Marel Brown papers

Marel Brown papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Brown, Alex Booth
Creator: Brown, Marel, 1899-
Title: Marel Brown papers
Dates: circa 1900-1991
Quantity: 20.0 Linear feet (34 document boxes, 3 half boxes, 1 card file box, 1 oversized box)
Coll. Number: ms2542.TEMP

Biographical/Historical Note

Marel Brown was born in Carroll County, Georgia in December of 1899. She is a writer of inspirational poetry, short stories, three juvenile stories and several magazine articles. Among the books she has written are Lily May and Dan, 1946; The Greshams of Greenway, 1950 and a book of three juvenile stories called The Cherry Children published in 1957.

In addition to those writings, she has had published a fiction story titled Three Wise Women of the East as well as four books containing poetry and essays. Of the four poetry and essay books, most noted are Fence Corners, 1952 and The Shape of a Song, 1968 which contains writings from other writers as well.

Marel Brown has received numerous awards for her writings including The Dixie Council's Poet of the Year Award, The Atlanta Writers' Club Writer of the Year Award and many more. She has also had mention in many Who's Who publications about authors and women.

Scope and Content Note

The Marel Brown Collection was acquired by the University of Georgia's Hargrett Library on August 20, 1987, September 1987, and after Marel Brown's death in 1991. The 1987 donations were given by Marel Brown, and many notations by her were included with the material. There are two previous Marel Brown collections, Ms 272 and Ms 2346.

Margaret Elizabeth Snow Brown penned the name Marel from the first syllable of her two first names. She was an Atlanta author who wrote children's stories, inspirational poetry and articles, and biographies. She had nine published books and numerous published writings.

The Marel Brown Collection consists of 38 boxes. Boxes 1 and 2 contain biographical information. Box 1 contains folders 1:1-1:16. Folder 1:1 contains biographical information. Folder 1:2 contains personal items, such as a marriage license, and family items, such as Snow and Summers genealogy. Folder 1:3 contains papers from Marel Brown's school years. Folder 1:4 contains programs attended, such as plays. Folder 1:5 contains information about Brown's church activities, mainly at Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta. Folder 1:6 contains notes Brown wrote on various subjects. Folders 1:7-1:16 contains clippings organized either by date or subject. Box 2 contains folders 2:1-2:4 which include Brown's appointment calendars, Bible, scrapbooks, and wedding book.

Boxes 3-13 contain correspondence. Box 3 contains folders 3:1-3:7 which include correspondence dated 1900-1970. Folder 3:1 contains many letters dated 1900-1929 to Marel Brown from her father, George Snow, and her husband, Alex B. Brown. Folder 3:2 contains correspondence dated 1930-1939. Folder 3:3 contains correspondence dated 1940-1949. Folder 3:4 contains correspondence dated 1950-1959. Folder 3:5 contains correspondence dated 1960-1968. Folder 3:6 contains correspondence dated 1969, much of it concerning the Brown's 50th wedding anniversary. Folder 3:7 contains correspondence dated 1970.

Box 4 contains folders 4:1-4:6 which include correspondence dated 1971-1979 August. Folder 4:1 contains correspondence dated 1971-1972. Folder 4:2 contains correspondence dated 1973-1974. Although folder 4:3 contains correspondence dated 1975-1976, the correspondence concerning Alex Brown's death in 1975 has been placed with the Alex Brown papers in box 34. Folder 4:4 contains correspondence dated 1977. Folder 4:5 contains correspondence dated 1978. Folder 4:6 contains correspondence dated 1979 January-August. Box 5 contains folders 5:1-5:6 which include correspondence dated 1979 September-1980. Box 6 contains folders 6:1-6:5 which include correspondence dated 1981-1982 June. Box 7 contains folders 7:1-7:6 which include correspondence dated 1982 July-1983. Box 8 contains folders 8:1-8:7 which include correspondence dated 1984-1985 July. Box 9 contains folders 9:1-9:7 which include correspondence dated 1985 August-1986. Box 10 contains folders 10:1-10:8 which include correspondence dated 1987-1988. Box 11 contains folders 11:1-11:7 which include correspondence dated 1989-1990 November. Box 12 contains folders 12:1-12:7 which include correspondence dated 1990 December-1991 and invitations. Folders 12:4-12:7 contain inviations dated 1933-1991. These invitations are to various events, such as weddings, graduations, parties, banquets, and meetings. Box 13 contains folders 13:1-13:6 which include undated letters, greeting cards, and empty envelopes. Folder 13:1-13:2 contain undated letters. Folder 13:3 contains undated get well cards. Folder 13:4 contains undated Christmas cards. Folder 13:5 contains other undated greeting cards. Folder 13:6 contains several empty envelopes.

Boxes 14-22 contain writings of Marel Brown. The writings are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Box 14 contains folders 14:1-14:8 which include poems and articles with titles A-H. Box 15 contains folders 15:1-15:6 which include poems and articles with titles I-O. Box 16 contains folders 16:1-16:8 which include poems and articles with titles P-T. Box 17 contains folders 17:1-17:9. Folders 17:1-17:5 contain poems and articles with titles U-Z. Folder 17:6 contains untitled writings or several writings on one page. Folder 17:7 contains poetry Brown wrote while taking the Laramore Poetry Course. Folder 17:8 contains writings Brown presented at the Ladies Burns Club meetings. Folder 17:9 contains meditations written for the Upper Room publication.

Box 18 contains folders 18:1-18:11 which include book manuscripts with titles A-Le. All of these folders, except 18:6, contain typed copies and rough drafts of manuscripts that were never published. Folder 18:6 contains material pertaining to Brown's published book Fence Corners. Box 19 contains folders 19:1-19:9 which include book manuscripts with titles Li-P. Folder 19:5 contains only the rough notes for "Poets of DeKalb County". Folders 19:6-19:9 pertain to the book Presenting Georgia Poets. Marel Brown had many problems with the publication of this book and the publisher Harvey Dan Abrams, as seen in the corrections in folder 19:7. Folder 19:9 contains notes on the original idea for the book 25 years before in 1964. Box 20 contains folders 20:1-20:11 which include book manuscripts with titles Q-Z. Folder 20:2 contains an unbound copy of The Shape of a Song. Folder 20:5 contains only the outline for "Suppose I Hadn't". Folder 20:8 contains a printed copy of Three Wise Women of the East. There is also a Japanese version translated by a friend of Brown's and a play adaptation that was used in churches. Box 21 contains folders 21:1-21:7. Folder 21:1 contains calendars which Marel Brown made each month for the door of her apartment at the Regency House. Folders 21:2-21:3 contain notebooks of writings for the years 1989-1991. A change in her handwriting is apparent in the final months of Marel Brown's life. Folder 21:4 contains a script for a radio show and several plays written by Brown. Folder 21:5 contains reviews and criticisms by Brown of other authors' writings. Folder 21:6 contains lists and notations about published writings and prizes won. Folder 21:7 contains a notebook list of contest poems from 1954 to 1986. Box 22 contains index cards and cassette tapes. The cards list published and unpublished writings, giving such information as date of acceptance for publication. The tapes are labelled: 1980 Tennessee Workshop, Poetry Day 1985, IBC Evening of Poetry 1980 and 1984, and "Process Your Poetry in a Blender".

Boxes 23-28 pertain to literary organizations. Box 23 contains folders 23:1-23:12 which include information about the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW). Folders 23:1-23:10 contain programs, memos, and souvenirs of NLAPW conventions 1976-1988. Folder 23:11 contains papers of the Atlanta branch of NLAPW. Folder 23:12 contains general papers of the NLAPW. Box 24 contains folders 24:1-24:3. Folder 24:1 contains NLAPW membership roster booklets for the years 1964-1974. Folder 24:2 contains "Pen Woman" booklets in which Brown is mentioned. Folder 24:3 contains "Pen-Graphs" newsletters in which Brown is mentioned.

Box 25 contains folders 25:1-25:7. Folder 25:1 contains papers concerning the Atlanta Writers Club. Folder 25:2 contains the Atlanta Writers Club newsletters "Quill". Folder 25:3 contains papers concerning the Village Writers Group. Folder 25:4 contains papers concerning the Ladies Burns Club in Atlanta. Folder 25:5 contains papers concerning the Vivian Laramore Rader Poetry Group. Folders 25:6-25:7 contain papers concerning the Dixie Council of Authors and Journalists. These papers are mainly from Dixie Council workshops during the years 1964-1990. Box 26 contains folders 26:1-26:6. Folders 26:1-26:2 contain membership lists, programs, bulletins, and newsletters of the Poetry Society of America. Folders 26:3-26:4 contain papers and newsletters of the Georgia State Poetry Society. Folders 26:5-26:6 contain papers of the Poetry Society of Georgia. Box 27 contains folders 27:1-27:8. Folders 27:1-27:2 contain papers concerning the World Congress of Poets meetings in 1969, 1981, and 1985. Folders 27:3-27:8 contain programs, memos, and souvenirs of the International Biographical Centre congresses 1977-1983. These meetings were held both in the United States and other countries, and Brown collected souvenirs and papers from these places and the people she met there. Box 28 contains folders 28:1-28:5. Folders 28:1-28:4 contain more programs and souvenirs from IBC meetings. Brown did not attend the 1987 meeting in folder 28:4, but a program was sent to her. Folder 28:5 contains papers concerning other literary organizations of which Brown was a member.

Box 29 contains folders 29:1-29:14 which pertain to the literary activities of Marel Brown. Folders 29:1-29:5 contain papers concerning writing conferences Brown attended and/or taught. Folder 29:6 contains papers concerning a high school writing workshop that Brown conducted. Folder 29:7 contains papers of several workshops and conferences in 1984. Folder 29:8 contains bulletins of church literary activities in which Brown was involved. These were mainly at Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta. Folder 29:9 contains papers concerning a writing class Brown taught her fellow residents at the Regency House Retirement Apartments. Folders 29:10-29:11 contain Woman's Club activities involving writing and poetry. Folders 29:12-29:13 contain workshop notebooks and notes that Brown used for many years in her writing classes. Folder 29:14 contains papers from several other workshops and conferences.

Boxes 30-31 deal with Marel Brown's travel. Box 30 contains folders 30:1-30:4 which include travel during the years 1977, 1980 and 1981 to Scotland, New England, Scandanavia, and Israel. Various papers, such as brochures and printed material, are included. Box 31 contains folders 31:1-31:3 which include travel from 1982-1984 to Scotland and Europe. Folder 31:3 includes papers concerning other travel.

Boxes 32-33 contain business material. Box 32 contains folders 32:1-32:10. Folder 32:1 contains an account book listing some of Brown's writings that were published from 1938 to 1943. Folder 32:2 contains papers concerning the Brown estate, mainly the estate settlement after Alex Brown's death in 1975. Folder 32:3 contains papers concerning the donations of money or material that Marel Brown made to various organizations. Folder 32:4 deals with membership dues to several organizations. Folder 32:5 contains receipts, bills and various business items. Folders 32:6-32:10 contain papers concerning the Warren Memorial Boys Club. Marel Brown was on the board of directors, organized and conducted poetry contests, and helped begin the Alex Brown library, named for her husband. Box 33 contains folders 33:1-33:4 which include business papers related to Brown's writings. Folder 33:1 contains contracts and copyright papers for some of her published writngs. Folders 33:2-33:3 contain check vouchers and receipts for payments and royalties she received for published material. Folder-33:4 contains empty envelopes on which Brown wrote the name of her writing, the prize won, and the amount of money awarded.

Box 34 contains folders 34:1-34:8 and concerns Marel Brown's husband Alex B. Brown. After his death in 1975, she found many of these items in his trunk. He was from Aberdeen, Scotland and came to America in 1913. Folder 34:1 contains biographical and personal items. Folder 34:2 contains business items. Folders 34:3-34:4 contain correspondence from 1912 to 1975. Most items in folder 34:5 are from his school days in Scotland. Folder 34:6 contains correspondence and papers about his retirement in 1960 from the Peaslee Gaulbert Company. Folder 34:7 contains information about his death and memorials. Folder 34:8 contains letters to and from Marel Brown concerning his death.

Boxes 35-36 contain photographs. Box 35 contains folders 35:1-35:7. Folders 35:1-35:2 contain photographs of Marel Brown and her family and friends. Folders 35:3-35:5 contain photographs of Alex Brown, his family and friends, and the business where he worked, Peaslee Gaulbert. Folder 35:6 contains labelled photographs, many of places rather than people. Folder 35:7 contains unidentified photographs. Box 36 contains photograph albums and negatives. Six of the albums belonged to Marel Brown. One album was her husband's and contains photographs of his father. Almost all of the negatives are unidentified.

Box 37 contains folders 37:1-37:4 which include the works of other authors. Folder 37:1 contains the writings of authors who were acquaintances of Marel Brown. Folder 37:2 contains music and art of other authors and artists. Folder 37:3 contains a scrapbook Marel Brown made of clippings concerning the 50th anniversary celebration in Atlanta of "Gone With the Wind". Folder 37:4 contains books given to Marel Brown by other authors.

Box 38 is an oversize box and contains folders 38:1-38:3. Folder 38:1 contains numerous awards and certificates that Brown received. Folder 38:2 contains a souvenir from her trip to Denmark in 1980. Folder 38:3 contains a rubbing from the plaque of the Alex B. Brown library at the Warren Memorial Boys Club. There are also two large award plaques in this box.

Index Terms

American literature--20th century.
Atlanta Writers' Club.
Pen Women.
Poetry Society of Georgia.
Women authors, American--Georgia.
Women poets, American--Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Marel Brown papers. MS 2542. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Biographical Information

1Series 1 Biographical Information
Biographical Information
Personal and Family Matters
School Items
Programs Attended
Church Activities
Clippings, 1940's-1950's
Clippings, 1960's-1970's
Clippings, 1980's-1991
Clippings: Warren Memorial Boys' Club
Clippings: Celestine Sibley Columns
Clippings: Family
Clippings: Ladies Burns Club
Clippings: National League of American Pen Women
Clippings: Woman's Club
Clippings: Undated, Miscellaneous
Appointment Calendars
4Wedding Book

Series 2: Correspondence, 1900-1991

3Series 2 Correspondence, 1900-1991
41971-1979 August
61979 January-August
511979 September-December
21980 January-February
1980 March-June
41980 July-August
51980 September-October
6General, 1980 November-December 1980
611981 January-June
21981 July-November
General, 1981 December 1981
41982 January-March
51982 April-June
711982 July-September
2General, 1982 October-December 1982
1983 January-March
41983 April-June
51983 July-September
6General, 1983 October-December 1983
811984 January-March
21984 April-June
1984 July-September
41984 October-November
5General, 1984 December 1984
61985 January-March
71985 April-July
911985 August-October
2General, 1985 November-December 1985
1986 January-March
41986 April-September
51986 October
61986 November
7General, 1986 December 1986
1011987 January-March
21987 April-July
1987 August-October
4General, 1987 November-December 1987
51988 January-March
61988 April-June
71988 July-September
8General, 1988 October-December 1988
1111989 January-March
21989 April-July
1989 August-November
4General, 1989 December 1989
51990 January-March
61990 April-July
71990 August-November
121General, 1990 December 1990
21991 January-February
General, 1991 March-September 1991
4Invitations, 1933-1979
5Invitations, 1980-1983
6Invitations, 1984-1987
7Invitations, 1988-1991, Undated
131Undated Letters, Before 1970
2Undated Letters
Undated Get Well Cards
4Undated Christmas Cards
5Undated Cards
6Empty Envelopes

Series 3: Writings

14Series 3 Writings
Subseries 3a Poems and Articles
151I, J, K
2"If You Write a Poem"
161P, Q
171U, V
5X, Y, Z
6Untitled, Multititled
7Laramore Poetry Course
8Ladies Burns Club

Subseries 3b: Book Manuscripts

"At Last the Rain"
"Creek Between" pp. 1-150
"Creek Between" pp. 151-339
"Creek Between" pp. 1-52, Outline
"Cross Roads"
"Fence Corners" (re)
"Full Dare"
"Guided by the Star"
"July Noon"
"The Land Was Here"
"The Legacy of Georgia Poets"
191"The Little House With Wide Doors"
2"The Little House With Wide Doors"
3"The Little Road"
4"Pebbles and Grass"
5"Poets of DeKalb County"-Notes
6"Presenting Georgia Poets"-Book, Typed Copy, 1979
7"Presenting Georgia Poets"-Corrections
8"Presenting Georgia Poets"-Research, Notes
9"Presenting Georgia Poets"-Original Notes, 1964
201"Seasonal Punctuation"
2"The Shape of a Song"-Unbound Copy
4"Springs After War"
5"Suppose I Hadn't"-Outline
6"Things I Like"
7"Three Bare Branches"
8"Three Wise Women of the East"-Printed Copy, Play, Japanese Version
9"Up a Sturdy Ladder"
10"You Never Know"-Typed Copies
11"You Never Know"-Typed Copy, Notes

Subseries 3c: Writings-Calendars, Notebooks, Radio Script, Plays Reviews Lists

Door Calendars
Notebooks, 1987-1990
Notebooks, 1990-1991
Radio Script, Plays
Reviews, Criticisms
Lists-Published Material, Prizes, etc.
Lists-Contest Poems, 1954-1986

Subseries 3d: Index and Tapes

Index Cards-Published and Unpublished Writings
Cassette Tapes-Tennessee Workshop, 1980
Cassette Tapes-Poetry Day, 1985
Cassette Tapes-IBC Evening of Poetry, 1980 1984
Cassette Tapes-"Process Your Poetry in a Blender"

Series 4: Literary Organizations

23Series 4 Literary Organizations
Subseries 4a National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) Conventions, Atlanta Branch, General Papers, 1976-1988
NLAPW Convention, Washington, D.C., 9-14 April 1976
NLAPW Convention, Sacramento, 14-19 April 1978
NLAPW Convention, Washington, D.C., 18-23 April 1980
NLAPW Convention, Atlanta, 9-15 April 1982
NLAPW Mid-Ad Congress, Grenada, Mississippi, 6-10 April 1983
NLAPW Convention, Washington, D.C., 6-11 April 1984
NLAPW Mid-Ad Congress, San Francisco, 19-22 April 1985
NLAPW Convention, Boston, 11-16 April 1986
NLAPW Mid-Ad Congress, Salt Lake City (Did Not Attend), 4-9 June 1987
NLAPW Convention, Washington, D.C. (Did Not Attend), 15-19 April 1988
NLAPW-Atlanta Branch
NLAPW-General Papers

Subseries 4b: National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) Membership Rosters, Pen Woman, Pen-Graphs

Membership Rosters, 1964-1974
Pen Woman

Subseries 4c: Atlanta Writers Club, Village Writers, Ladies Burns Club, Laramore Poetry Group, Dixie Council

Atlanta Writers Club
Atlanta Writers Club Newsletters- Quill
Village Writers Group
Ladies Burns Club
Laramore Rader Poetry Group
Dixie Council of Authors and Journalists, 1964-1982
Dixie Council of Authors and Journalists, 1983-1990

Subseries 4d: Poetry Society of America, Georgia State Poetry Society, Poetry Society of Georgia

Poetry Society of America-Membership, Programs
Poetry Society of America-Bulletins, Newsletters
Georgia State Poetry Society-Papers
Georgia State Poetry Society-Newsletters
Poetry Society of Georgia, 1968-1976
Poetry Society of Georgia, 1977-1990

Subseries 4e: World Congress of Poets International Biographical Centre (IBC) and other organizations, 1977-1987

World Congress of Poets, 1969 1981
World Congress of Poets, 1985
IBC-London, 10-17 July 1977
IBC-Cambridge, Massachusetts, 9-15 July 1979
IBC-Amsterdam, 13-20 July 1980
IBC-Beverly Hills, 13-19 July 1981
IBC-Cambridge, England, 17-24 July 1982
IBC-New York, 10-17 July 1983
281IBC-Vancouver, 8-15 July 1984
2IBC-Budapest, 7-14 July 1985
3IBC-New Orleans, 13-20 July 1986
4IBC-Madrid (Did Not Attend), 12-19 July 1987
5Other Organizations

Series 5: Literary Activities-Conferences, Workshops, Church Activities, Woman's Club

29Series 5 Literary Activities-Conferences, Workshops, Church Activities, Woman's Club
Southern Writers Conference, July 28-August 2, 1957
Writers' Conference-Baptist Sunday School Board, 18-24 June 1959
Blue Ridge Christian Writers' Conference, 8-12 August 1982
Georgia Library/Media Department Conference, 25-26 February 1983
Blue Ridge Christian Writers' Conference, 7-11 August 1983
Fannin County High School Workshop, 1983
Workshops, Conferences, 1984
Church Activities
Class-Writing For Fun, 1988-1989
Woman's Club
Woman's Club-Poetry Day
Workshop Notebooks
Workshop Notes
Other Conferences, Workshops, etc.

Series 6: Travel

30Series 6 Travel
Scotland, July-August 1977
New England, Quebec, October 1977
Scandanavia (See also box 38), July-August 1980
London, Egypt, Israel, March 1981
311London, Scotland, July 1982
2Europe, May 1984
3Other Travel

Series 7: Business

32Series 7 Business
Account Book, 1938-1943
Brown Estate
Membership Dues
Receipts, Business Items
Warren Memorial Boys' Club-Board of Directors
Warren Memorial Boys' Club-Meeting Minutes
Warren Memorial Boys' Club-Alex B. Brown Library (See also box 38)
Warren Memorial Boys' Club-Poetry Programs
Warren Memorial Boys' Club-Notes, Printed Material
331Contracts, Copyrights
3Payments, Royalties
4Prize Money

Series 8: Alex B. Brown Materials

34Series 8 Alex B. Brown Materials
Biographical and Personal Items
Business Items
Correspondence, 1912-1949
Correspondence, 1950-1975, Undated
School Items
Death, Memorials, December 13, 1975
Letters Concerning Alex Brown's Death

Series 9: Photographs

35Series 9 Photographs
Marel Brown
Marel Brown-Family and Friends
Alex B. Brown
Alex B. Brown-Family and Friends
Alex B. Brown-Peaslee Gaulbert Company
Labelled Photographs
Unidentified Photographs
36Photograph Albums (6)-Marel Brown
Photograph Album (1)-Alex B. Brown

Series 10: Other Authors and Miscellaneous Oversize Materials

37Series 10 Other Authors and Miscellaneous Oversize Materials
Music, Art
Scrapbook- Gone With the Wind 50th Anniversary
Awards and Certificates, Travel, Business-Warren Memorial Boys' Club
OS BoxFolder
381Awards, Certificates
2Travel-Denmark, 1980
3Business-Warren Memorial Boys' Club, Alex B. Brown Library
1-2Award Plaques (2)