Trinity Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.) records

Trinity Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.) records

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Trinity Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.).
Title: Trinity Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.) records
Dates: 1834-1974
Quantity: 20.8 Linear feet 20 document boxes, 1 half box, 10 oversized boxes, 6 oversized folders
Coll. Number: ms2543

Biographical/Historical Note

Trinity Episcopal Church was established in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia in 1834.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of minutes, church registers containing communicants, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, and lists of families, vestry minutes, registers of church services, attendance and pledge records, financial records, choir notes, and materials relating to the church's history. The collection also contains the record book of St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.) and printed material including the proceedings of the Protestant Episcopal Church Diocese of Georgia (1846-1878, with gaps) and the Diocese of Atlanta (1907-1921, with gaps)

Index Terms

Baptismal records--Georgia.
Birth records.
Burial records.
Church records and registers--Georgia.
Church records.
Columbus (Ga.)
Confirmation records--Georgia--Muscogee County.
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Atlanta.
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Georgia.
Marriage records.
Muscogee County (Ga.)
St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.).

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Trinity Episcopal Church (Columbus, Ga.) records, ms2543, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Reverend William Douglas Cairns, 1837-1850
a sermon preached by him June 4, 1837
2Reverend William Cunningham Hunter, 1871-1900
listing of events during his tenure
2Samuel Smith Harris (Bishop of Michigan, 1879), 1871
correspondence into his history/family
3Photographs - Bishop Harris, Bishop Scott, Mr. Hanks, and Reverend William Cunningham Hunter
4Very Reverend Samuel Alston Wragg, 1907-1932
some articles and notes about him, his children and grandchildren
4Reverend Harry G. Walker, 1935-1945
5Reverend Colin Campbell, 1946-1966
many articles, including work for the homeless boys' camp in Germany
5Reverend Norman Siefferman, 1966-1979
some articles
5Church without a minister - correspondence, 1980-1981
articles about some assistant rectors are also included
6Peabody Family-prominent early family, notes and articles
7Richard Finney, sexton-articles
7Personalities, 1937-1973
Trinity church members featured in various articles
7War-time Efforts of Trinity Church-World War II
8Memoranda of Johanne Lange (Miss)
includes several photographs of Johanne Lange, her school diary dated September 1891-February 1892, and a written outline of the Bible in drama form
9Memoranda of Johanne Lange (Miss)
notes on the Cozy Tea Room and history of Trinity Church
10Daisy Ticknor's writings
poems, she was the Educational Director during the mid-1950s
21Boar's Head Trinity Film
2General church history
3Reverend Colin Campbell's History of Trinity
rough drafts, notes
4Georgia Review-"Bishop Stephen Elliot and the Confederate Episcopal Church"
5Trinity Church bell history
6Paintings in Trinity Church-history
7Plans for stained glass windows
including uncovering of the cornerstone
9Blue prints of the church
includes original plans for St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Columbus, Georgia
10Building plans for church organ
11Sara Louise Wise estate papers-money used to rebuild the church organ
12History of the church, collected for 125th anniversary
31Individual records, A - H
2Individual records, I - Ri
3Individual records, Ro - Z
4Individual records, A - Z
5Individual records, A - Z
6Correspondence regarding individual records
These records contain church members' names, addresses, births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, and lists of family members primarily from about 1880 to 1945.
41Vestry minutes, 1940-1945
2Vestry minutes, 1946-1951
3Vestry minutes, 1955-1957
4Vestry minutes, 1957-1959
5Vestry minutes, 1967-1971
The vestry minutes include discussion of changes to the buildings/grounds owned by Trinity, including the parish house, all actions that affect the finances of the church are presented, and yearly reports by the choir, woman's auxillary and guilds, and church school are included. The Trinity Church constitution and by-laws and discriptions for the guilds are here.
6Guest register, 1955
Includes name, address, phone number; several from Fort Benning
7Guest register, 1960-1972
51General Accounts, 1937-1947
2General Accounts, 1948-1949
3General Accounts, 1948-1949
4Record of Salaries, 1949
Gross, withholding tax, net salaries for Richard Finney, Garnet Brunty, Reverend Colin R. Campbell, layworkers, organists and soloists
5General Accouts, 1979
6Taxes, 1979
7Trinity Parish School-Tax and Insurance Forms, 1951-1952
8Trinity Periodical Club
Includes articles from 1918-1925, correspondence between Miss Lange and Alberta Sauls, Diocese of Atlanta, and resignation of Miss Lange
9Deposit Record-Merchants and Mechanics Bank, 1946-1950
61Pledge records, 1947-1948
2Pledge records, A - J
3Pledge records, K - Y
4Contributor records, 1949
Records monies pledged for the church financial year by each member and the actual amounts returned
71Church School check book, 1944-1948
2Church School check book, 1948-1950
3Church School and Memorial fund, 1949-1950
4Memorial fund/Thank offering fund checking account records, 1949-1956
5Church School accounts, 1938-1946
6Church School accounts, 1946-1949
7Sunday School offering, 1945-1950
81Ledger-Altar Guild Accounts, 1904-1911
Names, dues paid, itemized receipts/expenditures
2Ledger-Altar Guild Reports, 1903-1910
Notes of meetings including lists of new members, resignation of Miss Lange in 1906
3Ledger-Altar Guild Reports, 1911
4Ledger-Altar Guild, 1912-1920
5Ledger-St. Anne's Guild, 1938-1944
Names, dues paid, itemized receipts/expenditures
6Ledger-Women's Guild, 1905-1920
All guilds report to women's guild, contains records regarding the Cozy Tea Room
7Ledger-Women of Trinity Episcopal Church, 1960-1969
Itemized receipts/expenditures, contains records about ballet and ballroom dance classes and the Boar's Head Festival
91Abstract of Title, 1909-1941
2Warranty Deeds
3Bond for Title-Virginia E. Garrett
Purchase of land in 1908
4Appraisal/Correspondence-Land at 1120 First Avenue
Life estate conveyed to Bessie Heuer
5Property papers-Wildwood Circle, Winchester Subdivision, and Wynnton Road
6Mortgage, loan, lease papers
7Gold bonds
8Gold bonds
9Gold bonds
101Choir notes, 1937-1939
2Choir notes, 1940
First annual attendance contest closes, transporation needs addressed
3Choir notes, 1941
4Choir notes, 1942
Dedication of the new organ, beginning of notes about soldiers
5Choir notes, 1943
Letters from soldiers copied on back of notes, frequent names over the next four years include Maj. Arthur P. Evans, Capt. George E. Bushong, Sgt. Carroll Wolford, PFC Richard Dabney, and Clarence W. Doane
6Choir notes, 1944
Many notes about/from soldiers during WWII
7Choir notes, 1945
Letter from Y. Y. Tsu, Bishop of Kunming, China, death of Rev. Harry G. Walker in May, choir performs on the radio
8Choir notes, 1946
9Choir notes, 1947
H. Wayne Patterson "President Pat" begins editing Choir notes
10Choir notes, 1948
Church bulletins are included with the notes
111Choir notes, 1949
Firth "Grandpa" Lockwood reminisces about Trinity-August 9; WWII Army choir members name, addresses, and notes
2Choir notes, 1950
Letter by Max D. Dexter recounting early 1900s church members; newspaper clippings of people/events at Trinity
3Choir notes, 1951
Church choir photograph, labeled
4Choir notes, 1952
Choir goes to Glenville, Alambama in May; ordination of Martin Dewey Gable, Jr.
5Choir notes, 1953
Death of Very Reverend Samuel Alston Wragg
6Choir notes, 1954
Organist resigns, photo of Carl Fudge-interim organist
7Choir notes, 1955
Deaths of "President Pat's" wife, Isobel Patterson, and "Grandma" Lockwood
8Choir notes, 1956
Includes photos of some of the choir members
121Choir notes, 1957
Anne Coulter's car is stolen; Walter Sitarz's marriage announcement; 10 year editorship by "President Pat" (9 July)
2Choir notes, 1958
Death of Wallace Barber; ordination of Mr. Lorraine Bosch; beginnings of St. Thomas Church mentioned
3Choir notes, 1959
Building of St. Thomas Church (September 15)
4Choir notes, 1960
Beginning of plans to renovate the organ; air conditioning first installed
5Choir notes, 1961
News from WWII veterans and other prior members; Israel Chalmers returns; H. Wayne Patterson marries Mrs. Mary Willis Wheat
6Choir notes, 1962
Rev. Colin Campbell out sick; letter from Bob Lindsey in Korea; many weddings announced; renewed organ
7Choir notes, 1963
"Grandpa" Firth Lockwood dies (July)
8Choir notes, 1964
Four downtown churches combine services
9Choir notes, 1965
Bob Spiller sends greetings from Vietnam; church begins new addition
10Choir notes, 1966
Bob Spiller (Maj. R. E. Spiller) sends greetings from Vietnam; choir photo (labeled) included
11Choir notes, 1967
Bishop Claiborne comes for confirmations; death of Evelyn Smith
12Choir notes, 1968
Assistant Rector Little leaves; Bruce Livengood resigns as choir director and Tommy Orr takes his place; several old-timers die including Col. Cecil L. Rutledge
131Choir notes, 1969
"President Pat" goes in the hospital; Cliff (VicePresident of the choir guild) and Lillie Woodhead leave the choir; choir photo (labeled)
2Choir notes, 1970
History of Trinity Choir in relation to the Springer Theater Co. presented; stained-glass window dedicated to "Grandpa" Firth Lockwood; choir photo (labeled)
3Choir notes, 1971
Florence C. Whitaker dies; Bishop Claiborne resigns; new organ dedicated; choir photo (labeled)
4Choir notes, 1972
H. Wayne "President Pat" Patterson resigns as president of Trinity Choir
5Choir notes, 1973
Picture of H. Wayne Patterson; death of Richard Finney, sexton; Mary Livengood returns
6Choir notes, 1974
Death of Annie Stevens Heard; "Choir Notes" goes on monthly schedule
7Trinity Church Choir photos, 1973
8Trinity Church music
List of songs for Easter, 1940 and list of songs for choir's Spring Festival
9H. Wayne Patterson's vacation at Point Vedre, 1946
diary of his vacation
10Choir-miscellanous notes
H. Wayne Patterson resigns from the choir; letters regarding the death of "Grandpa" Firth Lockwood
141Choir Attendance Records, 1943-1952
2Choir Attendance Records, 1953-1962
3Choir Attendance Records, 1963-1972
The choir attendance records contain the names of all members each month for the year indicated. It shows if the member was present or absent for rehearsal, Sunday morning service and evening vespers. Occassionally the reason for the absence is given.
151Diocese of Georgia - Journal of the Convention, 1846 1848 1851 1852 1870
The Journal of the Convention contains the names of delegates elected to attend the convention and indicates if they were present or not. Following the Bishop's address are the reports of individual churches, then the Episcopal Church constitution as it stands.
1Diocese of Georgia - First Annual Council, 1864
Held at Trinity Church, Columbus, Georgia
1Address to Members and Friends, 1856
Plans to establish a university for training pastors in the Episcopal church
2Diocese of Georgia - Journal of the Convention, 1871-1878
3Diocese of Georgia - Journal of the Convention, 1879-1903
161Missions Pamphlets
Domestic and world missions opportunities, 1934
2Story of the Work of the Army and Navy Department of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew During the Great War, 1917-1919
J. Nelson Frierson of Trinity Church in pictured here and mention of the church's involvement with Camp Jackson
3Annual Report of the Board of Missions, 1915-1918
Reports from the domestic and foreign mission fields of the Episcopal church
4The Junior Annual of the Diocese of Atlanta, 1915-1917
Contains essays/stories written by young girls in the Diocese of Georgia. Those from Trinity Church include Louise Alston Wragg (1915, 1916), Francis Marcum (1917) and Katherine Lind (1917).
5Tradition and Tomorrow: Diocese of Atlanta Diocesan Development Fund
Presented to establish a fund for missions, training of leaders, renovating Mikell Conference Center, and loan fund for area churches.
6The Young Churchman, 1887-1896
*Removed to oversize drawer, folder #4 Small newspaper presenting religious stories, sermons and news about various parishes/rectors
171Diocese of Atlanta-Journal of the Council
2Diocese of Atlanta-Journal of the Council
3Diocese of Atlanta-Journal of the Council
Diocese of Atlanta was formed in 1907 by dividing Georgia into two separate dioceses. The journal presents the same format as the Diocese of Georgia journal.
181Baptisms, 1949-1953
2Baptisms, 1954-1959
3Baptisms, 1960-1969
4Confirmations, 1957-1960
5Confirmations, 1953-1956
191Confirmations, 1957-1960
2Confirmations, 1961-1965
3Confirmations, 1966-1969
3Marriages, 1949-1969
4Burials, 1947-1955
5Burials, 1956-1969
201Memorial fund
2Diocese of Atlanta 13th Annual Council Meeting (journal), 1920
3Newcomers, 1958-1963
4Transfers (out), 1936-1952
5Transfers (out), 1953-1985
6Transfers (out), 1957-1959
211Transfers (out), 1960-1964
2Transfers (out), 1965-1969
3Transfers (in), 1945-1952
4Transfers (in), 1953-1957
5Transfers (in), 1959-1962
6Transfers (in), 1963-1969
OS Box
22Record Book No. 1, 1834-1907
Contains the marriage, baptism, confimation, communicant and burial records for Trinity Episcopal Church.
Record Book No. 2, 1904-1927
Contains index, rectors, communicants, baptisms, confirmation, marriages, burials, and list of families for Trinity Episcopal Church. Baptism information includes the parents, sponsors, birth place and date, baptism place and date, and minister. Burial records include the name, sex, age, last residence, date of death, cause (if known), place of interment, date of burial and minister.
OS Box
23St. Mary's Parish Record Book, 1903-1911
Contains index, rectors, communicants, baptisms, confirmations, marriages (1902-1912), burials (1901-1913), and list of families.
Record Book No. 3, 1928-1942
Trinity Episcopal Church records. Contains index, baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial records.
Record Book No. 4, 1942-1953
Trinity Episcopal Church records. Contains, index, baptism, confirmation, burial (1942-1967), and marriage records (1942-June 1950).
Personal Data Book, 1865-1936
Contains dates of birth, baptism, death, etc.
OS Box
24Book of Common Prayer, 1662
Published 1891
Register of Church Services, 1934-1952
Includes date, type of service, place, time, attendance numbers, communions, offering, name of celebrant or officiant and memoranda. Memoranda consists of notes about the weather or other items of note. After 1935 there are fewer notes and no offering is indicated. The front of the book gives the names of pastors during the interim beween Very Rev. Alson Wragg and Rev. Harry G. Walker.
Register of Church Services, 1952-1955
Register of Church Services, 1955-1957
Register of Church Services, 1957-1961
Register of Church Services, 1962-1968
OS Box
25Records of Trinity Church, Columbus, Georgia, vol. 1, 1834-1907
Inside front cover contains a map of the Diocese of Georgia, 1905. This record contains the minutes for the first meetings in which Trinity Church was organized and the original by-laws. The vestry minutes from 1834 through 1907 are recorded here. There were pew rents for 1837-1839 recorded. Also in the record book is a copy of the Parish Record, vol. 1, no. 1, April 3, 1888.
OS Box
26Records of Trinity Church, Columbus, Georgia, vol. 2
Contains the vestry minutes for 1907 through February, 1939. In the vestry minutes are the letters/reports regarding the resignation of Rev. Geoffrey C. Hinshelwood and a register of all people attending the centennial celebration of Trinity Church. Included with the centennial celebration records are letters from Rev. Clarence S. Wood and the Very Rev. S. Alston Wragg and an 18-page typed history of Trinity Church. Also in this record book are a copy of the Parish Record, vol. 1, no. 2, April 17, 1888 and the Trinity Record, vol. XIII, no. 6, September 1920.
OS Box
27The Duplex Individual Record books, 1926-1931
The records indicate each church member's name, address, pledges made and the actual amounts of monies returned to Trinity Episcopal Church for the year indicated.
OS Box
28Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1919-1920
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1920-1925
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1926-1927
OS Box
29Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1928-1929
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1925-1931
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1930-1935
OS Box
30Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1936-1944
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1945-1951
Treasurer's Fund (Financial Records), 1951-1961
OS Box
31General Fund, 1955-1961
125th Anniversary Expansion Fund Scrapbook, 1959
125th Anniversary Expansion Fund Journal, 1959-1973
OS Folder
OS Folder
OS Folder
OS Folder
2ARecords "The Young Churchman"
OS Folder
1ANewspaper articles
OS Folder
4BDeeds, Land Surveys, Abstract