W.P. Henritze circus collection

W.P. Henritze circus collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Henritze, W. P.
Title: W.P. Henritze circus collection
Dates: 1910-1935
Quantity: 20.6 Linear feet 30 document boxes, 7 oversized boxes, 2 oversized folders
Coll. Number: ms2504

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of photographs of American circus and vaudeville acts including a series pertaining to little people entertainers.

Index Terms

Little people (Persons)

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

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Preferred Citation note

W.P. Henritze circus collection, ms2504, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library. University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Vaudeville

11Al Abbott-Prince of Song
2Three Adnards
4Les Agoust
5Captain Albot
6Two Alfreds
7"Dainty" Estelle Allen
8Allen and Peatiro
9The Altons
10Uncline Andrews
11Edna Andrews
12Madge Andrews
13Harry Andrews
14Anderson and Evans
15"Baby Ann"
17Sretly Antionetts
18"Ollie Young and April"
19Gertrude Arden
20Miss. Arlington of the A,B,C Girls
21St. Armo
22Fred and Adele Astaire
23The Atlas Trio
24Austin and Smith
25Fossing Austins
26Dare Austin and Co. (Phyllis Deave, and Charles Richards)
27L. Aurora
28Florence Averell
29Ballo Bros.
30Anna Baliues
31James Barardi
32Mr. E.P. Barlow
33Phil Jean Barnard
34Billy La-Barr
35Gean Barron
36Chais Bartholomew
37Barto and Clark
38Barton's European Comedy Ponies and Dogs
39Harry Batchelar
40R.J. Battes
41"Beaux and Bells"
42Frank Bell and his comedy Dogs
43Belling the Baboon for "Galettis' Baboons"
44Bennett Sisters
45Clarence Bennett
46Leslie and Sol Bemes
48Bethleham Steel Co. Band-Director
493 Bettures
50Bicknell of "Bicknell and Gibney"
51Alfred Belford Trio
52Ada Billsburry and Pauline Robinson, "Those Classy Girls"
53Chester Bishop Co.
54Fred W. Bessett
55O.H. Blanchard
56Chas Blnnington
57Edo Blondell
58Harry Bloom
59"Bobbie and Dole"
60Boganny Troupe
61"Bogard and Nicole"
63Esther Boggs
64Bolland and Farrell
65Adelaide Boothby and Chas Everdean
67William Bonelli
68Burhows and Slynn
69Booth and Leauder
70J.C. Booth and Co.
21Miss Ellen Boyer
2Braddish and Braddish
3Carson Bradford
4Brinkman and Tatum "Miniature Song and Dance Routine"
5Ella Bradna
6Brewriau and Carr
7"La Vivia Flexible" Equili Brist
8Broadway Four
9Caits Bror
10Frank L. Brockway
11Brown and Williams
12Brown and Brown
13Brown of Staunan
14Three Brownies
15Lucy Burch
16Lucy and Fritz Burch
17Fritz Burch
18Drunelle Sisters and Harry Stephens
19Holmes and Buchanon
20Budd and Clare
21"The Bungalow Girl and 2 Students"
22Emma Bunting
23Ida Burger
24"Miss Busse and her Toy Ferriers"
25T.J. Boyd and Helen Vance in the "Mayor and the Manicure"
26Caldwell and Spener
27Campbell Bros.
28Camnaus Muntotels
29Mabel Canew and Edward Drake
30"Capital City Two"
31"Capital City Four"
32Harry D. Carry
33F.M. Carlen and R.F. Carlen
34Gery Carlton
36Don Carney
37Eddie Carr
38Harry Carr
40"Carter the Magician"
41"Two Carltons"
42Jean Chalon
44Champhino Bros.
45Les and Champman
46Arthur Chapplen
47Dollie Claire
48Norman and Claire-Worlds Greatest Juvenile Artists
49Nola St. Claire
50Clark Sisters
51Clarence Sisters and Bro.-"Australian Yuggets"
52Clark and Roberts
53Lee Clark
55Dame Claudins and Lelian Scarlet
56Clayto and Clarke
57Norman, Clarance,, and Iva
58Novelly Cllintons
59Cline and Yost
60Flora and Jmmie Coalitta
61Coakley-Hanvey and Dunlevy "Town Hall Minstrels"
62Gus Cohan
63Conoan and Reed
64Nina Cole in "Loves Young Dream"
65Al Colemen
66Mrs. Colleen
67Collins and Noppman
68Blanche Colviu
696 Gilbert Hues collies
70Connars and Foley
2Cora Youngblood Carson
3Minerva courntey and Harvey Francis
4Jack Curtis
5Daintee La Crandall
6William Cushman "the Eminent Singing Comedian"
7Will C. Culhane
8Cycling Brunetts
9Jack Dale
10Dainty Trio
11Walter Daniels and Minna Walters
12Jess E. Dare
13Irene Douglass in "A Novel Marriage"
14Mark Davis
15Helene Davis
16Renie Davis
17H.J. Dawin
18Grace DeMar in "Songs and Gowns"
19Robert De Mont Trio
20Bobby De Rue
21Mubert Deveau
22Deviu and Williams
23Wm. Devere and Paul Gilmore
24De Von Sisters
25De Wilt, Burns, and Torrance
26Amelia Diaz
27Mat Diamond
28Lew Diamond
29Chas Dickson
30Louise Dickson
31Roy O Dieterich
32Lew Dockstader
33Jamie Dodge
34The Dohertys
35Donaham and Stewart
36Ethrl Lynn Donough [?]
37Ray Dooby Trio
38Albert Dounelly
39Jed and Ethel Dooley
40John Dooley
41Bessie Draper
42Lillian Drew and John Orrew
43Laura and Billy Dryer
44Frank E. Driosoly
45Dick Duffey
46Billy Dunlap
47Arthur Du Mais and Jewel Floyd in "Smart Songs and Chatter"
48Florence Duo
49Mille Duprice in "By Moonlight"
50Lewith and Duimmare
51Cecil Dumbarr [?]
52Jack Dvesdner
53Hubert Dyer
54Wheeler Earl and Vera Curtis
55Eastmau and Moore
56Mae Edwards
57"Edith R"
58Mille Rice Edyth
59Emma Berg-Eckert
60T.W. Eckert
61Elden and Clifton
62Gordon Eldrid
63Elkins, Fay, and Elkins "Harmony Singers and Dancers"
64Elko Circus and Christmas Party
65Ellis Nolan Troupe
66Fredoner Elmore [?]
67Three Emersons
68Ed Emerson and Lizzie B. Raymond
69Nellie English
71Edna Erich
73Nina Esphey
74Edna Eskine Co
75Billy Falls
76Farinelle Trio
77Marie Fenton
78Dalton W. Fellomen
79Fewnell and Tyson [?]
80Al. G. Field
81Fisher and Saul
82Grace Fisher
83Lew Fitzgibbon
84The Five Statues
85Flech and La Bieh
86Mr. Charles Flemming of the Kenemacoler Players
41Will H. Fletcher
2Flushing L.J.
3Kitty Flynn
4Ford, Watts, and Hayes "A Little of Everything"
5Ford and Truly
6Ed and Winnie Foster
7Foster and Dog
8Bob Fountain
9Fred D. Fowler
10Frances and Rose
11Freeland And Clark
12William Friend
13Louie Fuller
14The Furmers [?]
15M. E. Gains
16Alberta Gallatin in "Judith of the Plains"
17Jimmy Gallou
18"Little Cleo" Gascaigne
19Albert Gawbel
20Gayar and Willsie
21Arthur Geary
22Col J. George
23Edwin George
24Francis Gerard
25Al. F.s. Gibson
26Marion Gibney of Bicknell and Gibney
27Jim Gildea
28Paul Gilmore
29"The Girl in the Moon"
30"The Girl fro Milwaukee"
31"Baby Gladys"
32Billy E. Gladstone
33Sue Talmage
34 The Golden Eagle of the Eagle Packing Company Fleet
35Nat Gooty
37J. Y.Y. Golter
38Photo by Jack Gurhett Pictures
39Graham and Raudall
40F.N. Graham
41Bert Granville
42Louis M. Grant-Whistling Virtuoso
43Helen Grayer
44Grey and Rhumber [?]
45Griffins and Lewis
46Lennie Grip
47Lewis Gregory
48Frank L. Gregory and Co.
49Jeanetta Grovinen
50Cordelea Haager of Moore and Haager
51Hail and Greferd
52Beatrice Hailowr
53Holland and White
54George F. Hall
55Geo L. Halls
56Billy Halls
57Grace Gilmore Hamilton
58Joe Hamilton and Russ Kelley
59Hap Handy and Co. "Soap Bubble Manipulators"
60Bob Hanen
61Caroline Hans
63Harry Harfer
64Pauline Harice
66Harlan and Chipton
67Harmony Four
68Edward Harrijan
69Marrie Hart
70Harts and Evans
71Chas W. Harvey
72Bells Hathoway
73Haverlabee [?]
74Jack Hawkins
75Leo Hayes
76Harry Haynard and Co.
77John Healy
78Frankie Heath
79Fred A. Heaxalol [?]
80William Held
81Ruby Helder
51Baby Helen
2Jack Helkins
3Lona Hegvi [?]
4Ruth and Kitty Henry
5The Flying Henrys
6Hemmings-Lewis Co.
7Guy Hickman
8Hickey Bros
9Raymond Hitchcock
10A.S.S. Hewes
11Lew Hoffman
12Thomas Hoier and Wife
13Eken Holden
14Joe Holland
15Orrin Hollis
16Jar Homer
17Henry Horton
18Henry Houston
19Arthur Houston
20Eddie Howard
21Clara Howard
22Ed Howard
23Miss Houch
24Hoyd and Harrington in "Watch Your Step"
25Adilaide Hurston
26Musical Hunters
28Vera Hurd
29Rbt. Henry Hodas
30Irish American 4
31Jack and Faris
32Millard Jarmis' "Six Serenaders"
33Frankie James
34Little Miss Jean
35Palws Jein
36N.L. Jelenko
37Camille Jewel
39James Jmornsos
40Chester B. Johnston
41Peggy Jones
43Elmer Jones
44Burt Jordan and Lillian Doherty
45Richard Jose'
46Miss Juliet
47Ethyl Dawn June
48Miss Julene of "Leyon and Julene"
49Ella Von Kaufman
50Viola Keene in "Between the Roses"
51Keit and De Mont
52Kelso Boys
53Les Keliars
54Bill and Maudie Keller
55James Kennedy
56Joe Kennedy
57Kennedy and Kramer
58Chester Keyes
59Helen Keyes
60Keystone Trio
61Wm. H. Kibble
62Tom Kililea
61La Como Trio
2Laura Laird
3Nelson and La Mar
4Ira Lancton
5Lanfinis and Co [?]
6Georgia Larle
7La Sille
8Latoy Bros
9J. Lau [?]
10Clara Laue
11La Vine and La Vine
12Lawrence and Lawrence
13Lawrence Paler
14Effie Lawrence
15Lawrence and Edwards
16Al. Lawson
17Leon and Adeline Sisters
18Leon Sisters and W.D. Leon
19Bessie Leonard
20Leonard and Arnold
21Le Roy and Adams
22Amy Lessev
23J.C. Lewis Jr. "Billy"
24Marion Arletta Lewis
25Libby and Barton
26Misses Lighture and Alexander
27Guser Linder [?]
28Jess V. Livingstone
29Earle Loyd of Loyd and Adams
30Lodgett and Noddron
31Will Lake
32Grace Lovell
71"Lefty" Miller
2Gabelle Miller
3Michel Miller
4Art Milton "One String Marvel"
5"Mimic Fan"
6Joe Mole
7Moare and St Claire
8La Mont Bros
9Hazel Moran
10The Great Monohan
11Arthur Mons
12Joe Morsl
14Morton-Wells and Noward
15Miss Martmare
16Dolly Movissey
17Edward Miller and Helene Vinzent
18Mumford and Thompson
19Murphey and Lachemar
20Geo Murphy
21John G. Murphy
22Murphy and Klein
23June Myers
24Myll (Mills) Family charts and history
25Gus Nager Trio
26Mc Namel
27Frances Namon
28Nelson and Nelson
29Henry Neiser "Animal Impersonator"
30Billy Nevlech and Evans Sisters
31Allman and Newis
32Billy Newell
33Nichols and Corix Sisters
34Burton Wixon
35Norcross and Holdsworth with Kirk Kim
36Norman and Clarance
38Worton and Noble
39Vivien Oakland and Oakland Sisters
40Harry Oaks
41Leslie Oaks
42Marie Olivette
43Da. O'Weil
44Joe Barrett and Joe Opp
45Ower and Ower
46Anna B. Palmer
47Pasgin Bros
48The 3 Pattons
49W.B. Patton
50John Patton
51Geo S. Panley
52Payne and Lee
54Chas Leonard Peloten
55Fred and Annie Pelot
56Pendleton Sisters
57Sunny Penn
58Perr and Nelson
59Perry of "Polton and Perry"
60Paul Perry
61Camille Persone'
62C.G. Philifis Shortland Pony Farm
63Pielert and Scofield
64Lillian Pleasant
66"An Exquisite Evening Gown" by Poiret
67Sullivan Porter
68Paul Porter
69Grace Poneroy
70Halton Powell
71Beulah Poynter
73Prince and Derrie
74Rees Prosser
75Herar and Preston
76Prince [?]
77Antonio and Pubillones
78Charles A. Pusey
79Ruth Purtiss
3Will Rawls
4Raymond and Bain
5"Red Raven Trio" Lew Gordan, Manon Snow, Manny King
6Rita Redfield
7Frederick Reed
8Paula Reenes
9Reys Sisters
10Jim Reynolds
11James Rhodes
12Ed Rice
13Rice Bros
14Rice and Hegrown
15Rice, Sulley, and Scott
16Morris and Rich
17Shriner and Richards
18Dolly Richards
19Malse Retters
20Carl Ritier
21John Robinson
22Mabelle Roberts and Chas Gillmore
23May Robson
24Andrew Robson
25Grace Foster Rolins
26Billy Rogers
27Joe Rolland
29Suzanne Rreinnra [?]
30Maud Rouair of "Rowair and Ward"
31"Four Roses" Louise Ritter, Gina Lichert, Berta Alfred, Elise Sisort
32Albert Rough
33Dark B. Russell
34Lillian Russell
35Russell and Church
36Robt. Rooney and Russell
37Lnness and Ryan-Maude Ryan Orpheum
38Salome-age 4
40Saeh and William [?]
41Sig Saublle
42George Schindler
43Dave Schirler
44Rose and Lonis Schnettan
45Schilling and Anderson
46Mlrl Scott
47Scott and Marke
48Bobby Scott on piano-photo from unknown bar/restaurant
49Seiler Trio
51Franklyn Searight in "A Novel Marriage"
52Harry Seyar
53Sharp Turek
54Billy Shirly
55Burt Shepard
56"Smiths' Show"
57Silverton Girls
58Miss Simmons
59Um Sisto
60George Skipper and Myrtle Kastup
61Geo Smedley
62Capt. Dallas Snow's "Performing Sea Lions"
63Wamb. Sobolewsk
64Fred w. Some
65Capt. Louis Sorcho-Submarine Engineer
67Jeannette Spellman
68Herbee Spencer and Felta Jan Brown
69Perry Spiro and Annette Loving
70W. Kenneth Sprangue
71Gertrude Spencer
72Srllmin [?] and Groven
73Joe Stanley
74Carl Statzen
75Max Stauran
76Carlotta St. Elmo
77Hal Stephens
78Harry Sterling
79Nana Sterling of "Lohse and Sterling, Daredevills in Mid Air"
80Sleiner Trio
91Stevens and Folk
2Chas Steward
3Si and Marry Stebins
4Mass Nancy St. John
5Stoddard and Heynes "The Absent Minded Professor"
6Helen Stiers and Cheyenne Charley
7Stone and Alexa
9Clias J. Styne
10Frank Sullivan
11Dan Sully
12Geo Sun
13Pete Sun
14Harry Sydell
15Jack Szneron [?]
16Tabor and Clair
17Taylor and Brown
18Telephone Girls
19"The Tender Foot"
20"The Tent" Restaurant
21Marie Ellen-"Thanhouser Kid"
22W. Lech Thiesen
23H. Thiesou and Pib
24Marris Thinston
25Mumford and Thompson
26Joe Thompson and Co.
27Lucile Tieton
28Hattie Temberg
29Susan Tompkins
30Chas H. Tompkins
31William Todt [?]
32Phil La Toska
33Louis Tracy
34Noel Trovers
35Billy Truite
36Mr. and Mrs. Geo Treds
37Hetly Urma
38Miss Tedy Usher and Pets
39Billy Van
40"The Van Der Koors"
41Madeline Vash
43"Ventriloquially Vernon"
44Hope Vernon
45Joan Vermie
46"Versatile Trio"
47Helen Vincent
48Violin Beauties
49Lew Virden
50Vonder and Bellmare
51F.A. Wasde
52W.A. Wolfe and Margaret Sue
53Grace Wallace
54Walter Walters
55Bert Walton And Belle Rutland
56Ward and Fays
57Chas A. Ward
58Spencer Ward
59Maud Ronair and Joe Ward
60Walter Ward and Co. "A Sensation on Wheels"
61George and Ward
62Ward Sisters
63Ward and Wade
64Jess Wards
65George Warith [?]
67Warren an Bronwy [?]
68Tom Waters
69Hen Paul Wagner as Bolphen
70Jean Weir "The Scottish Girl"
71Emmett Welch
72Lew Wells
73Era Westcott
74Harry West
75Wm. A. Weston
101Bert Wheeler
2Al Wheeler
4Roy White
5Abbott and White
6Joe Whitehead
7J.W. Whitley
8W.E. Whittle, Ventriloquist as: Teddy
9H.B. Whittaken
10Saw Whitler
11Al H. Wild
12Bert Wilcox
13Miss Willard-Reed St. John Trio
14Mrs. R.A. Williams
15Williams and Segal
16Billy K. Wells
17Al Wilson
18May Wilson
20Joe Wilton
21Wissiams, Thompson, and Copeland
22Woods Musical Trio
23Wood and Lauson
24"Work and Play"
25Wright and Albright
26Walter Wright and Edna Rich
27Anita Wrillish [?]
28Jack Wyatt
29Harold Yates
30George Yeomew [?]
31Berth A. Yeomen
32Kleus and Yost
34Baby Zelda
35Unidentified Groups of People / Couples
36Unidentified Women
111Unidentified animals and people with animals
2Unidentified children
3Unidentified miscellaneous
121Unidentified Men

2. Little People

Nate Eagle's Hollywood Midget Movie Stars

Nate Eagle began his career with the Singer Midgets before beginning his own troup, Midget City, at the Chicago Worlds's Fair (1934). He coordinated a number of Midget Cities throughout the 1930s and 1940s.
131Nate Eagle and Murial Malone personal photos and papers
141Nate Eagle and Murial Malone personal photos and papers
151Michael Denning
2Tom Drabe
3Anna Sholter Cucksey
4Bernard (Harry) Kilma (1897-1957)
161Anna Nita Krebs
171Nita Krebs
2Patricia (Patty) Maloney "The World's Smallest Woman"
181Dottie Williams
2Donald Williams
3Unidentified Women
191Unidentified Women
201Unidentified Men
2Unidentified Groups of Women
3Promotional Photos
211Unidentified Couples
2With Children
3With Eagle
221Group photos with Eagle
2Group photos without Eagle
231Group photos without Eagle
2With others

Other Little People Performers

2With others
3Performance photos
251Unidentified women
2Unidentified men
3With children

3. Circus

261Roland Butler
2Circus Bandwagon
3De Jonghe
4Robert "Bob" Dover and Margaret Smith
5Lew Graham
6Frank McClosky
271John Ringling North
2Henry Ringling North
3Unidentified Children
281Unidentified Men
291Unidentified Men
301Unidentified Groups

: 4. Oversize Images

OS BoxFolder
311Annie Abbott
2Adair and Wyaut
3Art Adair
4Art Adair
5Art Adair
6Leon and Adeline Sisters
7Tommy Allen-V. Charles Smith presents the Lemming Girls with Miss Tommy Allen
8Amina the Spanish Violinist
9Sylvester Anut
10Anita Violiniste
11Arco Brothers
12Leo Auger
13Fossueg Austins [?]
14Austin and Carvin
15Margie Austin
16Carrie Avery of Van and Carrie Avery
17Cliff Bailey
18The Baldwins
19Jean Baldwin
20Ball Room Dancers
21O'Rille Barbie
22Barleys Dogs
23The Barrows
24Guy Bartlett Trio
25Aerial Bartletts
26Little Jingle Bells
273 Belmonts
283 Belmonts
29Grace Belmont
30Ben Beyer and Bro
31Mille Berenice
32Louise Berward
33Henry and Jessie Bijourn
34Ada Billsburry and Pauline Robinson "Those Classy Girls"
35Binns and Bert
36Mabel Blake
37Max bloom
38Bachman and Gross
393 Bohemians
403 Bohemians
41J.C. Booth
42J.C. Booth
43Arthur Boranian and Anne Nevaro
44Paul Brachard
45Ted and Uno Bradley
46Ted and Uno Bradley
47Vera Berlener
48Vera Berlener
49Broadway Minstrel Maids
50Hamids Ten Bourmov Arabs
51Hamids Ten Bourmov Arabs
52Hamids Ten Bourmov Arabs
53Geo N. Brown
54Brown and Small
55Brown, Belmore, and Brown
56Buckley's Dogs
57Fanley Butler
58Burns and Kisseu
59Nat A. Cafferty
60Morris Calin and Nugets
61Mille Camille's Circus
62Alice Carey
63Carlton Sisters
64Carey and Sanyth
65Robert Carter of Carter and Waters
66Louise Carver
67Jimmie Cassidy and Lady
68The Castles
69The Castles
70George Casteles
71Cavana Duo
72Grace E. Church of Russell and Church
73Frances W.S. Clair
74Art Clay
75Cleora Miller Trio
76Pearl Cliffin
77Klien and Clifton
78Miss Clyde
79The Coattas
80Cole and Denahy
81Connelly Sisters
82Grace Covert and Harry Jenkins
83Creighton Girls
84Cross and Broinoell
85Curry and Riley
86Dorothy Curtis
87Classical Cuttys
OS BoxFolder
321Dorothey Daily
2Sydney Dale
3Dalce Sisters
4The Dancing Christys
5The Dancing Dutch Kiddies
6Soceity Dances
7Society Dances
8Society Dances
9Peggy Dougherty
10Davis and Mathews
11Rutherford Davis
12Helene Davis
13Riley Davis
14Geo De Carne
15Harry De Dio
16John Delwire [?]
17Joe Dekos Co
18Viva De Long
19Grace De Mar
20Mille De Purma
21De Stefano Bro's
22D'Estelle Sisters
23Mr. and Ms. Autuo DeVoy and Company
24Hellen Dickson
25Dixon and Housor
26Dorsch and Russell
27The Donhertys
28Jack (Slippers) Donahue and Alice Marion Stewart
29Jack (Slippers) Donahue and Alice Marion Stewart
30Dooley and Evelyn
31Jed Bthel Dooley
32Lillian Doone
33Doria Opera Trio
34Edna Dorwan (Jennings)
35Dresdner and Prince
36Lowell and Esther Drew
37John Drew in "Richard Carvel" act III
38Queenie Dunedin
39Queenie Dunedin
40Queenie Dunedin
41Gertrude Dunlap and Lew Dirden
42Dunn and Dean
43Fred Duprez
44Lew Earl
45Mysterous Edna
46Emelie Egamar
47Elliot, Belmont, and Elliot
48Frank, Nellie, and Raymond Ellison
49Manie Elmore
50Manie Elmore
51ElRay Sisters
52Eddie Emerson and Jerry Baldwin
53Mary Emerson
54Karl Emmy and his pets
55Empire Comedy 4
56Emiline Sisters
57Ernie and Ernie In 3 Feet of Comedy
58J. Edwin Erako
59Archie and Gertie Falls
60Frazane-Master of accordion
61Fred and Clara-Clara Steese
62Vera Field of Livingstone and Field
63Marie Fisher
64Fitzsimmons and Cameron
65Mabel Fitzgerald
66The Flyns
67Joe Flynn
68The Flynns
69Prince Hong Fang
70J.C. Fourclier
71Franklin and Franklin
72Adaline Frances
73Jack Freeman and Billy Dunham
74Robert Fulgova
75Willis Furina [?]
76Clarence Gaskie
77Earl Girdella and his Canine Comedians
78Earl Girdella and his Canine Comedians
79Goffman and Carroll
80Gordon and Gordon
81Mr. and Mrs. Gougetz
82The Grace Sisters
83Craig and Gverboll
84June Grange
85Isabelle Gray Co.
86The Gray Trio
87The Grazers
88Ethly Grazer
89Eugene Hall
90McFlyar and Hamilton
91Hamilton and Barnes
92Hazel Harrington
93Sam Harris
94Harris Trio
95Harrison West Trio
96Harts Six Steppers
97Hassey and Noble
98Norman Hanley
99Hayawa Four
100Frankie Heath
101Hel and Francis
1023 Hickeys
103Hildebrand and Delaney
104Hilligan and Sykes
105Hilligan and Sykes
106Miles Hippodrome
107Miles Hippodrome
108Musical Hodges
109Max H. Hoen
110Florence Horst and Co
111Fritz Houston
112Lyon Howard
113Fred [?] Howard
114Howze Sisters
115The Hurleys
OS BoxFolder
331International Artists Lodge, April 29th 1937
2Karthyn [?] James
3Jeanne and Howard
4Baby Jelda
5P. Jennings
6Jenkins and Covert
7Jennings, Jewell, and Barlow
8Chester B. Johnston
9Edgar Jones
10Ed. E. Jordan
11Kalwa and Co
13Kelly and Lafferty
14Kelly and Fern
15Joe Kelsey
16Kennedy and Melrose
17Leou Kimberly
18Billy Kincaid
19Gus King-"A Military Musical"
20Kingsbury and Munson
21Kennedy and Burt
22Kipp and Kipp
23Ethel Kirk
24The 6 Kirksmith Sisters
25E. Klein
26Ksuting's Entertainers
28Lambert Bros
29Lambert Bros
30Lambert Bros
31Mal LaPorte
32Little Larry
33LaVine and partner
34Jack Lawrence
35J.E. Leblanc
36Lew Leeoed [?]
37Max LaHoen "By Moonlight"
38Leonard and Alvin
39Joseph E. Lertora
40Harry G. Leston
41Joseph Leston-Konojo
42Harry Lyeranrd and Clara West
43Lewis, Griffin, and Lewis
44Sigred Lilya-Maxims Models
455 Livingstones [?]
46Grace Livingstone of Livingstone and Fields
47Aerbent Lloyd
48The Flying Lloyds
49Long, Chapron, Green
50Long Tark Lam
51Mabel Longmont
52Jnou [?] Longmont
53Marrion MacFall
54Rheta Machane
55James Mahoney and Grace Telmont
56A. Major
57Makareno Duo
58Marconi Bros
59Marks and Hunter
60Ellla Marks
61Fay Marshall
62Nancy Martin
63Bradly Martin
64Eddy Martyne-The Man Monkey
65Hilda Mason and George Murray
66The 4 Masons
67Ethel Mason and Frank DreNeil
68Marig and Snyder
69Maxims Models
70Luce Bruce may
71Mays and Addis
72Will T. McDermott
73McGrath and Yeoman
74Linda McMillan
75McNish and McNish-Father and Son
76Kennedy and Melrose
77Melody Four
78Melody Four
79Dorothy Meuther
80Dorothy Meuther
81Dorothy Meuther
82Belle Meyers
83Mewhoff and Philips
84[?] Miller
85Cleora Miller
86Miller and Tempest
87Walter Milton
88Kitta Montgomery
89Ray Montgomery and the Healey Sisters
90Moore and St.Clair
91Ruby Morton
92Morris Sisters
93Matt and Maxfield
94Elsie Murphey
95Murfayue [?]
96Murphy and Andrews
97J.S. Murray
98The Musical Duo
994 Musical Cats
OS BoxFolder
341Nevine and Erwood
2Nortic and Lynn
3Faye Oneill
4Oneil Sisters
5Oneil Sisters
6Oner and Oner
7The Old Homestead
8The Old Homestead
9The Old Homestead
10The Old Homestead
11The Old Homestead
12The Old Homestead
13The Old Homestead
14The Old Homestead
15The Old Homestead
16The Old Homestead
17Frank Palmer
18Jeanne Palmer
19Pans and Pans
20W.B. Patton
21W.B. Patton
22W.B. Patton
23Arthur Pearce
24Pievn Pelleter
25Purcella Bros
26Peggy Perot
27Voneta Perry
28Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Phillips
29Pisano and Bingham
30Pisano and Bingham
31Ernie Plarron
32Ray Poulin
33Prevett and Merrill
34J. Edward Prince
35Princeton and Yale
36Billy Quirk
37Wm. L. Raymore
38Ralph and Joe
39Ramsey Sisters
40Ray Randolph
41Raven Looney
42Claude Ranf.
43Rambler Sisters
44Ella von Raufnau [?]
45Ray and Rodgers
46Florence Rayfield
47The Raymos Bull Dogs
48Reene and Werner
49Paula Reeves
50Reine Riano
51Richard and Bran... [?]
54Ralph Rockings
55Gus Rodgers
56Max Rodgers
57Little Miss. Julia Rooney
58Julia Rooney
59Julia Rooney
60The Rosemary Girls
612 Romans and Mad Doll
62Marie Roslyn
63Dave Roth of Pearl and Roth
64Sam Pearl of Pearl and Roth
65Rathers and Anthony
66The Royal Tokyo Japanese Troupe
67Russell, Oneil, and [?]
68Ryan Bros.
OS BoxFolder
2Saila Bros
3Long Tack Sam
4Long Tack Sam
5Sampson and Douglas
6Jimmy Adams Sawyer
7Marion Sanders
8Saxophone 4
9Schrader and Mulvey
10Herman Seitz
11Shack and Montgomery
12Harry T. Shannon
133 Shelby Boys
14Katharine Sheppard
15Kick Sheppard and George Ashton
16Shillings xmas 1912
17Otis Skinner
18Smith Family (May, Clyde, Leta, Mabel)
19"The Spanish Girls"
20Spiegal and Dunn
21Splaque and McNeece
22Pete Sun
23R. Susemibl [?]
24Sutton, McMtyrl, Sutton
25Orvil Stamrn-The Boy Hercules
26Gale Stevens
27Robert Strauss and Co
28Paul Stephens
29Stroud Trio
30Raymond Teal
31Berttia Teilfeit
32Mr. and Mrs. Thiecou
33Dick Thompson
34T&I Convention welcome signs
35Twisto "The Komical Kirk"
36Tyler and Prolius
37"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
38"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
39"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
40"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
41Billy Van
42Ethil Van
43Murial and Arthur Valli
45Valene Sisters
46Variety Duo
47Lex Veal
48Venetian Four
49Those Virginia Girls
50Von Dell as Kubelik
51Ward and Delmore "The Expressmen"
52Else Ward
53Elanor Warring
54Fred Warren
55Lillian "yaddish" Watson
56Harry and Webb
57Walter Weems
58Lew Wells
59Lousi Weslyn and Rhvoda Nickells
60John A. West
61The Westmons
65Whiting and Gerrovd
66Whitefield and Ireland
67Whitefield and Ireland
68Clarence Welber
69Wilkens and Wilkens
70Wilkens and Wilkens
71CD. Willand "The Temple of Music"
72Burt Wilson's Xmas, 1912
73Tim Wilson and Co
74Flemietta Wilson
75Florence Wilson
76Clarence Willrer
77Wood Bros
78Dan Woods
79Ms. Wsmons
81Wyatt's Scotch Lads and Lassies
82Mark York and his Canine Pupils
OS Box
36Nate Eagle and Murial Malone family photos
OS Folder
1AW. B. Patton in the Blockhead
OS Folder
2AWilliam Faversham, 1905

Series 5: Oversize Photographs: Unidentified Subjects

OS BoxFolder
371Unidentified women
2Unidentified men
3Unidentified groups-men and women
4Unidentified groups-men
5Unidentified groups-women
6Unidentified couples
7Unidentified children
OS Folder
1AUnidentified group- vaudeville musical act, 1914 April