University of Georgia, Georgia Center negatives

University of Georgia, Georgia Center negatives

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Georgia Center for Continuing Education.
Title: University of Georgia, Georgia Center negatives
Dates: 1950-1965
Quantity: 19.4 Linear feet 35 card file boxes
Coll. Number: ms2525

Biographical/Historical Note

"The Georgia Center for Continuing Education on the University of Georgia campus is one of the state's largest providers of continuing professional education. The center also houses WUGA, the National Public Radio affiliate station in Athens. The architecture firm Stevens and Wilkinson designed the center." - "University of Georgia." New Georgia Encyclopedia. (Retrieved October 27, 2008)

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of photographs and negatives from Pandora, the Red & Black, and the photographic services of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education depicting campus buildings and grounds (including the construction of new buildings), University fraternity, sorority, and club members, social events, individual portraits, and departmental activities.

Index Terms

Athens (Ga.)--Social life and customs.
College students--Georgia--Athens.
Congresses and conventions--Georgia--Athens--History--20th century.
Georgia Center for Continuing Education. -- History--20th century--Sources
Georgia Center for Continuing Education. -- Pictorial works
Greek letter societies--Georgia--Athens--Pictorial works.
Greek letter societies--Georgia--Athens.
Negatives (photographic)
University of Georgia.
University of Georgia. -- Buildings--History--20th century--Sources
University of Georgia. -- Buildings--Pictorial works
University of Georgia. -- Students--History--20th century--Pictorial works
University of Georgia. -- Students--Pictorial works

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements note

The condition and quality of the negatives vary; many are scratched or otherwise damaged. The earlier negatives are 4x5 or 2x2, whereas there are an increasing number of less well-identified and less well-preserved 35mm negatives in folders in the later ranges of dates.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

University of Georgia, Georgia Center negatives, ms2525, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11-23M Award, 1964
3Abstract Art, 1960
4-7Academic Building
8Academic Building, 1952
9-10Academic Building. Construction
11Accounting Department. Tax form assistance
12Adams, ?
13Adams, Edward
14Adams, Jud H.
15Adams, Nancy
16-17Aderhold (Omer) Family
18Aderhold, Mrs. O.C.
19-20Aderhold, Mrs. O.C. With Garden Club Trophy, 1961
21-22Aderhold, O.C.
23Aderhold, O.C., 1952
24Aderhold, O.C. At home
25Aderhold, O.C. At home. Christmas, 1952
26-28Aderhold, O.C. Inauguration
29Aderhold, O.C. Presentation of book on Israel
30Aderhold, O.C. Presentation of U.N. flag
31Aderhold, O.C. With Col. Duggan
32Aderhold, O.C. With freshmen
33Aderhold, O.C. With others, 1953
34Aderhold, O.C. With portrait of Paul Chapman
35Aderhold, O.C. With PTA leaders, 1952
36Aderhold, O.C. and Mr. Gilbert. Gilbert portrait
37Aderhold, O.C. and Waters (Dean) in cap and gown
38-39Administration, 1959
40Administration and Deans. Elks Club, 1952
41-42Administrative Office
43Ag Club
44Ag Club. Dance, 1951
45Ag Club. Group and Officers, 1953
46Ag Farm. View
47-48Ag Hill Council
49Ag Hill Council, 1952
50Ag Hill Council, 1957
51Ag Hill. Cafe.
52Ag Hill. King and Queen, 1953
53Ag Hill. Party. Children eating watermelons, 1951
54Ag Hill. Playgrounds
55Ag Hill. Store
56Ag Hill. Street scene
60Aghon. Groups and Officers, 1954
61Aghon. Initiation. Ag Hill
62Agnew, William F.
63Agricultural Dept. Soil testing lab, 1952
64Agricultural Engineering Annex
65-67Agricultural Engineering Club
68Agricultural Engineering Dept.
69-70Agricultural Engineering Dept., 1952
71Agricultural Engineering Dept. Seed dryer
72Agricultural Engineering Dpt. Shop in Barrow Hall
73Agricultural School. Cattle at Herdsman Show, 1950
74Agricultural School. Cotton classing
75Agricultural School. Faculty
76Agricultural School. Faculty, 1951
77-78Agricultural School. Herdsmen's short course
79Agricultural School. Mobile soil testing truck
80Agricultural School. Organization chart
81Agricultural School. Pigs
82Agricultural School. Vineyards
83-84Agronomy Club
85Agronomy Club, 1954
86Ahrens, John
87Ainsworth, ?
88Air Associates
89Air brush of motor
90Air Rifle Team
92Albea, Wyatt B.
93Alderman, Louis
94Alexander, Dick 1612
95Alexander, Joe. As a child, 1951
96Alfieris, John J.
97Allen, Henry C., 1953
98Allen, Nancy B.
100-101Alpha Chi Lambda
102-105Alpha Chi Omega
106-107Alpha Chi Omega House
108Alpha Chi Omega, 1953
109Alpha Chi Omega. Olympics. Cup presentation, 1954
110Alpha Delta
111-114Alpha Delta Pi
115-118Alpha Delta Pi
119Alpha Delta Pi
120Alpha Delta Pi House
121Alpha Delta Pi, 1952
122Alpha Delta Pi, 1953
123Alpha Delta Pi, 1954
124-126Alpha Delta Sigma
127-131Alpha Epsilon Delta
132Alpha Epsilon Delta
133Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1952
134Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1954
135Alpha Epsilon Delta. At Infirmary, 1951
136-139Alpha Epsilon Pi
140-142Alpha Epsilon Pi
143-145Alpha Epsilon Pi House
146Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1951
147Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1952
148Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1954
149Alpha Epsilon Pi. Pie throwing contest, 1952
150-153Alpha Gamma Delta
154-157Alpha Gamma Delta
158-159Alpha Gamma Delta
160Alpha Gamma Delta, 1953
161-163Alpha Gamma Delta House
164-167Alpha Gamma Rho
168Alpha Gamma Rho, 1951
169Alpha Gamma Rho, 1954
170-173Alpha Kappa Psi
174-177Alpha Kappa Psi
178Alpha Kappa Psi, 1951
179Alpha Kappa Psi, 1954
180Alpha Kappa Psi House
181-183Alpha Lambda Delta
184Alpha Lambda Delta, 1954
21Alpha Omicron Pi (Phi Zeta Sigma)
2-3Alpha Omicron Pi House
4-7Alpha Omicron Pi
8-11Alpha Omicron Pi
12-13Alpha Omicron Pi
14Alpha Omicron Pi, 1952
15-18Alpha Phi Omega
19-20Alpha Phi Omega
21Alpha Phi Omega, 1954
22-23Alpha Psi
24Alpha Psi, 1951
25Alpha Psi, 1952
26-27Alpha Psi, 1954
28-29Alpha Psi House
30-33Alpha Tau Omega
34-37Alpha Tau Omega
38-39Alpha Tau Omega
40Alpha Tau Omega, 1951
41-43Alpha Tau Omega, 1952
44Alpha Tau Omega, 1954
45-46Alpha Tau Omega House
47-50Alpha Zeta
51-53Alpha Zeta
54Alpha Zeta, 1952
55Alpha Zeta, 1954
56Alpha Zeta. At Conner Hall, 1952
57Alpha Zeta. Initiation
58-62Alumni Day
63-64Alumni Day, 1949
65-66Alumni Day, 1952
67Alumni Day. Class of 1889. Reunion
68Alumni Day. Class of 1893. Reunion, 1953
69Alumni Day. Class of 1902. Reunion
40Alumni Day. Class of 1903. Reunion, 1953
71Alumni Day. Class of 1912. Reunion
72Alumni Day. Class of 1913. Reunion, 1953
73Alumni Day. Class of 1922. Reunion
74Alumni Day. Class of 1927. Reunion
75Alumni Day. Classes of 1906-1910. Reunions, 1953
76Alumni Day. Classes of 1937-1939. Reunions, 1953
77Alumni Society Trustees
78American Legion. National and State Commanders
79American Textile Manufacturers Inst., Inc. TV broadcast
80American Veterinary Medical Association
81American Veterinary Medical Association. Dance, 1954
83Andris, Betty
85Angels Flight
86Angels Flight, 1957
87-90Animal Husbandry. Chickens and chicken houses
91Animal Husbandry. Classes and groups, 1952
92-93Animal Husbandry. Cows
94Animal Husbandry. Faculty
95Animal Husbandry. Hog shelter
96Animal Husbandry. Hoof clipping demonstration
97Animal Husbandry. Horse with rider
98Animal Husbandry. Little International, 1950
99Animal Husbandry. Little International. Prize bull, 1950
100Animal Husbandry. Livestock show, 1951
101-102Animal Husbandry. Livestock show. Prize bull
103Animal Husbandry. Men with rooster
104Animal Husbandry. Pigs.
105Animal Husbandry. Prize cow
106Animal Husbandry. Staff, 1953
107Apartment Houses. Interiors
108Appleby, Jane, 1960
109-111Appy, Gerald L.
112Appy, Gerald L. Party
126Arch, 1951
127Arch. As seen through columns
128Arch. With sign, "Freshmen Do Not Walk Under Arch"
129-134Archaeological items
135Archaeology. Indian village model
136Archaeology. Lab scenes
143Armed Forces Day
144-146Armstrong College. Views
147Arnold Air Society. Group and Officers, 1954
148Arnold Air Society. Officers
149Arrowheads, 1953
150Art Annex
151Art auction1952
152-157Art auctions
31Art Department. Antique Automobiles (illustration)
2Art Department. Artists, 1960
3Art Department. Christmas scenes (illustrations)
4-6Art Department. Classes
7Art Department. Group outside Lamar Dodd's office
8-11Art Department. Oriental art
12-13Art Department. Paintings
14Art Department. Pharmaceutical equipment (illustration)
15Art Department. Pottery making
16Art Department. Students
17-19Art Department. Works of art
20Art display, 1964
21-23Art exhibit
24Art Students League, 1952
25-28Artau, Dolores E.
29Arts and Sciences. Department Heads
35Artwork from automobile parts
36Artwork. Picasso & unidentified
37ASAE Fair, 1953
38-39Asikov, ?
40-43Askew, J. Thomas
44Asselanis, Sam K.
46Athens Child Care Class
47Athens Program, 1961
48Athens Program. Music Appreciation for Children, 1961
49Athens. Airport. Aerial view
50Athens. Armory, 1950
51Athens. Athens High School
52Athens. Athens Marble and Granite Co.
53Athens. Athens Regional Library, 1954
54Athens. Athens Regional Library. Entrance
55-56Athens. Charlie Williams Club
57Athens. Crows Drug Store. Interior
58Athens. Dairypak. Construction, 1964
59Athens. Elephant found in Athens, 1950
60Athens. Fire
61Athens. Grady (Henry) House, 1952
62Athens. Holiday Inn, 1964
63Athens. House at Baxter and Lumpkin St. Construction
64Athens. Houses
65Athens. Jewelry store. Interior
66-67Athens. Lucy Cobb Institute. Exceptional children
68Athens. Lucy Cobb Institute. Miscellany
69Athens. Lumpkin Street
70Athens. Military parade
71Athens. Whitehead Rd. School. Exterior & class scenes
72-75Athletics. Basketball
76Athletics. Basketball? Team at WGTV
77Athletics. Football field house, 1953
78Athletics. Football player. Unidentified
79-82Athletics. Football. Decorations
83Athletics. Football. Georgia vs. Tech. Letter, 1952
84-85Athletics. Swimming team
86Athletics. Swimming. Cooper, Charles, 1951
87Athletics. Swimming. Harshburg, Bob
88Athletics. Swimming. Heninger
89Athletics. Swimming. Parents and child
90Athletics. Swimming. Stolz, Guyer, & Moss
91-92Athletics. Tennis
93Athletics. Wrestling
94Atkinson, William Y. Portrait painting
95Augusta Chronicle. 1801. Student looking at
96Augusta Chronicle. Exhibit
97Automobile maintenance
98-101Automobile wrecks
102Autry, Andrew L.
103Averitt, D. Hal
104Avriett, Edgar K.
105-07Ayers, Robert H.
108Babcock, Harry, 1953
109-110Baby (Suzanne ?)
111Baby. At Memorial Hall
112Baby. In crib and chair
113Baby. In incubator
114Baby. On pool table
115Baccalaureate Services. Fine Arts Building, 1953
116Bacon, J.J.
117Baker, Lauradine
118-119Baldwin Hall
120Baldwin, Abraham. Portrait painting
123-124Band concerts
125Band Officers (for 1959 Pandora)
126Band Officers, 1956
127Band Seminar
128Banks, Charles L.
130Banquet at Charlie Williams (including O.C. Aderhold)
131Baptist Student Center
132Baptist Student Center, 1953
133-136Baptist Student Union
137-139Baptist Student Union
140Barber, Elmo
141Barnett, Rob D.
142Barrett, William H.
143Bartkowsky, Zeke. With trophy
144Beadles, Nicholas A, 1962
145Beal, George D.
146Beauford Navy Hospital
147Beckum, Henry F.
148Beech, Earl
149Benedik, Armand
150Benefield, Dewey
151Bennett, A.H., 1962
152-154Bennett, Charlotte, 1963
155Bennett, Dianne. With Easter lilies, 1953
156Bennett, F.W.
157Bennett, Flonnie?
158Bennett, L.K.
159Bentley, George
160Bentley, Tommy
161Bermont, Hill
162Bermont, Hill H., 1960
163Berrong, Clifton
164Berry Benson's Civil War Book. Cover
165Beta Alpha Psi. Charter and officers
166Beta Gamma Sigma
167Beta Sigma Phi. Girl of the Year (Lewayne Satterfield)
168Bible group
172Biftad, 1952
173Biftad, 1953
174Biftad. Undressing in front of news stand, 1953
175Big Wheel Party (including O.C. Aderhold)
176Billings, Mary W.?
177-178Biochemistry Department. Instruments, 1962
179-183Biology Department. Lab scenes
184-187Biscoe, Alvin
188-190Biscoe, Alvin
191-193Black, Barbara
195-196Blackuly?, Davis P., 1961
197Blair, Margaret H.?
198Blair, Milton
199Blairsville Municipal Airport? Unidentified group
200-203Blindness. People, equipment, 1964
41Blood Drive, 1954
2Blood Drive. Student Union, 1953
3-5Blue Key Club
6-8Blue Key Club
10Blum, Michael L.
11-14Bolton, J.D.
15Bolton, J.D., 1951
16Bondurant, Birdie
17Bondurant, Misi
18Bonner, Otis
19Bookstore, 1952
20Bordero, Carole E.
21Bostick, Gloria
22Bostwick, W.B.
23Bovee, Arthur
24-25Bovee, Arthur. Receiving French Legion of Honor, 1948
26Bowden, ? At green house
27Bowden, ? Horticulture, 1941
28Bowe, W.S., 1951
29Bower, ?
30Bowman, Ben
31-34Boyd, George H.
35Boyd, George H., 1951
36Boyd, John H.
37Boyd, Spencer W.
38Boy's Choir
39Bracy, J.C.
40Bradley, Richard F
41Bradley, Richard F, 1953
42-44Bray, A.S.
45Breese, Charles J.
46Brewton, L. Cliff
47Bride and groom with cake
48Briggs, ?
49Briggs, Roderick
50Britain's Royal Horse Cavalry
51Brittain, R.L.
52Brittain, R.L., 1954
53Brockman, C.J.
54Bromley, ?
55Brooks, Dick
56Brooks, Jamiece?
57Brooks, Robert Preston
58Brown, A.R. 1962
59Brown, Carson, 1953
60Brown, James W., 1953
61Brown, John
62-63Brown, Sylvia, 1962
64Bryan, Jack C.
65Bryant, Q.L., Jr.
66Buck, Jean
67Buess, Charles M.
68Buffenton, Wanoa
69-70Buffet supper on patio, 1961
71Building remains (next to Memorial Hall)
72Bunting, J. Whitney
73Burkholder, Paul R.
74Burns, Jim. 1960
75Burns, Mary E.
76Burt (Col.), ?, 1951
77Burt, William S.
78-79Business alumni awards
80-81Business School. Advanced Economics (Gobel), 1964
82Business School. Faculty
83Business School. Faculty, 1952
84Business School. Lamp making
85Business School. Lamp making, 1952
86Business School. Library
87Business School. Tax form assistance
88Butler (T.) Family. Christmas, 1953
89Butler, (Miss) ?
90Butler, Franklin
91Butler, T. Son
92Butler, Tyrus
93Butler, Tyrus. Christmas, 1950
94Butler, Vicky
95Butts ?, Carolyn J.
96Butts, Ann E.
97Butts, Faye
98Butts, Wallace
99Cabaniss, (Dr.) ?
100-101Cake race, 1951
102-104Caldwell, Harmon
105Caldwell, Harmon, 1951
106Caldwell, Harmon. Receiving gift at President's Banquet.
107Caldwell, Harmon. With Dean Jones at construction site
108Caldwell, Harmon. With W.W. DeRenne
109Calhoun, James R.
110Campus Development Plan
111-113Campus. Aerial views
114-117Campus. Aerial views, 1953
118-119Campus. Aerial views, 1953
120Campus. Maps, 1952
121-125Campus. Views
126-133 Campus. Views
134Campus. Views, 1801
135Campus. Views, 1952
136-138Campus. Views, 1959
139-141Campus. Views, 1964
142Candler Hall
143Candler Hall, 1952
144Canterbury Club
145Card catalog
146Carlisle, Ernest
147Carmichael, ?
148Carpenter, Aggie
149Carrots and lettuce
150Carson, ? Kappa Alpha Pi
151Carter, ?
152Cashin, H.L. Jr.
153Catholic Church. Groups, 1952
156Cattle auction. Hardman Hall
157Cattle barns
158Cattle show. Hardman Hall
159Cauthorn, Thomas
160-161Cawthorn, Kitty. Farewell party, 1961
162Cedar Hills Golf Course. Plan, 1954
163Chaffin, Francis
164Chamber music. Chapel
165Chambers, Marilyn
166Chambliss, Rollin
167-168Chambliss, Rollin, 1960
169-170Chancellor House
171Chancellor House, 1950
177Chapel. At night, 1952
178Chapel. Bell
179Chapel. Bell, 1952
180Chapel. Ice storm, 1949
181Chapel. Interior views, 1951
182Chapel. Interior. Graduation ceremony
183Chapel. Interior. Leadership Institute
184-185Chapel. Interior. Mural
186Chapel. Plan, 1954
187-188Chapman, Paul W.
189Chapman, Paul W. At portrait presentation
190Chapman, Paul W. Presentation of Collins picture, 1953
191Chart for Dr. Sikes
192Charter of the University of Georgia
195Cheatham, Elliot, 1951
196Cheatham, Walter M.
197Cheek, J.H., 1953
198-199Cheek, Jean, 1963
200-203Chemistry Department. Building, lab scenes
204Chemistry Department. Flask
205Chemistry Department. Glassware
206Chemistry Department. Graph
207-210Chemistry Department. Lab scenes
211-214Chemistry Department. Lab scenes
215Chemistry research
51Cheney, J.P.
2-3Chess pieces
4Chess player
5Chester, William
6Chi Epsilon Pi. Officers
7-10Chi Omega
11Chi Omega
12-13Chi Omega House
14Chi Omega, 1951
15Chi Omega, 1953
16-19Chi Phi
20Chi Phi
21Chi Phi House
22Chi Phi, 1952
23-26Chi Psi
27-29Chi Psi House
30Chi Psi, 1951
31-32Chi Psi, 1952
33Chi Psi, 1954
34Chi Psi. Alumni party, 1952
35Chi Sigma Pi
36Chicken manure
37Chicken with long tail
38Child Guidance Group, 1962
39Child. At picnic
40Child. At stream
41Child. In art class
42Child. On fence
43Child. With cat on pinball machine
44Child. With Christmas toys
45Child. With toys
49Children. Artwork
50Children. At creek, 1952
51-52Children. At lunch
53-56Children. At school on playground, 1964
57-58Children. Fine Arts
59Children. In art class
60-61Children. In art class, 1961
62Children. In Art Museum
63-66Children. In class
67-68Children. On rocking horse
69Children. Painting, 1952
70-71Children. Playing "Drop the Hank"
72-73Children. Playing horseshoes
74-75Children. Studying
76Children. With pony
77Children. With presents at Christmas
78Children. With presents at Christmas, 1954
79Chow Hall
80-83Christmas Festival, 1960
84-85Christmas Festival. Decorations, 1958
86-87Christmas Festival. Stage play, 1958
88-90Christmas Festival. Stage play, 1959
91-93Christmas Festival. Stage play. Publicity pictures, 1959
94-99Christmas in Georgia, 1963
100Christmas party, 1958
101Christmas party. Law dormitory
102-105Christmas program for foreign visitors, 1958
106-110Christmas. Activities, decorations on campus, 1957
111-112Christmas. Activities, decorations on Campus, 1958
113Christmas. Santa Claus and children
114Christmas. Santa Claus. With children, 1952
115-116Church group
117Church, Charles L., 1953
118Civil Defense
119Civil Defense School. Fire fighting demonstration, 1953
120Civil Defense School. Group, 1953
121Civil Defense School. Women's Activities Panel, 1953
122Civil War battlefields. Antietam & Fredericksburg. Maps
123Civil War scene
124Civitans. New members, 1965
125-127Clark Howell Hall
128-129Clark Howell Hall
130Clark Howell Hall. Under construction. 1950 Fall
131Clark, Herbert C.
132Clarke County Airport. Aerial view, 1953
133Clarke, Eric ?
134Class of 1866
135Class of 1905. Reunion
136Class of 1909. Reunion
137Class of 1920. Reunion
138Class of 1922. Reunion
139Class of 1925. Reunion
140Class officers, 1954-1955
141Class officers. Unidentified
142-144Clausen, Mr. & Mrs.
145Cleveland, Gerald, 1953
146Cloer, Bobby C.
147-152Clothing styles, 1952
153-154Clothing styles, 1953
155-161Clothing styles, 1954
162Clothing styles. Korean
163Cobb, Jeff
61Cochran, Mrs. A.B.
2Cocker Spaniel
3Coffin, Nelson C.
4Coggins, Howard S.
5Cohn, S.A.
6Colcord, Marshall
9-10Coliseum. Construction, 1963
11Coliseum. Practice fields
12College Avenue School
13College Placement Council, 1960
14Collins, Ann
15Collins, Devon, 1953
16Collins, Louise
17Collins, William O.
18-20Collins, William O.? and others
21Columbus Ledger. 1st page
22Columbus Ledger. Page, Rinaldo William
23Columbus Ledger. Page, William Eugene
24Columbus Ledger. Paper press, 1950
25Columbus Ledger. Woodall, Walter James
26Columbus Ledger. Woodall, William Clyde
27Commerce Fraternity, 1952
28-31Commerce Journalism Building
32Commerce Journalism Building, 1953
33Commerce-Journalism Building. Construction
34Commerce-Journalism Building. IBM room
35Commerce-Journalism Building. Mural
36Commerce-Journalism Building. Statistics Lab
37Commerce-Journalism. Emblem
38-40Computer Center
41Computer Center, 1964
42Confan?, John
43Confederate Constitution. DeRenne and Aderhold
44Conference planning
45-47Conference planning, 1964
48Conference registration
49Conference support, 1964
50Conference. Accounting and Tax Institute, 1952
51Conference. Accounting Institute
52Conference. Accounting Institute (11th Annual)
53Conference. Accounting Institute. Luncheon, 1956
54-58Conference. Alcohol Studies
59Conference. Alcohol Studies (4th S.E. School).
60-61Conference. Alcohol Studies. Alabama
62-63Conference. Alcohol Studies. Arkansas
64-65Conference. Alcohol Studies. Georgia
66Conference. Alcohol Studies. Louisiana
67-68Conference. Alcohol Studies. Mississippi
69Conference. Alcohol Studies. Salvation Army Officers
70-71Conference. Alcohol Studies. South Carolina
72-73Conference. Alcohol Studies. Tennessee
74Conference. Alcohol Studies. Texas
75Conference. Alcohol Studies. Texas-Louisiana
76Conference. American Asso. of University Women
77Conference. American Institute of Bakers
78-79Conference. Amer. Inst. of Real Estate Appraisers, 1959
80Conference. American Pharmaceutical Association
81Conference. American Pharmaceutical Association, 1953
82Conference. Band Music, 1961
83-85Conference. Banking
86Conference. Banking Executives
87Conference? B.E.A. Supervisors, 1960
88-91Conference. Bell Telephone
92-96Conference. Bell Telephone, 1957
97-100Conference. Bell Telephone, 1957
101Conference. Bell Telephone, 1957
102-105Conference. Bell Telephone, 1958
106-109Conference. Bell Telephone, 1958
110-114Conference. Bell Telephone, 1958
115-118Conference. Bell Telephone, 1958
119-120Conference. Bell Telephone, 1959
121-124Conference. Bell Telephone, 1959
125-129Conference. Bell Telephone, 1959
130-132Conference. Bell Telephone, 1959
133Conference. Bell Telephone, 1960
134Conference. Boys Clubs, 1964
135-137Conference. Broadcasters, 1964
138-139Conference. Broadcasters (Don Meaney, speaker), 1964
140-141Conference. Business and Professional Women's, 1962
142Conference. Case Writers' Institute, 1962
143-145Conference. Cemetery Managers, 1961
146-147Conference. Chamber of Commerce Management Inst.
148Conference. Charter Life Underwriters
149-150Conference. Charter Life Underwriters, 1961
151-152Conference. Child Vision (3rd Annual)
153Conference. City and County Attorneys
154Conference. City and County Attorneys, 1957
155-156Conference. City and County Attorney's (5th), 1958
157Conference. City and County Attorneys, 1962
158Conference. Classroom Teachers Workshop, 1960
159Conference. Clerks
160Conference. Clerks and County Attorneys, 1961
161Conference. Clerks of County Commissioners
162Conference. Clerks of County Commissioners, 1962
163Conference. Clerks of County Commissioners of Ga., 1960
164Conference. Clerks of Superior Court
165Conference. Clerks of Superior Court. (5th?)
166-167Conference. College News, 1961
168-169Conference. Cosmetology
170Conference. County Commissioners, 1962
171Conference. County Tax Assessors.
172Conference. County Tax Officials
173Conference. County Tax Officials Institute, 1963
174Conference. Driver Education
175Conference. Driver Education, 1949
176Conference. Driver Education, 1950
177Conference. Drug Merchandising, 1958
178-179Conference. Easter Seal Luncheon, 1960
180-181Conference. Easter Seal Meeting, 1957
182-183Conference. Economics for Executives Seminar
184-190Conference. Education
191Conference. Education. Dawson Hall, 1951
192Conference? Environmental Health
193Conference. Equipment Distributors
71Conference. Estate Planning Institute (4th)
2Conference. Estate Planning Institute (6th), 1961
3Conference. Estate Planning Institute (8th)
4Conference. Estate planning, 1964
5-8Conference. Executive Development
9-14Conference. Executive Development, 1958
15Conference. Executive Development, 1959
16Conference. Executive Development. Chart
17Conference. Family Life
18-23Conference. Florists
24Conference. Forest Products
25-26Conference. Garden School (23rd Annual), 1957
27Conference. Georgia Banking School # 63
28Conference. Georgia Banking School # 64
29Conference. Georgia Banking School # 65
30-32Conference. Georgia Municipal Association, 1961
33Conference. Georgia Police Chiefs
34Conference. Georgia Police Chiefs, 1961
35-45Conference. Georgia Press Institute.
46-48Conference. Georgia Press Institute
49-50Conference. Georgia Press Institute, 1949
51-52Conference. Georgia Press Institute, 1950
53-54Conference. Georgia School Board
55Conference. Georgia Synodius? Training School, 1960
56Conference. Georgia Trial Judges
57Conference. Government and Inst. Purchasing, 1962
58Conference. Government Claims
59Conference. Homicidal Investigators, 1963
60Conference. Hotel and Motel Managers, 1961
61-62Conference. Howard Johnson
63Conference. Howard Johnson's Restaurant Mngrs, 1962
64Conference. Human Relations, 1957
65Conference. Human Relations Short Course # 4
66Conference. IBM, 1965
67Conference. Ice Cream Institute
68Conference. Ice Cream Manufacturers, 1964
69Conference. Independent Insurance Agents, 1962
70-72Conference. Independent Insurance Agents Short Course
73Conference. Industrial Editors' Institute, 1948
74Conference. Industrial Editors' Institute, 1949
75-77Conference. Industrial Relations
78Conference. Institute for Ordinaries (3rd). 1959
79Conference. Institute on Banking Law. 1962
80Conference. Instructional Supervision
81Conference. Insurance
82Conference. Insurance group? Georgian Hotel?
83Conference. Insurance Institute (12th Annual)
84-86Conference. Internal Revenue Service
87-88Conference. Internal Revenue Service
89Conference? Internal Revenue Service
90Conference. Internal Revenue Service, 1962
91Conference. Internal Revenue Service, 1963
92Conference. Internal Revenue Service, 1964
93Conference. Junior Accountants, 1960
94Conference. Juvenile Court Judges
95Conference. Juvenile Court Judges, 1962
96-97Conference. Leadership Institute
98Conference. Legislative, 1960
99Conference. Life Insurance and Sales Short Course
100Conference. Local Civil Defense Officers
101Conference. Management Development, 1959
102Conference. Management Seminars for NSOEA, 1957
103Conference. Managers Seminar
104Conference. Mayor and City Councilman, 1961
105Conference. Mental Health
106-107Conference. Millwork Short Course
108-112Conference. Monument Dealers
113-117Conference. Monument Dealers, 1962
118-119Conference. Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers, 1961
120Conference. Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers, 1962
121-124Conference. Municipal Management
125Conference. Municipal Management (12th)
126-128Conference. Municipal Management, 1957
129Conference. Municipal Management, 1962
130-132Conference. Music Educators
133Conference. Optometry (4th)
134Conference. Ordinaries Institute
135Conference. Ordinaries Institute, 1962
136Conference. Ordinaries Institute, 1965
137Conference. Personnel Officers of Ga. State Government
138Conference. Pest Control, 1963
139Conference. Petroleum Industry
140Conference. Plant Operations
141Conference? Police
142Conference. Police Chiefs, 1962
143Conference. Post Office Executives Session 2, 1960
144Conference. Poultry Breeding, 1958
145-146Conference. Poultry Industry. Management, 1960
147Conference. Poultry Industry. Management (SE), 1961
148Conference. Poultry Industry. Management (SE), 1962
149Conference. Poultry Industry. Sales Managers
150-152Conference. PTA, 1958
153Conference. Public Relations Workshop (SE), 1958
154Conference. Public Supervisors Workshop, 1962
155Conference. Public Welfare Workshop
156Conference. Readers Convention Exhibit
157Conference. Reading
158Conference. Reading. Exhibit, 1962
159-160Conference. Real Estate Appraisers, 1962
161Conference. Real Estate Planning Institute, 1962
162-165Conference. Restaurant Managers, 1961
166Conference. Restaurant Managers, 1962
81Conference. Sales Management for Stationers, 1959
2-6Conference. Savings and Loan
7-17Conference. Savings and Loan
18Conference. Savings and Loan, 1962
19Conference. Savings and Loans (1st year)
20Conference. Savings and Loans (2nd year)
21-23Conference. Savings and Loans. Stone Mountain trip
24Conference. School Administrators, 1963
25Conference. School Administrators Planning, 1951
26Conference. Sheriffs
27-28Conference. Shooting Preserves
29Conference. Solicitors General
30Conference. Solicitors General, 1962
31Conference. Southeast Poultry and Egg, 1960
32Conference. Southeastern Poultrymen
33Conference. Southern Airways Sales
34-35Conference. Southern Bell, 1961
36-39Conference. Southern Bell, 1962
40-41Conference. Southern Industrial Editors Institute
42Conference. Southern Poultry
43Conference. Southern Writers, 1957
44Conference? State Traffic Court Officers
45Conference. Supervisory Development
46Conference. Supervisory Development, 1960
47-48Conference. Supervisory Development, 1961
49-52Conference. Supervisory Development, 1962
53Conference. Supervisory Development, 1962
54Conference. Supervisory Development, 1964
55Conference? Supervisory Division, 1960
56-57Conference. Supervisory Training Course, 1960
58Conference. Supervisory Training Course 14
59-62Conference. Tax Assessors
63Conference. Tax Assessors, 1956
64-66Conference. Tax Assessors, 1957
67Conference. Tax Assessors, 1960
68Conference. Tax Assessors, 1962
69Conference. Tax Assessors, 1964
70-71Conference. Tax Technician Course, 1963
72-74Conference. Teacher Education
75-77Conference. Teachers, 1961
78-85Conference. Thomas Textile Co. Sales Meeting, 1961
86Conference. Tire Dealers and Retreaders, 1961
87Conference. Traffic Court (3rd)
88Conference. Trial Judges Seminar
89-91Conference. USDA Leadership Development Institute
92Conference. Vocational Rehabilitation, 1960
93-95Conference. Welfare
96Conference. Welfare, 1962
97-99Conference. Wildlife
100Conference. Women Executives
101-107Conferences. Unidentified
108-112Conferences. Unidentified
113-116Conferences. Unidentified
117-120Conferences. Unidentified
121-124Conferences. Unidentified
125Conferences. Unidentified
126Conlon, Thomas F.
127Conn, Samuel A.
128-132Conner Hall
133Conner Hall
134-135Conner Hall, 1954
136Conner, H.B.
137Connerat, W.J. Jr.
138Connolly, D.H.
139Conrad, Neil
140-141Construction sites on campus
142-143Construction sites on campus, 1965
144Converging lines
145Cook, U.H., 1953
146Cooper, Carolyn
147Cooperative Extension Service Building
148Coordinate Bell being moved
149Coordinate Campus
150Coordinate Clips, 1952
151Coram, John
152Cormier, M.J.
153Corn ear
154Corridor in unidentified building
155-159Cosmopolitan Club
160-161 Cosmopolitan Club
162Cosmopolitan Club, 1953
163-164Costume party.
166Cotton truck. Lumpkin Street
167Coulter, E. Merton
168Coulter, E. Merton. Autographing book
171-172Country Club
173Cousins, Virginia
176Cox, ?, 1951
177Cox, John
178-180Crane, William
181Crane, William, 1953
182Cravatt, L.W.
183-184Crawford W. Long Day
185Crawford W. Long Day, 1953
186Crawford W. Long Memorial, 1952
187Crawford, (Mrs.) ?
188Crawford, D. Sue
189Crawford, William H.
190Creamery. Lab scenes, 1952
191Creamery. Sales room
192Crudup, J.N.
193Cullen, W.T. Jr.
194Dairy Barn
195Dairy Barn. Milking cows, 1954
196Dairy Day, 1950
197Dairy Farm. Aerial view, 1953
198Dairy Science Building
199Dairy Science. Cheese Production
200Dairy Science. Class, 1954
201Dairy Science? Egg cooler
202Dairy Science. Ice cream course
203Dairy Science. Ice cream machine
204Dairy Science. Lab scenes
205Dairy Science. Milk weight machine
206Dairy Science. Petri dish, 1953
207Dairy Science. Testing kit, 1954
91Dalton, John N., 1961
2Dance band
3Dance class
4Dance. Student Union, 1950
9Danforth Chapel. Plan
10Danner, Walter N.
11Danner, Walter N., 1951
12Danner, Walter N., 1952
13D'Antignac, Louise
14Darkroom. Peabody Hall, 1953
15-17Davidson, Claude
18Davidson, Claude
19Davidson, E.L.
20Davis, E.N.
21-23Davis, Jim, 1962
24Davis, Margie
25-26Davis, Mary K.
27Davis's (Johnson) sister, 1952
28-31Dawson Hall
32De La Perrieu, J.E.
33De Nuth, Charles. Painting
34-36Dean, Melinda, 1962
37Dean, William T. Jr.
38Death Valley. Sand dunes
39DeBacker, Lucien
40-43Debate Team
44Debate Team?
45Debating Society. Groups
46Deer Feet
47Delta Airlines Exhibit, 1960
48-51Delta Delta Delta
52-55Delta Delta Delta
56Delta Delta Delta
57Delta Delta Delta, 1951
58Delta Delta Delta, 1953
59Delta Delta Delta House
60-61Delta Kappa Gamma
62-65Delta Phi Epsilon
66-69Delta Phi Epsilon
70Delta Phi Epsilon, 1951
71Delta Phi Epsilon, 1953
72-74Delta Phi Epsilon House
75-78Delta Sigma Pi
79Delta Sigma Pi, 1952
80Delta Sigma Pi, 1953
81Delta Sigma Pi House
82Delta Sigma Pi. Initiation, 1964
83-87Delta Tau Delta
88Delta Tau Delta, 1951
89Delta Tau Delta, 1954
90-93Delta Tau Delta House
94Delta Tau Delta. Wild West party
95-96Delta Theta Phi
97Delta Theta Phi, 1954
98Delta Zeta. Installation Ceremony, 1961
99Delta Zeta. Pledges, 1961
100Democratic Convention. Georgia representation
101-102Demosthenian Hall
109-110Demosthenians, 1952
111Demosthenians, 1957
112Department of Interior. Seal
113Devane, (Dean) ? Yale College
114Devendorf, Don, 1961
115Diaz, Guillermo
116Dickinson, Jane. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, 1946
117Dickinson, Nancy
118DiGamma Kappa. Officers, 1952
119-120Dince, Robert
121Dismukes?, G.W.
122Dixie Redcoat Band, 1960
123Dixon, M.E.?
124-126Dobbs, ?
127Dobbs, Franks, 1952
128-130Doci - Drama?, 1964
131Dockery, Joan
132Dodd, Lamar
133Dodd, Lamar, 1953
134Dodd, Lamar. Art auction
135Dodd, Lamar. Art class
136Dodd, Lamar. Art scholarship awards banquet
137Dodd, Lamar. Greeting guest at art exhibit
138Dodd, Lamar. Painting
139Dodd, Lamar. Painting. "The Breakers"
140Dodd, Lamar. Painting. "Sand Dunes"
141Dodd, Lamar. Painting and book
142Dodd, Lamar. With Alfred Holbrook
143Dog show
146-147Dormitory. Construction
148-149Dormitory. Law
150Dormitory. Law-Graduate
151Dormitory. Men's
152Dormitory. Men's. Construction, 1952
153Dormitory. Site
154Dormitory. Women's
155Dormitory. Women's. Ag Hill
156Dorsey, E.E.
157-159Dotson, John A.
160-161Dotson, John A.
162-163Dotson, John A. Birthday Party
164-165Dotson, John; Kenneth Waters & John Drewry
166Douglas, ?
167Drama Department. Lab
168Drama Festival, 1950
169Drama Festival, 1951
170Drama masks
171Dress, Sam, 1961
172-175Drewry, John
176Drewry, John. As a child
177Drewry, John. Award presentation
178Drewry, John. Looking at Red and Black
179Drewry, John. Office.
180Drewry, John. With Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen
181Drewry, John. With others
182Drewry, John. With Rountree?, Talmadge, and Griffith
183Drewry, John. With students
184-185Driver Education Class
186Driver throwing out trash
187Driving instruction
188Drug store. Interior views
189-190Duggar, Llewellyn
191Duggar, Llewellyn; Thompson, ?; Williams, Leonard?
192Duncan, Shirley
193Dunkin, Tom
194Dunn, Dorothy H.
195Dunn, Larry
196Durham, Dave, 1953
197Eakes ?, Miss
198-199Eakin, Carl
200Earnest, David Lewis. Birthday party
201Earnest, David Lewis. On and with bicycle, 1952
202Earnest, Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis
203Earnest's (Mrs.) grandchildren
204Economics Officers, 1952
205Economics Science Club. Group and Officers, 1954
206Economics Society. Groups, 1952
207Edinburg, ?
208Education School Building. Under construction, 1952
209Education School. Bulletin Board
210Education School. Castle explanation.
211-212Education School. Classes
213Education School. Faculty, 1952
214Edwards, A.S., 1952
215Edwards, Charles E.
216Edwards, Sammy
217-218Eidson, John O.
219Eisenhower, Dwight, 1960
220Eisenhower, Dwight. Campaign on campus
101Electron microscope
2Electron microscope. Baldwin Hall
3Elementary school room
4Elliot, William B.
5Ellis, Pat
6Emil George Co. ?
7-8Engineering Department? Equipment
9England, John M.
10Entenberg, Robert D., 1953
11Episcopal Church. Choir
12Epps, William D.
13Epsilon Pi Epsilon
14Equipment. Unidentified
15Evans, Charlie
16Evans, Nolly S.
17-18Evans, Roy
19Explorer Post # 22
20Faculty Meeting. Old College, 1951
21Faculty members at table in Co-op, 1951
22-23Family Finance
24-25Family watching Christmas program, 1961
26Fanning, Mrs. J.W.
27Farm scene
28Farm Tractor Tune-Up and Service Guide. Cover
29Farmers Coop.
30Farrell, Sally, 1962
31Fashion Show, 1949
32Fashion show rehearsal, 1954
33-39Fashion Shows
40Father-Son Day
41Felts, Winnie Mullens
42Ferrell, D.A.
43Feurt, Dr. ?. In Pharmacy School lab, 1954
44-46Film Library
47Film still. Man in the Moon
48-50Fine Arts Building
51Fine Arts Building. Interior
52Fine Arts Center. Site
53-54Fine Arts. Faculty
55-56Fine Arts. Women students
57Finger pynamometer
58Finlay, G.G.
59Fire near Old College
61-62Fisher, Lee, 1961
63Flag raising in the Old South
64Flagpole erection
65Floriculture Club, 1954
66-68Flower arrangements
69-70Flower arrangements. Conner Hall
71Flower corsage
72-73Flower Judging School, 1961
74Flower Show
79Flynt, Miriam
80Foley, Frank, 1954
81Folk music, 1964
82Foreign visitors
83-85Foreign visitors, 1962
86Foreign visitors, 1964
87Foreign visitors. Field trip, 1959
88-93Foreign visitors. New Years party, 1959
94-96Foreign visitors. Stage show, 1959
97Forest Fire Truck
98-100Forestry. Timber and sawmill site
101Forestry Building
102Forestry Building, 1952
103Forestry nursery, 1952
104Forestry School
105-106Forestry School. Charts
107Forestry School. Checking seedlings
108Forestry School. Deans
109Forestry School. Field Day, 1954
110Forestry School. Groups
111Forestry School. Lab
112-114Forestry School. Saw mill
115Forestry School. Staff, 1952
116Forestry School. Students studying tree, 1951
117Forestry School. Tree tagging
118-120Forestry School Building
121Forestry School Building, 1952
122Forestry Services?. Group
123-124Fortune teller
125Founder's Memorial Garden
126-129Four-H Club
130-131Four-H Club
132Four-H Club. Carnival. Bingo game
133Four-H Club. King and Queen, 1951
134Frank, Sylvia L.
135Fraternity. Unidentified
136Fraternity houses?
137Fraternity initiation?
138Fraternity Presidents. Toasting, 1954
139Freedom Institute
140French diploma
141-144Freshman Class. Officers
145Freshman Class. Officers, 1954
146Freshman Night, 1950
147Freshmen Dance. P.E. Building, 1954
148Freshmen elections
149Freshmen elections, 1952
150Fricks, Katherine
151Fritz, Evelyn M.
152Frobisher, Martin, 1952
153Froemke, Robert L.
154Frost, Robert. At Chapel
155Fruit arrangement
157Fussell, Edsel M.
158Future Homemakers of America
159Gabriel, Q.R.
160GAFFAU. Groups and Officers
161Gaines, Charles S.
162Gamma Alpha Chi
163Gamma Alpha Chi, 1963
164Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 1954
165Gamma Sigma Sigma
166Gammon, Von. Plaque at Stadium
167-168Garden Club. Headquarters. Dedication
169Garden Club. Luncheon, 1954
170-172Garden Club. Portraits, etc.
173Gardner, Franklin P.
174Gardner, Jay
175Garner, ?
176-179Gates, James
180-183Gates, James
184Gates, James, 1953
185Gates, Mrs. J.E.
187Gayner, J.M.
189General Extension. Staff
190-193Geography Department. Field trip, 1950
194-198Geology Department. Charts
199-200Geology Department. Lab scenes, etc.
201George, Robert, 1953
202George, W.C.
111Georgia. State Flag
2Georgia. State Seal
3Georgia Agriculturist. Party, 1954
4Georgia and University Seals
5Georgia Bulldog Band. At Student Union, 1952
6-8Georgia Center for Continuing Ed
9-11Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Architectural drawings
12Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Auditorium
13-14Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Construction
15Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Interior views
16Georgia Center for Continuing Ed? Interior views
17Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Miscellany
18Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Party
19Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Recording Equipment
20Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Seal
21Georgia Center for Continuing Ed. Seal, 1962
22Georgia Farm and Home Hour. Award presentation
23-24Georgia Materials Handling Field Day, 1962
25Georgia Museum of Art
26Georgia Museum of Art. Archeology Exhibit, 1952
27Georgia Museum of Art. Barnwell, Holbrook & Poaze
28Georgia Museum of Art. Exhibit, 1949
29Georgia Museum of Art. Exhibit, 1952
30-31Georgia Museum of Art. Exhibits
32-34Georgia Museum of Art. Opening, 1948
35Georgia Museum of Art. Paintings
36Georgia Museum of Art. Paintings, 1953
37Georgia Museum of Art. Sculpture
38Georgia Museum of Art. Sculpture exhibit
39Georgia Museum of Art. Student with painting
40Georgia Museum of Art? Views
41Georgia Recreation Society. Seal
42-44Georgia Scholastic Press Association, 1949
45Georgia Scholastic Press Association, 1951
46-47Georgia Scholastic Press Association, 1953
48Georgia School Boards Association. Officers
49Georgia Society of CPA's. Medal of Achievement winner
50Georgia State Patrol. First Aid Class. 1953
51Georgia State Patrol. Georgia Center
52Georgia State Patrol. Graduation. 1953
53-54Georgia State Patrol. Groups
55Georgia State Patrol. Radar demonstration
56Georgia State Patrol. Simulated wrecks. 1953
57Georgia State Patrol. Target practice. 1953
58-59Georgia Statistical Abstract. Cover
60Georgia Tech and Philpot. Newspaper clipping
61Gerdine, Susan and Brumby, Annie
62Gholston, Margaret
63Gibson, ?
64Gilchrist, ?
65Gillam, Helen Gray
66Gillespie, Frank
67Girl of the Week.
68Girl of the Week. 1951 June 28 (Red and Black)
69Girl Scout Executives
70Girl Scouts. Learning housekeeping
71Girl Scouts. Wrapping gifts
72Gleaton, Marjorie W.
73-74Glee Club
75Glee Club, 1954
76-77Glee Club. Men's
78Glee Club. Officers
79Glee Club. Officers, 1954
80Glee Club. Practicing, 1954
81-82Glee Club. Women's
84-85Glove, 1962
86Goddard, E.E.
87-88Goebels, Jack, 1960
89Goebels, Jack, 1962
90Goodman, Ada D.
94GOP, 1952
95GOP. Officers
96GOP. Officers, 1954
97Goullette, G.J.
98GPA. History Committee, 1950-1951
99Graduate School. Faculty
105-108Graduation, 1950
109-111Graduation, 1951
112-114Graduation, 1951
115Graduation. 1951. President, Mr. Poor, & Sheriff
116-120Graduation, 1952
121-123Graduation, 1953
124-129Graduation, 1954
130Graduation, 1960
131-136Graduation, 1963
137Grafting poster
138Graham, Ed
139Graph. re. animal feed
140Graph. Unidentified
141Graphic design. Books and pencils
142Gray, (Dr.) ?
143Gray, Olga
144Gray, Tom
145Greek horsemen
146Greek ruins?
147Greenhouse interior
148Greenig, Charles A., III
149Greenway, ?
150Greiner, Ann
151-152Grey, J. Stanley, 1962
153-155Gridiron Club
156-157Gridiron Club, 1951
158Gridiron Club. Group and Officers, 1954
159Gridiron Club. Officers
160Gridiron Honorary, 1950
161Gridiron initiation
162Gridiron initiation, 1953
163Gridiron initiation, 1954
164Griffin, Delburt
165Griffin, Marvin. Holding radio
166Griffith, ?
167Griffith, Louis T. Commerce-Journalism, 1951
168Griffith, W.D.
170-171Griswald, Whitney
172Group (see names on original envelope)
173-174Growing South
175-176Growing South, 1964
177Growing South (promos), 1964
178-181Growing South. Birthday Party, 1961
182Growing South. Horse care
183Growing South. (promos). Lou Chapman, 1960
184Growing South. Title slide
185Guitar player and singer (Ben and Florence)
186Guitar players
187Hair styling
188Hall, Claire L.
189Halloween, 1952
190Halub, G.J.
191Hammond, Wayne, 1964
121-2Handicapped children
3Handlex, D.A.
4Hardman Hall
5Hardy, Jayne
6Harmon, Mary E.
7-8Harmony Blue Granite Company, 1963
9Harper, Jimmy, 1953
10Harper, Ralph A.
11Harris, H.B. Thesis (part), 1951
12Harris, Oran
13Harris, Seales?
14Harrison, A.E.
15Harrison, Jackie
16Hart, F.
17Hartley, Lambeth, 1952
18Hartley, Robert H.
19Harvey, William C., 1953
20Hawk, ?
21Hawkins, Herb
22Hawkins, Margie
23-24Health Services
25-26Health Services. Electrocardiogram
27Health Services? Injury treatment
28Health Services. Lab
29Health Survey. Hearing & Eye Exams. Bishop, Ga., 1954
30Heckman, H.M.
31Henderson, Bob
32Henninger children
33Henningers. Christmas card, 1964
34Henri. Painting
35Henry Grady Day
36Henry, Q.R. Jr.
37Henry, Zack. Graduation, 1951
38Hens, Jane E.
39Hickman, E.L.
40-42Higginbotham, Mary, 1963
43High school band. On stage at Chapel, 1954
44-45High school band. Workshop, 1962
46High school choir. On stage at Chapel, 1954
47High school students
48Hill, Ernest
49Hill, Pleasant. Unveiling of plaque in his memory
50Hill, Walker
51Hillel Foundation
52Hillel Foundation, 1957
53Hires, Shirley
54Hirshberg, Robert R.
55Historical Marker. University of Georgia
56History Department. Medal, 1954
57Hobbs, James E.
58Hodge (Gen.), Dean Hosch, & Col. Shufett
59Hodges, Don, 1952
60Hodges, Ruth. Maid of the Month
61Hodges, Shirley
62Holbrook, Alfred
63Holbrook, Alfred. At Georgia Museum of Art
64Holbrook, Alfred. Loading car with paintings
65Holbrook, Alfred. Looking at painting
66Holbrook, Alfred. Painting. "India's Treasures"
67-70Holbrook, Alfred. Paintings
71Holbrook, Ann
72Holliday, Howard
73Hollingworth, Gail
74Holton, ?
75Home Economics. Fraternity, 1952
76Home Economics School. Bulletin Board
77Home Economics School. Clothing making lab
78-79Home Economics School. Cooking class
80Home Economics School. Dress Form, 1954
81Home Economics School. Experimental cabinet, 1953
82-83Home Economics School. Food preparation
84Home Economics School. Home management
85-86Home Economics School. Lab.
87Home Economics School. Lab. Shooting film, 1954
88Home Economics School. Lab scene. Dawson Hall, 1951
89-90Home Economics School. Students, faculty
91Home Economics School. Table scene
92Home Finance Summer Class, 1960
93Home Study group?
94Homecoming, 1949
95-98Homecoming, 1954
99Homecoming. Honor Ag students, 1949
100Homecoming activity
101Homecoming dance, 1951
102Homecoming decorations
103-106Homecoming decorations, 1951
107Homecoming Queen. Selection
108Homecoming Queen and Court
111-112Homecon, 1952
113-114Homecon, 1954
115Honors Day, 1954
116Hood, Maude
117Hooten, James
118Hopkins, A.S.?
119-120Horticulture Club
121-124Hosch, J. Alton
125Hosch, J. Alton
126Hosch, J. Alton, 1953
127Hosch, J. Alton. With Colonel
128Hosch, J. Alton. With General Douglas MacArthur
129-130Hosch, J. Alton. With Major General Brannon
131-132Hospital (unidentified). People and interior views
133Hospital beds
134House interior, 1961
135Houses. Unidentified
136Howell, Robert, 1964
137Huff, C.W.
138Huff, Gerald, 1960
139Huff, Gerald B., 1952
140-141Huff, Tommy (Sheriff)
142Hugges, Peccolia?
143Hunter, W.T.
144Hurst, Vernon
145Huston, Till M.
146-147Hyde, George
148Hypodermic needle
149IBM machines
150IBM sorter
151-154Ice-cream Institute
155Indian?, 1951
156Indian Mounds
157-158Industrial Arts
159Industrial Arts, 1952
160Industrial Development Corporation. Certificate
166Infirmary, 1951
167Infirmary, 1953
168Infirmary. Kitchen
169Infirmary. X-ray machine
170-171Institute of Law and Government
172Institute of Law and Government, 1957
173Institute of Law and Government, 1958
174Institute of Management
175Insurance School. Faculty?
176Intelligence test blocks
177-180Inter Fraternity Council
181-182Inter Fraternity Council, 1952
183Inter Fraternity Council, 1954
184-185Intermurals, 1964
186Irrigation pipes
187Irvin, ?
188Jackson Electric Membership Corp. J. Shephard
189Jackson, Fred
190Jackson, J.W. Jr.
191Jackson, Miss Jessie
192Janitor. With unidentifiable musical instrument
193Japanese flower
194Jaragin, M.P. Portrait unveiling ceremony, 1951
195Jayson, H.E.
196Jeffers, Kermit, 1964
197Jenks, Aldro
198-199Jewelry and cosmetics, 1964
200Johnson, Brooks, 1961
201Johnson, Phyllis
202Johnson, Vanita K.
203Jones, (Dean) ?
204Jones, ? Veterinary Medicine, 1951
205Jones, Albert, 1952
206Jones, Albert B., 1953
207Jones, Albert, Jr.
208Jones, John
209Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. At Halloween party, 1952
210-212Jones, Thomas J.
213Jones, Tom
214Jones, W.A. Jr.
131Jost, Hudson, 1953
2-3Journalism School. Faculty
4Journalism School. Faculty, 1952
5Journalism School. Honorary Journalism Society, 1951
6Journalism School. Lab
7Journalism School. Letters re. founding of
8Journalism School. Library
9Journalism School. Radio class
10-11Journalism School? Radio Institute
12Journalism School? Radio Institute. Morgan Beatty, 1954
13Journalism School. Radio lab
14Journalism School? Radio lab, 1954
15Journalism School. Radio studio
16Journalism School. Students
17Journalism School. Students. Mitchell, R. & Ott, B.
18Junior Class. Officers, 1954
19Junior Class. Officers, 1956-1957
20Junior Panhellenic
21Junk ready for fire
22Kahn, Marlene, 1960
23Kalin, Barbara
24-27Kappa Alpha
28Kappa Alpha, 1951
29Kappa Alpha, 1952
30Kappa Alpha, 1954
31-32Kappa Alpha House
33-34Kappa Alpha House, 1954
35-36Kappa Alpha Gamma, 1951
37-38Kappa Alpha Omicron, 1951
39-43Kappa Alpha Theta
44-46Kappa Alpha Theta
47Kappa Alpha Theta, 1952
48Kappa Alpha Theta, 1953
49Kappa Alpha Theta. Dance, 1953
50-51Kappa Alpha Theta House
52-57Kappa Delta
58-59Kappa Delta
60-61Kappa Delta, 1952
62Kappa Delta, 1953
63Kappa Delta House
64Kappa Delta Epsilon, 1957
65Kappa Delta Pi
66-69Kappa Kappa Gamma
70-73Kappa Kappa Gamma
74Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1951
75-76Kappa Kappa Gamma House
77-79Kappa Psi
80Kappa Psi, 1953
81-84Kappa Sigma
85-86Kappa Sigma
87Kappa Sigma, 1954
88Kappa Sigma House
89Karrh, J.R.C.
90Keeling, William B, 1960
91-93Kellam, Porter
94Kellam, Porter. With Ms. Fritz, 1951
95Kellam, Porter. With University Charter
96Kellam, Porter and others
97-98Kellogg Spring Report. Copies of pictures
99Kelly, Arthur Randolph
100Kennedy, John (photo from a publication)
101Kennedy, Robert
102Kenney, ?
103Kenney, B.C.
104Kidd, Ernest
105Killorin, Ed W.
106Kilpatrick, Thomas K.
107King, Margaret
108King, W.P.
109Kinney, B.C.
110Kirk, Margaret?, 1964
111Kiser, Lola
113Kleiner, Jack
114Knapp, ?
115Knapp, (Dean) ? Home Economics
116Knapp, Donald
117Kneller, Kay
118Krabill, Verbin, 1953
119-120Kratina, Rudolph
121Kratina, Rudolph and Julia Schnobly
122Kroger Scholarship
123Krumrine, Jane, 1953
124Kumura, R.
125La Rocca, Joseph
126LaBoone, Elizabeth?
127-28Lambda Chi
129Lambda Chi, 1952
130Lambda Chi, 1954
131-134Lambda Chi Alpha
135-136Lambda Chi Alpha
137Lambda Chi Alpha, 1951
138Lambda Chi Alpha, 1953
139Lambda Chi Alpha, 1954
140-143Lambda Chi Alpha House
144-146Lambda Kappa Sigma
147Lambda Kappa Sigma, 1954
149Landscape Architecture Club
150Landscape Architecture Club, 1954
151Landscape Architecture School. Drilling tool
152-154Landscape Architecture School. Four-H Project
155Landscape Architecture School. Landscape winners, 1952
156-161Landscape Architecture School. Plans, models
162-167Landscape Architecture School. Plans, models
168-172Landscape Architecture School. Plans, models
173Landscape Architecture School. Reception., 1952
174-178Landscape Architecture School. Students, Faculty
179-185Landscape Architecture School. Students, Faculty
186-187Landscape Architecture School. Students, Faculty
188-189Landscape Architecture School. WWII Memorial
190Langford, John S. Jr.
191Langley, John
192Language Club, 1953
193Lanier, Felton A. Jr.
194Larner?, Harvey, 1953
195-196Lavender, Carrie
141-2Law Institute
3Law officers
4-5Law School. Bar
6Law School. Class, 1952
7-8Law School. Courtroom scene
9-10Law School. Faculty
11Law School. Faculty, 1952
12-14Law School. Groups
15Law School. Groups, 1952
16Law School. Mock trial
17Law School. Party, 1952
18-19Law School. Registration, 1954
20Law School. Seniors
21Law School. Seniors, 1953
22Law School. Staff, 1952
23-27Law School Building
28-30Law School Building
31-32Law School Building, 1952
33Lawson, Joan
34Leaf, 1952
35Leathers, (Cadet Colonel), 1957
36-37LeConte Hall
38LeConte Hall. Math Library
39LeConte, Joseph. Painted portrait, 1953
40Lee, James
41Lee, Joan
42-43Lee, Robert E.
44Legislators' tour of campus
45-46Leive, Duane H.
47Lemly, James H.
48Lenoir, (Dr.) ?
49Lester, James L.
50Lester, Lillian
51Lewis T.P.
52Lewis, E.C.
53Lewis, W.L.
54-55Libraries. Displays. Armed Forces Day.
56-59Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little
60-62Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little
63-66Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Construction, 1951
67-70Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Construction, 1952
71-74Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Construction, 1952
75-78Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Dedication, 1953
79Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Floor plans, 1953
80Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Globe presentation
81-83Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Interior views, 1953
84Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Interior views, 1959
85Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Moving into
86Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Night scenes
87Libraries. Ilah Dunlap Little. Stacks
88-89Libraries. Law Library
90Libraries. Law Library, 1951
91Libraries. Manuscripts
92Libraries. Map files
93Libraries. Old Library (Academic Building), 1860
94-97Libraries. Old Library (Ga. Museum of Art)
98-99Libraries. Old Library (Ga. Museum of Art)
100Libraries. Old Library (Ga. Museum of Art). Staff
101-104Libraries. Students Studying
105Lie Detector Test
106Lincoln, Abraham. Portrait w/signature
107Lipscomb, Andrew. Portrait painting
108Lipsey, Elsa
109-112Little Commencement, 1954
113Little Internat. Livestock Show. Grand Champion, 1953
114Little, L.J.
115Living room, 1964
116Lockheart, Jean, 1953
117Loggings, Pat
118Lott, W.B.
119-120Lowe, Ernest A..
121Lumpkin, W.A.
122Lundy, Walter
123-126Lustrat House
127Lutheran Church
128Lyle, Sam
129Lynn, Jack
130Lyon, Scott C.
131MacIntyre, Janet, 1961
132-133Macon, Georgia. Merger with county? Newspaper pages
134Maddox, E.R. (Mr. & Mrs.)
135Mahler, T.W.
136-139Maid of the Month
140Maid of the Month (Muckle & McCurry?)
141Maid of the Year, 1963
142Mail boxes (rural)
143Maintenance worker
144Majorettes, 1953
145Malinowski, F.N.
146Malone, Preston, 1961
147Malvin, P.J.
148Man in baby bed
149Man smoking cigar on tricycle
150Man with cane
151Man with puppies
152Manchester, Mary
153Manley, ?
154-157Manter, Carol, 1962
158Map. Georgia. Rate of Change in Population, 1940-1950
159Map. Georgia Educational TV Stations
160Map. Georgia Population
161Map. Off campus centers and schools
162Map. Roman Empire at the Time of Augustus
163Map. Soil Map of Georgia, 1952
164Map. United States
165Map reading, 1952
166-167Marbley, Sally, 1960
168Marler, Jack
169Marlowe, Cheil ?
170Marsh, Bill
171Marshall, John
172Marshall, Mary K.
173Martin, ?
174-177Martin, (Mrs.) Jim. Son?
178-181Martin, S. Walter
182Martin, S. Walter
183Mary Lyndon Hall
184Massey, Dyar
185Massey, Dyar, 1951
186Massey, Dyar, 1953
187Massey, James
188Masteller, Carolyn
189Masters, Dr. ?
190Masters, H.
191-193Mathis, Gertrude
194Matthews, Ann
195Matthews, John C.
196Maxwell, E.E.
197Mayerora?, Mike C.
198Mayler, ?
199McCord, Virginia
200McCormick, James
201McCracken, E.L.
202McCulley, Mary J.
203McCurrie, Thelma
204McCutcheon, P.J. Jr.
205McDonald, Beverly
206McDonald, R.N.
207McFee. Painting
208-210McGee, ?
211McGrath, Earl. At airport, 1952
212McHatton, T.H.
213McHatton, T.H. Letter to Hubert B. Owens., 1923 Sep. 7
214McLane, U.W., 1953
215McMullin, Phyllis
216McPherson, J.H.T.
217McPherson, R.
218-219McTigue, Sible A.
220Meadows, Carolyn
221Meat processing lab
222Meeks, ?
223Meigs, Josiah. Portrait painting
224Mell, Mildred R.
225Mellen, William R.
151Memorial Gardens
2-6Memorial Hall
7Memorial Hall, 1950
8Memorial Hall, 1954
9Memorial Hall. Ballroom
10Memorial Hall. Construction, 1955
11-15Memorial Hall. Opening
16Memorial Hall. Side view
17Men with fish
18-20Mercer, ?
21-23Mercer, J.L.
24Methvin?, E.H.
25-26Metropolitan Art Opening, 1951
27Metropolitan Life Insurance. Mr. Leavy
28-31Meyer, Sylvan
32Miles, Robert L.?
33Miley, Barbara
34-38Military. Air Force ROTC
39Military. Air Force ROTC, 1952
40-41Military. Air Force ROTC, 1954
42Military. Air Force ROTC. Cadet instructors, 1954
43Military. Air Force ROTC. Drill, 1953
44Military. Air Force ROTC. Sergeants & Betsey Powell?
45Military. Air Force ROTC. Staff and Instructors
46Military. Air Force ROTC. Women students
47-48Military. Arnold Air Society
49-50Military. ROTC. Band.
51Military. ROTC. Cadet instructors, 1954
52Military. ROTC. Classroom, 1954
53-54Military. ROTC. Color Guard
55Military. ROTC. Color Guard, 1954
56Military. ROTC. Commission ceremonies
57-62Military. ROTC. Drills, training, parades
63-67 Military. ROTC. Drills, training, parades
68-72Military. ROTC. Drills, training, parades
73-75Military. ROTC. Drills, training, parades
76Military. ROTC. Drills, training, parades, 1954
77Military. ROTC. First woman in program
78Military. ROTC. Group in front of tank
79-80Military. ROTC. Groups
81-85Military. ROTC. Groups, 1952
86Military. ROTC. Honors Day
87Military. ROTC. Instructors, 1953
88Military. ROTC. Instructors, 1954
89Military. ROTC. Officer in front of tank
90Military. ROTC. Officers
91Military. ROTC. Pershing Rifle Company
92Military. ROTC. Pershing Rifle Company, 1954
93Military. ROTC. Pershing Rifle Officers
94Military. ROTC. Proposed patch
95-96Military. ROTC. Rifle Team
97Military. ROTC. Rifle Team, 1954
98-99Military Ball
100Military Building
101Milledge Hall. Annex, 1951
102Milledge Hall. Annex, 1952
103Milledge Hall. Annex under construction
104Miller, Charles
105Miller, Charlie
106Miller, L. J. Graduation, 1951
107Mills, Louis?
108-109Minish?, Annie Lou
110Miss America. At WRFC
111Miss Homecoming and Court
112Miss Pandora, 1953
113Miss Pandora trophy, 1953
114Mitakis, Steve
115Mitakis, Steve, 1953
116Mixon, Billy
117Mobile X-ray unit. Ag Hill
118Mobley, G.N.
119-120Mobley, Thomas W.
121Mock, Cornell
122Model United Nations Assembly, 1961
123-125Modern dance
126-127Montgomery, Horace
128-129Montgomery, Marion
132Moore, Clement C.
133Moore, James
134Moore, Owen
135Morris, Neal
136Morrison, Jackie
137-140Mortar Board
141-142Mortar Board
143Mortar Board, 1950
144-145Mortar Board, 1952
146Mortar Board tapping ceremony, 1954
148Moss, Elizabeth
149-150Mostella, Carolyn
151Motor being unloaded
152Mowing grass
153Moyers, W.H., 1961
154Mr. X
155Muckle, Minnie Lou (Mail clerk?)
156Mull, W.E.
157Murphy, J. Francis. Painting, 1953
158-159Murphy, Joan
160Murphy, L. P., Jr.
161-165Murray, Calvin C.
166-167Murray, Calvin C.
169Music Appreciation
170-171Music Clinic
172-173Music Department, 1964
174Music Department. Chamber music ensemble
175Music Department. Choir in Chapel, 1950
176Music Department. Chorus in Chapel
177Music Department. Director
178Music Department. Drum player
179Music Department. Flute players
180-184Music Department. Students, classes
185Music Department. Violin player
161-2Music Festival, 1953
3-16Music Festivals
17-20Music Festivals
21Muskrat, 1953
22-23Myers Hall
24Myers Hall, 1952
25Nachman, Inge
26Napier, B. Davis (organist)
27Nash, Herman
28Nash, J.Y. Military portrait
29National Educational Television. Seal, 1961
30-32Navy School. Before occupation
33Neal, Paul W., 1953
34Nelson, William B.
35Newborn, Libby
36-39Newman Club
40Newman Club, 1952
41-42Newman Club, 1954
43Newnan, D.L.
44Newspaper delivery
45Nichols, Theodore E.
46-47Nicholson, Anne
48Nives, James H., 1953
49-51Nix, Mrs.? and family
52Nix, Mrs.? Brother at about age 8
53Noel, R.C.
54Nolan, Gail, 1961
55Nugara, N. D., 1960
56Nunnaly?, Bill, 1960