williamson (Clark)
13Genealogies: Willis (Mounger)
14Genealogies: Wilson
15Genealogies: Wingfield
16Genealogies: Woodruff
17Genealogies: miscellaneous
11Genealogy Cards: A-Mc
12Genealogy Cards: M-Z
13Genealogy: miscellaneous